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  1. oleman

    Morals Check

    Supper tonight is Chinese Vegies and meat sauce over Indian Rice. Can I have some condolences so I want be considered a racist.
  2. Believe the Navy CB motto is "we can accomplish anything, the impossible just takes longer!!" By todays standards the head gasket is not that expensive, for a comparison an overhaul gasket set for a little GM 3100 V6 cost me around $200. in 1999. Yea, I overhauled the engine and within 2 months the trans axle went bad, sold it for scrap with all my time and $$ spent on the project. Nice looking tractor, at least you are lucky enough (to apparently) have a whole machine.
  3. When I was a kid, I had no spare tire and all the tires came from the rear trash of the local tire recapper. Had a flat one night about 3 miles from home. Attempted to drive the old 52 Chevy 3 miles on the front flat. After about about 1 mile the tube came out the face of the tire and ripped the head light wires out. I had to walk on home because I couldn't see to drive. Next day I drove the car to the house on the flat and spent a while saving up some money for real tires before I could drive it again. Couldn't harvest a scrap tire from the recapper because he started cutting a hole in the side wall for all his rejects. Such was life in the good old days in the South East USA.
  4. My brother and I are both over 70 YO, His contention is that everyone who dies in America today is put on the current "death by virus list", unless they are killed resisting arrest, virus list. He saw a report where a guy killed in a motorcycle accident was tested positive for the virus and his death was attributed to the virus! What we never see is the numbers of people who died every day in the USA during so-called normal times!!! There are a lot of people in the USA a large number can be a really small percentage of the whole number. The old axiom is still true: FIGURES DON'T LIE BUT LIARS FIGURE
  5. Get that Old Girl on the HALLMARK channel, it is all feel good and VIRUS is never in the lineup. Personally I alternate between FOX and Hallmark, never under any circumstances put on CNN and other crap channels.
  6. NOT on a 93 K2500. the spare is inside behind the left rear wheel and is a normal LT245X75R16E. You must be talking about the smaller Suburban in current production.
  7. We purchased a new car in 2013, I have never seen the spare tire and actually don't know if there is one in the trunk or not. It currently has 24,000 miles on it. Now our 93 Suburban K2500 gets a lot of attention it has a good spare and had air the last time I thought of it. EDIT: I just checked, the little Nissan Versa does have a spare, looks like the tire should be on a kids car and does have air. I have so many busted/broken/worn-out things to keep up with, things that cause no problem tend to be overlooked.'
  8. IMO an engine the size of a 466 family needs to be side mounted to an engine stand. Actually I side mounted our D179 engine on a Harbor Freight 1 ton engine stand. Using the normal adapter arms provided with the stand. The D179 is designed for side mounting with pads provided.
  9. IMO the real issue is we attempt to measure everyone with our self inscribed measuring stick. What gives us the right or obligation to describe what someone has done in their lifetime. No one is all good or all bad, many wear a veneer better than others and some have better handlers and protectors but we are all PEOPLE!
  10. I generally see spiders as helpful insects, same as the zebra wasps around here. Northern California is loaded with BLACK WIDOW spiders, fortunately they do not like people BUT like garden sheds and such. When my children were small we lived in Napa California, one of the first rules I taught them was never go in the garden shed or put their hands where they could not see what was in there. Once I was on a trip through New Mexico BEFORE FREEWAYS on a back country road, saw a spider so large it was clearly a spider when I was driving a Corvette at 60 MPH. I stopped turned around and went back too see the insect, it was as large as the palm of my hand and was not afraid of me. I stomped it to the happy hunting ground with my #12 shoe and moved on. I looked the insect up in the encyclopedia, determined it was a trap door tarantula , and eventually gained a different perspective of various insects.
  11. They also probably pencil in the right to access their rental area using what ever equipment they desire anytime they want for any reason! I can see it now, D8 Cat based trencher making a big mess out of a ready to harvest grain field.
  12. Woah, you spent far more then 20 seconds learning how to program and actually writing the code to set-up the machine to make all those precision cuts.
  13. Our 464 has no differential lock. No evidence that it ever had one. Service manual indicates it was an optional feature.
  14. Several of the IH loader backhoe models were that way. The loader and backhoe were basically part of the machine and not designed to be removed in normal use. I have never seen one of those in operation except for digging and back filling. A 3-point and PTO would just be in the way. Many people have told me that the 454/464/484 machines were just industrial models modded to be utilities. BTW the 1950's Cubs were absolutely ag machine intended for the small subsistence farm operation.
  15. AND best cost of any wall covering!! We used a fire resistant slurry brush-on paste over sheet-rock in our welding shop.
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