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  1. I think I heard that he recites the pledge of allegiance every morning and has for the last several years. Think he does it live on his Facebook page or something like that.
  2. I saw Neil back in the late 90’s. Never was a big fan of his, but loved his show. Don’t remember how tall he is, but he made the comment that North Platte Nebraska was the only place he was able to but Wranglers off the shelf. I wanna say he was wearing 42 inch inseam or something like that.
  3. https://www.jacksonvilleprogress.com/opinion/cargo-ships-america-s-old-jobs-floating-at-sea/article_1b721c4c-326c-11ec-87c2-dbbc8bcc17b1.html this is part of the parts problem. It’s probably a political issue, but not so much this administration, but an ongoing issue that has risen its ugly head. I don’t have any answers to solve it either.
  4. Lazy WP


    Mike, you have done some living!! If I ever get to meet you in person, I AM going to record our time together. Thanks for taking the time to share some of your life with us. @mike newman
  5. All I can tell you, is I lost a bin of corn when I was 19. I was afraid to run the fan when we were getting rain daily. Everyone told me to start the fan and don’t shut it off until the corn was in the truck. 40 years later, I still don’t know the answer, but if I had a bin of corn, that was anything above 18%, I will guarantee the fan would run continuously!!
  6. Lazy WP


    Not to make this political, but until the rest of the USA says to California to get bent with their laws, don’t expect much to change in the transportation world. We have allowed them to dictate what the rest of the nation does, as far as emissions, noise, and labor!
  7. Lazy WP


    Other part is getting trucks into non truck friendly states. I for one don’t want to go to California. My truck isn’t legal there. Not real interested in going through states that their government believe that all trucks contribute is pollution and congestion.
  8. I bet that was back when everything was 55 mph?
  9. Lazy WP

    Black 560

    This was definitely a 560, and had a paint job that was WOW!! Cool looking tractor, but it almost looked like it might have had a 2 stroke Detroit in. I was in a hurry and didn’t get to look close.
  10. Lazy WP


    My wife is inside truck parts and service rep for the local Cat dealer. She is pretty good at it also. This past week she has sold 3 or 4 Platinum overhauls, as well as other items. Her first Platinum shows up at the shop, and thankfully before they disable it, they order parts. Cat says first of November for injectors. No Platinum overhaul kits and no clue when they might get them. I knew Cummins was having trouble getting parts, but Cat had been doing good. It might get interesting when there’s no trucks running up and down the highway.
  11. Lazy WP

    Black 560

    What is the story behind the black 560 in Humbolt IA? Amazing paint job! Must be a puller, cause it didn’t look right in the engine department.
  12. I drove a Mack 2 weeks. No clue what transmission it had. 2 sticks and I never figured out where reverse was. Roughest riding truck I was ever in. I am really not much of a truck driver. Just a rebel who doesn’t play well with others.
  13. And you have the hills to spin out on! David Vanwinkle told about loading hogs in Omaha and going to the coast with them, driving something with a big gasser. Again I wish I would have recorded him when he got to telling stories.
  14. Shoot the big one who is polishing his horns and that will end it. When we were on the river, the boss lady had a bunch of ornamental trees. She put a hit out on the deer that was destroying her trees. Me living there, always waited until the out of area hunters filled their tags, other than that year. I was going to sleep in, but my wife was sure that Rambo, as she called the buck, would show up at the same time, even with a dozen hunters in the yard. He was 10 minutes late, and I had to put jeans on to make sure he was dead. Shot him out the front door while I was in my skivies! We had dogs, but they and the deer were friends evidently. Squeek wouldn’t chase a deer on his own, but would take a decent sized one down and hold it for me.
  15. I am not real concerned with buying only American made. I just want quality!! I used to think we should not import anything, but I have changed my mind. We either have to import the product or the labor. You sure can’t get the average American to work, and if they do it is extremely shoddy work!!
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