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  2. Yeah,Brett...just a sorryarse indictment of the clowns that stopped gravel removal from some of our ''top of the South" rivers....in favour of quarrying .....Wouldn't have prevented the carnage 60 miles up from Blenheim...or Motueka, but these alluvial flats are all on flood plains......Now ''they'' are talking 18million for stopbanks on the Motueka river,,,near the town......all because the traditional gravel buildup, consumed by the crushers,... was stopped (Environmental reasons, you know.....)...Soon the river will be higher than the adjacent horticultural land...Crazy Mike
  3. I don't envy your task Mike. Of course we've watched the results of the delugeds down your way. Bloody shame some besuracraits can't understand Mother Nature however what else can we expect from penpushers in a concrete jungle being dominated by ideologies in Govt
  4. From an old book set in the Scottish Highlands "Alone doesn't mean lonely"
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  6. .....after just over 30 inches of rain in as many hours......this in the catchment of three rivers , not far from here....two of which merge to become the river that runs about 25 miles through the Rainbow Station .....there was the usual carnage from this another example of New Zealand's "" braided river's "" There are several areas to try to "realign ""......a task akin like trying to turn dogshit into honey...There first off is the drama with local Council Authorities....never mind that acres of land get ripped out and end up in the Tasman Sea.....and the river bed braids even more with hundreds of thousands of tons of gravel continually moving down stream....No, no worries there.....but see if you can put a track machine in the river...or place rock....without some goof ball from the Council, wanting resource consents and all the rigmarole that goes with that timewasting expensive exercise......and of course....if Fish and Game are on patrol....and one gets caught out without the compliance paper work....Big trouble.... Hence a big effort over Friday thru Sunday evening...First picture is ..or was ...the Farms lower airstrip...that is the fertiliser bin in the foreground...2nd is looking back down the valley..bearing in mind the river had dropped four feet by now,,,3rd....had to build a ''wing ''to divert water off the strip..4th...water diverted...all the area to the left of the excavator, had to filled with gravel..5th.....sitting up on the ''wing' 6th,,,digging up ''fill'' 7th...heaving gravel up , to spread over the area...8th...the Komatsu Dozer, with the farm manager, briefly helping me !! 9th...brown trout rescue (one of many )from the now created dead back water 10th.....all neat and tidy...but the river does not do ''neat and tidy''...it is raining right now , and another two foot rise will remove 30 machine hours of work..in minutes.... 11th...a few handy rocks for a very small, totally inadequate ''groin placed at the top end..(needed about 100 tons of rock..to be really succsessful.....12th...forgot my regular ''lunch tin"'...improvised with a cardboard box...my lunch's..made with my own hand...never get much acclaim from fellow operators...usually comments run to "stick with your day job etc"'...anyway to the great amusment of the farm manager, my 'lunch box'' fell out of the excavator, into the main stream , and I was able to scoop it it in the bucket....(hadn't shut down for lunch...)...however..I salvaged little....It was rather amusing, I guess...Fortunately, my old American steel Thermos..(Made in Tennessee..) was not in the box... The job done is sort of like offering the man who has had his head chopped off...a band aid.....It needs rock which entails this time consuming BS with the "River Experts "' There is enough rock a few miles away..that we could damn the whole valley up.....but Oh for the days of just getting on and doing things...... Mike
  7. I got a "parts tractor" that supposed to need a crankshaft. I don't think the block would have to be bad. If things check out the block should be ok. They only have three main bearings and this is possibly a weak point of them
  8. Ya know Jake, I think there are people who don't have the opportunity to be by themselves hunting or riding their scoot. They are locked into a maze of people they can't escape. I guess if that happened to me, I would turn into a liberal too.🥺
  9. Thats funny there are a lot of people who can't stand being alone, every year when hunting I get the same thrill of which you speak, when I rode the sickle all over h*lls half acre it was a hoot, sleeping under the stars or a parked 18 wheeler, but, i also have no aversion to standing in the middle of a crowd, but if I have my druthers....................
