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  1. The one pictured above made by Abbott.
  2. Rusty, are both the 2 point fast hitch/3 point hitch interchangeable between the 544 and 656 tractors? Reason I am asking is I want to replace the 3pth on my 656 Farmall with a 2pth. I thought only a 656 hitch will work.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to get the pictures. I can see most points pretty well, but a couple are hidden. When you do pull it out, it would help me to see a couple more pictures. Looks like you have a bunch of nice red equipment there!
  4. I'd sure like to see it, ChrisNY. Can you post it here?
  5. I would like to know the arrangement of curved points on an IH 55 with 7 shanks too since I want to convert from straight to curved. Can anyone help me out?
  6. Very good information, farmall57!my That does support my theory. Hopefully, we will more confirmation.
  7. 1466, interesting you mentioned the differences between the thin 2pth drawbars. Most people never notice. I'm not sure, but think the ones with spacers might just be originally supplied with the Utility tractors, i.e., 300U, 350U. The others with the Farmall models. I wonder if a close examination of pictures in a Utility Operators Manual would give a definite answer.
  8. No difference in width between the two. I currently have the heavy one on my 560.
  9. Thanks for the pic, gmc. That was the location I thought.
  10. Hey gmcgearhead, this may be a stupid question, but where are you installing the sight glass? The only thing I can think of is the plug on left side for transmission. Can you post a picture or explain please. Your post caught my interest. Thanks.
  11. I have a "330" number emblem. If you are interested, let me know.
  12. M&W, ah yeah! Wish I had a set of those!!!
  13. I'm curious where you got the brackets to mount the fast hitch on that M??? Good job on installing the hitch.
  14. From the date you transplant the tobacco plants in the field until harvest, you need 100 frost-free days.
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