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  1. I was dealing with really short not worth cutting grass that did not want to feed
  2. Thank you ,really do appreciate it
  3. Not what you were counting on I am sure but it could have been so much worse
  4. Perplexing I looked for your post to see if you had replied about the yield and it was gone
  5. The old dozer hasn't been ran for 2 or 3 months until last weekend. Got the service done on it and I noticed when first started and at idle it has a squeak in the driveshaft / torque converter area. U joints feel good and yes they are lubricated. I thought I might take the shaft out and see if it has a noise but I haven't yet. Best I can tell it is only when first started and only at low idle as soon as the throttle is bumped up it stops. When I get a chance this weekend I would like to get it figured out everything works like it should. Ideas on what it could be other than a stuck needle in the cross kit?
  6. Very neat. Keep the barn cats off of it
  7. My 1981 model 851 baler used a shear bolt unique to the round balers back then and the part number has changed at least once. My 1991 855 uses the 46520 shear bolt that dates back to the 70's or before for square balers and the number has not changed.
  8. I saw that too. Of course I thought it was a 410 but looked again maybe it is a 300 Nevermind me just a crazed old guy with poor eyesight
  9. If I remember correctly 292 chevy. My Dad melted the pistons out of a slant 6 in the 300 combine but somedays nothing was tough enough for him. 😀 After watching again I saw some black smoke too so maybe 4 cyl Perkins
  10. Looks like from a search DN Equipment and another place here in Missouri are at least familiar with them. Think Coles tractor was the name.
  11. That is a brand I have never heard of have you tried matching blades up with something else ?
  12. We sell a little bit of parts to DN. Curious to what your brush hog was
  13. Thanks @Sledgehammer and @Brady Boy So many to drool over so little time Of course I also saw a couple that I wish I had never seen let alone be in the field with or own.😀
  14. The laminated tail wheels are usually generic size and hole pattern. Even the OEM ones are sourced overseas but there are different manufacturers they will build as cheaply or as well as requested. As far as the Sunday thing are you on good terms with your favorite parts guy ? Do they support enough smaller cutters to have one in stock? Also those show up on Craigslist pretty often might not hurt to check.
  15. x2 Really enjoy the pics . I was out there guess two years ago? One question, I can't figure out from the picture of the T340 up in the right hand corner there is Deutz Allis green something just curious if anyone else recognized it
  16. Looks like it was the former Pierce auto Case bought out
  17. At some point I will get more pictures from my son. Knowing him if it was there it got a thorough inspection
  18. A few years back we had a couple get stopped with a full trunk load. They allowed they should show the nice highway patrol people where they picked it at. It was rather strongly suggested I mow and burn my patch 😀
  19. He did. He is taking a road trip vacation roadside attractions , badlands and hoping to hit Colorado before going back to the grind on Monday. Body shop plus people plus insurance companies adjusters or lack of during Covid are taking a toll on him. So open road and supercharged Shelby Raptor for conversation.
  20. I feel awful for all involved this is the worst predicament I have heard of in a long time. I read something I liked today " Praise through the darkness and dance into the light"
  21. Son saw this in Murdo SD didn't even know they built them
  22. We sell parts to MODOT most are Schulte 15 footers. Trust me they can find the weak parts in all cutters but they keep repairing the Schulte and run them until there isn't much left so yes they are tough.
  23. Pretty sure there was one around Polo maybe one around Pattonsburg Not as many as the 15 footers for sure and a lot of the parts are unique to the 26 footer
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