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  1. Except more towards hobby horse people.
  2. My 223 is a Savage 110, and I have shot several hundred if not not thousands through it. I know that it’s a lot lighter round but it’s never miss fired even with all the weird ammunition that has gone through it.
  3. Lazy WP


    I am not sure. I had a friend who gave me several hundred rounds of reloads. I used to shoot that rifle lots and lots, so I knew exactly how and where it was going to hit and how hard. I thought I needed a nicer scope and I doubt that I have shot it 20 times since. Between moving from the ranch and the scope not being what I thought it was, I just don’t shoot.
  4. Lazy WP


    My 223 up to 200 yards.
  5. Lazy WP


    With my 7mm I am comfortable out to 700 yards. I normally shoot 120gr, but I have 165s that I use for long range.
  6. Lazy WP


    I have probably shot more deer with my 223 then anything, but I have used a 7mm mag quite often 300 Rem Mag, 30-30, 6mm mag. I like them all!!
  7. We are making up for the rest of you. California Colorado and Kansas. Yep we are probably all gonna get it.
  8. Makes a difference as to what browser you use also. We use Firefox mainly but switch to Google Chrome or something else when they don’t work. Sadly I use my phone 99% of the time anymore.
  9. X2 My old Catahula was always sick.
  10. Sandhiller has a neighbor who treats himself with LA 200 when he gets to feeling puny. Safeguard is given to third world countries to help the children. I guess you will figure out if you have any Shepherd in your lineage as Ivermectin is deadly to them!
  11. This one Dad bought in about 1977? Paid $600 for it and we have pulled it with everything from a DC Case to a 7140 Magnum. Right now I am pulling it with a 830 Case with a Case-O-Matic. I don’t have fluid in the tires so I let the transmission slip instead of spinning the tires. In hard ground I have trouble loading it. In the sand you better be quick to get the pan up or you will be stuck.
  12. I have read all of the comments on Jeff’s post about how all of you would murder someone who shot your dogs. Yes, I love my dogs and they are probably more spoiled than a good majority of yours are. (Have 1 that we have spent well over $5000 on and the other sleeps with me) Yes, I would be upset if someone shot them and really upset if they did it just to spite me, but I wouldn’t plot murder against them. If you all got as upset over the murder of a baby, or the enslavement of a teenage girl, or maybe a corrupt political figure, we would not have some a33hole running around shooting dogs to
  13. Wishing you a fast and healthy recovery.
  14. You sure it was outside hunters? His dogs had an ugly reputation. I like Nick, but I caught his old dog clear down on us. That’s nearly 10 miles. I will always tell people that if my dogs are running and harassing people, livestock or big game, shoot them, but if I find out they got shot for spite, all He!! is going to rain down on you!!
  15. We fought with hunters not having permission. Lots of out of staters but locals also. I had a pair of Michigan pickups that were shining spot lights in the yard. About 2 nights of it and game warden was out. They swore they had permission from Jake, problem was Jake had been dead for a number years.
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