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  1. You could feel the vibration at idle and lower rpm a fair bit with the 4B in 8820 Swathers too. And that motor is a fair bit away from the cab. It always made me wonder how that motor must shake in a Jeep Wrangler swap. I can’t imagine it being tolerable.
  2. What’s the deal with aluminum frame - read the description, it says “new breaks”! Most of the aluminum frames I have seen have mostly had “old breaks” 😝. Joking aside - it wasn’t uncommon for manufacturers to use aluminum frames back in the 70’s. Mack, Kenworth and probably a few others tried it too. I guess the big plus was the weight savings. But, they all seemed to eventually develop cracks from I am assuming was fatigue failure. All the truck manufacturers moved away from use of aluminum on frames by some time in the 80’s, at least from what I have observed (I am n
  3. That’s not really correct - It wouldn’t be much easier and it wouldn’t get you very far. The only inline pump offered to my knowledge on the DT466A/B/C was an MW Bosch, and pullers seem to hate that pump with a notable passion. An MW doesn’t have ability to support over 300 to 400hp, and requires significant work to make any better (custom machine work). The first reply is the way to go - pick a pump and then source an adapter plate and hub from a pulling shop/pump guy.
  4. I found this manual to be very helpful when I shortened my truck: https://www.waterousco.com/media/pdfs/J3311-1-DSSP.pdf Also, to save anyone the hassle that may be doing this type of work - DONT use those angle finder apps for your phone. It’s terrible. I have a proper digital angle gauge and compared the two - sometimes the iPhone was out by 2 degrees when you repeated a measurement.
  5. The four companies I have seen are White’s, Nick’s, Frank’s and JK boots. I think the size of the companies are in that order (large to small). Whites are the original company (for like 100yrs) and the others are spin-off’s. I think all four make super high quality and are pretty comparable boots. JK and Frank’s are smaller companies, so you talk with the owners (or their sons) when you call. They all seem to make different versions and all have a low heel model too. You can also get iron worker (heel-less) sole options. I was a bit nervous about buying a logger heel - but it
  6. From months of winter shut-in, for some reason I got into boots. I came to find that Spokane is home to 4 different custom boot makers. They are all known for making a similar style boot. Custom fit logger and wildland firefighter boots - tall heels for arch support and thick leather. If you google Spokane work boots I am sure you will find one of them - I am not here to peddle anyone’s product. I bit the bullet and bought a pair (they are $500USD). I must say I am impressed. I sent in measurements and tracings of my feet, and these things are glove-fit. Is anyone els
  7. This was outside of Swift Current, SK about a week ago. It was -49C (-56F) with the windchill. It was about 60km/h (40mph) winds. Although we get colder than that at times, it’s rare to have that nasty of a wind. It was brutal - I had to spend about 2hrs throughput the day out there. I have no idea how rabbits, coyotes and whitetail deer survive this stuff.
  8. Sask466


    Do you realize how miserable and abrasive you come off in some of your posts? Your knowledge (and you seem to be very, very knowledgeable) is what makes this forum great, but your attitude is what makes me want to throw my iphone out the window. Guess what this young lad has? It’s an obvious interest in mechanical things and things IH. Guess what his peer group probably lacks? I am betting a lack of interest in mechanical things, and almost certainly most have never heard of a DV-800. And, even if there were peers, he probably can’t go see them anyway due to Covid. I
  9. That truck is in good shape! You may have the cleanest s1900 in all the land! How is the gearing? I have almost the identical drive train in my truck. IH tended to them fairly low usually.
  10. Thank you for clarifying that! I have the same manual from Peaceful Creek, and don’t have the Robert Bosch stuff either - good to know that they have that manual too. There is a manual online I have downloaded - it’s a PDF of what seems to be the original IH manual. What it lacks is specific directions on pump removal/installation, but otherwise pretty complete. Does the blue ribbon manual go over install and timing? https://injectionpumps.co.uk/pdf/bosch_pe(S)_inline_fuel_injection_pump_service_manual.pdf
  11. Is there a specific reason why these engines like so much timing? It’s always something that I have found curious. These MW Bosch DT motors seem 10deg more advanced than most comparable sized engines. Is it because the DT’s run at bit faster?
  12. The number I was impressed with was the 2096 Case, but upon further reflection I may have overstated a bit, I think.
  13. Next step is a 5th wheel hitch and a good sized camper. Next year will be ironing out any bugs, and saving for a trailer! There are some older large 5th wheel campers that come along at pretty decent prices. I am hoping I can snag a nice older unit down the road.
  14. From what I can tell of that test data, a fuel savings of 20 to 25% with a 5.9 swap looks possible, at least at these 100hp-ish outputs.
  15. It looks like the little 5.9 really holds it’s own in the fuel consumption department. I am surprised the 504 non-turbo Case did as well as it did. 986 1066 2090 2096
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