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  1. My 450 would start on diesel if you killed it and hit the starter right away.
  2. Just donate it to me!! I want a TD bad!!
  3. Wow! So sad, but for the grace of God, it could have been most of us!
  4. Well Mike, the Chinese have never had anything worth while, but the Chinese Elm do thrive in an arid climate! Sadly I would rather burn them than Cottonwood which was about the only other option. We lost all the American Elm, or Red Elm as some call it, to what I always heard as Dutch Elm disease. That stuff burned extremely well and was easy to split. I have always wondered at my parents for burning wood. Dad lost his right hand shortly before we started burning wood as the only source of heat in a rather drafty Montgomery Wards house. I suppose having 3 boys age 10 and under may have had something to do with it. The 10 year old always acted like he was 30. Now he’s 60 and thinks he should be able to do what a 30 year old does. Sadly that doesn’t work.
  5. Dad got one years ago. I never mastered it. Nothing works well in twisted Chinese Elm
  6. Thanks guys. Means a lot!! I didn’t do much of anything all day other then got the Christmas shopping done!
  7. So sorry for your loss. We all know they are “just” dogs, but they sure fill a big part of our hearts!!
  8. If you find something you like, you better buy all that you find!! I still have several dozen “roping” gloves. Got started wearing them when Plain Jan’s was doing lots of advertising with them.
  9. So did you get them all home? Next thing you know all the big ranches will have a fleet of drones and gather all their critters that way. I was disappointed when dirt bikes came into the picture, then 4-wheelers, then side by sides. Now it’s drones!! The poor old horse is just screwed out of a job!! Honestly, that was pretty cool!! How is it for scouting deer?😉
  10. A 276 bidirectional is the best “farm tractor loader”, but total junk compared to an actual pay loader.
  11. This looks like a nice little farm truck.
  12. Not mine and know nothing about it
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