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  1. That is not far off scrap value I wouldn't think.
  2. Dan: I can recommend Discount Hydraulic Hose for hoses. i just replaced 3 on my HD9. 41 inch 3/4" diameter two wire hose with 3/4 male NPT on one end and 3/4" male NPT swivel on the other was $47.75 SHIPPED! I had two more shipped Next Day Air for $106.66! They were on my doorstep by 11am the next day! Cheapest place around here was $79.00 and that was without the swivel! They have any end you could want and are located in Philadelphia, PA. If you need it today, pay the extra and get it locally. If you can wait a little, as I am sure you can, save a lot and get it from them. https://www.discounthydraulichose.com/
  3. Vic: I am not trying to bang my drum, but look again at the pliers I posted. They are not simply long nose pliers. They have two sets of joints in them so you can reach deeply into something and still have good leverage. Plus they are cheap! LOL! You may be able to heat and bend them to fit. https://www.harborfreight.com/13-in-long-reach-compound-joint-pliers-64108.html
  4. Vic, use carb clean, not brake clean. The carb clean will dissolve the carbon. You could try a set of these double jointed pliers. I have a set and they work well at getting deep in holes. Much better than regular Long reach needle nose. https://www.harborfreight.com/13-in-long-reach-compound-joint-pliers-64108.html
  5. What engine does it have? My 175c had a dt466. You can look in the td15 section and see if they have an engine manual there for you to download. A td15b probably has the same engine.
  6. You can download and print out the service manual from general gear website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the manuals. http://www.steeringclutch.com/TD15BTD15C.htm
  7. Lordy! Hang in there! You will feel better when it fires up!
  8. Good to see you out and about King! Keep us posted.
  9. General gear has some downloadable manuals on the td14 dozer which should share a similar engine to your grader. http://www.tpaktopc.net/td14strcltch.htm
  10. Nice idea on the clips! Looks like a lot of work!
  11. I remember them before from volkswagens. They were actually supposed to be pretty decent filters but I never had the nerve to use one. I think oberg made a bypass filtration system that used toilet paper as well.
  12. I have also used my welder set on DC to power the electrolysis in a 250 gallon tote with the top cut out. Electrolysis is line of sight so I don't know how this will work out for you. Just soaking it in the tank probably helps.
  13. Chris: When you pull the hose , plumb in a tee to check the pressure with. You can leave it in place and cap the gauge hole if you don't leave the gauge in it.
  14. TD14 clutch parts and downloadable manuals at the bottom of the page. http://www.tpaktopc.net/td14strcltch.htm
  15. It only happens in the most convenient places!!! LOL
  16. General Gear has the TD9/TD91 clutch shaft and coupler (R1 versus R11) I don't know if you can make them work or not. They also have the clutch disk, but it is ceramic, I think. http://www.tpaktopc.net/td9strcltch.htm
  17. General Gear has s downloadable service manual for the 270A. http://www.tractorparts.com/PDFs/IH_270A_WHEEL_TRACTOR_SVC_MANUAL.pdf
  18. Was that a steering clutch? Or reverser?
  19. General Gear has both parts and free manual downloads. I don't see the TD7E listed on their site though. Get the manual first.
  20. Never seen "sheeps foot" track pads before! That guy in the last picture better shift up on the hills!
  21. Nice looking machine! Post some more pictures when you get her working again!
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