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  1. 3 cylinder gas and diesel engines are very common in small tractors. Read an article that said that 3 cylinder I engines are easier to balance than any other design. Saw a Deer 3 cylinder gasser engine, only one I recall. The perkins 3.152 was used in Massy and Ford tractors and many other machines that required a reliable 40 HP engine..
  2. This super C sold for $3150. US in OK on 20MAR19. Goes to show that running 0ld iron does not sell at scrap prices.
  3. I never use after market elixirs in my engines. BECAUSE I have not seen any engine mfg in my 60 years of running engines recommend them. Also have never had an engine failure due to lack of XYZ elixir. Probably saved enough money over the years to pay for a decent engine overhaul.
  4. In high school by buddies family car was a 52 Buick that we would take to school. Had a 2.5" nipple welded into the single pipe from the 325 ci (?) I-8 with the Dynaflo. With the cap off is sounded good. His other special feature was an old JC Higgins 12 Gauge with a 10 inch barrel and a pistol grip, under the drivers seat. He never shot anything, just for show.
  5. A gift should be something that the receiving person would like. It is for the receiver not the giver and teenage girls have no political corrective insight.
  6. oleman

    Gps question?

    How did we do it before GPS? The ancient Greeks had straight roads.
  7. This was the charge when delivered to their shop. The come to the field charge was $135. plus the tire charge and in this county only. Private tire dealer, didn't bother checking with the tractor dealers. They did my airplane front tires on the 464 for $15. ea delivered to them. Haven't had a flat in the past year so my prices may not be accurate today.
  8. We had NO snow or ice here this winter season, great rain fall last year so should be a good year for land mowing. pdated a few minutes ago 67 °F C 67° 37° Precipitation: 0% Wind: 4 MPH Humidity: 25%
  9. I have had to have several fronts and rears repaired, our little 28" tires are only $35, 16" are $8. well spent!!! Local Walmart did a rim change for 2 pickup tires for free!
  10. oleman

    An old tool

    I see that coming out of the military where some tech has to quickly get ordnance on a plane wing and it has a few sizes of fasteners.
  11. The 485 is essentially the same as our 464, with the D179 and Bosch VA FIP, in 10 years we have never had a starting problem after a filter change. This machine model is gravity feed, so the air is purged out of the system by gravity to charge the pump if there is an escape route. After replacing the fuel filters , the easy way to bleed a 464 is to crack open the fuel inlet line at the FIP, this will allow the air to escape from the new filters and fill the filters. The fuel should leak out at the open line or in any other leak in the system from the tank to the FIP. Since it is just gravity feed it can take several hours to fill up the system. After there is fuel at the input at the FIP, re-tighten the line and wait another few minutes and it is normally ready to start. (if you have gotta have it start now, use LP air and pressurize the fuel tank, just a few psi until the fuel is at the FIP) I leave it to gravity because we normally have no source of LP air. Running the starter to prime the input pump is only going to work after the input pump is filled from the fuel line because the input pump is not self priming. I have replaced the entire system after an engine overhaul, and later after an FIP replacement after the fuel got to the FIP start-up was about 1 minute of total cranking. Remember all the lines and FIP would have had air in them and I did crack open only one injector line to verify when the engine would be able to start. In January of 19 I replaced both CAV filters on ours with a single big truck filter, same fine results, after sitting over night I came back to find the fuel leaking out the cracked fuel line at the FIP, started right in just a few seconds. Did your tractor start and run correctly prior to your filter change? Good luck with your machine.
  12. Cast a wider net in your search. All the IH models 385,454,464,484,574,584,674,684,784, 84 hydro 87 hydro and others share the same service manual, always use the parts manual to identify parts and it is on line at CIH. Engines are looked up by engine not by application. But the Neuss German derived D179 through D358 (the odd ones are the D155 D246 and D310 with a shorter stroke or larger bore) in 3, 4 and 6 cylinder versions are all very similar. The D179 engine was used in many applications up until 1996 or so. The industrial versions are not in the normal service manuals but are essentially the same. Except, where is the service data for the loader and back hoe attachments? How is spring coming?
  13. Agree that is probably a Bosch VA BR FIP. How are the brakes? Our brakes are the last thing that still need fixin on the 464, disks / seals are worn out.
  14. Hate to tell you this but, If it has the same problem we had it is leaking from the main input to the injection head (the little hump in the middle at the top of the FIP) and leaking off the pump around the inspection plate. After running for an hour or so it would drip fuel, after discovering what a pump reseal would cost, I decided to run it until it HAD to be repaired, 3 years later with the original pump still leaking, I found, (what I discovered was good FIP) on ebay for $275. US plus shipping. I got it initially because I wanted a spare. Today it runs the little D179 with good governor action and no leaks, and the original is a spare. Both are VA CR FIPs. Did no pay any expert for o-ring replacement. Our 1977 464 machine has the CR IP externally the obvious difference is the fuel lines exit in line with the pump on the CR the BR exits at a radial angle. The tag on the FI pump (if it it still on) has model id numbers. The BR and CR interchange but each requires their own FIP to injector lines. Good luck with your project.
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