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  1. Wifey and I got our fifth shots around the first of September. All five of our shots have been the Moderna brand. If it was just me, I would not have bothered. But with her, she is a proponent of and a believer in these shots, so it’s “If I’m getting the shot, you’re getting it too.” UGH! All in the interest of trying to guard against the latest variant. The interesting thing for me this fifth time was- My four previous shots all made me sick for a couple / three days. They really drug me down. Made me feel really violated ya know. Other than having a sore shoulder for a couple days afterwards, this fifth shot did not adversely affect me like the other four did. On the other hand, my wife’s fifth shot did make her feel ill for several days afterwards. Makes me wonder if I got a proper dose. Who the heck knows. I remain extremely upset about getting all these covid shots so frequently. I’m 67, wifey is three years younger. The majority of our days are behind us, but I still hope that no side affects show up down the road in either of us. I fear for younger people getting these shots. If side affects begin showing up several years from now….. You see these TV ads now claiming you can get legal help if you were treated with this or that drug years ago, for side affects that are only now becoming apparent. I’m half expecting this same thing to happen regarding these dam repetitive covid shots. What d’ya wanna bet? It’s disgusting. I don’t trust this crap one bit. And yet, I go along with it to placate the wife because she feels it necessary to be protected against this crap. I don’t know- part of me is still the mind set that this whole thing is a pLandemic, or scamdemic, as we know it to be called by many. And yet, many people have died from it. I think the truth is somewhere in between. In the meantime, Uncle Joe has recently proclaimed the pandemic to be over. I think he’s premature in coming out saying this. …..it’s probably a ploy to somehow get out of providing free vaccine shots in the future. Watch this thing start flaring up again with the onset of winter. Fun and games. Stay tuned…. Neither one of us has come down with covid. Knock on wood. But we may have both actually had it in the early going of the pLandemic and not even known it, before the covid scamdemic was even declared. We both got very sick- with all the symptoms of covid! We never even went to the doctor. Wifey just doctored us at home and we eventually came out the other end of the tunnel. It was like having a super bad chest and head cold. It was plenty bad. The worst I ever experienced.
  2. Sorry to hear of your situation. Parenting multiple children can be difficult even under the “best” conditions. Are you in a position, and have you considered, to bring some sort of a doctor in to the picture, to have your son evaluated or diagnosed and who can possibly prescribe a course of action, preferably a Dr. who will not automatically resort to using drugs right off the bat? Perhaps a good doctor would be able to discover if there is some sort of chemical imbalance going on, which may be able to be brought within tolerances through something as simple as a change in diet? Keep us posted. ….look forward to more comments here. What do I know? (Nothing)
  3. Beautiful gorgeous pics, from a “normal” looking part of…. California.
  4. Wow interesting. And confusing. How does that saying go? Something like- “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”
  5. Today the “stuff” hits the fan in FL. Will be watching the news.
  6. I had the chance to test drive the newly redesigned 2022 Nissan Frontier 4X4 mid-size pickup earlier this past summer. And I don’t mean just a spin around the block. My brother in law works in financing at a nearby Nissan dealership. He knows I’ve been interested in a new Toyota 4Runner SUV for the longest time now. Wifey is fighting me on me wanting a SUV. She wants me to get another open bed pick up truck if I do anything at all. Long story. Anyways, my brother in law wangled a way to let us take and spend a day with the newly redesigned Frontier pickup, hoping that would sway me in to buying it, or one like it. We brought it home, and took it out in the Texas hill country here around us. I wanted to see how it would handle the hills around here. I ended up not liking it. It had a V-6 engine, which seemed fine. After all, the 4Runner also comes with a trusted 4.0L V-6. But I didn’t like the behavior of that danged transmission in that Nissan Frontier. I believe it is a 9 speed. Driving the hills around us, it seemed very wishy-washy or indecisive, if you will. Climbing hills, it couldn’t decide what gear it should be in, and wanted to down shift or up shift too much, between too many gears, depending on what you did with the gas pedal. Comparing it to my ‘06 Tundra, which has a 5 speed automatic coupled to a small 4.7 L V-8, that Nissan 9 speed trans was garbage, in my opinion. Typically, in our hills in our immediate area, my Trusty Tundra will downshift itself ONCE, in accordance to how much demand you place on it with depressing the gas pedal to maintain your forward speed when climbing a hill. That Frontier trans didn’t know what it wanted to do, and I could watch the engine tach needle responding accordingly. I thought like W_F, you call this progress? No thanks. My antique Tundra shifts out a lot better than this Frontier. We took the Frontier back to turn it in to my brother in law that afternoon. I thanked him for the test drive, and for his generosity. I didn’t bad mouth the truck or complain about the transmission or anything. On the way home, wifey asked me again what did I think. I told her that Frontier is crap next to the 4Runner. Well