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    Hello, everyone. Randy Sohn was my wonderful uncle, and I'm the person who put up the Facebook post about his passing on Wednesday evening. On behalf of Randy's wife Judy, and his children Sari and Mike, and all of us in the family, I just want to say that the outpouring of love and respect for him from so many of you here is so heartwarming. Thank you for that. It means so much to us. Randy's obituary will be in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press in the next couple of days. The Star Tribune is also working on a feature story about his life. I will keep you posted about when that will appear. Randy's daughter, Sari, is working with the funeral director to see about a web page where people can go to leave their condolences and share their stories about Randy. I will come back and post a link to that page when it's up so that whoever wishes to do so can participate. There will be a memorial service scheduled at some future date when it becomes possible for people to gather together again. Uncle Randy absolutely loved this forum, and I heard him talk about it many times. My dad is a serious red tractor/truck guy as well, and Randy often badgered him to learn how to use a computer just so he could join in the conversation here. I will try to keep working on that in Randy's memory. If Dad won't join himself (and that's a long shot), then I'll make a point of showing him things here and, once things calm down a little, maybe I can post some of his interesting stuff for you guys to see if you would like. Those of you who saw the photo of my Facebook post in an earlier comment in this thread know that Randy died of pneumonia brought on by COVID-19. The worst thing about this terrible, terrible virus is that those who die must do so alone, and those who are left behind have no opportunity to say goodbye. It is not even possible to plan funerals or memorials for them. It is Randy's family's hope that everyone will take this pandemic seriously, and that all of you here and your families stay safe and well. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for all your love and support at this sad time.
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    My 1975 1066 and 10 shank 6000 conser -till.
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    Just got in from plowing snow, and she was 5 miles from the farm. So I waited until she was there, she sent me a text and is safe on the farm with family. She is tired and is going to bed. Thank you all, the prayers were answered, she is safe and surrounded by family. and now dads stress level can lower
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    Relax. And be kind to each other.
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    Hello Taxpayers, Sometimes this year, we taxpayers will again receive another economic stimulus payment. It is indeed a very exciting program, and I’ll explain it by using a Q&A format: Q: What is an Economic Stimulus payment? A: It is money that the federal government will send to taxpayers. Q: Where will the government get this money? A: From taxpayers. Q: So, the government is giving me back my own money? A: Only a smidgen of it. Q: What is the purpose of this payment? A: The plan is for you to use the money to purchase a high definition television set, a new iPad, or a new SUV, thus stimulating the economy. Q: Isn’t that stimulating the economy of China? A: Shut up. Below is some helpful advice on how to best help the U. S. Economy with and your stimulus check wisely: * If you spend the stimulus money at Walmart the money will go to China or Sri Lanka. * if you spend it on gasoline, your money goes to the Arabs. * if you purchase a computer, it goes to India, Taiwan or China. * if you purchase fruits and vegetables, it will go to Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala. * if you buy an efficient car, it will go to Japan or Korea. * if you purchase useless stuff, it goes to Taiwan. * if you pay your credit card off, or buy stock, it will go to the management bonuses and they will hide it offshore. Instead keep the money in America by: (1) Spending it at a yard sale, or (2) Go to a ballgame, or (3) Spend it on prostitutes, or (4) Beer, or (5) Tattoos (These are the only American businesses still operating in the U.S.) CONCLUSION: Go to a ballgame with a tattooed prostitute that you met at a yard sale and drink beer all day. No need to thank me, I’m just glad I could be of help.
