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  1. Did the do gooders ever solve the Sea Lion problem in San Francisco bay. The "large cute blubber mounds" would climb up on vessels in the paid for arena and sink the small boats, being protected they could not be removed from your private boat. Was a big deal when we left the area in 1992 and relocated to North Texas. I like the Sea Otters, while on a gun shoot off of San Clemente Island they could come out by the ship and float on their back and eat abalone, by breaking the shells with a rock that must have had in a pocket! apparently sight seeing, totally oblivious to the the loud boom of a 5" 54 gun going off from 500 feet away. Bored sailors, not involved with the gun fire exercise would feed them treats from the ships Galley. Military operations can actually be entertainment! The 5" gun was on the bow of the ship and the Sailors would be on the rear fantail/stern, even then they were not supposed to be on the weather deck with a gun exercise going on.
  2. DITTO for this area. Good quality used guns are for sale at many gun retailers but I was looking for a little used FOX SBS double in 12 gauge, owner was very kind to point out that it was not available in North Texas USA.
  3. We added aircraft tires to the front end of out 464 mower tractor. technically they are H-950-31-16- 16 ply. Basically they are 9.5" wide and 31" tall, much wider than the pizza dish 700-16 stock tires The wider tires really make a difference in field damage after a soaking rain and the AC 16 ply will support the tractor with 5 PSI of AP. Only down side I have discovered is I had to put the off-set out to keep the mud off the front spindles. The flotation was a freebee, we got the AC 16 Ply to keep the Maclura Pomifera THRONES out of the fronts!
  4. Let me see, I purchased my pump handle grease gun in the 70's and it still works. Cost less than $!0. I think I have saved enough over the years on batteries to pay for a set of rear 13.6X28 R1's.
  5. I can see a large machine like the 8630 being expensive because based on how it is configured it could require permits to haul on the highway system. A little utility like a 464 that only weighs 5500# and could be moved on a car-hauler is ridiculously expensive to get moved. I once drive our little mower 464 35 miles back to the barn because fuel only cost 2 gallons and 2 hours seat time. PLUS it was actually a nice trip down back roads with very little traffic. For less than 10 miles I prefer driving the tractor over MESSING with hauling. I have been given sage advice that some high flyer in a Superduty will someday ruin his F series when they hit a pile of cast iron/steel so for safety sake never move a tractor on a public road after dark!.
  6. I have a real estimate for moving a commercial vehicle with air brakes in the local area (5 miles or so) for 1/2 hour of shop time, including a jump start if the batteries are down. All parties are assuming the vehicle is drivable. This is not a tow service but the repair shop is sending over their service truck and providing a commercial driver and picking up the vehicle for some rear wheel seal work and DOT safety inspection. Based on what you folks are charging just to haul we are getting a good deal.
  7. It's all about effort and intent. I set up some raised flower beds and planted some gourds a few years ago. Around Thanksgiving took several coffee cup sized gourds to my Sons Doctors office and gave them to the techs that I have gotten to know over the years. With a straight face I told the group that they cost at least $20. each in top soil and fertilizer so we should appreciated as good patients!
  8. 93 K2500 Suburban verses a GILLIG 30 foot bus. Let it be known that the 23,000# EW Cummins ISC 8.3 bus won the match Actually not some sort of test. Just a comparison of the width of a normal vehicle verses a 102" wide commercial vehicle. Something I have to keep reminding myself of as I work with the the big dog Gillig,
  9. This 93 is not a square body but is an 8650 GVW K2500 454 4.11 10.5 RE with Chevy red gloss paint. And higher compression pistons and an RV cam that passed SMOG test on its 24 th year! No rust 3 owner Sub first sold in UTAH in 93, Actually have the original dealer window sticker.
  10. A person never really knows how they will respond in a situation like that until it actually occurs. We train and retrain but are never really sure! Her finest reward for the rest of her life will be that when the time came she responded correctly.
  11. I say it is still the American Companies attempting to make a quick buck by the low Chinese wages. They did not have to divest in the USA and invest in China in the first place. I saw the electronics development moving off shore in the 60's every one was happy to purchase cheap offshore color TV's, the traditional American brands made a fortune off the cheap labor, the American Electronics Industry ended and that is why we ended at the mercy of off shore production in 2020. The only electronics made in the USA any longer is some of the propitiatory military electronics Essentially no component electronics is designed or developed in the USA any longer. We could not have a war with China because there would be no parts to keep the boats on the water or the planes in the air. Wouldn't be at all surprised to find piece parts for ground troops or possibly their uniform materials made in China.
  12. What U-joint is that, had to determine from a picture by that one looks undersized and Fordish. I am thinking our Cummins Dodge had larger U-joints. 4150? Our mighty fine 73 Dodge came to us in 99 with u-joints with the rollers totally gone from the caps. Little noisy but got us 5 miles to our garage. Worst drive shaft I have ever seen that still powered the car. Good luck with your project.
  13. That is also my contention, when the American Companies moved production to Red China the slave drivers running the operation started up a 3'rd shift making the same product selling it at a large discount back to the USA. During the day it is Snap-on at night it is Shesin or whatever. The Chinese did not steal any production, it was given to them by the American Chinese Handlers at GE/Cummins/Stanley/Milwaukee/Dewalt/etc/
  14. For my edification could please post a picture of your SSSD 256 KB 8" inch floppy drive that you have accessed with a windows 10 application to view PDF files in 2020. PDF itself is not the issue for long term use. Accessing the digital media the file is stored on is the long term issue. When the Cloud concept was first introduced to our data center in 2001, I didn't like the concept then and still have not changed my mind! Oleman still open for new knowledge.
  15. The other day my Son sent me a Catholic Bible that he got off Ebay dated 1872 in Arizona USA. How many of you folks really think any of the electronic media sill be viable 148 years in the future. As an old tech-geek, I am still looking for a drive for an 8" 256 KB floppy drive that I used to back up my last CPM /80 Z80 system in 1983. On a serious note: Computer system backups have to be routinely updated to whatever the current backup media happens to be to make it 10 years much less 148 years!!. I hope the Decoration of American Independence is still on paper!!!
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