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  1. We have this CIH DX55 tractor at my work. Out the blue, the lift arms on the 3-Point hitch do not work, and they are stuck in the raised position. They operated fine a month or so ago when we last had the 3-Point mounted mower on the tractor. I was recently using a front end loader on the tractor, and the loader worked fine. Dropped the loader this morning and wanted to go back to using the 3-Point hitch on the rear. Backed the tractor up to the mower, and the lift arms won’t lower. So wondering what’s going on. Hydraulic oil is full. I tried cycling all the hydraulic control levers on the tractor, including the draft control, rear remotes, and the loader joystick. No go. I had my co-worker stand on the lift arms hoping his weight would break them loose. No go. So I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this with this model line, and if so, what did you have to do about it to get it working again. Thanks for any help or advice. Rick G.
  2. My wife had a 2014 VOLVO S60 T5. It had a 5 cylinder with a Turbo. It would scoot. Now she has a 2018 BMW X1 with a 4 cylinder Turbo. It also scoots.
  3. Hubba Hubba! Very nice job. How many hours on the meter? Is it a true Black Stripe?
  4. My 1980 Tri-Stripe 1086 had the pistol grip shift lever handles, with the burgundy interior.
  5. Maybe they did build a 1406. They were sneaky and called it the 1256 instead. Lol....
  6. Rick G.

    DALLAS 806

    At some point over the years that Dallas was aired, at the beginning of one of the new show seasons, the 806 was dropped and a John Deere combine was shown in the intro instead. Bummer.
  7. Awesome work. Did you change the shifter cover plate to show 3 gears? Lol....
  8. That 14’ must have been a cruiser on Woodward Avenue in Detoilet. er.... I mean Deetroit.
  9. So how much did it sell for?
  10. The older we get, the faster time seems to pass. I can’t believe that was 10 years ago either.
  11. And yet another dud / blowout for a major bowl game this year. Was hoping for a game with triple or quadruple or quintuple overtime for this one. Lol....
  12. I know. I should have placed a disclaimer at the bottom of my reply. I was just kidding and trying to string a bunch of prolific words together there. Lol
  13. Many of its brethren 806’s are gone now. The echoes of their roaring engines stilled. The fields they once tilled in now taken over by over-priced computerized, electronic, plastic imposters and pretenders to the throne of the tractor world. IH is a distant memory. JD is a nightmare of conscience. The original owner of this 806 may now be in his 80’s or 90’s. This big tractor he ran, loved, and perhaps even hated, belong to history. Remember it, and what it did, in the context of its time. Leave it there. Let it R.I.P.
  14. The lube lights always worked properly on all my tractors while I owned them- two 1970 1456’s, a 1975 1066, a 1976 1466, and a 1980 1086.
  15. My now ex 1980 1086 Tri Stripe had that heavy duty front bolster. I’ve seen the heavy duty bolster on the ‘80 and ‘81 Tri Stripe 986’s as well. Not sure about 886’s or 786’s.
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