  10. ...and long may it stay that way, Jeff..... ....always liked that 'picture'' of a vast sprawling mass of humanity in a /the concrete jungle.......then the picture of some cattle, grazing on a green paddock...somewhere....... ......and the caption saying....how "we need to get cattle numbers down...."......ostensibly to save the planet.... "" gheez makes you wonder, don't it ??""...to quote my Utah friend..... Mike
  11. Is the title of a book someone gave me. The author traveled the country finding counties with less than one person per square mile. And then wrote about them. Cherry Co Nebraska is one of them. We got more cows than people, how many? I dunno but then I don't know what day it is half the time. Got me wondering, anybody else out there live in a county that would qualify? The beautiful pics that Mike posts, I'll bet he qualifies. Any way, if I go out in my pastures and don't look up at the tin cans full of people in a hurry to get somewhere other than where they been. I can feel like I'm the only one on earth.
  12. Here's a big ole plane that I wasn't aware of.
  13. Here is a article on the engineering that went into the 1470. https://octanepress.com/content/engineering-1470-hillside-combine In it you will note that with the 4 way leveling of the 403, 453 that they had good hill climbing abilities and I agree. The 453 we had we never had any issues going up hill. With the 1470 there are times I have to hit the 4 wheel drive to make it up. Originally IH tried to make that an automatic system, never did really work like it should. Most were disabled as far as auto went and you just use the foot switch as needed. The 1470 would level to 48% and I know of a few who moved the limit switches and supposedly they would go on out to 51% but that was the limit on the u-joints as they clattered pretty bad at that angle. When it comes to cutting I much prefer going up hill if it is steep and the reason being if your headed down long enough and the hill is steep enough you will load up the fan housing with grain and chaff. The first time that happened to me I was cutting after dark and could not figure out what was going on. Finally quite for the night and figured it out the next morning. I have never been into what we call the red light district which is max leveling but I am very close. Cut for a friend a few years back who always told me how steep his field was. Yes it is but still did not hit the limit. He had one spur that was probably 200 yards wide and 1/4 mile long and leveled out at the bottom for just a bit. The only practical way to cut it was straight up and down. Required 4 wheel drive to get back to the top. If you want to cut steep country you need to go to Walla Walla, Washington country that will separate the men from the boys. I think HillCo makes both a sidehill package which goes out to 18% and a 27% hillside version. 2 way leveling only. I am not aware of anyone making a 4 way leveling system anymore. Interesting that IH made a leveling shoe for the 51 pull combines that roamed the hill here many years ago. The shoe leveled front to rear and the complete machine leveled side to side.
  14. Beautiful pictures Christian, you caught America showin' off😃😃
  15. wish ihad a 1466 etc.. wonderful pictures, thanks..... ...I wandered around that divide back in 1972...with a good mate from Fort Collins....It is a magnificent part of the "spine " of the US.... ...just "day'' trips on foot.... Mike
  16. here is a video from 2016
  17. Two Wolves where talking: "Man I really should of not eaten that weird thing yesterday!!" "didn't I tell ya a 100 times ya shouldn't eat them vegans!"
  18. It turned out to be the steering cylinder. Pulled the cylinder and tore it down to rebuild. There was a piece of metal lodged in the piston that had scored the bore too much to repair. Ended up buying a new cylinder. Steers like a new one now.
  19. What do you mean this pos is broke down . I ain't walking home
  20. I love the Olympics. It is on the tv whenever I'm in the house. **** I'm even listening to it on Sirius in the truck tonight. I don't like when Some asshat tries to politicize the games to further their agenda. I didn't like when they allowed nba to make up the "dream team", them ****** got enough give to em without taking the Olympics away from the amateurs. I feel for the families of these athletes who can't be their to enjoy the rewards of all the sacrifice because of above mentioned asshats. I am impressed with the drive, determination and sacrifice of these young people and their families. If you don't like it, fine, thank God we don't all like the same thing. I am a fan of these young athletes and will remain one.
  21. I’m not saying 8 grand is my limit that’s my budget on the tractor itself and u guys ain’t telling me crap about tractor pulling I’ve done it all my life I just need a another diesel to pull 10k class or 12,500 pound class
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