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  1. I have had good luck with the Viking brand from Harbor Freight. No more Schumacher's for me!
  2. Wow, need to break out the moldboard plow this Fall.
  3. Her fish are bigger than his! LOL
  4. Funny thing is mine has just about as much crap pile on it as yours does! LOL
  5. The harbor freight 12000 lb winch gets good reviews. There is a 10% off of anything coupon out there this weekend only. A lot of times their regular coupons don't apply to their high-end brands. You can get the basic 12,000 lb winch with steel cable for $300 right now. With a synthetic line, remote control and fancy hook it cost more. https://www.harborfreight.com/?utm_source=2621_4thofJuly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2621_4thofJuly&uid=972e41bca21609e9357279f2ee67ef8d5f87035fa74b026de5079160997497bd&infy=13829525&bxid=13829525&mi_u=13,829,525&mi_ecmp=2021_07_03_wk2621_4th_of_July_REM1_Engaged&plcc=N https://www.harborfreight.com/merchandising-promotions/hot-buys/zxr-12000-lb-winch-with-wire-rope-63770.html
  6. That is about the size of mine too. I have a flex joint in a very inaccessible area going bad on mine that I need to change. It is located behind the motor.
  7. For some good videos on surface grinding check out suburban Tool Inc on youtube. I have an old Abrasive Machine Tool grinder for the 30's I believe. Big heavy beast. At least twice the size of the one you're looking at. It is run by leather belts, but will still do the job. https://youtu.be/OwPCHbAOqw8
  8. I will keep rebuilding my non-electronic Stihls indefinitely into the future!
  9. I caught my wife and daughter planting morning glories in their flower garden this year! Yikes! I did not even realize you could buy bags of those seeds!
  10. Another thought could be a vacuum leak around the base of the carburetor or spacer causing it to run a lean, thereby heating up the heads to the point that a valve dragged. Have you taken a infrared gun and check the temps on the head?
  11. History must be viewed in the context of the time. That is what is missing when you look backwards with 20/20 vision. If I had 20/20 vision and could go back in time I would gladly pull the trigger to put a cap in Hitler's head. I would do the same for quite a few others in history including Stalin, Pol Pot, and a few in our country too. Unfortunately we do not have 20/20 hindsight when things are happening. Yes slavery was a terrible wrong, but the difference with the Holocaust is you could identify the victims clearly and the perpetrators were still around. In other words it was a fresh crime scene. 150 years later it is difficult to determine who the victims were with specificity and who the perps were. Many immigrants had not even come to this country yet.
  12. Looks like it has one of those old push button automatic transmissions in it! ?
  13. or the tank vent is plugged. Run it with the cap loose.
  14. Save yourself a lot of time and money and buy one of the $20 knockoffs off amazon. I hate to admit it but those things work great. Just bolt them on and go. Also when I'm doing a carb cleaning I use torch tip cleaners to make sure that there are no chunks stuck in the orifices.
  15. And on and on! https://www.cnn.com/style/amp/ikea-pride-couches/index.html
  16. The universal tractor tranny fluid of course! In the ? bucket
  17. They can all kiss my master cheeks!
  18. Watch out for bird nests on them. They will overheat.
  19. I had a friend who hit one in our rented SUV going back to the airport outside of Vail Colorado. The thing jump uphill over a guardrail and landed on the interstate right in front of him. He limped into the rental place expecting to get a hard time about it, but the guy at the desk said that it happens all the time.
  20. Let's not confuse matters. The yellow dozer he is trying to make run definitely has an A pump. It is molded into the case. The orange parts dozer has a Bosch.
  21. Not what I was expecting! Lol
  22. A little light reading on the "A" pump. Note that page 109 actually got posted last, so go read that first.
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