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  1. Then put Tordon on the stump or you will have 30 trees
  2. Had to pull the bandsaw out for a blade change. Realized I never posted the totally redneck shop chair. Wheel mounting doubles as footrest.😀
  3. They are one tough machine. Ran mine for almost 40 years. It got stumped 3 times doing custom work. The last one did it in. My bil who could find the weak spot in an anvil was **** on the over running clutch.😀
  4. Youngest brought this home to his momma today. Could not think of a better place to post a picture.
  5. I use a harness with a rocker switch made in. Don't have to worry about pressure shutoff or a pesky nozzle that drips or sticks.
  6. Same here. Moisture and warm weather came a little late. I have been thinking about cutting back this may make my decision easier
  7. Gives room for 5 raccoons side by side for more efficiency during destruction 😃
  8. They sell calendars featuring exactly that dog activity.
  9. When the cell moved through Trenton it was 25 miles north. When it started into Linn County the accompanying thunderstorms got wider it was closer with quite a light show. Not a single drop of rain.
  10. Really glad that storm kept its distance. At one point lightning strike was 2.3 miles from me according to the weather bug on my phone
  11. .25 last night with hopes of more this week.
  12. We could use a reasonable amount but we don't need this that was 25 miles north.
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