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  1. FIL scheduled to fly out yesterday said flight canceled at last minute. Looks like he's staying.
  2. This one came off an early 9670 cabover. I pulled the Navistar emblem off my 2674 and installed it.
  3. Interesting. Wonder how long it will be before you can't sell a 1086 in CA.
  4. Thanks. That gives the dates when certain standards were implemented in new equipment but my question was in the video they're making old equipment tier4 compliant . Is this voluntary or mandatory on older machines?
  5. So it looks like going tier 4 is mandatory on all equipment? Is ag exempt? Maybe it's just required on certain jobs. Yes very expensive and a lot of BS.
  6. When I was young Dad drove lowboy for a construction company in Nashville for a couple years. This would have been early 80s, not sure what year the truck was but it was a Mack Superliner with the big KT cummins. Anyway I rode with him and got stopped on the scales in Tennessee and the front brakes weren't working. They said if they weren't on the truck it would be okay. So their mechanic came up and we helped him pull the brakes off the truck in the parking lot and all was well. Makes perfect sense.
  7. Thanks. Did a little more searching and figured that out.
  8. Anyone know where to find a front crank seal? Haven't taken apart yet but is slinging a lot of oil from behind the PTO clutch. Everything on the internet says not available.
  9. Always had a thing for the 70-73 camaros with a Baldwin Motion 454 4 speed car being the ultimate. I'm a child of the 70's so the cheesy scoops, pipes, mags and stripes always appeal to me. My sons daily driver 70 Buick with the old school metal flake paint job. First day of school pic,check out the drivers shirt, what he wanted to wear the first day,he's got my same sense of fashion 🙄
  10. Yes since the Buick is done we're tinkering with a 70 camaro in the same 70's street machine fashion. It has the exact opposite effect with leaf springs and shackles, the pinion goes up instead of down. Haven't noticed any bad vibration for a 50 year old car but the Buick has very high gears.
  11. Very dangerous job. When I was little Dad had a good friend who dusted in Ohio we all called him Duster Dan. Drove a International Scout, one night after flying all day he hit the back of a car at a stop light because he kept trying to pull up on the steering wheel to go over it. Nobody hurt but he was too embarrassed to tell the cop what really happened. He would fly over our house and you'd think he could spin the wheels off the roof! Don't see many in this part of Ky .
  12. Thanks. The u-joint has a zerk so I told him to keep it greased often. He changed the seal this last time and I forgot to tell him to check the yoke for wear.
  13. We raised the back of my sons 70 Buick about 3 inches and are having trouble with the pinion seal leaking. 2 seals and still dripping. The pinion has no play that I can feel. Could the driveshaft angle cause this? It's on coil springs so the only way to change it is to buy adjustable upper control arms. The angle seems a little steep to me but I've seen trucks with more angle that don't seem to have problems.
  14. A little off subject but when I built our shop I wanted 2 frost free hydrants in the floor. I put 5 gal buckets with the bottom cut out around the hydrants filled with gravel then poured the floor . Removed the bucket then poured sackcrete(spelling?) in the hole so if the hydrants go bad I only have to break a small circle of concrete around the hydrant.
  15. Anyone know the number for a repacking kit? Not having any luck on the internet
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