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  2. Jake.....this dosen't answer your question,. but 40 odd years ago, some classic looking ,conventional International Harvester trucks were imported into NZ....They were Right Hand Drive , 6x4 tractor units with a 549 cubic inch "V" engine.... Contracter very near where I lived, brought one....and put a three axle low bed on the back of it......When climbing one of our many hills, ...unloaded...it would spin the drivers , easily... It was really fine looking beast....very well powered for a ''gas pot'' ...but the down side was the petrol consumption... It suffered the ultimate humiliation.....it had a Caterpillar V8 Diesel engine, transplanted in place of the 549 ..... Mike
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  4. You know, this probably is a stoopid question, but how big can a gas engine be built? Diesels can be built as big as a house but they can also run at low, low, low rpm, gassers need rpm for power and torque, and the aforementioned quote about big blocks blowing up at high rpm is so true, so any ideas.
  5. I was wondering when they were going to build a bigger one to rival blueprint engines big block 630.
  6. https://www.batescorp.com//48594da-bushing-pto-rear-shaft.html Here it is I think.
  7. Ya need someone a lot smarter than me for dat bitty, my said camaro had 4.88s and I never knew how fast I was going, had the tickets to prove it.
  8. We had an old cow also that wouldn't die I put 4 shots in her head using the typical x placement it didn't seem to do anything to her so I figured out where the gap in her ribs is and put one in her boiler room and that finally did the trick. I felt pretty bad about that one. She was the only one that I have shot that didn't die immediately with a 22lr rifle.
  9. We have an 806 with a larger than 1206 sized turbo, it’s the only tractor on the farm we run with a straight pipe because it is not loud, it just has a smooth and deep awesome sound. 856 with M+W turbo and straight pipe I hoped was going to sound the same, but it’s completely different. Not as deep or smooth. So it got a muffler. Either one will outwork a 1066 with stock fuel screw settings. (By a fair margin). Given, the pumps are not set to original settings on the 806 or 856 either. Neighbor runs a nice 966 with a straight pipe. Have no problem hearing him when he’s “going”.
  10. Great job! The super C is a great tractor! One of the best!
  11. Great little tractor! I hope you take her for rides! Memories she will always treasure riding on the tractor!
  12. Great to see it coming together! Good luck!
  13. The spoked wheels could have been steel wheels that were cut down and welded into wheel rims for pneumatic tires.
  14. Great find! It's a keeper for sure!
  15. Been running a 3408 and I would take a 1083 or 4408 over it any day.
  16. I'm only guessing but it could have been the brakes adjusted too tight. That could cause too much friction on the disc. Also you could have a seal that is leaking that caused the discs to be oil soaked and expanded. It is just my two cents! Let us know what you will find. Thanks good luck.
  17. Nope, but "I Know a Little" gets cranked every single time.
  18. I blew the rear speakers in my 83 Regal blasting (You) Shook me all night long by AC/DC. That was shortly after the 350 transplant. I miss that car!
  19. Sounds like the little mid mount hydraulic pump is weak. Its the one that gives you power steering and keeps the pto engaged. Its been weak on my Super 90 for years and was not able to run any pto equipment except very light loads. Now its got to the point that steering is pretty heavy when the oil gets hot. That little pump is easily accessible according to the I&T shop manual but no doubt very expensive if its even available. The main hydraulic pump still works fine to lift the front end loader. I've used Hy Tran oil in it all the years I've had the tractor.
  20. 2 lift cylinders on the feeder house, or 3?
  21. 22/2400 series CaseIH corn heads were New Holland-based. CaseIH put knife rolls on them(New Holland’s were fluted rolls), and the row unit gearboxes were overloaded due to the aggressiveness of the knife rolls. The front of the stalk rolls had no support, so that added to the problem. Many red guys didn’t care for them. The 32/3400 series had the front bearings on the stalk rolls like the old IH heads, although many guys complain about the excessive butt shelling on these heads, that’s probably the #1 complaint about them. Unfortunately for CNH, many red dealers took on other product lines for corn heads when CaseIH went through all the problems with their own corn heads over the last 20 years…Gehringhoff, Capello, Drago, HarvestTech and a few others have become popular heads for CaseIH dealers to sell.
  22. All i have is an old single shot 22 rifle that was dad's. Has been used for varmits around the farm as well as the occasional down cow. Never seen it fail on a cow, right between the eyes or down from the top right behind the "crown" with barrel about 2 inches from head. There was one time however that i had a beef cow in the pasture that i carried hay, water, and grain to for 2 weeks. That was enough. So next day at chore time i grabbed the 22 and put a few bullets in my pocket. I walk up to her, put one right between the eyes from 2 inches, she just looks at me with a small red dot on her forehead. I then felt bad so reloaded and put #2 in same location with same result. Feeling worse continued till my pocket was empty putting some in from the top also. So she is laying propped up by a log just like a cow normally lays eating hay with 7 bullets in her head. That just happened to be how many bullets i grabbed. So should have called my nephew with a bigger gun but he was at work but i went back to the house to get more bullets. A few minutes later when i get back to pasture cow who had not got up in 2 weeks is gone. I drive around looking for her on the atv and locate her at the silage wagon with the rest of the herd eating silage. She hung around for several months then 1 day there she lay dead. A fellow at the coffee shop who butchered for 20 yrs said she probly had a "double skull" whatever that is. Those 7 shots at point blank just made 7 little red dots on her head.
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