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  1. Thank you for the information. Think I will stick with the original design. It would not be an IH if the gears didn't grind a little going in.
  2. When you say transfer case are you talking the unit that went in front of the transmission on the 2+2 that the tractor also pivoted around on or are you talking the case that mounted on the left side of the range transmission? On the 2+2 the front case was called the transfer case and the one on the side the four wheel drive assembly. Guess I am having a little trouble wrapping my head around a 2+2 transfer case being mounted on a conventual tractor.
  3. I see Hy Capacity has a spring load transmission brake lever. Anyone try it and does it work? Seems like it is hard to keep the transmission brake in adjustment, to easy to push the clutch all the way to the floor while rolling I guess.
  4. The dealership I worked at back in the 70's we always used aluminum spray paint. And in those days you could get decent gaskets.
  5. Finally got it split. Did not want to come apart. First split I did was between the transfer case and the speed transmission. Rolled back maybe 1/2 inch and that was it. Everything looked level and the dowel were reasonably free to turn so did not appear to be an alignment issue. I ended up going through the starter hole and unbolting the pressure plate from the flywheel. The pilot bearing had pulled out of the flywheel but would not come off the TA shaft. Ended up using a two jaw puller to get the bearing off the shaft. Clutch has good lining on it yet but was warped thanks to the hired help slipping the clutch. Splines gone in the pressure plated and IPTO input shaft. The 3 bolts that hold the throw out bearing carrier were quite loose for some reason. Not sure but would guess maybe the bolts came loose and that allowed the shaft to start working in the pressure plate. Makes no difference as it will be replaced. Pulled the range transmission shift cover to inspect the park lock. The gear looks good with no missing teeth. Some wear on the park lock lever. Thinking there was enough dirt build up in there that it would not allow the park lever to drop all the way down. Have a new spring and lever to put in. The clip was gone that holds the detent levers in place for hi-lo and reverse so that all fell apart as I pulled the cover up. Glad I was not doing this inside the cab as I was watching and was able to catch the detent rollers and levers before they went to the bottom of the case. Speed transmission shift cover will get updated to what the 6x88's used which was a needle bearing where the lever goes though the case. It has a lot of side play as it is. Need to do some more investigating on the pinion shaft. I suspect the pinion bearing probably has issues. It maybe due to the nut is a little loose. The lock is still in place so I am betting the bearing is wore enough that it is showing up at the nut. Time will tell what the ring gear and pinion look like. I left it with the oil draining out of the transfer case. Probably will be the first thing I tackle in the morning. The uni-ball's are loose and the seals all leak a small amount so it needs some TLC. Anyway some pictures to keep everyone happy.
  6. Snoshoe is correct on the pump. It is a variable displacement piston pump. For some reason there is no signal line going to the pump so they must get the signal from within the pump. Anyway one other part that came to mind while I was feeding the cows is there was a service bulletin I believe when those tractors were new where they added an inline high pressure filter in the steering system. #1272186C1. Not all 3x88 2+2's have that filter and the parts book that I have does not show it. It is on the line going from the pump to the relief block if it is there. I all ready have all the lines off this tractor I am working on but here is a picture of that filter and what the MCV looks like. That filter plugged on the 33 many years ago. I do not recall if it had any effect on brakes, TA, etc. but it killed the steering. Messick's show it as a good number. I would suggest you sit down when you see the price. Got to thinking and it appears that filter was standard equipment on the 6x88 2+2. Anyway good luck figuring things out.
  7. I just pulled the pump off the 3388 getting ready to split it. All it had going to it was the suction hose from the filter housing and the output hose going up to the relief block. If it is a PFC style pump I am not sure where the signal line or valve for the signal would be located. I will be in the service manual today checking which bolts I need to remove to get loose from the transfer case. I will try and look at the hydraulic circuit to see what I can learn. I very well could be wrong in my thoughts that it was a fix angle pump.
  8. Snoshoe is correct the steering pump on a 2+2 is under the speed transmission. I could be wrong but I do believe it is a fixed angle piston pump and is not a PFC pump like the aux hydraulic system is. When I lost steering on the 3388 the last time, it was the relief valve block assembly that had gone bad. Part number 113680C91. Follow the pressure line out of the steering pump up to the block. This is on the left side of the tractor. First valve in the system after the pump and the line goes into a tee. I have also lost steering due to the steering hand pump going bad and one time the alternating check valve caused issues too. Get a gauge and plumb into the system and see what is going on. Would be money well spent if you do not have a gauge. As far as the extra block a picture would help but it is not original to a 2+2 at least the 3x88 series as I have all three and none have that.
