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  1. 6'5" taller than me at the age of 12
  2. Close to finishing my 16 year olds first car. Thrashed on it all night and this morning to get it road worthy to go to the GS Buick nationals today in Bowling Green Ky. I've painted metallics and pearls but never a true metal flake before and really screwed it up. Put 2 coats of clear over the metal flake and it was still rough like cast iron so I changed guns on the 3rd coat and really laid it on and really laid on the runs too 😅 We'll sand it out and re-clear and get it right somehow. We've both learned a lot on this and today this car drew more attention than cars costing much more.
  3. I like the generic ones just as well. Painted these up when my son drove the tractor to school for FFA day. Didn't have two IH stickers the same so put the small red power's on 👍
  4. That's the only way I would sit on one of those
  5. Sorry but this is as good as I can do. I think we have a scanner but I'm not allowed in the office . Scanners, computers, printers etc seem to lock up when I'm around and asking my wife while she's getting ready for work and I'm home because of rain is definitely out 🙂
  6. I've gotten push rods and head gaskets for older engines at Navistar by comparing the old parts with the new but that was probably around the 2012 time frame. It also helped a lot that my brother in law was the parts man then and he didn't care to spend the time looking up things.
  7. I pulled a couple of 466's out of junkyard school busses. Both were early 90's models right before they switched to electronic engines. I cut the vin tag off each bus and then the dealer could look up engine parts easily from the vin. Used it a couple times for gaskets etc. but that's been a few years ago don't know what is still available. Still have one engine and the vin just haven't needed any parts for a while.
  8. And I really do hope you have a safe and event free trip
  9. I have no insight on pulling a disk 50 miles but when I read things like this I have to smile and think what my Dad would tell me every so often. Frank, you worry too GD much! Never got excited about anything but somehow it always worked out.
  10. That's a lot of CRAP! Don't think you'll find any superbirds or 427 camaros there.🙂
  11. True. He also had a show about building model cars. We had our dvr set to record all shows but I think only 5 or 6 showed up. Don't remember what the title of that show was.
  12. Even if it's not perfect the neighbors don't know the difference, this is deere country. They just say how good she sounds 👍
  13. This is GM victory red. My dupont distributor couldn't come up with the IH color either. Brought the hood off a toy 5288 in and this is what we came up with. Maybe a little too bright? Base clear but if I had to do over I would use single stage.
  14. Some were mine, some were toys but a lot of the detailed ones were things he asked for at Christmas or birthdays and then he would destroy, I mean modify them !
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