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  1. Today, I had to wait for the windshield to thaw out so I could drive our little people mover. Got down to 31F last night. No snow this winter as of 26 Jan 21. Ditto on perfect picture, nothing like fresh snow and a Red machine.
  2. This is a perfect time of year to visit Big Bend National Park in South West Texas. You will require a passport to get back into the US if you get on the Rio Grande. (If the Border Patrol catches you! ) And no dogs allowed on trails and no across river buying from the Mexicans. I was in Yellow Stone (it reminds me of the San Diego wild park on steroids) but I like Big Bend better, mostly because it is so far out the way that nothing is commercialized and only 1 gas station in the park. DON'T GO THERE FROM JUNE TILL NOVEMBER, unless you require the true desert experience. The tallest mou
  3. Places like mcmaster have a large range of gasket materials. With a set of gasket/paper hole punches, a some sharp instruments and a little work you can make some good looking and fitting gaskets. Harborfreight has a set made from soft material for less than $10. Use them on a piece of wood a they will last so-so. AND if you want a near perfect gasket us SPELLMACO BLIND HOLE SPOTTERs from mcmaster to locate the exact location of the holes in the casting. Machinists use them to mark a copy of holes an existing casting. Think of them as a center punch that fits in the center of a
  4. Brings back memories! My buddy Bob had a 1200D V345 5 Speed OD stepside 4X4 in 71, I had a 70, 1200D V345 4 speed Bonus Load 4X4 at the same time. Yea, carefully look for rust, that model was a rust magnet even in Ca USA.
  5. Good to see the BOB HOPE comedy still has a following!
  6. I have a Niece who is a Captain in the US Army. She is on active duty and has many Soldiers working for her. Qualified in all weapons recognized by the Geneva Convention. She graduated in the top 10% of her class at West Point, She just does the job she signed up for!
  7. I can see a diff lock on a loader tractor in a wet area. For our use, mowing and brush cutting, I would add a diff-lock as a nice feature BUT will never spend the $ it would cost and time and effort. The times I have been stuck playing submarine a diff-lok would have made very little difference.
  8. Army Proving Grounds in Yuma AZ was/is a great winter camping area and free to the military card holders, has/had at least 1 of the railroad based big guns on display.
  9. Our 440 Dodge Dart could be used to rid the garage of anything alive, probably even cockroaches, the exhaust from a wild over-lap camshaft. Remember when we would put a spark plug on the tail pipe to ignite the exhaust gas. JC Whitney had a kit.
  10. The current crop of Cadillac badged crap makes the old Rambler look like a movie star!
  11. It is about 1 hour from my driveway to OK border. I like the South Eastern OK town of Idabel , possibly because it has't changed much in the past 50 years, around McAlester is the up and coming South Eastern area. Many years since I was West of OK City but I have been in the Tulsa area many times over the past several years. Thankfully Oklahoma is the the buffer state that separates Texas from Colorado.
  12. I once rented a tilt-deck tandem bumper-tow 10K 18' tilt deck quite often from United Rental, After renting it for a week on a job, I asked about their sale system. They would have sold the trailer to me when I returned it for 2500. more dollars than the weeks rent. That trailer was in very-good rental shape. it was not a power tilt trailer but more of a self tilt-load trailer. The style where when the equipment is loaded the body becomes a loading ramp. At the time I thought the price was too high BUT a year later later my cheaper purchased trailer had cost me more money and didn't even ti
  13. Some things are so dumb that I should not propagate them. We have a old Gillig Transit bus that is getting converted to an RV. I have made 4 round trips and have spent 3 weeks working on it in the past 2 years. Each round trip is 750 miles. The bus is in Springdale Arkansas, I have been there too many times, when the motel employees remember me and I can drive in the area without a gps/map. Nice to be retired and have few obligations or responsibilities.
  14. I know a guy who went to Saskatchewan Canada from Dallas to purchase a Ford Expedition in 1999. That is a fairly long trip!! 1,891 miles · Light traffic · 1 day 3 hrs round trip 3800 miles I once went from Dallas to Ventura CA to purchase an old boat motor round trip was 3300 miles.
  15. Get a place to live on Point Loma, San Diego CA and you can enjoy some of the most consistent weather in the US. I spent 2 years there in the 60's. If I could have afforded to live there I would be there now. 5 miles away could be 15 degrees warmer in the summer. Almost worth being in Ca.
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