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  1. You have to reverse the polarity for flux core and it will weld much better with less spatter. It puts the heat into the plate rather than the wire. Also you need to hold a long stick out (like 5/16 or more) so that the flux will heat up before it gets to the puddle. It actually makes a pretty nice weld once you get used to it. Not as nice as mig, but for the price and outdoor application you can't beat it. I like it for things like the bushhog because it is much faster than stick and I don't have non flammable inside space! Obviously big or critical stuff gets the stick.
  2. I started using this wire this summer: Kiswel USA K-NGS E-71TGS 0.035in. Dia 10lb. Gasless-Flux Core Wire Welding wire Made in USA Got it off Amazon for $35 for a 10 lb roll. It was the only US made I could find. I redecked a bushhog with it using 7 gauged plate and it seemed to work just fine. I am new to flux core, having used mig or stick before. For the price you should try a roll.
  3. I have one of the two sped single hand ones I bought from Deere maybe 15 or 20 years ago. It has been a good one. I'm guessing Alemite, but it doesn't say it. I put a Lock N Lube tip on it. I also took another grease gun hose and put the original tip on one end and a zerk on the other for those hard to reach nipples that you cannot get to with the bulky Lock N Lube tip./
  4. Rawleigh99


    My in laws have a Boston Terrier that can clear a room! Last weekend I was dancing with my wife at a wedding on a crowded dance floor when a terrible stink arose! I did not do it but my wife looked at me accusingly! She laughed when I said it wasn't me.
  5. Ace:. You were dealing with sailboaters, what did you expect? LOL
  6. I'll take a coyote over these any day!
  7. Mike, I would argue the gun is already inert since it's impossible to find ammunition for it.
  8. Yes Mike, nothing beats a beautiful piece of walnut, does it!
  9. What can I say Mike I was a teenager in the 70s. I like lots of different types of music, but the Rolling Stones take me back to my childhood, misspent though it may be.
  10. Good job! That fire rig just paid for itself! Can you disc or plow fire breaks around you homesite?
  11. I'd love to see the look on their face when the low growl comes from the back seat! LOL!
  12. I lock mine because there are always 3 or 4 guns in there!
  13. If this doesn't get your toe tapping you are dead!
  14. You notice that they were peaceful the second night! LOL! Someone finally stood up to them.
  15. Corn head grease is a good replacement for the oil if the seals leak.
  16. Which video? I see a bunch going back to 2016.
  17. A plow will roll most of those smaller stumps out. If you have access to a landscape rake you could them rake them out into a windrow. Still lots of work though. Looking good.
  18. And now the media says that the arson claims are false. They are full of it!
  19. Northern equipment has a gas powered high pressure fire pump. https://m.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200418131_200418131
  20. I don't know about the hydraulics, but here is a parts manual for it if you don't already have one. http://www.tractorparts.com/PDFs/HOUGH_H80B_WHEEL_LOADER_3U0001601_UP.pdf http://www.tractorparts.com/PDFs/HOUGH80BINFO.pdf
  21. And now they have determined that some have been set by the "peaceful protesters"!
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