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  1. oleman

    The Dog Thread

    This dog is a cat. She was feral given to me at about 6 weeks old in 2004. She never was really tame. Once she was gone for 6 weeks, showed up at the back door lean and mean looking. An avid hunter she caught doves looking for food on the ground, baby rabbits and large rats were her specialty. She would bring them home to share with me. Last seen in 2017, I think the neighborhood coyotes finally got her.
  2. oleman


    IMO: Healthy piglets and sows are decent eating BUT a mature un-neutered male is GARBAGE even as well seasoned sausage. The consensus in this area is that if you want to use the feral hogs as a food source you need to live trap it and then feed for several months with a vet check-up before slaughter. While in a holding pen they should always be isolated from other farm animals.
  3. oleman


    San Clemente Island off the coast of California is was the USN Pacific Gunnery Range. It has goats to hold down crap brush and trees and a small contingent of people. Occasionally goats fall to a shipboard navy gun in surface mode. Gunnery practice is/was normally close-in at 2K of 4K yards, 1 or 2 nautical miles.
  4. Decided to drain the AC tank. Must of had 2 gallons of liquid in the 20 gallon tank. N0 rust apparent, just oily liquid. Old 1975 Sears sold compressor, overhauled in 2011, and last air tank drain, On a truck with a 1 cylinder holset compressor, how oily is normal for the wet tank?
  5. I have a true temper 10# American made sledge that came from Walmart about 10 years ago. I have over headed it on a lot of steel and concrete, no evidence of abuse except the handle where I missed the mark a few times. My best guess is poor quality steel that was improperly hardened.
  6. oleman


    When I was a kid in the Coastal Area of South Carolina in the late 40's and 50's everyone raised a few hogs for food and market. Nothing I know of better than good cured ham and bacon. One of my relatives owned many acres of swamp, he just turned the hogs loose and kept in touch with them by feeding them at the same place all the time, when time for sale he would trap them in a catch pen and load them up. The same swamp provided Deer, wild turkey and various varmints that he trapped and was part of the fur industry during that time. He owned 2 calibers of guns 22 and 12 gauge. Had a H&R hand gun for self defense and trapped critters and a Browning semi auto rifle every animal he took except for the turkeys was with one of the 22's. He also had a 30-30 Win model but never saw it outside the gun cab.
  7. My down the alley neighbor has homes in Santa Fe, NM (summer house) and McKinney, TX (winter house). His solution is remotely monitor and to pay a contractor to check the property he is not occupying. I attempt to minimize our liability with as much concrete as possible.
  8. Our truck is a bus, rear engine Cummins ISC, with an automatic transmission and 30,000 GVW so requires a commercial license and a bus indorcement for passenger service. Since no serious bus has a manual transmission, will our driver still have to take the manual xmission stuff to get a CDL?
  9. oleman

    not a gun guy

    I don't see this as beyond reach for a lifetime of use. Limited Edition 50th Anniversary No.1 Model Number: 21308 Caliber: 308 Win StockHigh-Grade American Walnut SightsBlade Barrel Length22" MaterialAlloy Steel Twist1:10" RH Capacity1 FinishSatin Blued Weight7 lb. Overall Length38.50" Length of Pull13.50" Grooves5 Suggested Retail$2299.00
  10. oleman

    not a gun guy

    I like the Ruger #1 Single. Over the years it has been released in almost every caliber imaginable. Ours is a .458 WM, fine for a 3 round sight in! In .243 it should be a puppy dog.
  11. No snow down here. Not even a freeze projected over Thanksgiving. Another hail storm expected on Friday. First one since my roof and car were totaled in Mar 19. Sometimes I miss the nice weather we had in Napa County Ca, then I remember the Quakes.
  12. I grew up around a guy who was the youngest member of a fairly well to do family. His first name was METZ. He always had the largest machines and the first self propelled combine I ever saw. Went to trade school and owned his own machine shop even had a Bridgeport. When his Father died he inherited everything in the family. Shortly after that he did some housing development and became fantastically rich for awhile and became a private pilot with his own grass landing strip got his own Beechcraft Bonanza. The shine was still on the planes paint when he clipped a power line attempting to land under perfect conditions. Fortunately there were no passengers on board, official ruling was his demise was pilot error, due to lack of experience. Nice guy always 1 step ahead of good sense.
  13. oleman

    Tesla pickup

    Why not simply use a utility tractor for going anywhere the side-by-side can go? We have to have the tractor anyway!
  14. Personally I would install a V345 and never look back, would be a stock installation prior to 1975. With a doghouse I can see a DT466 or Cummins C but many $$$ and time.
  15. oleman


    I was in the USN at Great Lakes Naval Training Center going to Electricians Technician School on that day in 63. Remember it well! For a sizable entry fee today you can get to see Oswald's view from the the book storage facility where the shots were fired in the West/South end of Dallas. Every possible conspiracy theory is also basically documented at the museum. TOO bad WE had to suffer through that situation!!
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