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  1. Don't have any of my original ones but when you get to be an antique like me you try to buy things you had to make you feel young again. When I was young I had the same 966 and plow combo. The 1586 I had later and bought with my own money.
  2. Our 5088 had it about 7-8 years now around 6500 hrs. Really like the way it shifts and the cab is nice after only having open stations or 66's with no doors. Put larger rubber on the front just for looks and every winter I say it's going to be painted but doesn't look like it will happen this year again. Been very reliable but I only use it for hay work.
  3. Should not reply to this but I think he is one who turns us against each other.
  4. An electrician did tell me last week wiring was starting to come down in price?
  5. My Dad once asked an employee to go to the hardware store and get a metric adjustable wrench. He made the trip, some funny looks at the store.
  6. Brother in law says a potato but we were talking about higher powered rifles.
  7. Problem is man-cave, garage, -shop has been finished for years and she's still waiting on she-shed! Sucks when you're outnumbered 3 to one boys to girls!
  8. Yes mother was not very happy about the boys stealing her lumber but she's even less happy about the progress I'm making on her she-shed!
  9. Yes both can swim and the 12 yr old did get on. Pond is only 4-5 feet deep it's been a little dry here should be 6 feet deep.
  10. Always have a large supply of yellow buckets around so my boys came up with this. One sheet of osb stolen from mom's garage and here you go. The 12 year old was afraid to get on but at least it got him away from the computer for a little while.
  11. Afraid you would say that. Been a long time but I think I used a 580 backhoe and small Oliver to unload like you said. Now the problem is I can haul the 580 there but the planter ties up the trailer and I can't unload it.
  12. Lost some rented ground to development and I have an 8 row 800 30" trailing planter to move. The end wise transport was cut off before I got it. Only way I have to move is with a gooseneck 3 foot off the ground. What's it gonna take to lift this? Have a 966 with a westendorf loader but I'm afraid it's too much for that.
  13. Is that J&J in Glasgow? Would like to have it but divorces are too expensive.
  14. Very nice! Our family has had several Buicks over the years always nice fit and finish. Building a 70' for my son's first car now.
  15. Needs a big IH sticker below the steering column!
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