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  1. That would be interesting. I vote that that would be cool. Gnashing of teeth be damned! Reality, it turns out, is that these companies' history are not entirely insulated from one another.
  2. Yes yes yes yes YES! I guess I'll make it SD for the first time in my life. Thanks to all involved, for deciding on recognizing the Steiger branch of the family tree! As many here might recall, I love those things. I am not a farmer, and I've never owned a machine over 59HP. My family's farms, all over the family tree had small machines. Maybe that's why I love them so much. Plus, they are a great American Entrepreneur story, and they've served America so well, as an independent, as part of IH, and as part of CIH. This is great. I'm so pumped.
  3. KWRB

    The Dog Thread

    Unfortunately my two pups are the opposite at this stage of their life. One is geriatric and underweight, and the other is later middle age and slightly overweight. My dogs have always lost weight in the summer, because play increases.
  4. KWRB

    The Dog Thread

    I'm always intrigued by people who give their dogs meals. Any dog I've had had always had 24/7 access to food. What do you guys do?
  5. You know, I wonder if you'd have any luck contacting the Smithsonian or the Museum of Flight, and asking them...
  6. Is there a link to the auction catalog?
  7. Well done! Man after my own heart! Any numbers on it?
  8. Buy it first. Figure it out second, I say!
  9. I think, if I remember correctly the 2008 recession killed them. Aerospace, ESPECIALLY the general aviation industry, is highly vulnerable to the markets. Re Continental, @New Englander Continental, for one, may be getting castings from China now, considering they're Chinese-owned. I thought I read Textron was a big customer too, but nonetheless, GA products weren't selling, and Syracuse, NY isn't exactly a business-friendly place. I guess the building was technically over the city line, in DeWitt, but essentially part of the Eastwood neighborhood of Syracuse. Edit: I found the article I recalled. https://www.syracuse.com/news/2013/02/oberdorfer_foundry_in_dewitt_t.html
  10. Yes! Oberdorfer! They made a lot of aluminum castings for aerospace. They only recently shut down for good and the building didn't even sit vacant. They knocked it down almost immediately, which is a shame, because for a foundry, it was cool looking.
  11. Whew. That was starting to sound like the perpetual "where does upstate NY start?" debate.
  12. I just did the math, the chances of getting a casting made on Feb 29 is 1 / (365+365+365+366) * 5/7 Or 0.049% This is because Feb 29 occurs once every four years, those years having 365, 365, 365, and 366 days, and only five out of every seven Feb 29th's are Monday-Friday. Rare indeed.
  13. That'll learn ya @1480x3!
  14. That's a unique one! But you couldn't find that date on another one if you tried. Even if you ignore the year.
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