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  2. Forgot that one, walker was awesome! Alex Cahill.... not so much. Dad dubbed her “the albino warthog”
  3. Don’t know if it’s camera angle but it sure looks like prototype was narrower than model that made into production. We aren’t 100 above all summer but we never had much ac problems with 1066 if you kept everything clean and condenser fans running.
  4. What happened with me is one of my 12 year old grand daughters wanted to hunt this year. She just got her hunter safety. So at her age and adult had to be with her. Dad drives OTR. So it fell to me. About 7 AM opening day we saw a nice doe in heavy brush. Not chance for a good shot. About 7:30 a small buck walked out, 10 yards. Grand daughter took forever getting on it. When she finally fired she missed. Kinda my fault. I didn't have the time or weather to get her shooting more. After all, wanna be like me? Remember, practice makes perfect!🤣!! Anyway Sunday afternoon a deer ran by so fast that neither of us got a shot off. That's all we saw. Part of the problem is they started combining corn. Those deer know. That combine is a dinner bell. Anyway my grand daughter is all wound up about hunting next year. And in the end? That's what really matters. I passed up stuff so she might have a chance. Got another 12 year old grand daughter who isn't interested in deer hunting.......yet. But she loves duck meat. So she wants to hunt duck. Not an issue. I love duck hunting! Just gotta find her a youth 20 pump. Want a Remington 870 but we will see. Once I get her shooting at ducks and geese? I'll get her a slug barrel! Funny but my SIL was looking at getting the grand daughter a 243 in the pink camo.........she wants an AR15 in 300 blackout! This is a little girl with 2 cats, 2 dogs and a rabbit. Ready to shoot Bambi who also gets mad at me every time i suggest we cook and eat her pet rabbit. I think I'll get my bow license and see if I can put a deer in the freezer yet. Rick....corrupting one little mind after another!
  5. Here is the Farmall MV gas engine, which is the same as a T-6. See #9 which is all the various cylinder sets and sets of 4 for this engine. You could maybe tell by the numbers what you are buying. https://partstore.caseih.com/us/TitanMachineryWatertown/parts-search.html#epc::mr59090ar176861 I could not find the 57320D part #. The problem is, will those high altitude sets work with your head? That is the question which no one can seem to be able to answer. If tearing the engine down, you could replace one of your pistons with one of the high altitude pistons with no rings and put in engine. Then set the head on without a head gasket. If the head will go down all the way, then slowly rotate the engine one full revolution. If new piston does not push the head up, then put a small piece of the kids play dough on top of piston and set head on again and rotate. Keep adding play dough until you get a full imprint on top of the piston. See how much clearance you have between the head and piston. I would guess you should have 1/4" minimum between the piston and valves/head. The high altitude pistons are for your area and are made for you. If the engine will work using your head, then go ahead and use. If there is any question about the pistons hitting the head, then don't use. Or could you use the new sleeves and rings and use your old pistons. If trying to do this, have your machinist verify this will work OK. Since you are only using for parades and some small work, throwing a new set of rings in your old engine may get you running well. Now you have some choices and you can make up your mind as to what you want to do.
  6. 1586 Jeff

    Mileage or age

    Zip it you!!!! You just had to poor salt in my wounds this summer by saying that the paper build stickers on the frame of your quarter million mile Dodge were starting, yes starting to peel away. And the frame on your Dodge out there is cleaner than a 1 year old truck here!
  7. I find that hard to believe. And even if it were true it wouldn't make sense to let em have at it for real as it was a staged scene for a movie and had to come out a certain way. I would bet that speeds and what was gonna happen when were all preplanned out to make the scene happen the way they wanted it. I will say this,my understanding of the tires back then is even good ones sucked compared to todays tires. Both cars probably had some traction and handling issues due to the tires of the time period. Also you gotta remember this scene has been touted as one of the early car chase movie scenes. They might not have had the science of how to make it happen worked out very well yet.
  8. IMO idiots will make it into a huge joke and overall it will be a failed effort. The US military has "Armed Forces Network" in remote areas (overseas and combat zones, AFN). They ran an anti drug ad in the 80's. Showed a service member working out or running and ended with that service member saying "Somehow it just doesn't make sense" . It quickly became a huge joke and anything that came down from command that was stupid had soldiers yelling "somehow it just doesn't make sense". Didn't see a reduction in the number of soldiers who tested positive for drugs either....... Because of past experience? I doubt this will help at all. I think what will help is to do like some other countries and at least impose the death penalty for drug trafficking. Thing is if imposed? You gotta carry it out. No delaying it 20 years. Rick
  9. I had a roommate in college that watched “Walker, Texas Ranger” like clockwork. He even arranged his classes around that show at least one semester.
  10. Offer em what ever your comfortable with. Worst they can do is say no. You can always come up or pass on it altogether. I always figured something was reasonable if i could get it half of new price and it was good condition. A few have told me the same over the years. I know that wont always hold true but a rough guide i go by. Something is only worth whatever the seller and buyer agree to. Thats gonna be different on a case by case basis.
  11. Looking good, Tony! Wish I would have gotten that done with mine before it got cold and nasty.
  12. db1486

