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  1. just want's to play. not with a 10 ft pole
  2. mark60


    that's not good. how many hours on it ?
  3. i have a echo cs 271t that i use for most things i do i love it never a problem with it i also have a cs 590 w a 24" bar that is pushing the limit on power with that bar also never had a problem w that saw
  4. just add a seat and it would be good for mil transport
  5. i would like to know more about the robot vacuum story.
  6. had a schumacker i think the 3 rd time i used it it quit. out of warranty they wanted me to ship it to them for unknown repair cost. i won't buy another from them.
  7. anyone know a good radiator recore shop i called a couple around here phone disconected.
  8. i have a ih 244 compact tractor that needs a new radiator i am not having any luck finding one.any suggestions.
  9. i think the outcome of the voting will be determined by software
  10. what are the shoes for?
  11. code changed some years back. used to be a violation is now allowable.
  12. vtfireman is right on the money. as a retired electrican with over 35 years i would never back stab a switch or outlet i have repaired more than my fair share that were back stabbed. wire melted back from outlets 2-3 inchs
  13. i took my flag down yesterday . i have had one out every day since 9/11 . not sure when it will go back up but it will
  14. song by REM it's the end of the world as we know it. [ hope i am wrong]
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