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  2. Many good points here, thanks!!! I've noticed that you can get a 540 or 1000 generator. Would I be correct with the following understanding.... Using either one, would require the engine to be at PTO speed. Perhaps in absolute terms, one engine speed is slightly different than the other (I've never paid attention to the 1000 side of things, it might be the same mark on the tach as the 540 for all I know) Meaning, the engine is going to be roaring to get it at PTO speed, irrespective of you using 540 or 1000. So, presuming all else is equal...what is any benefit of using a 1,000 input generator? Would it be able to track the RPM requirements better/easier than the 540 style? Same logic as using 1,000 pto to transfer power to a PTO hungry implement verses 540? I can believe that the power from a generator won't be as clean as from the power company. We once had an ice storm and power was out for nearly a week. On the surface, that is certainly annoying for anyone, especially in the winter. This specific time, the day prior to the outage, my wife's niece came to visit for 2-weeks..... she has special needs, bound to a wheelchair, creates a LOT of clothes washing/bedding washing situations.... Thankfully, my brother in law, had a sufficient diesel generator and brought it over in the bed of his truck (he's an electrician) He wired things up here, killed panel to block back-feeding and we limped through her visit until we got power re-established. So I'm looking at this more as a 'get through some difficult times' helper rather than me simply wanting to be able to sit back and sip my tea which has been gently warmed on the electric stove.... Oh, and the DAY after my brother in law came to pick up his truck and generator..... that very night..... someone stole his truck with generator in the bed. They found it a week later but the generator was gone. Generator has never been recovered. Gotta love low-lifes.
  3. Which is why I have no problem running 5000 miles between changes. (And I mean 5000, as I try not to run over even 100 miles) I was up in Cody, WY once, and it was time for a change, the dealer couldn't get to it that day, so I sh***ed bricks until I got home and had it done. While off-brand oils may be excellent quality, the hard part would be finding a quart, if you needed to top it off out in the middle of BFE.
  4. I have both a forge and a metal melting furnace that I built. For a job like this. I go just outside the shop. Dig appropriately sized trench. Lay 1-1/4" conduit with air holes in bottom. Tape hair dryer to end of tubing. Other end just gets stuck in dirt. Fill with charcoal and light. Lay bar on top. When hot clamp one end in vise. Twist other end with adjustable wrench. Second wrench will be needed to keep twists even. Reheat as needed. Will need flat surface to roll and bump straight once twists are complete.
  5. The MEDIA as aliens, that's a good one, as they are NOT intelligent enough to think for themselves, much less build a space ship. https://www.businessinsider.com/journalists-brains-function-at-a-lower-level-than-average-2017-5 "Journalists drink too much, are bad at managing emotions, and operate at a lower level than average, according to a new study" The OLD movies and television showed them to be nothing but a bunch of drunks, the modern ones are NOTHING but a 'profession' of stoners. https://www.aei.org/society-and-culture/maybe-its-journalists-who-have-an-iq-problem/ No, they are the spawn of the Devil, AND ARE second only to my most despised 'profession' of all, when it comes to seeking to destroy the Constitution, and the FREEDOMS that are guaranteed us. The ONLY thing these LYING LIBERAL, ELITIST PIECES of feces care about is that portion of the First Amendment that guarantees them "Freedom of the Press", which they quickly fall back upon when their LIES are exposed, or when someone questions their HATE America agenda. (Accordingly, they have absolutely NO use for the INDIVIDUAL RIGHT to Freedom of Speech, as it allows the "unwashed" to question the actions, and agenda of their 'betters'.)
  6. I've had pretty good luck with cats historically. Had various kinds including a Maine Coon. The best one ever was a black and white female. She passed within the last few months and I still miss her badly.
  7. jeeper61


    The Howes went in long before it got cold. this tractor will sit for a month or more with out being used We always ran Howes when I was driving years ago never had a problem and I run Stanadyne in my Duramax never had a problem The two times I have run Howes in the winter in this tractor its gelled up. The first time I had to use the Power Service 911 in it to get it flowing and then I just started using Power Service Fuel Conditioner from then on never had a problem.
  8. They were 29,000 new with a loader back then. Most of all of the ones around here got traded or sold 10 years ago. My buddy actually had 5 of them. He would buy and swap them. He fed 500 pairs with the original one he bought 20 years ago. That one runs and runs. The newer 4 number tractors the guy would add air conditioning to also. Most of those Belarus left here they were selling for around 10,000. I know the southern guy pays 5 to 7000 for anything running. He just wants three at a time to make the trip up here worth while. I know the original Belarus to the area one had a early 1466 traded on it. They were using 4020s and a 1086 to feed 120 cows. Another was a 1800 Oliver for a 8345 Belarus then they traded at a agco Belarus dealer for a agco rt75 . There were tons of Belarus and for that fact Maxxum tractors up here. They are all gone in favor of JD though now.
  9. Yes, they did. What throws a person off on that picture is the shape of the hard nose/grille guard. The shading/position of the tractor even fools the person, as to what color it is but what I used to make my guess is the air intake cap, which looks lie a "duck' (bed urinal) But, it also seems to have a rounded rear of the hood, which would make it a D-7, with the air cleaner on the back of the hood, right in front of the operator.
