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    We went to oldest granddaughters senior class awards banquet and music concert tonight. 60 kids in her graduating class so the gym was packed. They did the usual athletic awards, scholarships for various things etc. Came time for granddaughter and her awards were given by the music instructor..... he told about her 4.0 GPA, taking college courses, community volunteer, going to be a doctor etc. Grandpa's chest was getting puffed up. Then he said...."She told me today that she could not go to the band contest this weekend. It's probably the biggest contest of the year so I was naturally upset. I was a bit gruff and asked her why..... he paused because he was starting to tear up...and then he said ..she told me she had national guard duty this weekend." With that the entire gymnasium stood and gave her a standing ovation. She started bawling the band instructor was hugging her, her classmates were hugging her, her dad was grinning from ear to ear and wiping tears, grandma was digging for kleenex. And me.... all that clapping must have stirred up a lot of dust... and you know how my eyes water around dust. Wish I could have counted the people who came up to her just to say thank you. I'm not wanting to get political, but when those people stood up and clapped for grandpas little girl.... I was damn PROUD to be an AMERICAN.
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    This is my 1998 Pete ,it's a California truck , I have owned it since 2010 and it has only seen snow one time . I just put 8 new drive tires , new fenders , repainted front fenders and buffed all the alluminum. Petey is ready for the season 😎 Danny
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    Saw this pic on Facebook of a local 81 year old farmer, He lives about 3 miles from us and still farms about 1200 acres. Just thought it was a neat pic of him and his 1979 white with the old V8 engine, the tractor is used every year for tillage and he still does most of his own work.
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    This is was last Saturday and so far has been the only place dry enough to work this year.
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    So my 3 year old wanted a red tractor cake, so we went to dq to get one, they said legally they could not because John deere paid them so that if they ever have an equipment or farm related cake it had to be John deere, it kinda made me mad, when I said then just make me a red and white cake they said no, they said since i mentioned tractors they had to put green on the cake, so when i got home i modified it, i hope i do t get in trouble for posting the picture but my boy sure thought it was funny
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    Gonna be awhile before we can get in the field here. Here's a couple pics of the 806 working last year.
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    Rusty......going the other way, down under ......trying to beat the autumn......getting some last minute winter feed in .... Mike
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    Not in the field here yet. But since we all like pictures I share some older ones, have shared some of these before.
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    Took the M to a plow day in Vermont Sunday Was supposed to be Saturday but it was still pouring Saturday morning. The tractor ran nice pulling 3-16’s the soil was pretty wet and sticky for around here. The M would pull it in 4th gear about half throttle when traffic would allow most of the Day was spent in a lower gear. Saturday’s canceled plow day left the tractor chained and sitting on the trailer in the yard. My daughter enjoys driving with me and does a good job keeping it in the furrow.
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    Just got this one rapped up today. 3488 hydro mfd. Not many of these produced. Belongs to a guy from MN. basecoat clearcoated the red. Got a ton of time in this one. Kinda nasty outside today so its inside pics for now. Mike
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    Just dont forget what memorial day is for , this was a friend I served with but didnt come home with
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    My neice when she was just a little girl driving my 856 for thr first time and last sat at her prom, damn it went quick.
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    Well, this is a tractor forum😋😂🤣
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    So many purdy red machines on here , got to show mine
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    Me with the 5088 I bought in March, breaking in my fresh engine overhaul, and my 10 year old nephew in the 1486. Finally drying out a little.
