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  1. To start with which ground wires and location? Some pictures would help. I would suspect main ground wire is bad and you are trying to get ground to the starter through lots of the smaller ground wires but that is only a guess at this point.
  2. Anyone have any experience with this drill. Wear points to look at etc.
  3. Are the shives free to move on the shafts? If they are binding the motor will have a hard time moving things.
  4. Do you have power at the switch and is it switching between output terminals when you move it back and forth? If so is the power getting to the motor? I think I have both here if needed.
  5. Home was even higher up the hill I am guessing.
  6. I am a tester so part of ever pre-drive inspection. I also drive a 23 Model T so I personally use them all the time.
  7. Idaho still test your knowledge of the hand signals when you take a driving test.
  8. Which engine do you have? From what you are describing that sounds like the switch for the hydraulics. The oil gauge sender should only have one wire going to it. Not sure where things were located on the Cummins, on the IH the oil pressure sender is in the middle of the block on the fuel pump side, it tees into the oil line to the fuel pump. The light sender and the hydraulic system sender or switch is near the oil filters and are screwed into a tee fitting. This sender that you are talking about are you checking it with engine running or shut off? Oil pressure closes the switch. Since it is a switch it makes no difference how the wires connect to it.
  9. Have a 210 sitting on the hill. When I get the time I can see if it is still free if you wish.
  10. Not really. Basically same box as I recall was used on the 4000-5000 swather heads. I have rebuilt several of those over the years. Have rebuilt several of the open style also. Unless you are having some issues with the open one I am not sure I would go to the trouble of making the swap.
  11. Mike if you have the room why not go to a 235/85 tire. You can get them in a 16 ply rating and they seem to be available. Looks like you would go from 30.5 inch to 31.7 inch diameter.
  12. The injection/pump shop that I used until they closed the doors recommended the Stanadyne supplement. Said the ULSD was very dry. Figured they probably would know what they were talking about as they were seeing the pumps and injectors from lots of older equipment. How do you know if it is working or not? Have not had any injection system issues that I can blame on fuel. Do have a couple of pumps that need looked at but they have enough hours on them to warrant attention. Have not had any issues during the winter and have run nothing but #2.
  13. Guess I should have looked at the connector housing on the RPM transmitter a little closer before asking. That is a pack-con connector. The other interesting thing I found the mating half this morning looking through some of my collection. International used it as a connector for speakers. I believe what I was looking at came out of a 14xx combine. Anyway I do have the terminals that go into the housing so now to find time to install it and see if the tach will work on the tractor. Thanks for the suggestions and the PM. Dennis
  14. What is the name of this connector? I need to find the mating half as someone in the past cut it off and used butt connectors. This is for the tach sender.
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