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    I got the call two weeks ago on this deal from a friend of mine that lives near Franzen Family Tractor Salvage /north west of the quad cities . As most of you know , Danny has to many projects to take on another one . I called Luke who is a friend of mine , he lives just west of me and has the IH passion and wants to build the big brother and little brother to the 5388 👍😎 So a couple phone calls later this thing was on the truck he had coming by and it is saved and in good hands .You guys are correct on these being at the vo tech collages , this one was at Peosta Ia . I have a friend that was at Calmer when they got there’s and it had the IH466 on it and later and I will have to check with him what year some guys from Case IH pulled in and change out the motor and put the 8.3 Cummins . Just so everyone is clear these tractors were completely done at the time of the merger and were going to be released in the fall of 1985 at the Farm Progress Show. When I delivered the 7140 articulated back to Hinsdale I got to meet the head engineer that was in charge of the 7140 and while we were standing out in the lot I ask him about the 50 series power shift and if it was done at the time of the merger . I pulled out my trusty I Pad and had the pictures of the 5388 and showed him what I had , where did you get that ? I put this together . He said , well just so you know that was the last tractor my team and I built for IH , they were done and there was a entire line of them sitting right there, he pointed 👍😎 He also told me what I already knew , I don’t care what anyone writes in books there selling and the people they interviewed from Case and there version of the story that IH was broke and couldn’t finish this tractor is not the truth 😡 Just after the first of the year 1985 some these tractors were hauled up to Buzardville to start the transformation into the Magnum . My old bass was at Hinsdale when the Tenneco semi pulled in with a van trailer to haul a tractor up to Racine , well as most of you know it won’t fit in a van trailer so out come the gas ax !! so it would fit in there trailer so they could get it up to Racine with no one knowing what Tenneco had just bought . If you look at this one that Luke just got is one that the axels were cut off , maybe it’s the one 🤔 So from Jan 2 1985 to the fall of 1987 the newly formed company did the conversion of our IH 50 series into the what we know today as one of the best tractors ever built , the Magnum . The only reason I am telling everyone this story is so you all know the real story and not the version that is made up by the management at the time from the Case Corp side wanted everyone to believe that IH was broke and this was only in the design and had no money to finish , after the merger they saved the day , put the money at it and finished it . Truth told , it was converted into the Magnum , this was the money that was put at this tractor . All I want is give credit where credit is do, We have just saved another piece of history 👍👍😎 Danny
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    Definitely getting the itch to get going now, I had this thing in the shop over winter to fix a few odds and ends, add a rotating beacon, and to give it a good clean up. Now to start working on the planter.
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    My Daughter had to break out her baler early this year. Desperate times call for desperate measures. For Sale: High quality, soft, hollow core TP. This is a good variety of TP. Yields well and your finger won't break through mid swipe. Baled dry in low humidity so as to maintain maximum absorption. Can be delivered or picked up at the farm. $45 per bale. Volume discount over 24 bales. Contact Rylee of RMU Farms.
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    Been holding out for this one for a while now. Brother in law has owned it for over 10 years and finally sold it to me. Before the correct police gig me too bad I kinda like the cab like that. It will probably stay the way it is for a while atleast. Maybe next year I can afford some firestones. I'm pretty happy with it. It needs a good cleaning but that's a working tractor for you. This thing is as tight of 86 as you'll find. Proud to own it.
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    Back in January I was fortunate enough to be contacted by a gentleman who had purchased our 1980 1486 tractor back on our farm sale in 89 when we were scaling back. It had always been a dream of mine to have one of our former tractors back and of course I went and bought it. We bought the tractor brand new in 1980 from Howard and Hannon implement in laporte Indiana. It has been 30 years since I had seen the tractor. I ended up buying the tractor and brought it home and I’m currently working on getting a few minor things fixed on it And eventually it will be restored. Dad and I both kind of had hoped that it would have been our 1967 1256 tractor. Fast forward two months and while down at Bates’s getting parts for the 14 I notice a sale bill on the counter with a 1967 1256 with a year around cab on it. Counter guy told me a little bit about it but didn’t know much but thought it came from over by Laporte. We went over and looked at it and dad thought it sure looks like it so we went ahead and took the serial number down and went back home. I still have the original bill of sale for it and looked at the serial number and by gosh it matched. Couldn’t believe it. The auction was today and the tractor came back home.Ended up paying a little bit more for than I had anticipated but it’s hard to put a price on something that grandpa bought brand new back in 1969. Grandpa and my great uncle bought that tractor brand new from Mitchell and schoppell in Wanatah Indiana. Spent most of its time pulling a seven bottom plow and running the silage chopper and spreading manure. In the late 1970s we put a year around cab on it. Dad said the air-conditioning worked for about a week and then it conked out and never worked again. Going to use the tractor for now, Eventually I’m going to fully restore it. Not sure if I’m gonna leave the cab on or if I’ll take it off and put the fenders and the duals back on. I know a lot of guys spend A lot of time looking for a tractor that grandpa or their dad farmed with and come up short. I feel very blessed that I was able to find two.
