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  1. It could probably be resealed.
  2. I have never purchased anything from Travelette but he has helped me many time over the years. If I needed a part and he offered to sell it to me I would not hesitate to do business with him. Thx-Ace
  3. Oily chain mess can be a fire hazard. That's an important consideration for balers and combines.
  4. It's a difficult problem. The roller/pin is what needs lubricated. If you don't lube the chain, it can get hot and the lube inside the chain rollers runs out. Then the chain gets even hotter. If you lube the chain it gets dirty, which accelerates wear. O Ring chain has lubricant sealed inside the chain and doesn't need lube. However the o rings don't last that long for me. Then it's just another chain... I've read in an IH operators manual (don't remember which) that said whether to lube your chains or not was up to the farmer and didn't effect the warranty. A neighbor used to soak his combine chains in oil during the off season and wipe them off with a rag before installing them. It seemed to work well. All that said. I don't tend to lubricate new chains. When they dry up or are stored outside they get lubed with used motor oil. I don't like thick Lubes for chains because I don't think it gets into the pin/roller where it's needed.
  5. Thanks for noticing my typo. I fixed it in the original post now. Guess I need a better proof reader...
  6. I have a few category 3 IH top links (1066/1086 style) that need repaired. I have bent and broken ends. How do you take the ends out of the center section? There is a roll pin in there and I expect them to be really stuck in there after 50 years of rust and grime... Any other general thoughts?
  7. The D282 was a good engine. It was a very good engine when introduced but by the 70s it was dated. The D310 was a Great engine. I don't really understand why they were so good but they lasted a really long time. I expect the D312 and D358 were designed and built during the Apex of German reliability. What-cha say about hearing loss??? My tractors don't need no stinking mufflers!!! Huh? What-cha say?
  8. More on the civil war in Burma. A bbc reporter with rebel troops. https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/cxeevn4pe1jo
  9. I was a kid and not allowed to drive the power shift tractors because I might break them. My neighbors didn't use them for tillage by the time I was old enough to remember. They had to rebuild them before I was around and didn't want to pay that price again. The ones I was around were used for planting and other lighter duty work while the sychro range tractors did the tillage. Our ground is mostly flat so there was no real need to change gears. The sychro shifter got really sloppy after years of cultivating. So did the IH (56-66) but I was able to keep them functioning better. I was cultivating alot back then. We didn't realize until the 80s that you could rebuild the range cover on the IH tractors. Man what a difference that made! Never rebuilt the shifter on a sychro range. Those sychro range transmissions seemed to be tough like the IH TA delete transmissions.
  10. I've spent plenty of time on 706-1066 and JD 2510-4320. The synchro range JD is only superior to the IH (56-66) on the road. The IH shifts easier to me in the field. Nobody round here ever talked bad about the transmission and rear end on the 706-1066. As I've said they considered the early JD power shift fragile. Honestly I don't think I ever drove one, just synchros. The glow plugs on the early 706 could be troublesome. Dad converted his to a crude but reliable system (two wires and a pair of pliers). I upgraded it to a Ford starter solenoid. I never drove the 06 series with the original style shifter much. Ours was upgraded to the 56 style and very good.
  11. You know, I didn't t I ever looked at the tag for the model and serial number. The model numbers were gone from the sides. The seller said it was a 1010. I don't know but it never did an hours work for me but sure cost me alot of time and money.
  12. Ukraine has been trying to damage the bridge to Crimea since the war started with limited success. A Russian ship did it for them. A Russian cargo ship accidentally struck the bridge. Not as serious damage as the key bridge dut still... https://maritime-executive.com/article/russian-cargo-ship-hits-train-bridge-supplying-crimea
  13. Also watering rice. Here's water flowing through a lever gate.
  14. P I'm planting beans with the 826/900 plate planter (3pt). Wife on the 886 with bed conditioner. Not that hard to pull but it's heavy on back!
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