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  2. Chevy Avalanche

    Yep just a suburban with bed. If your in ni salt region dont worry about rust. Friend has 300k plus and when waxed looks good. And he is harrrrd on it. Alot of field miles even. My wife 02 sub 5.3 uses aboit a qrt of 10/30 synthet between 6000 mile changes at 155000. Dont see how thats a issue? Brother and dads 5.3 pickups used nearly nothing ever. Early ones i hear did but after like 06 they figured it out. For a cloth ls one like you $6 to 7000 i bet. They do get worse mpg of all 5.3. She wt 600 more than a suburban b/c of bracing without roof. A tacoma them hold their value dont they? Hey at least she likes a full size truck not a cracker box jetta or something! Or worse...a BOY with a big 4x4...๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰ Edit...yes brakes on them gen of half ton suv are weak point. Rears esp warp rotors. Did both stuck calipers around 100k. With 117k id assume both wheel bearing hubs have been done. Easy easy and relatively cheap for compete units imo. My sub has had the evap solenoid code for 40k miles. Shop says last thing they fret about. Mine has had 2 pumps, 1 at 75k and 1 at 145k. Not $$ but pain to do. 2 3 hrs on floor. In 110000 we have had 0 engine or trans issues. Run syn oil in both. 1 water pump at 120ish, again easy repair in driveway. All i know!
  3. Anyone know if anyone makes restoration grade aftermarket fenders for O's? I have a really good deal on an O-4, with no fenders. I'm working on an OS-4, and thought an O-4 would be fun t have in the stable, especially for the price. Problem is, no fenders... If they can't be gotten, then I'm probably gonna pass. Thanks
  4. Big bud guy --staying dry?

    My friends just outside Shelby have got it pretty bad...
  5. Big bud guy --staying dry?

    Do you know Corey hawks ranches south of Mt Lebanon.?
  6. Today
  7. Hydraulic fluid level check.

    Thanks Pete, it's a gear drive.
  8. Chainsaw Mill

    Sonny: I see your back must be feeling better if you can wrestle that beast!!
  9. Farmal 706 hyd questions

    Ok thanks a bunch guys ryan
  10. Give and take word game

    Back in
  11. Mopar guys

    Thatโ€™s what I thought so I was curious how this car would be allowed on the track.
  12. Power steering

    It does have twin master cylinders Iโ€™m gonna rebuild them and hopefully it will cure the problem thanks much for replying
  13. 1963 IH calendar

    In the pic of Nov. โ€˜63 it looks like a 234 corn picker mounted on the tractor. I thought those pickers were introduced in โ€˜65
  14. Pasture Disk Needed

    I hate doing anything to sod unless I have to always makes it rough
  15. Farmal 706 hyd questions

    Yep or easy to put another factory valve in there no need for power beyond plate
  16. Chevy Avalanche

    My coworker bought that same vehicle new , he left the lot went to go from the first traffic light and it would not move . Dealer had it a month ,they could not get a transmission, so they took one out of one on the lot . No problem after that . i sell parts , my best customers are GM owners . 6 out 10 are GM your vehicle the avalanche , brakes ,rotors and calipers wheel bearings fuel pump get prices now from your parts store you will be working on the above major engine code is fuel vapor canister solenoid valve and evap sensors , engine misfire , camshaft sensor ,temperature sensor there a sensor on that engine escape me now ,major engine tear down to get to , that what. Remember if you want I look more data
  17. Chevy Avalanche

    Price is pretty high IMO. I would MUCH rather buy a Tahoe for that kind of money. My biggest grip about the Avalanche is that you can't see out of the rear of the vehicle. The tailgate sits really high and the plastic triangle things behind the cab make rear visibility very poor. So you don't think I'm washed up I have driven 4. We had an 05 and 11 at work. Dad owned an 05 and still owns a 13. My dad LOVES them. I'm ok with them, but I would rather drive a Tahoe or 1500.
  18. 806TA

    Is this a new problem or has it been ongoing? What is red lube light doing during this shift delay? Does tractor seem to pause when shifting? Is this happening while under a load or just pulling it's own weight so to speak? I could take a couple of guesses here. One is low side sprag is slipping and the free wheeling lock up clutch pack is the only thing pulling you in low side. Then when you shift to high side, the lock up clutch pack lets go and high side takes a second to fill and during that period you have no drive so high when high side engages it takes off with a bang. Likewise when down shifting, when high releases, sprag does not pick up the load so you have a pause until lock up clutch pack starts to pull. Another scenario often happens when you start off using clutch and dump valve is totally out of adjustment, sprag is slipping and main clutch engages before ta clutch packs do so there again , start with a bang.
  19. My unpopular opinion.

    I disagree.. haha Chris
  20. Big bud guy --staying dry?

    We live in the northern part of Toole county by the Sweet Grass Hills. So we are kind of at the head waters. There isn't much flooding right around us except for some water that went over county dirt roads including ours. That happens anytime we get a decent winter of snow. Further downstream towards the south end of the county they are getting flooded. On highway 2 someone almost drowned when water going over the road washed their car away and submerged it. There is video on facebook of a someone swimming out to her and both swimming back. In Chester about 60 miles from us they are sand bagging in hopes of containing the flood. And I think it just gets worse the further east you go along the highline and Milk River drainage. Pondera county which is the county that borders on the south of us is getting a bunch of roads washed out. I assume its like that across the golden triangle the further down stream you get.
  21. Mopar guys

    AFTER you run under a 10 sec 1/4 mile the first time๐Ÿ˜‰
  22. Farmal 706 hyd questions

    No problem, just hook to that existing outlet and tie lever . Just be sure your add on valve is open center and fluid flows right on back to tractor valve when your add on valve is in neutral. Lot of those tractors run that way around here.
  23. Hydraulic fluid level check.

    On a 656 gear drive tractor, use dip stick when tractor is shut off. If it is a hydrostatic drive 656 you check after running a while and when it is still running. Hydrostatic drive tractor will check way over full when standing if level is correct when running.
  24. Cub Cadet 982

    The 3pt and rear PTO are worth $400 each, the rear tiller should be worth at least that much and the snow thrower $200-300. If you plan on using it much I strongly suggest getting a set of the rear end braces from Xtreme motorworks, they will keep the aluminum rear end from cracking if it isn't already from using the tiller.
  25. fleetgard filter question

    I believe it will they fit 400 series engines also they were a smaller diameter so they would clear the frame rails on the v8 tractors early 1066s came with the same filter later that got changed to the fatter one Case and fleetgaurd spec now
  26. Chevy Avalanche

    Looking at ads in my area, the price isn't way out of line based on mileage etc. A little high based on KBB. We will probably wind up with an F150 or tacoma. I'm not a fan of tiny compact cars. All she has ever driven is my 4 door F150, and she is comfortable with the size of it. For some reason she likes the looks of an Avalanche, I always thought they looked like a tonka truck. I think they are based on a Tahoe, not a silverado like Matt said. Thanks for the feedback.
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