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  2. Coytee

    1066 gear issue/question

    I might add as a bonus.... he had what appears to be the full service manual for the tractor.....both engine and chassis. Looking at the "Adjustments-Gear Drive" page right now
  3. Delta Dirt

    Massey Harris fans

    Massey-Harris color scheme was GREEN until late 1936 or early 1937 when they changed from green to red on their Challengers. Below: 1936 M-H Challenger model DD
  4. Mike56073

    50 series MFWD switch

    I ended up using the switch from a boxcar magnum. The switch is a little longer and taller, so I ended up filing the hole to fit, and then I soldered wires onto the switch terminals(spade terminals would’ve hit the cab sheet metal underneath because the switch is much deeper). Anyways, it finally works. The switch provides power to the light only when engaged, and power to the MFWD coil when disengaged.

    Massey Harris fans

    Neighbor had a Massey 44-4. When it ran it was a horse. They had one of most every brand, except several Minny's. They farmed with a tractor till it stopped then hooked a different tractor to the implement and kept going.
  6. cleandiesel84

    New to me 1963 IH B414 Diesel

    I took lift pump screen out to clean and it was completely blocked. So I ordered a new lift pump and fuel filters. I also bought a starter. And took air cleaner apart. It was caked in oily mud. I have it soaking in a bucket of simple green. Oil looks ok. But gonna change it and the filter. What kind of battery should I look for?
  7. Coytee

    1066 gear issue/question

    Let me clarify that a bit.... what I mean is the lever was pulled to the right side and in the reverse location, yet the tractor drove forward.
  8. Coytee

    1066 gear issue/question

    Ok, so I just had delivered to me, a 1972 geared 1066 open station. When I test drove it, it worked fine but, he had to jiggle the gear selector a bit. I didn't perceive that as an issue. Today, when I went to drive it forward AND reverse (something that wasn't done the other day), I discovered it's near impossible to go between the two. In fact, I have a dickens of a time getting the slots to line up so I can put the parking brake on. At one point, the selector was in reverse but...the tractor still went forward. Other times, the tractor SEEMED to be in a gear yet, was heading down to low RPM's and was going to die on me. It was almost like putting it in Reverse and 1st gear was akin to locking the transmission. I was able to get the slots to align two different times (someone was with me and he was fiddling with them while I was clutching & fiddling with levers so I don't really know what the magic movement was) The range (left) selector seems to be very loose. How could it go forward when it's sitting on the reverse side? The tractor is very clean. Yeah, it has some surface dings... but I don't see a drop of fluids on (or under when I saw it in his barn). That was really what sold me. Is it possible to get to the shifting rods to see if something has come loose or does this already mean to someone that I've got a gear issue and something has to be split? (I hope not) If it is an ugly (split) answer.... any issues if we primarily keep the tractor in forward gears, parking on a flat spot where it can be driven in and driven out? In time, I'll probably put the mental and financial energy into fixing this (unless it's just an external adjustment issue) but right now, I just want to stop & evaluate everything.
  9. I traded for this little utility tractor and have slowly been getting everything needed to get it started.
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  11. lightninboy

