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  1. Anyone have a good one for a 3-71 ?
  2. Last place I lived in this area was a golf course community. Large area with few people especially at night. Neighbor lady had her lapdog ripped off the leash when she was going for an afternoon walk. Fish and game live trapped over 20 coyotes over the next month. Another neighbor was bitten by a FOX and had to go through the rabies series. when she attempted to pet it as it was eating food left out for the dog. Moral of that story is wild animals are always wild even on the city street. OK I am guilty of harboring wild animals because I leave out steak bones and such o
  3. Located a suitable carb on boats.net for $152.95 since it is probably the only one in town I put it on the debit card. This new carb eliminates worn out shaft bushings and other non-replaceable parts of a carb. Hey free shipping at over $150. order. Also got two cans of highly touted YAMAHA outboard carb/combustion cleaner elixir. Appreciate the good advice.
  4. I haven't worked on carbs in years but now I have a late model 360 CC machine made by Honda with a carb. I am looking for some carb cleaner that is as good as the old gunk stuff that would dissolve its own bucket and was one of the first chemicals banned by the newly created EPA. I would appreciate any advice on how to get tiny little jets open again after sitting with modern fuel and gumming up? Anyone try a higher power ultrasonic cleaner. We used one to clean newly wave-soldered pcb's but that machine costed more than this project is worth.
  5. This a self contained water cooled gimmer belt driven OHC 2 cylinder 360 CC 12 HP electric start genset. Running at 3750 RPM to produce 4 KW @ 115 VAC it is quite a noise maker since I currently have it on a steel table without a muffler. Properly mounted and with the correct muff it is very quiet. Are there any gotchas on this Honda that I should be aware of?
  6. We have a 7000 # GVW tandem trailer it is slightly less than 84" between wheels. I hauls our 5000# 464 tractor with with 13.6 X 28 tires in the middle position with a little room to spare. Since tractor width is variable, you need to use a tape measure or be prepared to do wheel rotation! Electric Brakes on the rear wheels only.
  7. An axe once was an important tool in a tool-kit. People would call their axe by brand. I believe a Browning was the AXE that Grandma had, Grandpa died before I was born (he supplemented is meager farm income with firewood around 1940) but Grandma lived until 1959, and she still had his axe.
  8. I think the first thing I ever bought made in Japan that was great quality was Minolta SRT 101 SLR camera. That single camera proved to me that Made in Japan was not necessarily an inferior product. They made products to meet a market situation.
  9. I solved that problem at this house. I just buy the $1.29 cookies at Walmart. They not as tasty and so stay in the jar much longer.
  10. oleman


    Forget the gun, just go to a neutron bomb. cleans out the neighborhood without extensive property damage.
  11. Looks like a camp site for a movie set, even has the cute little movie Star!
  12. The 69 Travelal I kept for many years I converted from from 2 WD to 4 WD after 6 years of ownership. The total conversion was all stock parts sourced from various junk-yards. I added Power steering to go with the 4wd. It was the only Travelal I ever saw with a Dana 44 both front and rear. Never had a mechanical problem with the conversion stuff. Chassis had some differences but only an expert looking for them would find them!
  13. That was the standard engine in the original 59 Scout and the short Step Van . It was reintroduced in 75 ish in the Scout. I believe I test drove a demonstrator 196 in 75. I found a 196, still in good shape, recently running an air compressor from the early 70's. In the early 80's I found a 64 Scout powered by a 152, for $500. it was geared fine for off roading but it's hyway speed was a little slow. My Wife wouldn't agree to another toy!
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