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  2. /......great picture !!!......is your truck triple drive with two airlift axles ???........loading like that would be a pain....but quite obvious how you load.......Spent several years loading longs ...using the excavator....very quick loading out 20 foot plus logs...... I guess 'mud ' would be your biggest headache......!! Mike
  3. ...Yes !!!....likewise down under.......funny that...guess it was because you couldn't see the cheater pins in the dark...just keep piling them on.... Mike
  4. Dasnake


    There was a huge pier fire last weekend in new westminster, still burning because of the creosote, four alarm four cities send help, today they caught some boob who set it, I had one pier fire 40 years ago and they are a hard put out.
  6. Dasnake


    My daughter went to texas for their f/f course, she said it was intense.
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  8. what happens if i leave the combine pump on it?
  9. You need a tractor pump or have the combine one reworked.
  10. Hi all, Just borrowed a set of rears to put on the back of my 684, and I got to drive it for the first time! Drives and runs well, TA works well (being careful on use of it!). I have made a couple trips to the wreckers for parts so far! A question - were there special models of the 684? We have another 684 (which was on its way to the tractor wreckers) that I can compare it to, it has standard sized wheel studs, but the wheel studs are so large on this one that the studs barely fit into the holes in the rim. We clocked it on the road at 36kph, the tyres are 18.4 x 30's. Joshua
  11. Speaking of power lines did you see the pic of the sharks caught on the powerlines? Crazy how some fires are started. That's a new one on me too.
  12. Beautiful restoration Dennis ! Great to see you using it and enjoying your hard work and patience. Looks great behind the C. My Grandfather had one that he pulled with a Oliver 70 round nose . Tony
  13. Two back studs on each side are broken on the 6.0 in the van that I picked up a few months ago. Not making any noise hot or cold. Maybe I should put these in now before they do. Looks like a nice fix.
  14. Heres a picture of my cargostar. I put 11r22.5s on it. Picture is on my way home from getting it inspected and before I installed the deck
  15. Those CG guys are just plain amazing, fearless
  16. 8 trucks for 4 1/2 hours. That happens up on the Rosebud too. Lot of fires are lit up there. They contract with us as a first responder to any fires on tribal land. Also have a contract with the Forest. Keeps us in business. Tax money ain't enough. We have fundraisers (hate having to ask people to give us money so we can volunteer our time to fight their fires) and that helps but the paid fires really make a difference.
  17. We got barn cats, pretty wild but will come up when I feed them. When my son was still pretty young he brought this tiny kitten up to the house. Said he found it in the barn in the bottom of a stack of tires. This kitten was on the fight big time. I think what happened is mother had her litter in those tires and the tom cat killed them all except for this one. Even had it's tail chewed off. Well mother decided it would be her house cat. I am a dog person but gotta admit this cat grew on me. It is one helluva hunter still at ten years old and is always bringing stuff it caught up in the yard. It comes up to me when I am working at the desk and I scratch it on the back of the head and then it lays down or walks away. We get along just fine. Just never been one to have a lap cat. Here is a pic of it on top of the tack room being not impressed with the barn cats😄 It would much rather hang with the dogs (they get to come in the house too)😄
  18. At least they do kill rodents. I cannot recall last mice/rat evidence weve seen. Girls now tame the feral barn cats. We give them 1 1liter scoop of food per day. ..23 of them. GIRLS! ITS JUST enough to keep them around and enough to keep them hunting.
  19. Seen one catch a hummingbird that was hovering over my wifes flowers the other day. I wanted to be like granny with Sylvester vs Tweety. Drop it! Drop it! Not to mention I have to look down when walking across the yard. It's like walking thru a minefield. I use those cheap blue gloves to pick the piles up as I see them. In my lawn make me the maddest.
  20. Yup looks like we’re stuck with him now lol. Haven’t fed him a whole bunch yet but he seems to hang around regardless. Wants to hang out in the shop now which is a bit of a pain. Would prefer to keep it outside all the time but come winter that doesn’t work so good at -40.
  21. That happened in Henderson county NC last week, fatal use of a firearm against a police officer, the s**trat feigned surrender then grabbed a firearm out of a stolen car. I wonder what the boobs on facebook would have to say, but I don’t have to, just hearing and reading about that site affirms my suspicion of uselessness.
  22. Good to hear Ralph. I’m hopping to be surprised with our canola. I’m hopping the heavy straw and low yield doesn’t continue to the canola. Hasn’t been a lot come off around here yet to know how it will yield. Got the new railing trough this afternoon so I’m hopping to make some good headway putting it back together tomorrow. I’m doubtful I’ll grt it all done but a guy can dream lol. I’m sure it’s going to be fun getting things lined up and bolts back in again. Hopefully I won’t have to invent to many new swear words lol.
  23. Wow... Sign above my desk reads "the more people i meet, the more I love animals" Didnt buy it myself either. Most know my likes/dislikes. Like the song goes, We have one world"
  24. Possibly prosecutor shared evidence to judge of wealth behind/supporting the accused. Like you said, bail is to insure accused show. Small % of bail would be required in cash. It gives support to the questions asked previously as to where/who is providing for these lengthy protester funds.
  25. ray54


    😵Dang that about sounds like Fruits and Nuts pay.🤣 My daughter's father in law has been driving water truck at the fires out here,$500 per day( give or take a bit) on 12 hour shift. He has one brother running lowbed and the crazy brother runs dozer. They don't own any of the equipment they run. But the low bed driver was telling me the owner gets $3000 to 4000 per day for the low bed and the same for the dozer. This would be a D6 size dozer I think. The one has camper trailer they take to base camp,but Cal Fire provides 3 meals a day. Or the dozer operators are give a sack lunch as they leave camp in the morning they call the 5 pounds of food. Includes fruit juices, jerky, protein bars, cookies,and misc other goodies. But the one driving water truck got sent to different fire than his brothers after the first 10 days. But selling chemical and fertilizer for better than 40 years he knows all ag people in 4 or 4 counties so has found places to sleep off the ground. He had 15 to 20 days before this last bunch of fires. Getting close to 2 weeks now on the Creek fire in the Sierra's. He was coming home yesterday,but he ended up staying for about another 5 days depending if they make much progress was the word last night. With that much money flowing it is surprising there not even more fires. Been 25 years or so since they got one contractor with several dozers lighting fires. He took a flunky with him to light things 😵 a year or 2 after the fire, flunky beat his women and she got even by telling. They only did a few years.
  26. A way of hanging to keep the muscles from contracting (rigor mortis)?
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