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  1. And an angry wife!!!!!😱
  2. We used to have a yellow one we towed behind a motorhome back in the late 70' and 80's. It had a tow bar that went under the car with a tongue on it that slipped into a loop on the bottom of the car. there was a small "crane" with a winch on it that was attached to the hitch. Stick the tongue under the car, pin it in place, hoist the front end up and put the tongue on the ball. It worked slick. i still have it I believe (the hitch, not the car).
  3. A bilge pump will not push water that high.
  4. I feel that way all the time when I'm working on something.
  5. When I watch videos of people squatting in other countries it makes my knees hurt! I don't see how they do it, but I guess if you have been doing it since you were a kid your body is used to it.
  6. Price was why I didn't get one of the Purple mattresses. I have their most expensive seat cushion in the driver seat of my truck, but I couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money on a mattress again. That's also the problem with Tempur-Pedic and sleep number. Good mattresses but very expensive. I would buy the Casper again. We've had it for a couple of years now. It should be less than $1,000 and they ship it to your house.
  7. Well that is the most creative use of ground water I've heard! I like it!
  8. We have a Casper that we like. We had an iSerta foam before that that I would not recommend. It said terribly about the time the warranty ran out. The Casper was a lot cheaper from Costco and seems to be holding up very well. I think the serta was $2,500 and the Casper was 600 to 700. I would rather buy a new Casper every few years then be stuck with that Serta piece of junk. My caveat is that I don't have back problems, just hip problems.
  9. Our old IH dealership is now on Laundromat!🤮
  10. Thanks. It was. No fancy avionics but very solid and fast!
  11. The carbs seem to be the big problem on those older outboards. Once the aluminum starts corroding they are hard to keep running.
  12. Which is turned into more Moor, which pushes the boundary back, which is turned into . . . Well you see where this is going! Remember, by 2030 you will own nothing and be happy!
  13. I have a 2004 4x6. Not much ground clearance, rides rough and a little primitive, but the price is a lot less than these glorified things they sell today that cost as much as a used pickup.
  14. We shot 22LR at Camp Maxwelton where I went in the early 70's. I made NRA Marksman as well, but I think it was a cloth badge by then. We shot prone with the military sling and peep sights. From their website they still offer riflery as an activity, thank goodness! Every kid should be taught how to shoot and respect for firearms and what they can do. Maybe there would be less craziness then (wishful thinking, I know).
  15. A later, longer model of the 1966 C33A Debonair I had. We repowered to an IO-550 shortly before we sold it. They were nice planes. Very high quality, and did not have the V tail problems. The only downside is parts were EXPENSIVE! Made Agco look cheap!! I actually found our old sale ad: https://www.aircraft.com/aircraft/22435697/n9479s-1966-beechcraft-c33a-debonair
  16. Do you "Juggle" them? i.e chop notches along the side and them hew between them with the offset axe?
  17. Here is a clamp on sickle sharpener from the farm museum that I mentioned. The stone on it seems to have a radius like yours did.
  18. 20 gallons per hour at 20 knots! That is why I just bought an 18-footer with a 115 Mercury 4-stroke on it!
  19. I also have an adze like that as well as my grandfather's "Lip Adze" which has a small (@ 3/16") lip turned up on the edges. He was a boatbuilder and the lip adze was favored in that construction for some reason. I guess you could hollow something out with it. The lip adze also has a forged tapered "pin" protruding out the back about 3". I assume it had something to do with driving in wooden pegs? They look exactly like these. Mine has the squarer handle. I will have to look for markings. We last used the regular adze beveling the ends of fence posts for a split rail fence.
  20. Remember, whatever you do has to be marine rated. You cannot safely just plop an automotive injection system into boat and not risk blowing yourself up. Just get the carb rebuilt by a reputable builder with MARINE parts and be done with it. Or just by the appropriate Edelbrock (Carter AFB clone) marine carb and be done with it. I have had Carter AFB's on twin 440 Chryslers in a 31 Bertram my family bought new in 1966. They work well and are very simple. They get rebuilt about once every 20 years. Once when we converted the boat from 418's to 440's in the 80's and once when I modernized it around 2000. They are due for another overhaul about now. This is a boat that stays in the salt water in a boathouse year around in Virginia. They get no special treatment. Crank the throttle about 5 times to prime it and set the choke and they start right up!
  21. I look forward to hearing how you like it and seeing what projects you make.
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