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  1. Back in the late 90’s or maybe the early 2000’s, I was looking for my SnapOn 1” open end / box wrench in my tool box and couldn’t find it. Proceeded to start looking all over where I thought it might be. Couldn’t find it. Ended up using my adjustable wrench. For many many months I kept an eye out for it while I was going about doing other stuff. Until one day I was out and bought me a Craftsman 1” wrench to replace my missing SnapOn. I swear, not a month later, I was in my tool box, and here the missing SnapOn 1” had magically re-appeared. I was like W T F???? Oh well I was happy to have it ba
  2. Why is the stack so dang short on that 560?
  3. Never heard of one of those fans “exploding”. Unless maybe it got damaged somehow and the damage went unnoticed. Better have him also check the water pump and associated pulleys. If the pulley got loose somehow, or the water pump went out, that may have started his whole problem. Don’t know what to say about the radiator size.
  4. Well I certainly didn’t do that! Crazy dam computers.
  5. W T F is that other thread doing in the middle of my post?
  6. I discovered FlightRadar24 a couple years ago. I enjoy having it. And it came in real handy keeping tabs on my wife while she was flying overseas on university business. I used to have her get me the tail numbers of the planes she was flying on, but with FR24 I just need her flight number and it gives me her plane’s tail number and I can track her flights. Her flying has been curtailed though ever since the Chink virus started. She has still been doing business overseas, via online real-time video-conferencing. This Chink virus is really bad for the airline industry. Ma
  7. Dang that looks like too much disc for a 766. Especially without duals. Maybe if you’re just going to tickle the surface, but drop that disc to the disc blade spacer spools and you are going to spin out and dig ruts with the rear tires. The ground in the foreground of the picture- has it been disced over by that rig?
  8. Fugly. They had a truck like that in the movie “Real Steel”. A couple of CASE IH MAGNUM tractors also had cameo appearances in the movie. (Probably the same tractor in two different scenes) The movie was filmed in Michigan.
  9. Dang I used to have one of those Allied filter kits, I think I bought it at an auction back around 2008 or ‘09. I was always going to put it on my 1466, but never got around to it. Didn’t really need it I guess. I just let the guy have it who bought the 14’ from me. I doubt if he’ll ever use it. I think he wanted the 14’ as a show tractor. I wish I would have kept that kit and got it to someone who might really need it. Nuts.
  10. As an adult, I’ve always worn hearing protection, but as a teen, I did not. I think I did a lot of damage to my ears as a teen when I was operating a new at the time open station IH 1256 for 4 years with the factory straight stack on it for the farmer I worked for. This was heavy tillage operations in the Spring and Fall. In addition, he also had a new 966 with the custom / diamond cab with which we also did tillage work, and now that I think of it, that 966 was also quite loud even with a muffler on it, although not as loud as the 1256. That 1256 was a beast. Also, to make matters worse
  11. I tried to get my flu shot this past Saturday morning at our local COSTCO pharmacy, along with my wife. I was turned away because on the questionnaire I filled out prior to getting the shot, one of the questions asked if I had taken any cortisone. I had to answer yes to that because the day before, Friday, I had been in to see an orthopedic knee specialist about my right knee which has been killing me. They X-Rayed my knee and told me I won’t need any surgery any time soon, but he gave me a cortisone shot in to my knee to help ease the pain. It seems to have helped. But back to t
  12. I really like the ergonomically and thoughtfully designed steps for accessing into the cab. NOT.
  13. Ah man yeah Matt Younkin. I met his sister Amanda Younkin Franklin and her husband Kyle Franklin at the Dayton Air Show in 2010 when I was back home visiting from the UAE. Amanda and Kyle performed their act Pirated Skies with their WACO Mystery Ship. I talked to them at length early in the day before the air show started. I wish I would have at least gotten a pic taken together with them. And I didn't want to bug them for autographs, save that for the kids, but dang it I wish I would have gotten a pic. In parting from that encounter, I reached out to shake both their hands, Kyle first, b
  14. Isn’t there some sort of legality involved in pulling that many wagons? When I was farming in Michigan, the most I ever pulled at once were 2 big gravity dump grain wagons, with either of my 1456’s, 1066, or 1466. I suppose each state’s laws may differ.
  15. My neighbor just had to replace the water pump in his 2010 Chevy Silverado a couple weeks ago. He bought the replacement water pump at an O'Reilly Auto Parts store. I was over talking to him while he was working on it. I went to check out the new pump in the box and picked it up. For no particular reason I tried to turn it and it wouldn't spin. I couldn't budge it. My neighbor was pissed. He ran it back to the store and they didn't have another one so he said they sent him to another location to get one. He tried that one before he left and it spun OK by hand. The junk they put out these days.
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