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  2. Art, read what you just posted and listen to yourself! What you're proposing would require a monster conspiracy. All the vaccine manufacturers or syringe manufacturers, doctors, nurses, EMTs, etc. First off microchips are inserted, one at a time, through a 12 gauge needle. The common needle used for the COVID-19 shot is a 22 or 25 gauge. The thought of sucking up multiples, assuming they would free float and be sucked up is pure fantasy. You had your yellow folder and with luck you may or may not have had to show it. That's my experience - hit or miss, but you always have to show you
  3. From a TRUTHFUL, and therefore TRUSTED news organization: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/03/literally-20-guys-guns-blazing-broke-door-dr-simone-gold-reveals-chris-wrays-fbi-henchmen-storming-home/ Which should make clear WHY the LYING, LIBERAL, ELITISTS of the MSM want to ban ALL forms of the alternative media.
  4. I have that brochure somewhere, was nice to see the "good" tractors could get a new loader through dealer just like the Color & Badged engineering Fiat stuff. I had wondered what happened to that line. Local Case-IH sold Alo Quicke anyways.
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    Wow, that is incredible!
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    God is good all the time... https://indianexpress.com/article/trending/trending-globally/man-saves-2-yr-old-falling-from-12th-floor-balcony-in-vietnam-7212091/
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    Well art, I don’t know you so no comment on that but as for other drivers, blue streak baby!!!!!!
  9. A good motivator is "get that job done and you can home"... otherwise ya just running down the clock until you can go home regardless of what speed you work at.
  10. I don't have that size. I have 2x3 3x4 and 4x5 dom
  11. Hey, Mike Ellis, is that you??
  12. BUT, I am NOT being PAID to publish, or 'report' those LIES. To be a member of the MEDIA is to be a willing, knowing, eager, unquestioning, and PAID propagandist for the CPUSSA. And did Mark Twain, Will Rogers, George Carlin, Rush Limbaugh, Lenny Bruce, and many others use sensationalism and humor to point out the TRUTH, instead of how the SEWAGE of the MEDIA use FABRICATION, SENSATIONALISM, and EMBELLISHMENT to MAKE 'truth' out of their LIES?
  13. Definitely had those fenders made using clamshell fenders as a base. Hydraulic valve is factory, just handle missing and looks like someone made a handle, and then broke it off. So.... looks like your MIL has a modified row crop for use in groves. While it is neat to restore machines leaving them as they were, it doesn't look like it is anything special.
  14. Also comedy. Stand up quit being funny when they got a laugh for saying "crap" (insert any four letter word here) on stage.
  15. And I had to have my yellow folder of proof of vaccination when I was working overseas, BUT, such proof was NOT required to travel, OR receive services in the United States, since, at that time, we WERE NOT living in a police state. As far as "multiple doses being in a vial", how much effort would it take to insert an individualized microchip into the syringe, retract the plunger another 1/4 inch, or just package the doses in its individual syringe. Better yet, the microchip might NOT be unique to the individual, but as long as ONE microchip was detectable, that is all that would be
  16. They will all be Jokers........................................
  17. So the round tubing needed for the 1-3/4" stub shaft to slide into is $32.00/foot 😲 Damn! And no one has any black pipe the right size without there being too much slop in it. Damn, that's expensive! I do know it is going to look much nicer though!
  18. That wall was torn down between 2005 and 2010, I think closer to 2005. The captiion of the picture in the Quad-City Times article said FARMALL EMPLOYEES painted the murals. ABSOLUTELY WRONG. A woman was contracted to paint the murals in 1977. Co-worker and I worked in a production control scheduling office in the shop and walked up to a coffee machine a couple days a week. The woman milked that job for the entire summer! Very little traffic other than foot traffic on that aisle. Murals were not really that detailed or big either. Max Armstrong made a video of the return of several FARMALL'
  19. I agree that a sleeve would be stronger and much nicer in the event of needed replacement later. Can be difficult to drill the hole centered perfect and the extra time are the two drawbacks to the sleeve method
  20. There a lot better after them years as long as it had some oil changes
  21. In every society and class of people. you have good and bad. A large majority of the Hispanic people that come up here, do what ever it takes to find work, be it doing the jobs that the people in this country don't want to do, or even standing on a street corner to find it. You don't see the majority setting in front of the big screen covered in bling, waiting for the mail man to bring them their check. That being said, they know the system better than we do. The price I usually hear for the coyote's, is around 3,500 to 5,000 per person. A good friend of ours wife went down to a family af
  22. My 70 horsepower CASE IH CS 68 tractor has a mid-2000s Quicke loader.
  23. Handy for clearing old fences and pesky door frames.
  24. Yes, your probably correct on the teletype or twx address. I think I actually had the first FAX machine at FARMALL compliments of BFG. It was the old style you dialed the fax phone number and put the handset into the saddle. I had people from all over the office come over to use it after word got out I had it. BFG went through lots of headaches to get a special dedicated phone line run into FARMALL's office at BFG's expense and BFG's expense for the monthly phone charges. Now days FAX and emails are something we take for granted WAY too much. DANNY - Neat pictures. The top tw
  25. What year did the assembly line building with the murals on the wall meet the wrecking ball?
  26. We're looking at a few different vehicles out there, mainly a later Chevy Equinox or GMC Terrain. I've heard of issues with the timing chain in the 2.4l engines from 2010-2012, just wondering if anyone on here has a newer model, or any idea if those issues are still present? We're pretty open to any brand right now, so any input/info on other makes/models would be super
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