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  1. acem

    4366 clutch noise? throw out bearing?

    I used a transmission from a 4386. it appears identical to the one I took out except for the chunk missing in my old one. The input shaft looks great. The transmission looks great and feels good when I put it through the gears (not on engine). I am using the stock clutch. The clutch plates checked out fine. I forgot to check the throw out bearing. The pilot bearing was a little stiff. I had the inspection cover off the bell housing when I was testing it out. When I operated the clutch you could watch the transmission shaft stop (actually the trans brake, I installed a new trans brake). The transmission was in gear and you could watch the output yoke stop (the output driveshaft was not installed for testing). When I rev the engine the noise changes with engine speed. The noise continues when I engage the clutch and the transmission is stopped. I am so glad I didn't put the cab back on yet. You can see everything easily with the cab off so it is easy to check. Thx-Ace
  2. So I'm still working on the 4366. Replacing the transmission and updating the hyd system so the hydraulic fluid circulates through the transmission (instead of being separate). I have the transmission attached to the engine and all the hydraulics hooked up but the cab off (the lines going to the steering hand pump was bypassed so it would circulate properly). I started the engine to check everything out and was coated with engine oil. I forgot to plug the oil guage fitting... After caping the fitting I started the engine again. After it ran a bit it started to make a growling noise. I tried the various gears and it didn't change. It also didn't change when I disengaged the clutch (had to use a wrench with the cab off). I am guessing it is the throw out bearing? I didn't replace the clutch and pressure plate since they all miced out good. I forgot to check the throw out bearing. Thx-Ace
  3. acem

    jd? 6600 combine engine into 4040

    IDK about 4040S. The hood has 4040 on it and the tractor looked american to me but I wasn't studying it (and I am no JD expert). I did look up the 329 engine online. I remember the tractor having an engine that looked similar. Thx-Ace
  4. acem

    Forty Christian killed in Nigeria

    So I learned something. I looked up snowflake and sjw. Social Justice Warrior, interesting. You know I don't watch the news much anymore or even socialize other than a few internet forums and some friends. I kinda like just letting all this crap pass me by. My brother is all over Facebook and all that crap. He is a liberal democrat and probably a SJW. So Tanker, are you a broflake? Thx-Ace
  5. acem

    jd? 6600 combine engine into 4040

    Well I have not been by to see the tractor since it is torn down but have seen and driven the tractor before. He says it has a German engine in it. Would it be a German built tractor or an American built tractor with a German engine? I don't remember the tractor having the front headlights like I normally see on European tractors (I would remember that). The bought the tractor 25? years ago. The engine in the combine apparently is a 404. If the combine has the 404 and the tractor has the 329 could they still swapped? This is getting deep for me on JDs. Thx-Ace
  6. A friend's jd 4040 has an engine with a bad crankshaft. We were wondering if the engine in his old 6600 combine would fit? I know how to change out ih engines between combines and tractors but am unfamiliar with the differences in the jd engines. Thx-Ace
  7. acem

    Forty Christian killed in Nigeria

    It appears to me he planned it that way. He is playing the media to get his manifesto out there in the conversations around the world. I understand the history of the balkins but don't think it was going anywhere that time. Who are the SJW you refrence? Thx-Ace
  8. acem

    Forty Christian killed in Nigeria

    Let me change my statement. The news media does not care how many Africans are killed. During the 90s there was war and genocide/religious cleansing all over Africa with minimal to no news coverage. Messy African violence is boring and doesn't get ratings. In the former Yugoslavia there was civil war. There were many less people involved but the Serbs were killing and kicking out Muslims. The news media ate it up and has been fascinated with Christians killing Muslims ever since. Blond Christians killing dark headed Muslims must be more entertaining. Rome had the gladiators in the colosseum. We have TVs. Violence entertains and passivates the masses. Thx-Ace
  9. acem

    Forty Christian killed in Nigeria

    Killing African Christians is only news if a policeman shoots them in the US. Thx-Ace
  10. acem

    Forrest city do all

    You can pull the cultivator shanks off with a few bolts. I took mine off for different reasons years ago. You can plug the chopper with mud if it is too wet. Fair warning. It can turn into a solid mass. Thx-Ace
  11. acem

    New Zealand

    No one cares how many africans are killed so long as they were not killed by a US policeman. New Zealand is an English speaking first world country so they matter. The news media does not cover news that will not get them ratings. That is how they pay the bills. The NewYork times has a print circulation of almost 600,000. The National Enquire has a print circulation of over 1 million. If you learn his name he won. If you read his manifesto he has won. If you ignore him, let law enforcement handle him and help others he has lost Thx-Ace Speak softly but carry a big stick.
  12. acem

    Has anyone started spring work yet?

    I have a friend who still has beans to cut. Thx-Ace
  13. acem

    Do you Gnuse?

    I don't shovel, blow, push or plow snow. I just wait until it melts . It usually melts in a day or so here. Thx-Ace
  14. acem

    86 series arm rest replacement

    I still have some but not all. I need to know how to remove them, I expect installing them is the reverse. Thx-Ace
  15. acem

    1980s S1600 propane engine- gasoline convesrion?

    Delta gave you some great advice. Let me add some more. Before you try to start it take the spark plugs out and squirt some oil in the cylinders. Then spin the engine using the starter for a min or so (be sure to leave the plugs out). Then put the plugs back in to try and start it. This will help your compression at startup. You can start and run the engine on propane vapor instead of liquid if it is warm outside (above freezing). Dad was having trouble with people stealing propane from the tanks for our irrigation engine so he removed the liquid valve and ran the engine on vapor. It works fine for me 30+ years later. I don't know how it would work in a northern winter though. Thx-Ace