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  1. Oh for crype sakes. OK I know exactly what you’re talking about yeah I see them on trucks all the time. I’m not a BTO trucker so I guess I’m not up on all that trucker talk, lol. I never knew they were called that. Thanks Jingles’. I guess I learned something today.
  2. OK, for the unedumacated please, what is this “headache rack” lingo? Thanks in advance. By the way, they spelled “breaks” wrong in the ad. Sheesh.
  3. Two Commie Antonov AN-124’s at Austin Bergstrom International Airport last week- Supposedly hired by Elon Musk to haul in equipment for his new TESLA factory being built outside Austin.
  4. Is this the same B-17 that went off the end of a runway and then down a slope or cliff some years ago, but then got rebuilt???
  5. Somebody must have had that decal made up and stuck that on there as a joke. It’s also installed upside down. I’ve never seen the likes of that at any gas stations that I’ve been to. I say it’s a prank.
  6. A-B-O-R-T-I-O-N.... paint job and all.
  7. Back in the 1960’s my Dad and a couple of his co-workers from the Toledo Scale Company once met and had a hobo lunch with Steam Train Maury Graham, “King of the Hobo’s” in a rail yard off of Telegraph Rd. in Toledo. My Dad had a pic taken of him with Steam Train Maury. My brother up in Michigan has the pic. We decided that my brother would be the “curator” of all of Mom and Dad’s pictures. Back in the early 1970’s a couple of my high school buddies and me hopped aboard a boxcar that had its doors open, of a slow moving train in Ottawa Lake, MI and rode it to Blissfield, MI. It was a
  8. Well that appears time consuming to stick them all in the ground like that. Unless they had a whole crew doing it. Strange.
  9. Never got to drive any MF’s or even been up close to one in action in the field. I always used to think they were pretty lame for not having frame rails but just using the engine itself to connect to the front end of the tractor.
  10. I’m curious about popcorn from a different perspective. Is anyone here raising popcorn in large quantities and hauling / transporting it? My question is how would a truck load of popcorn weigh compared to a truck load of regular field corn? Would a load of popcorn seed weigh about the same as field corn, or less, or more? I am thinking a load of popcorn might weigh more? If so, would one have to be more careful about the possibility of over loading a truck weight-wise?
  11. Rick G.

    Covid Shot

    Wifey and I have now had both of our two part Moderna shots. We got the second of our Moderna shots in mid Febuary. Our first shots were no problem, but about 10 hours after receiving the second shot, both of us came down with chills and flu-like symptoms for a couple of days. It really knocked us down, just bed rested for those couple days. Not very happy over that- made ya feel kinda violated in a way. Thanks Chinks. I didn’t want the Covid shots to begin with, but wifey told me- “If I’m getting them, you’re getting them.” I’m done. If they start coming out with covid “b
  12. Do you mean 806? 856 model run didn’t start until 1967.
  13. House prices are ludicrous down here around Austin. I don’t see how they can keep it up. We’ve have been at our current place for what will be 5 years this July. We’ve watched the value of our house go up up up. I told my wife maybe we should cash out before this house price frenzy lunacy comes crashing down like a house of cards. She says yeah but where would we go at these prices? I told her we get the h_ll away from here and go back to Michigan and find a nice place for a sane price. People are nuts down here paying these housing prices. I think we need to sell our place to
  14. Whelp, all I know is those Cayuna ultralight engines came new with Champion plugs and were problematic. Switching to NGK’s cured them. My Honda mower came new with a Champion plug and ran like crap and an NGK plug cured it. The Honda mower dealer also told me Champions were junk. Back then he told me they were just then starting a new policy of switching out the Champion plugs for NGK’s in their new units for sale prior to selling them, just to help avoid new owner complaints. I’ve heard way too many bad stories about Champion plugs.
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