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  1. If it is banned from California and New York, I figure it is good cleaner!! The Oreilly carb cleaner worked well on my last Edelbrock AFB rebuild.
  2. I just installed our oak-framed medicine cab in the wall of out bathroom. It cost $15. in perfect shape from the local Habitat for Humanity recycle center. I thought it was just too good to be going to someone else. Hardest part was reducing an offending stud to 4 inches thickness so the frame was fitting flush to the drywall. I used a saws-all, jigsaw, a drill with 1/2 spade bit, and large nippers to tear-out the removed section. With any luck no-one will ever see how I kludged this together!
  3. Any fastener that is threaded into a fuel/water/oil/steam/air jacket requires non-hardening/selected sealer on the threads.
  4. Well engineered progressives, fitted by a Doc (and support staff that are well trained are great), they quickly go down hill after that. I have 25 years on progressives, just part of the aging process!! Good luck with your vision issues and never give up, One of the best attributes of a large metropolitan area is the access to all forms of medical care.
  5. Local Home Depot has a Ryobe riding lawn mower reduced 50% to 2700. US. Looks like the prices are going in the right direction, still more than it is worth to me.
  6. For your mouse budget there 12 X 22.5 tires 6 each and 2 steel wheels, tires are dated 2018, still black . Check purplewave auction BUT looks to me like all 8 items were around 650. US.Could be in May 24 Auction, in midwest.
  7. Just think, you could/would have the only one registered in the USA!
  8. Hot and sticky, down here in Texas, 95 F on 08May, didn't set a record. Appears summertime, is here. Stay cool! and watch the sunflowers grow!
  9. I still like the old Mopar electronics, very old school (remember Chrysler was the first company with standard electronic ignition in 63) and the distributors and control boxes are still available. Put one on our 73 440 last year because the plastic potting compound was running out on the firewall, engine started and ran fine. If we had an MV IH engine, I would make a delco for a 350/454 chevy have a new home on the MV. The origional IH MV was probably designed by Delco!! Our 93 454 K2500 has had no distributor issues in the past 6 years. BUT I had multiple issues with the ignition system on my 1966 Corvette, (late 60's) first chevy engine with electronic ignition!
  10. oleman

    Texas Hooker

    You getting into the scrape material business?
  11. On our 464 with the D179 engine the rear main seal was leaking enough to make the main clutch slip in any gear greater than 1 high. Didn't have anything to do with the PTO slipping because the pto is driven from the pressure plate that is driven directly with the flywheel. The PTO slipped because the thrust bearing was totally worn out and it PTO disk pack did not make a non-slipping connection so all of the friction disks were worn out. Some tractors need a lot of work, our 464 was one of the that group. Good luck with your machine, we are about ready for another overhaul cycle. Something about a rear wheel that doesn't hold air!
  12. RODENTEX, is a rodent bait sold at Texas Farm stores. I got it from GEBOS. Smells like peanut butter, our field rats ate 2 sticks in one night, comes in 1/4 pound sticks like butter) a week later the smell of decaying rodents permeated the rear yard. They had tunneled under the tool shed, and that became their last resting place. Next big rain washed their remains into the ally behind the shed. I added new topsoil around the foundation. I am seeing mouse signs again. They're back, but no longer come out in daylight. I tried oil in a 5 gallon bucket, how did you get your rodents to swim in used oil? Only thing I have caught are insects.
  13. Most of the owners of that model add a reducer fitting to the filler hole that makes it easier to add oil and keeps it out of the dirt that accumulates.
  14. Was there ever a bad Perkins diesel in a piece of farm machinery? My Family share cropped Tobacco, for several years with a land owner who had a early 60's, 165 Diesel and a 640(?) Ford, The Massy was a Tractor the Ford was a Ford.
  15. The 69 redesign of the IHC light duty line was a disaster in sheet metal engineering. We kept our new design 69 1100D Travelal until 89, never in snow except for recreation but always on the Ca Coast and in Seattle. At the end, even the top was rusting from the body. I repainted it in 76 (the rust was already showing). Even at the end, the drive train was still in good shape. The V304 was great engine, and the rust was not bad on the C channel frame and the 4 X 4 parts were still in good condition, the welded box frame on a Scout also rusted out. A little bit of rust prevention possibly could have saved the Light duty line. Side Bar, I spent 1982 and 1983 in Seattle, found a $350, 1964 Scout wagon on a used car lot. Appeared to be all original, the mighty 152 was well worn but started and ran and the drive train worked, my biggest surprise was the unrusted condition of the body sheet as compared to our 69 1100D Travelal.
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