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  2. We have to do a restoration on a 66 for a friend. The question came up of the rear wheels and the rear weights. We have all our tractors set on 30 inch rows with the cast inside out. The boys and I prefer that look, of course they were never around any of our own tractors set wide back in the day. We also like the look of the weights hanging out past the tire. Our project tractor will be set narrow and have 20.8 rears. The owner doesn't want the cast inside out and isn't sure on how many weights. I have pictures of the two setups, because right at the moment we happen to have a pair of 1066's
  3. We all started out by messing stuff up. It doesn’t run now the only thing is those pumps might be getting hard to find so be careful but go for it.
  4. When I had the cover off, the pressure plate came apart and the clutch disc is thinner than a credit card. That being said it is on my replacement list for sure. My plan is to make sure it runs before splitting the tractor. Thanks
  5. Early diagnosis. Power steering is out. Feels like there is air in the system. Nicely maintained tractor. Maybe a bit too much hydraulic fluid. Is this a common issue? Where to start. Not my tractor. My neighbor is working on it. We're hoping that it's something relatively simple.
  6. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that a conveance to the next generation while still sound of mind and body is the only choice. Face it you have no control over what happens when your mind goes or you die anyway. The nursing home draining all assets is brutal.Been there, done that, not doing it to my kid. Just hand the place off and hope for the best. Control is an illusion that's harder to maintain as you age.
  7. acem

    Job Opening

    I wonder what it pays... I couldn't use a great paying job and I know how to build the bomb... Wait, I'm a Christian, that wouldn't work out. Thx-Ace
  8. Thanks for the encouragement!
  9. Perfect! That helped explained it all. My cable is completely missing and where the lever should go, mine has a keyed ignition switch. I will put this on the list of repair. Thank you again.
  10. I have never seen that poster before. Maybe a local dealers in-house sales poster?
  11. We don’t have much around her either, but we do have a big truck spring shop and I think there ubolt material comes in 18-30” standard, then they do longer as needed. Pretty cheap.
  12. I wouldn’t get too excited. Runnings stores here are 100% better than TSC.
  13. Well mine won't so I will try a little adjustment see if I can find the sweet spot
  14. They make them, my girls have one. Think they got it from the fair or maybe Outback toys.
  15. That’s kinda what i was thinking, it would have to have a hole in the bushing for the grease to get to the shaft.
  16. It’s been a few years, but if I remember correctly, there is a brass bushing that I replaced in mine, then I used a adjustable reamer to get a good fit. My H is a early 1939, but I assume most years are the same.
  17. Yeah, it's been that way all summer but it's worth the wait. We picked up a dozer for work this summer. My co-worker and I stopped at a Culvers that was just down the street from where we picked the dozer up. We didn't want to eat in the truck so we asked if we could eat on the picnic tables outside to which they said yes to. It was a good lunch on a good summer day.
  18. vtfireman85


    I am in love with the scout, i do not love the scout scope. I will have another in .308 one day. The foreword long relief scope is supposed to help with quick target acquisition but i cant get used to it, i like at least a 40mm scope on something like that
  19. Yep moms lawyer sued to get trust dissolved, my lawyer who is a expert on trust and land title even according to all lawyers involved says the trust document bars the return to grantors and if trust is to be dissolved it must go to named beneficiaries. But who knows how a judge will rule.
  20. We have a lot of Rural King around. The Big R stores aren’t quite as nice. Depends on the individual stores. The actual Rural King stores have very similar selections. I have been to Fleet Farm stores up North and always liked them better. Much more sporting goods stuff.
  21. Thanks for sharing guys love the stories and pix so interesting to me
  22. Pretty sure I know that fellow, he has some hard to find stuff. He also knows what stuff is worth.
  23. You guys are still fighting? Thought it was mostly settled?
  24. My two cents, adjust the plow and run it. Keep an eye on the wear and make sure it's not wearing out frog like others said. Then change it for your new parts.
  25. We had one that closed about 2 years ago. Midway machine. Herb could build any engine out of any thing. He resleeved the block on my Deutz oil cooled engine and then fully rebuilt it. He had some kind of antique Lamborghini engine in there at the same time and I think he told me he was making a camshaft for it because there were none available. Unfortunately when he passed (mid 80's) there was no one to take over. He worked right up to the end from what I heard.
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