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    Getting ready to go to my sons wedding rehearsal. Pager went off, two car accident 7 miles west. Left family, jumped in C4, lit it up and headed for accident. Two car head on, hill and curve. One car on the highway, one car beside it in the ditch. Never seen a head on where both cars came to rest so close to each other. 20 feet apart. Cannot imagine the violent impact. Some first responders on scene by the time I got there. I talked to the driver of one car. She was out and sitting in a chair. She seemed ok. Went to the next car, driver was out and crying. I got ahold of her and helped her into a chair. She looked at me and said "Jeff, how is my brother"? She was the girlfriend of one of my sons friends. It made this call personal. It hit me, I can't describe the feeling. I hugged her and let her cry. When she had calmed down some, I told her I needed to help her brother who was trapped in the car. I spelled an EMT holding the boys head. For an hour with our heads under a blanket to shield from glass and metal as they cut the roof, side pillar and pushed the dash panel off his legs to free him. I'm no EMT, all I could do was talk to him. Try to relax, concentrate on your breathing, slow it down. You're doing great. You got the best people in the world getting you out of this. I talked to him for a solid hour I was told as I tried to keep him from moving. I think he heard me as he responded to my talk. He tried to move his head and arms but had no strength. Twice he had the death rattle. (Anyone who has watched a calf die, knows what this is). I feel I talked him back, while they were working to free him. Got the side of the car cut away and the back of the seat removed, backboard in position and finally got him out. Life Flight met the Rescue Unit and flew him out. Talked to EMT said they almost lost him on the way but got him on the chopper alive. This kid was busted up bad. I know I'm not supposed to talk about this stuff, not my first bad accident, fatalities, seen em. But when that little girl looked up at me and called me by name, I melted. I don't have what it takes. You EMT's are true professionals, I'm a dumb rancher on a volunteer fire department. We put out grass fires. But we answer every emergency call no matter what. Thank God for the responders that came from 4 towns, 50 miles away. Better extrication tools than we had and a top notch Rescue Unit. We pulled the one car off the road and hosed it clean do they could let traffic move again. Wife waited for me and we made it to the rehearsal dinner but this one will be with me for a little while. You men and women who are EMT's, I could never come close to carrying your water. Thank you for all you do and May God bless each and every one of you.
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    President Trump and Pope Francis took a little boat out on a fishing trip while discussing some world affairs ,the popes hat blows off and starts floating away. Mr.Trump says ' don't worry" and calmly steps out of the boat walks across the water and retrieves it. The next morning CNN has a news flash " Trump can't swim"
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    A few topics discussing labor/travel rates got me thinking/remembering. I made more money in the late 70s than I`ve ever made since. I worked out of the Operating Engineers. I made $10-$12/hr, rented and spent money like it would never end. Drove hours to/from work with NO reimbursements. Then came the construction crash of the early 80s. No work, health benefits ran out as did unemployment. Had a daughter and wife left me and filed for divorce. Moved to a $hitty 10x40 trailer and did odd jobs for my BIL as there was no jobs around. He paid me $3/hr and made me feel lucky to get it. I hauled coal in my pickup for customers, shoveled on and off. Government assistance was available but to me that meant I failed. I remember being up against it. Scary feeling. Maybe this is why I never charged enough when I opened shop to stay alive. I still don`t because I have been without work/money and I guess "enough" has made me content. Yeah, poor plan but I sleep OK. Dozens of arguments against my plan but guess it was my decision. And a bad one I guess. Many of my customers are up against it today, even the BTO ones. But during my past health issues, they are the ones who called and offered/gave me help. Hmmmm.... Maybe it wasn`t a bad plan.
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    It’s 9/11 folks may we never forget the souls who were lost and may we never take our freedom for granted. I remember where I was , do you?
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    I joined this forum a while back, but never posted. I have a '47 and a '50 Cub currently, and this Saturday I should be picking up a B with a loader. I'm not sure of the year, but it looks to be in good shape. Here is a video of it running that the seller sent me. Here are the pictures from the ad.
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    I will try this again with better pictures. First picture was the whole crew without the 180 and the second was all the tractors with my son and I and the guy we helped with his son and hired man.
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    Well, it's not pretty like most of the others in this thread but here's the project I bought this Summer. It's a '77 Transtar II Eagle with a non-running 350 Cummins & 13spd. I'm currently seeking a 350 Big Cam to get it back on it's feet. -FT
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    Oh how it does my heart good to hear your story. When I read the title, I said "Yeah!" When I started 38 yrs ago, I worked for peanuts to build a customer base. 1st wrong decision. Then I continued doing so to please the complainers. 2nd wrong decision. I used to be one sweet SOB. Today I have evolved just into a SOB. I, and you will too, develop a numbness. You work for the good customers and if and when you have time, work for the bad ones. Don`t sweat it either. It`ll make you a crabby SOB like me.
