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  1. I would get an 856 ahead of a 966. Assuming both were in good well cared for condition. Otherwise, I’d go with a 1066 ahead of the 856 or 966 if I found a good one. But...... any of these tractors being mentioned are probably going to be over your price spending limit if they are in really good condition, with good tires, etc. You are up in Wisconsin so you better look in to that 856 Danny mentions above because the price sounds good. He is somewhat in your neck of the woods. Sometimes you can’t wait for a good tractor to walk up to your front porch and ring the door bell and plop in to your lap. You have to go out and get them and bring them home.
  2. Perhaps it’s some sort of antique sex toy.
  3. I found me one of those Bell & Howell Tac Lights like you see advertised on TV, just lying in a grocery store parking lot a few weeks ago. Some one lost it some how. No damage to it what so ever. Uses 3 AAA batteries. Extremely bright light and it has 3 brightness settings, zoom focus for the light beam and a strobe light feature. Cool find for free. I love it. Lol.....
  4. Earlier this past spring I was driving through the used equipment lot at the CASE IH dealer in Taylor, TX and they had a open station 4 post 5088 on the lot. I should have taken a pic. It was a beat up piece of dog sh_t.
  5. The country is going coo coo. Gawd I don’t know whether laugh or cry. Just earlier today my brother told me his company is renaming their Human Resources dept. to call it the “People and Culture Team.”
  6. I’m in the market for some new work boots and am thinking of trying something other than my usual “go to” Redwings. I am curious about this brand called Thorogood. Is anyone here wearing this brand and have anything good or bad to say about them? The model I am interested in is called their 6” 1957 Series Moc-Toe, waterproof, “Maxwear 90.” I’ll post a pic:
  7. Last month wifey and I were on vacation in Colorado and I came across a very nice complete original Allison Chamblers I mean Alexema Chomplers I mean Alice Chamers I mean Alley Cat I mean Allis Chalmers WD 45 for sale. It was a beauty. My Dad used to farm with a WD 45. The guy wasn’t around to talk to about it but the sign on the tractor said $7,900.00. I’d like to have some of what ever he was smoking. Lol.....
  8. Rick G.

    She`s a pig

    Here’s the back truck bed of that Ford Ranger....
  9. Rick G.

    She`s a pig

    I took this pic a while back of a Ford Ranger cab that I came across that looks like it hadn’t been cleaned out in a while. The truck bed in back was full of trash just as bad.
  10. I have no words. Oh wait a sec.... one word does come to mind: ABORTION
  11. How many times did she run over the pedal 856? Twice? Lol..... I’ve seen a few times where people have run over stuff and instead of stopping and getting out to see what’s going on, they drive over it again to get off it thereby running over it again instead of moving the object out of the way first. Duh....
  12. Yes, My now ex 1994 CIH 7220 MAGNUM used to do that at idle. It was the only thing I didn’t like about that tractor. But both the dealer and the guys here on this board told me not to worry about it.
  13. Oh duh OK. Sorry. But hey if it’s here in the “coffee shop” board it shouldn’t have to be considered “off topic”. Now if you posted this say in the “General IH” section than it may be considered “off topic”.
  14. Cool quite the sight. But curiosity killed the cat, what does OT mean? Your screen name Old Tanker?
  15. Nice tractors. Yes and the white pin striping qualifies the 826 for night cruising on Woodward Avenue in Deeeetroit, MI. Lol... just kidding, that little bit is subtle. I’ve seen some pin stripe jobs on tractors that will blow your mind.
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