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  2. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    I hope that you are asking a rhetorical question, or being facetious, because ALL one has to do is look no further than the entertainment 'industry', and the types of 'artistes' and the garbage they promote, and who they market it towards. Funny that the SEWAGE sees this as "artistic license": Or, movies from this worthless LIBERAL POS, as "must see entertainment": Nah, LIEBERALSIM made this bed, and just as they always do, they deny any and all responsibility for its creation, and the consequences coming from it.
  3. Increased the herd

    Looks nice!
  4. Request for thoughts and prayers.

    Prayers... Sid
  5. Truck titling - are there any options?

    Hah sad how that works... When you can pull any weight you want as long as it's a rv.
  6. Frozen septic lines

    Now wait a minute Kevin! My downspout freezes! =)
  7. 450 Diesel project

    Charlie's Repair.
  8. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    My problem myself is trying to put my finger on what main factors are driving this killing desire among these students. I lived through school bullies/fights/liars/thieves/headstrong teachers/principals/dangerous bus drivers/ bus drivers having affairs with female students/hard work/no money. I had a rifle on my pickup gunrack.... I killed/shot at/thought of killing nobody. Why do they want to kill? Is it that today`s students have NOT experienced what I listed above? This hatred for others escapes me. And btw, nice to hear from you Tila. OOH! Does that label me as a LIB?!!!!!
  9. Inter 454 Drive Problem

    When you move the selector lever to speed 2,3,4 can you feel the gears meshing or does the lever move freely with no resistance? Have you checked linkages to make sure nothing is unhooked/broken or out of adjustment?
  10. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    All good points I'll consider. Tough because the Farmall was such a leap in comparison. And I will ping Smoker about Doug's 8-16. Really want to shoot one of those--I never have and they are one of my favorites.
  11. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    That's a very interesting point. 560 recall is overblown, I agree 100%. And while the machine was a major departure for IH, it was not an innovation to the market. I will probably take that out. I was considering McCormick-Deerings for reasons you cite, plus the fact it is very interesting comparison to Regular (design by committee versus innovation of one individual, Burt Benjamin). Downside to the McD's is the design was essentially a very well-engineered version of the Fordson. Engine was high-tech for the time and lifetime bearing warranties amazing . . . def food for thought. Perhaps, yes. On the bubble at the moment.
  12. Today
  13. Super MD Questions.

    You can check the casting codes on block or head and see if they are in the same time frame as the rest of the tractor. Is 9222 close to the tractor ( on clutch housing) #? 1952 Date code X, 53-Y, 54- Z.
  14. decals

    Maple Hunter
  15. New turbo for 1586

    I don’t think the old turbo had the sleeve. It was an aftermarket with a rebuilt tag on it. If there was a sleeve it was so rusted it became one with the turbo. Besides I had to cut it so I could get the grinder to the mounting bolts that were seized up. This confuses me because it says that the 1486 and 1586 doesn’t need the sealing rings. Even on the Case IH app it doesn’t show the sealing rings on the 1586. I wasn’t sure if it was like a press on fit that sealed them.
  16. AR upper receiver

    The 6.5 Creedmoor is really taking off and has some great ballistics.
  17. Old time photo of a 1206 super stocker

    I KNEW I should have gone to the NFMS this year....That is indeed very cool! RedMan--Ask your dad if he remembers Joe Bachmann. Joe goes to our church, and still has the 4010? he used to pull with in 1968 in Louisville sitting in the shed. He told me he thought it was actually the first tractor to pull a sled that year. That's what I remember him saying anyway--maybe I've got it all mixed up! Tractor has pretty much been returned to stock and was used for farming, but the pulling tires are still sitting right behind it! Would have been really cool to have both green and red facing off....
  18. Wire Harness

    I also found a roll of the, what appears to be the old cotton asphalt impregnated, tubing the wires ran in on the H & M's. It made it look factory, but that is getting a bit anal, but it does look nice. I got a lot out of Del City and also the wire from Most is normal vinyl coated wire with a cloth coating over the outside. Only the H & M's and prior used this type of wire. Solder and heat shrink is the way to go. Better than anything you will buy.
  19. Truck titling - are there any options?

    Buy your truck and trailer Build sides and roof on on trailer to make it look like a travel trailer. Tow it anywhere, anytime as long as you want with any license and never get hassled for weights and plates :-)
  20. Frozen septic lines

    Glad you got it! The next solution was to burn the house down and hope the heat thawed it......
  21. Looky what I found!

    Yes, I was somehow thinking that the cross rows were diagonal but no, they were perpendicular now that I recall the whole mechanism. The idea was that they would drop an entire hill's worth at the same time from each row and if you placed the wire end correctly you would have rows facing at right angles to each other. Could there really be that much wire on that spool? With the knots its pretty thick. My guess wouldnt be more than maybe 5 to 700 feet!
  22. Why??? 1206 top link

    The broken one on the bottom would be the latest one in the series. It has the heavy cast center. So with 6 there, you likely have more revisions than you think. That CLAW end has a part number stamped in it and you likely have 2-3 different ones of those if you look close. I do also see that you have the ultra rare black one at the top of the photo. It fits an 88 series. PM me if you need any parts. I have springs, eyes, finger pull rods, and stainless steel balls in Cat II and Cat III. My covey has 8 of those claw end links at this time. They make good trading material.
  23. Frozen septic lines

    Here's a million dollar idea for someone. Embed the heated wires in the pipe and work out a way to energize it when needed. again for short runs it would be well worth paying 5x the cost of standard pipe to have something that would thaw itself. materials (specifically pipe) are pretty minimal in a sewer system, so adding that cost should t be a big deal.
  24. Inter 454 Drive Problem

    Assuming 4 is fast and 1 is slow the only forward motion in getting is in 1 low range and reverse.
  25. Super MD Questions.

    One more question, can someone tell me the year of the engine by the serial number? Here is what I believe is the engine serial number: FDBKM 9222
  26. Frozen septic lines

    When and if you run a new 4" sewer pipe , Sleeve it inside an 8" sewer pipe , Make sure the sleeve is sealed well on the ends ( to keep groundwater out) , install 2 clean-outs in sleeve to grade, More than likely it will never freeze if it does hot water or air into the clean-outs will thaw it , The sleeve gives all the insulating you should need with the air gap ,, More than likely your existing pipe settled and let the water sit in the pipe and start freezing , a properly sloped pipe will rarely freeze .....
  27. NY Auction

    I'm a fan of those cabs myself. Just look different. That 826 was a good lookin ' machine. If 15699 can be found I sure wouldn't be disappointed if it was wearing a decent diamond cab. All his tractors looked good to me.
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