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    It’s been 56 1/2 years in the making, but we now have heifers that we intend to breed on our own land!! Granted there’s only 6 of them and the bank holds the note on the land but... I have run 600 cows for others and I have owned a few cows on leased land but these are all ours!
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    No stories right now but here's a box full of smile makers for ya😀 And, I agree fully. Going to stop clicking on those other threads, too depressing I need sunshine and humor😁
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    So I drive truck over the summer amd dont have the best knees ankles back , so I need to exercise alot to make sure I live long enough to see my grandkids and dont fall apart. Going to a gym kinda sucked, I went a few hours, came home then wife went, after that the day was half over. So i made a place the whole family can enjoy amd get healthy. My 10 year old has cerebral palsy and cannot walk only bunny hop scoot, so this gives him a place in the winter to move around akd feel free. The astroturf was left over from a high school football field we built. 10bucks a square foot and it cover this 1600 feet 2 layers thick, so it's nice and soft and warm for my boys knees. We keep it 65 70 all winter and has been a blessing to my family.
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    Bought a 5488 and 5088 this winter. Slowly getting them set up for spraying and planting this spring. Just got new Firestones mounted on the 54 and the duals back on it tonight. 5088 is currently at the tire shop getting new step up rims and tires. Pictures to follow. Some day when I win the lottery I’ll send them off to Mike down at Triple R. Life goals and dreams.
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    Just some pics from around the farm the last week or so as I get ready for planting 2020.
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    Got a nice pic of it today outside,
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    Zeke my 4 year old just today road his bike without training wheels, first try didnt fall over till he ran out of runway.
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    After 15 years of using my 8920 and JD 1760 I made a upgrade to this new rig but I will plant a few acres with the 800 8 row. Hired man will get a lot of seat time in the planter. I usually run the sprayer in the day and then take over for him and plant into the night. He may not want to quit this year! Going to be a learning curve for both of us.
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    I have posted on here a few times about this tractor after buying it at an auction last fall. It was supposed to be a cheap tractor for moving wagons around the farm. After all the issues that I found and fixed figured along as it was tore down might as well paint it to. Turned out to be not so cheap and undecided on what its duties will be.
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    My wife was filling up her vehicle today. Stepped out of a warm vehicle into a cold wind so her nose started running. The lady on the other side of the pump acted disgusted and asked my wife if she was sick, my wife leaned as close as she could and simply said; “ go f yourself “!!
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    It is rumored that RPRU 2020 is being cancelled. This is not the case I just spoke with Show Chairman Steve and he assured me that RPRU 2020 is set to go forward. and will do so. Don't let the Coronavirus media hype ruin a great show. If RPRU was next week, then it may not be held but with warmer weather on the way, and the flu season coming to an end, things will be fine by June. RPRU 2020 is still in the planning stages and will be one of the best shows ever. The health and safety of all attendees is #1 with us and always will be. We plan on seeing you in Huron for a safe and memorable show.
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    A friend of mine found and rescued these from a long hibernation. I`m sure in time he will have them productive again. Kinda cool, eh?
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    Gun Control: It has already started at Cabela’s There was a bit of confusion at the Cabela’s Sporting Goods store this morning. When I was ready to pay for my large purchases of gun powder and bullets the lady cashier said, “Strip down, Facing me.” Making a mental note to complain to the NRA about the gun control whacko’s running amok; I did as the good lady instructed me. When the hysterical shrieking and all the alarms finally subsided, I found out she was referring to my credit card. I have since been asked by management to shop elsewhere in the future. They need to make their instructions to us seniors a lot clearer, I just followed the lady cashier’s instructions. I STILL DON’T THINK I LOOKED THAT BAD!!!!