  9. I will be the odd man out here and recommend an electric gauge. IH used electric on the 86 series tractors and 14xx and 16xx combines. I have never had a wire leak oil but I have had a couple oil lines break or wear a hole in them.
  10. I would not want to go very far steering it the way I did it that is for sure. It worked once I got on to it. The trick was keeping the draw bar between the two tractors relatively straight. Have not got there quite yet but it would appear that the splines are gone in the pressure plate. No chunks in the oil and I got the bottom cover of the speed transmission. The steering pump is external on a 2+2 and when I pulled it you could hold the shaft and turn the input shaft into the transfer case and with nothing turning at the pump drive. I have the stands under the motor and range transmission and I am building a stand to hold the speed transmission up. I have always worked on that transmission sitting on the floor but I am getting too old to bend over or at least that is what I am telling myself. Have not pulled the top cover off the range transmission yet to look at the park lock gear. Park was not holding real well and once in awhile it would roll when in park. I have a new park lock lever and spring to put in the cover and will have to see what the gear looks like at that time. It was also getting air in the hydraulic system and I was having to run it about 5 gallons over full to compensate so need to put some new seals on the suction tube. Nothing has ever been done to the range transmission or rear end so wondering with it approaching 13000 hours if I should look at the bearings. Like I said in the beginning it is somewhat of a money pit at this point.
  11. Very good both get to go to the head of the class. Got the hydraulic oil drained today. No chunks and oil looked clean so guess that is something. Not sure if I will get it split tomorrow or not. Between cows, other repairs, and now driving test are starting again it can prove difficult to find time. Looks like it may get old looking up parts. Every time I punch in a number it seems to come back NLA. I am finding quite a few of the hydraulic tubes are showing their age. For the most part it seems NLA is the key price. I think the local hydraulic shop can make them for me, at least they have done lines in the past for the combine. Last resort will be going to hose. Who is making a good TA now days?
  12. Not sure what 2+2 and 2+2 equals but the 35 pulled and pushed the 33 into the shop. Have not had a chance to do any looking yet. Maybe tomorrow if all goes well I can get the oil drained and pull the bottom off the speed transmission and take a look. At least it is sitting on concrete now and out of the mud.
  13. The other two have 18.4 rubber. The 35 has 18.4rx38 singles and the 37 18.4x38 duals all around. Thinking of find hubs and rims for the 35 and just dueling the rear.
  14. It was not bad pulling everything as a unit. In fact I had not realize they actually could come as two units until I had everything ready to come out. Started out pulling the nuts loose at the top of the cab mount bolts and realized I would probably loose the floor if I did it that way, so I reversed what I was doing. I had all the wiring loose and up into the cab and I had removed the hydraulic lines going to the steering orbital, brake, and clutch booster completely so there was no chance catching anything and making a mess. Fuel tank was empty so was easy to remove out the back. I also had the counsels out. Maybe a little more work before hand but got rid of some weight and I was sure everything was disconnected doing it that way. I had tried to find someone local with a telehandler to come lift it off for me but no luck. It probably would be a little easier when it goes on if it was hanging from a sling to just be able to move it around some for alignment but I will get it. I had not thought of going through the back window but based on the suggestions here that worked real well. The height of the loader was the forks came up just to the top of the cab roof but not over so I figured with the blocks I would have enough lift which it did have. Glad the rear tires were no closer in than what they were as I was just able to get past them and I would have been out of lift if I would have had to go over the top. The loader did not seem to struggle with the weight so was OK there. Being a Hydro it made it nice to be able to very slowly move away with the pick.
  15. Yes on the tires 23.1x30. Told the hired help when she was out helping me get the cab off that I though I was just going to sit a 5 gallon bucket up there for her to sit on. The wide open view probably would be better than looking through glass. They look odd with a cab on and you are correct, maybe beyond odd with the cab off. Get it in out of the mud where I can get under it with some pails and will see what comes falling out with the oil maybe tomorrow. Got to dig the splitting stands out from the back end of the shop. They are in a lean-too so more mud to go through to get to them.
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