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  1. We currently run 3 diesels. A 1955 (so old that it's serial number is not listed by the Detroit parts books) 3-71 Detroit in a marine application, an IH D179 in the little mower 464 tractor and a Cummins ISC 8.3 in a Transit bus Motor Home conversion. To be perfectly honest, the Detroit is my favorite. No electronics, no fancy Bosch FI pump, no mechanical issues. A constant reminder of my years in the USN where Detroits were the most dependable and reliable workhorse engine in all small boats and emergency generators. When everything is correct the 3-71 will start up with a bump of the starter and it runs at a lower RPM than the Cummins ISC.
  2. oleman

    sweet potatoes

    Medium sized baked in a (hot) wood stove oven. Piece of fried fatback (salt pork) to eat with it.. Common food in the South Eastern US in the 40's and 50's. Also cooked them sliced and fried for breakfast. Today I only see them around Thanksgiving and I haven't seen any real dry curied salt pork in many years now. Good lick with your health issues!!
  3. Our diesels are run from fuel at the local truck stop. Loves stays on top of the correct fuel and their price is good. Murphy at Walmart is also good. No fuel issues but we're in an area where the coldest I have seen in the past 20 years was +5F and that was just a few hours.
  4. oleman

    Rain rain rain

    Send some down to the South West, has been the hottest and dry-est fall in recent history,
  5. Hex headed through-hole studs. Left hand securing threads right handed bolt together threads. Another oddity is they have 1/2" hex heads and metric threads. First time I ever saw these was in Oct 2019. They are the studs that attach the master cylinder to the hydro boost on a Chevy K2500 in 93.
  6. oleman

    radio antenna

    You are getting a good price. The correct antenna for our old 83 K2500 Suburban cost me over $50. Yea AC/Delco! The 36" loop antenna attached cost over $200. it would also work on a tractor making the operator a space cadet. It is a .5 MHZ to 50 MHZ direction finding antenna that also has a very low noise preamp making the loop expensive.
  7. I could observe that if there was no market for stolen goods there be much less stealing!! Don't ban battery powered tools ban pawn shops!!
  8. My motto with the 464 is if in doubt add more hydraulic oil, so long as it does not leak out the dip-stick port it should be fine. BUT a higher oil level could discover previously undiscovered leaks.
  9. Also most installations with a D179 could easily have a replacement D239, same basic engine with an extra cylinder.
  10. Believe standard radiator solder is sn60 tin/pb40 lead and melts at 190C /374F requiring a 300C iron to solder Electronics solder is SN63/PB37 and melts at 183C or 361F Low temperature electronics solder contains silver and is costly. It melts at 179C/354F. This stuff flows nicely and sticks like glue on a prepared surface. This is not silver solder, that is almost entirely silver. I bought a 3' stick of .025 silver solder recently (one small wire 3' long) it cost $65. from Mcmaster. The 2% silver electronics solder is $110. per pound.
  11. I would fill in the scrape in the radiator with low temperature electronics solder that melts at 370F. It is easy to get an area to that temp without melting any existing. solder. You can use a 300W large tip iron and liquid rosin/electronics flux on a clean surface. Better to make the repair now prior to it leaking to head off a bigger problem,
  12. oleman


    While my Dad worked on a commercial vegie farm we had more potatoes than we knew what to do with 12 month farming near Charleston S.C.. As a 14 YO I picked up potatoes after the digger had lifted them for 25 cents per 1/2 bushel. There was no automation just cheap labor and drag behind Super C' s equipment. There would be tons of culls and rejects at the packing sheds, that employees could take so long as we did not go into business. Those little spuds were not shipped because there was no market in the early 50's. Once they shipped a rail car load of #1's to Chicago, after the auction the owner received a bill for the load because they sold for so little that they did not pay for the freight. Such was vegie farming in the 50's. Today the farms are gone, land sold for housing for the new folks who moved from the Great North for a better climate.
  13. Ross Perot was correct on NAFTA, and many other of the early 90's issues that were ignored by Clinton and Bush.
  14. oleman

    6.2 Chevy diesel

    You can get a commercial base and appropriate filter, WIX parts from Rockauto base is around $30. filter is cost based on size and configuration. If you can find the space a Cummins ISC filter for a motor home would be great.
  15. My brother owned several Ford Dexta's over the years they had a 3 banger version of the D4.212 a D3.152. Fine engine with a run forever attitude and decent power. Our 464 with a D179 would out pull it but it had more cubes better gearing and weight.
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