  10. We had a chocolate lab that would do that on a brown leather couch, if she didn’t like the prospect of the day’s holdings she would lay still with her eyes closed “pretending” to be deaf. You could walk by her 6 times and not see her.
  11. I can’t imagine what they must be currently using wherever they are going if a 30 year old Belarus is an improvement. There were several sold around here and I haven’t seen one operating in the last ten or 15 years. I do know where some are parked in the trees though. A 55 or 60 series Deere or a Magnum with as few hours as those have would be worth a fortune and those Belarus tractors have no value at all here.
  12. You don't mention clutch booster or hyd seat. Either they're working or don't exist. Orifice is in brake valve so flow would still exist in line. Which end did you Crack? Brake valve or mcv? If brake valve Crack other end to be sure problem is not kinked or pinched line. I have just a ghost of a memory of a check valve under the elbow on top of mcv. Upside-down?
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    Howes is all I run in my truck, but you need to add it before the fuel is cold. I also use 1 big bottle to 180 gallon of fuel. Basically double up. I have run Power Service, but I got away from it I guess because of availability and price. None of them work if you have water in your fuel.
  15. SeanP


    Hey guys does anyone know how to read this serial number. Guy has an engine for sale and is advertising it as a 436 but the serial on the block says otherwise. I know the top number shows it being a block from a truck. Why are there 2 serial numbers? Anyone know how to read the bottom number? He claims it came out of a 1460 combine
  16. A habit I got into years ago because it's a must on airplane filters. Since I have the tool I cut open most of my other filters. Peace of mind is all I've ever found which I'm glad of. I did find little pieces of spalling lifters in my plane's filter so I changed all of them. About a third were bad, most likely due to disuse before I bought it, oil dripping off. I had another tool which worked OK but this one is what I'm using now: https://www.amazon.com/JEGS-80532-Filter-Cutting-Tool/dp/B007VR8C0U/ref=asc_df_B007VR8C0U/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312142020868&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=12518506561569040624&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9002457&hvtargid=pla-570276520018&psc=1
  17. Use a 4 jaw chuck on a lathe
  18. Surfacing takes some big machinery but a valve job is another story. I have done several valve jobs with a few old hand tools and a few home made ones. I ran across and bought a Blackhawk valve grinder at an auction a while back so that makes it even easier to regrind instead of replacing stem. If you don't have any dropped seats then the rest can be done by hand. The relief cuts are nonworking surfaces so cutting them first is a good warm up for the seats. It feels very empowering to run an engine of your own hand. Compressed air in the port with a little lite oil over the valve tells the truth when you lap them. You might have a OLD head laying around for practice any way. I understand the sentiment behind this engine so it might not be the place to hone your skill but you might enjoy doing on another project. Good Luck There is no better way to know something than measuring, doing and checking it your self
  19. If loosened crud from inside the engine was a concern I would just change out the oil filter, maybe even cut the old one open to see how much is actually trapped in the filter media itself.
  20. @Sledgehammer i don't have a forge, but i do have a weed burner and a rosebud. I want to make some twisted square balusters about 36”long, my original thought was to heat incremental sections 6” long starting 3” from the end, clamp one end put 1 full twist every 6” by working my way 6” at a time. Heat, twist, heat , twist. I figured clamping one end to the welding table and doing my heating there would help keep them straight. Alternatively I could make a sort of forge with the weed burner and some cement blocks to do my heating but not sure how to keep things uniform. any advice?
  21. I like the synthetic oil a lot but I don't like the extended changes. GM has/had a real issue with their 3.6 V6 engines and long duration oil changes. If you go by the computer telling you when to change, you will need timing chains or an engine. There is nothing like a fresh oil/filter change for piece of mind. I would love to run full synthetic and change when I normally do. (3,000 miles on vehicles) But that gets costly. The oil is better now because of technology. Don't be afraid to try it.
  22. I don't know how many mi. on it, he had to replace the speedometer twice when they quit. He thought square would look better, it has square turn signal now. He painted it 3-4 times. He put the plate with the stickers on front because it made more sense, he got warning for it then 2 months later he a letter telling to do that.
  23. I never heard of one that ran very long. A friend bought one and he could not keep it on the road in road gear. They replaced it with another and that was a dog too. Last I seen of it, it was parked in his trees, rusting. He offered it to me and I laughed. I drove by Pioneer Garage one day and it looked like a Balarus graveyard. They were cheap and that was what you got.
  24. That poker is great. My BIL made this for his pizza. You got fire, he has the pizza so who is brewing the beer?
  25. This "RedPower" Site can't be any different than our "First Baptist Church" site. I Recently posted a Few Photo's of our "Choir Directors" Spring Break "Midnight Beach" Pictures from 1981, on the Church Web Site. The Instructions on our Church Site Instructed "Us" to UpLoad Your Most Treasured Pictures of your Fellow Church Family Members that Most folks Haven't seen before, and The Transformation of "Young Adult" pictures to Current Leadership Rolls our Church Family Have Witnessed. Well... "Boy Howdy",.. They were Dandy Pictures,...Only Adult Pictures of Her I own.... You can easily see it's her,..Now everyone knows how her College years Transformed Her Life!! Well After 48 Hours I was "Deleted"... So It's Possible. 😁 Jim Droscha
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