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  1. This one has a ROPS cab, but have not seen it in person. Has a GB800 loader on it, which probably is not my favorite, but it would work.
  2. I have an old 800 Case with a F-11 on it that will keep the loader. The torque converter makes it a great loader tractor, but any time it’s below about 50, it requires either.
  3. Someone tell me about the 966. Do they have both 540 and 1000? Do they start decent in colder weather? How would it be for a loader? I don’t think I have ever been on a 66 series. Looking for something with a cab and loader to feed a few bales with.
  4. I had never seen or heard a rattler until I moved to the southwest corner of Nebraska. Dang near stepped on the first one. After that I got where I was pretty good at spotting them. Still can’t hardly hear them. KEEP YOUR MUFFLER ON!!
  5. I know that picture is Photoshopped!! There never has been a duck that walked on concrete, wet or dry, that hasn’t taken a crap on it!!
  6. What is the comparison to those who never got the vaccine? I am guessing the numbers are very close to the same, so I will take my chance on my own immunity. I need to subscribe to the Epoch newspaper. My father in law gets the Wall Street Journal and after reading it a couple times, I truly believe it is about as accurate as the National Enquirer.
  7. Drive around the country, I have not seen any that the different states have erected last over 15 years. Not saying they won’t, but lots of them are destroyed by 10 years.
  8. If they blow, yep you hear and feel them. On the super singles, you are pretty much dead on the spot.
  9. I run super singles on both tractor and trailer. It absolutely terrifies me when someone just sits right beside me. I try to keep good tires on all the time, but stuff happens. PLEASE DON’T SIT THERE. Pass with a purpose.
  10. Because it is not FDA approved, no long term testing, and pushed by a billionaire who has claimed he wants to control the population. You are the one who is always saying you need source verification, put out here where you are getting your propaganda.
  11. I am pretty sure that I saw one several years ago just across the river from the house. Turkey’s were going nuts. I was riding a horse that had been arena ridden his entire life until I got him, and he wouldn’t have known if a cat was stalking him. Anyway, the turkeys were raising Cain and I saw a flash of yellow under a cedar tree. By the time I got around the tree it was gone and the turkeys settled down. That was when I got Lisa to build me a shoulder holster for my 357, and I carried it about every where I went on the river.
  12. I carried a 357 when I was horseback, 4-wheeler, or on foot probably the last 4 years we were up there. We had several different kitties on camera.
  13. The local guys are probably running on a different channel then 19. I had about a 2 hour visit with a propane truck and a gas/crude tanker coming out of Idaho most of the way to Green River Wyoming. First time in a while that I conversed that long with someone I wasn’t running with intentionally.
  14. Lazy WP


    Yep. Got in Monday night about 7. Got loaded about 10 Tuesday morning and got out to Bancroft Idaho 10 Tuesday night. Sitting at Simplot in Rock Springs Wyoming waiting to load fertilizer back to Gordon. Still want to make it to Portales New Mexico this week but I might have bigger plans than time will allow.
  15. 4-H can be a good thing. Teach kids how to do a number of things and they learn leadership skills. Problem I always had was the parents were doing the projects for the kids. I got to travel most of the midwest through 4-H and FFA. Learned lots and made lifelong friends.
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