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  1. I think one of the best kept secrets about long boot life is to have two pair and alternate wearing them. I get way more than twice the life out of them doing that. Presently wearing Whites. It brings tears to your eyes when you pay well over $1000.00 for shoes though.
  2. Thanks for the pictures. I have new cylinders coming and new soft hoses. Was gone today so did not get a chance to work on the truck. Did get the nut loose on the brake line with a little heat this morning before taking off for town. Still soaking the adjuster. May have to pull it off the backing plate and get some heat on it to get it to break free. Have supposedly located a place in Portland, Or that can reline the shoes if needed. No issues with the drums that I could see. Trucks only have low 60K miles on them, getting run just a little over 1000 a year during harvest. Do not have much in the way of grades from fields to town so brakes do not get used real hard. This is from sitting around 11 months out of the year and not flushing the brake fluid.
  3. I think I have it figured out but never hurts to have the OEM numbers. Rear cylinders are 1 5/8 bore. Lineing looks good needs new cylinders and top adjuster is froze up. Got all the brake lines to turn out with exception of one but was able to get the line out so if it does not loosen up with panther pixx a little heat should do the trick. Left side only is apart at this time.
  4. Working on trucks getting ready for harvest in couple of months. Wondering is someone has a parts book and could look up some numbers for me. Believe the brake code for the front is 04120 and rear is 04208. May need some front shoes as the ones on truck are soaked with brake fluid. They are 14x2.5 and have the FF5411 stamped in shoe. Parts store was not able to come up with anything. So other route might be to get them relined or try to clean them up. Any suggestions on a rebuilder or how best to clean. Lots of lining left so that is not the issue. I have new front cylinders coming. Have not got into the back yet anyone know if they used 1.5 or 1.625 bore cylinders on the rear. I believe the rear brakes are 15x5.
  5. Bigger compressor would just speed up recovery time. The tanks are the reserve. Of course bigger tanks and small compressor will mean longer recover time. Sort of a balancing act. A lot will also depend on size of cans on axle, type 30 is pretty common if I recall correctly. If pulling a trailer you might need bigger tanks for that.
  6. If you can buy the end piece then yes I would consider doing that but price out a new cylinder and figure your time. It might be better just to buy a new one.
  7. Have a Gehl 1475 baler, 2 IH 1470 combines, and IH 5000 swather. Have very little issues with chains and nothing gets any lube. The only chain that I have much wear issues with is the rock trap on the 1470. That one I replace every couple of years. Did try lubing at one time and it just made a mess. To each their own, if lubing works go for it.
  8. Honestly I do not use any lube as it seems to attract more dirt when you do. Most farm equipment is not that high speed. Motorcycle is a different story.
  9. I have clean several different gas tanks by using electrolysis. Easy to do as the tank will hold the solution. Washing soda, battery and a metal rod is about all you need. I have done anything from Model T tanks to tanks out of F250's. And if you are rusted through or very close probably will find that too! It will get every spot in the tank if you fill it all the way up. May take a couple of days depending on how much you are dealing with. Will not hurt the outside finish like hot tanking will do. Look on the net to see how it is done.
  10. Plowing in furrow or on land? Plow on land here and just move the tractor where it is needed. Until it gets so greasy in the fall and then you pretty much are at the mercy of the plow gods.😁
  11. I have op manual for 453 if your interested.
  12. Put some gauges on and see what your pressures are and report back.
  13. Get someone in the cab to watch and take a pen or a few grains of seed and drop on the pads and see what you get for a responce.
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