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  1. As of today, there are still P-51 flights available all afternoon on 24 April a 30 min session is $1,999. 50 Min $3,999. My all time favorite Military Plane and I could actually get to go for a ride. My excuse is that I get motion sick (their advertisement is pull some G's and I don't want to stink up their plane. I will go and visit and get some pictures. FIFI was also available for flights but sold out long ago, actually cheaper because more space available. Hope the weather is good for the event. FIFI flew over my house around 1030 today, the local regional a
  2. oleman

    IH Scout 80

    remember all the IHC 12V duty duty vehicles as being negative ground, just like the rest of the American vehicles in that era. My 1960 B100 was. 3 speed on the tree with a granny low .
  3. No freeze around here in last month or so. BUT is expected to be unusually cooler than late April normally is.
  4. Our little D179 engine will start about anywhere the controls are put when the weather is above 70F. When it's cold out below 40F you have to fish for the correct starting control position. This is after a major overhaul in 2009. Before that the starter was augmented with a 3/8" tow chain.
  5. In a survival course I took years ago I was told to never eat a mushroom unless you purchased it from a store. To many look-A-likes it takes an expert to determine eatable from poisonous. When I was in Seattle in 82 several recent immigrants from South East Asia were killed by eating what they thought were eatable mushrooms they found when picking wild blueberries. Poor folks went through a war of wars and came to a new Country to Die of senseless food poisoning.
  6. My Farmer Buddy, junk collector, came across a log splitter that was driven by a set of rollers that used the truck engine for power. Had a large cone screw to do the splitting. Basically the operator put a rear wheel on the rollers and then feed a log onto the screw. After I told him my life was worth more than that, he lost all interest. I believe he had visions of me being the operator and he would be the safety director. My Mom told me that Granpa ran a buzz saw off the rear wheel of their 28 Chevy BUT it had a flat belt pulley that replaced one of the drive wheels.
  7. Just wait until Amazon starts using them for package delivery and UPS starts using them for general trucking on interstates.
  8. Talked to my Brother up in Pueblo Co last night. More white gold expected today. His fully blossomed out peach tree lost all its 2021 crop. Hasn't been lower than high 40's in this area. My newly transplanted grape seedlings have not sprouted so far this season. Hopefully they will not come down with root rot.
  9. In the mail today was the reappraisal warning from the appraisal district. Without opening the letter you can bet your butt that the appraisal is up from last year.
  10. I learned all I know about wagon wheels from watching his videos. I am old but not old enough for spoke wheels. Especially interesting were the wooden spoked, pneumatic tired, heavy truck wheels. Also making the steel rims/tires for the 1200# borax water wagon wheels.
  11. There is a Guy on the internet who can rebuild the old wooden wagon wheels. He is engelscoachshop on youtube Jowelet (sp) Montana USA and made the rebuild of the 20 Mule Team Borax wagons. He has a new video every week. Currently working on a Democrat buggy. Total restoration including convertible top. That buggy has rubber tires and spring suspension and brakes right out of the late 1890's add 1 horse power and travel! He did all new wheels and carriage for the 20 Mule Team water wagon. 1200 # wooden spoke wheels. 3,000 gallon riveted tank. Yep, there are still Techs who can
  12. I have more cubic inches today than anyone I knew in the 60's. 460 CI Ford in an F350. Stock 3.55 gears Max RPM probably 4000. 454 CI Chevy in a K2500. 9.3 CR 4.11 gears TBI Truck heads with tiny valves max RPM about 4800. 440 CI HP MOPAR in a 74 Dart. Edelbrock 750 CFM 9.3 CR/ big Cam, Big Valve, Torqflite 727 3.25 gears Front Disc Brakes - ADDED Max RPM 6000. 505 CI Cummins ISC in an RV Max RPM 2350. AND a 100 CI Nissan Versa/Skate Max RPM 6500! rated at 105 HP
  13. The RR 383 ran well BUT the 375/390 440 just worked better. Interesting, to the best of my recollection there was only 1 BB Mopar CAR head, it was used in the 361 to 440 engines up until the smog engine came along in 72 and none of them had valve seats just bare casting. The 361 and 413 truck heads were unique to the truck heads with valve seats, different cooling flow and smaller diameter spark plugs. I still have a 440 installed in a 74 Dart. It has the heads off of a 65 413 car with large diameter SS valves, something Mopar never made or put on a BB. Another slow day in Texas.
  14. Wonder why is is so difficult for some people who dabble in junk can not be honest about the condition of their product?
  15. Not hard to figure why they come to our border! I made some Mexican Friends working for an International company with an affiliate in Mexico City. I went down to MC from Dallas to help them get some marketing together. Most had been to Dallas at one time or other. One left me with a thought, She said "Dallas is a big hot American city, good place to visit but not someplace where I would like to live. Same opinion I still have!
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