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  1. The Long Farms RPRU is coming coming up soon, in 2056. As such, the ‘56 series tractors will be featured. Let’s see…. I’ll be 101 that summer. Can’t wait!
  2. Now not a good time to buy trucks. Or SUV’s. You will get taken to the cleaners. Prices are beyond ludicrous. I’ve been wanting a new vehicle, a Toyota 4Runner, but have decided to wait out this totally insane price bubble. Even with the used ones they are out of their cotton pickin’ minds with their prices. Nothing wrong with my ‘06 Tundra for now.
  3. Ran a guy’s German Diesel 706 wide front end, flat top fenders back when I was in high school. Helping him baling hay. He had me roading hay wagons back and forth from the field to the barn with it. It was fun. Liked it better than a gasser 656 that my boss had at the time that I worked for. My boss I worked for then eventually traded his gas gear drive 656 for a 666 Diesel Hydro. Much better. Lol.
  4. Congrats and cool stuff. Document the restoration. Keep the story and pics comin!
  5. I had one that looked just like that came on the 1976 Black Stripe 1466 that I bought. It had a YEAR-A-ROUND decal on it. And it too had those two top link holes on it. The tractor also had a YEAR-A-ROUND QT-1 cab on it which we took off to convert it back to an open station tractor.
  6. We saw a busted in half wind turbine tower out in the distance on a wind turbine farm from the highway, earlier this Spring during a trip down in the Rio Grand Valley in south Texas. Would like to know what transpired to cause that. Dang thing must have turned in to a run-away and threw a blade and the spinning imbalance broke the tower. Couldn’t see any wreckage on the ground from our vantage point from the road. There was a rise in the ground between us and the tower hiding the base.
  7. Mountain lion looking for a piece of _ _ _? You fill in the blanks. Lol.
  8. Dang. I am in this same boat. Both my knees have been killing me the past several years, and I have just been ignoring it and carrying on, and basically taking over the counter pain killers, which haven’t done much good. I’ve finally reached my breaking point. My job at work is being severely affected by the pain, as well as working around my home and property. Friday afternoon I went in to see an orthopedic knee and hip specialist. They took X-Rays from various angles of both my knees. I was horrified to hear what the doc had to say. For one thing I found out I have osteoarthritis in my knees, and my knee cartilage is all but used up. He injected cortisone steroid into both my knees and said that should bring me some relief. He wants to see how I do on that, and also told me that a gel shot in the knees may also be an option if my pain persists. But he basically told me my knee joints are shot, and there’s no bringing them back. He said the cortisone shots may be needed every 4 to 6 months, but that will be just “kicking the can down the road” for maybe 1 to 2 years, if even that long, and then knee replacements will be needed. I was really bumming on the way home from my appointment and actually started tearing up over it as well. I guess I’ve been rough on my knees over the years, used and abused. I hope the cortisone steroid shots bring me some relief for now. I’m fixing to retire anyway from my full time job, looks like now my last day will be Friday October 15. If I can even last that long. Currently debating whether to give my boss a 2 week notice or a 1 month quitting notice. I have been having a beeotch of a time climbing ladders, walking on uneven terrain, walking on slanted roof tops, or carrying heavy objects which puts even more weight and stress on my knees. I’m afraid I’m going to have to tell my boss that I’m going to have to place some self imposed restrictions on myself going forward. Not good. Dam it all to h_ll. I am just sick over this.
  9. Rick G.

    Pink combine

    Maybe it’s a county fair combine demolition derby entry. LOL
  10. Do you jamb up your mower blades on stuff a lot? With careful use by the operator, that shouldn’t be a big issue. Don’t mow over high protruding rocks, tree stumps or roots, posts sticking up out of the ground, big mounds of earth, etc. Maybe the machine has some sort of built in safety cut off or circuit breaker type of set up to the blades just in case you jamb up the blades. Your dealer should know or check a operator manual.
  11. The “dark side” of the Moon receives sun light too. Saying the Moon has a permanently dark side is a fallacy.
  12. Nice pics. Steam exhaust is from oil fired steam turbine, as you suspected above.
  13. Holy moly what a line up. Awesome. Thanks for the pics.
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