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  2. Have one here in Michigan, big write ups on a grand scale. Sits in prison .
  3. I usually get stuck in that water retention at least once a year. When it happens it's like the earth just falls out from the tires. Front wheels doesn't show any sign of being soft but when the rears hit down it goes and I'm done for. Oh well it's a risk I always take when I go in them water retention ponds My friend brings his tractor and pulls me out with no problem. I told him this last time he may have to bring his 2+2 over to get me out. LOL
  4. the tractor I thought turned easier before the leak was fixed, it was pointed out to me about the brass bushing, also this tractor was kind of acting up last year especially when cutting hay , turn the wheel and a little bit of hesitation, guy gets his T.A.s from hy capacity , probably going to have to get it done sooner than later, thanks
  5. I sold a 44Special Diesel and a 444 gas last year, both were wide front row crops, both ran good. Also sold a 770 gas wide front row crop Oliver and a n H John Deere. Was downsizing some. I did keep a 44 Diesel standard in it's work clothes. It runs good. DWF
  6. The 55 was a brutish tractor. Outclassed anything IH and JD had for a long time. My 55 is a Western Special. Arched front axle and a hand clutch
  7. Went into an autozone one night to get spark plugs. Had an old box and number. Kid asked me year make and model. He was confused when a 1951 farmall m wasn't in the system.
  8. Some late 66’s had the 86 metric bolster, little sticker said Metric.
  9. Red hat ,grayish rain coat,between the little guy on his dad’s shoulders and the tree and the 1086 in the background.
  10. Do yourself a big favor. Look on ebay or some of the literature vendors that advertise in Red Power Magazine. Get a copy of the 544/656 hydro troubleshooting guide. It will tell you how to diagnose and troubleshoot your transmission and how to adjust the F/R lever.
  11. The wood #3 picker is for sale. The 86 year old that rescued it and restored it says things like that keeps him busy and out of the bedroom 😁
  12. Wow I don’t know what happened there. We had a WiFi problem, tv and internet out for an hour
  13. I ran a 55 standard as a kid working for a farmer. He was also a machinist/blacksmith and this 55 had the biggest, heaviest built Farmhand style loader I've ever seen. The bucket was massive, built from 1/2" sheet steel, about 9 or 10 feet wide and had cable curl. I'm guessing it was all shop built by the owner. It had power steering and no road gear. Top speed about 6 mph. The guy who owned it really liked it. I thought it was big and clumsy. But that's pretty much any standard tread tractor with a big old cage style Farmhand. The tractor itself seemed to ne a pretty powerful and capable machine.
  14. I know a few of those faces, need closed captions however
  15. IH had demo program for plows too. Several models.
  16. RP members dodging rain drops in Spencer Iowa.
  17. Its been gnarly (by our standards) mid 90’s and any more humidity it would be called rain.. only rain feels better. Poor dog hasn’t been allowed to exercise, went out after dusk and played for about 10 minutes. After I took this I told her to go to the stream, she disappeared and came back wet.. not so dumb after all.
  18. Probably have 65 In seals and new hiem joints
  19. there was a good number of them around here. I think mostly Standard versions. I never heard anything negative on them although they are a little primitive . But I will add don't pay big bucks for them. They are not highly sought after in the Farmall H category. Some scans from my Massey Book. They made a version in Britian I would buy if one came up
  20. Charlie turned 1 today. He's a growing boy!
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  22. There is plenty to see indoors. Lots of places to duck if and when it rains. People tend to leave Saturday so I'd go tomorrow.
  23. What about using a Henry garden gun and .22 shot shells? I don’t have one but they intrigued me.
  24. Come on Friday, as I type this sitting in the camper it’s raining (7:40) , rain tried all day to do so but was some sprinkles mostly. The heaviest rain was just north of here. Lots of big,big buildings full of tractors,trucks ,etc. lots outside.
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