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  1. J-Mech I would have to agree with you. I think before I got so far as pulling the crank to cut a key way I would try some JB weld or something similar. What have you got to lose when you think about it. You can always go the new key way route if needed. Anyway just a thought.
  2. Messicks parts book does not show a wear ring and I do not recall they ever used one on the gas engine. Probably a slide hammer and screw will get the old one out. Might have to machine a plate to tap the new seal into place. I do not recall every having a seal pusher for those engines. They do use a rubber seal tube to seal the parting line if you have the rear main cap off. Heavy welding rod makes a pretty good pusher to put them back into place. Be sure to oil them up real good before pushing them into place. You can push the seal in a little deeper to get a new wear surface on the crank flange. Not a bad job if it is all ready split.
  3. Just finished about 4 days ago hauling in around 625. Bring home 26 at a time. 4900 truck with 24 foot bed and low boy trailer behind that. About a week to be into grain harvest.
  4. Indy Would you explain to me then how evolution does work. I must have missed the important details when they were teaching them to me back in school. I especially would like to know how DID it really start, and how the big bang theory ties into all of if. Or if there is a better theory than that how it ties into the evolution process. Dennis
  5. Indy could you explain something for me. Will you chose to die for your "pesky scientific explanations" as you call them? Can you tell me why people still chose to die for the creator of all we see rather than denouncing Him? Help me to understand that please. Dennis
  6. Indy You are certainly entitled to your thoughts. Thank you for expressing them here.
  7. Thank you. That's the reason it is above my pay grade, I would not always be a fair judge. Trust me there are many times I would love to have my pound of flesh too.
  8. Well this is certainly far above my pay grade but maybe this would help. Isaiah 55:8-9.
  9. Rick I am not saying your wrong either just another point of view. Dennis
  10. Rick I have a little different take on this. Probably should not say anything but will. I think you can probably find God's will summed up in John 3:16-17. What most of us forget is He also gave us free will and choice. And if His word is true than that little 3 letter word "sin" has a very big part to play in all this.Mark 7:21 pretty well explains it as does many other passages. Could He stop all this? Certainly! But then where would our free will be? Just my thoughts. Dennis
  11. Pete I asked Atilathenhun99 to point out to me where the COTUS made that statement (separation of Church and State) as he said it was very clear. He acted like he was speaking with authority and knew what he was talking about. Maybe not as clear as was indicated?
  12. Could you point out to me where in the COTUS it says separation of Church and State.
  13. If your interested and I am pretty sure your not, either read the book or watch the movie The Case for Christ by Mr. Strobel. He was challenged to prove what your claiming. He came to an interesting conclusion; just saying.
  14. Where did he start from? Do you know his story? Tell us what you know about Lee Strobel.
  15. Lee Strobel would disagree with you. Every read his story?
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