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  1. Rick G.

    10 years ago today, Miracle on the Hudson ❗️

    The older we get, the faster time seems to pass. I can’t believe that was 10 years ago either.
  2. Rick G.

    Clemson / Alabama

    And yet another dud / blowout for a major bowl game this year. Was hoping for a game with triple or quadruple or quintuple overtime for this one. Lol....
  3. Rick G.

    Found this on an abandoned farm today

    I know. I should have placed a disclaimer at the bottom of my reply. I was just kidding and trying to string a bunch of prolific words together there. Lol
  4. Rick G.

    Found this on an abandoned farm today

    Many of its brethren 806’s are gone now. The echoes of their roaring engines stilled. The fields they once tilled in now taken over by over-priced computerized, electronic, plastic imposters and pretenders to the throne of the tractor world. IH is a distant memory. JD is a nightmare of conscience. The original owner of this 806 may now be in his 80’s or 90’s. This big tractor he ran, loved, and perhaps even hated, belong to history. Remember it, and what it did, in the context of its time. Leave it there. Let it R.I.P.
  5. Rick G.

    Test Drive Questions

    The lube lights always worked properly on all my tractors while I owned them- two 1970 1456’s, a 1975 1066, a 1976 1466, and a 1980 1086.
  6. Rick G.

    86 series heavy duty bolster

    My now ex 1980 1086 Tri Stripe had that heavy duty front bolster. I’ve seen the heavy duty bolster on the ‘80 and ‘81 Tri Stripe 986’s as well. Not sure about 886’s or 786’s.
  7. Rick G.

    540 PTO Differences????

    Sorry bitty, I guess I’m just not getting it. Color me stupid. It just seems to me that taking and running a PTO implement rated for 540 speed and running it twice as fast off the 1,000 RPM PTO speed shaft on the tractor is going to cause a problem eventually, such as catostrophic implement failure.
  8. Rick G.

    Magnum 7200 Series Brochure

    Ya I have one of those brochures. I got it at the local CASE IH dealer back around 1994. Little did I know that 10 years later in 2004 I would be the proud owner of a low houred (652 hours) 1994 7220 2 WD. I was the second owner of my 7220. It came from a gentleman who bought it new for himself in 1994 at the age of 74 and he didn’t use it much and then he got rid of it when he retired at age 84 in 2004. It was a beauty. I called it my Cadillac. I’m going to hold on to my 7200 series brochure for now. Mighty kind of you to offer yours up though.
  9. Rick G.

    These 68s are just getting to high

    It also looks like this one had a cab on it at one time- looking at the hood sheet metal ahead of the steering wheel, and also the white 1206 fenders. I’d also be afraid that thing could be a ticking time bomb as far as the engine goes. Who knows....
  10. Rick G.

    These 68s are just getting to high

    Are those 20.8-38’s? Better not try to sock much of a primary tillage implement in the ground behind that thing. The V-8 will fall flat on it’s face. I think it’s over priced.
  11. Rick G.

    Ge stock

    I inherited a lot of GE stock from my Mother when she passed away. Dad passed before her. I was quite thankful, and excited about inheriting their stock at the time. Now all it is is a F’ing joke. Really pissed off about it now. I remember Dad always bragging about his GE stock years ago. Guess I’ll just hang on to it and wait and see what happens. Isn’t GE doing well with their jet engine business? They didn’t sell their jet engines off did they? Boeing has jetliner orders up the kazoo and I think they use a lot of GE jet engines.
  12. Rick G.

    New Magnum ?

    And I’ll bet a wind-up rubberband tranny would be more reliable and trouble free.
  13. Rick G.


    I like the oh so thoughtful and ergonomically installed angle of the TA lever.
  14. Rick G.

    Auction Results

    The 1256 sold for 23K with its serial number plate missing??? Ohhhhh....Kayyyyyy..... No thanks. I would never buy a tractor with it’s serial tag info missing, let alone pay super premium money for it. Now if the serial number is documented somewhere on some original paperwork, with no doubts of it being faked, well OK. A person could get a new tag reproduced I suppose and install it. Isn’t there someone who reproduces IH serial tag plates? I thought I read that here at one time.