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  1. JMech is there an engine that'll work without mods? I apologize for the sideways pic, couldn't figure out how to turn it.
  2. Solar was a wholly owned subsidiary bought by IH in 1959. Sold to Caterpillar in the early eighties for the astronomical sum of $505 million dollars in a desperate bid to stay afloat.
  3. I need some advice. Got a real slick 482 but the Briggs has unfortunately given it up. A neighbor of mine that works on mowers on the side thinks the motor has basically imploded and needs replaced. What's a good replacement for the original motor that will fit without too much work? I'm not looking for a v twin or anything like that but another single cylinder that's comparable to what's in there now.
  4. It's a cold, crappy day here in WCIL and my mind is wandering. What is the least known division of IH that a person on here knows. Most collectors know about the M1 rifles built at Evansville or Solar Turbine out in San Diego or Wisconsin Steel on the south side of Chicago. I'm talking about something really unknown. Harco Financing, an arm of IHCC, was used by dealers to finance their floor plans. The Chicago & West Pullman Railroad is another one that IH had a stake in.
  5. $182.50 for a complete twenty one piece set that looks to have barely been used. I think I did alright.
  6. 8’x16’ is what grandpa and the neighbors all had. I remember when the same neighbors got a very heavy duty gear and built a 8’x24’; I thought it would bend then snap in the middle, but it always held. Granted they only kept the cows for another three years.
  7. Reminds me of a story my mom likes to tell every once in a while. The father of one of her roommates at Vassar was a Snapon salesman in New York City somewhere, the Bronx I think. They had an extremely tiny house that was packed with tools, a “six foot tall fence”, and a couple Dobermans.
  8. Unfortunately I have experienced it. I took a 1/2” ratchet in to get replaced at the closest Sears, an hour and a half away at the time. After the guy at the register looked at it he simply opened a drawer and handed me a “rebuilt” one; still dirty from the previous owner and barely working better than the one I’d brought in. I was beyond pissed but he said that was the policy now. Both grandfathers always bragged on their Craftsman tools from when they were younger but I vowed to only consider them if Harbor Freight was farther away.
  9. Price seems pretty good to me. I don’t have time to run in but I’m sending my stepdad tomorrow to check ‘em out. Being “Made in such and such communist workers paradise” doesn’t bother me much if the tool works and being able to warranty it through either of my local dealers is a definite plus. My best friends dad is still using the “Made in Japan” 3/4” set that his dad had bought in the ‘60s; I forget the brand. Too bad it’s not that SK set I’ve been dreaming about for years...
  10. Local pawn shop has a 3/4” socket set that they’re asking $200 for. I know a decade ago that their hand tools were Blue Point but how about now? Set seems almost unused.
  11. As anyone in our world knows, Darrell passed away last year, and an auction was announced. Does anyone else think the auction was moved because the prices were low?
  12. I’m looking for the code for DMI White for a restoration project. Bolt on not clamp on if it makes a difference.
  13. Interesting reading for sure. Is there any word on where DE puts their repo equipment? Several years ago the story was they rented a quarter up in northern Illinois just to park everything. Dealers can’t swallow all this used equipment for the “small guy” and still sell new to the BTOs.
  14. Title says it all. Are these guys good to deal with? Looking at a tractor on their auction next month.
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