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  1. Very cool trucks but what I remember about Overdrive as a young boy were some very well built bikini clad women. Especially if I couldn't find Dad's "other " magazines!
  2. I bought a 78' 4586 at auction a year ago in KY. Early 855 cummins repower shows 4500 hrs on a non working tach poor 30.5 insides and 70% 18.4 duals. Paid $7500 so far no problems but sees very little use .
  3. I used corrugated galvanized metal with screws on 32" centers. Put 2" cherry trim around the edges and seems. Can be easily taken down with a few screws.
  4. Yes have used him before. Knows his stuff
  5. Haven't watched any of the world series, don't know who's playing and don't care. Does anybody know what they're doing during the National Anthem. Kneeling, standing, crying in the dugout?
  6. Thanks for the replies. Looked up Mike's sight after typing that and saw everything still available.
  7. Broke the 540 shaft on my 5088. I've been inside the PTO on a 66 series but not a 50. Is it basically the same thing? Are parts still available? Anything to watch out for? Thanks
  8. I've got a pair of hubs but one was run loose and 3 of the nine holes broke off. I'm sure Drane equipment in Harned KY will have some. I think both of those are 3.5 inches. I'll look in the morning but I should have something.
  9. I think both of those are 3.5 inches. I'll look in the morning but I should have something.
  10. Not offhand. I could probably come up with some 3.5 but I'm assuming you need 3.25 inch hubs. Your more than welcome to the wheels and tires, just been leaning against the shed for a few years.
  11. If you have 9 bolt hubs I've got a set of 18.4-38 wheels and tires you can have. Not much but hold air. In Smith's Grove area.
  12. Gotcha. Thanks to this forum I learned there was a screen on the back filter. Previous owner lost/removed the screen and I didn't know any better, doesn't seem to have hurt anything yet
  13. Thanks for the replies. Just wanted to make sure tractor didn't need to be idling or something. Knew there was a specific way to check hydros while running. Guess I'll put the extra 5 gallons in since we work on hills.
  14. ...I've always checked my hydraulic oil with the tractor shut off and level. Is this correct? Raking hay today and the pump chattered like it was out of oil on the hills which I figured was possible since the right brake is leaking . It's above the add mark and it's never done this before. Same question with the 50 series? Have a service manual for the 5088 but no operators manual for either.
  15. I did the pre-glued one piece from triple r. Nice fit and easy install. After 2 years still looking good.
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