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  2. One of the good thing about customers retiring is it’s were I have gotten have of my IH collection.
  3. I worked with a guy who had a wornout 199* Ford Ranger 4 cylinder . It burned alot of oil ! he dumped some gear lube in it and told us the next day it stunk so bad he drove with his head out the window😆 had to dump the oil when he got home He should go to the dealer and use the oil they suggest probably Rotella or Delo
  4. NH3 is number one here for corn fertilizer by a wide margin. When I started doing custom work, people could pay me to put it on and it was still cheaper than “dry” nitrogen. It remains popular mostly because it is the cheapest source of nitrogen here. Lots of the people I originally worked for have died or are out of farming completely. There are also many farmer owned applicators now. 20 years ago no farmers here had their own applicator. The Co-op supplied them and when it started getting popular there was just not enough applicators to go around, which was good for the custom market.
  5. If you have a 303 Savage you probably need to start reloading. 303 cases can be made from 220 Swift. It uses standard .308 diameter bullets. Wholesale hunter is a real vendor. I have called and talked to them on several occasions. The have a retail store north of Montgomery. Bill
  6. This is great info. I'll have to refer back to this and check out our tractors.
  7. The Lake City ammo plant is the major US Military's small arms manufacturer. The commercial manufacturers, Federal, Winchester, Remington, etc. all will receive contracts to supplement the Lake City (LC) output. Winchester currently has the contract to manage LC. Federal had the contract in previous years. The problem with storing loaded ammo, whether it is loaded with ball, extruded, or flake powder, is the environmental conditions it is stored under. Extreme high and low temperature cycles can bring about the degradation of the powder. Over the years there have been several lots of powder of all types that have been recalled due to instability. Usually the cause is the failure to remove all the acids before the final drying cycle. Bill
  8. I have never heard of this. A person I meant the other day told me since they took the zinc out of the motor oil he started adding a additive. He puts one gallon of 80/90 axle gear lube in his over the road truck! This is a first for me. Has anyone ever heard of this or has done it? He says when he parks it running people that walks by tells him they smell rear axle lube burning and you might check your drive train!! Somebody tell me I not crazy.
  9. Got over tonight to my fathers to work on my hubs for the 450 we wire brushed them and brushed on some paint on the castings. I had my father bring the tires and rims to the tire barn yesterday while I was at work to have them mounted. I bought the new tires and tubes from them in the fall figured it wouldn’t have cost me 120$ to have em mounted. I was not very happy tonight when I saw one of them is flat and off the bead wondering if they pinched a tube mounting them. I probably could have done that and not paid the 120$
  10. NH3 was the rage here for about 20 years and we set up our Melroe Geylser 48ft plow for applying it. Worked good the whole program but what killed NH3 here was no-till, the PITA factor, and everybody stopped selling it due to liability reasons. We’ve been custom farming for various neighbors since 2004. Some of it is top dressing with Urea.
  11. Thanks Dirt Floor Poor for the starter link. Alas this one has a 24 V starter... Thank you too Mike for that idea. I'll give it a whirl. Just haven't had a day that I can spend messing with the old girl.. too many irons in the fire! I will certainly keep you all posted
  12. Looks like you’re headed in the right direction. Dad has a 260A and snapped the shaft I believe #6 but it’s pointed to the gear but that shaft snapped in ours. We luckily found a complete replacement unit from West Virginia and had north west hydraulics completely rebuild it. So far so good
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    May the Lord bless him and his family.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Yes, some. I used to do lots of custom NH3. Anhydrous ammonia wasn’t very popular here until no till started really getting going in the mid 90’s. I had a couple of my own NH3 bars and some older articulated 4wd’s and usually had to turn away work. We didn’t farm as much ourselves back then either. It was a good business to be in 20 years ago.
  16. I am having a hard time getting part no.'s for a 549 ignition system. I need points, cond,. plugs and coil. Napa O'Reilly Carquest stores just look at you like we aint got no way to find that in the computer. There are no IHC stores around so does anyone have any part no.'s I can cross over at these stores to get some parts?
  17. In the 30s my great grandpa made a grasshopper poison spreader out of an axle/differential. Still have it
  18. You do custom work? Always liked the looks of those tractors.
  19. Has anyone used Uship before? If so how was your experience? That’s a possibility, but I’m not sure I’ll make it to Grand Island this summer?🥺 That’s a possibility!
  20. Very neat. I would of stripped it too
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    praying from KY. Please don't ever be afraid to ask for prayers.
  22. Anybody know what you call this little elbow? This fitting feeds the air cylinder on the fifth wheel slider. The plastic air line snaps into it… but it was cut and I couldn’t get the broken line out to install the new line. I managed to unscrew it but of course it broke as soon as I touched it… is this something specific or can I just go to the hardware store and get a brass fitting?
  23. Yes it was. Serial number is 13705* and we found gold under the cowl during the restoration
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