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  1. If you were having to use heavy equipment to hoe it out then you have somewhat of a problem 😀 Unless of course you meant backhoe then I apologize for what I said.
  2. George was one of a kind. I would go so far as to say he is at least partly responsible for my need for sarcasm. George and Hawkeye Pierce from MASH 4077
  3. Straight pipe on a v-8 Perkins will get them going 😀
  4. It should work good. Now put some substantial pull straps on the door panels before you have to test your fabrication skills again.
  5. junkandcattle


    Sorry to see that, is that your fence? Or should i say was your fence
  6. I am no longer a very good welder but if my auto helmet isn't working I could probably do that.😀
  7. So yesterday my two sons went to an auction and a MF1155 hauled one of them home. They started right away trying to sort out all the various ailments, one of the issues was all of the moldings around the glass has shrunk leaving air / dust gaps where the molding meets. A swarm of bees could find the way in, no problem. After pricing all new molding and weighing the probability of having to buy some new glass they opted to think on it first. This morning the oldest said he had a solution, he masked off the affected areas leaving the 3/8 to 1/2" gaps open on one the outside and masked over the
  8. https://rafterconline.bidwrangler.com/ui/auctions/62688 Nothing to do with me but it is supposed to be coming to the lot very close to me. As of this morning it isn't there yet
  9. Dirty sob already ate the Snickers none in sight
  10. X 2 Still mad we are in this predicament I guess the vaccine has helped but as you were so painfully reminded it is not 100 percent
  11. Yesterday was one of those better days winding up with happy cows out on grass. About midnight last night they realized the calves weren't there. Only one cow is upset today and about a third of the calves are bawling. Been waiting for this day forever and a day it seems. Now just because ?????? tooth ache kept me up until 4 this morning feel like crap and now there are twice a day chores. Might as well be a dairy guy.😀
  12. That dog must really love you because if she didn't the ER room would be your next stop
  13. I thought you were going to have plywood and 2 x 4's
  14. Wife says we had two show up this evening. Five feeders out here they should have enough to eat
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