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  1. Coffee and hummingbirds is a great way to start a morning. We have 5 feeders out but only a few birds. Come September we usually have 15 to 20 for a week or two
  2. About as exciting as it gets around here
  3. All kidding asside that calfs momma was bought used a few years back and her time is short. Twice she has raised twins and one of those times she had a third calf calling on her. She is cross of Simi and I think Maine. When she comes to you she don't stop until her nose touches.😀
  4. Maybe a couple 😀 It was a good while before I checked it out and I was surprised it looked that bad. Must be getting thin skinned
  5. Yep Thought I had his leg blocked but he side stepped me and got one in
  6. I counter with this guy https://www.facebook.com/584525426/posts/pfbid0cyZUiLKzSkap69K2hvv95QTXFLPFWh2kX3ij8K8A44wH5ToUKHipiD7N3in5Q1vpl/?d=n&mibextid=3MxqDH
  7. I may just have to wait a while but I think I will eat the calf that did this to my leg this morning 😀
  8. Son bought those and they were labeled as Cowboy steak. Really good no matter what you call it
  9. No way. I had to leave room for homemade blackberry cobbler.
  10. Damn looks like somebody has been visiting the museum with his Johnny Cash lunchbox 😀
  11. Thanks to all for the well wishes. Thank you wifey. Now I can pretend to have lots of good fuel.
  12. What I know about golf. If you shell out enough money you can play golf around the rattle snakes near Valentine Ne. Son has sent pictures that I can't find.
  13. Hence the JUNK in junkandcattle 😀
  14. Farm tractor and it doesn't really look bad until you get in there with a strong light. Then you see the tubes are not clean. You can see the back of the fins and they are free of debris,
  15. I think there is a feathering valve aka spring and spool on the electric engaged models that softens the process.
  16. Got an inefficient AC system that looks like tubes are covered with crud when inspected with a led flashlight. What are your favorite methods and cleansers for restoring air flow and cooling surfaces to coils.
  17. Some talking head coined the phrase sudden onset drought for south of I 70
  18. We can't seem to miss one lately. Around 11 inches since July 4. Hay is average that is when you dare mow any. Not complaining The heat is supposed to be bad next week.
  19. On the father side of this I am not expecting an exit anytime soon but you never know when you wake up if it will be your last time. I need to mend a couple of fences. I don't think the kids know how much I love them. That wasn't something I said often and my demeaner can be misunderstood. My pensive can be seen as something entirely different. I have reached out with special things and messages but hasn't prompted the response I was hoping for. I will keep poking and praying
  20. Been assigned to find some no longer furnished items for a restoration project 7700 Ford. In particular cab items so if any of you have spotted a yard with a good assortment of Fords or know of that special place I would appreciate the help. I have not yet begun to search as this just happened today but someone else has been looking already.
  21. That is going to be an educational moment
  22. Me too. I have a certain affection for NH hay tools. A 20 year old semi could be built from anything a baler not so much
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