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  1. That video is about as quintessential “4WD Manitoba” as Burton Cummings eating chicken fingers with honey dill sauce in a Chicken Chef. I hope at least some Manitoba guys get a chuckle from that…
  2. Our area had a lot of potholes and often lots of rain in the spring. 4wd’s weren't heavily ballasted as such. Steigers were quite rare in our area. Lots of Versatiles. (We were 3hrs west from Winnipeg). Steigers always looked so cool to me as a kid of the 80’s.
  3. I should probably clarify “perfect” to “best all around”. It can do everything pretty well, but it’s not the best at any one thing. You can benchrest target shoot with it, all the way to hunt pretty big game. The cartridge seems inherently accurate too. I have had a 22-250, 6mmx284, 25-06, 7mm-08, 30-06, 300 Wby, and it can sort of do all the things those cartridges can.
  4. Versatile were always innovative and well designed. They were sometimes on the light-side of build vs Steiger I think. I think the Model T comparison is well put.
  5. And .308 is the perfect calibre in my opinion. I am going to say it’s maybe the closest-to-perfectly balanced cartridge ever made. I came from overbore magnum cartridges, and then found the 308. The 308 is the “466” of cartridges.
  6. Not totally relevant to your stainless question, but Rugers M77’s are under appreciated rifles. I don’t think you can go wrong.
  7. Belts fail, but belts are cheap. Polaris quads from the 90’s had good power versus competitors. Good top end speed too. They rode good too. But they were taller and bit less stable/tippy. People rag on them more than is warranted I think. Hondas are bullet proof from that era, but slower and rougher and old tech. Polaris quads were way ahead of the curve in ride and power back then. Everything has its pros and cons. I would take a well maintained Polaris over a beat up Honda from that era. If it’s cheap and in decent shape, I say go for it. (for the the record nothing beats a Honda for reliability from that era)
  8. They are active out in Western Canada too.
  9. Not trying to start a JD-bashing session here… But are JD kits for older stuff holding up in terms of quality? Just curious as I don’t walk in those circles.
  10. Engine kits should almost have its own thread/sticky. I find old threads hard to find/search for. Also, things seem to change fast with suppliers in terms of brands/issues.
  11. I wonder if these folks could help you out? They rebuild displays for old tractors and air seeders. I think they also made displays/controls for shortline equipment manufacturers in western Canada. They may be able to find or adapt a sensor for you. (And their shop is in Regina) https://farmtronics.com
  12. Are PTO clutches for the 966 up to the task of more power on the PTO? I don’t know if there is a difference in the PTO system vs a 1466?
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