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  1. Rick G.

    Just so we don't forget what happened 49 years ago...

    As the APOLLO Moon program was drawing to a close in the early 70’s, the editors of Popular Science magazine were predicting we would have men on Mars by 1976. We had the momentum, man power and know how in place, and then we quit. And so now we are still dragging our behinds and still haven’t been to Mars.
  2. Thanks for the pics Hydro70. Brings back a lot of pulling memories for me from back in the day seeing those guys pull in person. The good old days.
  3. Rick G.

    So ya think you can run a bobcat?

    Impressive and skillful yes. However- I wonder what type of damage the engine may be incurring from operating at such angles for such prolonged periods of time? What I mean is potential for oil starvation if the pick up tube isn’t getting any oil? Or what about battery acid spillage? I guess he has taken some sort of steps to prevent such problems?
  4. I seem to remember one CASE puller from the 1970's- someone help me out here or correct me if I'm wrong- wasn't there a guy named Richard Obermeyer or Overmeyer, drove a nice looking CASE 1370 Super Stock? I thought it was a 1370. As far as Olivers, I don't remember the guy's name, but he ran an Oliver with a Caterpillar V-8 in it and the tractor's name was "The Cat's Meow". And I think it was an alcohol burner at that. Who was that?
  5. Rick G.

    What Can You Tell Me About This 986

    Agreed, not a 1980 model. I see all sorts of red flags in the pictures. 1980 models were tri-sripes, had the so-called "pistol grip" shifter levers, and the axle bolster for the front axle was more heavy duty (thicker) and didn't have those grooves / lines in the front of the casting. I bet that on the rear of that cab that it doesn''t have electric red tail lights either, but just red reflectors instead, if they are even still there. Also, it has the skinny cab steps. I don't think the wider steps came out until on the 1979 models. Also, the rear wheel centers have 12 holes in the castings, They should be 6 holes, so the rear wheel centers have been changed out for some reason at some point. Sorry to also say, and as Danny mentioned above, I see and smell a money pit there with this one. If it were me, I would be be patient and keep looking. There are better ones out there.
  6. Rick G.

    I.H, Water Jug ?

    $38.00 for that little bracket? Sheesh. And $135.00 for that beat up jug on eBay? Double sheesh!
  7. Rick G.

    My run with WTPA LLSS Saturday night

    Nice respectable run. Thanks for the vid. Did a bunch of drunks install those cement barrier walls on that track, or were tractors crashing in to them knocking them out of alignment? ......Lol
  8. Rick G.

    Kidney stones

    I’ve had 3 kidney stone pain attacks in my life, the first one was in 2008. The pain is excruciating. That first one was especially scary because I didn’t realize what was happening. Thought I was going to die. Been hooked up with a urologist since ‘08, both up in Michigan and now in Texas and get an annual check up for stones. My last check up late this winter showed me to be stone free. The biggest thing they told me was to quit drinking dark colas and carbonated beverages in general, plus gave me an extensive list of other drinks and foods to avoid, or only partake of in moderation. I used to drink Coke or Pepsi like it was going out of style. Now I’ll just sneak one every now and then. You can read about the pain from others but you won’t know the half of it until you actually experience it.
  9. Rick G.

    2nd 1256

    Both of my now ex 1970 1456’s had those two piece exhaust manifolds. Was there a change made to a single piece manifold at some point later in 1456 production, or earlier in production on like 856’s, 1026’s, 1256’s and 1456’s?
  10. Rick G.

    2nd 1256

    25.5 K for a 1256. Hmmmmm.... I would be having buyer’s remorse. Ha....
  11. Rick G.

    Me on a 1256 back in the day

    Hey there drglinski, that wasn’t my uncle. It was YOUR uncle who was throwing dirt clods at me back then. And it was on my boss’s open station 966 not the 1256. That rascal. He had his kid neighbor with him at the time too. They never hit me personally, but they hit the hood of the 966 a couple times. The 1256 picture above was taken at our farm when I stopped at home to have lunch that day as I remember.
  12. Rick G.

    Me on a 1256 back in the day

    Been trying to sort through tons of pics since moving to TX. Found this pic of me at age 16 in 1971 on a fairly new at the time 1256 that I drove for a local farmer I worked for back in the day. My sister shot the pic, there was a mounted chisel plow on the back of the 1256 I remember. I parked it in the driveway on our place while I stopped at home to have lunch that day. Ah the good old days. I felt like king of the world at age 16 and being able to drive that monster back then. I find it curious now that there were no Turbo decals on this 1256 from the factory, but that's a 1256 no joke. Maybe the Turbo decal person at the factory had to run to the can when this one went by them on the line, lol.
  13. Rick G.

    686 Followed Me Home Today

    Nice. You found yourself a good ‘un.
  14. Rick G.

    6-23 Fort Loramie Ohio auction

    Well don’t let that stop you. If you “need” something you have to go out and get it.
  15. Rick G.

    5488 at auction

    It went cheap because some bozo installed the decal stripes horribly crooked / up hill / down hill. If the stripes were on straight it probably would have brought 21 K. Ha.....