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  2. simplest test right now is temp separate tank and hard line . we keep several along with various known parts to swap out
  3. You did the right thing. I'm classified as an essential and do to the nature and conditions of my work am at a higher risk than others. I've come to the conclusion it's just one more risk in a job filled with inherent risks. That doesn't give me the right to put someone else at risk.
  4. Could be, but I was thinking Case for some reason. ??
  5. I am back at the farm on Thursday. I will take pictures then on the track system. When I checked the grease zert yesterday there was grease around the zert that wasn't there before, and there wasn't a ton of it around it. Maybe the zert is bad? The clutch pressure gauge is always in the run zone. It never changes. When I ran the dozer yesterday up a hill while trying to turn left it stopped moving. I took my hand off the left lever and still no movement. I decided to put it in reverse and then move forward. It worked. So to sum up I was in motion going up hill, pulled the left handle to turn left no movement on the dozer when handle was released, put in reverse and went down a hill for a few seconds, and then went forward again, and it went forward again just fine.
  6. Another hint if your wanting to bale straw behind your rotor combine we've had more success doing is cut the whet when the straw is tougher later in the evenings turns out much better Not sure how many acres your wanting to bale but the driest part of the day it won't be as good
  7. Usually I think babies aren’t to cute and am not to fond that of them till they can communicate correctly...but she is a cutie for sure! Congratulations grandpa!😜
  8. Hello, still frustrated. That is the strainer we talked about. Not as bad as it could have been. Who knows how long it has been that way. Guess time will tell. Does the clutch pressure gauge stay in operating range at all times or is it dropping off also? Track adjuster-- There is a relief valve next to the grease zerk or part of the grease zerk. A possible for track going slack. More likely it is the adjuster seal though. Could also be rust pits in the sealing surface. Can you see where the grease may be escaping? Track needs to be broke and idler rolled out to repair. There is one pin in the track (master pin) that needs to be pressed or driven out. Master pin identified by a dimple in the end of the pin. It is a press fit so a track press or sledge, torch and safety glasses will be needed. Could you put up some close up pics of the undercarriage, track system. Sprockets, chains etc. Curious of it's condition. The undercarriage is a money pit if not in usable condition. Steering -- tell us more. When trying to steer did the engine load or act like it was out of gear? Could just be adjustment if not worn out. Could also be why it would not go up the hill the other day. Dennis
  9. Oh crud BJ can you move this to coffee shop please. My bad
  10. Give us a couple sentences on why you do what you do. Include what exactly you farm if you want. I'll go first. I raise beef cows, and lots of times dont enjoy it. They normally stay a little more steady than grain historically and that's why I do it. I raise corn and beans among other things. I bale quite a bit of hay and forage for cows. I lose more than I make by a long stretch but I just really enjoy farming in general. From standing next to the pickup having a chat to running after midnight on a work week. The guys at work get tires of me talking tractors and cows I'm sure. I do it because I generally enjoy the life of a farmer, and I love operating equipment that I've worked on.
  11. I used a 1644 years ago on wheat. Worked fine by dropping the knives out... can't remember if I slowed the beater down. Straw baled up fine.
  12. There you go. It sounds like it's fixed up to your liking so as long as you plan on going the distance once the head comes off your good. When you get in there hopefully you can get by cheaper. Any time I open one up I just plan to go the whole way. Makes you feel better than hoping for a set of rings and have to pull the crank out. Lol. Good luck either way
  13. l had one several years ago to pull behind my 664 for local plow days but sold it before l got to use it. Many many years ago a Graham-Hoeme was the first actually plow l got to pull when l was a kid. Used it behind a 560 LP to plow turnrows and playa lake bottoms.
  14. Today
  15. A Google search turned up this picture with a better view of the fastener on the steering box cover. Thanks to whoever this shot came from.
  16. Every carb problem I've ever seen the tractor doesn't run right all the time, not just after running for a while. Again, it could be vapor locking. Fuel flows freely until the tank and line get hot, then fuel begins to vaporize in the line, basically creating a vapor bubble that blocks flow. I had a Ford 800 utility that would run great until it warmed up, then begin to spit and sputter, then die. The fuel line ran thru the exhaust manifold. After looking at some parts books, I realized that there was supposed to be a heat shield between the fuel tank and the muffler. Fabricated a shield, and rerouted the fuel line out around the front of the motor and back to the carb. End of problem. You could try fabricating a small fuel tank & line that you hold outside the tractor. If the tractor runs fine on this, likely above problem. One other thought. I've had tractors where the distributor shaft bushings are so worn, the shaft has a lot of sideplay. This can create lots of problems with the points working correctly, advance, etc causing poor running. Not worked on a CUB, so may not apply.
  17. I remember this day when we were young and escaped the asylum and let Roger drive, because he knew how to start and make the AutoWagon go! You can tell how we had to lean into the wind as we sped away! Almost like seeing a dog stick his head out of the open window of a car going down a road! Ah... The good old days, when you couldn't get arrested for going for a drive. I go to town everyday to get gasoline and haven't been arrested yet. Yesterday, I was able to fit in 7/10ths of a gallon!!! I'm hoping to be able to add at least that much this morning. I never wanted to be a in a Socialist nation but empty shelves and "Papers Please" seem to be the norm right now. Achtüng! I guess I'm a little past the mild fascination stage of Martial Law? Old, Bitchy, Grouchy! or OBG.
  18. They had the Tonight Show on Sirius again during the month of March. Would rather listen to Johnny on radio than watch the other late night shows on TV.
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