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  1. Anyone buy this truck/commercial?

    Synthetic 0W999 obviously with a Fram farm guard filter
  2. Anyone buy this truck/commercial?

    Always known the superiority of the Ford pickup, still have an 88 2WD SRW F350 460 C6~!
  3. Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    How about not practical in most situations?
  4. Chevy Avalanche

    Don't see why this model would be different from the C1500 it is based on. Everyone brags on the new model gm v8 (except me). Price of trucks is a regional issue. The young high paid engineers I worked with at the Cellular infrastructure business I worked at loved them when they were first introduced. Sort of large for a 16 YO. Around this area a Benz C model would be a better fit. Seriously you can buy a new Nissan Versa for the same price and get a warrantee and financing! And it will not consume oil!
  5. D-179 Turbo

    Believe the DT engine was imported into the US in a small excavator and possibly a crawler. So it should have some parts support. Never looked at the newer D-179 powered machines until today. Based on the Tractor Data website the 3220 is basically an updated 454 which the predecessor to our 464. If the TD web is correct the 3220 came with 16.9X28 tires. That's a lot of tire for 50 HP. Our 464 is on 13.6X28 and that is plenty of tire for the 50 HP engine. Too much traction will make a machine doggy!
  6. My unpopular opinion.

    I have had only one failure of points that was not predictable. It was on of all things, my International V304 powered Travelal. I left the ignition on all day while I worked and killed the battery. When I jumper it to start it refused to run. On checking it was due to the points burning out because they came to rest just before they made or broke and burned to a crisp. Actually I have never worked for real money except in electronics. Most recent job was in computer support for a major player in the wireless industry. Also worked for years for a major player in the chip industry in product support. One of my first electronics projects was a capacitive discharge ignition system for my 59 361 CI Desoto Firesweep in 1965. All the parts were paid for by the tax payers via the USN supply system. Has always been my personal; philosophy that a person should be knowledgeable about any subject they encounter in their lifetime. Spending 20 years in the USN and working on military electronics on various ships all that time gave me an excellent knowledge for just about any subject. The last ship was gas turbine powered, new mechanics that I learned about. My farming and tractor and live stock dates back to a kid on the farm from 1948 to 1963. Working for pennies in the military, I had to repair my own vehicle if I had one!! So I always stayed current on vehicles.
  7. Fordson F Tractor project

    I have never been around anything splash lubed with out some kind of an oil pump for the cam and mains BUT the only complex engine was a 215 CI GM I6 and that had a 15 PSI oil pump with splash rods and dippers. That is actually a modern engine that was last built in 1953. We need to get the owner of this posting to give advice!
  8. My unpopular opinion.

    Back in the days when all electric ignition system were fired by points the points were not a problem because every tech knew how to work with them. When I was a kid our family 215 CI powered 1952 chevy had points and babbit rod bearings neither was a problem that was not easily worked with. When the points wore out the engine would become hard to start or generate a high-load miss. I have never seen an engine along the side of the road because the points suddenly died. My first new car was a 66 Impala with a breaker ignition also never an issue with it. Also had DRUM brakes, never an issue with them either. Many early fords with breakerless ignitions were dead along the side of the road. I had an 84 Crown Victoria with FI and breakerless system it left me in strange places several times in the years I owned it. BUT Ford was unusually bad in the early years. The GM all in one distributor I have never had a an issue with. BUT the system in a 93 I have had problems with. The early electronic ignition systems were a large problem . My 66 Vette with an HP 427 engine had a breakerless ignition. Daily driving it was fine but a cross country trip killed it twice. Thing was not replaced under warrantee, cost me $150. in 1968 for repairs. Moving forward to the 1990's. We got my son a well maintained 74 Olds Cutlass Coupe powered by an Olds Rocket Motor with breaker point ignition system in 1998 The modern point system wore out in about 4-5K miles just like clockwork. We replaced a 78 Impala with it the old Impala was a 350 modular breakerless system never an ignition problem. If we could go back to 1966 and buy the high quality parts for a breaker ignition system or for drum brakes I would not have an issue with either but in 2018 it is sort of like Pi$$ing in the wind!
  9. Power steering

    Those brakes (if similar to the 464/454) have twin master cylinders and a proportioning valve prior to the the fluid going to the transaxle. Then there is the band type parking brake. Rube Goldberg personally designed this system and after spending hundreds of $ on ours, has never worked properly we just live with it.
  10. D-179 Turbo

    The CIH website parts manual has a DT-179 that was European so it was a factory option! Our D-179 engine is powerful enough for us so I see no requirement for a booster. Years ago when I first got the D179 I went through the part number differences and I remember correctly the engine internals were the same.
  11. Is your dog helpful?

    Our dog helps me keep my first aid skills honed treating myself for the bits that she readily gives when I get into her space!
  12. Loadstar fuse panel

    There is a circuit breaker in the headlight circuit. You need a service manual or go hand over hand to locate it.
  13. 584 engine

    Another question is what was the hot running oil pressure. The front cam bearing wears out and the oil pressure goes away. If the oil pressure is still good enough to keep everything lubed, and the power is not way down and it is just a hobby tractor you can live with issues. BUT I would put a total overhaul in the budget if this is a working machine used to keep the operation going. The Neuss engine is known to slobber when it is idled for a while especially when cold. After running at PTO speed running the shredder for several hours it burns clean and dry. I believe the keystone rings need work to make them seal properly.
  14. Friday the 13th weather :-(

    At about 1700 on 13Apr18, We missed a serious weather event by 1 mile. Have a freeze warning in effect tonight a little north of here. Not uncommon weather in this area for April.
  15. Living privacy fence

    There are HOLLY hedge bushes that grow very well down here in Texas and get to be 8' tall and create a real fence. There other species of hedges that also would work. Most will stay put where planted.