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  1. A good article in road and track about Cummins Indy racing. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.motortrend.com/features/0808dp-cummins-diesel-race-car/amp/
  2. I had some distant cousins and a family friends son who was killed by lightning on tractors. After my previous experiences with lightning I'm very cautious. I'm afraid I'm pushing my luck.
  3. Back when I was between wives I was parked under a big shade tree with a woman in a similar situation to my own. There was a big thunderstorm blowing up but we were so busy with each other we didn't notice. There was blue light everywhere and a terribly loud sound. Limbs and leaves were flying all around the pickup. We may not have noticed the storm but we certainly noticed the lightning strike. It would have scared us out of our clothes but...
  4. Back in 90 I was flying from little rock Arkansas to Michigan. There were bad storms so the flight was delayed until they passed by. My flight was from little rock, stopped in Memphis then to Chicago for a connection to Michigan. After we took off we quickly caught up with the storms. On the flight from little rock to Memphis it's just a hop, up and down, you never really level out. The pilot never turned off the fasten seat belt light. The stewardess never unbuckled. He stated over the intercom that it was about to get rough as we went through the storms. Everybody was to stay buckled up and everything was to remain stowed securely. The plane started to bounce around. There were frequent lightning strikes very close. Then there was blue lightning color all around the plane and terrible loud sounds. The lights/electric went out. You could feel your body pushing up against the seat belt instead of the seat (obviously we were loosing altitude fast). People were screaming, crying and all. After what seemed like an eternity I heard the engines rev up like on takeoff and the lights came back on. The plane stopped pushing me against my seat belt and obviously leveled off. The pilot announced we had received a direct lightning strike. The plane was responding to controls properly but there were some electrical issues and the radar was out. We were heading on to Memphis and would land soon. I always prefer a window seat and was watch as we landed. There were fire trucks lined up along the runway. We approached the terminal, got off the plane and had to find another flight... Any insight into my flight from an experienced pilot/mechanic? @New Englander
  5. At least it's not harvest time!
  6. 30-06, 303 & 7.62x54R are all contemporary cartridges and roughly equivalent. 308/7.62 NATO is ballisticly equivalent but has a shorter cartridge to lighten the weapons they are used in. I would use whatever I had ammo available for. Ammunition, the currency of the new millennium!
  7. Check out those small mirrors! I don't see many trucks anymore that don't have West Coast mirrors.
  8. International offered a loadstar package in the mid 70s called Binder.
  9. Could it be Osage orange? It's native to your area.
  10. I've done alot of damage to hay equipment leaving the duals on doing hay work. My rows are 36" so the duals are pretty wide.
  11. My Ford 9000 didn't know what s smooth ride was. It had a single point off road suspension! Back to the R190. What's the eventual plans for the truck? Toy? Toy hauler? Farm truck? Hauling cross country? I wouldn't be afraid of a gas engine for occasional use. If you're gonna use it much you need a diesel. Thx-Ace
  12. How did you go about lining the door up after replacing the hinges @hagan? I'm having a Devil of a time getting mine right.
  13. Kinda looks like a prickley ash but not quite.
  14. My wife says it looks like a peach leaf but the thorns are wrong
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