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  1. I won't like to install a gooseneck hitch/ball on a 2 ton truck with a flatbed dump. How can this be done and work properly? Thx-Ace
  2. Pack your wheel bearings, put good tires on it, binder up the tounge and go! I strongly recommend a 3/4 ton or larger tow vehicle. I hauled an 83ft long grain auger from now Kansas a few months ago. Thx-Ace
  3. Do you need the auger assembly under the bin floor or what? The auger under the floor can usually be repaired if the trough is not too rusty. If all you need is the auger to fit in the 6 in tube I might be able to help. The 8 inch auger in my 30 foot bin is worn out and I need to replace it. It's literally worn so small it might work in a 6 inch tube! Rice is hard on augers! Thx-Ace
  4. acem

    466 Engine Weight

    Would a final drive off a small combine work for the gearbox? Thx-Ace
  5. A week ago our low was -8. Today the high was 78F. This is crazy but at least the snow finished melting today. I still have a little ice on the ponds though. Thx-Ace
  6. I have several bluegrass tools, even a 3/4 braker bar. Dad's friend was a blue salesman. Thx-Ace
  7. As many have said, you need to decide your intentions for the handgun. Obviously handguns are primarily purchased for self defense. The primarily consideration is concealed or not. Concealed means you carry it without it showing and preferably not printing through your clothing. I don't know where you live but clothing varies significantly. Consider winter in Duluth Minnesota vs summer at Miami Beach, very different clothing! You need to handle various types to decide what fits you. I can't properly grasp a pistol with a very large grip such as the double stack FN five seven. A friend w
  8. The snow is leaving fast but we've had some on the ground for the week now. Thats very unusual round here. Thx-Ace
  9. When I drive by the local high school the size of the young girls has grown significantly since I was in high school. They even have fat cheerleaders! Maybe you do have a young girlish figure.Thx-Ace
  10. You just gotta be meaner than a snake! They didn't plow our highways round here for days. I was a little confused because the local state hwy department has three plows they can put on trucks and usually keep the deeper snow off the highways. It turns out our foot of snow was deemed unimportant so they sent our trucks to the cities for three days before they plowed ours... They can plow our highways in half a day with those trucks but we don't matter...
  11. I'm having difficulty shifting the TA on my 886 from direct to TA. It's really hard to move. It moves easily from TA to direct. It's in the TA lever bracket because it is the same when I disconnect the cable... Any ideas? Thx-Ace
  12. acem

    IH 1468 IH 1568

    Will parts off an engine from a truck work? A friend has a couple of those engines that came out of trucks set back. Thx-Ace
  13. The challenger in the barn is a 73 if I remember correctly. A 318 auto base model. No engine or transmission installed but I bought a 71 440 auto for it. A good buildable rust free car. A foot of snow is rare for here. It's probably been 35 years since I've had that much snow. The two feet that central to Southern Arkansas got is probably a record. Below are a few pics. Feeding cattle with my 886, the crop fields in the bottoms (I couldn't see where theroad was) and hauling a propane tank from an irrigation well back home. Sorry for the crappy pics but my lense is scratched on my p
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