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  1. For the same reason that STOP signs are red, what ever that is!
  2. We have honda powered diaphragm pump (positive displacement trash pump) that could probably clean out the blockage.
  3. Do a search on this site because there was a member about 5+ years ago who overhauled a little IH dozer. Lot's of good pictures and interesting details. Do you have the hours available to apply to this machine? Would make a great project but time could more important than the base cost. Paying someone else for basic repairs will destroy most projects. Good luck, what ever you decide!
  4. Just topped off the fuel on old truck in preparation for a visit up to Fayetteville AR on Monday 18 Oct 21. Took 12.261 gallons to go 81 miles,. The tank holds 42 gal so it was indicating almost full. A tank full would have cost $131. today. I believe the operator has been lead footing the 454 Suburban. Strange, it does better when the engine load is reduced. Middle grade fuel today was $3.119 per gallon at the local Walmart, good news, there appears to be no shortage.
  5. First car I ever drove was a 34 ford, that was in 52. When I was in high school (59-63) we had a 52 Chevy 2 door. These were our family cars. In 63 I worked at a business equipment (mostly typewriters and adding machines) place. I cleaned and delivered. Working after school and 1/2 day on Sat. They had several vehicles 51 chevy 2 door, 58 Chevy wagon and my favorite was a 63 Ford Fairlane middle sized wagon with a 260 V8 with PS, PB and automatic, they thought I was responsible enough to drive safely because I never got a ticket. First car I ever actually owned was a 54 Chevy Belaire convertible in California in 1964. First time it rained, I raised the top and the steel came up but the fabric stayed down.
  6. You have come along way on this project. I am looking forward to the day you finally get it driven! We have an old 93 K2500 Chevy with the 10.5" rear end in 4.11 and a hydro boost brake system, both are operating fine. Keep us posted!
  7. How did they get the same track in the front as the rear with the GM rear axle and semi-stock IHC-Dana in the front?
  8. Tire boot setter, vulcanizer clamp, tube patch setter. There were no tubeless tires in my early days.
  9. They once sold tickets to the public executions of witches. Old PT Barnum once coined "it would be impossible to underestimate the intelligence of the average person". More obvious in 2021 than in previous history!
  10. oleman


    Are all humans potential drug addicts?
  11. I liked my relatives old Chevy 1.5 ton with a V350 and a 3 point backhoe mounted and operational. I offered him a Detroit 3-71, He had a lot of interest in using the Detroit to power the hydraulics. Too bad he passed on last year, very interesting things he did!!!
  12. oleman


    Naw, quad stacks!
  13. We have been running HankookDynapro MT RT03 tires in LT265/70R16E Like every off road tire I have run, they are loud and wear out at around 25,000 miles if used for long distances on dry pavement. What they do best is, their tread does not strip off in use, give off road traction when required AND their side walls are very crack/tear resistant in rocks and weathering is not an issue with these. I have removed them from the K2500 because we do mostly at speed on the dry hardtop. So now we only run them when we "head to the hills". Daily travel on the K2500 is on Hankook regular LT245/75R16E tires. They are less 1/2 the price, and twice the miles for long highway runs, and the sidewalls are about as good, they are about as good as I have found. AND the K2500 with them drives like a car with super-strong springs. The HANKOOKs have worked so well for us that we have decided to put 6 of them in size 275/70R22.5 18 ply on the RV. Hope they will not be a mistake!!!!
  14. Easily check with a dial gauge and a pry bar. BUT since the thrust is taken up by shoulders on a main bearing it would have been tight not too loose. The front cam bearing is the thrust point for the cam and the entry point for valve train oiling (wears out first due to side loading of the cam gear) and if cam bearings were not replaced (correctly) the oil leaks right back into the pan after the engine gets up to temperature. I see this as a bearing clearance issue, and the cam bearings are my guess. Since we overhauled our little Neuss the oil pressure has been fine. It runs on delo 30 weight from Walmart. My advise has one caveat, its free!
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