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  1. Laughed so hard I just about choked ( followed by just damn near gagging thinking about it )
  2. Neighbor just hangs a sign under his mailbox when has them for sale this year so far he is at 2 dollars. Another guy I know takes them to work and has regulars that go to his house on a regular basis. When I was a kid Dad sold eggs and whole milk out of a fridge on the back porch on the honor system we had everything from iou notes to bags of fish left for payment. This was back when you could trust people there was a 12ga , 16ga and a 22 standing in the corner of the porch never lost anything.
  3. Put 3 - 4 inches of wet snow on that and you have what we woke up to yesterday
  4. He was going down no matter if it was within protocol , they think they might not have police this crap all over again with a guilty verdict. Sad part is there is no way the police can do the job when people don't believe they need to comply. If you need to be removed from a vehicle you should be handcuffed and in the back seat for everyones safety. If you are instructed to comply with an order that does not mean if you feel like it. On the other side of this I have limited encounters with police , only speeding and one suspected DUI. Most officers have been casual / busin
  5. My world is so tiny. I had to look both of those up. Same way when son said he was eating chislik .
  6. Congrats we have had very little sunshine the last two weeks so I didn't even bother to look. 3 1/2" of snow this morning and supposed to freeze tonight and tomorrow night. Hopes are fading fast.
  7. She looks like she is thinking WHY ? Wait until you go to sleep I will get my revenge
  8. Sorry for your misfortune it always hurts. Found one caught with head in the fork of a tree. I had heard the commotion and went to investigate soon as I got there he took a step forward and was free. Don't know if he would have stayed there and hung himself or not. After a tornado tore through an old galvanized trash can with one side rotted out was found by a cow in our pasture. Don't know how long she had been wearing it but she had her head through the side I know she was thirsty by the time I got it off.
  9. Sorry that happened. My son was bit in the back of the leg while picking up surplus seed corn " that dog has never bitten anyone" total denial. Owner never did anything and it was 250 miles from where we live so he never got even. On the other side of the coin my red heeler only bit one person and he would have bit him again anytime he came around. He was the only human the dog was ever aggressive towards. Found out years later he had hit him with a stick around 3 years before he got bit.
  10. Apparently they did not get the memo as they are planning to deliver 2 inches of your product between 5am and 10am here in the morning. I don't understand the mix up as I ordered 70 degree weather with rain each Monday
  11. They should use that for instructional purposes at the buffet restaurants
  12. Local co-op took the board members on a bus trip to somewhere my Dad was one of them. Probably should not have an only somewhat responsible 16 year old at home. When he returned the 67 Mustang was under the old piss elm tree. Block , crank and heads from the 289 were at the machine shop. Around 1400 or so my bale bucking money was gone. It went over better than I expected in fact a couple of months later he said he was using my car. I could here him banging gears coming back from town. All he said you better be careful and why does it shake so bad at the stop lights 😃
  13. Well not was what I was expecting. When someone mentions dead cow around here not good news. Save your money don't call the vet for that one
  14. That makes my 'junk' look fantastic. I understand neglected repairs but that is crazy. How does that pencil out per pound for scrap ?
  15. I think when Muck sold the same guy started Drishod. I was going to try them but my son had an extra pair of Mucks. I have had to re glue the soles on my last two pair of Mucks
  16. Nope did not work they said much higher offer plus waived inspection and appraisal. WTH ?
  17. Don't know how crazy it is. Today daughter left offer of 2.5% over asking with a max of 9% over solely because location. Guess we will find out how nuts they are.
  18. Had probably 30 birds grouped together last couple of weeks, today when getting hay from the bale lot it was more like 10 hens and a tom. Tractor noise didn't stop him from putting on a show at 50 yards. The hens moved away on the second round.
  19. Yep and I have two fall calves gonna jack around and wean themselves as they found someway of escape to the grass. This cool weather I am trying to give the grass a fair shot.
  20. Like I said turn loose the dog a good heeler or border collie would get her going in the right direction. Don't use some hard mouthed dog , don't want her all chewed up and slobbered on
  21. Just rain Friday afternoon, son and I went down near @searcyfarms area to pickup a rake. Rained the whole trip turned out to be a 6 hour trip got back in the dark more rain today with snow forecast for Tuesday morning and a freeze at night. Mowed the useless grass twice now (lawn), waiting for good grass is like watching paint dry.
  22. Don.t wish to derail all I would have pictures of is a sea of henbit waiting to get killed. As for the urban plague I understand farm to the north of me got converted to houses and down the road at my home place there is an industrial park plus a city operated burn site. Burn site is supposed to be brush only and we know people follow rules NOT. The industrial park does not control the cardboard very well either.
  23. That is the scary part I don't need my kids caught up in this as they are pretty secure at the moment. We all have seen how rapidly that can change. On the other side of this we will be selling a house and 6 acres that the youngest has been renting from us. When word got out he would be moving he had 5 people call asking to be told when it is coming to market.
  24. We were told at work the same thing was going on with the containers themselves. "RATES" were going up daily, you can pass on getting one but it's only going to get worse. A company out of Georgia we deal with has extended lead time to next December if we order now. This time last year was around 60 days. Pretty sure the product is sourced from India
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