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  1. The cylinder is there. He had blown a hose was the story I got, then passed away before he got it back on. His boys had “bled” it, but nothing is hooked up. I have no clue how the hoses go.
  2. Well, I got back into my hobby hay business. Bought a model 100 IH 7 foot mower, model 55 New Holland rake and a 605F baler. I have never been around a Vermeer much and they had taken the hydraulic tension cylinder off so now I have to figure it out. Any advice? I have a whopping $800 tied up in it.
  3. That they do! I enjoy running with them. They are about the only ones left that talk on the CB anymore.
  4. Mine is on all time! This morning I was running with a bullrack, he must’ve been as overweight as I was. He made sure we knew where the Texas “black and white “ were. I don’t talk on mine near as much as I used to, and most bull haulers don’t talk to grain wagons in general.
  5. Problem is, where do you find the labor? I know of 4 locker/butcher shops that are running about half capacity because they can’t find help. I would love to learn to cut meat, but I can’t afford to stay home right now.
  6. The weather man is no different than the average male. Has no clue what 3 inches are !😜
  7. I probably agree with you. Always seems like after they plug the first time, they just plug easier the next time. I used to have a 7045 Allis, and if I ever plug, waxed iced or whatever, the filter on it, the next time it would plug WAY SOONER!
  8. I don’t know if you can ever get a filter “ungelled”! I have tried Power Service 911 when I froze everything up on the ranch, and never could get the filter thawed out. Seams like the wax embeds in the filter. 911 is a miracle cure for OOPSIES!
  9. I run Howes almost exclusively!! I usually have it doubled up, but I don’t gel! The other day I started it at -14 and it died. Changed the fuel filter after I heated the filter housing and drained the water out! I am a firm believer in Howes but don’t skimp on it. Keep your water separator drained, and it is good to go.
  10. I absolutely love revolvers and HATE semis! My wife shoots a lot of everything and she teaches ladies handgun classes. She likes the Ruger Sr9c for a bigger framed 9, and the Lc9s for conceal carry. NOT a Glock fan at all.
  11. Lisa says Stemco makes them. Not sure if it’s US made. She had another company also, but I forgot who.
  12. Used to run them all the time. As long as you the correct size for your tires, they are extremely dependable. haven’t used one in years. I will get the researchers to check it out. I kinda want one on my trailer now that I own it.
  13. I had a Cat phone 3 years ago. The thing was possessed!! There’s a reason why I don’t own one now.
  14. I figured out who is to blame for this nasty cold weather! My wife!! 2 weeks ago I needed a haircut. Was getting to about the point where Willie Nelson and I were wearing the same hair do. Anyway, she grabs the clippers and proceeded with the ear lowering operations. About half way through she says crap! I used the wrong clip! You aren’t going to have much hair for warmth. Now mind you, I have more hair on my head than both of my brothers combined, or I did, and I don’t like hair cuts. Well, I don’t have to worry about a hair cut for a while! Sorry guys, blame Lisa for the cold! I sure do
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