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    Thought I would share my 2020 calendar with you. One of my daughters gave it to me for Christmas. Sorry a few pics are fuzzy, I am not always steady with my phone camera. Enjoy
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    Weather is garbage, and I am home for the day, so I will see if I can't share some warmer pictures.
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    Well as most of you know, this is my favorite. It doesn't have much non stock extras. However it is beyond bad a$$ and is old school cool. Great picture guys, keep them coming.
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    I can promise you all this, the maintenance on every tractor IH ever made made doesn’t come close to what is required for this group
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    Can't compete with the tractors above, so many nice ones, cool is an understatement, definitely something to be proud of. Mine are just working tractors but I wouldn't run anything else! My 656 Hydro is my pride and joy. I grin every time I run it My 966 with it's first baler And it's latest Wonder what it's next baler will be. I know I will still have the old faithful "9"😀
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    Some random pictures over the past few years
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    I don't think I qualify? Maybe the Deere Ether can?
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    I was setting in my truck at Walmart watching this guy who apparently forgot where he parked. He kept putting his remote in the air and every time he squeezed it.... I honked my horn.....
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    All jokes aside, I started with Makita back in the 80's and we thought we had it made. Switching from a corded drill for things like sheet metal screws, self tapping etc... Very few options at that time for cordless stuff but what I had I thought was great at the time. Then as time went on and more and more tools became available I switched to DeWalt. Everyone had them, all trades on a job sight had the same stuff. Then the other manufactures had to get with the program and come up with better stuff to gain a piece of the market so the battery voltage wars began. It has been my experience that the Milwaukee battery has surpassed the DeWalt so as my DeWalt stuff wore out I replaced everything with Milwaukee . It was a good decision in my opinion .
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    And for those wondering? Yea that's a selfie........ Rick
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    If you look hard amd stare at this pic long enough you can see there is a girl between them pistols
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    So, MTO................you speak French fluently but have to google English words??? 🙄 😏 😁
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    Old couple were celebrating their 50th wedding Anniversary when softly the old man was crying, when the old lady saw him, she goes over and asks if he's alright. The old man says, do you remember when we were 15 and your daddy who was a sheriff caught us? She said yes........? And remember he said that I either had to marry you or spend 50 years in jail? Old lady nods to yes. Old man says, well today I could have been a free man.
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    Just remember none of them are much use when the batteries get cantankerous. And if a guy gets desperate, a Ryobi is probably going to be better than doing it by hand. Close your eyes, might not even know the difference..... The cheapest tools on the shelf get used less so, less wear and tear....
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    The 806 I bought almost two years ago. Slowly fixing it up!
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    Election day should be April 16th.
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    This is why I want to he the best puller in farm stock 6500lbs to 9500lbs. You can dominate with somthing that cost in total less than the fuel pump on the big hot tractors. I think it's more fun when you dont have to spend crazy money on it
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    Not his cousin... that was me !!!😜😂
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    Funny you should mention that IHKIWI, while I was driving through New Zealand the other day I ran across his cousin. 😁😂🤣😀
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    Oldtanker needs to sell/give them our night vision technology so they can spy on us without those pesky lights! Must be DUMB aliens...
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    The dependapotomas in its natural habitat
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    Things that hot women can be paid to pose with/promote - Anything See 1.
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    I`ve noticed over the years we have many faithful members. I also notice that some aren`t and that`s ok too. This is A FREE COUNTRY. Many post topics when they need support or ask for prayer for a friend/neighbor/family member. I, as many, have done so and I think you all agree that those who respond to such requests make the OP feel much better. The number of replies ALSO increases the "support" they are asking for. But I think, yeah really, that there are ways to support those needing or asking for prayer without being uncomfortable offering a "prayer" when one doesn`t believe in prayer. Andy Sipowitz was a character on NYPD Blue years back. Dennis Franz played the part of Andy. Andy was an athiest or maybe an agnostic. He always responded to those needing support with "I`ll have a good thought for you" or "I hope you find an answer to your problem" or even "I wish things will get better" He showed a way for those who are "uncomfortable" offering prayer that he cared and gave a crap towards another. So I guess what I am offering is an alternative way to show support to those asking without stepping outside your comfort zone. Because when a member is asking, why not offer them something even if it isn`t "prayer". It`s just a few touches on the keys and it can make someone`s day.
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