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    So we needed to help get our 29 year old daughter from Ft Hood Tx to my parents house in Saint Cloud MN. (not because of the Virus by the way). She has a silly dog that has a short snout and airlines refuse to fly him. Okay, lets get a rental car, you would think its a no brainer, you would think. I deal with budget car rental and have for years, and never will again. They will not rent to her due to the fact she does not have a return plane ticket and a major credit card in her name. No matter what I was willing to do they don't care, my credit cards, any amount of a deposit, going to a counter here and paying, nothing mattered, they refused to work out a way for us to get her a car. So we searched for an answer for several hours. Believe it or not, we rented a U-Haul van for her. I had a pregnant daughter that we could not get a rental car for, I could not fly, Greyhound bus was not available and we needed to get her away from where she was right now. Yes, we moved her with U-Haul, they made it work, she showed up and the rental company we had chosen online was not open due to what we don't know (CORVID-19?), so she called the 1-800 number, they found a close store and fixed a mistake i did on the reservation, AND IT WAS CHEAPER THAN A CAR RENTAL. I will recommend U-Haul from this point forward, the customer service she received was phenomenal, and she did it on a debit card, which not one car rental company is willing to do. It sure isn't as fancy or have the good fuel economy but its a set of wheels So, my pregnant daughter is driving Interstate 35 north from Dallas to Minneapolis this week in a 2wd U-Haul van to get to my parents house. Please keep her in your thoughts in prayers. And recommend U-Haul since they sure seem to have their customer service together.
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    Wife had to be gone all day and left we me with the 3 week old and and my other 3, the baby has been nursed the whole time so I was worried big time that she would be doing nothing but screaming since she never had a bottle before. Well she never cried 1 time, never threw up, and only 1 wet diaper, I would say that's good news for me.
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    the 5488 powershift IH had at the merger is saved, this is whats left anyways. its the one that was talked about on here that was at a NE iowa tech collage. I plan to put it all back together, It had the axles cut off with a torch to fit the tractor in a van trailer the day after the merger. as you can see. Hyd plumbing and remotes are different than production magnums.
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    All three boys and their families made it back to celebrate my birthday today. Met at youngest sons ranch because he is calving heavy and couldn't get away. None of the worries of the world got in the way. Ate well, played some games in the yard (beautiful day) and just enjoyed each others company. The problems of the world were a million miles away. If that is selfish, I apologize but wish me and the missus could find the time to do it more often. Honestly wish everyone could have the day I had today. I love the view looking North from his house. (These are his two trees Mike and Ike 😁)
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    Sunday morning my wife was Up all night with little guy 5 years old. He was having a pancreas flare up. Usually Tylenol will deaden pain and let him sleep. Since he has Baby he will only swallow grape Tylenol drops. He throws up anything else. Wife ran to local store as soon as they opened but With the hoarding the shelf’s were cleaned out of any medicine. She posted it on Facebook and her coworkers saw it and her daughter bought 2,bottles and drove them 60 miles. Wife took son to ER for pain med and tests. But here is the better part another distant cousin of wife’s dad saw the post and set aside a couple bottles From drug store she works at to send To my wife. My wife and I are just amazed. Her relatives and friends all remember how sick she was when little and how nice a person she is. It just amazes you someone would see a post on Facebook and take time to help out little kid. She had about 50 other people willing to share a bottle or look where they lived. Here are the two bottles coworker delivered
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    Also good news is my wife and baby doing good, thanks for all the prayers, God willing my wife wont have anymore cancer.
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    I saw this tractor on Craigslist a month ago and procrastinated calling about it. When I went to call on it the posting was gone. A couple weeks later it was on an online auction. Bid early but was outbid. Waited till the last five minutes to bid again but quickly went up past my limit. I bid a "last bid" a couple of times before I was the winning bid. Still under what it was listed for on Craigslist originally but probably would have gotten it cheaper had I called then. This tractor should do anything I will ever need a tractor for. It has a couple issues to deal with, the first is a fuel leak around the pump.
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    So we have this nice rock by our entry way out on the hiway. Normally the wife does a paint for holidays. This time she says, people need a bright spot in their day. Lots of farmers going on the road to get fertilizer and seed spuds, and no tourists. Happy times.
