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  2. Matt Kirsch

    Should have bid higher?

    Nah, $4500 is plenty for a gasser hydro especially a mutt.
  3. from H to 80

    From A Land Far, Far, Away

    What u talkin bout Willis?๐Ÿ˜€ It doesn't always fall over.
  4. iowaboy1965

    706 Diesel

    If the batteries are tired or the original 2- 6volt battery set up mine tends to act that way. Replaced with 1 new 12 volt and doesnt do it nearly as bad as before. In cold weather tho mine can be hard to start below 50 degrees or so and im sure would need a 2nd 12 volt. Not uncommon for sum these to be hard starting in winter. Summmer tho shouldnt be too bad but yes you will have to glow it year round. Right now with summer temps mine will start with about 30 seconds of glow plug. They are all different
  5. littlered166

    Happy birthday, TWP460,shedfullred

    Happy Birthday to all !!!!!!!๐ŸŽ‚
  6. Mitchissippi

    1466 brake housing came loose

    Factory Delete TA No bad noises. Both shifters feel good in every position. I can run thru all the gears on both levers with the clutch pedal pressed or not, and it feels the same either way. Did not check left brake or steering, but both were working fine two seconds before the tractor rolled to a stop.
  7. ohio farmer

    Van Wert, Ohio plow day

    This morning I wanted to show some of the young people that are getting involved with our plow day. Some of these young people have really gotten into the whole thing. I know of teenagers that have worked with their grandfather to restore an old tractor and plow so they can be involved. I have been getting many phone calls from friends that tell me that their grandsons want to know when our plow day will be this year. They can't wait for the event. So here are a few pictures of some of the youngsters...
  8. KWRB

    New joke

    That billboard is messed up! How are there THREE cats farther to the "pet" side than that Golden Retriever!?! That automatically tells me to disregard everything the signmaker has to say.
  9. Matt Kirsch

    Front wheels?

    Sale ended last night, but give your local tire guy a chance. Dad needed an 11.00x16 4-rib. Local guy beat Simple Tire's cheapest 4-rib that size by $20, put it on the rim, and IMHO sold him a better tire.
  10. Then you've got some people who will swear there are genuine black stripe tractors WITH louvered side panels. All I know is, 1066 BS #19 has solid side panels. The only BS 66 series I've seen with louvered panels were paint jobs. Maybe some old stock got mixed in at that later time, but I've never personally witnessed one, and even if I did, I'd suspect the panels came off of an earlier tractor.
  11. I need a case IH 3020 head hauled from Wilmington Ohio to western Pa. Is there a cost per mile and do any of you Guys do it? Thanks, Jim.
  12. Matt Kirsch

    1466 brake housing came loose

    Since all that is bolted solidly to the rear end housing, either the bolts backed out or the bolts sheared off. However, unless I am mistaken, there is nothing in the brake housing that has to do with driving the wheels. You're not going to be able to push it back in, apply a couple of strips of duct tape to hold it in place, and be on your way. How has the TA been working recently? You still got steering and left brake? Any noises while in gear with the clutch out? Shifter feel okay? Need to feed details to the guys so they can help you with the diagnosis. For example, if you can shift through the gears but the gear lever feels like a wet noodle now instead of clicking from gear to gear, that's important an detail that needs to be expressed. Or, if there is a sound akin to a 34-piece socket wrench set going through a chipper shredder coming from the rear end, that's an important detail that needs to be expressed.
  13. Today

    Mmmm, Mmmm, Good

    Company I used to work for made almost all their production equipment 20 years ago. Don't know if they even make ice cream equipment anymore. Made 6 machines for Ben & Jerry's too. Made lots and lots of machines for Good Humor, Deans, etc. Biggest competitor was a company in Germany, Hoyer.
  15. Wes806

    806 steering

    I will try that thanks, I'm not bad on engines but when it comes to the hyd system and ele. I'm not very good troubleshooting.Thanks again
  16. rrr4quality

    Should have bid higher?

