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  1. I often watch this guys videos but some appear to be staged just for his Youtube channel.
  2. They parked it nose down in drive and got out to check on something, like will it float?
  3. Once I was at the hospital with my Wife. The appointment took a long time and we were in a hurry to get home to the kids. As we were exiting the parking a car behind me started blowing their horn. My first reaction was to get PO'd, but stopped to check on them. My wife had left her purse on the top of the car when she got in and we would have been in a terrible mess if they hadn't have warned us. Fortunately the purse had remained on the roof and nothing was lost: life time lesson for me. I always pay attention to warnings from strangers!!
  4. Many years ago when dynamite was readily available my neighbor had teenage boys who went fishing in the local creek with a 1/4 stick. Fortunately I was too young to observe but they would give use some of their catch.
  5. 10 years ago the shop that installed the gear on a replacement cam in a Neuss used an inductive heater, it wasn't new then. Our RV has an inductive cook top, works great, heats cast iron very quickly. .
  6. And I thought TEXAS had the worst drivers in America. When we first moved to Texas I coined the expression "No one is allowed to get on the freeway ahead of a Texan". If you want to be cruising at 80 MPH and get run over by a semi come to I20 in Central Texas. Now after 27 years of residency, I am a Texan.
  7. Every T98 I have seen is a directly shifted 4 speed. If the 3 on the column is like my 1960 B100 it is a special wide ratio 3 speed. Your transmission probably has model and casting numbers on the case, some even have an ID tag. You need to clean it up and look carefully. 66 was a very good year for the IH pickups.
  8. How much hearing is enough? Does anyone really require hearing aids? I can still hear car horns, rods knocking and bulls snorting and Sissel on studio monitors, don't give a dam$ for communicating with soft spoken females or water dripping from 26 feet away, so am still good to go! I can get tax payer paid for hearing aids from the VA but don't see why? I forget how old I am but believe I was born in 1944.
  9. My reservation on all battery powered tools is how long will the batteries last before they are trash. I really lost faith in them after going through many short lived nicads and gel cells. Kid at the local muffler shop has LI Milwaukee 1/2" impact that works well for him BUT is not a year old yet. I just used my 1967 115 VAC Sears 3/8" drill today, I had to replace the power cord in 2005. I defy anyone to show me a portable battery powered tool that has lasted that long.
  10. Couple of years a gas retailer went up in smoke in a Dallas industrial area. Flammable gas bottles were sent several hundreds yards away to land on a freeway, luckily no one was seriously injured. New sign for the freeway, "watch for flying welding bottles."
  11. Do you think the compression increase from moving the top ring closer to the top is enough to make a measurable increase? When i overhauled the D179, half of the D358, I assumed they made the combustion chamber in the crown a little smaller to provide some CR increase. Only to be sure would be to CC the installed compression chamber at TDC.
  12. oleman


    So the consensus is that taxes are acceptable if the money is to provide for a benefit to most tax payers BUT taxes that only benefit a selected group or pay for something we the taxpayers are opposed to are unacceptable. The fly in the anointment is who decides which selected group gets tax money and who doesn't and selected groups are constantly begging. Some even have the gall to demand their RIGHT to our tax money to spend their way.
  13. Mostly just another scam. Some poor smuck pays for years on a policy only to find that the repair is more than the car is worth so the repair is not made, the smuck only gets the value of the car at the insurance companies auction.
  14. oleman


    How do we pay for city services without taxes?????????????????????? or schools or paved roads or ..... Nice to have someone show up with a fire hose when the kitchen is on fire. The military, so I don't have to worry about invaders from other places.
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