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  1. finally Guilty pleas entered, Garland Nelson sentenced today 13 hrs ago Garland Joseph Nelson Update - 09/30/22, 12:50 p.m. -- According to court documents, Garland entered 2 guilty pleas of murder in the first degree on Friday, Sept. 30, in a Cass County courtroom. According to an Kansas City ABC News affiliate, Nelson was facing the death penalty for the deaths of Justin and Nicholas Diemel and confessed to shooting the brothers over a cattle disagreement. Both sentences will run consecutively. He has been sentenced to two counts of life without the possibility of parole.
  2. This was reproduced in 1964 by Life Magazine regarding WW1. Farmers played a big role in both.
  3. Really glad all is good. I can also honestly say I don't miss having those little critters to worry about for that very reason
  4. They are great dogs. We miss ours a lot. Hershey was darker but like yours was that lovely two tone brown.
  5. Or the damn fool stays and makes it work anyway. Then acquires the other shares. The only help was the willingness to wait for the money. The damn fool shall remain anonymous 😀
  6. works just fine for Michigan
  7. try this link https://careshq.org/map-room There are measurement tools and lots of nice features as well
  8. Same here, once when the kids were little I had gotten stung in a clover field while getting a fall cutting. An hour later we took them to a traveling circus that was in town. They watched me swell to an enormous size above the neck instead of watching the circus.😀
  9. Out in the hay field I have put gas in the hole. Filled a gallon gas jug and set in the floorboard, parked next to the hole and waited for the angry Lil bas!ards to calm down. Crack open the door and pour it in. You are done. Go back to mowing or baling
  10. Not complaining. Around here local this is one of those years that produces eternal optimistic producers. I can't remember a year when we had to mow the yard every week. All summer
  11. Around here it is usually the opposite. Making progress until someone shows up.😀😀
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