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    I was moving hay today and didn't get finished before dark. the moon was full so I kept on going.You can see really well off an open tractor (826 in my case) under a full moon. It was a beautiful night. Thx-Ace .
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    We have the 2nd Amendment here but I am not feeling real sure that will keep us safe. We are getting closer to the citizenry rising up here, every day. Especially if "Beto" gets his way with the AR.. Praying for our country and yours.
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    "God" sent you there!!! You were an "Angel" to this young man, Thank You for sharing, takes a lot of strength to put your thoughts in print!!!! May God Bless You, and keep you safe
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    I've never owned anything with pallet forks before. Thought they were for, well, pallets. Finally got some and figured I would have to make a quick tach bale forks or at least extensions for handling bales. Surprised to find the goofy little forks would pick up a bale from the end or the side😀 Cleaning up some sucker trees from the front yard before the wedding and family reunion and usually handle the cleanup with bucket and grapple forks (still up North at the hay meadow). Score one again for the goofy little pallet forks. How did I live without these things😃 Yeah, I know, I don't get out much😥. 😁😋😂
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    I see it everyday at my work. People complaining about god knows what. I never had a rough go like you Mark but i did have to work for every single thing ive got. I worked as soon as i could. My mother would drop me off and pick me up every single day all summer long before i could drive. Crappy construction jobs with little pay but it sure beat flipping burgers. When i hear the complaining around an otherwise excellent job i think of when i had to buy all of my own tools, got there in my own vehice. Got yelled at for any little thing you did or didnt do. Threatened to be fired for taking 5 minutes too long of lunch. Got into an argument with my boss one time about the way we were doing something and sat at home the next day no pay, needless to say that made me think twice about arguing. Was it rough? Not really, i learned a lot. It was a perfectly normal job. What i have now is much better, but i learned to appreciate it. The hardest part of the whole day is not jumping on the band wagon and bit$%ing about petty things. Just so were all clear i am not referencing my story to anything or anyone on here. Long story short i think Mark has a very valuable point to his story. Learn to appreciate what we all have.
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    Biblicaly speaking its the sign of the end time's. "Whats wrong will be right and whats right will be wrong"
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    Got a friend of mine in a nearby town that I've know since we went to college. My son and I went and helped them chop last week. Started on wednesday and got done about 11 on friday. Went pretty smooth till the last morning. Had a few problems with the chopper. His dad ran the new holland pull type and the MX 180 and a neighbor of theirs had a JD s 3 row self propelled. We had four tractors hauling to the pit most of the time so they never had to set very much at all. Best thing was his wife made dinner for us every day at noon and wednesday and thursday nights there was a little bush lite consumed before we all went home. Nothing like Beef and Noodles for dinner and Bush lite for supper. We took my 7130 and 5288 and he had their 7110 and 7120 there also. We lined them all up after we got done and took a picture or two. Gonna try and post a couple pictures here. The first picture is all the help in front of all the tractors but the 180. The second one is my son and I and the guy we helped with his son and hired man. Ok that sucks. Little dinky pictures. I will try and get them on here another way.
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    Let those guys call the dealer next time and get a first hand reminder out of their bank account of what dealer charges. If your work is as top quality as it sounds like, they will be back im guessing.
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    As a result of Red Power Forum, AND a neighboring farmer having a baby, I was conscripted into driving these two cabover a bit this spring to pinch hit for the neighbor. The red and white Freighliner is a 1984 with a 300 Cummins 855. The blue 9670 is a 1981 with a 350 Cummins 855 and a 13 speed. I nicknamed it the Blue Mule. Fun trucks, they turn heads wherever they go, especially when they are washed up. But getting in and out of barnyards is where the cabovers shine in terms of maneuverability.
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    Yikes, can't say I didn't give it a good run......Wanted to create a 1468 precision with a red deluxe cab. Very few real ones with the red deluxe cab are out there but there are. I used the bottom of the white precision deluxe cab that came with it. First, I tried the red deluxe bottom off a prestige but that left me without an op platform, clutch, brakes, seat, hydraulic levers, pto lever etc. So I reverted back to using the them white base. You would think the halves would join up but no. Lot of grinding in the red top half to get it seat enough to look good on the shelf. Is it perfect or close, probably not but it fills the hole for me with that model. right now the top fits snug enough to stay put. Thought about some type of adhesive but didn't want the mess. The glass from the top half plays havoc getting it to sit right too. Could I have gone the route and filled in the bottoms of the doors and then cut the rear side window and make it square? Yes but the confidence level isn't quite there yet, so this is what I got. An air condition unit was added, tool box and quick hitch which are all produced by Jason Flanders. Of course this tractor needed to meet IH standard so I added 16.5-16.1 tri ribs on the front with bigger rims and the 8 bolt pattern for the insert which are made by Chuck Steffens. I am considering this one finally done. Enjoy
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    Progressive Insurance: Peter Lewis is the Chairman of Progressive Insurance Companies and outside of George Soros, he may be the biggest liberal sugar daddy on the block. This former close friend of Ted Kennedy has poured tens of millions of dollars into the ACLU, America Coming Together, and MoveOn, among other liberal causes. So, why not get your auto insurance from a company that isn’t working to destroy the American way of life?
