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  1. There used to be more than one trusting person left up here but the other one died
  2. She is yawning just enough to make me nervous. Let her get in a nap first 😀
  3. Looking forward to it. I have a short one of our fart cannon pulling his bowling ball that I am getting ready to do
  4. The one time I wish balls would have dropped and there. Looks like one or two got picked up in that thick oil. 1300 in damage
  5. Upload to a video share service like youtube from there you can create a link. Just did this for the first time a couple of days ago
  6. Tried to post this yesterday . Son sent this evening about an hour west of Bloomfield Neb. He said it would raise your hackles
  7. Should smell smoke today. Mechanic had a couple days out but back at it today
  8. Patron the bomb-sniffing dog gets a medal from Zelenskyy : NPR
  9. Rest in peace Mr. Gilley
  10. That is terrible news. I hope they are wrong. My last heeler lasted 5 years after I was told my 7 year old dog had tumor that would cut her life short.
  11. 130 a ton here as of last Saturday
  12. Customer wanted his fresh engine color matched to his truck. Sitting there bare I was thinking WHY? The guys have it sitting in there now and as parts are added it is starting to grow on me. I will get final results pictures next week.
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