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  1. Ah so! OK I just learned something new today. Thank you kind sir.
  2. At the start of the video, what does the guy mean when he refers to the trailer as a toy hauler? I’ve never heard that trucker jargon before, calling a trailer a toy hauler. Does he mean the guy with the F250 and trailer is a wanna be big time semi driver?
  3. Here’s one I still have on one of my tool boxes. You guys up in southeast Michigan will recognize it. KOHLMAN’S INTERNATIONAL SALES & SERVICE or as we called it for short back in the day: KISS, after the rock band KISS, Blissfield, MI. I also remember Salenbein Brothers IH from up in Dundee, Michigan back in the day.
  4. Good deal. Thanks for posting. Cute little critter.
  5. Did 1568's come from the factory made to fire only on 4 cylinders like the 1468's did under "no load", or did IH do away with that feature on the 1568's?
  6. We just bought a new KitchenAid fridge in October. It's a two door with freezer at the bottom. So far so good. We really like it.
  7. The LBJ Presidential Library at UT is worth seeing. If you have time you could also go out to tour LBJ’s Ranch outside of Austin in Johnson City, TX. There is also an awesome paleontology / dinosaur museum on the UT campus that is worth seeing. That Franklin’s BBQ in Austin is legendary, I think they only serve lunch, opening at 11:00 AM, so no supper hours. Be forewarned lines form early there to get in for lunch. The heavy traffic in Austin sucks the big one. I absolutely hate it. Be prepared. Expressways in Austin????? Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ha h ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, what a joke. Austin “expressways” are more like 49% parking lots, 49% demolition derby tracks, and maybe 1% expressway. Be advised. Full of IDIOT drivers. The River Walk in San Antonio is really nice. I must admit I found The Alamo there a bit under whelming, but thankful to have seen it due to its historical significance. If you do go to San Antonio, you should see it. Just a short ways to the north of Austin, in Georgetown, is some pretty awesome caverns to see, called “Inner Space Caverns”. If you’ve never ever been deep underground in any spacious caverns before, that would be something really cool to see. Do an online search regarding all these sites to see for info regarding opening hours, etc. Wifey and I live out in the hill country in Jonestown, TX, approx. 30 miles outside of and to the northwest of downtown Austin. My wife will be on a business trip overseas for UT during the time you will be here. Well let us know how you make out in Asstin, er.... I mean Austin and how you liked it.... or not. Stay safe.
  8. Rick G.

    83 5088

    What the heck does “boothheel” rear end mean? I’ve never heard that term before in dealing with these tractors?
  9. Yeep, I put one on my now ex 1994 CIH 7220 when I had it. Easy peasy. If I can do it, anyone can. Lol....,
  10. Why not unhook the pick up before it destroys your motor home.
  11. Yet another incredible creation! It’s fantastic Brian.
  12. Congrats on your calendar girl. You really should put some bigger tires on the front of that thing though. lol just kidding. Looks fantastic.
  13. OK I dug and found my pic with the QATAR Airlines flight attendant, with their Boeing 777-300ER, tail number A7-BAC behind us. Also here is recent pic of A7-BAC, that I was aboard in the UAE at the air show and was given a tour of, taken August 16, 2019, on the ground in Milano, Italy.
  14. Ha ha. LYNX JET fantasies aside, from what I’ve seen, the foreign airlines have the best looking flight attendants these days. Especially the middle eastern airlines. I’ve been fortunate to have flown on EMIRATES, ETIHAD, and QATAR Airlines in 2009 through 2013 while my wife was working in the UAE. Their flight attendants are.... sigh.... to die for.... nice! And they recruit their FA’s from all nationalities as well. I have a pic some where of me posing with a QATAR Airlines FA, with one of their Boeing 777-3O0ER’s as a back drop, taken at an air show in Dubai, UAE where QATAR had the aircraft on static display, open for tours staffed by their gorgeous flight attendants. I would never dare bug an FA for pictures while they were on duty like at an airport, or in flight, but this was at an air show with the aircraft and crew on display for public relations so I didn’t feel bad about asking for a pic. I also flew on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines frequently during that 4 year span, and the KLM FA’s were very attractive as well. The Asian airlines also have gorgeous FA’s, OMG. I enjoyed checking them out in the terminals when ever we were walking through the terminals in the UAE if we were flying.
  15. My favorite airline. LYNX JET. "Get On - Get Off." lol.....
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