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  1. Two other places to look for the line set ticket. Sometimes pasted to the sun visor or back side of the glove box lid.
  2. IHC_1470

    Loadstar 1700

    Worked at an IH dealership in the 70's and 80's. On that transmission the fix that they came up with was a 45 degree street ell to raise the oil level. Run 10W-40 oil and there was an additive that you added. I have no idea what the additive was after all these years. We always wondered why they did not use Hy-Tran but I am not sure how well the truck division got along with ag.
  3. Years ago was dealing on a truck several states away. Had the gentleman send me lots of pictures which did look good. I asked him about rust and some other questions like would there be issues getting across a scale on way home. Answers were no rust no issues. So took Greyhound out for final inspection and purchase. When I got there the bottoms of the doors were rusted out. Front air cans were back off and several other issues which I do not recall. After crawling around under it for 15 minutes or so I came out and told him I think I will pass. He had the most surprised look as I believe he felt with the distance I had traveled I had no choice but to take it. He came down a little in price but told him no was not interested any more. Was not sure what else he wasn't telling me about the truck. Still think it was some of the best money I did not spend. Sold a Dodge minivan once to a young family. About a week later the guy called me up wondering if I knew the engine had issues. V6 and one of the head gaskets had gone out. Told him no and the engine had been O/H about 40 k ago. He was a mechanic so told him I would buy the parts if he did the labor. Turned out the shop that did the O/H had reused the head bolts and Dodge called for replacement when ever heads were off. I sold it in good faith and it was one of those $hit happens things but I treated him like I would have like to have been treated if it had happened to me. But it does get old real quick some of the things a lot of buyers try to pull now days.
  4. IHC_1470

    Data center

    Mine on the 3388 would read 0000 but if I recall the hour meter still worked. Ended up being a broke wire at the connector for the RPM transducer. It would some times work but mostly not. Repaired that and everything went back to working like it should.
  5. I have used lacquer thinner with reasonably good results. Seems to cut most of the crud. Follow up with the spray can if needed.
  6. I have gone both ways and a lot of it depends on the time factor. I prefer to do it myself as I know what there is when I get done. However there will be no warranty. As far as saving money probably not much if any. Unless they have changed their policy CIH offers a 2 year warranty but I also believe they have to install the engine. At the hours your talking I think I would be looking at the cam and lifters. Not saying you could not get by with an in frame but at least check then and if needed pull the engine if needed. Both routes have the good and bad points.
  7. For rattle can about the best I have found is Van Sickle. The gloss case IH red 455 70 is a very close match to IH out of the late 70's. Comes in rattle can, quarts, and gallon size. You can get hardener for it too.
  8. If you want to get it totally correct there are a few more things to change. Oil pan comes to mind but that is off to do the back cover so not a big issue. Believe the oil pump pick-up tube is different check the parts book. The injection pump on the combine is electric shut off verse the manual shut off on the tractor so either plan on running the needed parts for electric shut off or swap the injection pumps. The combine engine has some extra water and oil senders that need removed. The dip stick tubes are different between the two applications. Not a bad swap to do just sit both engines side by side and transfer parts. Good time to look at crank bearings when you have the pan off. I probably have missed a couple small items but you will see them if you get into the swap.
  9. IHC_1470


    All States in Salem SD might be a source.
  10. Yet what has Steve to loose by doing the injectors and trying it for awhile? If he was to O/H the engine I would assume the injectors would have been gone through at that time anyway correct. So he is not out any money other than some gaskets and his time to install. A few hours of operation should give him a direction to go from here.
  11. The solenoid to the right is for the throttle kicker. It was a vacuum plunger that held the throttle open at around 1800 rpm under decel conditions to help prevent backfiring. Doubt that would be the issue. If I recall correctly you can just unplug the electronic governor system, at least for testing. It is very possible that it is shutting down the carb.
  12. If you do end up putting the combine engine in, while you were swapping the oil pan I sure would be rolling new bearings in unless you know the history of the combine engine. Replace the rod bolts too. The back cover is different so time for a rear oil seal also. I have done that swap and it is not bad to do where you will have both engines. There is quite a few items that need swapped like Matt Kirsch said. Seems like oil pan and oil pump pick up tube, dip stick tube, rear cover were the main things. Not sure on the front cover as mine went into a 3388 so no side rails for mounting but you may need to swap the front cover for your tractor. I did swap injection pump over as I wanted tractor settings and did not want to run the wiring for the electric shut off. I agree with the others it does sound like a lot of your issues are more fuel related.
  13. Probably the biggest issue is if the spinning tire suddenly grabs. The shock load is what is hard on the side gears. Once watched one of my bus drivers spinning on ice and suddenly the wheels grabbed. About three days later I was looking for a pot to drop in as the side gears gave up the ghost.
  14. Good luck with your decision. I am working on one of those project myself at the moment. Dual auger header for a 5000 swather. Needs way more work than what I had anticipated, but at least I have a couple of parts headers that I got for cheep to help me out. Parts are what I expected just was not anticipating the amount of labor I am going to have in it. But at least it gives me something to do besides feeding cows and moving snow.
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