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  1. Waterproofing the underside? Called for an uber and that's what they sent Either way he is taking the work out of work
  2. Our local problem seems to be meth just about everyday they catch someone in possession intent to sell type of thing. The scary part is I am afraid they are getting the really stupid ones, going over 100mph, no license, no insurance ,no lights etc. These idiots are a danger to society but what about the crafty pros who successfully poison our children. Don't get me started on the catch and release program for dealers and manufacturers. Terribly sorry for your situation caused by scum
  3. I feel your pain, I learned to bale with a 410. Some days it would bale good, other days it wouldn't start a bale at all and I used the term bale loosely. It was more like a big ball of hay. I can't believe they could have been worse than Gehl 1500 ours sat in the barn so much it looked like new when we got rid of it at 6 years old
  4. Has any tried calling them in like a coyote with the wounded animal calls ?
  5. To me it as simple as being qualified for any job. Phone support requirement they must be able to understand you over the phone. I mean would you hire someone that could know what they were doing but couldn't do it. like a cow with bad udders
  6. After reading your post and boiling it down to the important part as long as I don't need juice for a block heater I think I will pass on a generator. On my way to buy some candles is there a special one I need ?
  7. Besides that you keep her long enough she will hit menopause and quit leaking
  8. People watch and make up the stories that go with the current situation. As for the auctions my wife goes more than I do and the auctioneer just watches her face he knows what she is there for. I rarely go and it will be for one item only I have my stopping point decided and I will bid back so fast when it gets to one on one most times I walk away empty handed. They probably think I am nuts go like **** then just stop and walk away no second thoughts.
  9. I would need it dry. Seems like most years I can't get 4 days back to back of curing weather in June even during dry years. Damn Missouri Feeding to fall calving pairs starting usually late November feeding hay.
  10. I was hoping to string tie round bales. not a good idea from the sound of it
  11. Did that a couple of times too but I let the oats mature and harvested them first.
  12. We used to sow wheat in the fall and overseed timothy and clover. We let the wheat mature and harvest then deal with the stubble hay. I have a small field that needs reseeded to hay and I was thinking of oats plus timothy or orchard grass. I was thinking of cutting the oats in milk stage but it would be a first for me. Any pitfalls to watch for? Do's or don't's ? I would add legume of some sort later because I am sure there will be thistles to spray
  13. After all these years now I know what is wrong around here
  14. I saw a complete no runner on Big Iron
  15. Do you think the pup in the back is thinking it smells back here if that isn't you guys up front I want to be a cattle dog.
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