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  1. That 'RICE SPECIAL' sticker was used on 915, 815 and 715 combines in the 70s. I expect the tractor spent it's life in rice but I doubt the sticker is factory-installed. IMHO, YMMV. Thx-Ace
  2. What would the charges be? I don't see any laws being broken. Thx-Ace
  3. My second ricefield is unflooded and I think it will be ok as well. I am water seeding my third rice field. It's not going well. Normally rice is water seeded with a crop duster but an airplane is hard to get in my area so I do it with a tractor. In the past I have had good luck with my 1066 dualled up but this year the ground is softer than normal because of the muddy harvest, wet winter and spring, flood, etc. It's just not going well. Here are a couple pics taken shortly before I found a spot the combine walowed out last fall. I had to pull it out with the 4366. There is alot of silt everywhere I guess the farmers in Oklahoma and kansas don't need their soil. My whole farm is dirt from oklahoma and kansas. Thx-Ace
  4. Here is a pic of my neighbors best corn, the rest is gone like in the second pic. his best corn had two feet of water for over a week, I doubt it makes much corn. Before the flood it was layed bye and set for 250 bu. .
  5. I water seeded some rice into the receding floodwater. Hopefully I will finish tomorrow. I'll try to post some pics later. It's crazy how fast the floodwater rose and fell. It all came from Kansas and oklahoma. Delta dirt, we are passing along alot of water. I'm glad to be rid of it but I hope it doesn't cause you any problems. I read it may cause the morganza spillway to be opened. We had over 500,000 cf flow for several days. Flood stage is 70,000 cfs at ozark lock and dam. Best of luck. Thx-Ace
  6. I have friends who are loggers. It is hard on alot of us. Thx-Ace
  7. My first rice field is mostly unflooded. It looks like the rice will be ok after being underwater for a week and a half. The plants are stretched ( by reaching for the top of the water) but should recover. Here are some pics. Thx-Ace
  8. The water has dropped 8 ft in 3 days. Here are some pics. It is a dirty muddy mess.
  9. Happy wife, happy life!
  10. The water is dropping fast. I will check the first rice to be unflooded today. I'll get pics and post them. Thx-Ace
  11. Nice. For transport you could put a 3 pt hookup on the back or wheels on top and flip it over for travel. Thx-Ace
  12. Check what has been sprayed on the field in the past and verify the plant back intervals. Some pasture and hay herbicides can cause problems with row crops. Thx-Ace
  13. We went out again today but there was no wind today and it was hot. My wife sailed for a while then we motored back to theshop. I dropped her off and picked up some friends and motored around instead. we toured the bottoms and surveyed the floodwater while enjoying adult beverages. Then we loaded the sailboat on the trailer and pulled it out with the 4366. I got pics I will post. The water is dropping and I will soon have lots of work to do. Nowthere's not much I can do so instead of worrying I am making plans on what to do and having fun. I realize that if I can't get a rice crop in I will probably have to get a day job. Thx-Ace
  14. Sorry but I don't have any tractors that are not international or farmall... I have a jd 750 drill though. Thx-Ace
  15. Here are some pics of a sandbaging operation at Atkins Arkansas. They are reinforcing the levee. Petit Jean mountain is in the background. Thx-Ace
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