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  2. Sorry, HobbyFarm. I missed this topic earlier. I know the exact loader your wife saw...I didn't pay close attention to the loader details when I drove past because I was lusting after the building behind it. I was positive that I saw a For Sale sign for the building, but now it just shows topsoil for sale. Those LX- and LS-series New Hollands are good loaders. That one looks pretty well cared for. A former co-worker moved to KS a number of years ago. We text each other when we're sniffing for bargains. He was looking for a skid steer a year ago and found a similar New Holland loader in excellent condition. It brought over $23K at an auction in KS! He was frustrated after standing around in the sun for over half the day. (So I guess that the $19K was not far out of line) He had the last laugh since he finally found a nice Case 95XT for under $17K. I told him to get it as quickly as he could. He did and he's happy. I am not very familiar with the Wacker skid steer and CTL loaders. I do know that they are relatively popular in Europe. Deere just inked a joint development agreement with Wacker on mini-excavators for the global market. So, we will eventually be seeing more of them here in the States. Hoober seems to be finding a niche with the JCB Teleskid loaders. I like that unique concept and am not worried about the single boom one bit. JCB has been making telehandlers that way for decades...and they lift a lot more than skid steers!
  3. This is what two of my IH dealers sell. Expensive, but does make it a more durable finish.
  4. For now, anyway. Our friend @Absent Minded Farmer has hooked me up with a parts grinder that has a near-perfect stone, so I'm going to try it out for the time being. But given that I have a parts machine now, I may try to come up with a way to hook an electric motor to it and power it that way... I like to tinker quite a bit so it'll be a good winter project. That is, unless one pops up somewhat closer in which case I'll try and snap it up! I had a line on a Johnson Sickle Servicer the other day but it got snapped up before I could get to it. However, the Haybine that I bought the other day has bolted sections rather than riveted, so I'm thinking it'll be cheaper to convert the Cub and Ford mower to bolts than buy a sickle servicer. The bolted sickles are much nicer to work on I admit. Mac
  5. I’ve not tried the steam cleaner on decal removal, that would probably cook them off
  6. I have 4600 psi and 4 or 4.2gpm, and it won’t remove a old original decal cleanly. It will make a streaky mess out of them. Leaves the glue. The rotary nozzle was $125……it’s too aggressive to use on anything else, but I did try it on decal removal.
  7. And having been there, I doubt that you’d get an “idiot trucker” comment from me. That wasn’t the last notable experience I had behind the wheel, and it ended better and much easier than some others.
  8. It was ultimately my fault for assuming that what the phone was showing me was indeed a sale barn. There very well may have been a legitimate “McLaughlin livestock sales” at that location but it could have been nothing more than an office. But all is well that ends well and it made for a good story.
  9. I remember an entrepreneur who was quietly buying up Nebraska land over the Ogallala aquifer with plans to build pumping stations to fill tanker cars and put water on rails out to Denver. When his plan was found out, he was invited to "stop doing that". Wasn't long after that Colo legalized "funny gummies" so maybe @acem has something there. 😄
  10. They tried to steal Snake River water from Idaho awhile back. Vegas tried to steal N.E. Nevada water. All failed.
  11. I drag too much trailer around... I can see it but don't know how you got it there😂 Better not even try. With my abilities, I'd accidently hack into a alphabet agency. And next thing I know I'd be looking out my baler tractor window and see this...........😳
  12. acem

    Small Sawmills

    Dirt is your enemy. You need to be careful skidding them to keep them from getting too dirty. I can't imagine cutting pads. I'd like to have some though. They are very useful! Thx-Ace
  13. I see the Shadle stays in Nebraska. Maybe, when you least expect it, one will pop up closer to you. They really are good machines.
  14. I think if they just smoked more pot they wouldn't care anymore. They would just sit on the couch, smoking a joint, staring at the TV and do nothing for days. That would save water! Thx-Ace
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  16. Stronger800, does your 10/1466 coolant line look like restore 766 picture above my tractor? It appears to go straight up. I never thought to take pictures under hood of the restore 766 tractor
  17. Lazy WP


    The survivors usually wonder if they could have done anything different. Prayers for the family and neighbors from here.
  18. E160BHM


    A few years ago, I had a coworker who took his life. As I look back, it seemed that he was withdrawing as he seemed to come into the office less and less. He called me one day, and said he was working while parked in the yard to use the company high speed internet rather than come inside. It did not seem noteworthy at the time. After his death, his phones were redirected to my desk. It was hard to have to tell callers of his death as the inevitable question was “what happened?”. The hardest of all was when his widow asked if she could have a recording of his phone voice mail greeting only to find that it had been deleted must the day before. A sad time indeed. Brian
  19. I have heard it said that things that can’t go on forever, won’t. I have heard about these problems for years. How on earth could piping water from the Mississippi cause less of an environmental impact than any project done in California? This is no different than people who want pork, but refuse to have a hog barn in their neighborhood. Or the people who want power, but fight the power plant expansion tooth and nail. If they want water get it themselves. On the other hand, maybe the Midwest should consider selling the water with the same kind of stipulations that California places on pork?
  20. Spray degreaser and a rotary nozzle on a pressure washer. Depending on how much pressure you have available, the rotary nozzle will take the decals off too.
  21. Not too tech savvy here....lol
  22. The reason I sold my Wellcraft with twin 454s. $1000 at the fuel dock was the end. As was said already: The second happiest day😁 My kids is in the CG and based in Boston, not far away. He's now talking about buying a boat although he just seemed to fall asleep on my boats. I guess that's why he's suited for long patrols on the cutter as he can sleep anywhere, anytime. I told him get one to trailer and keep it at our place for free and simply launch it at the local marina. Although an officer he's a boarding officer so the enlisted guys will let him drive the small boats on occasion.
  23. What is the reason for the very long rotation?
  24. This could get very interesting. I see strong parallels to what we witnessed in Canada this winter. Now, it is warm and the Dutch protestors have logistic advantages. Holland has such strong trading lanes that any disruptions will be felt very quickly in the rest of the EU.
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