    This 656 Hydro was in an online auction this week. I did some research on here and then went and checked it out. Tractor was in decent shape. Owner had bought it at an estate sale and got it running. When I was looking at the serial tag it had H70 on it and you could tell the hydro unit was replaced at one time. He thought it might bring around $2,000. Well it stayed around that until the last few minutes when I started bidding! Wanted another loader tractor for loading/unloading hay bales. I had to turn off my phone before I got in over my head. Should I have gone higher?
  17. Sledgehammer

    Happy birthday, TWP460,shedfullred

    Happy birthday.
  18. 1legonutt

    Van Wert, Ohio plow day

    Video from last year looking forward to doing it again
  19. ArkLa 1086

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    What surprises me about all this is DD asked for an opinion I believe, and you know what they say about them mine is just as worthless as anyone else"s. Then some seemed to get offended that an opinion might not agree with the USPS. Which should be gotten rid of. Private sector would do it better. Private sector business can't run a deficit every year like the USPS does and keep operating. The government running of large scale enterprises has been more of a what not to do rather than a how to. VA ring a bell? For IH fan, what I am stuck on is unless his sister just built her home and it's a new address then the mail box has been at the regulation height for some time now (possibly many years) and has not been a problem. So something had to change. Also if her box is an issue at regulation height then it would mean everyone is gonna have to move their box all the sudden. About being stuck on the car, well that's what the carrier is sitting in while trying to deliver the mail and is making it difficult for him to reach the box or stick letters in, unless he has one arm shorter than the other, so I guess that would have to be the root cause of the problem. Also down "here" contracted rural mail carriers provide their own vehicles and receive a monthly allowance including mileage and NONE of them drive a car. Even the direct postal employees in nearby cities drive the smaller panel trucks where the driver is up higher than they would be in a car so one would guess USPS came up with that height requirement for a reason and if I know what the height is I'd make sure I had a vehicle that made it easy to reach. It's just as illogical as driving a truck with a lift kit and asking everyone to raise there boxes. Thats why I mentioned if she has to move the box I'd say I need something in writing since it's contradictory to their regulations because anything verbal is just as worthless as a person's opinion, including my own. But if I ever want to get some folks riled up on here I know all I got to do is say something to defy the USPS. Geez, yall gentlemen have a good day.
  20. Cross mounted Allison, chain drive to the wheels. Saw it at the Indiana State Fair, didn't do well but sure was pretty.
  21. Maynard

    So ya think you can run a bobcat?

    Probably has a dry sump oiling system for the engine.
  22. Hope you have a great day.
  23. SMOKER 1

    Van Wert, Ohio plow day

    Gonna try and make it again this year. Not sure what I will bring but it will be different from last year. jerry

    806 steering

    Replace filter first, cold oil filters hard, once oil warms viscosity changes and it filters easier. That said cold oil also helps pump create a stronger vacuum than warm oil. Make sure filter cover is sealed good (no air leaks) when you change filter. Seems like every time I change a pre-66 series hydraulic filter I end up with a straight edge and working over the cover on anvil getting it true again. People draw the bolts way to tight warping cover at bolt holes.
  25. plowmaster

    284 3pt to axle housing

    I'm wondering if I can trouble anybody for a picture of original mounting for outside arm pin, to axle housing, to r.o.p.s.....the previous owner of my machine has a hodgepodge of metal and bird goobers stuck in there holding the whole mess's going to be a nightmare, I should get some pics. I'm going to need to cut the r.o.p.s. Off just to pull the housings off to repair them correctly. im staring at it just trying to figger out what is original, and where to start grinding and torching....that's why a pic would be helpful, either with or without r.o.p.s....thanks!
  26. Mitchissippi

    1466 brake housing came loose

    Y'all ever had the brake housing come loose on a 1466? Was clipping pastures this evening, running in Hi-1st, and she just rolled to a stop. Went thru all the gears - nothing. I could even run thru all the gears without pressing the clutch. Got off and just happened to notice that the brake housing on the passenger side had backed about an inch away from the rear end housing. The rops kept it from falling off the tractor. Anyone ever had had this happen. Was running on flat ground, BUT I just came off about 80 acres of really steep pasture. Not it sure I'll be able to get the outside plate off without moving the rops out of the way. Hoping I can push it all back into place, tighten it all up, and be ok. Got to get the outside plate off first Any suggestions? Y'all ever see this happen? Mitch
  27. 67 IH 175B

    1967 175b track replacement

    First time poster long time reader. I just purchased a 1967 international 175b track loader. The engine runs amazingly well, all controls work, got the drott 4 in 1 bucket on it, but the tracks are worn out. The bushings have worn down through all the way to the pins. I can still do light work with it but want to get new track chains for it before I can't use it. Ive read that the td15b tracks will fit but would love it if someone here with experience could confirm for me. I've already found 2 parted out td15b's down the road from my house that I could buy the tracks from if they truly would fit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've already purchased the owners, service and parts manuals but didn't find much on the interchangeability of these parts. Thanks in advance.
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