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  1. Photo-shopped out? Got off tractor on left side and hid behind left side while someone else shot the picture? . Levitated in to the air so no foot prints were made? Ok I give up. Beautiful picture.
  2. I’ve got it bad- high pitched frequency noise in my ears 365/24/7. It will drive me nuts if I am not busy concentrating on something else. Trying to fall asleep at night is the worst time. I will alternate doing one of two things at night- either I run the TV in the bedroom with the sleep timer activated so I can fall asleep to the background noise of the TV, or other times I run a small table top fan on my night stand beside the bed as background noise to help mask the tinnitus. I think my trouble started as a teenager operating a new at the time straight pipe 1256 for a neighbor I work
  3. Hi vt', I just sent you a PM. Thanks, Rick.
  4. Scrap metal for the Chinks. Pretty soon now we won’t be able to run any Diesel engines in this country any way unless they have $999,999.99 worth of emissions controls on them.
  5. Rick G.


    Incredible. I figured the Packers to win. Now Tampa Bay has made history to be the first ever team to play a Super Bowl at their own actual home field. I’m rooting for Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl.
  6. Congrats Danny. I’ve never been around a 429 to hear one run. Would like to see and hear it in the video.
  7. Funny how the 806 shared that grill with none of its brothers or sisters. It was unique to the 806. I wonder just how close the 1206 got to using that grill design before they decided to come up with the 1206 grill design that we know. Nice 806 for sure.
  8. Nice 4250. What type of gun did you use to steal that thing with at that price? lol.....
  9. Wow. Ya always liked her. Keep on truckin’ Betty.
  10. Sounds high for a 966. Must have been really GQ. How many hours on it? Cab or open station? Pics? I am not a real big fan of 966’s. Drove one in high school. It was OK, but I was spoiled by the 1256 that my boss also had. I would take an 856 hands down over a 966. Love 766D’s. Otherwise, might as well get a 1066.
  11. Wifey and I were able to get in this afternoon for our shots. She had us on a list on-line through the city of Austin and we got assigned a time to come in. As I post this, we are only a little over 4 hours removed from receiving our shots. Probably too early to tell anything regarding side effects, so will have to post here again later if I start feeling any. We received the shot manufactured by Moderno, which is a two part shot. We are now slated to get the second shot on Febuary 13th. I got the shot in my right arm, I am right handed. I didn’t feel a thing, quite possibly the easiest sho
  12. If you by chance put Champion plugs in it, get them out and put another brand in. Not saying that is your problem, it’s just that Champions are crap plugs in my book. Have had nothing but bad luck with them for many years.
  13. Yes, another incidental item missing is the alternator pulley shield, a personal pet peeve of mine. The grab handle on the left side by the TA lever is installed upside down from the way the factory installed them, but you could just unbolt it and flip it if you wanted to. I would ditch those after market mounting steps and go back to original, unless you have a need for such a thing. It also appears that the mounting steps for the right side of the tractor are missing. I would ditch those white side panels and make them red. From a distance it makes it look like you have an
  14. Oh man, yes, they are the folks, I recognize the name now no doubt about it. I am so sorry to hear that they are gone. They were always so nice to deal with. And so time marches on, nuts. May they RIP. Thanks so much barnsfull for your kind and speedy reply. And also thanks for the alternative suggestion, I will check that out.
  15. Rick G.


    Wow what a find. Looks like a good candidate to rebuild and refurbish. Offer $7,500.00 and go from there, but what do I know. Why do so many of those 50’ (or ‘88) series tractors always have their front grills missing???? What is up with that? Did they fall out easily and get plowed under or what? I’ve never been around that series much at all. I swear every dam one of those series I’ve seen down here in TX (not many) but still every one, has its front grill missing and they are beat to crap in general on top of that.
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