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    I broke down and had the old boy and the trailer wheels professionally polished yesterday , still need to buff and wax the white . I have owned this truck for ten years now and it’s a really nice truck and never gets run in the winter , well one time in all these years and washed top to bottom when it got home . It’s a 1998 , 379 , 470 hp series 60 Detroit and a super ten tranny . Danny
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    Yeah, many most don't wanna discuss these cause we have enough to worry about. A few blacks die at the hand of un/non blacks and the country comes apart. I'm sick of BLM/covid/politicians/riots/welfare bums/entitlements and all the paranoid people in this country. We kill thousands upon thousands of babies and abduct and abuse alter boys/ boy scouts and sex traffic children and I'm supposed to give a $hit about BLM? Absolutely pathetic group of whining lazy leeches. Next I'll share my true feelings. Say good night Dick...
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    Well I finally got the new decals for my 1066 narrow front, and had a few minutes to get it out of the shop for a drive and some pictures. Sorry it’s dirty from being in the shop so long waiting for decals, but here it is! I tried a different type of decals on this quick hitch, I kind of like them!
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    I know we have more than just a few pulling fans on this board. This Saturday (Aug 29th) night I'm going to make my first pass on the tractor I built a the pull in Mt Pleasant, PA. There are definitely traces of several famous IH Super Stocks incorporated into the design. This is a bonafide 806 all the way thru. We're running a D361 (on alcohol), 806 rearend and Binder Lite sheetmetal by the late Ted Dibble. I've read so many good stories on here over the years about the early years of pulling. This tractor is supposed to be a salute to the guys who started the sport and paved the way for things to have to grown to where it is today. I'm not expecting much the first time out, but we'll see if we cant find something to grow from. At the very least, we'll look good. 😉
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    Well, I think the saying is, good things come to those who wait. Well I waited, and finally ran into a very nice pair of 18.4-38 Firestone field and road duals for #20 1456. So today I put the duals on for some pictures. Now when I can get it to some shows, it will look complete!! Even found a set of oem original paint battery covers!!
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    Even though I am suppose to be retired I still get to play Farmer on my small Almond orchard Many of you may remember the posts of me removing a vineyard in 2015 and planting these sticks January of 2016. in the industry we call these 5th leaf trees Now because even though planted only four years ago they grew one year in Nursery. I am very pleased with the size of window , we will see if it translates into pay weight. Lol we shook them on the 20ieth let them dry flat out till yesterday 29 th swept and will probably pick them up 9/2 or 3. this is the first verity ,now ,called Non Periels , the other row of trees are the pollinator in my case verity is Superiel they should be ready in another 10 to 15 days then we will go through same process. few pictures of the two sweepers used in this operation , Both are Weiss /McNair machines later one is a lower profile unit both equipped with cab and air tony
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    Still on the first one .... 50 years come April.
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    Finally got around to mounting the 24.5-32s on the powder coated rims. Heavy wheel and tire set up.
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    Been running hard all week. We are three weeks ahead of last year. Going smooth, but the corn isn't the best. We are happy to take what the Lord has blessed us with though. Life on the farm is good!
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    Slowly making progress on the pull toy. Steering rack is mounted, need to find some coilovers next I cut down the knees of a stock wide front, cut the center tube out and made a 1/8" wall center tube. I lathed new hubs out of billet for the 5X5 wheels. Rack and pinion is a Mustang II style from Flaming river that is narrowed to fit. I have a Prius 12v power steering unit that will be up at the platform. MAYBE next year it will make a pass (not gonna hold my breath) or soon there after.
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    Just missed 51 years on 10-29-2018--we were neighbor kids--I knew her for 65 years. Just going thru the hardest 22 months of my life. We are in central Michigan--our families were neighbors in NE Indiana in the 1880's and still some there. Strouse-Likes-Kistler...I miss Her everyday and will Love her forever.....
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    Been to several pulls in the last few weeks. It’s nice to be out and about with friends having fun!
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    So in another thread about how many times have you been married, I mentioned my wife and I would be 28 years on sept 5. I also jokingly said I wonder if she would like a 1466 for her anniversary gift? One response was I doubt it. Well on Saturday we bought another 1466 which was the day of our anniversary. I did not tell my wife it was for her though, I think I'll keep it for me. The ole girl needs some love (the 1466 that is). I did give my beautiful wife a nice gift she could use.
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    On our 25th some years ago, kids decided we needed a family picture. The photographer told us two older kids (wife and I ) to sit down in front. We started out a little young but I didn't think we looked that young anymore. Just got past our 65th last month. Won't mistake our ages now.
