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  1. Pull the top off and see what the floats look like.
  2. I guess you know where the "Johns" came from!!! LOL
  3. These guys did a great job on the Carter AFB's on the 440's in my boat. They test run them all and the turn around is quick because they send you a rebuild one right off the shelf (at least they did when i used them before all of the recent craziness). Look under the "Marine" section. https://www.carburetion.com/
  4. Rawleigh99


    It is always worse for those left behind! I will pray for them. And now July 4 will always be a day of mourning for them.
  5. What kind of carb does it have?
  6. That is the one I looked at Ace. It got very good reviews. Rawleigh
  7. Well, you have been busy. Sorry I don't have any information for you, but keep us informed on what you do.
  8. Oh no, I went through the same thing with my 500c. Someone had replaced the roll pin that held the castle nut with a cotter pin and it had sheared off. Once the preload is off the bearings the rollers go through the gears and Carnage results. This was 20 years ago but I wound up having to get a new bull gear and used final drive case. General Gear has some of the parts and may be able to find a used cap for you. Short of that, decent machinist should be able to make one for you fairly cheaply.
  9. Definitely stay in touch Vic. Good luck with your move.
  10. Dear Lord please keep us from ever having to go through something like that again!
  11. BMW did that with one of their first EVs. They had a compartment built in the trunk that you could buy a small generator made from a BMW motorcycle engine to go in. I don't know if they still do that or not.
  12. Get the right size one of these and run them one at a time. https://www.americanrotary.com/sizingchart/
  13. https://youtu.be/NvQhMcKXeic
  14. One of my friends fathers was shut down over Belgium flying a p-47. He parachuted into the middle of a freshly plowed field that had a single tree in it. He went over to the tree and concealed himself and his gear in the bushes. The Germans looked all around the field, but did not see any footprints in the fresh soil so they did not go out to check around the tree. After they left he got hooked up with the resistance who ultimately took him up to Switzerland, where he got captured, then escaped, and finally made it out of Europe 7 months later through Gibraltar. I used to go deep sea fishing with him, and he was a **** of a man. All of that generation are going now unfortunately and we seem to be left mostly with the dregs.
  15. Glad you were able to fix it, but what was the solution? It could help others in the future having it posted here.
  16. My vote for best and most realistic world war II movie is Band of Brothers. If you haven't seen the whole series you should. Those guys were drafted for the duration. Some of the guys in the Big Red One went all the way from North Africa to Germany. My father served in the Army Air Corps in England in the 445th, a B24 squadron. Thankfully he was in Codes and Ciphers and did not serve on an aircrew. On one of the missions to Schwiefurt they sorted the entire squadron and only two planes made it back to base. Some landed at outlying fields, but most were shot now. Their squadron was completely out of action till New aircraft and Air Crews arrived from the states. He said it was so depressing they would all huddle in one corner of the chow hall so that it didn't seem so empty. Jimmy Stewart the actor was one of his commanders. Both he and his best friend ( my godfather) volunteered as soon after Pearl Harbor as they were eligible. My godfather served in the Navy and the Pacific until the end of the war. In the European theater, and I'm sure the Pacific was the same, if you were wounded you were sent back to a hospital to recuperate. Once you had healed he was sent back to the front and were assigned to whatever outfit needed you at the time. You didn't get sent back to your old outfit. That was pretty hard on morale. If you wounded bad enough that you couldn't go back to fight you were sent home.
  17. Not skunks, but racoons I used just stick the 22 through the mesh and take a head shot. It is humane, they never know what hits them. I haven't had to mess with them in a long time though.
  18. I think we are going to see a lot more of this with the newer tractors as they age and teh electronics crap out unfortunately.
  19. I hate it when that happens!
  20. @lorenzo was that you???? LOL! Lucky he didn't break his neck!
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