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    I saw this tractor coming up for auction the first weekend of March. I drove over the day before the sale and looked at it to decide if it was worth going to. The more I looked at it, the more thing's I saw that I remembered. I thought my goodness all these years and this tractor is still around! I noticed the hole dad drilled in the hood and put a eye bolt in to hold the one end of the tarp strap to hold the door of the heat houser open. Tach still working with original cable show's 3409 original hours. Holes dad drilled in the right fender for a bracket for a second rear light. Paint off the bolt holes on the right side casting where dad bolted a homemade step to climb on the tractor. The design on the ether can, I remember those well even though we rarely used it. Paint off the front of the frame rails where dad mounted his homemade weight bracket. The date of the injection pump reman is dated 4-3-1979. The shed in the background was put up in the fall of 1978. Dad had the creek cleaned out the spring of 1979 and used some of the creek dirt for fill in the shed. We had a old dump truck with the cab cut off and a tongue made and the pump driven by the pto to dump it. The injection pump went out on the 70 and it was sitting in the corner of the shed till it got back from Columbus Grove from the rebuild so we were using the 1086 to run the old dump truck. The tires on the front implement, and 16.9s on the back. Dad dumped the skinny front's and the 15.5s right away and I do realize any Hydro 70 could have been switched over that way too. Single remote. A few eyelets left yet from the snap on duals, and the serial number 9161. Bingo! This tractor was bought new from the Wapakoneta Farmer's Grain in 1975. Dad drove it home and a shower came up pouring rain. He stopped by the house and ran inside and mom gave him a bath towel to dry his head and face. I looked out the window and saw it sitting there idling. This was the first tractor i got to drive by myself in 1976 raking hay. Mom still has the 8mm tape of the event lol! We also pulled a 12' #37 disk with it and a 13' Brillion cultimulcher. Dad wanted more power and traded it off in June of 1979 for a 1975 Hydro 100 with 600 hours from Michigan the salesman from Wapak found. Farmer's Grain never did get the Hydro 70 re-sold. Dad said they had too much on it. It finally did sell in 1981 when Farmer's Grain sold out. I don't think the last owner bought it at the sale that day but it's possible I suppose. He's passed away and I bought it at his estate sale. Still runs as good as I remember. The 312 still has the same amount of blow by I remember. Lol! Dad said it used oil right off the bat. Hydro is strong. Everything works including the lights and the harness looks very good yet surprisingly. Doesn't have a dent in it anywhere. She's sat out probably most of it's days since it was bought from the dealership sale in 1981. I changed all the fluids, filters, flushed the cooling system. Put Fleetgard additive in accordance to test strips since no service filter. I'll run it this summer on the rake and tedder along with barnyard use to see what leaks develop and whatnot and eventually get a new shine put back on her. The maple tree is still around it was pictured buy in 1978 with me and my middle sister on it. First picture is now, and the other with duals is from then. Also threw in some other pictures along with the other Hydro 70 I have. I just like the hydro tractors I guess. Some are scared to death of them because they're afraid the hydro is going to go out. I guess I've got a positive attitude lol. Isn't that what farming is all about? Thinking positive.
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    It's nice seeing pics of ih tractors, but its awesome seeing em out in the field, let's post pics of your old rigs working, as soon as the fields are dry I will, for now here is a pic of me on the 1456 before it was mine and I was just dreaming of owning it
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    Have been wanting a 660 for a few years and found one that was in decent shape and for the right money. So Friday took the couple hour trip north into Old Tanker territory and brought this jem home. Needs some minor things done to it but over all is in good shape.
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    This is what I did for our 5th last Friday
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    Guys back in the 60's IH came out with this heavy weight for what they called the Calif. commercial operator my Dad bought one new in 63 and we baled with it till 1973 when I bought my first 290 NH. Not many of these were sold , majority in the Madera , Dos polos, Los Banos areas North of me . Since I traded mine in, in 73 I have never seen another until a RPF member Paul Atkins ,notified me of this last year. He saw us talking about it on RPF I was to pick it up last fall , but I had surgery , then the Northern fires kept us out. And till now snow & wet kept us out . it was in a pasture way back through goat trails and had to be craned on trailer . it was in Summerset Ca. Near Placerville towards Lake Tahoe or Reno Nv. its home now! I am very happy as I bought it sight unseen but for few pictures. its very straight , engine will need going through but I think I can have this thing running pretty easy. Wheels had to come off on trailer . The heavy side is an Airplane tire with 12 hole lugs . That was factory. Book says this thing weighs near 6000lbs With this unit , It gives me replicas of the two balers that I cut my eye teeth on 55w , I was in grade school and #71 three wire. I was a junior in high school . My Dad let me do some commercial baling for nieghbor's for my savings account being I was getting married in 1965 year after Gratuating HS. Lol. 63 bought baler , 64 graduate HS , 65 got married , 66 had first born Son , 1967 my Dad died unexpectedly , baler did its job till 1973 tony
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    RIP Kendrick Castillo https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/colorado-stem-school-student-brendan-bialy-helped-disarm-gunman-n1003181
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    Satan worshippers crack me up, I mean why would you worship a diety that literally lost a fiddling contest to a hillbilly down in Georgia???
