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  1. Made it back north of the snow and ice tonight. It was slick from Waco to nearly Oklahoma City. Wasn’t nearly as nasty tonight as last night, but WOWSERS if you get off the beaten path!!
  2. Took an hour to get 15 miles out of Oklahoma, and I haven’t made it 4 miles into Texas in 2 hours. Might be a long 450 more miles tonight. Grrrrrr and it’s not the cars that are causing the problems.
  3. And I am headed to Corpus Christi today. Grrr
  4. I don’t think it’s open anymore. Didn’t Jerry Adamson have part ownership of it?
  5. If you left the transmission in drive I could see it grinding. Maybe even in neutral, but park there is no way. I am not an auto transmission guy, but I would think that either the transmission has a warped disc or tight band. It’s not the transfer case that is the issue.
  6. You will have to go with an electronic brake controller which is probably what all the modern ones are. The only downside I know of the S series is the cab mounts will rot out earlier than the same size Freightliner. Freightliner is all plastic. You are most likely going to need a CDL.
  7. My trailer spotter. It would move the cart, empty, but I sure would not want to try to use it in the field. Nice part about the 830 is it’s a Caseomatic. No clutch to slip, and the steering is amazing, especially with that much weight on the drawbar.
  8. Whichever one ran in the early years. 61 Ford, 72 GMC,76 Ford,78 Ford, 72Chevy,85 Dodge. My 2006 Dodge 2500.
  9. Someone shared a list of places to eat at the Round Up. Can you please reshare it or direct me to the topic? We are going to be in Grand Island for Dad’s funeral next weekend and I need some Prime Rib!
  10. It used to be an absolute amazing place. The old man died back in the late 70s early 80s. The state of Nebraska took it over and like everything else it has deteriorated. We took Dad there for his 85 birthday a couple years ago and it was okay. Still lots to see ( just not as clean as it used to be. Well worth the drive.
  11. First time in 5 years that Dolly has wanted to feed with me. The 2090 actually has a nice spot for both dogs to ride.
  12. No this was a deadend road a half mile east of Lloyds. The guy who was there was a shyster. Was renting the double wide and out buildings. Boydson?
  13. I don’t need to go up OR down that stinkin hill!! Although the hill going out of… can’t come up with the name. East of the Slocum bridge, might be worse. Anyway, Milt Amaberry, Jess Millar, and 1 of Jim Heath’s guys were hauling Timmerman cattle out of there. Dean Welker had his grader out there to push them up the hill. Milt takes off, with Dean in hot pursuit. About the time Milt needed help over the terrace in the road, Dean runs out of fuel. Dean can’t get the molboad down and has no brakes. Milt is sliding backwards about the same rate of speed. Everyone was getting a bit concerned!! Got things reorganized and up they went. Got all 3 pots out. I loaded my 26 foot trailer and Tom loaded all the hoses in his trailer. Of course Tom doesn’t have 4x4 and spins out. I crawled under the front and switched the vacuum lines around and up he goes. I was heavy enough and watched how the big trucks made it up so other than a bit of high speed coming out of the corral, all was good. The river is a beautiful place and well protected, but it has its drawbacks also.
  14. Some of the guys from Texas should chime in. There are plows that rotate the molboards and they plow both sides. I have never plowed back and forth like most of the rest of the guys have. We always went round and round then when we worked the corners out 2 outfits went out each corner. First one plowed the center out and the back one feathered the edge so there wasn’t a dead furrow to catch. Wish I had a picture of when we had all 6, 12 bottoms in a field at the same time.
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