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  1. I never owned an IH long enough for a fuel pump to have an issue. Did own a 1969 V304 powered 4X4 Travelal from 75 until 89. So far as I know all the SV engines (v266, V304, V345, V392) used the same FP but the light duty vehicles had a fuel pump without the sediment bowl. I would just go to the local ORielly or Autozone for any fuel hoses possibly they also have the FP. As for as electric FP I have run a Carter cheap Electric pump on a Mopar 440 install since 2000, not a single issue with the pump.
  2. This did not start with President Trump. Public Radio referred to President Bush 1 as the "BUSH REGIME".
  3. Little known is that after a male turns 70 docs don't care about PSA any longer!! Strange but appears if you make it to 70 without issues you get a pass. Don't want to cause some of you younger guys any problems bu it takes a long time for the symptoms of a prostate and bladder biopsy to go away, in my case over a year of related issues.
  4. We used Mossbergs for our security force on USN warships. The actions got cycled a lot but fired very seldomly if ever. They held up very well over many years of daily handling. I retired in 83 so this is old data!
  5. My farmer buddy share crops his fields to a cattle guy who fertilizes the Johnson grass and bales it for his beef. The word is out that the hay is fine if it is cut early prior to higher nitrogen build up. Farmer decided after fighting the Johnson for years he would live with it!! Mowing it actually makes it grow and spread faster. I wanted to try deep turn over with a heavy breaking plow but farmer did not want to pay for the cost/fuel to do all 85 acres. He wanted tp plant soybeans but there is just no CHEAP way to control the Johnson. Another import from the middle east!!!
  6. Over here in Texas USA our elevation is 672 feet, 250 miles from the Gulf of Mexico..
  7. We use a Milwaukee Hole Hawg Drill, cat # 1675-1, 300/1200 RPM, yes it runs from 115VAC 900W and is our go-to drill when using a hole saws or silver and deeming bits and the going gets rough. 2 speed gear box with reverse. To make it complete I would like a Morse taper chuck! Big and heavy, warning sign " brace against a solid object in low speed". Made prior to Milwaukee becoming another Chinese import. A small drill that has served us well for 52 years is a Craftsman 3/8 small frame, aluminum cased variable speed drill. Still running on the same brushes! Variable speed now is off and on. I USED it on 19AUG19 driving a counter-sink. Wonder how many expensive batteries it would have consumed in 52 years?? Our local local machine shop has a Milwaukee Mag drill, (labeled as a broach) perfect machine for drilling into a vehicle frame to install a flat bed.
  8. oleman


    Coyotes are very common in the cities in this area of Texas, My previous house was backed up on a golf course, idiot neighbors were feeding a coyote because it was tame enough to almost eat out of their hands and attempted to pet it. A course of rabies shots later was their reward. Another time a neighbor had her lap dog on a leash going for a walk, yote ran up grabbed the dog and ran off with it leash and all. After those incidents, FaG trapped 20 yotes from our housing area and golf course.
  9. Complete with snort gas and a differential lock! Brake pedal height is probably adjustable.
  10. oleman

    Shingles vs steel

    Our house just got lifetime shingles. Just a few hundred more than the 20 year shingles. Built in 2005 and weathered several hail storms until roof had to be replaced. Our HOA, my wife without a marriage, says no steel roofing materials can be used. After a Texas style hail storm I expect the metal roof would be totaled just like my 2013 car was.
  11. The Cummins ISC (wet sleeves) we run (with a VOITH automatic tranny) has a spin on coolant filter and specific requirements in the service manual for coolant testing. Since the coolant also cools the automatic tranny and hydraulic retarder it probably is important! Part of a COSTLY yearly service procedure. Somewhere I have the sleeves from our little IH 464. D179 wet sleeve engine no sign of any issue related to cavitation running on anything that doesn't freeze and break for over 30 years.
  12. I have found that clear plastic containers for peanut butter and mayonnaise make great storage containers because it is very easy to see what you have without removing a lid. The giant ones like peanut containers are good for construction site and build-outs nails and screws. Run them through the top rack of the DW on the normal cycle for clean-up For small hardware I use medicine bottles, you have alot of them after you reach 70 YO. BIG DOWNSIDE is in the sun most do have a short useful storage life.
  13. We have mowed several 100 acres on mostly hilly terrain over the last 10 years with a 464 and normal "let it move around sway control" without an issue except when really close to a woven wire fence. The owners manual has a good diagram of the stock setup. In really bad brush the movement off the bush hog helps the mower and tractor get the job done. The mower is six foot and the tractor is a geared diesel. I have considered having an offset adapter to push the mower to the right of the right tire for the fence issue. Good luck with your machine.
  14. McMaster has many, various studs. Down side is most studs are grade 5. They do have grade 8 but not a lot of lengths. Got some from them they were ARP. Also look at threaded rod studs usually they are same on both ends but true studs with a blank middle, also some with a flat section between the threaded ends. Clamp hold-downs for machine tooling. s
  15. So Ford is finally getting around to replacing the broken V10. Too bad the marketing at Ford decided to dump the 460- gasser.
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