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    I hope that Farmall Fan or someone with contact with Randy's family can pass this thread on to them. Let the family know how much we thought of Randy here on RedPower. DD
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    Well, it’s been a long time coming. Spent most of the winter working on this tractor in the shop. I found this 1961 for sale not running and decided to take a chance. It was in fair shape and my friend Chuck and I had it running by the time we offloaded it (carb was gunked up). Engine compression tested good, but it leaked oil from everywhere so a new set of seals was in order. I went ahead and ran her for the fall hay season until the last of the clutch started to fail and then just parked it. Slowly I ordered parts and disassembled the 460 into components and started my rebuild. Here are some photos of the process, hope you enjoy! 😉
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    Totally God, bought some hydraulic fittings yesterday wrong ones, so i went to columbus to get the fitting not available so I had to run to tractor supply to get the one correct 6 dollar fitting, all the way there im angry that I bought the wrong stupid fitting, as im searching the hydrailic section, who should hsppen to walk in but the foreign exchange student, who was in the high school youth group that I got to know and see grow throughout the year, who has to go home soon and due to the virus i did not think I was going to be able to see her off. Even after getting the post driver working today, (culmination of 100s of hours of labor and planning over the last year) it made my day to see her off. Super sad to see her go. But so glad i got to see her off. Yes I broke social distancing rule right there I didn't care. Some times it's the little things...
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    We had a very nice day hauling corn
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    Well boys, 175 milesto go, wish me luck😀
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    Kids doing good here, my wife is a stay at home mom and we considered homeschool a while anyway, my 8 year old girl was even teaching my 4 year old today numbers and letters, he knows the numbers 1456, 1206 560 544 and the letters ih
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    Gotta love GPS! True story — a couple of years ago I was headed to McLaughlin SD on a Sunday evening to load calves off a ranch first thing Monday morning. Well, no one had told me it was a ranch load, so I assumed it was a sale barn load. I Googled “McLaughlin Livestock” and sure enough, Google found it. Directions told me it was one block off the main road. So I’m tooling into McLaughlin, took a left at the blinking light, and started looking for a sale barn. Well, after three blocks I realized there was no sale barn there. Dang! Well, I better try to turn around, I’ll park by the elevator and call someone in the morning (it was 11:30 pm). About two blocks later I’m out of town, nowhere to turn around. Gotta be a gravel road I can turn on, right? A mile later I turn on the gravel. I didn’t dare back across the highway due to a hill and a curve, so I just cruise down the gravel looking for an intersection I can turn around on. After a mile the gravel turns to dirt, but hey, it’s dry and there’s a light up ahead. The dirt road turns into a driveway that ends right in front of a mobile home. Lights are on, I’m sweating a little, ready to stop and get directions or help turning around. Hey, I see tire tracks going around the mobile home! So I downshift, and do a hot lap around the house, praying I don’t meet any obstacles. I swung wide around a well curb and a minute later I’m headed back to the highway. I’ve always wondered what the people in that house thought of the idiot bull rack driver who was doing hot laps around their house at 11:30 on a Sunday night!
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    Finished up chiseling a field, filled in ditches with the blade and did a little work with the field cultivator to end the day. 1066’s start to finish. Thats a good day!
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    MTO asked if I had a picture of Randy that I could share. Good timing—I just sent this one to a bunch of family members the other day. Randy is on the right, my dad is on the left. It's a couple years old, but I love it because the lifelong deep friendship and good humor of these two really shines through. You may wonder at the title of the photo. Those are the names they called each other since they were boys. I have no idea how they came up with those names, and neither one of them could remember when it finally occurred to me a few years ago to ask them . Or maybe they just weren't telling. The hardest thing I ever had to do in my life was call my dad on Wednesday to tell him that Randy was in the hospital, not expected to make it, and then call back in the evening to report that he was gone.
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    The Wolfman closed our liquor stores weeks ago. Had to dig this out and polish her up.
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    I find looking her in the eye and saying, "calm down, you're acting like your mother" really helps to diffuse the situation. You should definitely try that.
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