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  2. Blue ribbon GSS-1035 for T/A. GSS-1034 for IPTO, also shows the PTO drive parts from center housing on back. Use two seals at input of the PTO unit myself, one seal lip facing pto and other facing transmission oil. Seals not from dealer.
  3. Good for you. The 336 is a tough gun that made really stout. Always feels good to harvest an animal with a family gun. I have taken deer with a gun that belonged to my grandfather and it felt pretty special.
  4. Yes, make sure to unplug and leave sit for at least 30 seconds, when you start the engine you get a rush of cold antifreeze going by a hot element and will shorten the life of block heater. I think that’s why the block heater in dads tractor would burn out so often.
  5. Way cool! Looks like something out of a Mad Max movie.
  6. Exactly. We put all new parts on the fords and 6 bottom green ones probably five and six years ago, before any of the big price increases. That’s including all of the colters and most of the moldboards Last time I was at dealership I remember a guy handling small stack of the wear parts inside the counter and I remember thinking ooof of our plows have $1000/bottom worth of parts on them now. Each. Not that anybody would ever buy them.
  7. The ones I've used in my gas loader were core plug types and worked well. The package warns not to have plugged in with engine running which didn't make sense to me. Apparently the warning is correct as the one time I forgot it immediately burned out. Must be cavitation? I've got a new one sitting on the shelf but since it's gas the priority is really low. Although the Fuel Pincher Detroit starts pretty well I plug it in for an hour anyway. German diesel is also a good starter but better if plugged in. There's a silicone pad on my Cessna's oil pan plus I direct a hot air heater up the cowl flaps for a while. It will start down to pretty cold but Continental recommends preheat. Avgas is not as volatile as mogas and there's no seasonal variation. There's no choke so priming is necessary. Guy in the next hangar has a complete preheat kit including bands for each cylinder. He's got an app on his phone that will turn them on. There must be one so that you can turn on a diesel's heat while having your coffee. Ready to go when you are with no wasted electricity.
  8. A bit belated happy birthday to you @Tonyinca I hope you had a great day!
  9. I've always gotten along with cats rather well. Some have been gone for quite a long time now but I still miss them.
  10. Not a monster by any means, but I enjoy hunting with the Marlin 336 that was my grandmas
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  12. "Perfect! Thank you very much. I believe what I looked at was a 630. It needs some work but I think I am going to try to buy it. It will look good behind the 2856. " How wide is that offset disk? Those things take a lot of power to pull them. Will 2856 be enough?
  13. I should have clarified, we ran 6 bolt hubs
  14. I think that’s a F-20 under the corn picker. Looks like the rear hubs have a series of bolts holding it on. I remember Dad having that setup in Minnesota when I was very young. Had a small dump box pulled behind for the whole ears that I got to ride in a couple times while he picked. I remember being bundled up against the cold. He wouldn’t let me ride on the contraption because of all the moving pieces. I feel your pain about plenty of winter so far. We got 5” early in the week and then 12” more a couple days later. A friend sent me a pic of his truck on Thursday. 🥶 Fortunately, I’m not in Montana at the moment. I hopped a flight to College Station, Texas where my daughter and husband live. Here’s leaving Dallas after the first stop. I had good reason to get out of the cold for a few days, I came to see my first grandchild! Josephine Ruth is a sweetheart! I’m headed home on Monday to blow snow at the farm but I’ll enjoy the Texas sun until then!
  15. Our JD7405 had a flat rear tire later found out it was a broken valve stem on a Firestone tube... apparently that was a common problem with some of them. Then the local tire guy said he'd be out to fix it... week later ended up having a different place come do it they were there that day....the older I get the less fond of small businesses I am. Had beautiful weather so we hooked the 856 to the IH 700 5x16 and got quite a bit turned. Did a 3 acre field and this 7 acre hillside. Zero ballast I was very surprised how well it did. 2nd low about 1700rpm so weren't breaking any speed records but got the job done. Did have to add weight to plow a field that had a good coating of manure. I'm very impressed with the verdestein radials My eyeball judgement was a little off... that 5 gallon can got heavy the 1/4 mile uphill walk at least it was downhill from here
  16. Tagged out Friday with my second antlerless deer. Got one Sunday in the same spot the buck the second one on the farm down the road. Owned the place 11 years and it's the first deer harvested from it 🙄😂 First time being tagged out when have three tags to fill...now it'll be years of nothing to make up for it
  17. Katz tank heaters used to be pretty popular here. I'm thinking a lot of them were 12 -1500 watts. Don't know if the current trend is still tank heaters or not. My 826 has a tank style but I rarely use it unless it's in the single digits or below. I don't use the 826 in the winter as much as I used to. As far as ether goes I just bump the button. The 826 will usually fire on its own and once it's chugging a half second bump on the button will clean it up. If your tractor has an ether rattle when starting I'm thinking your giving it a bit much. Jmo
  18. Not to get too off topic but this spring the IH shins we ordered from shoup in February during their sale were back ordered and didn't get here until July 🙄🙄 bought some from the IH dealer I believe they were the diamond ones (hard) $80 each....
  19. Sounds like that made for a long day. Adjusting to a life after cows?
  20. Did about 7500 bushels today with one machine.... waiting for a row unit for the one corn head. Loaded up a tri axle twice and a belt floor three times along with a thousand bushels for the neighbor , then filled 5 gravity wagons two grain carts and the combine. Rain coming in the night. About 150 acres or less to go . Going hunting in the morning in a roofed hut
  21. We have had a few case skid loaders. 1840, 75xt, 40xt all bought new took them to 14k, 26k and 1,400 hours respectively.. 1840 and 40xt we lost in a barn fire. Then bought a used 1840 and added 10k to it's meter, then two 95xt and a 90xt , another 75xt and another 95xt and then added four 85xt 3 of them have hydraulic couplers. We like the XT with two digits in the number. We also had a SR250 bought new put 800 hours on it in three months before it burned , also had two 465 that both left within a few years
  22. A six bolt hub was made for the M pedestal but I don't know than an eight bolt was ever made.
  23. I have some things to throw out there to those of you who understand these crops. We don't raise corn or cotton here. I took this photo this morning after about a month of WINTER. We've had plenty of below zero weather overnight since it hit. Snow and cold is the reason those hot weather crops aren't grown here at our elevation. I put this photo on Facebook this afternoon when I put on my daily accordion song. My song was a 1949 song made popular in 1950 as a hit for Bing Crosby. It's a "Marshmallow World" (In The Winter, When The Snow Comes To Cover The Ground...) This Minneapolis return flue engine is chopping (?) or shelling (?) corn into a granary. A 1924 IHC Farmall Regular with a "corn machine." An IH Farmall MTA is chopping hay(?) for silage? Into an L-170 IH truck(?) Either an IHC Farmall F-20 or F-30 with a "corn harvester" of some type. This is a Model E Cotton Picker (don't know the brand) picking cotton near Ralls, Texas. I do enjoy putting things I know little to nothing about for you guys to explain it to me and others who aren't familiar with things in your area. Gary😉
  24. .....another classic Jeff...look at that timber flying !! Wow...just Wow
  25. ... Yes... I believe that qualifies for this thread ..... .. incredible picture
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