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  1. I used a automotive trim "chisel " and just went back and forth prying. Once they broke loose it wasn't any easier, the 2 pins fought me the whole way. Saved the pins but I did break a corner that I should be able to glue and repair. I'm sure penetrating oil would help but I didn't want to use it before prepping for paint.
  2. Is this emblem push-in or does it have nuts or screws in the back. Easy question just don't want to break the studs off.
  3. Nevermind. After always thinking this tractor came from Geneseo it actually came from Lee Implement in Oneida IL. I got it from a trader in Ky so I know no history.
  4. Starting to paint our 81' 5088 thought I'd take a couple pictures of the dealer stickers before I stripped them. One has the IH logo and one is later and has no logo. Anyone know about Empire? Looks like Geneseo is real close to the Farmall Plant and Hillsdale.
  5. Here's some guitars. All pictured were painted by the oldest. Hard to tell in the pictures but most have some kind of lace or metal flake paint job. All the electric guitars were purchased as kits and put together by him. The aluminum one was built from a 1/8 inch sheet of aluminum and a 2×12 body with the turning done with a wire cup brush in a drill. The neck was purchased off the internet. Both play but I think the oldest gets more enjoyment out of building them.
  6. Yes, everyone who sees the oldest's car first thing they say is you must really pick up a lot of girls with that . His answer is always "no but I pick up their dads "
  7. Picked this up at the Tri-Five National's today. Needs work but he can't drive for a year and a half ,maybe some de-tuning is in order also. Will do him good to spend some time in the shop. Needs a cowboy hat. How many Asians have you seen driving a 4 speed 57 chevy in a cowboy hat. "I ain't nobody dork"( From American Graffiti Movie)
  8. Never loose steering. Can hold it with brakes and all of a sudden it will build pressure and take off again
  9. I have a 1466 that has sat outside for a couple years, never being started. Finally got it started and while driving it jerks in and out of gear,worse going downhill. The TA used to work but pulling the lever has no effect up or downhill. Changed hyd filter and got some slime/alge out but new filter and topping off level did not help. Brakes and steering seem to work fine. Haven't tried overfilling the trans yet. Never worked this tractor much but everything seemed to work before it lost its spot in the shop.
  10. Glad everything is OK. First thing I tell my boys " We don't need to tell mom or grandma about this "
  11. Couldn't find the video but I'm almost sure you're talking about Bud Youle
  12. Maybe Bud Yule,Yuhl. Not sure of spelling.
  13. Not sure but I think it was later and added even more to Harvesters financial problems when the deal fell through. I think it was a substantial amount of tractors.
  14. I should have said 5088 tractor. Thanks I will check this 👍
  15. I've owned a 5088 for over 10 years now. Less than 2 years ago had an alternator get hot and started smoking in the hay field. Replaced that and everything was fine until last night she wouldn't start, jumped it and within minutes could smell burning, alternator HOT. Is there a reason these are getting hot or just 2 bad alternators
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