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Found 4 results

  1. We need a dog thread. Please feel free to add as you see fit. New dogs, old dogs, dogs with tractors, whatever. Pictures are encouraged! I'll start. The first is our ~9 year old Australian Cattle dog-Corgi mix. She's her Momma's girl. My wife adopted her when she was single and she knows her job -protect the family. She's fiercely protective of both my wife and daughter. Put a new knee ligament in her last winter. She slipped in the icy tractor tracks in the yard in January last year and ruptured her equivalent of an ACL. It was a long 6-month recovery; she was pretty much crated to keep her off it. She seems good as new now though. She loves those balls the most, she can run and jump again after the surgery, and she'll chase that thing for hours. The second is my English Setter. He is the puppy of another bird dog in the family. He's a sweet dog and hardwired for birds. This dog puts in miles every day. He's dad's boy and he's two separate dogs indoors and outdoors. Indoors he likes to be in the quietest room and only cares about being petted. Outdoors, he couldn't care less about affection. All he wants to do outside is run and chase birds.
  2. I mowed hay late Saturday, thickest I've seen in this field with a lot of clover. The ground is still wet under the hay and I don't have a tedder. Calling for rain on Wednesday so I need to get it up Tuesday after work, I'm sure the next few days will be humid.Have a 20' batwing is it totally crazy to use that as a tedder. Run it low at low RPMs. Even if I do chop it some as long as I can pick it up it shouldn't hurt anything? I'll be rolling it for beef cattle with the bales stored outside unwrapped. Give it a try or not?
  3. Today was drive your tractor to school day. My son (17) told the owner of this 1066 he was driving it today whether we were finished painting it or not. Yesterday I had a rain day so I put some sheet metal and decals on he took care of the grill and fenders after school. We have been calling it the gray ghost after Boss Hoggs camaro from the Dukes of Hazzard, I don't think it looks half bad. The owner of this 1066 also owns the 90 something hours 4455 that was at the NFMS in Louisville this year if anyone saw that. He's a dye hard Deere guy but says the IH'S bring him back to his youth. He thinks highly of my son and wanted him to drive the 4455 to school a couple years ago but my son said he'd rather drive a red one 👍
  4. I wanted something a little more heavy duty for trail/off road use on the back of my Scout. It had to be heavy enough to hold up the whole rig and also have at least one tow point for recovery and tie down purposes. I know you all like pics so here it goes. The first bumper I made. It was done in 15 minutes, painted, and thrown in for a next day trail ride. This one worked but wasn't as nice as I wanted it to be. (The tube is an Allis Chalmers planter frame) After a visit to the local welding shop for supplies. The goal was to sleeve heavy wall tubing into the frame and build off of that. First step was to mark and cut out the portion covering the open box end of the frame.
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