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    Some years back RPF members Twostepn2001 and John A . Notified me of a well used 806 LP not far from them in Texas , for sale. unbeknown to them it was what I was looking for ,a Texas cotton girl , to their surprise I bought it and brought it home to Central Valley California and being I was a cotton farmer in the sixties To end of nineties , I set out to restore Her Into my Tex- Cal cotton Girl. today I received twostepn2001’s Seal of approval . He let me have the key with a Texas cotton bale keychain. He is making sure she retains Her Texas cotton heritage! Lol thank you so much for a very thoughtful gift I will cherish Along with your friendship . few pic tony
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    One 10.5 years, only girl Ive ever dated, she's a saint stuck with me thru thick and thin and a few choice phrases I should never have said, im sure Jeff will fill you in.... Didn't get to 10th anniversary trip cause the USA was locked down hard at that point. Love her more now than then...
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    Its getting harder I admit lol I have a original square body blazer that's even better I'll see if I have a pic There'ya go enjoy
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    I love me a Hydro cause I grew up on a Hydro70 our neighbor owned and he bought it new in 1974 the year before we bought our IH dealership and moved to the country. He never had one issue with that hydrostatic transmission on that tractor, he did everything that the owners manual told him to do with the service on it and it held up superbly so I'm not scared of them transmissions and we sold quit a few hydro tractors back in the day and don't remember them ever giving trouble either. I just ran across that white cab 1973 Hydro 1066 and had to share that with the group and Ive always loved the color combo of the white cab tractors, they were factory white from 1971, 72 and 73 then IH painted them red starting in 1974 along with coloring the levers from grayish color to all black that started in 1974 model year also and they did away with the bottom glass on the white cabs also in those same yrs. Never seen a frontend conversion like the one on that other 1066 but apparently that's a conversion off a Case tractor frontend and put on a 66 series which was a light weight frontend to begin with, they should've put them square front axles on all the 66s and 88s, but that's my opinion
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    Me and my wife recently purchased our first house this summer. Well with that I can finally move my stuff out of my moms house! This includes my 1/16 scale tractor collection. My wife is a city girl so she gets a kick out of anything tractor related! The plan is in the works in the next year or 2 is to build a garage big enough to store the real tractors at home, the 656 and 244! Anyway spend last night carefully washing the years of dust off them. This morning placing them on the shelves. Scott
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    I miss making a profit doing what I like to do.
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    Last week marked my year being self employed and running my ag repair business. It has been great and other than some slow time in January and February I've been pretty busy. I've had alot of my old customers from the dealer and a good amount of new ones I had never met. I've worked on quite a variety of types and brands of equipment but that keeps it interesting. My shop is getting closer to being done but I haven't had it empty enough to finish recently. Probably going to have to take a week off shop work and clean it out and just get it done before cool weather gets here. I'll include a few photos from the last month or so. Adding dual remotes to a 3020, injection pump on a C90, and 300 waiting on a good engine. Starting out with a cone on a 7240. Waiting on parts now as the list of repairs we made that day was pretty large. Swapped a bale bed from an 01 Chevy 3500 to a 2020. 5288 injection pump. 5088 park gear, pawl, and some other small things.
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    I installed a chain link fence to keep mosquitoes out of my yard.
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    Just had our 61st ann. Ken
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    Funny thing since were on ford bashing My dad's starter went out on his 2015 F-150 today I went to pick him up in my trusty chevy
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    I loved cutting silage and the dairies just started around here. I loved everything about it, smell long days, packing and riding in the tractor with Grandpa as a kid.
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    In early fall 2016 we caught a picture of a white looking raccoon on a trail cam on my Grandpas ground. I spent a lot of time several years ago coon hunting so I found that pic to be just as cool as any deer picture. Fast forward two years to some time in late October 2018. I met up with a guy I work with to car pool to work about 5:00 one morning and he said I saw the strangest thing on my way home last night. Looked like a white coon near your Grandpa’s place. I lit up at the thought of that coon. I made a plan that day that I would try to trap that coon and get it mounted. I’ve got a couple deer heads on the wall but am not the type to get one of every critter put on the wall. I waited until the weather got cool and fur should be prime. Set traps on Thanksgiving day 2018. I worked on the following day (Black Friday) and got home with just enough light to check my traps. Ran over there on my motorcycle and found my coon in one of the traps I had set. Well, fast forward to this week and I got the call that he was done. Final product. It’s the only one I’ve ever seen. Brown mask, brown nose, brown tail rings. Most of his hairs have a cinnamon colored tip to them. Taxidermist said he had never seen one so pretty. The little guy loves it and wanted it hung in his room 😊
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    Married 36 years to my High School sweetheart . 3 kids and 4 Grandkids later and still going strong .
