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  1. I’m pretty sure that my neighbor up north regularly hauled 1000 pounds with his Bobcat side by side. He had a Kubota before, but it was too slow for him. Guy who ran cows south of us used a Polaris 6X6. Had a custom made flatbed for them, but it seemed like it was always in the shop. I pulled a Datsun pickup box trailer with my Gator. It handled it fine but the Gator was a 850 diesel and had torque out the wazzu
  2. I would look real hard at Hastings. 20 miles south of I80, should be better priced.
  3. I used a MXU135 on a ranch in the south west corner of Nebraska. CaseIH didn’t claim it. Ford New Holland didn’t claim it. Couldn’t get parts for it and Heaven forbid you needed service. Prior operators made it a ROYAL PIECE OF JUNK! For the most part, I believe you get what you pay for.
  4. Lazy WP

    A year

    To be honest, I turned it over to the Lord. I didn’t get any compensation from the shop, but I have generated more dollars than I ever dreamed of this year, so I’m content.
  5. Lazy WP

    A year

    Also there’s a big weight difference between a bunch of UPS trucks and ag related trucks. I am pretty sure Ron hauls as much pay weight in 1 load, as 5 UPS trucks do.
  6. Lazy WP

    A year

    I’m pretty sure I blew my fuel average this week. Loaded in Pacific Junction Iowa, Wednesday morning. Unloaded in Wimbledon North Dakota, Wednesday afternoon. Reload in Billings Montana Thursday morning and should have unloaded in Yuma Colorado Thursday night. I got here an hour late. Between South Dakota and Wyoming speed limits, and the rather large hills, I don’t think I made 5mpg. I know I didn’t have to run the speed limit, but that’s how I am wired.
  7. Lazy WP

    A year

    It’s a 99 model, 12.7. Bone stock at 500 horsepower.
  8. Lazy WP

    A year

    Last week I was 8,4. You can manipulate your mileage however you want week to week and even month to month. I have a buddy with a 2020 KW 680, who swears that he can average 8.7 pulling a dry van. Pulling his hopper he is down below 5mpg. Big difference in aerodynamics and weight.
  9. Lazy WP

    A year

    Yes Sir. They told me bad casting. Less than 6 months old. My fault for not insisting they correct it when it was noisy, but I didn’t think I could be down that long. It all worked out in the end.
  10. Lazy WP

    A year

    I can’t find my thread from a year ago when the motor in my truck let go. It has been exactly the year. June 1, that I got the truck back. In that time, I have put 151,600 miles on. She still runs okay. Probably won’t keep up with Ron, or Jeff, but I am betting she will pass them at the fuel pump. Been averaging 5.9 mpg over the course of the year!! The cheap part that cost me a new motor.
  11. Bad part is, is she feels fine. Thinks she needs to roll in bovine excrement and play in the pond. 10 years ago, I would have told my kids to suck it up l, let alone a dog. I must be getting extremely soft in my old age.
  12. This is how she spends most of her time when I am not home.
  13. Why don’t people drop the loaders off? I wouldn’t want any extra weight up high.
  14. I was through Lamar about 3 weeks ago, maybe a month ago now. I don’t think I’ve driven through harder rain than that!! We have them funnel looking things too! I took this one using my mirror as I was out running it.
  15. Talk to Lisa. She loves hers!!
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