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  1. I was thinking something along the line of this. Pin oaks and locust trees have numerous low branches that will beat your face or grab the powershift lever. Trees are not too large as I only have a TD7C
  2. Anyone ever done any clearing work with a dozer with a tree pusher attached to the blade. I was wondering if they really had any advantage other than being a little further out from the limbs. It stands to reason there is a leverage benefit but I could see it raising the dozer and losing traction. Just curious before I waste any time looking, or building one
  3. Suggestion would be http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/colorcodedisplay.cgi?manuf=International Harvester&gncl=yellow&con=mc&year=1974&rows=50
  4. You guys are making zero sound pretty good Honestly not that bad with the wind just at 3 0r 4 mph, Yesterday felt worse with 20 mph wind and the cold front moving in
  5. Sent that link to both my boys titled Don't Do There is tannerite stored here πŸ˜€
  6. Don't forget uncooperative neighbors and tenant farmers who won't even speak to each other. Some would rather crash spray booms in a pissin contest
  7. Turns out there is lard in the original and vegetable oil in this one with a few more calories in the vegetarian Who would have worried about that? Nobody I know
  8. The question "What is corn meal made of" is just one example of why I don't care if I ever have grandchildren
  9. I would think as the name is clear as day CORN bread is derived from corn. Corn is a vegetable. This is how it is marketed on the store shelf today. Iam assuming you can't use this product if you put ham in your ham and beans
  10. Such a photogenic pup. I suppose it could be her chauffeur knows how to take a great picture. Me and Emma need to discuss his behavior as of late πŸ˜€ Missed your input @lorenzo
  11. I expanded the picture and I see what I think is alignment pins good idea. I need to build 125' steel fence, haven't decided if I want to use panels or borrow a portable welder and make continuous fence. Your jig has my rusty gears creaking πŸ˜€ My back says make it taller you know you can't stay leaned over like that
  12. As I laugh I realize. Wait thats me I bought a group of early p2 heifers from a fellow I knew. Neighbor bought the one that cleared three fences to get to his place. Of course they were not p2 three were not p anything
  13. I remember that one. I would imagine the Colorado incident would have ended the same way eventually, but what a tough decision for Dad to have to make
  14. junkandcattle


    Sorry guys drift was deep enough I couldn't get the door shut πŸ˜„
  15. Maybe use an old gate for a skid and drag it close to where you need it
  16. junkandcattle


    Thoughts and prayers You are never alone
  17. Cousin with covid was back at work after 5 days, she is still sick but Wal Mart says back to work. Saw her there yesterday coughing and looking terrible stocking groceries. Is she putting others at risk? Probably, but she is doing what she has to I guess. Bottom line all these companies running on bare minimum inventory and just almost enough work force are caught with their pants down and they deserve it
  18. Put the leftovers in the fridge then get up during the night and grab a piece. I do like cold fried chickenπŸ˜€ Seriously just shelter and bedding, they should be fine
  19. I liked my Lincoln but I LOVE the Milwaukee. It will push grease it one handed with that locking coupler where the Lincoln would stall out or blow grease
  20. Looks like that Detroit is aging @bkorth πŸ˜€ Hope you had a good one
  21. Toothpicks matter too πŸ˜€
  22. That would make grown kids smile too. Awesome idea you have
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