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  1. $200.00? Seriously? I'll have some of what he's smoking. Pretty cool to see one new in the original box, but not $200.00 cool. Momma! And to think I used to have one just like it as a kid. It got used hard and put away wet, LOL Notice the one picture of the box, on the right side of the box, he already has a price sticker on it that says $70.00! Dang if you're going to ask $200.00, at least take the $70.00 sticker off it! Duh-Oh https://www.ebay.com/itm/ERTL-IH-Steel-Barge-Wagon-Blueprint-Replica-Made-1973/221664552385?hash=item339c3ca5c1:g:tL4AAOSwkNZUkbD0
  2. W-W-W-W? (Who-What-Where-When?)
  3. Thanks for the quality pics. How about some ‘86 series pics?
  4. Ah OK thanks, yes I am seeing it now. Didn't wait long enough for it to come on earlier. Thanks.
  5. I’m in the market for a 4Runner. I still have my 2006 Toyota Tundra Double Cab SR5 TRD 4WD which I bought new for myself but I have the new car bug and have a desire to get a 4Runner. Trouble is there’s absolutely nothing wrong with my Tundra. Just antsy to get something different and new I guess. I want to stick with 4WD if I get a 4Runner. They also come in 2WD. There’s no other SUV types out there that interest me. Just waiting right now to see what happens with this stupid chink virus right now, and also waiting for the annual Toyota Sell-A-Thon to start on the 2020’s.
  6. Link does not work. Or maybe it is only activated during certain time frames???
  7. The Bad Dog 1466! Ja ja ja. Lol... Yes I’ve seen Edson Lehn driving JD Thompson’s 1466 at times. I’ve also seen Danny Dean driving The Bad Dog 1466 for JD Thompson on occasion. Pretty cool. Great times. Thanks for the pic.
  8. Interesting info so far guys. Thanks for the knowledge. Keep it coming from anyone else who cares to chime in. I must say that I’ve never ever seen any tractors displaying this sticker or decal that has been mentioned. Was there a specified location on the tractor where the decal was supposed to be installed, or was it just random with no instructions on placement and anyone would just slap it on where ever they dang well pleased, or more likely not even put the decal on at all? And then on top of that there would be tractors that would get repainted and then the decal would then be gone, or it could just wear away or peel off or fall off I suppose.
  9. I was reading the other recent thread here titled “Looking at a 1086”. I didn’t want to hijack that thread so created my own thread here for my question. Will the experts here please edumacate me about these so called “Mechanical Diode TA’s? Say you are shopping for a tractor- How do you tell if the tractor has been retrofitted with one of these Diode TA’s? (Let’s say the seller has no clue one way or the other if you ask them)? Is there any obvious external tell-tale signs of the modification? (I would suspect that there would not be any obvious visible external way of knowing)? Will the tractor’s TA shift or act any differently than the standard TA to let you know that it had the Mechanical Diode TA installed? Bottom line- Short of asking the seller (if they even know and are being honest with you), and / or seeing paperwork stating that the tractor does or does not have a Mechanical Diode TA, how does one protect themselves against buying said tractor if they do not want one with this style of TA? Or is it just a crapshoot? Also, is this -Diode TA applicable to even older series tractors such as the ‘06, ‘56, and ‘66 series tractors, or is it exclusively an item for ‘86 series tractors?
  10. Rick G.


    I guess I’m EL Cheapo then. This is my go to when I need a snort, like for medicinal purposes, or a pick me up, or what ever. ha ha. Evan Williams Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. Only about $18.00 a bottle. Lol
  11. The Monroe County Fair (Michigan) up in my old stomping grounds, was cancelled for 2020 due to the Chink virus. I think they made the decision to cancel it way back in June. The Texas State Fair up in Dallas has also been cancelled for 2020.
  12. Danny Dean used to be from South Charleston, Ohio. Don’t know if he still is or not.
  13. Is there a disqualification these days for the weights falling off? Or any other parts? I seem to remember back in the day that you got disqualified if your machine dropped parts on the track or if you ran out of bounds? I was at a pull once where a 4430 Super Stock had a great run by some miracle, (lol) but part way down the track his chrome stack flew off straight up in to the air for a ways but he kept going. The flag man never red flagged him to stop when the stack flew off, but after he did come to a stop, they announced he was DQ’d for loosing his smoke stack. Same thing back then if you went out of bounds on the side line. DQ’d. What’s the deal these days?
  14. Yes but, I suspect the jet turbines themselves being used here are actually modern day transplants and not the original WW II era engines? Still pretty cool.
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