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  1. I have a "330" number emblem. If you are interested, let me know.
  2. M&W, ah yeah! Wish I had a set of those!!!
  3. I'm curious where you got the brackets to mount the fast hitch on that M??? Good job on installing the hitch.
  4. From the date you transplant the tobacco plants in the field until harvest, you need 100 frost-free days.
  5. That would be great IH Forever, thank you. I think the rod would be the same length on the 14/16.
  6. With the subject of reducing bottoms/shortening the tail wheel rod, etc. Would anyone have a set of 2-14s in a #60 plow that they could measure the overall length of that rod and post it here for me. I would certainly appreciate it. I want to reduce my 3 bottom to a 2 bottom.
  7. Yep, you're fixed now to have either a 3 or 4 bottom to use with either the 350 or a 450 in the future. I would like a 450 but it seems they don't become available very often.
  8. You do know your #70 is made to where it is reducible to a 3 bottom. Unlike the #60 pictured which is not reducible to a 2 bottom.
  9. Thanks for the report. Glad you got the plow. Sounds like the #60 wasn't too bad of a deal.
  10. Sorry for the question. Couldn't help myself but to ask. Like I said, I won't be there. Good luck on the plows. And could you post back what the 450 brings?
  11. Sledge, are those plows at the auction tomorrow? No, I won't be there, just curious. Dr appointment prevents attending auction.
  12. In addition to the excellent info already given, it should be noted the model 70 has rigid shanks where the model 60 has trip back ones.
  13. Hope you make a speedy recovery! But I can't believe nobody else stated this, so I will. NEVER, and I mean ever, use gasoline to BURN ANYTHING. There are safer alternatives, i.e., kerosene or diesel fuel. Be safe out there.
  14. Kinda hard for me to tell for sure but I'm not convinced that plow is a 311. The beam looks more like the earier model 4-F43 to me that came out with the 300 and 400 tractors.
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