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  1. My Doctor had one for years, it was a 22# large kitten all its' life. I had a feral kitten, when it got grown it would be gone for weeks and then come home begging to be let in the house. Once I gave up on her and removed the litterbox and her stuff, she came back. I assume they will roam for many miles and claim the whole territory.
  2. I have never lived in the rust belt so have never owned a vehicle that had anything rust off while I owned it. (Our 69 International Travelal came close a after 20 years in Coastal California) I worked out of Connecticut for awhile, was totally surprised at how quickly vehicles failed safety inspections due to rust issues. Around here the the yearly Hail storms is what sends vehicles to an early grave for most people. Our 2013 Nissan has already been totaled (and I bought back) due to hail, It currently has 26,000 miles on and original tires and brakes. At least it is not a safety issue! Mother nature at her finest!
  3. Too FAT to be anything wild. Looks like my Main cat prowling around, it only eats from a dish.
  4. Glad to see you had time to visit with your family, Texas A and M was a great catch.
  5. oleman


    Today used a corded drill that I purchased in 1967 from Sears. Had to replace the cord 10 years ago but still running on the same power source.
  6. oleman


    I want to build one of those. My initial plans are 2 X 2 angle non-rolled 10 gauge expanded metal and no wood. Sized for small square bales. Also seating for 4, using seats out of the old Gillig City bus. The seats are heavy vandal resistant fiber glass formed buckets complete with a drain hole for the bottom.
  7. Put the HF antenna outside the shop. Here is a picture of an antenna that works well. It is a 200KHZ to 60 MHZ RDF BUT just a wire pointed to the station should be fine.
  8. oleman

    New toy

    If an elephant attacks I have the .458 Ruger #1 available, otherwise an adz handle
  9. I problem starter is always the difference between a Motor and an Engine.
  10. When blasting the hull of a large ship they normally use a skid-steer with a medium sized bucket that is busy filling the hopper.
  11. If you are looking for snakes and bugs, visit a swamp in the state just south east of Texas that has Norleans. in the past 50 years gators have made a major come back. Good sized jon-boat and don't go for a swim!
  12. I got a single K9 brand of tire 13.6 X 28 10 ply made in Korea a couple of years ago for $460. on the tractor. Amazing it still holds air and no weather cracks. With this experience I would have little reservation on getting a mate for it.
  13. True story about Industry. In the 80's I worked for an electronics Chip company that produced a family of chips that when combined made up a very high performance computer base chip set. Another company in the industry got a government contract to supply computer systems. Their marketing department had over sold their chipset. The memory management processor was ready to go but they would be unable to met requirements for 3 months. The chipset our company produced was very little different from the requirement and we could produce immediately. We agreed to sell them 300 ceritified to work parts for $385. each. Good news for us, the out of company costs for the chip was like $7. The product marketing Manager got a healthy commission on that sale. The other company got their product on line sooner than they expected and reneged on the agreement. Their reply was sue us we will be in court in about 5 years and we both loose. Dog eat dog world and today neither company has their name on their door.
  14. Knew a guy that hitched a free ride from Vacaville Ca to San Diego Ca in the Cab of a C0470 International in 1977 powered by a twin turbo 8V 92 Detroit, His complaint the next day was the scream of the turbos could be heard over the scream of the 2 stroke, even with ear-plugs, no shortage of power, to pull a heavy load up the grapevine believe it was one of the first 500HP(?) trucks. He made the trip several times, he would fly home to Vacaville on Friday and hitch a free ride on Sunday back to San Diego with a neighbor who was an owner operator. We were in the USN together and a free ride was always appreciated. The good old days, of being a Sailor!
  15. I would think there is SS version of a lift gate. Probably be for some special application and expensive but it's only money!
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