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  1. Was looking up some green Steiger numbers about a week ago, last night it would not even accept an older Steiger model number so was unable to look up anything. They have not had much support for the older Steigers for quite awhile but maybe they are planning on totally washing their hands.
  2. Usually one can move a seal .030 or so from original position and find a new surface to seal against.
  3. Lots of great discussion on the 2+2. I have two a 33 and a 37. Both have served me well over the years. The 33 has 12000 plus a few hours and I know that is correct. The 37 have no idea as the hour meter had been replaced somewhere in it's past and the hours were not recorded. If you treat a 2+2 like a 2 wheel drive of the same rating they seem to live, a mini Steiger not so much. They are a well balance tractor and seem to float through most anything. Never been stuck to the point I was pulled out. Pull the pin and they have always come out on there own. The 37 is dueled up in al
  4. I guess it could be called a screen if you wish.
  5. All I did was remove the high pressure filter that they had screwed into the valve body and in it's place installed this external filter. Would I have done it if I did not have the filter assembly all ready? Probably not. The price of the two filters from IH is about the same, in the aftermarket world not sure you can even get the one that goes in the valve bank and the other is about $10.00 cheaper than the IH filter. Since the 1470 all ready has one of the external filters from the factory it also lets me only stock one filter instead of two different ones. As for the question why a hi
  6. What I did on mine several years ago was to add an in line filter back at the hyd pump and remove the filter from the valve bank. Much easier to get to over trying to get into the valve bank. 573200R91 is the part number for the assembly. It was used on the leveling system for 403, 453, 1470, and 1670 machines. It is a high pressure filter. I have also noticed a parker filter assembly on a machine or two when out and about. If using this type of filter they need to be soaked in oil for 30 minutes or so. If started up dry they will collapse when the pressure hit the element. The element number
  7. Several years ago I pulled the engine off a 1470 combine and put into a 3388 tractor. You go through the same sort of work doing that swap also. Not as many things to swap as a truck to ag application but still rear cover, fly wheel, oil pan and oil pump pick-up tube, fuel pump etc. Matt is right put the correct fuel pump on for the application, you will be fine. When you have the pan off you might think about rolling some bearings onto the crank.
  8. I always thought there was enough room beside the temp and fuel gauge to add oil and volt meter. Just need to cut the holes.
  9. Not to steal the thread, have a question on the 1470. Just started this season part of the time that alarm is loud and some of the times weak and some times it will not work at all. Have not had a chance to look at it yet and am done with the machine until next year. I assume the alarm itself is going bad or would the diode module be at fault. As of yet I have not done any testing. All the lights do work on start up. Sometimes the park brake when applied it will warn you some times not. Engine over load same way. Sometimes before starting up it will make noise and sometimes not due to oil and
  10. Should be lots of used ones out there.
  11. One easy way to get rid of an air lock. Shut off one water valve at the engine, leave other open and hose connected. Pull the hose off the shut valve. Connect a pressure tester to the radiator and pump up a little pressure. It will force the water through the heater system as long as it is not blocked. Reconnect hose to valve once you have water flow. Open valve back up and top off water in radiator.
  12. IHC_1470

    1680 Milo

    This company has some information on those modifications. https://www.harvestservices.ca/service-bulletins/
  13. GSS-1416B is where I copied those pages from. Think I got mine off EBay a few years back. There are 3 on EBay right now.
  14. IHC_1470

    1680 Milo

    One thing I have done on my machine on both the top and bottom sieves is to add an air block to the back end of them. Basically belting that is about 6 inches wide. The bottom sieve you want to get the bottom of the flap up on the pan that is under the sieve so that you can still see the return auger. That flap needs to be long enough so that when the sieve is at the back end of the stroke that the flap still is on the pan by an inch or so. I have had no issues with the belting rubbing through that pan. Chaffer drops down just inside the door that opens to access the sieves. That will stop mos
  15. Not sure what your calling the hub but will take a chance and go with the axle shaft bearing preload. Let me know if it is something different your after. I have the service manual on it.
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