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    As the title says, the 1st 706 German has been found. Its now owned by fellow friend and Red Power member Tim Malin @TimsIHtractors. Earlier this spring he bought a 706 German from a jockey in Oklahoma. Just because he had always wanted a 706 German. Didnt run, needed TLC, has a westendorf loader. But the price was right and delivery to SW Wisconsin was possible. Until last week Tim hadn't done much with it, as he was busy custom manure hauling at home, and helped for a couple months on a custom harvest crew in the south. Always on the move. Last week he finally had time to sit down for a minute or 2 and started tinkering on the 706. He was talking to a friend, Marc Johnson, about german diesel things and serial number came up. Marc sent him pics of a local tractor with a funny tag. So Tim checked his. Low and behold.... Serial number 37237. The first production 706 with a german 310 diesel. Tim was out of this world with happiness. He has since got it running and driving on its own has fuel issues yet. Someday it may find a 234 hung on it. Enough talk onto some pics. 1 and 2: As it look when he got it. 3: A paragraph from one of Ken Updike's books. 4: Serial Tag 5: Running and Moving. Tim may chime in later on. But I told him I'd share his story for him.
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    Some of you guys may appreciate them more than I do. So here's some pics. .33wcf .45 70
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    I’m not sure, but I think perhaps “christsake woman! It’s paint not flex seal” was where it really went off the tracks.
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    29 yrs ago today married my 1st and current wife, so 1 marriage, 29 yrs in a row. Rented a sedandeville and took 2 weeks to drive around lake Michigan. Drove the USA side of Superior. Spent a few days in the honeymoon suite on the magnificent mile, toured the Magnum plant while in Racine, almost stuck the sedandeville on a dirt trail trying to get a closer look at a harvest operation north of racine, had to squeeze past log trucks on log roads near superior, bed & breakfasts, cabins. Best 2 weeks of my life to that point and has kept getting better
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    One and only 57 years
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    My son and I made the trek to Iowa on Friday and went to Jerry’s Wonderland on Saturday morning. I do NOT intend to take anything away from his collection and the countless hours of work he and his family have done to put together a FANTASTIC collage of IH History. But, the thing that hit me the hardest as I looked at all of the different examples of IH, literally catering to each customer with this special option here or this variety here—-no wonder they went under. They had their hands in everything! Heck, the blacktop chipper he has had a fuel pump on it the size of a small Volvo! its amazing to me because I do see and appreciate pretty tractors. In IH case, I also see the engineering, the testing, the retooling, the assembly line changes, the technology changes needed to make EVERY SINGLE MODEL. It’s mind boggling to think of in my opinion. So, if someone here knows him or the man himself is, Thanks Jerry and Joyce. Luke talked about what you guys have put together for 650 miles, and I’ll think of it for many more.
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    most people here had it before we even knew what it was and before the news started talking about it, everyone was fine. Nothing should have shut down, i am sure there are more suicides and drug overdoses from the fear of this than actual deaths,
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    My summer project, just need to get a top cap and it will be done. Built the the bracket and assembly for cooking today and made 1st pizza on it tonight. The cement mixer post made think I should show mine and I pour the base for the pit with it, we used it on the farm when I was a kid (a lot ) and I still have. Of course it has an ih pulley on it, the cast aluminum one broke.
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    Almost makes me think somebody joined just to advertise this tractor?
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    Same here, my wife had a 5 year old boy who I adopted later on(He's 27 now) and we had 2 more boys together. Now 19 and 15. Her son started calling me dad within 3 months of starting to date his mom.
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    We started this past weekend. Hopefully the weather cooperates for the next 3 weeks
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    I'm cipherin about 33 years come opening morning Pheasant season. (preacher was late cuz he hit a honey hole and wouldn't put up the shotgun and get to the church on time)😆 Morning after the wedding dance we took off on an whirlwind, unforgettable, two whole week long honeymoon. She didn't have to open gates or do barn chores for "two whole weeks". No end to the grief I caught from my buddies about the extravagant way I spoiled her. They said I raised the bar too high. I just said "nuthin' to good for my new bride" and held my ground. It must have been memorable for her as she still reminds about it......................................🤔 The union did result in three fine young men that we kicked out in to society whether society was ready for them or not. Short term memory helps I think, you strive for the good and forget the bad. If there is any................... I forget😃
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    Once , 17 years and counting. There is thick and thin for most. Blessed that she has not complained about the growing population of Farmalls in the yard and basement. I mentioned last week about a 450 propane in Kansas she asked when were going. I said it sold already .....
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    Ours may get a little silage on it, but otherwise looks good. If anyone is brave enough to mess with it, well we ain't the meanest bunch in the county, but the meanest ones don't mess with us either! Proud to be American Farmers!
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