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    Identity Theft

    Don't know why some people can't make an honest living like the rest of us. I got a text message on my cell phone from what appeared to be from the Virginia State Lottery saying I had won some cash and there was what appeared to be an 800 number to call. I may be dumb but ain't stupid to fall for that so I just deleted the text message. About a minute later I get a Fraud Alert text from my bank stating that my Debit card had been used in Virginia. It is my Wife's and I joint account and of us has a card for that account , my card number was the only one they used . Heck my card was in my billfold at the time plus I am half way across the country in South Dakota and have never been to Virginia in my life. I immediately called my bank , my Wife works there , the a**holes had already stole money out of our account in the matter of less than 2 minutes after I got the text . Cancelled my card immediately and will be issued a new card . The bank filed a dispute on the transaction to get the money back but it will take few days. The transaction did originate somewhere in Virginia. If some people put forth as much effort trying to make an honest living as they do figuring out how to rip someone off they would be millionaires honestly. Where the heck do they even get a cell phone number to even send a text ?
  3. sandhiller

    Glass of Milk taste good once in awhile

    Nothing was as good when my neighbor kept a cow and would let me milk her anytime family needed a couple of gallons. Nowadays I still drink a glass of milk every morning. Red cap whole milk, the rest just seems watered down to me.
  4. 88power

    cage nuts for 1066 hoods

    Lorenzo buddy I ain't been on here long but from what I've seen you got all kinds of neat stuff
  5. Atilathehun99

    Glass of Milk taste good once in awhile

    I drink 1.5 to 2-gallon/wk of whole milk.
  6. stickandtin

    Old IH drill

    Can anyone help ID the model of this drill and years it was made? It does not have a galvanized seed box. No fertilizer or small grass seed box. It has 16 drops spaced 10” apart. Single disc openers. Manual, not a trip drill. Has IH stamped on some parts. Has the “pineapple” gears. Seeding chart is gone. Would like to know how to set it or where to find an operators manual. Closest thing I found on line that looked like it was a McCormick-Deering but no model number was listed. Thanks for your help!!
  7. 560Dennis

    Farmall 560 Need help!

    This link might be of help
  8. stickandtin

    986 leaking clutch assist

    I bought the kit from CaseIH. Thanks for the info
  9. mader656

    fencing pictures

    Not much going a project when I get home now. Finally covering the tyvek siding I've had for 5 years...
  10. KWRB

    6 Cylinder M. How's It Done?

    OMG I think I just fell in LOVE!
  11. Today
  12. TomH

    Glass of Milk taste good once in awhile

    Yes a nice glass of cold milk hits the spot! A whole sleeve of saltines and I'd need my own private cow to wash all that down.......
  13. MarkG

    Err....Interesting 86 series cab

    We should pray for the person. He's obviously on drugs!!
  14. Eric Farley

    DALLAS 806

    The Dallas tractor was purchased new from Mahaney International in McKinney Texas and Ike worked land around that area. Mahaney and Meaders had had a long standing disagreement over territory and finely came to an agreement that Mahaney would only sell trucks and Meaders would only sell ag equipment. So Whitewright became the closest ag dealership. About year or two after it was filmed, it was hauled to the dealership in Whitewright be repainted. Also the salesman grew up in McKinney and knew Ike, so that may also have played a part as to why it came to Meaders. I was pretty young at that time and was excitied that I was the one got to paint it. When it came in it didn't have a cab on it so most likely the different cab was installed at a later time. The salesman wound buying the tractor a few years later, and As far as I know its still sitting on the salesmans farm about 8 miles from me.
  15. MTO

    stolen hay

    Never said for OP to give them hay Rick. Said "maybe someone could donate some hay" Read it again please. Don`t care if thief is a drunk either. OP doesn`t care if I ever retrieve all my stolen stuff. Horse rescues, right. They are PACKED/broke all because we support horse racing/horse breeders/dog racing/breeding/breeding breeding etc etc etc. When I take on an animal/job/task, I commit to it. Not just get rid of it for someone else to take care of MY responsibility. The offer to find these or any animals food stands today or any day. Animals, unlike humans, are at our mercy. Rick, this isn`t about me being right. But it is with you. So with that let me say "Uncle" Anxious to hear from the OP too. He started the topic.
  16. Farmall1066

