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  1. What do you mean this pos is broke down . I ain't walking home
  2. The offending hole that was full and level last August at that time we added two Bobcat buckets of dirt. It had been about 4 years since we had filled it. With all the rain this year I am thinking it settled in. This hole is where I killed that badger. It must have been one **** of a badger mansion to swallow that much dirt. Don't look like much in the picture but around 30 x 36 x 30
  3. Midwest version of crocodile hunter 😀
  4. Sleeping with a badger qualifies you for toughman of the year 😀
  5. Tannerite in the basement but unless I am wrong it takes a high velocity round to set it off. That would hard down in a hole or at least unsafe. So can it be detonated some other way ?
  6. I know we have a couple of groundhogs close by but they have never moved the den. Coyotes by the load and bobcats are started getting a population the last few years. Badger, only the one unless this turns out to be redug they are proof grizzlies mated with racoons
  7. A few years back I eliminated one badger that had built homes in a hayfield. We have filled in all his holes , last year his big den had settled down and required more dirt. This morning while raking hay I hit one that swallowed an 11 x 16 front. Threw me up and out of the seat with a hard landing and sheared a steering arm key. Not a big problem to fix but now I am glad the usual raking tractor had a hiccup yesterday and got swapped out. If the little tractor would have been on there it would have probably been worse than Hobbyfarms front tube. If I only had some dynamite I would make sure there wasn't a badger living in there then fix the hole 😀 BTW that badger was the only one I have ever seen in my 60 years in this part of the world.
  8. Lost a neighbor like that a few years back. Didn't think it was possible but his replacement is way way worse.
  9. yep The one that kept me out of hog lot was an old girl when I was born The other one was probably a pup when I was born because we lost her when I was around 11 or 12
  10. We always had good livestock dogs growing up but they came and went as they wanted around the house. It was just a really old farmhouse and we didn't think anything of it except on the occasion when one of them would go for a roll in the hog lot. Two things stick with me, a border collie that would bar me from the gate when I was a toddler and the border collie that stayed in my lap for days I think when Mom died. [ I was 5 } I prefer dogs over people most days, but I have had to restrain dogs for their own well being.
  11. Could have titled it POO IN SPACE
  12. Read today that our governor, a public critic of federal aid , signed up for his forgivable loans for his cattle farm. Pretty sure the radio report said they were already forgiven.
  13. IDENTIFIES AS A SUBMARINE That should keep unwanted passengers away 😀
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