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  1. oleman

    How do these prices compare to your area?

    We got a group 31 threaded post bat 3 years ago, and had them make up some AWG 2/0 cables, for our 464 from the local IH truck store. https://southwestinternational.com/mckinney They had a stack of bats in front of the counter for $74.99. International store brand built by whoever. The counter man said they normally have them on sale. The battery is still good. My brother who was an IH truck mechanic for years says the IH store batteries can vary because it is just a contract bat but they all have the same warrantee and normally will go 3 years in service. Appears serious companies swap them out as a normal service item and do not wait for a failure.
  2. oleman

    67 Fleetstar 2000d

    We run a 3-71 in an old work boat. Couple of checks prior to a restart after a long sit-up. Get a long breaker bar and make sure the engine isn't seized. On our old 3-71 takes a 1 5/16 socket. It will be difficult to rotate so feel free to use a cheater. Slowly rotate the engine at least 360 degrees. Among other issues this is to check of injector plungers being stuck that will cause push-rod or rocker arm damage BUT you will find that out when you do the manual rotation of the engine. Get the fuel system system correct. Get the engine oiling correct. The injectors have to verified that they are not stuck. Simple check is to remove the valve cover and wiggle each injector control lever at the injector. If you carefully observe you will see that a normal injector will allow slight motion for the control lever. Seized ones will be solid. The FUEL METERING control assemble, known as the rack, is parked in the wide open run position and if an injector seizes it will be in wide open for that cylinder (or rarely in the idle position). On our old built in 1955 engine one injector being seized will essentially cause all of the injectors to be seized because they are ganged together. Newer models have spring loaded racks that sort-of isolate the injectors from each other. BUT the engine accelerator lever should always be free to move. After sitting for a long time, the seals in the blower will dry out and leak when the engine starts up causing sort of a mild runaway condition. Generally that will burn off in a few seconds and just be a smokey engine rev-up at startup and then returns to idle. A CO2 fire extinguisher is the correct way control any runaway engine. NEVER USE DRY POWDER ON AN ENGINE YOU WANT TO SAVE. A blast of CO2 in the intake is a harmless way to shutdown and engine that is not responding to throttle control. Blocking off the intake with a solid object will suck the seals out of the blower and cause additional problems BUT much better than tossing a rod. Break out the inline 71 series service manual and go from there' Good luck with your startup.
  3. oleman

    RIP Roy Clark

    Last of the great "COUNTRY" entertainers!
  4. oleman

    Injector Pumps - Always Expensive?

    Well now I have seen a CAV D179! Is that the same model that is on our old Perkins 3.152 in a Ford Dexta from the early 60's? Never a pump issue with it.
  5. oleman

    Tip for car mechanics

    When I was young tall and slender, I was able to move into the work area, today being old and "large" the work spaces are smaller!!
  6. oleman

    Injector Pumps - Always Expensive?

    The fuel distribution is different on our (Sold to us as a 1977) 464 D179, there is no lift pump required with the Bosch VE system so ours has none. The fuel to FI pump is routed around the front of the engine not the rear. We also have a down draft exhaust system. Wonder if it is just model differences or the NA machines had to meet different specs? I have not seen a D179 pictured that was not a Bosch system. Your machine looks great! As always, good luck with the issues.
  7. oleman

    Dumb stuff that cost money

    Good luck with the surgery and have a speedy recovery.
  8. oleman

    chevrolet truck tire ?

    I just removed the LT265/75R16's MT 's from our old 93 K2500 Suburban 8600 GVW with a warmed over 454 and replaced them with more streetable LT245/75R16's on the stock wheels. The wear pattern was fine but the deep lugs were howling so badly I could no longer hear the radio with the window down. The 265's always looked too large for the stock rims, but based on wear pattern was not an issue. I am going to keep the tires as mudders and use new 16X8 wheels for them. The truck rides much smoother with the street tires and steering is softer. Still running 65 PSI in street tires. By the way the heavy Sub 454 has a noticeable acceleration difference it is a (10.5" FF 4.11 ratio) with no trailer behind it on the street tires. Have not pulled the tractor yet so have not observed loaded running. The 265's are about 1" larger in diameter than the 245's. Both LT tires are Hankook brand, very solid tires that do not weather check like the Michelin's I once used. Us old 4X4 Guys can never have too many tire choices!
  9. oleman

    Do you sound like any of these?

    Choose your friends wisely for the companion of fools will fare badly.
  10. We have been looking for an inexpensive medium duty diesel flatbed. The problem is that most of them are basically rolling scrap metal with few good miles left or $$$. We have discovered after scanning through many auction sites that municipalities are getting rid of FIRETRUCKS based on medium duty trucks that have very low miles and unless are pumpers few hours on the clock. Generally they have the best maintenance in the industry. Opinion is they sell cheap because they are basically perceived to be attractions and not functional vehicles. Our idea is to get FT in good road condition and strip off the fire stuff and replace it with a normal flatbed. Anyone familiar with firetruck mods that would make the vehicle unfit to be striped and repurposed to general flatbed non-commercial use? Probably basic gearing is to low for road use but this is not going to be used commercially.
  11. Does anyone have any knowledge of the FARMHAND XL1140 FEL working on the 464 UT. Listing says it has adapters for Deere 20,30,40,50,and 55 models. Is the FarmHand brand worth considering for a light use FEL if we can get it mounted and plumbed? Any idea of what a reasonable auction price would be in Kansas for a loader that still is shiny black? Thanks in advance!
  12. oleman

    86 Hydro won't move

    When we purchased an old tractor we made sure it had no hydraulic drive train component, that decision has served us well over the past 10 years. Good luck with your machine probably just a correctable nuisance and not the expensive XYZ valving system with quadruple clutch packs with overruns.
  13. oleman

    Why can't I find a job?

    I pent some time in Mombasa Kenya in the seventy's . I observed what I took to be natives with animal bones through their ears and nose. My concern would be about disease and infections. These were all young females. Also the stretched necks with rings around to keep their heads up. Some sort of religion probably. I took no pictures because it would have been an invasion of their privacy. When I first got to the San Francisco bay area in 64, I was for the first time privileged with the exposure to the culture of fruits and nuts, it was totally unbelievable to someone who grew up in Charleston Old South. Always non-politically-correct a good Saturday Night for me was to go on a drive through the Haight district in San Fran in the 60's Eventually fruits and nuts became California Culture Mainstream.
  14. oleman

    weather tonight

    Got down to 33F here in North Texas. Coldest since last winter. By the middle of the afternoon a pool party is acceptable. At least the frozen ground will keep the harvesters from sinking in the mud.
  15. oleman

    what to look for on 80 s1600

    The shop manager at my local IH dealership referred to the DV550 renamed the 9 LTR as the wonderful engine that IH designed to convert diesel fuel into smoke and noise. The early ones had a steel insert in the pistons that would separate and cause major damage and that was the SM complaint. It was around from the 60's to the late 80's couldn't have been all that bad!