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  1. Have you taken a failed pump apart to see what is going on? Might give you some ideas on what direction to go. Several things can cause pump failures. Getting air into the system, dirty oil, starving for oil, pump running at high pressure all the time to name a few things.
  2. You can get pressure gauges off EBay for around $10.00.
  3. Attended the funeral today of the first man I worked for starting my senior year of high school back in 1973. He owned the IHC dealership in Nezperce, Idaho. It was a ag and medium duty truck dealership. A interesting story was told. "Over the years, Mick developed some strong friendships, both personal and professional. One of his friends was also his closet competitor Garrett Likkel. Garrett managed Bell Motors, the local John Deere dealership located literally across the street. Their business "competition" was on unusually friendly terms. At one point, they even considered combining the two dealerships. One can imagine that the John Deere and International Harverster Corporations were not terribly excited about this, so they dropped the idea. In the end, they shared an equipment delivery truck. The two dealerships are diagonal across a city block from each other. Still are to this day. The trucks at the time were Loadstars 1700 or 1800's with roll back decks. Over the years there was more than one truck as I recall. Both men were true gentlemen. Both would take parts off a new machine on the lot if needed to see that harvest would continue for their customers. It certainly was a different world back then. The service department building still stands, the parts department building was replaced many years ago. RIP Mick
  4. Have had that happen on the 3388 years ago when Dad was operating it. As I recall there was an updated shaft that you could put in. In our case just removed the 3 point to cover and pushed the shaft back into the hi-low shift fork and put a new clip on the shaft. Never any more issues. That was probably close to 20 years ago maybe a little longer. You maybe able to see the shaft sticking back in the diff compart if you pull the top link cover. You will need that cover off to push the shaft back forward if indeed that is what has happened. Hopefully the shaft did not come all the way out if you were over 20 acres. I would guess it did not.
  5. Soon as spring work is done I will dig into it and fix it correctly. The way it keeps raining and snowing around here it may be done before it ever gets started.
  6. Buy a $10.00 pressure gauge and see what you have for pressures and report back. What size pump are you putting on in GPM?
  7. I may. We have very steep hills so if I have issues I will have to fix. If I do not run into issues than I may or may not.
  8. So dug into the tractor to see what was going on with the aux hydraulics. Found a spring off for the draft function on the 3 point. Hard to say how long it had been that way as I do not have any 3 point equipment. Spent a good three hours getting that connected back up reaching in through the 3 point top link cover. Could not see any unusually leakage in there, was mainly checking the signal line and the left front corner where the teflon ring is located. Ran out of day light so this morning I plumbed in to the top port on the pump cover to check standby pressure which was running around 300 pounds at an idle. Dead headed a remote and pressure went up to 2000 psi. Since that all seemed to be working I went up to the equipment lot to bring the vibra-shank down to work on. I had left the pressure gauge installed and it was a side hill that the vibra-shank was parked on, hydraulic filters to the high side. Got out of the cab and glanced at the gauge and 0 psi. WTH? I turned the tractor around 180 and looked at the gauge 300 psi. Turned around one more time 0 psi. So back to the shop and over filled the transmission about 5 gallons. Took care of the issue. So looks like the suction tube oring is leaking. Last time I was in one of those rear ends was back in the early 80's and usually would have the tub stripped. So the question is, if I pull the top can I reach that tube without pulling the ring gear? I guess why I had not tumbled onto what was going on earlier, the steering and brakes never went away. Both pumps are still piston pumps in this girl.
  9. If no one is making that pad I think you could roll the edge on some foam and it would look nice. If you have never rolled the edge it is pretty easy to do. What you would do it cut the foam back about one inch from the vinyl edge. Spray the adhesive on the foam and pull the vinyl over and hold for a bit. Makes a nice finished edge doing that. If the sheet metal wrap would come off that dash I would put dynmate on the bottom side. I did that on the heater panels on the Steiger. Out of sight and it sure can not hurt anything. Couple of pictures showing a rolled edge.
  10. While I did not use the dynamat named product this was similar and I think two different brands. The cab was totally stripped and was a bare box when I went back together. The cab floor I used spray on bed liner after chipping out most of the rust with a needler.
  11. The dynamat does help some. Every little bit counts. I redid a 5000 swather cab and it helped some but still a very loud cab. Still wear noise canceling headphones. The Steiger is pleasant to run. With it I do not notice as much roof vibration now with the dynamat on it. When I first got that tractor there was little material left on the roof so replacing with new material probably was a large help too. Seal as many holes as you can as that is also a source for noise to get into the cab.
  12. Anyone do the conversion and how did it work out. I have not really done any checking yet but it appears I have lost aux hyd on 3388. Had issue a couple of years ago and the spool that moves the swash plate for the pump had broken. Replaced with a used pump. Do not recall any issues with the hyd system last fall but can not get it to work this spring. Been once or twice I have heard the growl noise that pump makes and for a few seconds I did have hyd function. Price wise if it proves to be a pump issue again it is about the same if not a little more to convert. However future pumps if needed would be much nicer priced. I have no equipment that needs a PFC type system and do not anticipate any thing in the future.
  13. I think setting 20 will give you 80 pounds to the acre if I am reading the chart correctly.+++
  14. Do you have blower motor functions? Cab relay also supplies that. Depending on the tractor model and I do not recall on a 1086 but some of the aux lights also were run through the cab relay, they were on the 2+2.
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