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  1. I do *know* that Loewy designed the logo and the designed the letter series machines. I *assume* it was at the same time
  2. KWRB

    Ford Boneyard?

    I will check next time I see him.
  3. I want to find an old Neuss tractor someday. My great grandmother was born there. I read they made ag equipment all through the war. There was some political push to switch over to military equipment but the plant management convinced the National Socialists that they needed farm equipment just as much and never swapped over.
  4. KWRB

    Problem or not?

    I would chaange the fluids, add a magnet to the cap, take it out and clean the magnet in 500 miles or so. Then, 500 miles after that, see if you're still making any new debris. If you're making new debris, then I would say jump right on it. Good sump magnets are available from autoparts places cheap.
  5. Maybe he didn't like the location... Moved on to a better site with classier neighbors
  6. Rodents build nests, and snakes eat rodents....
  7. KWRB

    Ford Boneyard?

    I don't know anything really at all about the mower. I just know it belongs to an older guy who's about the kindest person in the world and I've known him my whole life. He refuses to use a computer because they frustrate him, so I offered to see what you all could dredge up. I really do appreciate all the leads. I will pass them along.
  8. KWRB

    Ford Boneyard?

    A longtime family friend is looking for parts for a Ford 501 sickle bar mower. Looking for the whole shoe assembly. Anybody know a wrecker that might have it?
  9. Empire State. That term bothers me anymore. But yeah, add it to the list of imperial denials.
  10. Yes, I'm in Oswego County, which is at the southeast corner of Lake Ontario. Typically all the parcels are measured in total acreage, which I could see being a giant number if applied to some of the land holding in the midwest. In my immediate area, farms are very small. I'd say 50-100 acres average. We had small family dairy here primarily, and some orchards. The largest farms in this county are muck farms for onion growing. Farms get much bigger down in the finger lakes, but even there the parcels are really funky shaped. The landscape shaped the roads and shaped the parcels early on and while some lines have changed over time, others have gotten even further carved up. Virtually nothing's square. My property is 54 acres and it's a 17-sided polygon. My deed describes the parcel side measurements in rods and chains.
  11. I was unfamiliar with quarters too. There's not exactly a lot of quarter mile by quarter mile square tracts in the northeast. That type of measurement only make sense in the midwest.
  12. They probably just put whatever part on, that's given to them. Or they buy a new machine Or they take theirs in for service.
  13. I never thought about that. That's disgusting.
  14. I got burned on something like this once with a relay. Assumed it was a Deere part. Went 45 mins to dealer. Tech didn't have a test procedure to confirm it was bad. Went to parts counter, they only have one, and it's at their store 2 hours away. "We can order it". Meanwhile the machine won't move and it's blocking a vehicle -need it today, and today's Saturday. They closed at noon or something. I want to buy the part and go pick it up outside at the other store. So she knows I'm in a rush and what does she do, answers the phone and gabs with someone else, rather than calling the store about to close. I was not impressed. So, when a different relay went this spring, I started at Napa. Seven mins from the house, and a five dollar part on a peg in the store.😬
  15. This sounds like every experience I have with my local Deere dealer, who coincidentally also bought all the other local Deere dealers. Their parts availability sucks. They always want to order my parts, THEN expect me to drive an hour and a half round trip to pick them up. I tell them that if I have to wait two days, AND drive to pick it up, AND pay their idiotic green paint premium, I'm going to order it online. I'll get it just as fast, and I'll pay less. The only advantage to a dealership is having it TODAY. They don't seem to get that. They never have anything on hand. I have no basis for comparison to CIH, because I only buy antique parts and paint from the dealer so naturally everything would need stop be ordered and the paint is on the shelf. For all I know, they could be the same way. Only difference is, my Deere is 65 years newer and there's no excuse.
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