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    Came in from checking cows this morning, walked into the house and got in an argument with my beautiful bride of 32 years. Smack dab in the middle of the argument she stopped and said "your right". Where do I go from here. Totally confused. Never seen her use this tactic before. I don't know what to say next. 😳🤔 😀
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    Someone needs to start a ranking scale of how good an IH auction will be that correlates with how much trouble one will be in with ones wife if attending...
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    I care what it looks like. That is my preference, not yours. Don't be jumping all over my case because of what I like. You like what you like and I'll like what I like. I simply asked a question.
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    Run off from manure? Animals were put in buildings. Manure was managed. Now they want free range raised meat?? Fertilizers??? There is only so much in the budget per acre for fertilizer. Lawns and golf courses make ag pale in comparison when it comes to over application of fertilizer AND chemical. Then they over water said patch of grass till the water is running down the storm sewer taking with it chemicals and fertilizers. Those so called environmentalists/ politicians that have your best interests in mind are the biggest hypocrites....
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    I always liked “Wreck of the Old 97” and his version of “The Devil’s Right Hand”. With that said, I have listened to just about every song I could find that he ever recorded and liked a lot of them. Sadly though, I don’t think he would make it in today’s home-boy bro-country. One of my all-time favorites!
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    I was in a similar situation this spring (got a discbine and needed a bigger tractor to run it). I'm familiar with some IHs and Whites and thought I got a good deal on a White 2-85 that had had a lot of work done on it. Well, it needed a lot more work and I didn't come to know that until I owned the thing and was mowing with it. Hydraulics slow, lots of leaks, hyd remotes wouldn't hold the mower up, etc. Ended up selling the 2-85 and bought an ugly 1486 for $8500. Best running tractor I've ever owned. AWESOME power with the mower on the steep VT hills here, plenty of weight, TA works nice (didn't when I got it but changing the hyd oil and filter made it start working somehow). Now that it has proven itself I'm slowly fixing the cab up - with replacing the broken windows and interior foam I can run it without ear plugs which is nice. Next to tackle is the A/C.
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    If you were my father in law you will have no trouble at all, just hook up , check nothing and roll on. Will work great. If you were me I wouldnt make it 5 miles with out catastrophe. I think at minimum you should say a Hail Mary (in advance!) for each loaded mile... possibly the non loaded miles too depending on your truck.
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    Also the old pickup got 15.25 hand calculated mileage from columbus mt to kadoka sd with trailer in tow...
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    True, the short boxes were available but they did not sell many here. Back in the day of this 1975 ad buyers were wanting a work truck. Not some 4x4 toy to play in the mud or never put anything in the box. We needed room for a service tank of fuel and plenty of space left over for all the necessary stuff that farming/ranching involved. and be able to stack over 30 square bales on it. A six foot box just did not appeal to those buyers. Yes, they sold a few short (6 and a half foot) box trucks here but usually one of the fancy "fenderside" models that wasn't likely going to be used like a truck anyway.
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    Thanks for your service ( and to the others who have served /are serving)
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    I was a full time Crew Chief with the IN Air National Guard getting my F-16 Ready for a local mission, when the Expediter came by and told us to stop everything. 50 minutes later we had some jets in the air with live munitions instead of practice, kept some in the air 24 hrs a day for the next few days. It was later that day when finally got to watch any TV. We can't afford to ever forget although I'm afraid many already are.
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    It's funny how their humor shortens the older they get. Ours seem to get better.
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    For those of you with flags it's half mast today.
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    Man time flies.... Labor day went for 2 nights to Twisp inland. Stayed with friends from church at her fathers property. Really nice place! I am happy with the truck buff i got for my birthday! Local rodeonwas neat. Real cowboys off for a Saturday afternoon. Sitting on tailgates and lawns all they had. Kinda cool imo. Girls got going selling sweet corn....late but really good. They sell 400 ears in 2 3 hours! Kinda silly it seams its just corn to us. Did 5th grass...turned out pretty good for 28 days. Hope/plan to get another 1st week of October. Vintage rv rally in town. Love it..kids do to. All open doors Redid speakers and deck in the 7140. Been doa for 2.5 years.... PO made mess of speaker mounting. Made due....but 1 is scratchy a bit. Think I hooked up backward...?
