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  1. Platform headers along with “milo guards”. Way faster than with a row head. Lots of milo fed in Kansas. A number of ethanol plants use Milo.
  2. I would readjust your hold downs. That’s a good way for excessive wear.
  3. I have a feeder house chain out of a 7700 Deere combine I have been using for years. I try to blade the drive every year then just drag it with the rattle chain every month or so. Keeps the rock up on top.
  4. I learned back in the 80’s, if the banks wanted to loan me more money, quit borrowing. If they won’t lend you money, beg borrow or steal what you can. I was barely 18 when my dad broke his back. I signed a $150,000 operating note and the banker told me that wasn’t nearly enough. At 17% interest rate it was too much. I had bleeding ulcers by the time I was 19.
  5. I highly recommend small town banks. Shop around.
  6. Lazy WP

    AGCO Parts

    Yep AGCO is notoriously expensive!!
  7. Yep they are cutting wheat in our area and planting Milo right behind it.
  8. I will state this again. I HAUL A LOT OF ORGANIC CROPS! They are my bread and butter. That being said, quite a number of guys got into organic farming thinking they would make a fortune. A good farmer will, but it’s not for the faint of heart! Row crop farming organically takes a LOT of WORK! The guys who I deal with are mainly wheat farming and there’s a limited market. Right now we are trying to get bins cleaned out so they have room for this year’s harvest. I wouldn’t want to try to store grain for a year without being able to fumigate for bugs!! Most of them have been able to keep the bugs out! I applaud you guys who do the hard work!! I still don’t know that totally organic is the only way to go, but neither is all the chemicals.
  9. Keep me posted as to how well you like the def if you let them idle for hours at a time. Or how well you like it in wheat stubble. Guess if you traded equipment every few years it wouldn’t be an issue maybe, but when Cat couldn’t sell any dozers a year ago because they had robbed all the emissions crap off of the ones sitting at their factory, that tells me that there is an issue with it.
  10. I am going to say that 8 out of 10 trucks broke down on the side of the road are emission related issues. I sure wouldn’t want to have a pumper sitting there idling and it does a regen about the time the wind comes up.
  11. I bought one of them around the first of the year. I am on my second one now. In its defense a 5 foot piece of pipe will twist the square shank right off.
  12. Unless they changed their policy in the last week I didn’t need a mask. They have mail in rebate for 11% pretty much across the board. American owned. Menards is my go to place
  13. Yep 2 cylinder heads.
  14. No, the 401 is a 6 cylinder instead of 4.
  15. 930 and 730 are the same. 1030 and 830 are the same
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