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  2. I heard propane is .50 cents or under at the terminals so maybe you can dry wet corn...
  3. That’s very true! But 73 day time high, and 40 over night lows doesn’t give a guy many heat units either. Fingers crossed things work out!!🤞🏻👍🏻
  4. Looking good Pete!!! Looks like he’s doing a superb job of discing!!!
  5. Plowed, disced and planted sweet corn today, ran out of seed had to get more. Wife has been after me for that but more importantly was teaching my son how to disc. Turning 10 in June at red power and couldn't think of a better way to teach him how. Nothing special about the super c but the 450 was a neighbors and the corn planter was my grandpa's. I used my 3 bottom disc plow to bury the residue, double disced it and planted it. Way more involved in 16 rows of corn then the rest of the farm.
  6. Well, we have been trying to plant beans this weekend on our lighter ground. Yesterday we planted until 9 pm. Other than one shower about 2:00 yesterday afternoon that skirted us to the south of where we were planting. (The main farm had a quarter inch out of it which would have put a stop to us. ) we stayed dry. Started in again this morning and ran til a thunderstorm rolled through about 11:30 which put a stop to us for good today and looking at the forecast it might not be until the end of the week until we turn a wheel again. Unless it doesn't rain anymore and dries tomorrow. Tuesday and Wednesday look shot. Here's a seat shot from this morning.
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  8. Had a 4700 double cab 12 ft flat bed set my ball hitch 12 behind axel center just to put little more weigh on rear.Made a great great puller for me
  9. I think I heard that tank blow, when you decided to add a little air...
  10. Drove similar one for section truck & plowing snow until I retired in '06. Ours were 6 speed Allisons with double overdrive...70+ MPH & No AC. Should be start of good base vehicle for you.
  11. I have looked at a Varity of "Durable seat Covers", Local NAPA store has a few "will fit" styles, My Neighbor has "Gray Carhartt" seat covers in his RAM 3500, I like the look of the durability, I barrowed his cover to put in our 9330, It would work, It hangs over in the wrong spots, Any thoughts? This would make a great fathers day gift!!! I'm sitting in the cab of this 9330 watching it rain again, It's 2:45 on this Sunday, I thought after Church I could make a few passes on our lightest ground. I'm listening to the "Indy "500" instead of listening to the tractor turn soil. " Tractor cab therapy should be good for us," I'm in the tractor Because my "Wife" is tired of me, pointing out to her It's Raining again!!! Jim Droscha
  12. Going to Church and remembering those that made The USA what it is. Either Military or Church member that have gone on.
  13. Your #15 is a 15 It's all about the ratio between the sprockets used in the "gear box"
  14. The exec makes the call. If one wants the money she can sell her 25%. The balance of the collection is still in the family if not intact. One heir can't hold up the other three. Make very clear to heir number four that if it goes to probate she will likely get nothing. And it will likely be the whole estate in probate not just the coins.
  15. Guys up here use liquid , urea or nh3. Most do a one pass but more guys are going to a fert pass in fall or spring. Myself nh3 works well. We have 4 tanks one set of doubles and 2 singles. I usually come out check the cows early in the morning and pull a empty to town and leave it. I will grab the full one that I left before or come back at 3 :OO pm to get little guy from preschool and shuttle more tanks. If I have 2 to 3 tanks a day it keeps me busy and I have to stop to feed cattle at night also. The only thing about urea is twice as much physical product as nh3 and liquid would be 4 times more but liquid you could mix all micro nutrients in easily as most formulations have them already
  16. the keyed on/off switch has 2 positions. in either the tell lites are on. what does each position do ? thanks. not in op manual. decals worn. new to me tractor & new to ihc
  17. I finally remembered to take a picture of the old cream cans stored away here. I think the number on these indicated the empty weight. In early days we had copper wire seals you'd twist through the holes in the cap. In later years they had a wire with two holes through a little lead pellet. You squeezed that shut with pliers once the can was full and ready to ship.Kind of like the seals on a diesel injection pump to prevent tampering. Those old copper wires were handy on the farm and got used for a lot of other repairs too.
  18. IMO that ain't gonna work. He said one wants the money now. So if they were to win the draw they would sell off right away so the collection is gone at that point. I'd say they only way to handle it is as someone else stated. Have an auction. It's the only way to do it fairly. If it gets into probate most likely they would have to be appraised then would be ordered to sell and disperse the money. If it gets that far the lawyers are going to get their share too. Rick
  19. too bad they haven't come up with a better set up over the years. although they now have frame less glass doors.
  20. Spending most of the weekend remembering those who did give all. Rick
  21. Believe those are 28X22.5 also think I saw them on a purpose built spray rig. Have seen similar large sizes on equipment auctions, far cheaper than I thought they would sell for.
  22. the whole planter is 2040 with exception of herbicide drive
  23. Those are decent numbers for the one pass guys. We only put down starter fertilizer during seeding for various reasons. Rest of the N comes later if needed. Normally on small grains we get between 130 to 160 acres per load just with a 430 bu tank depending on the rates. This year we set up the drill I pull for liquid starter so now I can fill the whole cart up with seed only fill it and the fert cart once a day. Can get north of 300 acres pretty easy now.
  24. Draw straws for the whole lot. Keeps the collection together as it has been for many generations. The previous generations had the same problem and resolved it. Or if they insist on splitting draw for picking order and start with everyone sitting around a table with the coins in the middle. Also,who's the executor /executrix? This is their call ultimately on how it's done.
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