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  1. Lazy WP


    Car or Granger sells impact resistant gloves.
  2. Nice!! I am extremely jealous.
  3. Lazy WP

    656 Hydro

    Saw this on a dealers lot. I was thinking someone was looking? I know nothing about it other than it is in Albion Nebraska.
  4. Yeah Jeff, it was a lot like that except I was horse back and HE DAMN SURE WASN’T impressed!! That poor old grey horse saved my life numerous times.
  5. It’s amazing how easy it is to catch stuff you shouldn’t. Now when I need to catch something for a purpose, I can’t!!
  6. No clue. I have roped a number of things and then said OOPS!! Everything from the sister in law’s dog, rabid raccoon, coyote, bighorn sheep, and WAY to big of bulls. The worst by far was a decent size Mule deer buck. Lost a brand new King rope in that wreck and dang glad of it!
  7. If I would have succeeded, I would have been like Troy. CHOOT HIM. LISA CHOOT HIM!
  8. I tried to rope a badger one day. I was riding a horse that wasn’t overly intelligent and neither was the rider. For the record they are hard to rope!!
  9. You ought to be trying to sort wild Charolais in a tight corral with mud up to your hind pockets, and the crop duster uses your corral as the point of reference to turn at. 😡 Probably a good thing my rifle was in the other pickup!!
  10. Going to Belleaire Ohio. Last time I was there we ended up in Wheeling WV to rent a Uhaul trailer.
  11. Lazy WP


    A better batter!😜
  12. There is a LP 450 for sale in Florence Kansas. It’s a parts tractor at best. Motor is locked up. Don’t have a name or number though. For a little cash, I think I can convince the wife to drag the flatbed all the way. I am hoping I can convince her uncle to part with a little Cletetrac, the only reason for taking a 1 ton dually on a road trip.
  13. I mentioned in another thread that we will be going to eastern Ohio the 19th of August. Taking the pickup and other then luggage, it will be empty both directions. If anyone needs something hauled either direction, it won’t cost you anything. We are going right across I-70 the entire way.
  14. my 800 Case didn’t like a bucket of sand. I only have a 5 foot bucket and I know I have handled more weight with a bale. That day was just the day it decided to let go. 1 side haad absolutely no penetration in the weld. Lifted the off side rear wheel off the ground when it dropped.
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