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  1. I'm in the market for a real welder after using various brands of $50 and $75 buzz boxes bought at auctions and on craigslist for the last ~25 years. I've used a MIG a hand full of times: both a cheapy Lincoln to do some exhaust work and a very heavy duty 3 phase unit with all sorts of knobs and dials briefly at a friend's machine shop when he tried to convince me to dump the stick welders and go MIG. I am essentially starting from 0. I do a surprising amount of fabrication work for a hobby farmer as well as the occasional equipment repair. I'd like to be able to do sheetmetal repairs an
  2. Thanks @TN Hillbilly and @yellowrosefarm I will update the thread when I either get a definitive answer (unlikely), get a ticket (more likely), or finally convince my wife to move a few hours farther south to TN (family drew us up here). We actually almost bought a pretty little farm in northeast TN and for me originally from New York the freedom there was overwhelming! Ah, maybe some day...
  3. That's what I thought. I'd try going back again and again until I got someone who would do what I need but you need an appointment and that takes weeks to get. What a mess. Maybe I can do it by mail - thanks guys!
  4. I am new to Virginia and need some advice on pickup and trailer registrations. I have a pickup registered for 10K lbs, say I want to pull an equipment trailer that grosses 12k with a tractor or skid steer on it. The DMV says I need to register the truck commercially for 20 or 22k. OK, so I try to register the pickup for that and they won't do it because it exceeds the GVWR of the truck. I ask if they mean the GCWR and they say no, they can't do it. ??? So what do you guys who tow utility trailers have for registrations on the pickups in Virginia? How does this actually work?
  5. Not sure of the brand, here's a picture. It has a Carlin oil burner for heat and a 3/4hp Dayton motor on a twin plunger pump and once it gets going (water turns to steam) it'll take the paint off with the grime if you're not careful.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys! I will give it to one of my neighbors. He has been great to live next to and is sad to see us leave, he loves tinkering with old iron as much as I do but is much more thrifty than I am - I bet he'll have this thing working properly in no time. The best part is I will remember the look of surprised joy he'll have when I show up in his driveway with it and some other tools I'm not taking for a long, long time. On the Miller 252 topic, I paid $75 for my big stick welder (craigslist) and $0 (grandpa died) for the little one. I paid $10 for my steam cleaner (whi
  7. I guess I should also point out that I know nothing abut MIG welders - if this thing needs parts to resolve the wire feeding jerkily issue I don't know what those parts would be, what they would cost, or if this is a good MIG setup worth repairing in the first place. I've seen this unit sold or for sale online anywhere from $75 to $400, so I really don't know what it's worth or what I'm dealing with here.
  8. Not sure on the amps - it's 120V input. To be clear, it needs some kind of repair before it will work. The one time I tried it the wire didn't feed very well but it did spark. I do tons of welding but with my two stick welders (which are coming with me).
  9. As you all may recall, I am moving my operation from VT to western VA later this month and I have a welder question for you guys: I inherited this Miller Sidekick MIG setup from my grandfather when he died and I've never used it. I powered it on and tried to draw an arc once but the wire feed got bound up so I didn't get very far. Is this thing worth taking with me and repairing or should I sell it? If I sell it how much should I ask for it? Thanks!
  10. TN Hillbilly we're in the process of buying a place outside Greeneville, which is about 70 miles ENE of Knoxville.
  11. Thanks everyone for the replies and PMs - I've gotten pricing from three of the guys that were suggested (local, small or one man outfits) and I think I'm all set for when the time comes. It will be a lot cheaper to hire this done, even with three truck loads than to buy a truck and do this myself. Doug in NY, to answer your question I have a Case 530, White 2-70, and IH 1486. There is also the Jeep mentioned above, Thomas T133 skid steer, and the old Trojan 124 payloader (with IH power!). I was going to sell the payloader locally but it sounds like it will be cheaper to use it to pull t
  12. Yeah, I've had vehicles and machinery moved in the past and it was hit or miss, one time I got scammed by a broker who would take your money then basically not do anything and ended up having to pay a lot more than would have been reasonable given the timing. I've had some great experiences with a couple of local guys running stuff within the northeast and I've reached out to one, but I don't know if these guys will do ~800 miles one way. As for buying my own rig, that's a great idea it wouldn't be cost effective for my situation. If I had to move half a dozen trailer loads then maybe,
  13. Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice on how to deal with having a bunch of stuff trucked. Almost every time I've dealt with having vehicles or other items shipped I've ended up getting hosed in some way, especially with freight brokers. What is the best way to find someone to haul stuff for you? I posted on Yesterdays Tractors once and did get someone to haul a tractor for me and that worked out OK, but this time I need two or three semi loads of stuff moved. Here's the situation: my wife and I are sick of the high taxes, dumb politics, cold winters, and short growing seasons in VT and a
  14. Hi all - I have a 1486 that the TA does something weird on: it works only when the tractor is hot. The high side works regardless, but when the tractor is cold and you pull the lever it slips and will stop moving if there is any drawbar load. Once it warms up it will pull hard in low (heavy implement up a steep hill in L3 is no problem). I'm sure it's a sign of age and wear and that eventually it will need to be rebuilt, but this mode of failure doesn't make sense to me. I've been using the tractor like this for two seasons now and it hasn't been an issue for me, but I may have to sell i
  15. I built an entire tractor (Case 530) out of chunks of 430, 530, and construction king backhoe salvage machines and some eBay parts by using the old online parts catalog to cross reference various bits and pieces and figure out what I needed. I would not be able to do that today with this site. I tried sending someone who needed help a parts reference from the new site but without the NLA parts it's useless. What is it with people?!? Why is there the perception that change always better? Is CNH deliberately trying to make it more difficult for people to run older machines, or did they ou
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