    IH 1456 official winter project

    Yes factory green back lit gauges. Clear bulb, but green inside the gauges.
  17. Farmall1066

    cage nuts for 1066 hoods

    Forget about what’s in the catalog, what’s behind the catalog?? 🧐🤔
  18. Ihfan4life

    stolen hay

    I’ve read the comments here. My take; MMI had hay STOLEN on numerous occasions and wants restitutions on it. He knows who took the hay. Sheriff department for whatever reason doesn’t want to deal with it, which leaves MMI desperate and frustrated about the whole situation. I don’t blame him for feeling like that, I would too. Mark, out of the kindness of his heart suggests that MMI just GIVE the hay to the thief. Even offered to get some hay together for the cause. MMI is insulted by Mark’s attitude of just giving this guy hay after he STOLE it. I commend Mark for the gesture of giving someone in need a helping hand, but I still am going to side with MMI over feeling insulted by it, the guy STOLE hay from him. Now the s-storm has begun! If this guy had approached MMI about the situation, MMI might have been inclined to give him some hay, but this guy clearly saw the need to STEAL. The ONLY reason to GIVE him hay now is to shame him and perhaps by doing so will start to Mae him see the error of his ways. Doubtful, but WWJD( what would Jesus Do) By Mark suggest he give this guy hay, like it’s no big deal would be similar to Mark changing this guys oil and putting new tires on, for free. I HATE thieves. The only thing worse are liars. CASE CLOSED 😎👍
  19. iowaboy1965

    stolen hay

    Dont think the horse is sick, way i read it horse is what they call an easy keeper that only needs grass hay or will get overweight. Guy is stealing alfalfa hay that will be too rich for this horse. My interpertation of post, and yes i have a hard time decifering his posts as well. Animal needs to go to someone who can take care of it without stealing to do so imo. Hard to know the horse owners true story as we are not local to him but as described his character sounds pretty iffy. Mark your heart is in right place for the animal and hats off to you for that my friend.
  20. KWRB

    stolen hay

    In the interest of Kumbaya, I'd add that I very much agree with Tanker that they should give the damn horses away. There are rescues for horses.
  21. KWRB

    stolen hay

    I'm generally trying to stay out of the fray, but I do feel very strongly that giving of one's free will, which is I think what MTO was implying is most certainly NOT socialistic. In fact, it's why socialism sucks. Socialism implies that we do not give appropriately that which we've earned or with which we've been blessed, and so it must be taken from us under threat of gunpoint, imprisonment or loss of property, whereas a free society would include people who do freely give, only they do so because THEY feel it's right, not because some self-appointed arbiter of "fair shares" says so. Now maybe the OP has it to give, maybe he doesn't. Maybe he wants to give it away or he doesn't. My point is, In think MTO is trying to say MTO would give it away, if it were him. It's a free(ish) country, and he's offering one idea that OP could take or not take. But, suggesting giving something of one's free will is again, definitely NOT socialism.
  22. The injection pump on mine was stuck when I got it. make sure you drain the pump crankcase and put fresh oil in it. I think you can use screwdriver under the plungers to make sure they are loose. Mine also had sticking start valves, a broken ball link under the rocker arm shaft. There is a ignition switch block in the end of the intake manifold that is usually bad, I had to bypass mine . Starting procedure is quite complicated and is different for each tractor, so you have to exp. to find which works on your engine. The clutches do stick real bad if let set very long. mine was stuck when I sold it and had only sat in the shed for 1 year. thanks; sonny
  23. Jaycornyn

    IH 885XL 3pt lift problem

    It has the pick up hitch and it working. We haven't used it for anything but we tested it before buying and once after we baught it.
  24. Ron Cook

    Vintage Ads

    I sure would like to have that cultivator for my Super A. Well, at least that many parts to set mine up. Nice photo. Ron
  25. 1586 Jeff

    When they shut off your gas but your hungry

    At the firehouse we are told that those are signs of a Meth lab......
  26. Ron Cook

    Best restaurant in Minnesota

    That's the place. I don't remember the name either. Stayed out of there, as I didn't think much of getting shot. Once in awhile the Hitchingpost would fill up with bikers. Look outside and see the Law was over at the biker bar. Ron
  27. Ron Cook

    Best restaurant in Minnesota

    I looked at a satellite view. Where I used to go, the hitchingpost, appears to be gone. I was there in 1981. Mostly 2-lane highways. And good times. Except friday nights after 4 PM on Ten. Of course I flew until dark, so for the most part the bumper to bumper traffic was just something I looked down at and chuckled. I never thought Brainerd was worth all that mess. Ron
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