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  1. Dodge gasser won’t get decent mileage no matter what. Don’t think if you get a 4.9 it will improve your mileage either, IT WON’T!! I like Mopars, but other than a Chrysler 300, I have never had a gas MOPAR get decent mileage.
  2. Did something similar with one of your neighbors. Sorted off one of their heifers for the third time that week. Called Phill and told him either you keep her home, or pick her up in Valentine. He said her owner was from Iowa and wouldn’t be impressed. I said she will be on our scale, but she is a tad bit edgy. You might wanna leave her in the trailer over night if you come get her. He loaded her up, I hauled her to Valentine the following Monday. A week later he told me I wasn’t kidding and the check was on the way to Iowa.
  3. Don’t know squat about a rotory combine, but give me an old Massey and I am pretty sure I can get a cleaner sample and leave less in the field, but only get about half the acres in a day, on corn. I took a lot of pride in setting up a machine, but again it has been 30 years and my embellisher might have added to it.
  4. I know a guy who did that.🤫🥴
  5. I can already see the parking lot there. A bullrack that is still dripping as you unloaded a block away, a tanker that smells like sulfur, as I unloaded 25 miles south. A gas tanker that is sitting in line to load 15 miles away. I might have to borrow a Petercar so I fit in. 😊
  6. @sandhillerWhatever happened to the big truck you guys had that lost the motor east of town? Ugly thing that was maybe a 4X4? Looked like it should have been a good deal but it sat in Marty’s shop forever. The other one that intrigued me was the one Turner got for Kimes.
  7. It’s been years since I fought with them, but it seems like you have to bleed all the air out, by wasting a bunch of oil. Seems like you had to hold the lever forever, then cycle it 5000 times, or something like that. I sorta remember we put depth stops on all the cylinders on something that had phasing cylinders, because we couldn’t get it to work again. But again it was YEARS AGO.
  8. I watched a Claas chopper and pair of semi trucks open up a field this morning, as I was unloading. Light dried out corn, but it was still reasonably green. I was surprised to see that they were able to fill the back of the trailer, but he also blasted the windshield as they made the corner. Pretty interesting. We used to unload combines on the go with semi’s out in Colorado. Once you get used to it, it is easier than stopped.
  9. Every gas tractor I have owned has been 6 volt originally and I start them on 12. Fairbanks were notorious for moisture tracking in the cap. Dad always used a Fairbanks mag on the SC Case that he had on an irrigation well. If it rained any amount, the tractor would shut down.
  10. So much for less livestock!!
  11. Adel said she got her Elk on the Cody flat? Guess I don’t know where that is. Another nice Niobrara bull!!
  12. Thanks for the stories guys. Very interesting for sure.
  13. Nice!! Glad to hear from you, I was beginning to think the commute had got you!
  14. My sister dated the game warden at Valentine, 100 years ago. If I wouldn’t have known Frank, and a couple other people high up in Game and Parks, it would not have been pretty.
  15. I use my 6 inch bench grinder. When I worked for Kalcevic Farms, back in the mid 80s, they spent a couple hours showing me how to sharpen bits. In a crisis I can sharpen one on the chop saw, but it won’t last.
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