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  1. Cool old Kenny

    For sure 600hp was, and still is, certainly impressive. I am just suprized at how high the torque curve is for that engine. That’s higher rpm peak torque than an 855, I think they were around 1400 rpm on an ntc400. I suppose the torque on the 600 KTA may have been 1500ft-lbs at 1000rpm. The curve may have been dead-flat, which isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes the torque-rise can be misleading. My theory is that this was done intentionally on that KTA’s to preserve the driveline. Again, I think the toughest transmissions of the day were 1400ft-lbs
  2. Cool old Kenny

    The peak torque and torque rise for the KTA is surprisingly unimpressive. Peak 1600ft-lbs at 1600rpm and 10% torque rise is nothing to write home about. But, it certainly was a different time, and 600hp would have been a monster at a time when 350 or 400hp was the normal upper level. I wonder if Cummins set the fuel curve on that engine to preserve the clutch and transmissions of the day? I would think that engine could have had more on the bottom end had they wanted it too. The old Mack engines had 35% torque rise, so it’s not like large torque rise wasn’t “discovered” yet. Most of the transmission offerings were rated for 1400 ft-lbs.
  3. Cool old Kenny

    The 3408’s get a mixed response when I ask old truckers about them. Was longevity on a 3408 comparable to the 6cyls? Or was it just that rebuild costs hurt so much? It must have been a good engine - D9’s still use them (or up to very recently anyway). The KTA was in a league of its own I think (and I love CAT almost as much as IH!).
  4. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    I just got a large hand gently pushed against my chest and into the seat, sometimes actions spoke louder than words!
  5. Cool old Kenny

    You are probably right. I remember a movie called “Black Dog” with Patrick Swayze. The Pete has a 3406 in it (they actually reference it), but when it’s pulling hard the dubbed-in sound is more Detroit than Cat.
  6. Cool old Kenny

    I am pretty sure one of the K-wobblers in the first movie was a 8v71, I remember when he pulls up to the warehouse full of beer it sure sounds like that anyway. In the part where Cletis gets roughed up in the biker bar, then starts up his truck, gets a big smile on his face and then drives over the row of choppers it sounds like a 6 cyl. I remember listening for engine noises trying to figure out how many trucks were used in that movie once. I don’t know how many times I have watched that movie!
  7. I found a video from last year, right after I put on the S2E turbo. I was told on here that the S2E has a nice whistle vs the 3LM, and I think redpower forums was right again! Pump is stock and governs at about 2600rpm. I gave it a quick trip to the governor. No fan to make any noise either - pure unadulterated 466c goodness!
  8. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    I know the 90 and 94 series tractors had their issues. Our farm was a Case and International one, and our experience was that the 2590 would way, way out pull the 88’s. We had a 2590, the neighbor a 5488. It always felt like the Case would pull way harder. More torque, and more traction. I will note the 2590 had 20.8x42’s, vs 38’s on the IH. It would be interesting to see the dyno curves on a 504 Case vs an equivalent 466 IH. It felt like the Case ran about 300rpm lower to make the same torque. I love both tractors. The 5488 was a beautiful tractor.
  9. Big Roy

    Further to SDman’s comment about the size of these old tractors: How do the components of the 500+hp class tractors of the late 70’s compare to the current 600hp STX or John Deere tractors? They sure don’t seem to have the heft of these old tractors to me. I suppose materials have advanced some in the past 30 years, but it seems like a 620hp Quatrac must get a little stressed on hard pulls. I don’t work on these tractors, so maybe I am a little off on my subjective observations!
  10. Big Roy

    This thread is all over the map! But I like it! I recall seeing the Big Roy a few years back at the museum in Austin. At that time you could climb all over it and get in the cab, that was before they restored it. Being a western Canadian I love Versatile, but I wonder why Big Roy ever made enough sense to actually make. It had really poor visibility from the rear, must have been light on the front end, had no more tire under it than a 950 Versatile and as mentioned earlier compacted the ground badly.
  11. Big Roy

    Yeah, that is weird because the horsepower ratings were opposite on highway trucks at the time compared to Steiger and Versatile. The 903 was more of a 300 or 325hp engine, and the 855 was a 350 and later 400hp engine. It was a Michigan rubber tire dozer I saw that 1710 engine in. Talk about a big chunk of cast iron!
  12. Big Roy

    Cummins had a VT1710 at the time, it would have been a contender of the Detroit 16v. I don’t think that 3500 series cats were out at the time? The D348 could have been used too, it was around 1700cubes like the Cummins. I think the vt1710 is similar architecture to a 855 Cummins (2 banks of 855’s). Those engines probably wouldn’t have put out like that Detroit though, not in the search of 900hp anyway. This was at a time were the 855 Cummins was at its limit at 350hp in a tractor application, so you needed big displacement to hit 800hp. I am not sure if Big Bud had an end point in mind for horsepower, but that Detroit probably had an edge over the Cat and Cummins offerings.
  13. Thanks for the comments folks. One part of this project I wish could be different is the engine fan. The fan on these engines are mounted quite high, and I ran into a clearance issue with the lower Mercury hood. I lowered the radiator about 5” and rebuilt a coolant tank. I am going to run two 16” electric fans instead and beef up the alternator. I don’t plan on working this truck that hard, but I know it won’t probably cool like it would with the big mechanical fan. Did the COE trucks run the same fan? I wonder if they had a lower mounted fan? I know some engines did for COE trucks, but I haven’t been able to find anything for 466’s.
  14. 140 3pt tow hitch

    Clean work! Looks factory.
  15. 1986 s1954 dt466 heater issue

    That is the same spots where the connections are on my S1900. I wonder if your core is scaled up? It’s probably just air locked. Maybe unhook and run a garden hose through it? It would get the air out, and prove out it’s clear and flowing?