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  1. Wow, what a job! She has fought you hasn't she. She will be good as new when you finish!
  2. That dog has had his one free bite. Time to go.
  3. And the lying just goes on and on! No accountability. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/brian-sicknick-capitol-riot-died-natural-causes/
  4. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!!!
  5. Runner, can you recommend a decent but not outrageously priced scope for a Savage Model 12 Heavy Barrel Varmint stainless with a fluted barrel in .223? Maybe a 6x26 or something like that. Right now it is wearing a 34 power Weaver, but if I buy it it will be without scope. I will be using it for target and some long range groundhogs. The seller is an ex 1000 yard shooter (not with this particular gun though) who has had the stock worked, a comp recoil lug installed and had the accu-trigger worked. He has only shot moly coated match loads through it.
  6. He seems to be enjoying himself! I know you were!
  7. I tried it with Milo once and it was a moldy disaster. Your luck may be different. Do you have one of those screw in grain aerators? They may make it work.
  8. @JEOSBOLT He has one and can probably help.
  9. You could also pull cable or pipe by attaching it to the mole
  10. I did a car on the side of the road in the city back in 86 for a friend. We had to stop work and move to the side when the city buses came by. I'm sure you'd be arrested for it now.
  11. Got to love a product named dungho!
  12. Log, what log! Talk about sawmill porn! LOL
  13. I don't know, I kind of like some of his quotes. I thought the one about not having gotten eaten yet in New Guinea was pretty humorous.
  14. I had as dividend check mailed from a local bank December 15 that arrived Feb 20! My post office regularly posts on tracking that a package has been delivered to my door at least 2 to 3 days before I get it! In 2018 I had an overnight sent by a customer in March that didn't get delivered until November! They suck!
  15. I figured no matter what it would look better than if I tried to make something myself. It would probably be safer too.
  16. Your forklift reminds me of my Pettibone Super 6!
  17. Time to make some of my old stuff safer! Buddy found me four ROPS off of Wabco pans. They still have the safety certificates on them. I am going to add one to my HD 9 dozer so I can clear some woods roads. We flipped them over on their tops and drag them out of the bushes with my pickup truck. Buddy's Autocrane made light work of loading them!
  18. LOL. The word sound deadening and 4-71 don't go together!
  19. Cool! Got any pictures you can post of the work?
  20. Lol, I agree. It looks like the one on the 4-71 on my HD9 Allis Chalmers!
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