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  1. I have attached a picture of a new wrench that I just received a spud wrench proto 1" and one the my lateFIL had in a old tool box I expect it was in an old Nash that he once owned. Doesn't look like tools have actually changed much since the 1930's
  2. Is your spread in a flood plain of the Arkansas river? Has been a wet year in North Texas too but believe the rainfall is 21.8" for the year 2021 to date. I have foundation erosion around our home due to all the rainfall Not enough space to use the tractor, shovel and wheel barrow work. I have a swimming pool pump, you can use.
  3. I purchased a new 1200D 4X4 V345 4 speed in June of 70. I think the C series was a better truck, especially the body and rust issues. Never had any issues with the drive train. Except the plastic bushing in the clutch linkage.
  4. I was on USN ships with helo's, twin gas turbine engines, ALL of them either crashed or had serious problems that grounded them while they were assigned to us. One pilot I knew was killed in a crash. Within 3 weeks we had a new bird and a new crew. You don't need an enemy, they are the enemy. BUT in all fairness, landing on a 65' X 65' (my guess) helo pad on a ship at night in heavy weather ain't the same as flying around in good weather while looking out for power lines. PERSONALLY with my experiences around helo's I would not even consider riding as a passenger on one.
  5. Feral hogs like to root up hay fields around here. They appear to like Johnson Grass traveling roots. Someone flying through a field at 8 MPH or higher are in for some serious issues. I bush-hog at about 3 mph, so just a wake-up event when hitting a hole. When paying attention, I easily steer around a hole. I found a large wash-out in the edge of a corn field once that could have swallowed up the whole tractor. I am never on my own property so I expect and assume the worst. Have not been disappointed so far!!
  6. I was hopeful that that crowd would end up lost in space on come back to gravity like the space shuttle that people are still finding pieces of in East Texas.
  7. WAR STORY! My younger brother who was a USN Seabee in Nam. in 1969 was attached to a non-existent Air Base (military) base in Thailand. As a junior enlisted man he had to stand integrated watches (guard duty) with the Marines. He was assigned to guard a plane stored under a cover in a bunker in the side of a Seabee constructed hill. In the middle of the night, he said he got curious and decided to look at what he was guarding. Later he identified it as an SR71 assigned to recon over the war zone. Since the plane was secret he only told me about it many years later and he sure as heck never discussed viewing the secrets with other members of his team. If I remember correctly it was years before the 71 existed. He 2019, he spent some time visiting and I showed him Google Earth, He went to the airbase sight and showed me the runway and support buildings he had helped to construct in 69. He also help construct the American base on Diego Garcia. Busy time for the Seabees.
  8. I still listen to AM radio. A station I listen to has all the Ranger base ball games just like when I was a kid 70 years ago. They are far enough away that they are outside the radio blackout for local games and being at 1500 KHZ I can still get the signal. I can not receive their FM signal, because the distance is too far. They are in Dennison TX up on the OK border.
  9. oleman

    IH 1300

    That is a loadstar, was at least a 1600. 1300 and 1500 were based on the current model pickup. In the early 60's a paving company my Dad worked for had several 1800 Tandem 7 YD body dumps V304 5 speed with 2 sp re. Worked very well in the flat lands in North Eastern SC. That was before all the small cube IHC engines were gutted out for smog!!
  10. Our service manual set (GSS-1416-B )covers 385, 454, 464, 484, 574, 584, 674, 684, 784, and the 87 Hydro. Appears to be the pre-sell out, lineup of the Doncaster line.
  11. That tractor looks fresh off the assembly line. Good luck with your machine.
  12. High speed trains will have to run from electricity too. Exactly where is it going to come from when natural gas a by product of oil production is no long available to produce electricity. Forget about wind power, that only exists as a tax right-off, we have to do the right thing to save the world. Look at the solar water heating disaster in California. When the Government intervention stopped the industry died. Greenies seem to be totally oblivious to the physics of power generation 1 HP is equivalent to 746 watts with 100% efficiency. Therefor a 500 HP tractor running from electricity would require 500 X 746 373,000 watts of power if the motor was 100% efficient BUT efficiency is actually about 90% so the power required would be 414,444 watts . This applies to trains today. Those trains you see hauling loads are running MANY 1000 HP of diesel power to produce the electricity to run the electric motors. CAN ANYONE IMAGINE WHAT A 500KW battery system would be like. (every tractor with 500 HP would have to have one) if any of those electric powered systems actually produced the HP they are touted at??????????? Gas turbine Airplanes run on diesel fuel and are actually very inefficient. With no diesel there will be no airplane transportation. Every battery I know of produces hazardous waste when being made. AND some are actually dangerous in operation. That's some of the many reasons that it is not based on reality. BY THE WAY, whale oil is no longer available because of governmental mandates. Last time I was in Australia it was available in sporting goods stores for reel oil. I had to smuggle it into the US, making me a criminal for the first time in my life If you actually want to go green, get some goats, but they produce methane so will be outlawed too. Faith does not replace physics it just ignores it!
  13. Got clamp the other day, if you are going to use this clamp be sure to wear steel toed boots!!
  14. In the coastal south east almost every farm house would have a Martin House in the early 50's. By the time I left the area to see the world they were mostly gone.
  15. I have observed that giant sunflowers are the fastest growing plants I have ever observed. 2 inches to 6 feet in a few days in good growing conditions. Will goats eat sunflower vegetation? It could be a money maker if it could be cubed into animal feed. Good opportunity to evaluate available research.
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