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  1. I like the looks of the “Diamond” cab on the ‘66 series tractors. I drove a brand new at the time 966 with the diamond cab for a farmer I worked for back when I was in high school. I did enjoy propping the doors open when it was nice out and not making a lot of dust. It had a heater but no AC. Nice looking 1466 there. One thing about the diamond cabs- they are not ROPS rated, so don’t go rolling it over. I think the so called “Deluxe” cabs were ROPS rated, yes? Someone please correct me if I’m wrong about that.
  2. What is the point of putting different fuel filters on it? And notice the ad says it’s a 1256 but the emblem on the tractor says 1206. Weird.
  3. https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-mnet-001&hsimp=yhs-001&hspart=mnet&p=tyou+tube+star+trek+red+alert#id=10&vid=cb0f2f266018f8bc86436c734e488d88&action=view
  4. Dang I have that belt buckle too, somewhere boxed up in my IH collection of "stuff" which hasn't seen the light of day in decades. I gotta dig all that stuff out some day and inventory it all. I am embarrassed to say I have never had a chance to drive a 50 series tractor in the field performing field work. I test drove a 5088 once on a dealer's lot, that's the best I can say. Ugh! Oh but I also got to drive Danny's "5388" around the fairgrounds at a Red Power Roundup a few years ago in Ohio! I guess that also counts. Thanks again Danny!
  5. How many miles away is the auction from you? Is it feasible for you to just drive the 1486 home? Good luck to your friend with his auction, and to you obtaining the 1486. Get pics if possible and let us know what happened.
  6. An 856 in good repair would get my vote every day and twice on Sunday over a 966 or 986. Or, alternatively, skip over the 966 / 986 idea and consider getting into a 1066.
  7. Is that guy Red Green’s cousin or something? If they don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.
  8. Rick G.

    Tires shot??

    Stuff black shoe polish paste in the cracks like Anthony Hopkins did with his cracked motorcycle tires in the movie “The World’s Fastest Indian” and you will be good to go.
  9. It's beautiful. You can be very proud. I wouldn't worry about the decals side to side. There was a time when I got ridiculed for the Black Stripe decals being crooked on my restored 1466, and at first I was upset about it, and was I going to re-do them, but I never got around to it before I sold it. In retrospect now I guess it wasn't that big a deal. Most people didn't even notice it, including me, until it was brought to my attention. No one will notice the fade pattern from side to side on your MAGNUM decals unless you point it out. I love your 7230 in 2WD. I used to have a 7220 2WD.
  10. Cool. How many hours showing?
  11. All righty then.... I decided to do some research on this this morning. I came up with this. The Texas B-36 that they tried to get flying back in the 1970's was up in Fort Worth, Texas. A group called the Peacemaker Foundation. Apparently it sat up there for years, but in 2006 it got moved to the Pima Air Museum in Arizona. So at least it didn't get scrapped, that's good. I'll have to get out there to see it some day. Here's the info I found: https://www.airplanesofthepast.com/b36-peacemaker-restoration-to-airworthiness.htm
  12. It would be really interesting to know more details about this. Did anything ever get documented or photographed about this project? I wonder what ever became of this particular B-36? Did it end up being scrapped out? Sad.
  13. I once saw a B-36 fly over our farm in Michigan, but I don’t remember it at all dang it! How’s that? You may ask? Here’s the deal. My Dad used to tell me about it. He told me I was only 2 years old at the time. My Dad was home that day and he used to tell me how he heard the B-36 coming out in the distance. He took me outside with him and spotted the B-36 coming and brought it to my attention. He told me he how he kept pointing it out to me in the sky and telling me what it was. He told me of how I watched it intently as it droned overhead. I can’t remember it at all dang it. I don’t remember anything in my life until I was about 4 years old. So once in my life, I actually saw a B-36 in flight, but I was too young to remember it. NUTS! That’s torture. My now deceased uncle used to tell me that some group was planning on getting a B-36 restored to airworthiness back in the 1970’s in Texas, but that effort fell short. He said they actually fired up an engine or two, and then apparently they ran out of funding. I wish I could learn more about this. Randy, would you happen to have any knowledge regarding this effort from back in the 1970’s to get a B-36 flying again? Apparently the last flight ever by a B-36 was in 1961, when a B-36J model was delivered for display to the U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio.
  14. Hi guys. I can provide some more details from memory. I think it was mostly intended for farm use- it had all the trappings of an ag tractor: Wide front end, normal looking farm tires on the rear, (couldn’t tell what brand), dual hubs on the axles for axle duals, SMV emblem sign on the back of a tombstone seat, the amber warning flasher light on the left fender, three point hitch with a quick hitch installed, but of course yes it could be used in a stock pulling class too. But I saw nothing to indicate it to be strictly a dedicated puller.
  15. Hey guys the other day, Wednesday, I was driving on southbound I-35 in central Texas through the area of Georgetown, TX. It was approx. 4:30 PM. A semi passes me on my left. I didn't have much time to gawk having to watch my driving, traffic was heavy. But some details I noticed for sure were on the trailer was a single tractor, I saw the emblem on front it was a 1256, open station, and the engine was in no uncertain terms a transplant- it was not the 407 engine, it was the newer 400 series engine like out of a '66 series, so maybe a 414 or 436 or who knows maybe a 466. I was certain about this. The tractor was not a pristine show tractor, but looked to be in very respectable condition. It had a short straight chrome stack on it and the rain cap taped down so the turbo wouldn't windmill. I didn't notice any wording on the semi truck tractor as it passed me, sorry. I didn't take notice of anything until the trailer with the tractor on it was beside me. I did speed up for a few moments to try to stay beside him to get a couple more seconds to look, but then I slowed back down to let him pass, I didn't want to piss him off by not letting him pass. So, just an interesting observation to report here, and was wondering if any board members here are connected with this mo-sheen?
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