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  1. If you do decided to run it look into an after market drum. Think you will be much happier over the 4 paddle IH.
  2. When you go back with the new transmission make sure that the shift linkage is adjusted correctly. Replaced one for a friend who had a 1680 that was jumping out of 2nd. The linkage would not allow the gears to fully engage. Took one out of a 1470 I was wrecking out and swapped the change gears so he had same ratio and then installed. It was a good thing that I looked at the transmission we put in as the bearings were going out on the bull gear.
  3. No they are not all the same. Grain machine used 130752C1 39t change gear and the rice machines used 130750C1 42t gear. These part numbers are for a 1480. 1460 used different part numbers and different tooth count. And of course the shaft and gear that they run against are also different numbers depending on the gears. You would have to pull the top and look at the shaft and gears to know what your getting.
  4. I would not worry to much about it. It usually comes up under the snow in this area. It does seem to be slower coming out of the ground this year. How many pounds to the acre did you seed and at what depth? Most around here shoot for 100 and 1 1/2 to 2 inches.
  5. Also check the air gap of the sensor. They are around .120 of an inch. Believe it is the same sensor used on the rotor so you could swap and check if so inclined. If the channel is shut off then my first thought would be sensor. I believe most of those sensors are basically an on-off magnetic switch. So your sending a digital signal back to the tach and shaft monitor. If you have an ohm meter you can connect to the leads of the sensor and slowly turn the shaft and you should see open-closed readings on the meter. I do not know the voltage so am guessing I have never checked it but would assume either 5 volt or 12 volt. Both pretty common voltages for that sort of circuit.
  6. Do you have the shaft monitor system and if so what is the fan indicator doing? If it is indicating fan rpm and when you slow the fan down the alarm comes on then you could rule out the sensor and look at the wiring that feeds the tach. The machine has two different wiring systems one for tach and one for shaft alarm feed by one sensor. I found on mine last fall that the harness has a connector that comes up through the cab floor that was full of chaff and was wet and was causing some very strange issues. Have to pull the right side cab panel to get to it.
  7. Have you checked the brushes in the generator? Good chance they are wore out. I would guess the generator has a band over the brushes, just pull it and take a look at them. Also run it and see how much arching you have on the commutator as that can give you a good idea what brush contact is like too. If you have a volt meter what is the voltage on the Arm terminal and Field terminal when engine is running at about 1500 rpm.
  8. The only way I have ever seen that sort of damaged repaired is to bore the block over size and install a dry repair sleeve and then bore that sleeve to take the replacement cylinder sleeve. It does make for a good solid repair and I have never had one transfer the crack out into the sleeve. I guess if your not running this engine very much that JB Weld might work. So depends on what you want the tractor to do.
  9. Parking brake set by chance? It is the only buzzer I can think of that goes off and on with the foot and inch valve. Any warning lights coming on?
  10. How are you liking the machine other than your unloader issue?
  11. Same fuse powers the cigarette lighter according to the manual.
  12. Was changing a water hose on the combine today and was looking at that hose. Mine has two clamps that support it that are going over to intake bolts. Not sure why you could not add them to yours if they are not there.
  13. In. I installed a light that comes on when it is out to remind the hired help to put it back after dumping. Helps the boss to remember also!!
  14. Do you have a owners manual and does it have the wiring diagrams in it? I am thinking some of those chewed up wires are causing you some feed back issues. I talked about what I discovered on mine back on Sept 25. The title was 14xx combines and ground speed readout issues. I am thinking you will need to wire the fan and rotor pickup coils for a machine without the shaft monitor system. The wiring diagram should show how that goes. I talked about where I discovered the feed back issue on mine in the Sept 25 discussion so I am not going to type it all out again. The tach's and the shaft speed monitor did have some common connection points so reason I suspect what is left of wiring is causing you some issues.
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