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  1. Reminds me of grandma's dog in the movie " Vacation" with Chevy Chase - "Poor thing, she probably kept up for the first mile!"
  2. Hector Gemme might have some used parts. F.P Smith General Gear. See the "Junkyard" sticky post at the top of the forum.
  3. Yes, but that would come with a divorce! LOL! See you tomorrow.
  4. a single DIN unit should fit with a minimum of modifications as far as cutting.
  5. Yep, 5 gallons of kerosene and a match!
  6. I loved my pedal steer 175c with a 4 in 1 bucket. I wish I still had it.
  7. Yes we have Amish moving here in eastern virginia. A lot are coming out of lower Maryland where they can sell the land for high price and buy here much more cheaply. A lot of buying woodland or cut over woodland to clear.
  8. Those are pretty easy too drop when you're working on the top end. I think I had to fish one out of mine with a magnet. They will usually go straight down to the pan. I'm glad it didn't get caught up in anything.
  9. Try County Line Equipment in Tacoma, WA or Brown up in Canada. An old dude named Bill at County Line helped me out on my 500c about 15 years ago. I doubt he is still around.
  10. I've used those jiffy lube places before, but I always stand at the window of the waiting room and watch what they do like a hawk. I take my own oil and filters so I know what's being put in. I don't do it unless I'm jammed up for time and can't do it myself.
  11. Getting it stripped to the point that it will look good stained as virtually impossible. Some of the strippers will cause the wood to be mottled looking when you stain it.
  12. I would have eaten a good steak and then politely excuse myself. No good can come from hanging around people like that.
  13. Going to be 11 years in October! This will be the only one. i waited 48 years before I married, so I got all of that out of my system!
  14. If the ball joint is still tight and not sloppy just replace the seal. Clean it and regrease it good before reassembly.
  15. Boy I bet it is dusty when you sweep! Looking good Tony. Glad to see all the hard work coming to fruition, literally! I remember when you were ripping out the vineyard and had the D9's in there!
  16. On my 175C with the DT466 and loader I had to drop the pan and take it out through the bottom. I don't know how it is set up on a 15c.
  17. That revolver would be a good candidate for the ultrasonic cleaner.
  18. Those switchblade type switches have always scared me. Too much exposed hot material for me. I use blue seas Marine battery switches on all of my equipment. Very high quality and they are waterproof.you can get them for more than three hundred amps if needed. https://www.overtons.com/blue-sea-m-series-mini-on-off-battery-switch-with-knob---red-314292.html?gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpf3gjL3F6wIVBXiGCh2UmgnQEAQYAyABEgL6m_D_BwE
  19. This is really good stuff. I bought a 5 gallon pail of it years ago. Not cheap, but worth it.
  20. Lucas, the Prince of Darkness!
  21. Don't the planetary hubs also allow the transmission shafts and drive shafts to be smaller since they are driven faster inside the transmission and reduced at the hub to create torque?
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