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  1. acem

    The Painted Rock

    Nice looking spread you have there. Thx-Ace
  2. Check the amps your alternator is putting out after it has ran for a while (the battery is changed back from starting. With no accessories operating the amps should be small. I suspect you have a short somewhere. You can also check for amp draw from the battery with the engine off. Test it with the key on and off. Thx-Ace
  3. I'm surprised they ran that add. Thx-Ace
  4. I was a process engineer and assistant superintendent at a paper mill years ago. Our company made toilet paper. I didn't work with tp but I was in the loop. We made both commercial and consumer. Trust me, we would shift production around as needed! Thx-Ace
  5. acem

    Corona virus

    A little humor to lighten our mood. FLORIDA MAN sets up checkpoints on interstates screening people for corona then allows two cruise ships infested with corona ashore! The truth is stranger than fiction! Thx-Ace
  6. I think a dt414 would be ideal. That would match the hydro 1066 so at stock settings I shouldn't tear anything up and I think it might be more fuel efficient. The hydro 186 has the bigger radiator already so that should not be an issue. I'm not replacing the engine yet. I'm just considering my options. But if the right engine comes along at the right time I want to be ready. He has a nice, late d466 but I think the a dt414 would be better. I plan to keep my old engine anyway, for spare parts. Thx-Ace
  7. Many options are available. Check this link out. I think it's on page 318 to 320. Thx-Ace https://www.uaex.edu/publications/mp-144.aspx
  8. I think all these mowers were made by lely in europe. I also think Vermeer bough the line of mowers and makes them now. Thx-Ace
  9. Mike, i'm disappointing. I was expecting you to be under investigation for firearms smuggling or something exciting! How can you write up your activity on paper when there is no toilet paper? Sounds wasteful to me! Thx-Ace
  10. The best cure I have found for termites is fire but you probably don't want to burn your house down! They are very troublesome in the south. Get down to the gulf coast and they are brutal. Thx-Ace
  11. It is used mostly for pto work, it's great on the hay baler. I often plant, spray and pull the grain cart with it. Rarely it does light tillage, I have bigger tractors. My friend has dumas tractor salvage and is covered up in 400 engines of various types. They don't sell down here anymore. I can buy a complete good engine cheaper than I can have the injectors and pump rebuilt. Of course that is my price as a friend. He has a low houred d466 in a 1822 that looks nice but so do the late dti466 in the 1680s! Inline pump and intercooler. However the 1486 is already here. My gut says the dt414 would be the best match and give good fuel economy. Thx-Ace
  12. The engine in my hydro 186 Is getting tired. It has alot of blowby and other misc issues. It still runs great though. I've been thinking and plan to put a used engine in it. There are many options out there at reasonable prices now. I have a 1486 with a good engine I'm parting out. I know where a low hour ed d466 (no turbo) is. I have a dt466 from a 1480. Dtc466 are common and inexpensive from 1680 combines. I allways thought a dt414 would be perfect. I Expect the turbo engines would need to be de tuned a bit. What do yall think? Thx-Ace
  13. What was the first date and use of the dt466 in ag, construction and transportation? I assume the 4366 was the first ag use. Thx-Ace
  14. There are a lot of them around here and are well liked. The early models had a one piece shaft the length of the cutter. If it failed, twisred, they are a pain to replace. The newer model has short shafts that are easier to replace when they fail. I am considering one myself but funds are very limited at this time. Thx-Ace
  15. They could have painted the combines white too! Thx-Ace
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