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  1. Do towns like this still exist? I figured everywhere has been watered down by now. Don't think it ever was like that where I am. Reminds me of the small German community I grew up in Ohio. Any picnic or festival a kid could get a beer for his "dad". Brings back good memories.
  2. KY2674

    Covid Shot

    BIL mom passed away 2 months ago, had heart problems much of her life. Tested twice a day for covid in the hospital always negative. BIL gets a call this week from funeral home says he can be reimbursed up to $9000 for funeral expenses because covid is on the death certificate. My wife is in home health care and knows of at least 3 patients with similar stories from last year. Do I believe covid is real? Yes. Do I believe the numbers? No. My oldest will turn 16 in November, is there any way I'll have him vaccinated, he!! No. Maybe in 5-10 years after we know of any side effects. I think what F
  3. I agree it's out of phase from carrier bearing to diff. Looks like slip yoke needs to turn 90 degrees.
  4. I was at a local sale 10-15 years ago and a 241 might of brought what the wheels and tires were worth. An older gentleman there said they were good balers but if the hay wasn't just right he had trouble starting a new roll.
  5. What everyone else said plus when running a dozer in soft, pumping ground you'd be surprised how much power it takes away from the dozer.
  6. Bowling Green KY. 45 minutes north of Nashville tn. Originally from north central OH
  7. I sometimes forget what you over the road guys have to go through. Dad had a couple trucks in the 80s-90s almost broke him. I remember getting calls in middle of the night if he was anywhere near home to bring tools or a tire. I'm not as tough as you all so I started selling topsoil to local builders and rarely am more than 30 minutes from the house, which is good because all my equipment is old.
  8. Yes the torque they put out was legendary. Thought about painting the car like a GSX but I think we've decided against that. We are lucky to live in Bowling Green KY where the Buick GS National's are every year. Some very fast Buicks and a good place to find parts.
  9. Never heard of TA but I do know of Ken-Bell. Thinking of installing a K-B hood scoop
  10. Told you I was old and dumb. Can't even load the picture right side up!
  11. I'm too old and dumb to even know how to photo shop. Don't worry though she's getting new quarters 👍
  12. KY2674


    I have always wondered if I had problems with the sentry could I replace it with a test harness and then take my time shifting and use the clutch even between power shifts would that help or is that still asking for trouble?
  13. Wish it did have a big block generator but for a 16 year old boy I think the 350 is enough. It's actually not that bad for what it is.
  14. You guys had a lot of good responses for my welding question a few months ago thought somebody could help again. My son and I have decided to get on the electric bandwagon. So far this is all we've gotten done. What do I hook these cords to? When should I throw the switch? I have several 100' extension cords but would like a little more range.
  15. A week of rain and this is all I have gotten done in the shop.
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