    sawmill blue book

    I don't know of where there might be a blue book on these values, but I do know when we were looking for a bandsaw used ones were the same price as new, unless it was a old home made unit. Or a wore out mill. We ended up buying a brand new mill. Been very happy since there is warranty on it and it is nice in case something does happen to it. And the way prices have been going up like crazy every year we can probably turn around and sell it for more than it cost new. Actually I know we can. That's just how crazy it is
  13. Little Johnny shows up for school after being absent for 3 days. Teacher demands to know why! Little Johnny starts "well my pa sleeps in the raw". The teacher snaps "Johnny I don't care how your father sleeps! Why were you absent"? Johnny says "but teacher, you see my pa sleeps in the raw"......not the teacher is really mad and shouts "young man I'll give you one more chance"! Johnny says "But mam', I have to tell you what happened and how my paw sleeps is part of it". Teacher says "OK, but if you get nasty I'm sending you home"! So Johnny start again, "my paw sleeps in the raw. The other night he heard a commotion out at the chicken coop. He grabbed the old double barrel and ran out thinking a fox or weasel was trying to get the chickens. He got out there, opened the door, dog cold nosed him and I spent the last 3 days plucking chickens"! Rick
  14. That's awesome with the upspeed video, like Charlie Chaplin How much is diesel costing up there right now? Staff is adult now, grew up right before our eyes
  15. As you all know I'm an odd duck. I was the only kid in the burbs in NJ in the 60's that regularly (at first 4-5 years old looked at the pictures of tractors) and when I learned to read actually read Farm Journal. Dad had a subscription. I remember reading an ad for the TD 340 and loving anything with tracks thinking it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. Years later I was the only guy in 4/73 Armor BN at Panzer Kasern, Böblingen Germany in the mid 70's that had a subscription to Hoard's Dairyman. I really messed with my Platoon Leader at the time. He would harass me about being a hick. So every time he'd start talking about women I'd pipe up and say "sir, I bet she's sweeter than a stump broke heifer"! Rick
  16. Today
  17. I did not paint the 1468 but it appears to be single stage . I think another good rubbing and wax and it will be pretty hard to see ,unless you know were to look. Tony
  18. I know anything can be put on the internet. But I read somewhere once they had to hold the Charger back during filming of the Bullit movie cause the Mustang couldn't come close to keeping up.
  19. We read Wallace's Farmer in NW MO too. When I was going to school in Maryville, I killed time between classes in the library reading old Farm Journal / Successful Farming mags. I always got a kick out of reading old ads.
  20. Yes , Could use help , Keeping these girls up. lol I have 14 tractors , trying to keep them clean, Batteries good and not leaking acid, run each one every other month, change oils staggered schedule every three years . Keeping coolant fresh along with Antifreeze. Keep tires aired up, and every once in awhile see something that I can do better , takes a little effort and dedication , sometimes I get lazy. Wife and I lived out there last January to May during our house remodel . I actually got use to it and enjoyed it .lol Tony
  21. OH, forgot, I do have an 8N I'd part with.....😂😂🤣! Rick
  22. MD, Super MD, Super MDTA, 400 Diesel, 450 Diesel, ID6,
  23. I would suspect that an air cooled twin with 2500 hours is close to being due for a rebuild. Do you do anything else that really requires HP? I'ts a Hydro GT. Use about 3HP to run the transmission without any implements other than the mower. Up the HP? And leave it usable? Not really. You may gain one or 2 HP but not really enough to notice. The intake and exhaust will hamper you. That is unless you plan on really spending some money. Even them 5 or 6 HP at the outside. It's kinda like trying to up the HP on that old flat head Ford 8N. Doable but 2-3 HP is about what you can expect. So not really worth the money. Traction? What do you have for tires? AG bar tires help and just like a big tractor weigh help too. I have a GT with as much wind shield fluid in the AG bar tires as they will take. I want to say about 6 gallons each. Little lighter than CC or rim guard. But cheap. I also have rear wheel weights about 90 pounds per side. Mine is a Wheel Horse D200. Kohler 2 cylinder 20 HP. Mine has the factory 3 point and a Cat 0 system. I even have a couple of implements for it and a dozer blade. It's amazing what it will move. Don't know how the rear on yours is built. Mine is similar to the old Cubs. Cast iron rear end and a Sunstrand hydro. Just about bullet proof. IIRC they ran 25 HP though them without a hitch. Well as far as mods? I took an old dozer blade and fitted it. Got a Zero turn to mow with and new 5' brush mower for the 860 Ford. Rick
  24. Mr Plow beat me to it but probably not much left in a 2500 hr 20 hp Mag engine You won't hurt the tranny but may bust the rearend loose from the frame Ag tires and weights
  25. I would sooner have vanna white pick me a letter on wheel of fortune. that lady does not seem to age. thansk
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