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  1. I have a farmall 504 lpg narrow front with 3pt and TA delete. It's an odd duck but I like it. I would like it better if I put electronic ignition on it. It is not a powerhouse by any means but does light chores easily. Thx-Ace
  2. They cater to the mini ranch/rural lifestyle crowd. They are ok but I do buy much there unless I need roller chain on sunday! Thx-Ace
  3. I can get you a set of fender u bolts from a 656 but it will be cheaper to have a set made by the time you pay shipping and all. You could also use plain bolts with a strap on bottom. Thx-Ace
  4. If it has sat outside for 15 years without lubrication and unused for some time it may be stuck bad. My 1486 4 post shifter was bad when I bought the tractor. I had to unhook the rods and shift it by hand to get it home. I just replaced the entire assembly. It was alot easier than fixing it. Thx-Ace
  5. acem

    Swiss made Cheese

    Very interesting watch. My wife sometimes makes cheese. Thx-Ace
  6. Nice job! Long, I like your idea too. Thx-Ace
  7. All mechanical devices are made by man and subject to failure. I know many people who shoot savage rifles without any problems. However when I think high reliability rifles,. I think 98 Mauser. I assume you're carrying a pistol for backup? Thx-Ace
  8. acem


    How do you like the scout rifle? I have wanted one for years. Thx-Ace
  9. acem


    I use 7.62x39 in a arsenal series 107fr with a 2-7 scope. Drops them every time at moderate range. I don't have a pic of mine and I'm on the john so here's a pic I found on my net. Thx-Ace
  10. We had the usual Thanksgiving fare and it was great. Afterwards we gathered around a fire outside and had tequila shots! I have good in-laws. Thx-Ace
  11. I haven't had deep fried turkey in years. However we still make lard every time butcher a hog. Thx-Ace
  12. Looks like an old oilfield service truck to me. Pretty common without the rust in Texas. My guess is it came from the shale play in Pennsylvania. I can get you something similar without rust. Thx-Ace
  13. I'm glad marlin will live on. Ruger will make it work but I'm sure changes will come. Thx-Ace
  14. Happy Thanksgiving! Remember the reason for the holiday. Even with all the crazy going on we still have things to be thankful for. Thx-Ace
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