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  1. With no pictures to judge by for us to see, don’t pay more for it than what it’s scrap value would be.
  2. That seems like plenty for that 1066, and it’s a ‘73 model according to the sign on the side. That fat air intake would drive me nuts in my line of sight all day long. That would have to go. Back in 2010, I sold my 1975 1066 open station, 4,5XX hours, no weights, no duals, new Firestones on rear and front, for 16K even. (Through my For Sale ad, not an auction) I can’t believe it’s been that long ago already.
  3. Ya N E, I’ve been contemplating maybe mixing some mid grade 89 octane with the 93 octane during fill ups at the gas station for the BMW- pump some 89 octane, and then pump some 93, mixing it, to save a little bit on cost, and see what happens. There seems to be no 91 octane around us. They jump from 89 up to 93 and do not offer 91 octane here. I hope one good thing comes out of these rip off overly high fuel prices- I’ve been wanting to get myself a Toyota 4Runner SUV for quite some time now. The trouble is the dealers are not dealing at all on them, and some of the crooked thieves are charging over sticker for theirs. Even worse, used ones are just as much as the new ones. Totally ridiculous. Well, 4Runners are not known for their good fuel economy. What I’m hoping is, that if fuel prices stay high enough for long enough, that people will stop buying them, and that they will start piling up on dealers lots, and that they will start dealing on them again when people stop buying them due to their poor fuel economy. Then, once I can again negotiate a price off sticker, I will get mine. …….and then hope and pray that gas prices come back down to “normal” levels. That’s my plan, anyways. Fuel can’t stay this high forever. They are going to break the backs of the consumer and destroy the country if they keep ripping people off like this. Crime will increase as well, if fuel prices go much higher, just wait and see.
  4. Here’s what my visit to the pump looked like in central TX yesterday afternoon. Filled my truck for $4.39.9 for 87 octane. But wifey’s BMW twin turbo needs the 93 octane, and I use the 90 octane ethanol free in all my outdoor power equipment.
  5. Yep, same here. I’ve simultaneously owned a 1976 1466 Black Stripe and a 1980 1086 Tri Stripe. I knew the 1466 tested at a conservatively set 160 PTO HP, but I never knew what the 1086 was putting out, but it was healthy and low houred. I tried both on my Krause soil saver, and the 1466 did outperform the 1086, with both tractors similarly dualed snd weighted. I later obtained a CIH 7220 MAGNUM, while still keeping the 1086 and 1466. The 7220 (2WD, like the 10’ and the 14’) out worked both the 10’ and the 14’.
  6. I’m in the same boat. I had been planning a return home to southeast MI to visit some friends and hit RPRU and the USAF Museum. Wifey had recently tried to get us set up with airline reservations and a rental car. But the airline ticket prices are ludicrous, and, on top of that, we could not secure a rental car. Absolutely ridiculous. So, I thought about just driving from TX up to MI. Tried to calculate what gasoline would cost, and it came out to be a ludicrous amount. I’d have to drive my ‘06 Toyota Tundra, which is approx. 17 / 18 MPG. Not the greatest MPG. And who’s to say gas won’t be even higher come June? I am absolutely disgusted the way this country is operating. They are going to break the middle class. There will be no middle class if this crap keeps up. There will be the “haves”, and “have nots”. This over-priced BS on everything, and shortages of this and that, is going up be unsustainable. Something has to change. So, RPRU and AF Museum for this year is out. We are going to conserve and stay close to home down here in TX.
  7. That reminds me of the bus in the WWII movie titled “Where Eagles Dare”, starring Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. It’s been ages since I watched the movie, so I can’t visualize it exactly. But it could be the same make of bus. The movie was made in the 1960s.
  8. Had clear skies for the eclipse. Watched it until the Moon was totally in shadow, and then went to bed, so didn’t watch it uncover. Pretty cool stuff.
  9. Thanks for the cool and historical pics. We got a guided tour of USS ENTERPRISE CVAN 65 when it was home, based in Alameda, CA, in 1975. We got to see quite a bit of the ship, we were on board for close to 3 hours. One thing they wouldn’t show us at the time though was atomic reactor areas or anything associated with the propulsion system. And now, The Big E is decommissioned and getting scrapped. It was the nation’s first ever nuclear powered carrier, and, the only one of its class- the Enterprise class carrier. After just building the Big E, they went to what’s now known as the Nimitz class carriers. One thing I find strange in these pics is the big white number “65” is missing from the top of the flight deck at the bow of the ship. I wonder if they purposely deleted the big 65 from the top of the deck for this operation, so the Cubans or Russians wouldn’t know it was the Enterprise? It also would have normally had the number 65 on both sides of the deck island.
  10. Yes, that’s the deal down here around us in Texas. We see the road signs all the time: “Left Lane For Passing Only”
  11. So, is this supposed to be for only newly manufactured trucks, or also to be retrofitted to existing / older trucks? Sounds like a stupid idea either way.
  12. They’ll be crying and want to build a pipeline to rob water from the Great Lakes instead. I think there was a “plan” to do that before, years ago, wasn’t there??? And it got shot down. They are going to whine, argue, and piss and moan not doing anything all the while their situation continues to worsen. I say build desalination plants. They are going to become a necessary evil. They best get started. The desalination plant(s) will not magically pop up over night.
  13. Two words: Eff that. (Regardless of the manufacturer.)
  14. Didn’t they use that dog joint in the movie The Rocketeer? Lol…? Or maybe it was some other movie. Or some other similar looking eats joint?
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