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  1. Anyone knowledgeable on the Yanmar YM226D Compact Utility, 3 cyl 3T75HA diesel 9 speed powershift and 4' Dual 105 loader. I see it as a large lawn mower with a shovel. The real question is are parts available for this Yanmar that was built from 81-91 according to tractordata.com.
  2. oleman

    756 german diesel clutch

    To most non-techs to engage the clutch is to press on the clutch pedal.
  3. oleman

    756 german diesel clutch

    Could be linkage but I would suspect it's a sticky release bearing coming up to speed.
  4. oleman

    756 german diesel oil

    Living in Texas since overhaul 9 years ago, our Neuss engine has been on HD 30 oil mostly Shell Rotella HD 30 from WalMart.
  5. oleman


    After I was off in the USN my family got a 61 Impala with a 348 2 Barrel, with a turbo glide, it was patterned after the Buick dynaflo. My younger brothers destroyed it in about 3 months. After that it became a powerglide. That lasted a year. Then it became 3 speed manual. The 348 engine lasted all through their high school years. Best running 283 was probably the HP 57 or so Corvette FI engine that red-lined at around 6500 RPM, GM did not put a powerglide behind a high revving engine but I did know an old guy with a 4 barrel 409 that was a powerglide in 62 in an Impala 4 door.
  6. oleman


    The power glide would go 65 in low, it only had one speed and drive shaft lockup with torque converter slip. Low was also the passing gear kick down. Chryslers torqueflite 3 speed was the ticket all through the 60's in American vehicles. The hydramatic available in the Olds, Caddy and GMC's was great but people I knew did not have the $$ for the high-end stuff. A city bus I took in in 1957 to school had a 2 speed automatic, people thought it was some version of the powerglide. warmed over by GMC Coach Division. My first new car was a 1966 Chevy Impala SS with a 327 and manual; an automatic would have been a powerglide that year behind all small block engines.
  7. oleman

    Wow, 28 years already...

    My younger brother was part of that war. He went into the Army just in time for the big operations in Nam 68, stuck around as a reserve until he turned 64. He was an E7 in the Engineers in that era. Prior to retiring he was back in Iraq on the Generals staff. (oldest enlisted man in the warzone)
  8. oleman


    I went to alternate browser still address only.
  9. oleman

    IH TD-5 Crawler info

    Once knew a family in the early 70's in Northern Ca, north of Santa Rosa that ran a prune and wine grape operation. Believe primary tractor was a TD5. True Ca farming family, they still lived in the same house his wife was born in. His daughter was my age or about 25 yo at the time. The TD5 was fairly common in the 60's in that area. He had nothing bad to say about that machine. It was a much used all year machine.
  10. oleman

    Self Parking Cars

    The vehicle is a Tesla model. Sorry to insult all the Tesla supporters with disparaging views.
  11. oleman

    Self Parking Cars

    A benefit of self parking vehices. My across the street neighbor has what I believe is some Nissan Versa sized Mitsubishi (but could be a Tesla) product that can back itself into his garage using a remote control and bring the car from the garage and open the drivers door for him. This allows the car to be parked with the drivers side against the garage wall, freeing up garage space. He brings it home a little past the front entrance garage door and gets out, closes the drivers door and uses the remote to back it into the garage. I’ll bet on a cold day you can start it up and bring it to you. I expect you guessed my question/s/? When the battery dies how do you get it out of the garage. He is currently washing it, why doesn’t a car that smart wash it’s self?? Where is the real intelligence here? The car that can park itself, or the human that cleans that car? Who really needs this stuff anyway?
  12. oleman

    Wouldn`t mind having this

    Some 2007 Chevy Pickup Diesels sold in 2017,18,19 on auctions went from 3K to 11K. Various mileages and beds. Appears none of their sales go to 15K in recent history. Most of their sales are from commercial sources. This one was particularly noteworthy, being a firedept vehicle it has been polished and prepped all its life. 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab pickup truck Sedgwick County Fire Department Wichita, KS 08/15/18 CLOSED Contract Price $13,200 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab pickup truck 211,960 miles on odometer 6.6L V8 OHV 32V turbo diesel engine Automatic transmission Four wheel drive AC and heat Tilt Cruise AM/FM/CD Power windows, locks, and mirrors Cloth interior Running baords Topper Sliding bed insert Grill guard Receiver hitch Trailer wiring LT245/75R16 tires Windshield chipped Port holes in roof
  13. oleman

    History Channel , going for boring !

    YOUTUBE for me. I have found that watching an operator clean out an overflow pond with an excavator is more entertaining than most of the TV stuff. Repair videos that actually have intelligent content are also entertaining to watch. For normal watching I am always on the Hallmark channels. I have one posted Youtube video, currently 15,000 people have watched an old 3-71 Detroit Diesel start and run.
  14. oleman

    Ford Fusion hybrid

    Best mileage I ever consistently got was about 45 MPG with an 84 Isuzu 1.8 diesel LTR 5 speed manual powered Chevette. That was over about 150K miles of freeway driving 140 miles per day in the San Francisco Bay Area. Current grocery getter is a 2013 Nissan Versa, it has averaged about 33 MPG 99% to WalMart and back. Only 22,000 miles on it. When I purchased the Versa I rejected any add-on options except floor mats and the 4 Speed automatic. That Nissan has manual windows and no cruise control. It came standard with the MPG computer. In the same type of driving our 454 K2500 gets 8.6 MPG. Difference between a 6900# 454 CI truck and a 2200# 100 CI small sedan world car. Wonder what a Versa will be like in 25 years the current age of the K2500?
  15. oleman

    Removing a transfer case

    That is the way a 93 K2500, 454, 4L80E, NP 241, 8600 GVW is removed also. I did not have to touch the Torsion bar anchor cross member. Using 3 EA transmission jacks 1 for engine 1 for transmission, 1 for xfer case. The shade-tree way from the floor, in our garage without whole chassis lift. The shop that overhauled the 4L80E used the whole chassis lift and it was much easier, they removed and installed the 4L80E and the NP 241 as a unit. (and came up with a bill for $2900 the year before.)