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  1. Lazy WP


    Brother paid right at 21 grand for his. Loader hoe and less than 1000 hours. His is ex military. Think it was only 7 years old when he got it.
  2. Lazy WP


    My brother has one with a backhoe on it. His is a Freightliner with a Benz motor. Last summer he pulled the loader and hoe off and ran his big v rake with it. He says it does not ride real well without the loader and hoe on, but with the 4X4, you can get out in the swamps to far!
  3. Lazy WP


    It’s been 56 1/2 years in the making, but we now have heifers that we intend to breed on our own land!! Granted there’s only 6 of them and the bank holds the note on the land but... I have run 600 cows for others and I have owned a few cows on leased land but these are all ours!
  4. Lazy WP

    $1.88 E10

    I had to make a quick trip out to Pueblo Colorado over the weekend and fueled my pickup up for 1.99/gallon of diesel. Bazine Kansas. Also saw diesel that low in South Dakota last week.
  5. Lazy WP

    830ck case

    What do you need? Most Comfort King parts are interchangeable
  6. Try getting parts for a MXU130. It was red, but they didn’t claim it. The Blue guys didn’t want anything to do with it.
  7. They didn’t want my daughter to take anything but her pain pills until they declared she was in remission. Said Tylenol could mask a fever and hide the cancer and all the bugs that went with it. Did I see your truck a week or so ago Highway 20 towards Valentine?
  8. You can get inside and shower. Just won’t let you hang out in a group from what I see.
  9. I am pretty much a diehard JICase nut. Nothing irks me more than to go to my local Fiat store, since they bought CIH, and try to get parts for my REAL Case tractors. Most don’t know what an 831 is, or maybe ask for a throw out bearing for an 800? Damn things didn’t have a throwout bearing. They have a torque converter. Or maybe if I ask for an oil filter for my DC. They say a DC didn’t have an oil filter. Sure did after 1940, I think. Even after all these years, I still struggle with the merger. Lots of good dealers got the shaft on both sides.
  10. They must have a special on Deere seeds around that area. There are a number of them planted in corn fields. Maybe they are using them for deer stands
  11. Well there’s 8 rows of corn and a Deere combine north of Spencer Nebraska. Looks like he planted the Deere. Maybe got the seed a bit deeper than required for proper germination!
  12. I haven’t found anything about weight being lifted. Hours of service change just for supplies. You can get food most places but have to eat out side or in the truck. I have a refrigerator in the truck and carry most enough food for a week but I sure miss a hot meal without looking out the windshield! I will have a microwave in before next week. It’s sitting at home.
  13. Not saying that you can’t eat but I am in this seat for a minimum of 10 hours a day. It’s sure nice to be able to sit down somewhere else and not have a steering wheel in the way or stink up the truck by cooking and eating in it. Big difference between being home every night and being in the truck every night. Any of you local drivers want to trade for a week?
  14. Lazy WP

    806 with gps

    When I set my Rogator up with GPS back in about 1999, they told me to mount the light bar as far forward as I could. Supposed to make it easier to drive straight. Did not help much. Auto steer was the only way I ever could drive straight.
  15. I hauled away the 1486 that I had out in the south west corner of Nebraska. Triple axles but I did have 17.5 tires on it. The Magnum or Bidirectional were heavier. You might wanna unload before you go down the hill though.
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