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  2. Back in August we had 4” of rain over the course of 24 hours or so, most of it being a good 3” at once. Very little ran off, and in spite of that rain about 2 weeks later the creek that runs under the road by my driveway stopped flowing on about the same schedule as if it hadn’t rained.
  3. Arrows point to cleanout strip. Circle is a closing wedge on end.
  4. It's mid grade Sherwin Williams urethane. I'm on the second gallon of red and got one gallon of clover white and not sure if I have enough red to finish. You burn threw a lot of paint when you strip it down and paint piece by piece. When I did my 766 5 years ago I had just over $5000cad just in paint and body shop stuff.
  5. How come nobody ever brings up sulfur in diesel fuel? They took it out because it’s polluting everything. Now farmers have to spread it on fields because the crops are deficient. It’s the same as CO2 being a pollutant. It’s necessary for life.
  6. Let's say that they're not only correct, but it's much worse than they think.... Global average temperatures are going to go up by say 10 degrees..... Why is this bad? For the most part, the highest density population areas of the world are currently within a +/-30° arc of the equator despite the fact that far more landmass exists north and south of that region. These are all areas that many of us can't imagine living due to being so hot, but those who live there do not object. From what we can deduce, the warmer equator is where early man developed and began to flourish. A 10° change would probably exponentially expand the land available for agriculture and plant life in general. Look at the empty space of Siberia and Canada. Imagine how productive it could be if just a little warmer. When it boils down, mother nature is probably adapting to support the life that is currently flourishing on earth. It doesn't matter if you believe in evolutionary or intelligent design theory, a constant we can agree on is change. God/Nature/Fates allowed us to discover and use Earth's natural resources to our benefit for a yet unknown reason that will some day protect or preserve all life on Earth. Or possibly reach out and give life to a place that has yet to develop it. Everything we know of life here could be the result of an alternate "mankind" (as we know it) that reached out and planting their seeds eons ago.
  7. In southern il we never really made up last years rain shortage, dry again this fall. Going to take some big rains to get anything from the watershed around here to the river.
  8. Hers my rattle can gloss black got 28 more to go. And to get a couple weight brackets made. And the light and ventilation in my outside paint shop has been always been good the roof seems to leak every few days.
  9. Almost every combine up here had a rebuilt engine. They would make 3500 to 5000 tops without a bearing roll and they would blow up badly. Maybe has to do with seasonable colder temps up here but way back then those combines were only used in the warm months. It isn’t so much the size of bearings but the feet per second of bearing speed that gets high when you are wide open 2850 high idle. The formula that figures it out gives IH engine almost 40 percent more bearing speed than comparable engines. It is almost a pet peeve of mine when you watch shows on hot rod tv or motortrend or the magazine articles when you read them about their rebuilt or modified engines giving rod troubles on the Dyno. I just read an article the other day comparing a LS build to a small block build to see which is better engine platform. The small block blew up on a dyno run to what they traced back to a loose rod bolt that wasn’t seated in rod all the way when torqued. I know we all make mistakes but I don’t make excuses for stuff like that. As an experienced person putting an engine together everything should be double or triple checked. I know before I put any pan on a engine with my fingers on it. I always line up the arrows and numbers on main caps, and numbers all correspond on rods. Last thing is quick double check of torque after the first double check sequence. Then you take your hand and wiggle rods back and forth. This verify no tight rods or pins and spin engine with bar to make sure mains aren’t tight. The main check is done also before any rods or pistons are in to this just tells you stuff is good along the way.
  10. Howdy all, I am rebuilding the brake assembly on my Farmall 706. I have fully disassembled the brakes and ready to put a new seal kit and brake disks on. The farthest rear plate with your hydraulic inlet had sealer around the inside surface. In my workshop manual I can not find any information regarding this sealer or if it is necessary. Before I put something like a thin layer of sealer for weather proofing I would like to ask if this is required or something a previous owner had added. This sealer had a very thin almost gelatin like feel to it when I took it off. Thanks Photos of reference.
  11. I've backpacked that high in new Mexico. Would love to again.
  12. FYI, IH wants you to torque and loosen new bolts 3 times to seat them.
  13. Because it's only a crisis to us peons... To them it's votes.
  14. I can’t rule anything out. I have done their job many times and all I can say is they sure make it look hard. I have posted about it before, but it is absolutely ridiculous trying to get anything done. Show up when you feel like it, drag your feet all day and then quit early.
  15. I've been around a lot of 400 series ag engines but never seen a thrown rod. Seen several spun bearings though. The JD engines tend to break cranks round here. Sometimes they will still run with the broken crank. I don't understand how...
  16. Thanks for the pictures! My poor wife would be green with altitude sickness at 12100. We went to Yellowstone for our honeymoon and once we got above around 6000 she started getting uncomfortable; by 9000 she was miserable.
  17. Where on the bottom is the clean out strip? I'll go up and look at it again. The auction is a week away.
  18. Got trouble with lot lizards? Last time I had a trucker haul rice off the combine to a dryer it was a disaster. It's a six hour drive round trip. He couldn't do it in 24 hours. I got less than one load a day hauled. Couldn't get anything done. I went back to Putin it back in my bins and drying it myself. Too many lot lizards.
  19. Launched at Colorado City. And went up Cisneros and St Charles on a 1989 Xt600. Another "can you?" Yes. Should you? Absolutely not. A 350lb adventure bike was not the correct choice. But...the views. But the 31 miles of slippery rocks and switch backs and roots....not fun
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  21. On four row I would have to take front axle extensions off and narrow the wheelbase as much as I can With a 6 or 8 row head I can extend it out to sit down in between the rows
  22. I have some oil leaking from the connection shown. There's lot of old oil here from previous owner so I'm guessing this isn't new. Can someone help me diagnose what this is,?
  23. Touchy subject, sounds like a good way to lose a few drivers when good drivers are impossible to find. We had them in the old jobs semis, but it was a paid subscription. Currently have them from progressive insurance. Only shows vehicle trip when vehicle is turned off, no live tracking.
  24. One other thing to think about is there's currently 10 billion people on earth, each and everyone is converting oxygen to CO2. It's also quite intriguing that global CO2 levels is increasing that same rate as world population.
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