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  1. Yeah some of those old dudes are real snobs about color. Personally, I feel that collevtively every machine is part of a giant history of this country. None of the by ag companies existed in a vacuum. Without one, the other's story wouldn't have been the same. Ironically, my grandfather refers to my IH machines as "off brand", because all his stuff is green. Even more ironically, he was an engineer for Allis Chalmers!!!
  2. I really should do a full thread in the Restoration board, but my phone camera is broken and I don't want to buy a phone. One night when the wife and daughter are home I'll have to borrow one of theirs. Thanks for the input. That's kinda what I was thinking: rebuild until something is about to cover something else up, and that's when the first round of paint should start. I actually have a paint guy who's a really talented artist and technician in one with paint. I'm terrible at anything resembling fine finish work, so I was quick to farm that out. Once I know what I want painted, it's easy! I just went and took a look at your thread on the 200. It's gorgeous! I think there's hope for me yet! Mine was broken and disassembled in 2010. Sat for a while with nothing done after disassembly. I've really only been working on it for about a year now. Same deal -when the cash is available. I have a nice garage, but no heat and the tractor sits all winter. I usually plan and buy a few parts during the cold months, so I can hit the ground runnign when I can tolerate the temperature. Even when the air is tolerable, that cast iron and steel is COLD when it's below fifty or so. Right now, I'm waiting for the spreadsheets to tell me I can part with the $550 for bearings, seals and gaskets for the real axles.
  3. I'm actually thinking I'm not going to touch the interior surfaces... Even if the old "paint" comes off at all, they're all oiled surfaces and will never rust. That surface treatment is only used in manufacturing as an RP while components are sitting on the shelf, before they were introduced to oil. I'm pleasantly surprised as how pristine those surfaces are. (sort of like how pleasantly surprised I am at the lack of gear wear). As for making me happy, as soon as I figure out what makes me happy, that's exactly what I'm going to do. I just can't make up my mind!
  4. ... but I've run into about as many opinions on this as oil: In a full blown restoration, when do you prefer to paint? For some background, I am restoring the "wrong way". Several years ago, I broke the crank on my Farmall C mowing. I figured as long I have to rebuild the engine, I should fully restore the tractor. I removed every single nut, bolt and pin on the tractor and I'm rebuilding one part at a time. it's a messy and intimidating way to rebuild a machine. I don't hate it becasue it was a great crash course in learning its design and assembly since I'd never worked on one before. I'm replacing every fastener, bearing, seal and gasket in the machine with new ones. The plan is to both make it as nice or nicer than it was when it left the factory, and make it such that even my grandchildren won't have major issues with it. It'll never be a truly "work" tractor again save working it just to work it. It'll be kept under cover for the rest of its life too. I'm putting the transmission and rear end back together now, and starting on the rear axles. I'm torn as to when it should be painted. I have a rough idea of what was done as the factory, because I can see what has red paint on it and what is bare cast iron, but that may not be ideal for this project. For example, I'm looking at the transmission cover. Obviously, this thing needs to be cleaned heavily. I'd like to have it blasted or wire wheel it clean, off the machine, so I can be sure to every nook and cranny and it would be best to do so with it off the machine. But, once it's cleaned down to bare iron, it'll need to be primed and painted right away. For anyone who's restored like I'm restoring, how would you paint?
  5. KWRB

    The Dog Thread

    Bullhockey! I created this thread, and other than those who actually own the server and domain who can overrule me, I say this is exactly what this thread is for, to talk about and share dogs. No one is following the thread who isn't a dog lover and can't relate. You can bet when mine's day comes, I'll be telling everyone about my buddy. Plus your pics are good ones. I just have lots of pictures of mine sleeping in obscene postures and caked in mud.
  6. My grandmother said, and mother says, "idle hands are the devil's workshop". As it pertains to children, I believe that to be true. Not much of a stretch to say it applies to all people.
  7. KWRB


    Wish there was an eyeroll and pat on the head emoji on here
  8. KWRB

    Tire project

    I've learned it's important for me to be able to laugh at myself. Makes life more enjoyable.
  9. KWRB

    Tire project

    HAHAHAHA yes! Typing on the phone, and it always thinks it knows what I mean better than I do. Stupid autocorrect. Funny though!
  10. KWRB

    Tire project

    Those big tires are cool though. I got a parts orchard tractor from a forum member a while back with oversize tires, and they look great too
  11. KWRB

    Tire project

    In my humble opinion, those fenders have got to go. But that's honestly because I grew up with a C without fenders. Of course I think wife fronts look funny too, for the same reason. 🤣🤣
  12. The constant contrarianism from OT is super annoying. MOST of the time it's just eyeroll worthy, but this one ****** me off. Seriously, poopooing charity? And that was rhetorical. I neither want nore care about a response. Thanks to the op, I'm gonna talk to my wife tonight and we're gonna find a local place to give tomorrow. But, if this forum identifies a personal cause elsewhere, I'm in. I'll take it out of the tractor budget in a second.
  13. Lesson Learned: go to Messicks next time. The CaseIH site's parts diagram shows 8 lock washers, and because the fasteners aren't shown in the exploded view, I couldn't be certain that's where they went, which is why I was confused. I felt pretty confident a lock washer should go there, but I wanted to be certain. Thanks for the help
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