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  1. Over the years I have experienced that issue a few times. Usually one of two things, first the brakes get so far out of adjustment that basically you stroke the pistons in the cylinders to the end of the stops and you have a hard pedal but not stopping. That is actually a pretty common issue. The other issue and I believe I have only run into it one time and it was on a truck that sat most of the time. It had a hard pedal, the brakes were in adjustment but it would not stop. Turned out that over the years one by one the pistons were sticking in the cylinders and would not move. Do not beli
  2. One just can not make up this stuff. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2010/03/researchers-turn-mosquitoes-flying-vaccinators
  3. The IH schools I went to over the years the instructor's mostly suggested sitting them at room temp. Reason being is it does meet the IH requirement of any temperature above freezing and also through the whole process the block and head are at a stable temperature, anyone ever measure how much temperature drop you get from start to finish if you are working on one that is cooling off and how much would that change valve sittings from start to finish? I have set many from 40 degrees to 100 degrees ambient temperature and as far as I know have never had a valve adjustment failure yet. As o
  4. Anyone following what is happening in Italy with their restaurants? Probably best to keep the answers to either yes or no.
  5. I see the same thing here and I am an examiner. Don't know how many times instead of speeding up to merge with traffic the applicant has their foot on the brake slowing down. They always getting a talking to when we get back to the starting spot. Most of these are young kids so you know they are learning it from Mom and Dad.
  6. When I did the rear quarter panels a few years ago on the first car I bought new when I graduated from High School I was told to use seam sealer and just pore it along the bottom the best I could. Not sure just how much rust prevention it did, however it did run out in many places onto the ground so should help keep the dirt and dust out. You might check with a body shop and see what they suggest. I do believe Eastwood still cares the weld through primers. And the car; I am sure I will probably get laughed off here and that is OK. 1974 Ford Pinto. The electronics were great back then. Thi
  7. Makes pretty good since to me for a first car. I did a class D skills test yesterday and the 16 year old applicant came in driving a fairly new Dodge 3/4 ton diesel 4x4. The applicant was listed as a owner. You know the kid has little if any dog in that fight where as this 15 year old will have some great quality time with Dad and even if not a show car when they get done it will no doubt be something he will be proud of. When my youngest wanted his first car I was going to go find something for him. First mistake I did not ask him what he wanted. Long story short what he wanted and ende
  8. Really not that bad to do. Just steer it to open up the side you want to remove and pull the pins and disconnect the hoses.
  9. The shaft is part of the bearing. The whole thing should press out of the casting.
  10. Depends on the thermals at the time.
  11. What happened on mine was the OEM linkage has two flat spots that the lever sits on. Over time pulling in and out of gear the flat spots started to round over at the outer ends and the hole in the lever did the same. Don't care how tight you tried to get everything when there is play between the shaft and lever you can not hold it. Also started causing issues getting fully into mostly low gear since that is the one used most of the time. It slowly became like the snow balled headed down hill and things just got worst and worst. As things worked loose the bolt would back off too and that is whe
  12. Actually if it is doing what mine did the bolt on the Hi-Low shifter works out to the point where it starts binding up the linkage for the speed transmission. Been a lot of years since I put this kit in mine but that's what I recall. It had me going for a bit last night also. Think the speed lever hits the bolt head as it heads towards first.
  13. Put a Hy-Capacity kit (830440) in it for that hi-low shifter and that will take care of your problem.
  14. HyTran for the hydro's and Cenex for the gear drives.
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