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  1. We had 1.5 inches Saturday night and this storm that passed us on Sunday
  2. I have been a proponent of south of the river for certain jobs for years. People would stay home with family and the railways and truckers could thrive. Have to stop myself now or else
  3. Thought this was cool, snatched it from Bing this morning Bavljenac Island Of the 1,246 islands on Croatia's fragmented coast, the unique isle of Bavljenac might be the most identifiable. It's nicknamed 'Fingerprint Island' for its miles of dry-stone walls that look like the whorled ridges of a human fingerprint. The tiny, uninhabited landmass in the Adriatic Sea was once an agricultural center. In the 19th century—the heyday of Croatian wine production— farmers from the nearest populated island built the winding walls on Bavljenac to protect olive trees and grapevines from the winds blowing in from the Adriatic.
  4. My kids usually lasted about 20 minutes in the 550 combine before conking out😀
  5. Back when we relied on a gravity line from ponds it was an annual event to apply air pressure to clear the silt out. Granted they were just 1 " lines but it worked.
  6. Really like the shot at the elevator
  7. Not exactly door art but they are part of our wall of shame. These were bolted on uncles 52 chevy pickup
  8. Anyone still have trucks and pickups with the farm art on the doors ? Growing up you rarely saw a pickup or ton truck that didn't have livestock and the farm name on it. At the very least an ornate version of the Mr and Mrs, Now we have dozens of truck go by everyday with nothing on them. Is it because they don't keep them around and trade frequently ? I miss seeing them and if I had something besides the rust bucket gut wagon I might add a black cow to the exterior. Pics anyone ?
  9. At work we loaded up on inventory over a year ago. With all our normal business and the extra sales we picked up from lack of inventory at other suppliers { in some cases OEM ) we are now facing shortages. Some manufacturers are telling us 9 months instead of the normal 60 days. Overseas products ordered months ago and due in November won't be here until after January at the soonest. This coming season is going to bad. One US supplier we use also makes tillage parts if we order now July delivery. I would say repair days in the shop should start now.
  10. I have Cooper mud tires on with 8k miles on them. You could not beat me hard enough to buy another set.
  11. Our local police fired numerous rounds at an escaped bull that was terrorizing part of town. If I remember I think they hit him 3 times 😀
  12. First thought would be lack of communication but then after reading the rest, it sounds it's another case of they wouldn't listen. Some people should come with a warning label " I will never be satisfied "
  13. Now she looks great walking away instead of laying her side like a fat butt on the couch 😀
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