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  2. We had knoedler air Chief seats in the BR groomers, recaro in the piston bullies. Cool a company been around that long making seats.
  3. Our cub as a steering wheel like that, I think it had been flopped
  4. everyone else was doing 80 to, it was pure self preservation
  5. I have a big cam 400 that I took out of my Peterbilt. It’s got a new air compressor and it runs with jake brakes . I completely went threw the rocker boxes and then found out the cam is worn. It runs as is but a new cam would be in order. I was offered 400 bucks for it at a truck junk yard but it’s too good for that , if you can use it it’s yours for 400. There is 600k on it and it’s called a step timing model N400

    504 Farmall

    I use an air hammer with great success. Thread nut back on flush, bit for air hammer is flat bit about 1" inch in dia hold up on wheel with yours knees and pull up on the opposite side by hand. Couple light taps and its loose. I am very cautious about internals of hand motor so be careful not to hammer away at full power. Have removed many steering wheels this way over the years and haven't had any problems.
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  8. The usual way hangar rash happens. Tug driver is so busy looking at wingtips that what's behind isn't noticed. With that big wing he's be blind.
  9. Well if you get to billings/ columbus look me up...
  10. Just opened late morning, I was thinking I would have to go up to Hwy 12.
  11. At least it's open... On Thursday Friday last week it was closed.
  12. My ‘02 Pete 379X with C-15, 1,540,000 on her.
  13. Here are a few pics. Second was an insert for the 686 and the first is from the 1977 buyers guide. I have a 686 so I’ve grabbed a few brochures including them also.
  14. Free undercarriage wash on I-90 today at SD Exit 357! Headed to Miles City MT.
  15. I know it doesn’t need to be done in 2 weeks, but I’m not sure I want to put that much time and money into the 706 when I have the chance to buy back the 856 I grew up on? The 856 is in about the same shape as 668.
  16. is there red or yellow paint on the back side of the hood? Or someplace that didn't get paint during a repaint?
  17. Thank you!! I’m starting to like the wheatlands now that the 706 is here. I like the tires on 668 as well, but they are about rotted out.😢
  18. I got it! Buy an old carousel, replace the ponies with pedal IH's, power it with your power unit, paint it red and white, and take it to tractor shows. You saw it here first, people!
  19. All my guns fell out when the canoe tipped over! Guess I'll protect myself and family with a pipe and the little ammo I have that fits the pipe.
  20. And just one thing about "Beto". This is the guy who after losing his senatorial bid in Texas against Cruz he admitted to eating dirt from his yard in attempt to cope with his loss. Sounds crazy and it is but Google it. And we are suppose to listen to this Bozo. It's going to be a real entertaining debate scene once Trump gets involved eventually with some of the potential candidates from the left. And Mike you have a stunning collection that anyone would be proud of. I would hide them before I altered them but that's your decision to make. They are some beautiful guns and very nicely displayed.
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