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  1. Looks better with the yellow parts on it!
  2. Marcus: if you put on a 12 volt coil and add a ballast resister you can run it on 12 volts. It won't charge the battery unless you change the generator or switch to an alternator, but it will start an run just fine. I have an Oliver 77 I run this way. Just charge the battery periodically. Eventually I will change the charging system, but for right now it works fine! it starts better on 12 as well, and the batteries are less expensive and last longer. Seems like 6 volt bateries have dropped in quality recently and gotten more expensive than 12's.
  3. Wow Tony! i have not been following this thread, but I have to say when you rebuild something you REALLY rebuild it! I remember when you went through all of the grief with the LP engine. You may have covered it somewhere in the thread, but what yellow paint are you using?
  4. In a couple more years your helper will claim the tractor as his and you will never get to use it again!!?
  5. Looking good! You going to get Joan to paint it?.
  6. Again, amazing attention to detail!
  7. Holy Smokes! Now that is a teardown!
  8. Ahh, now I understand the problem.
  9. Yeah, you made it too pretty to use! LOL!
  10. I would try either electrolysis or Evaporust. Evaporust works amazingly well at dissolving the rust and is not line of sight like electrolysis. The Navy uses it to dip diesel blocks into to derust the internals. Non toxic and it will not hurt non ferrous metals. You need to degrease it first though and get a plastic tub to immerse it in. Another slower alternative is vinegar soak.
  11. Wow, need sunglasses just to look at it!!!
  12. I didn't even realize that they made the 500C as a straigh clutch tractor. Mine is Power shift. You might try General Gear.
  13. Blackstone says to take the sample halfway through the drain.
  14. POR 15 should stick to it.
  15. One step at a time Sonny, one step at a time.
  16. Tar paper (aka roofing felt) works good for gaskets on them.
  17. If the tach works, leave the old dash in place and get one of those triple gauge black plastic pod mounts to go above it. That is what I did on an old Case 930Ii have.
  18. General Gear has downloadable service manuals for the 175's and TD15's. They also have some parts available. http://www.steeringclutch.com/TD15BTD15C.htm
  19. Pretty cool the way the cylinder heads are bolted to the liners from underneath. Makes for a pretty cool self-contained cylinder unit. It was neat to watch them being replaced in the field.
  20. Mike I'm so sorry to hear about your wife. I am glad to see you back on the board though and I hope that we will see you around regularly.
  21. Wouldn't want to try to back that one up! Lol. I wonder if it really pulled it or if it was staged?
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