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  2. "For anybody unlucky enough to get Covid and end up in a hospital that refuses to give IVM, this is the lawyer you want!" Via Chiefio
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  4. Morning, just received a new sensor and thought I'd check it first.... This reads 1160 ohms! Is it only genuine ones that read the 2700-3300? Bit gutted!
  5. i was thinking of that , buying a regular GM 350 engine thermostat and turning the large flange down, i'll put the old one in for now , but i'll experiment on the GM one, thanks
  6. The old saying ''Your first loss is your cheapest loss" applies here. Pump it out.
  7. Hi All This is what I have done with my broken track adjuster for anyone interested. I turned some billet mild steel and threaded it so it would go on the old shaft, then I turned down the adjuster end of the shaft so about an 1” fits snugly inside the the threaded steel. I am going to weld it in place at the adjuster end, so I can still adjust the tracks as before. By removing the two bolts and rotating the sleeve to suit. I guess time will tell how this works out ? Cheers Dave 8
  8. Forget Bill, I told my wife I'm willing to take one for the team. Anyone have Melinda's cell# ?
  9. Terracotta tiles or planking? I think I have you beat with oldest drainage designs
  10. Great looking scenery and great looking red iron. Doesn't get any better than that! Thanks for sharing!
  11. It does not have an engine. I've never seen a FC 2320 with an engine. By the time those hit the market, most tractors had enough hydraulics to run the fan.
  12. You don't need to plow ahead. Technically Flexi Coil 5000s, JD 1820/30s, Concords, and other hoe air drills are not no-till drills because they plow up the ground. However, they are used in no-till situations because they have the trash clearance and the weight to seed direct into stubble. I believe Loadstar has a Bourgault air drill and seeds direct like we do.
  13. I am not at all talented as a mechanist but have found plates that bolt right to the crankshaft of old crawlers. As the old dozer pumps where mostly mounted to crankshaft. Many of which where 40 to 60 GPM pumps just low pressure. Add u joints and a big pump to a tractor can even put a closed center pump on I would think. Add tank and control valve and away you go.
  14. You need to run them off if possible. You know how much yield is lost when they start doing crop circles. 😂
  15. I was experiencing serious issues of loss of hydraulic flow from the pump. No flow from pump to pressure regulator or power steering. Thought it was the hydraulic pump. Before swapping the current pump out for a new one I said a prayer asking the Lord for wisdom. I checked the low pressure return line and found small crack in rubber hydraulic return hose that apparently let air into the line feeding the pump causing it to lose prime. Replaced the hose and pushed hydraulic oil into the input line by removing the vent cap on top of hydraulic fluid reservoir putting about 35 lbs of air
  16. Tillage and planting and rolling. Sorry about the green planter but it works good. My buddy and his daughter on the roller.
  17. Not at all. UFOs are getting to be mainstream. https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/tnyradiohour/episodes/are-ufos-national-security-threat
  18. "Arm raised". Hi, my name is sandhiller and I have a problem. Yes honey, as soon as I get a 656 bought, I will sell the SM to help pay for it. As soon as I get a 1486 bought, I will sell the 966 to help pay for it. As soon as I get a swather bought, I will sell the old bar mowers to help pay for it. Still got em all. But, on the packrat level, (not counting the real packrats that I can't get rid of) my shop is full and spilling out into the iron shed, fencin' shed, salt shed and barn. I try to clean and organize but all I do is move stuff to a different part of the shop. You can't
  19. Busy busy before got some rain...finally. Nice 1st. Not crazy heavy but good. Showered Monday as we cut. Tedded tue. Was tick green Wed but foreguess was rain late wed so we just hurried. Of course rain didnt come till 4pm thur... The new to me mower was great. 1st day he was already faster than the 15' pull. Amazing a extra foot and quick turning can do. When we get the GPS set be quicker i am told. It went right though some nasty laying over oats and rye cover with no complaints Well spent 30. So much better for a phone call on the fly. Call sign Viper, tower cleared f
  20. Around that time, I watched hundreds of very unusual lights in the sky here in Michigan. My whole family, wife and kids, saw them too. Anyone else here see them?! Should i put on my tinfoil hat now?
  21. Quite possibly the air drill has a small Diesel engine on it , a lot of older concords were made that way
  22. Plow? Here in NY us little guys plow. But from what I have learned on here, most big guys in the world. -Plant.
  23. How can diesel hurt anything?
  24. Pulled into a truck stop many years ago with a Binder feed truck with a 478 V8 that had been overheated previously and was using a little oil (quart a day). The attendant asked if he should fill it up while I ate a bite of lunch. It had twin 50's on it and he came running in to say he just noticed it was a gas burner, that he had put about 30 gallons of diesel in one tank and stopped. I told him it would be OK, that the other tank had about 20 gallons gas in it (they were hooked together and both fed at the same time). Just fill the other tank with gas. Well the next week we put it in the
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