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    Her comment HAD to follow, even if you don`t remember saying it, "you are smarter than me"
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    And with that allow me to ... say gnite Dick.
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    1) sale has a piece of red equipment or a cub cadet you like not in good shape like a project tractor and is far away 2) sale has same piece of equipment and some tools you like and over 3hrs from home 3) sale has multiple pieces of red and or some implements over 2hrs away 4) sale has same pieces/implements plus tools or literature being books/manuals/advertising but only a few pieces still around 2 hrs away 5) sale is whitin an hour, multiple pieces of equipment that run/work. Stuff seems a little junky in condition but there is one piece you are really curious about if you can beat the loca jockey out for it. Maybe a brochure or two and a few IH toys (played with) and scattered around on the last wagon to sell at 3:30pm 6) Things look fair in the pictures. Several pieces of equipment, owners manuals with the equipment, owner there to talk to and says it all runs, a few toys and brochures, maybe some small IH memorabilia from a local dealer, you are off work that day, your wife wants you to buy her a basket there. 7). Lots of equipment, some you need. Fairly close to home (to far to drive it home). Your buddy wants to go also. Lots of toys, brochures, and/or memorabilia. No baskets or crocs to chase after. Plenty of jockeys there. 8- nice day, wife wants you home mowing, large sale, mostly red, the stuff/series you like. Within 30 minutes of home. Well kept equipment, running condition, some spare parts laying around, tools, some other IH trinkets you like, maybe something to do with another hobby. You are excited, it just feels like a good day. Plenty of money in the checkbook to cover whatever dumb things you buy 9) sale across town, nice equipment, toys, literature, parts, tools and a full checkbook. No work, sunny and 73°. Lots of machinery, well kept, service records on machinery, all have owners manuals. No baskets to buy, all man wagons with name brand tools, some IH signs from a dealership. A rare piece or two there and another few that you could use around for the right money. All but one of the 56 series sitting there at an idle and looking good. Stuff you would be proud to own. Full of fuel. 10) This place is the base of a CH Wendel book, 2 miles from home in an old IH dealership building. You like everything. Pretty much all of every series represented. 12- 5488 FWA, 8- 1456’s with 4 having factory FWA, Wheatlands, Rice Specials, MTA diesels, hydros, 6- 3788’s, combines, Cyrus McCormick’s international Scout 😉, Trucks, reapers, Moguls, Steam Traction Engines, filing cabinets full of brochures, NOS M&W turbo kits for whatever you have at home, three of every red toy Ertl ever made, NOS IH manure spreaders, IH neon signs, free lunch, nice parking, IH hats to the first 200 people to get a bidding number, jockeys aren’t allowed inside, 10,000 IH suitcase weights and brackets, 432 IH ROPS for various series, cabs (all with AC), NOS German crate engines, Super 70 tractors, your Grandpa’s H/M, and pretty much everything else you could ever dream of wearing red paint. Oh, and you just hit a 75K scratch off at the gas station on you way over, etc.... 11) Divorce....
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    I am annoyed that ppl assume I’m a Case IH fan (nothing against them) and a Case fan for that matter but I’m IH and that’s it. I can’t stand that Can’t Afford Something Else garbage and never will.
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    Slightly off topic but I can’t stand all these millennials calling CaseIH “Case” like the IH isn’t even there. Not much Case left in any equipment these days. I guess they don’t even know the IH story?
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    That sending unit is NOT discontinued. Its about 70.00. I don't know what dealer is saying it's NLA, but they need an employee review. p/n 130707C1 subbed to 1341329C1 25 plus years ago. CaseIH subbed a lot of 6 digit p/n's to 7 digit p/n's in the 90's. In fact lot's of gauges and sending units on both Case and IH tractors. Nothing frustrates me more than a lazy parts man who looks at a screen while sitting on his stool and says "don't have it" or "no longer available". I had a "live body" partsman behind my counter who I overheard say NLA to a customer on a main drive sheave on a NH spreader. It was both written in the book and in the computers sub file that it subbed to a sheave and a hub. I had both in the parts bin!!!! If your dealer doesn't have it I am sure he can order it.
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    I did it for a number of years, pulled the plug the last day of January 2019...................The last year and a half or so of it, I had alot of trouble getting paid.......When my wife took a promotion we decided it was better if I would babysit our little guy instead of paying someone else and me not getting paid, best decision ever. I learned one thing, people will still b*tch if you charge $10 an hour or $100 an hour..............And then write a bad check for it.
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