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  1. Hope and pray for the best it varies much from one person to another. One couple we know both had it he wound up with breathing trouble and she had all the other symptoms except breathing.
  2. At least it didn't involve a blade or really tight band
  3. I can't remember but I would bet it was public or they never would have gotten it.
  4. About 6 months ago I bought a TD7C and I got the engine side covers with it. I thought I would put them away maybe I wouldn't ever want them on. Well I discovered I did want them on. After an hour long search I discovered the safe place where they landed. Did I do that ? Oh well they are on. Now the stupid part. I said to the wife " well she looks more feminine now hope that wasn't a mistake" . Just a look, not one word but I know the look
  5. Maybe better, combine the two ideas mount your flicker in the headrest and they wouldn't see it coming
  6. I have envisioned a spring loaded 2x4 installed in vehicles but I really like that except you just have to get so close to stupid. Better wear a mask
  7. Very cool ! A friend of mine and his son found a significant part of a mastadon skull several years ago while hiking in south Missouri. Of course the state wanted it and eventually got it but not until my friend grew tired of fighting,
  8. Just proof good people prefer animals https://www.wdbj7.com/2020/11/21/caught-on-camera-man-pries-open-alligators-mouth-to-save-puppy/
  9. Lund was in KC pre covid one year ago last week youngest son really liked the show. So original and authentic music
  10. That is how it works around here usually and over the last few years it has worked to bring the population down. We now have nicer looking bucks if we want and my buddy gets to fill a couple of freezers. After the last fiasco of allowing other hunters with all the calls and complaining the answer is no or h!! no. Just me and my boys and one buddy.
  11. Our gun season runs through this weekend so maybe I will see the one I passed on opening morning. I didn't realize how big he was until he turned and hid. Now this guy I am glad is still walking he should be pretty nice next season camera was stationed right beside my head in hiding spot.
  12. I was hoping for a short rope tall tree story
  13. I am surprised it wasn't a list of little pictograms or icons you have to decipher. Wife's car that I don't drive very often drives me nuts seems like a hazard to me trying decipher pictures that don' resemble anything. Kind of like one of those ink blot tests
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