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  2. That definitely looks like a TD18 grill but the engine looks like a Detroit in the front, massive tractor, maybe the Oz guys know more?
  3. Well by now we are all wishing you had purchased an aftermarket hydrostatic steering kit in the beginning. Probably more money than the tractor was. I think most of my thoughts have already been expressed. Leakage has to be coming through the valve to get to that plug. Not enough valve movement would explain the lack of assist and directional differences. Have we ascertained that we have sufficient pressure to begin with? Will it steer with an auxiliary on pressure?
  4. This has been my experience also.
  5. Looks like a great haul!
  6. Surprisingly, there were more gear drive 826's sold than hydro's. My family owned the gear drive.
  7. If you plan ahead and take one along, you will never need it. Great Insurance!
  8. Chapter #21 met yesterday and there is a lot of excitement over RPRU2026. We were honored to have two national directors, Doug Hrbek and Jim Brewers, with us. Many members from North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota also made the trip to visit with us. 2026 will be the 250th anniversary of our United States of America. International Harvester is always the main theme of any SD RPRU. Patriotism, Steiger and everything IH we can find will be on display. Steiger became a part of International Harvester. The current Case/IH four wheel drive tractors of today are now manufactured in the original Steiger plant in Fargo, North Dakota. We will be honoring Steiger tractor and the Steiger family at RPRU2026 as it is the roots of the line of today. Never before has the big four wheelers been on display. We hope to have Steiger #1, and many others, on display. The South Dakota State Fair has verified they will be hosting a tractor pull at the Grandstand during RPRU2026. The Nebraska Cowman says he can fill the huge new DEX Center with IH's. Bus tours to Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills and the Badlands are being planned. A bus tour is being planned to tour the Fargo, ND Case/IH four wheeler assembly plant in October 2024. More info to come. There will be a lot going on at RPRU2026. Plan on attending and don't miss out on all the great times. PS: The North Dakota/Northern Minnesota chapter of the IH Collectors Club has recently disbanded. If you are one of those people who lost their chapter, you can sign up with any other active chapter. This way you will still receive Harvester Highlights and info from that local chapter. You can also have dual membership with as many chapters as you wish with only paying the national membership once. You can find an application on Facebook at SD #21 IHCC if you want to sign up with South Dakota.
  9. I was gonna say a mirror has always worked for me lol
  10. Usually the cars without spares have a can of fixaflat that's usually expired.
  11. Quick update here. I removed the steering box assembly from the tractor and rebuilt. There was no damage to any of the internal steering parts. This time I was more careful to rebuild and make the 4 or so adjustments for the steering in sequence as described by the manual. I also replaced the 2 smaller seals on the shafts and the 2 larger seals on the shaft covers (numbers 18 and 12 in the diagram. The steering did not bind with the front of the tractor in the air and everything moved greatly freely. Started tractor, lowered to the ground and same exact problem. Seems to want to work a little bit at first then gets worse and fluid starts leaking out of the pipe plug with the hole as seen in the picture. I'm going to buy new seals for the thrust bearings (18). I'm wondering if those seals are failing and allowing hydraulic fluid to flood the valve spool, plungers and springs. Getting frustrated here because I was able to get the steering to work until the shaft broke. Now the shaft is fixed and no steering. It seems like it should be something simple since all of the major components appear to be in good shape. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks Paul
  12. If I were traveling on Interstate 95 at all, a spare tire would be great peace of mind. There are usually more bits of shredded tire along the stretch between Va and FL than anywhere else I've driven.
  13. My parts sources indicate a D312, D360, D414, D436, use the same gerotor oil pump. If I was doing an engine swap, I would replace front and rear crank seals, and maybe the oil pump too. A tech manual for these engines, or for these tractors, will give a pass fail spec for the oil pump.
  14. A cell phone and a triple A card?
  15. Are they run flat tires? No? I would want a spare and a jack.
  16. Today
  17. 9:29and in the house from todays big job Last week a friend texted me and asked if I wanted a bulk tobacco kiln free delivered. well that's a no brainer. I He says him and his buddy will be over by 7:00 am Sunday morning which means they are leaving in the dark Little did I know Dave has been working on an old Loadstar which he used to tow it Pretty cool how they moved it. Someone made on old trailer that comes apart which bolts under the kiln . When done slide trailer together and bolt it up in transport position.
  18. My niece and I are planning a trip from Southeast Pennsylvania to Florida, 1000 miles each way. We plan taking her car (a Prius, no bad comments needed, it’s been a great little car) but the darn thing doesn’t have a spare tire or a jack. The tires are good but road hazards exist. Practical/cautious me says get a spare and a jack and I’m afraid most of you will agree.
  19. B pump primary should have no packing. One interchangeable seals number 366594R91 and 366595R1 was used. May get by without gaskets 59729DA, 59746DC and 270658R1 but wouldn't hurt to have if available. Some injection pump places are selling gaskets and seal kits if finding nothing else. Think last I used was from BK Diesel. Don't remember location, out west.
  20. Dump a full bottle of Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Conditioner in the tractor tank. A super dose will only help.
  21. Coasting to a stop is not a good thing! Have had a few that did that, 450 when it got here. Coming off the trailer was 'interesting'!
  22. If"n it was a hydro 100 he could carry the WHOLE wide load sign.....🤔😄
  23. Little Farmall 100. I have a 1pt fast hitch carrier for it, which is very handy for moving a few bales of hay, or whatever. Tractor will be even handier if it will stop wherever I want it to stop, rather than having to coast to a stop.
  24. Where at? I am headed to Topeka KS in the spring to pick up a bull.
  25. He was busy admiring himself in the mirror 🪞
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