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  1. Wonder what self medicating substances the individual who shot up the federal building in down town Dallas was on 17 Jun 2019? Hit home with me because I have been in the Federal Courts building many time over the years. My contention is that with proper mental health available illegal drugs would not be an issue.
  2. Bad crimp on starter cable lug. I thought I had a bad starter solenoid on our Detroit Diesel because sometime I would get a click and no rotation on a start up. Dissembled the solenoid and cleaned the contact disk and it started. A few restarts after that. The cable melted at the battery connection. Cheap Red Chinese cables from Autozone was the real issue.
  3. Many years ago I was the ace tech for printed circuit board repair. Back in the early 60's when components were larger and boards were easier to repair. I would spend hours troubleshooting and replacing components. Occasionally I would reach over for the iron, by feeling for it, picking it up by the hot end. Goes directly to a small 3rd degree burn.
  4. Oh ya, I pulled into a truck stop with a gas engined truck, accustomed to driving a diesel, tired and worn out, many miles in run. The only reason I didn't diesel up the gasser is because the nossel would't fit.
  5. The Achilles heel of RV's is the roof. Potential customers never check out the roof, and a leak occurs and down it goes. Check the roof condition, better yet have it inspected by someone who does it for a living. Bought an expensive motor home (for my meager income expensive), roof was corrugated tin covered with tar at the seams. I kept it well tared and and aluma-coated, was not an issue BUT you gotta know what is is. The biggest failing appliance and most expensive is the RV refer. Basically it is a $3,000 throwaway. Enjoy your new RV!
  6. We currently intend to replace the pull to request stop cord with rods to provide curtains for every window. It tracked on the strip between the upper and lower windows, just took it down this week. Actually, all we are going to do is the minimum necessary so we can title a commercial 30,000 GVW bus with air brakes as a passenger car called a motor home in the State of Texas and operate it with a Class C drivers license. Any body got some extra feed sacks? Any ideas on novel uses for the front and side bright LED destination signs?
  7. Drove up to Springdale Arkansas and did a survey on our old 2001 Gillig 29 foot Transit bus. That was 696 miles round trip on the 93 Suburban spent 4 days on site. Springdale is next door to the Wallmart home town and is sometimes called Chickendale due to being the headquarters location of Tyson Foods. Perfect place to spend the first week of June. The bus was in better condition than I expected. Engine and transmission and cooling and steering all looked fine. It started up in a few turns and the air system, brakes and body leveling went fine. As part of a bus to motor home conversion we removed all the passenger seats except 4, and took pictures to prove it. Next we will have to add house stuff. Really needs an engine and battery compartment clean-up but that is second to conversion. Only thing I have ever driven with an 8 speed automatic with a Cummins 505C and POWER DOORS!
  8. Nice looking baler, good find. In the last few years I have seen several of the Wisconsin V4 flat heads sell for very low price at auction.
  9. And the masses voted them into office. Move to a free pot state where your pains will be properly medicated without supervision
  10. oleman

    Pulling surflex

    Still fairly common here in North Texas, just Deeres name for a one-way disk plow. I keep confusing it with the much heavier duty disk plow around here know as breaking plow. In the South East it was know as a new-ground plow. My Dad always called the breaking plow a hole digger because it is so easy to mangle a field with one.
  11. We haul around a 464 with a 6' mower attached (at least 5000#) on a 16' car hauler with 2 ea 3500 axles 7' between wheels. It has a 12,500 # hitch and a head ache winch rack and extra horizontal cross members. it is rated at 7,000 due to axles. Empty trailer weighs 1900# certified. Not much room for error. Drag it around in a tight circle on concrete and observe the wheels folding over! Electric brakes on rear axle. Now we want to use the same trailer to also haul the 93 K2500 Suburban that weighs 7,000# (8650 GVW) behind a 30,000# GVW transit bus motor home conversion, going to swap out the 3500# axles to 5,000# axles with brakes on both axles. This trailer has been a work in progress for the past 13 years. New problem is an air-brakes on MH to electric trailer brakes converter/adapter. Has to remain bumper pull because it is rear engine bus/mh. A new trailer would have a pintal hitch and air brakes but there ain't budget for new trailer!
  12. oleman

    charge air cooler

    We run a rear engine Gillig transit bus converting into a motor home powered by a Cummins ISC. The CAC is massive, don't know if it could be fitted to your application but is is a nice looking piece. It is left side mounted cooled by a 32" hydraulic motor driven fan.
  13. oleman


    Quality in 2019, too cheap to have the makers name cast into it, Wonder how the double-sided taped on label will be in 2069? If they couldn't afford a real label wonder what other cuts they made in real materials. Guess it is better than my Red Chinese vice where the casting flaws were were filled with body filler!
  14. Can that rollover be easily converted to a 3-point. Believe it is current an AC specific attachment.
  15. Sitting around this week waiting for the weather to clear so the roofers can re-roof the house. browsing the auctions found some interesting equipment. On PurpleWave auction for 12 June 19. I am in no way associated with the auction.
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