    Has Anyone Thought Of Approaching Octane Press

    Here's how we could do an all-in-one book. Days of Heaven: U.S. and Canadian Mechanized Agriculture, 1885-1985. Name it after the Richard Gere movie. When you look at those old ads, don't you get the feeling "Those were the days! About anybody who wanted to become a farmer could be one if he did it right. And if he just had this and just had that, life would be so much better!" 1885 was about when agriculture became mechanized and 1985 is about when it got tough to become a farmer. And if we do a sequel book about the farm crisis, we can call it: Miles from Home: The Departure from the U.S. and Canadian Farm. Anyway, in our Days of Heaven book we can have Old Binder Guy talk about steam engines and an example farm located in Montana and Doctor Evil can give an example of an inside look at the farm machinery manufacturing business. If Octane Press isn't interested, try another.
  12. Plus a pull 914 combine..... 914 combine $900 826: 300 hours on overhaul, weak injector pump, missing links and lower arms for 3 point. Tire OK decent tin $2500 H with loader (trip bucket) good tin, near new rear rubber $700 450 Rears are good but miss matched $1000 300 good rubber, power steering $900 400 new rubber $900 SM not running rears OK good tin loader with PTO pump $425 A new tires nice paint $1300 1955 Farmall Cub great rubber $1200 1958 Farmall Cub fresh engine, only thing left to compete restoration is a wiring harness and paint has fast hitch $1900 Implements for the cub with fast hitch plow $175 Disk $140 Springtooth harrow $125 460 gas WFE add on 3 point good tires power adj rims missing tach LOADER 2001 IH $3750 2404 good rubber, nice loader, 3 point and PTO, shuttle $2100 484 IH, rear tires look almost like racing slicks. rest was OK $5300 For comparison: AC 200 OK Rubber, cab missing some glass $2500 AC WD WFE, older restoration loader $700 I was ready to go but had to back out at the last minute. Nephew and his wife came in from KS with their new baby (first one) (I got him a toy tractor). Needless to say I'm not speaking to that nephew ever again! Wife is mad at me too. I ask her what the big deal is? It's a baby, women been having them sense man walked on the earth! No need for me to miss that auction........and he's only 3 weeks old. that means all he does is eat, sleep and fill diapers........ Rick
  13. Cleaned up a few tractors today for show in Brookville, Indiana featuring international harvester thought I would share some photos
  14. brewcrew

    A conundrum,,,,

    My grandma used to have a brick shithouse! Honest to goodness only one I’ve ever seen in real life. It was a three seater. My uncle tore it down when they put up a new house for my cousin and his family.
  15. Ihfan4life

    A conundrum,,,,

    I need to find some stick brit houses, eh um, never mind, you know what I mean🤪
  16. Caretaker

    Very Handsome firetruck

    Nice and very unique. They went a little overboard with the gold leaf, but it’s well done, unlike the hacks at Maynard.
  17. Loadstar

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I posted this picture of my McCormick 15-30 over on the crops thread this morning. We sure didn't need snow on top of the unharvested crops but we don't get a choice. Just hoping for a change in the weather and a week of good drying conditions to finish up this year's harvest.
  18. Vanstractors

    Sentry 5288

    Yes odd and even both
  19. Loadstar

    2018 crop pictures

    Its here. Been snowing all morning. Melting on bare ground but the grass is well covered and its not over yet. Took this picture just before noon. Not looking good at all. Statistics say we are 62% done harvest in Sask. I'm just a shade better than that but I still need a week of real nice weather if I'm going to get the rest dry.
  20. JimG

    International 1460 PDF Service Manual

    send my your email address I may have one to send you.
  21. IHRunner

    Massey Harris fans

    Dey supposed to leak like dat?
  22. IHRunner

    A conundrum,,,,

    With silicone insulation
  23. IHRunner


  24. randy hall

    IH 4386 Wheels

    you can't have too much tire but you can have too little.
  25. MTO

    A conundrum,,,,

    Brick $hit house example
  26. Old Binder Guy

    150 H.P. CASE 'Road Locomotive'

    superih, My mom had her Kodak box camera from her high school days, here going to a picnic with the camera when she was about a senior. Similar to Moms, that I only got to use a few times. She was a "film nazi" and never wasted a picture. She still used black & white when color film was popular. If she got color for some occasion, you sure as heck didn't waste one of those. So I took very few with her Kodak box camera. I have a few old cameras I've collected. I'm not a camera collector. I'm a junk collector (not a hoarder). The little black Brownie Hawkeye camera at right, next to the toy typewriters is one like my brother bought in 1946. 5 years older, he got to take several photos when I wasn't allowed to. As I was around 7 years old, I got to take a photo or two with my brother's Hawkeye occasionally. I also had an aunt who had a Kodak bellows camera and she captured a bunch of family farming photos too. This is probably my favorite picture I took with his Hawkeye camera. It was 1951 when Dad was filling in a slough in a field where the path of Beaver Creek had been changed. He got stuck with his TD-40 TracTracTor with a Holt dozer. It took our other two TD-40's to pull him out. Dad is at right, watching what's happening. My brother Bill is on the stuck one and he let me use his camera! Gary😉 PS: Here I am back off of the subject of the 150 hp Case again. So here I am on the 150 hp Case visiting with Jack Beamish. His son Colin is beside me. OBG
  27. MTO

    Location, Location, Location.

    Spent plenty of dough in 2 of them
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