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  1. Is that true, that most pickups overdrive on the front? I always thought the transfer cases in 4high were direct 1:1 on both axles.
  2. I was born in 83 and dad had a 1486. I was that boy 30 years ago. I logged a lot of nap hours on that back shelf. P.S. And I wouldn’t trade those memories for the world.
  3. We used to wreck a belt at least every two years in Saskatchewan harvests on our 2188. I dont think we were reckless or overly hard on equipment either. It’s often a short harvest season up here and you are forced to run in crop tougher than you should. I suppose that could be said about a lot of regions, but we always have the prospect of snow and early winter forcing that hyrdostat lever forward. Some of the Alberta guys just got 14” of snow this week!
  4. Isspro and Murphy. There is a company up here in Canada called Farmtronics that has a lot of tractor gauges. Good service. The Murphy stuff looks quality.
  5. 6’4” here too and used to have a 1486. I was always nervous of the either button getting hit by a knee. Never happened, but it was always a thought. Bent a key too.
  6. What type/size of drive chain would he have used? That had to have been a project for the fun of it, no way that setup really makes much commercial sense. Would he have had to widen the front axle?
  7. Is the fuel return hose special on the Ambac equipped tractors? I know the MW pumps have a 1’ section of hose with an orifice inside the hose fitting. The diameter of the orifice is surprisingly small.
  8. Scratch that throught, my manifolds don’t have the ring - I found an old picture after I thought about it more.
  9. I am pretty sure the manifold on the 466 in my truck has a grove in the smaller end with a ring. The manifold might be a little different on the trucks. Come to think of it, it might be a three-piece manifold. Isn't carbon supposed to seal up the gap fairly quickly?
  10. Sask466

    DTA 360 pump

    If you search on here the question has been asked several times, but the info isn’t always consistent. Good luck - it gets confusing.
  11. Sask466

    DTA 360 pump

    http://www.superturbodiesel.com/std/attachment.php?aid=870 In case you want the link instead.
  12. Sask466

    DTA 360 pump

    Thanks! I never saw that before. Another good one:
  13. Sask466

    DTA 360 pump

    I have been told 2cc/hp as a rule of thumb on 466’s with enough air, so you may need bit more fuel for 300hp. MW pumps were on all truck 466’s from 1982ish to 1993ish, so the pump shouldn’t be hard to find. The hub and adapter plate may be different (I think it is) on the 466’s though. I wonder if you would be better off looking for a bigger a-pump? I think Mack used them a lot on trucks.
  14. For sure 600hp was, and still is, certainly impressive. I am just suprized at how high the torque curve is for that engine. That’s higher rpm peak torque than an 855, I think they were around 1400 rpm on an ntc400. I suppose the torque on the 600 KTA may have been 1500ft-lbs at 1000rpm. The curve may have been dead-flat, which isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes the torque-rise can be misleading. My theory is that this was done intentionally on that KTA’s to preserve the driveline. Again, I think the toughest transmissions of the day were 1400ft-lbs
  15. The peak torque and torque rise for the KTA is surprisingly unimpressive. Peak 1600ft-lbs at 1600rpm and 10% torque rise is nothing to write home about. But, it certainly was a different time, and 600hp would have been a monster at a time when 350 or 400hp was the normal upper level. I wonder if Cummins set the fuel curve on that engine to preserve the clutch and transmissions of the day? I would think that engine could have had more on the bottom end had they wanted it too. The old Mack engines had 35% torque rise, so it’s not like large torque rise wasn’t “discovered” yet. Most of the transmission offerings were rated for 1400 ft-lbs.
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