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    What are you apologizing for? Those cars are clearly sitting on the starting line and they set the dodge out 3 cars ahead of the mustang so it has a fighting chance to win.
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    Finished up harvest last weekend, so this weekend was spent cleaning up and putting away. Oh, all the red💕💕
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    Thanks. I’m actually on the road again tonight. Hauling a load of dairy cows in the morning, and I haven’t been sleeping well the first half of the night thanks to some of the pills they have me on, so I figured I might as well drive to Wall Lake before I try to sleep. Got the go ahead from the oncologist this morning to get back after it, so maybe I’ll be able to post on this thread somewhat regularly again.
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    Today decided to wax the girls in prep for winter. started with motor home then on to the red girls . Got East side of shed done one more day for west side of shed. had to do compound work on 1468 before wax as the pigeons at Tulare Fair got the center of hood. Seems to have cleaned up well we’ll see after wax going to do a rub and wax on the 806 bean cutter hoping to get little life out of hood and fenders . I want to leave it in original paint , think goes better for what it represents. few pic ‘s old older ones done , the bigger ones still sporting summer dust. BTW you cannot believe the rubbing and cussing that went on to clean the pigeon crap . I left it overnite in a pole barn at Tulare Fair not realizing the feathered friends roosted on a beam above . I saw no signs of it before . Lol Going to compound it one more time then wax . tony
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    Nice clean one-owner from the Kellogg, IA area. Shows very little use. Most every belt,etc, have IH part numbers on them. Always shedded. Runs and drives excellent. Thought you guys would enjoy seeing this time capsule.
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    Peanut butter bagged 5 in the house in the last week...cat needs a performance review.
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    Oh! Oh! I can answer this one! The reason Prairie Farms milk tastes so much better is because our Jersey cows lovingly produce milk for Prairie Farms. Thank You for buying Prairie Farms milk and other fine dairy products! Keith-
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    The buckni shot this year was the biggest buck shot in that area since I started hunting there 16 years ago, dont know yet what it scored, I forgot to check and is at the taxidermy now
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    Oh c'mon. Some of us still use those and are glad to have them. Certainly looks like it to me. Rusty, seems like one of these delux cab haters would probably deliver you a cab and maybe pay you to take it. Only fabrication required would be arond the hood, seems easy enough.
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    Before woman's lib there was Calamity Jane, way back in 1955, saw in on the Jewish Channel recently. The Lone Ranger has some good scripts also. I have found many good old stores on the backwaters of the current ATT cable connection. Anything old is better than the Crap being produced today!
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    Here's just an extra picture of something red😁
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    This is my son's '67 bump we bought about 5 or 6 years ago from the original owner with 30,800 miles on it. lt has a 360 with 3 speed column shift. Kind of odd that it had the dealer add-on A/C but radio delete.
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    Thirteen Years Ago, tonight I signed up with Red Power and posted these two photos with a storyline to go with them. The first is my dad on a McCormick Deering tractor pulling their McCormick combine a few years ago. The second is my nephew Ralph on Granddad's (my dad's) new Cub Cadet on the homestead near Lewistown. So I figured the occasion called for a birthday cake. This was my 75th birthday cake and is the most appropriate, since it has a red tractor and farm buildings. This is my birthday cake from this year and now on. And where there's fire, there should be smoke? Especially on the buzz saw. Our threshing engineer, Andy is at the throttle. A few years back, before the Reeves got its new canopy, it was smoking on the buzz saw. Mike was at the throttle. And since the heading of this thread is IH Tractors on a Montana Farm, here's a couple from October 20, 2017.
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    Ask MTO as he is a frequent visitor to the Dog House
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    I think that deer got a tree stuck on its head
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    I have the 715. If someone buys the 615 then we can all get together and almost have the series.
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    It came out of Michigan and is sitting at a buddy's place in Missouri. Belly tank is complete. Super straight tractor with 6500 hours on the tach.
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    My view for the last few hours today. It could happen today yet but this is one I left for future years. I am fairly certain he is a 2 1/2 year old
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    Well I promised a story about tires so.... it all started with another auction sale!! In late October there was a large 100+ tractor sale in Sheridan, MT. Lots of junk there, like most tractors went for $100 or less. An orchard (OS-4) went for $25 but I just didn’t need another project when I got the one I wanted just prior to that. I bought a 1954 Super M TA, probably over paid on this one but I wanted it. And I pretty much knew it would take a bunch of money to get it going. Serial # 61529 DS so it is a very early in the year and the casting codes on the rear end and TA sections are from 1953. Four bad tires and a stuck motor but the tin is pretty straight and it’s complete. I went down with three other older guys who enjoy auctions too. One wife sent chili and all the fixings with so we had a great lunch warmed up on the tailgate! Here’s the “old fart” crew I run with. Lol. Charlie (right) is 80 and he bought the junker Cub on the back for a project. We also drug home a stationary Cub motor, a giant box of Farmall parts, random tires and even a Victrola complete with a stack of records. That wasn’t my buy, lol. You never know what will come home! So we got everything unloaded and I dug into the SMTA. One rim was shot and all of the tires. I pulled the head with great hopes but nope, #2 & #3 were full of water. Then I found out why it was parked. One of the sleeves broke and I’ll bet this made one heck of a clatter when it let go. It has high dome pistons (D in the serial number means 5000 ft altitude pistons) but they may not be salvageable. I am working on pulling the motor and getting that in the shop to rebuild next March. Hopefully the crank is still in one piece. I did get it back on her feet though. I ran into two new Goodyear front tires for $50. I needed a rim for the back and that’s why I made the trip up by the Mission mtns. The parts yard had a rim but wanted $300 for it. She said they were going to part out a M also and wanted $300 for a tire and rim ready to go. So why just get a rim when you might get a serviceable tire too? So I go look at the tractor and it had NEW tires on it! New tubes and repainted rims also with no calcium chloride. I wasn’t planning on buying new tires but I couldn’t pass up that kind of a deal. So maybe by next spring I’ll have it running again. I plan to use it on the farm so new paint doesn’t make sense to me. I also kinda like how it looks. I’ll clean it up good and put decals back on. I think she has earned her battle scars and it’s only originally once. And it is a great IH tractor addition on a Montana farm!!
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    Fly ash is highly regulated and any company that has it around must have their act together. There are only certain ways it can be disposed of. That wasn’t the first spill and hasn’t been the most recent either. Since coal powered energy isn’t “cool” to all the hipsters, millennials, and liberal media, you only hear about the negatives that come from it. You don’t hear about the fact that it is the largest power producer in many areas and much easier to use when compared to solar or wind energy. The only way wind energy is feasible is because of government assistance. Solar energy is clean but cannot be pushed through a power grid like generated energy can. None of the green energy gurus want to tell you that. Coal isn’t the devil it is made out to be and jobs that trace back to coal and its usage are the backbone of many areas of this country.
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    The discrimination charges were dropped against the Master SGT when he proved in court that he undoubtedly hated everyone equally.
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    Took this from the window of the work car at the end of my road across the highway earlier. He is decent. Honestly, I would probably let him walk. I doubt this guy comes over as far as my place. Now, I didn’t get pics but I saw another one about 2 minutes later that would probably have been 155-160” deer with 18-19” spread and 12” G2’s. That guy was pretty nice.
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    Now you're just talking nonsense...
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    I'm a fan of classical music .. Pretty sure I would have stayed to the end. In fact I would have enjoyed that venue over a concert hall
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