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  1. used that about 20 years ago but I had a suspect and told his dad it would ruin those new 35 inch boggers and I didn't give a sh!t. No more problems from that one As I said not my first problem. Had a car blocking my hay lot so I was pissed and probably the meanest thing was I used tractor and bale fork to carry the car across the road and placed it sideways between two board fences. I called the sheriff and told him I moved a vehicle from my property but left out the details. He had to have a wrecker winch it out. I have left nasty notes in vehicles before but I have yet to have a face t
  2. Also considered a compliment if I have sufficiently pissed someone off
  3. I don't know squat but the one at my son's house will do that if there is the smallest of obstruction in the vent. Wasp nest or snow at the end will keep it from lighting. His has a 1 1/2" or 2" pvc from the vent fan to the outside with a rubber coupling. To diagnose his we uncoupled at the rubber hose coupling and tried it when it works we clean the pvc.
  4. I bet they left out the part about going home to change shorts
  5. Some of you probably saw this guy on Forged but there was an article about him in the new Rural Missouri kind cool I thought. http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/ruralmissouri/202103/index.php?startid=34
  6. My first boss told me a tale from when had a trucking business. He said he was loading sows for the small church pastor into a straight truck. Those old sows had never seen a loading chute and were not cooperative. A bucket was used to back sows up the chute and it was working until it didn't. Old boss said one of them with a bucket over head charged forward sticking him on top and through a wood fence. He said I cussed and yelled everything I knew. The preacher said I have never heard such language. Boss man said well preacher you never road a sow backwards down and through a loading chute.
  7. Two other threads one on cursing and remarks about respect made in another got me to thinking. Twice in the last month I have had a 4wd pickup invade our property. What we farm is not ideal by any standard and we have been no till for 30+ years. So yes we have had to level a field or two thanks to mother nature after harvest. Now my invader has went straight up the slope at the start of what will be our rainy season normally. I have had this happen before and I have entrances cabled or blocked but this special ass crossed the grader ditches so he could make his mud tour on two separate oc
  8. Some lines even the worst of us don't cross
  9. That was my attention getter years ago new dad and I was all wadded up changing some pickup teeth on the baler when a horse fly got in the v of my overalls having himself a nice lunch. Needless to say I thought there was a bee in there and yelled out a few choice words. When I got undone and walked outside the boy says did you kill that f'ng bee dad? Didn't know him and momma had walked down to see me. OOPS
  10. Had mine cleaned up for several years then wound up doing some factory work for a couple of years. I ran a line that had been pieced together from a few discarded pieces. When I quit they were unhappy with my language over the company radio and I told them I had discovered the cause of turrets. As for working cattle I had a neighbor over 3/10ths of a mile away working in his shop overheard the conversation me and the cows were having.
  11. Crazy weather. I think it was two weeks ago today high of zero and we had two weeks of abnormal cold. This week has been above normal we hit 60 a couple of times. This morning there were flies on the side of the house.
  12. 1960 model farm kid walked and roamed everywhere. We carried guns all winter and tore things apart just to see how they worked ( when we were not working ). The onery kids were the preachers boys and the wild ones were the preachers daughters.
  13. My aunt and uncle, both gone now started this place and it was supposed to have been our destination last summer but that county was the first to get hit hard with covid. So maybe this year. I haven't been there since I was little . https://www.gunnisoncabins.com/about
  14. No respect for anything or anyone because there is never a lesson learned.
  15. Or they were going to have to remake the Woody movies. 😀
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