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    Not much work done around here yet. First picture is the one 1066 drilling new seeding. We have since put LED on it
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    Festus sums it up quite accurately to Matt about what’s been going on weather wise.....
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    Been planting when I can and working around the shop when I can’t. 1/3 done with corn. Many guys have yet to start. Few as far along as I am.
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    Looking west at the sunset. The little guy in the yard
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    Our High School FFA had their 3rd annual Ag Day today. I have two kids in FFA and this is a bigger deal to them than any thing else that ever takes place at school. It was a perfectly beautiful day for it. They had a great turn out of tractors that all paraded to school together this morning and then were on display for the day. The FFA has a greenhouse with plants for sale, a petting zoo and hay rides. Myself and one other Dad are the drivers for the hay rides. We go to the Christian grade school and bring the first through fourth graders over to the high school each year. The high schoolers and any others that come may also have hay rides. It really is a great day. Our school is a private Christian High School that has only had ag and FFA for five years. The kids really did a great job of hosting and displaying this year. Here are a bunch of pictures for you all to enjoy. There were 18 tractors, one semi tractor and a new combine from our local CASEIH dealer who is next door to school. The 1456 was is ours and was my hay ride tractor for today. There are pics of every tractor that came today, and yes red rules.
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    Those people need a purpose in life. You take away their ability to work and you are killing them. The "Do Gooders" need to listen to people. Different people have different needs. Do what you want, not what others want you to do, and enjoy life. Because it is too short!
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    M&W pistons,rebuilt with new ta in 2004. Loaded 14.9-38's with good solid rims. Been on the same farm since 1955. Comes with narrow and wide front,IH heat houser,manual and couple other odds n ends. Has electronic ignition and still on 6volt.
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    They aren't all from this year, a couple pictures are from last year. It's just what I had on my phone. That's my 706 German on the cultimulcher, my 1086 on the sprayer, my 7120 on the nh3 applicator. My grandpas 7120s on the finisher and 955 planter.
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    the cows get more done than I do. Was hoping to get one more year's hay out of this field- it has decent drainage for bottom ground- but it iced over mid winter and I think that did in the alfalfa used the new to us 5088 to scratch around in some ground going to oats. Wasn't really fit, but the calendar says get to it. Used to be we could get oats seeded in March once in a while, but it's been many years. There is a little corn planted in my neighborhood
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    A Harley Biker is riding by the zoo in Washington, DC when he sees a little girl leaning into the lion's cage. Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the collar of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to slaughter her, under the eyes of her screaming parents. The biker jumps off his Harley, runs to the cage and hits the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch. Whimpering from the pain the lion jumps back letting go of the girl, and the biker brings the girl to her terrified parents, who thank him endlessly. A reporter has watched the whole event. The reporter addressing the Harley rider says, “Sir, this was the most gallant and bravest thing I've seen a man do in my whole life.” The Harley rider replies, “Why, it was nothing, really. The lion was behind bars. I just saw this little kid in danger, and acted as I felt right.” The reporter says, “Well, I'll make sure this won't go unnoticed. I'm a journalist, you know, and tomorrow's paper will have this story on the front page. So, what do you do for a living, and what political affiliation do you have?” The biker replies "I'm a U.S. Marine, a Republican and I’m voting for Trump." The journalist leaves. The following morning the biker buys the paper to see if it indeed brings news of his actions, and reads, on the front page: “U.S. MARINE ASSAULTS AFRICAN IMMIGRANT & STEALS HIS LUNCH” And THAT pretty much sums up the media's approach to the news these days!
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    If the women dont find ya handsome, they should at least find ya handy
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    Think it was NBC is bringing Eric Estrada back to TV. Instead of being a motorcycle cop in California, he`s a narcotics agent in south Florida chasing smugglers on a jet ski. They`re calling the show Chips Ahoy...
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    This was only a few of the trucks there, I only took pics of trucks that I have not seen in years past that I liked.
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    Leaving the gas pad after delivering first load of water she was laying here next to lease road. Came back an hour later with next load an she was slowly walking to the woods an noticed she had a really little one with her, like just born little.
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