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  1. Every once in a while you can find the book dirt cheap. Probably going on 10 years ago now I found a perfect hard cover copy with the paper dust jacket intact at a garage sale for 50 cents. A few years ago here in TX I found another nice hard cover copy also with its paper cover jacket at a Goodwill store for less than $10.00.
  2. Look how he spaced out the rear wheels and tires way out from under the wheel wells. What is the point of doing that? Stupid. Guy is a real maroon. No wonder he RAMmed the pole and didn’t DODGE it. Lol.
  3. Rick G.

    yar cab

    Interesting to see, I don’t like the looks, but for someone who wanted a cab to keep out of the weather more power to them I guess.
  4. Really cool pic. Where abouts was this pic taken? Somewhere in Michigan? I was lucky to see both the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels fly their F-4’s at numerous air shows back in the day. Phantoms Phorever!
  5. Nice that you have the fenders to put on it. You might want to flip the muffler so it's right side up. Rum dum previous owner looks to have put it on upside down.
  6. My sister bought herself a brand new KIA Soul a little over a year ago. She really likes it and says it’s been very trouble free so far.
  7. Rick G.

    Think it works??

    What a crock. Lol....
  8. None of my IH’s I used to own equipped with those over flow drain tubes would ever over flow out of those tubes any way. I had the radiators filled with coolant to the prescribed level by the book. I would also let the engines idle a bit to “cool down” a bit before shutting down after tillage work. Never had anything over flow to leak out of those over flow tubes. If I remember correctly my CIH 7220 had an over flow expansion tank. ? ?
  9. Dang where were they storing that drum, in the ocean? I don’t think I’d use that oil but that’s just me.
  10. Heck I pick up any money when I find it lying around even pennies. I’ve played a game for years, a year at a time. I use a jar for saving money for my game. Each year starting on New Year’s Day, I place any money I find in it. On New Year’s Eve, I count the money I’ve found during the year. I started doing this game in around 6th grade. I missed playing my game some years, including 4 years overseas, but for the most part have stuck to it. In 2018 last year for example, as I recall I found $52.XX. But that was a banner year lol, as I was lucky to find a couple of $20.00 bills during 2018, one in a grocery store parking lot and the other in one of the concourses at the Austin Airport. Upon reading this thread I went to check my money jar and so far this year I have found $27.14. Having another good year so far for just finding dropped money. Ha. I wish I knew how much money I’ve found over the years. Never thought to keep a log book lol. In all this time I’ve never come across any money that’s been glued down though.
  11. No way in h_ll. That has got to be fake.
  12. Hmmm.... Maybe I should go out and buy a truckload of chainsaws to keep for sale on the black market once they’re outlawed. Lol. I already own a couple of Stihl saws. Very careful with them. I also don’t loan them out.
  13. Here’s a piccy of me when I was in high school back in 1971 when I worked for a farmer in our area who used IH equipment, aboard his fairly new at the time 1256. You can see it has that same / similar makeshift cab on it. It also had the removable vinyl side doors and back window curtain for mounting behind the seat. And he also had the IH wind break to cover the engine sides. My kid sister shot this pic with a little box camera and she didn’t center the tractor in the pic very well. I was chisel plowing in the vicinity of our home with a mounted IH 55 chisel plow that day and had driven the tractor home to have lunch and she took this pic in our driveway. This is the only pic I have of that 1256. Wish I would have thought to take a bunch of pics back then. Nuts.
  14. Hey guys does anyone remember one of those Hitler parody videos where Hitler talks about owning I think it was a 1466? I was looking for it on line and can’t find it anywhere. Any help with a link to it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. I’ve never been around those things. A couple of questions. How do you get on and off the tractor with the picker mounted, especially like that 856 with the ICB cab??? And, how do you service the engine such as checking the oil or changing filters?
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