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  2. The amount of home-shot fireworks around here is average to above average, I estimate.
  3. I heard this one on the radio earlier, I thought it was maybe Weird Al. Can't say I've ever heard the song or the group before.
  4. First fireworks with new to us rescue pup. Slept through most of it.
  5. no shortage here 3 hours + after dark and pretty much all day cidiotes that dont work or do no ACTUAL work medium to big stuff probably blew $20K +
  6. Usually spend 4 to 5 hrs calming freaked out dogs and horse on the 4th. Very little fireworks this year. Rioters scarfed up all the inventory.
  7. Thanks for the info. Got a neighbor thinking we may just be that I have the wind board set wrong and not letting it out of the rollers enough. It could be becasue I am wanting to lay it out as wide and flat as I can. I may try re setting that tommorow.
  8. I have 3 or 4 of them on rifles and cant complain about them so far. I bought them because everything I read about them at the time said they were made in USA and would hold their settings unlike some imported scopes and on and on. Now you all got me second guessing. Another problem I have nowdays is seeing without reading glasses. My redfield on my 22 seems to work better for me if I wear my glasses I keep in my toolbox in the shop.
  9. Ian Beale

    Corona virus

    Some form guides for punters on "The Corona Virus Stakes" "Compare and contrast US daily new COVID cases with daily COVID deaths" https://www.michaelsmithnews.com/2020/07/compare-and-contrast-us-daily-new-covid-cases-with-daily-deaths.html Seems there is a data diddle going on with the way new cases are being reported in US - "EXPLOSIVE – About All These “New” Positive COVID Cases – State Health Departments Manipulating Data, Changing Definitions.." https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/07/02/explosive-about-all-these-new-positive-covid-cases-state-health-departments-manipulating-data-changing-definitions/
  10. Llama had a hit and miss track record. 2 or 3 new models would be junk and then they would make a gem. I still wouldn't use one as a carry gun. Same way with Star. Some of thge guns they produced were great and other were junk. Rick
  11. MTO

    Black guns matter

    It's not the dusty gun, its called guilt.
  12. Today
  13. Busy doing our normal July 4th routine here.
  14. I have a full size on the bedside stand right now, finest of the fine ergonomics fit my hand flawlessly. It’s been though quite a lot including a many rain storms and a swim in a lake. Never a misfire, shoots anything I stuff in it. It replaced a LLama 1911 9mm knockoff that failed to operate one too many times. The American line are nice, but I think the SR series were even better.
  15. You know, I hadn’t thought about how the mask wearing would effect the adult recreation profession... hmm wonder who oversees that.
  16. How many hours on it? Like they said, all you need is a $20 gauge from the auto store, then you’ll know,
  17. And if/when the boss reads this, I'm not starting a joke thread I'm just putting a reiteration to cob's statement.
  18. Or could it be that this whole thing has nothing to do with racism or black lives and more to do with causing disruption and chaos?
  19. Just a few acres of pumpkins were our thing for many years until moving recently. A few things: Bees are needed are large acreages The wild bees should pollinate a garden or truck patch just fine. It is early to have a good fruit set at this point. Be patient is good advice. Some fruit always aborts too. Many things affect pollination from extreme heat which prevents flowers from staying open very long in the AM to too much rain which keeps bees from flying. Also tight plant spacing or plant stress to name a few. Many varieties of pumpkins out there some are semi bush up to full vine that could vine out 12 to 20 ft. Hopefully in time they will come. Without a spray program Powdery Mildew can wreck them quick later in the season in our area.
  20. MTO

    All Labs matter

    Chubs is 8 lbs of yap.. When he's awake
  21. Their tiny masks prohibit good pollination
  22. mmi

    5130 steering

    does any one know the (8) individual pieces that make up the steering cyl $160 + kit 1341819C1 4 oring $1.65 2 back up $8 2 seal $15 https://www.messicks.com/cas/49719
  23. Platform headers along with “milo guards”. Way faster than with a row head. Lots of milo fed in Kansas. A number of ethanol plants use Milo.
  24. as said before clean file points use an air gap tester swap ALL parts into/out of running tractor ?...plugs solid core wires under load..?
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