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  1. I read the manual too on my 82. They look sealed to me. Can find any place to grease so I have been running the machine. I'd say if you have using your machine annually since new, you must be OK! Keep on combining!!
  2. Looks like Phragmites. Probably be hard to get rid of.
  3. Just got the info. The 6788 sold for 9000. Both of the 3788's sold for 7000 each.
  4. Don't know about the 6788. It was hotter than four barrels of he double hockey sticks so I left after the older tractors sold. Had other stuff to do anyway. I will check and see what the 6788 brought and post back tonight.
  5. Yep, I went. And first I must say that the prices I see on Yesterday's Tractors those sellers are dreaming. Here are a few prices to give you an idea. Big crowd attended. Three H tractors, running, looked good sold for 500-1200. Tires made price difference. Tractors numbered 6, 10, 3 on auction photos. Super M, swartzWF, LH, PS, M&w governor, runs. Looked OK. 950 400, IPTO, TA, drawbar. Looked good. Ran good. 1200 300 with one junk rim and tire. FH and ran good. 1200 300 painted like a 350. FH, looked and ran good. 1400 Super H, real late stage 1 with some stage 2 features. Distillate tractor, good tires, good runner, best buy that day at 725. Five M's, all non runners brought between 200 and 725 apiece. #27 in photos sold for725. # 25 sold for 400. 806 gas, NF, FH, looked and ran good. With spirited bidding, the late owners brother took it home for 4750. 1206 with cab. Non runner. Pretty rough. 3000 1206 no cab. Cranked on it quite a bit giving it ether to no avail. They swore it ran the day before. 8000 There you have a sampling of prices. Let's hear some thoughts! PS: Boots, I've got you two standard pages of brief descriptions and prices. Too dang much to type it all here.
  6. Easy. You said the serial number plate is intact. Plate is on left side of 560,right side of 460. Which side of tractor is your plate on?
  7. James, I think the answer to your original question would be the size of the barn depends on how many tiers high you hang (vertically ). Using 1200 sticks of tobacco per acre, 12ft tiers(barn posts distance apart)that are 4ft apart, I would hang 20 sticks. Using the figure of a barn 5 rooms wide (12×20ft) you would hang 100 sticks. So you need to have a length of 144ft. Only hanging one tier high the barn size would be 20x144ft. That is not practical nor cost efficient. So we are going higher. Say we keep the same width and hang 3 tiers high. Then the dimensions become 20x48ft. In the real world of tobacco, most barns are much higher and wider. Hope this explanation helps. And yes, I have grown and harvested a lot of burley tobacco.
  8. Can't help you with it being the oldest but may very well be. Did you find those tractors in Ky by any chance?
  9. The manual called then "Tall Corn Attachments ". They were an option.
  10. Tobaccoman

    Plow day ky

    Dannyredfan: I need to contact you about buying some corn from you. How can I contact you Thanks.
  11. I have one of those oil pressure gauges not yet installed. I believe it goes on a power unit; not sure which model. Can't see the carb real well, but looks like the operating rod is on the outside. If so, I'm thinking it's a regular M carb. Rod is on inside on Super M(this is from memory, not currently looking at my Super M).
  12. Todd, how were the prices on all of the two point hitch implements at that sale. I wanted to attend but couldn't make it.
  13. There should be a WD in front of the CB. The WDCB is just the designation for the WD9 tractor. For example, the letters in front of serial number on a W9 tractor would be WCB. My book shows that W16 indicates the tractor is equipped with a hand clutch. Does this match up with your tractor?
  14. Look closer at serial number. Usually two digits after the W. Like W12 or W17 or others. Report back with what you find.
  15. Sounds like the same leak I have on a 806. So for you guys who have been there, how do you make this repair? Does the radiator have to come off? Or can it be fixed pretty easy? How do I proceed? Thanks for your help.
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