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  1. Cherry Todd has more fires than any power company I have been around. Glad you got it out. That’s just rough nasty country. Most people have no clue how you guys fight fire.
  2. I somewhat believe that there might have been a temper involved with the decision. Could have gone to Omaha. That’s only 300 miles. Sounds like it might go to a COOP in Kimball NE. Again I am (the truck) is getting paid both directions, plus I have a different farmer sending a load right back to Watertown. Should make it home by Saturday afternoon. I hope!!
  3. Thankfully I am only a driver for this round. Not sure who’s paying the bill. My brother is both the truck broker and owner, and he tells me this is a good thing. Paying $64/ton each way.
  4. I hauled a load of wheat from Albin Wyoming to Watertown South Dakota just to get rejected. Taking it back to the farmer. 1160 miles round trip.
  5. My wife bought a 9mm revolver. She didn’t like having to use clips for ejection so she sold it and bought a little 38. Got all of her money back out of the 9, and spent less on the 38. Ammo has been a little tough to get. I reload the 38, but since she has her beginning handgun classes, we only use factory loads for her. The gals like to shoot my 44 with the 7 inch barrel, as long as we have specials instead of mags! 44 special ammunition is almost impossible to find.
  6. I would love to do something like that. My wife is way better with a handgun than me She will never shoot competition other then against me.
  7. You are way better than the average mask wearer. I am willing to bet that 85% don’t have a mask over their nose.
  8. I have had to wear a mask recently for Pioneer seed corn and these paper masks fog my glasses instantly. I can wear a real one that I use for grain dust and no problems. These warm fuzzy things are a joke plain and simple.
  9. I quit even looking at Duluth. They have a store in Wichita and nothing useful was in stock. Lots of yuppie over priced junk, but the stuff we used to get is no longer available. 😡
  10. When I was up on the river, I had an ASV70 tracked skid steer. Also had a D4. Most of the time the skid steer would work circles around the 4, but the 4 had its place. Taking out big trees or wet ground was where the steel tracks shined.
  11. Welcome to the board. I don’t have any red tractors but these guys are awesome. Don’t forget to post pictures!
  12. AB put the Alaska tires on right before we left, and I am pretty sure between Scout Cox and Danno, the Sandhills are safe. Don’t know any gals who can out work them, and few guys who can. We used to get helicopters that flew the river right after Circle Cross sold. Wasn’t always the nicest thing to see or hear if you were out in the middle of a swamp trying to capture a mad cow.
  13. That’s about 4 hours south east of him. I think it’s the same corporate farm as who Jeff is dealing with. CSS is the largest tator farm in the US, I think.
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