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  1. Thanks for sharing! It blew my mind hearing about a town’s 300th. Out here in Western Canada, most towns aren’t a whole lot older than 100 years.
  2. I swear our old 1486 (sold 20yrs ago) had a cap that was some alloy and said “raincap” or something on it. This thread jogged my memory, so I did some sleuthing. lt must have been this - American made and looks high quality. https://raincap.net
  3. I was worried about sharing a picture of my folding knife… you IH guys are pretty hard on us Case fans, haha! A small Case pocket knife with mother of pearl inlays. I got it as a gift for being a best man at a buddies wedding. I keep the hinges well lubricated, and only with 30wt IH oil!
  4. I would be surprised if it fits well, given how bad the rest of the workmanship is.
  5. Sask466

    4070b paint

    The longer time goes on, the more I love the look of that era of IH COE’s. I like that paint scheme.
  6. I never had heard of them - I checked them out! Thanks!
  7. Doing an air ride frame cut-off also lets you pick your idea rear end ratio, if it’s not already how you like. If you aren’t working the truck real hard, you can often speed them up a bit.
  8. I always got a chuckle when he smoked his “Manitoba” cigarettes. I think it’s fun when American TV show’s give little nods to us Canucks, especially Manitoba! I drove a few Mack’s, so I appreciated the hat too.
  9. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life." Song: “Let’s go crazy” by Prince
  10. Sorry, it was my attempt at humour!
  11. Next thing you are going to tell me that Lamborghini made tractors too!
  12. I think it was later 466c’s built after maybe 1990 or 1991, that had the gear drive pump provision.
  13. The White 2-180 with a non-turbo 3208 is a lug-monster according to the Nebraska data as well. Never ran one, but I would be surprised it had much grunt at 1200rpm. I suppose lots of variables.
  14. I can’t argue with you there really - those numbers don’t lie. They tell a different story than what i seemed to have experienced (never ran a 5488).
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