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  1. KY2674

    Hey Tilla!

    X2. Our local quarries have full time lab techs testing daily to make sure the stone is within state specs.
  2. I know shouldn't be surprised. Guess I have been lucky for the most part over the years with honest sellers/buyers. Wife says I'm naive I say she's too pessimistic.
  3. That's what I thought. Just confused because add says 100 percent original barn find. Thanks
  4. Just looking at another post here and saw a supposed 900 hour 5088 original tractor that has a tan headliner. I always thought they were all black. Did all western interiors have tan headliners? Mine had black when I got it and assumed it was original but not sure. Kind of looks out of place with the black plastic trim. Haven't double checked but thought all my literature shows them black. Just curious. Thanks.
  5. I have an 8.3 in an excavator that will blow water out the radiator in 5-6 minutes. Been through radiator, thermostats, water pump, cap etc. I'm assuming head gasket/ cracked head. No water in oil, oil in water. The engine seems to pull down quickly also but this could be hyd pump problem. I've heard pulling the head on an 8.3 is a little more involved than say a 466? If I get a take out engine from a combine etc.are the blocks usually interchangeable with accessories and bell housings. The machine is about a 2000 model kobelco. Thanks.
  6. Here's my n14 with who knows how many miles ( it's an ih so of course no working gauges). If I had to guess maybe 800,000 miles still works every day in the summer. Never had heads off . My neighbor (mechanic at ih) and I did put rod and main bearings in last winter. I say I'm going to update every year but never seems to happen, she's almost like family now since buying it new in 96.
  7. Around Tacoma. Owns a construction company but is semi retired on a yacht in Florida now. Must be nice!
  8. On the other hand is anything from that vintage reliable? I don't have any experience as my equipment is all older.
  9. FIL bought one new about that time in a tri-axle dump and said nothing but trouble. Don't know particulars as he lives in Washington state but he traded it after a year or two at same dealer for a cummins powered KW.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Was trying to leave the outside ring gear and planetaries on the tractor but figured out because of the snap ring that's not possible .
  11. Any tricks to remove the rear axle housing? Is it better to leave the outside planetary ring on the tractor if that's possible. Ordered a service manual but hasn't arrived and would like to get the housing to the dealership to replace axle bearings. Thanks
  12. KY2674

    1086 T-Shirt

    I have the same shirt bought years ago maybe at NFMS but not sure. Never wore it much but now my 14 year old wears it proudly to school.
  13. KY2674

    5488 axle bearings

    I have the same problem on a 5088. What kind of special tools are needed? Would I be better off removing the axle housing and taking it to someone who knows what they're doing?
  14. KY2674

    PTO teflon seals

    Thanks for the plastic idea. Just trying to be environmentally friendly and use up some of the empty beer cases laying around! I'll install it like it is, not that hard to remove and I've already made a press for it.
  15. Rebuilding 1466 PTO. Got the 2 teflon seals on the clutch housing without too much trouble, problem is I used light cardboard and hose clamp to reshape the seals overnight and now I have a small divot on one of the seals where the cardboard buckled slightly. How critical are these and is there a chance it will reshape in the housing? If not do I have to buy a whole gasket set? Thanks for any ideas. Closest IH dealer is 30 miles away.
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