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    A little girl asked her Mom, 'Mom, may I take the dog for a walk around the block?' Mom replies, No, because she is in heat.' 'What's that mean?' asked the child. 'Go ask your father. I think he's in the garage.' The little girl goes to the garage and says, 'Dad, may I take Belle for a walk around the block? I asked Mom, but she said the dog was in heat, and to come to you.' Dad said, 'Bring Belle over here.' He took a rag, soaked it with gasoline, and scrubbed the dog's backside with it to disguise the scent, and said OK, you can go now, but keep Belle on the leash and only go one time round the block.' The little girl left and returned a few minutes later with no dog on the leash. Surprised, Dad asked, 'Where's Belle?' The little girl said, 'She ran out of gas about halfway down the block, so another dog is pushing her home.'
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    So are we... the forum doesn't have enough bandwidth to deal with the amount of crying you would do about how Trump is costing you everything.
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    Trump is doing what all the past CAREER Politicians didn’t have the balls to do.
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    As the kids get older it gets harder and harder to get them all together. My oldest daughter has been in Ciaro Egypt for the past two months, son works 2pm to 11pm, and youngest just got her DL. ( No not out of a cracker Jack's box) Mrs. Shooter said we needed to get some pictures. So I agreed, as long as we had a tractor in the picture 😁
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    Oldtech, I sense you simply HATE our president as I did our past one. In 8 years, the last president holds claim to one accomplishment, un-affordable healthcare. To me it is and it`s eating me alive. The past guy sucked his way into office imo [in my opinion] President Trump has worked/dealt/negotiated his way into the office when EVERYONE said it would never happen. Hmmm... I like what he is doing. He makes me proud of the office again. He is poking ALL the dug in bee`s nests. Around here, people have hope again and a renewed spring in their step they didn`t have the last 8 years. Try not to hate so much, it`s hard on the body and soul. And btw, try not reading so much bias media which is almost impossible I know. Pa Ingalls told Half-Pint not to hate people. Maybe watch a few episodes of Little House on the Prairie, it may help.
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    OK I don't see Trump as a hero. Only reason I voted for him was because I can't stand Hillary or Sanders for that matter. So lets be honest here. OK, Gotta know who was responsible for the other 6.50 loss off the the record high? HMMMMM Lets see, OK if it's the presidents fault then Trump is looking way better than Obama cause that -6.50 too place while he was in office? Look they talked about the trade imbalances a lot during the Carter/Reagan recession. A lot. No one had the courage to do anything about it. American citizens have been complaining about the trade imbalance for decades. OK, you wanna place blame. What sparked the poor grain prices that hurt so many farmers back in the 80's? The big killer was the Russian grain embargo. Who was responsible? Carter. What sparked the surge in farm production in the Ukraine, Russia and in South America? The 80's grain embargo! Folk like the Soviet Union needed a stable food supply for nation security. Lot of "developing" nations needed income. So South America had a win win situation......cut down the rain forest and sell the lumber then plant crops! The Soviet Union/Russia had not seen the need to increase farm production for decades. When they saw the light they went from being a consumer to being an exporter. All the while the US farmer lost market share, going from producing over 70% of the worlds food supply to about 45% today. All because of of the action of one man. Now countries still have to feed themselves even today. So claiming that Trump's trade war is responsible is a bit doubtful. Heck during the Russian embargo the Russians were still getting grain. Other countries would buy up surplus for cheap from us, mark it up and resell it to Russia. Rick
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    As a Dairy Farmer I can't really complain too much about the other crops being low price because it's hard enough for me to be able to pay my bills as it is . Double the price of soybeans and corn and I'll definitely be out of business (along with a lot of other consumers of those said Commodities which is going to lower the price of them even more) Generally speaking when the economy is doing good ag is not. I believe things are going to get sorted out. Trump was NOT the first choice that I had for president but I believe he's going to increase the likelihood of things getting better WAY better than any politician would have
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    I finally got a Christmas present hung up. I had to do something to hang up my second buck mount so I put up some finished plywood. I need to trim and stain it yet. Dad found the mirror somewhere and had my cousin make a mount out of old barn boards . He is a MUCH better carpenter than I Neighbor has a wheel loader. I snapped a pic when we borrowed a planter part from him
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    I think he was from Western PA.
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    I remember way back when we used to have discussions on this forum about tractors, equipment, crops that didnt turn into political fights. Those were good days.
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    I’m not interested in getting into a discussion about Democrats verses Republicans. As far as I’m concerned they’re all corrupt politicians doing what’s best for their own interests and not the interests of “ We the people “
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    Quitting smoking is hard, but my wife and I made a deal that we would only smoke after sex. I’ve been on the same pack since 1975. But my wife is worrying me- she’s up to three packs a day!! -Rodney Dangerfield
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    Very cool picture!!! I took one a month or so ago, getting rained out of the hayfield. Alan
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    Aint that the truth. Those of us who earned our cdl's behind the wheel of some less than desireable trucks will always be better drivers. Compensating for weak brakes loose steering and multiple other issues teaches you how to drive conservatively when it matters.
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    I don't have any updated numbers in front of me, but as of Monday 6-25, the Nov Soybean CBOT price was only 8-10 cents LOWER then the same day LAST YEAR, Dec corn price was actually 5 Cents HIGHER then LAST YEAR..... any major difference this year VS last in local cash bids is due to a basis change. If we get a good bump from any weather scares next month, I'll forward sell the remaining portion of my estimated crop, and average the same price if not better then last year. Trump is just the scape goat of the day, Last year it was the USDA. Next year it will be someone else.....
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    Yeah yeah, the sky is falling...we know. Harley Davidson has been planning their move for a long while now, the unions drove them out along with a poor product.
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    Its something how Trump gets blamed for low commodity prices. Yes trade talks have hurt the market, but could it be possible that the main reason for the drop in soybean prices is due to a potentially record number of soybean acres planted along with the potential for a bumper crop, most definitely. If we are honest though, I'd prefer lower prices for a while in the grain market. It will help lower this crazy cash rent and lower used machinery cost. And I don't want to hear about large scale US grain farmers facing financial stress due to lower commodity prices because between crop insurance and price supplement support through the farm program very few large scale farmers are going to lose their a**.
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    What the heck is he thinking going around without a shirt on like that?
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    About milking time this evening another storm blew in. We quickly mobilized the crew to get the cows in and then I grabbed my camera and watched the storm move in. This is one of the pics. After the cloud show, it rained hard. Keith-
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    I don't see the point.... maybe where there is no running water....... They make models just like that only bigger that hook right to your houses water supply....... and...! best of all they self clean with a push of a lever!.....
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    Finished product!!