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  1. I will be the Lone Ranger. I don’t think we need term limits. We need to educate the people on how to hold our elected officials accountable. Term limits are just an easy way out for us
  2. Lazy WP

    Cold start

    I have terrible acid reflux as well as a Hiatal hernia. Probably hereditary on both sides. If I take Omeprazol/Prilosec daily I am fine. Got to reading about the side effects of it and quit taking it. About a year without it and I have scars in my throat to the point of not being able to swallow anything. Right now it’s bad enough I can’t drink beer and I like beer 😛
  3. Lazy WP

    Cold start

    If I would have worked yesterday the old beast would have fired right off but I had to get my esophagus stretched again and they sorta frown on driving after that.
  4. Lazy WP

    Cold start

    My Dodge has a 200 amp altenater and I have 1 ought jumper cables so it’s more than just a little jump. It’s amazing how warming up the batteries makes them work better.
  5. I use a 3point blade set at a pretty sharp angle. Once I get it crowned and pot holes cut out, I use a feeder house chain to bring the rock back to the top. I think the rattle chain I have now is out of a 7700 Deere
  6. Lazy WP

    Cold start

    Yeah I was afraid of that but the scare tactic worked. I think I can get in the yard with this trailer. It’s only 45 feet. My triple that I normally pull has a tendency to cut the corner and take out the high dollar vinyl fence 🤔. The wife wasn’t impressed nor was I with the tow bill.
  7. Lazy WP

    Cold start

    It’s official! 6 degrees and not running the day before is to cold for a Detroit 12.7 to start on its own. Jumped it with the Dodge and strung 250 feet of cord and it fired off. Was still short 50 feet of cord to get it plugged in; but the thought of being plugged in must have scared it into starting. Been driving this truck for almost 2 years and over 250,000 miles and have yet to plug it in.
  8. Great news on your blood work. My oldest was diagnosed with Lymphoma in April. 3 weeks ago they told her she is in remission! She still goes in every week for blood work. She is excited to get back to work!
  9. Big Bud 535 I think. Versitile 1150 for lots of hours. Picked up 17 976 Ford/Versitiles off the lot I don’t think any of them had 10 hours on them when I got them. I helped take them back 4 years later and they all were in the 2500 hour range and in desperate need of tires.
  10. I have run LEDs in trucks and yes they are brighter but they don’t produce any heat so on marker lights they won’t melt the snow off. I don’t think that the white lights cut through the snow as well. I am going to put a set of LED driving lights on but am keeping my Halogen bulbs.
  11. I love the big drop visors but I don’t put much air in the seat. I have gotten to where I don’t totally sit on the floor though
  12. I always filled both filters on my Allis.
  13. Lazy WP

    Gun Storage

    My wife’s 410 sits behind the front door. Not sure where the rest of hers are but I know there is a 38 on the shelf in the closet, a 223 behind the bedroom door, and a few more on the way to the safe. She is a NRA handgun instructor and loves to teach ladies how to handle a firearm. I can out shoot her with a rifle, but handguns and shotguns she’s way better than I.
  14. Guy left York a half hour ahead of me. He got to visit with one of your finest, on 18. I wound my way up on 30 up to Pocahantis over on 3 and up 169. I ran around 58 and beat him by 10 minutes. There just isn’t any direct route up there.
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