the 4Runner has a proven, bullet proof 5 speed trans for one thing, same as my Tundra. I tell you what, I don’t want any part of those 9 or 10 speed transmissions. Who needs them? I sure don’t. I don’t see the sense of them. Nothing but added problems, and probably going to have reliability issues down the road. I guess I’m just too old school in many ways. So, I’m still wanting my 4Runner. But still, the dealers around here are not wanting to deal at all on them. And now the 2023s are getting ready to come out. The thing is, there’s a strong chance the ‘23s are going to be the last of the current generation, which are actually getting pretty long in the tooth now, what with their bullet proof 4.0 V-6 and 5 speed transmissions. Rumors are rampant that the 2024 4Runners will be majorly redesigned, going to a 4 cylinder turbo engine, and a 9 or 10 speed transmission. No thanks. I’ll stick with a proven thing. (Again, me being stubbornly old school.) So now, wifey is asking me to wait. Her logic is- wait until the redesign comes out, the yuppies will fall in love with the latest and greatest and just have to have it, and the then current generation 4Runner, which I favor, will drastically fall off in value, and I can then find a nice used one for cheaper, from a private owner, or on one that gets traded in. I just don’t know. I’m worried. If Toyota drops the ball on the next gen 4Runner, and it turns out to be a piece of crap, this strategy could backfire on me, and then the prices on these current gen 2023s and older could actually skyrocket even worse than what they are now. And so here I set with my perfectly fine ‘06 Tundra, not sure what to do. I’d like to get at least one more new vehicle in my lifetime. I’m just too dang stubborn to pay sticker price right now, and so am at loggerheads with my local dealer. I told my saleslady at the ToJo dealer, they need to throw me a bone. I’m not paying sticker. All my life, I’ve been very satisfied with myself with the deals I’ve been able to negotiate for myself, whether it be with new, or used vehicles. To me, I guess I am too stubborn, but it just seems I have some sort of mentality block in my head that the thought of paying sticker for any new vehicle is for suckers. Back in 2019, wifey and I scored what I thought to be an incredible deal on our brand new at the time 2019 BMW X1, which she still has. Couldn’t have been happier with our treatment at the dealer and the deal we got. That was pre-pLandemic / pre-scamdemic of course. Maybe those days of getting a “deal” on your new car are gone. NUTS.
  7. I think it’s extremely stupid, short-sighted, and, DANGEROUS for this country not to have more refining capabilities. We need more refineries. The refineries we have now are old, for one thing. If one goes down, or say two go down at once, for what ever reason, we are sca-rewed! I think just the other day, There was a fire and explosion at a BP refinery in Oregon, Ohio, just outside Toledo, in my old stomping grounds. They had to shut down. I don’t know if they are back on line yet or not? There’s just no foresight, planning or leadership in this country. Mark my words we are going to get bit with multiple refinery issues at some point. By accident, attack, hurricanes, earthquake, or who knows what. And then watch the fun and games begin.
  8. Dang man! That is both funny and not funny at the same time. OMG…..
  9. The dump here watches you and also has CCTV cameras. They won’t let you pick stuff and take it back out of the dump. You are lucky if you can pick stuff to haul back out for your self.
  10. Hey man, if you find something you want, you have to go get it. You can’t expect to wait for it to come up to your front porch and ring the door bell for you. I’m not being mean here, but just sayin’. 😊 I had to do this when I used to farm in Michigan. A couple of pieces of my equipment I wanted came from far away. Luckily though, I was hooked up with a couple different truckers, and they were already going that direction with some equipment, so we hammered out a money saving deal for me cost-wise, since they were already going that direction. Of course, I had to wait for them until they were ready to head that direction. The one time, I had to wait over a month after I made my purchase before the trucker was going to be heading that way. Another factor- in both my cases, my purchases were made through a private sale with the farmer right off their farms. They were running for sale ads for the items. As opposed to something being far away from you in an auction type situation, where they might want the stuff gone and outta there right away. My sellers didn’t worry about the equipment sitting at their place for a while waiting to be picked up. As long as I paid them for it right away. And too, I realize I’m talking about stuff that happened over 10 years ago. So I suppose trucking costs to haul equipment have gone way up since then. So, I guess I also see your concern about the tractor being so far away. If you don’t have your own hauling rig….. $$$$$$
  11. Say, did 1468s and 1568s have identical factory PTO horse power specs, or did the 15s come rated at more HP? Thank you.
  12. Interesting to see. I prefer the 826. The 806, with its over sized rear rubber, glitz, and half-moon hub caps, looks like it’s made up for the Friday night cruise down Woodward Avenue in downtown Deeetroit. LOL
  13. I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if they know it’s the second to last 5488. Lol. Does it state that anywhere in the ad? I didn’t look when I was checking the ad on Tractor House.
  14. OK thanks Thirsty 806. 😊 Crazy they didn’t think enough to put the square axle on the last ever 2WD 5488.
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