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  1. Are you in Oswego County? My dad was the President of the department where that guy was. What a nightmare! I remember my dad agonizing whole that was going on, about all the people losing their barns and cattle and crop. It really upset my father when they find out who it was.
  2. I got an email reply about the trading post. It looks easy enough to manage.
  3. I'm bringing my orange (as a professional) and green (as a retired hobbyist) grandfather for his first foray into red from Oswego County, New York. The guys a friggin encyclopedia. I'm looking forward to having his perspective there. There are a lot of IH guys but to have an AC/JD guy there for a different take will be fun. Plus, it's Grandpa!
  4. KWRB

    I want to just quit

    ... Didn't you read?!?... He doesn't have a lot of time!!
  5. For whoever told me the $700 H a month ago wasn't a steal because "well actually [blah blah blah...]"
  6. My theory: The same reason mechanically apt men like to tinker on simple 70 year old ag machines. It's pure enjoyment, coasting without the mental heavy-lift.
  7. Could be worse. Mine's addicted to the murder shows -Dateline, Forensic Files, etc. etc. etc. I think she's studying...
  8. my 2017 Malibu has so many stupid warnings and dings, it sounds like a ringtone!
  9. Ahhh!!! The freshness of someone not browbeaten by oppressive government. In New York, you have to find statutes that say you're ALLOWED to do something, not the other way around.
  10. KWRB

    I want to just quit

    All I'm gonna say is, my father worked himself to death at 47. Died without ever having reaped the benefits. It's cliche, but work to live, my friend. Don't live to work.
  11. No kidding. Schools (including my alma mater, where I sit on boards) are falling over themselves to get girls in to Engineering and I've NEVER met one who couldn't find a job because employers want to wave the "Look! I have a female engineer!" flag.
  12. I know where you're coming from. I've seen plenty of engineering school graduates who couldn't screw in a lightbulb. Most of them were our international contingent. But heck if you ask my grandfather, my education "let me down" too... (that one stung, a lot). I do think mechanical aptitude can be cultivated. With some it's more natural than others, but it's like teaching someone how to swim. Some get it in ten seconds, some need a lot of time and patience but turn out just fine. It just has to be fostered, and from what I've seen of the teachers in my community, many teachers aren't in the profession for the love of educating and therefore don't have the patience (or ability?) to teach when it isn't easy to do so. I can only imagine tech school is similar. I still wouldn't put it on MTO to teach the kid unless it's an internship, and MTO's point about school letting them down, is likely absolutely true. Maybe take him on as an "intern" at a low-to-unpaid basis for a while, and understand that you'll get minimal work out of him and sink a little bit of your resources into educating him. I can tell you that I'm forever grateful to those who granted me internships, and I learned a LOT.
  13. That's funny. But also, you're a liar. You LOVE to be that guy and everyone knows it!
  14. Well, my generation was fed the "Europe does it SOOO much better" line for years. Started to believe it.
  15. Ouch. I get mine done at a local farm and garden for $5 a piece. I hate sharpening. I suck at it and they get dull very quickly after. For my time and the frsutration of using a file, I'll have someone else do it. I love how everyone tells you to use Oregon, after your post says you can't find Oregon. I also agree it's the best I've used for the price. I have Stihl and Oregon chain and cut dozens of trees a year. I don't see a difference. I'll add that they have a "dealer finder" on their website where you might be able to find Oregon chain. I tried it just now with Chardon, OH and there were tons within 20 miles. If you co with a full complement chain (a cutting tooth on every link, rather then every other like the "safety" chains most stores sell) it's modestly better in that it'll cut faster, but more importantly to me, I like it because you have double the number of cutting teeth, so you can go longer intervals between removing and swapping/sharpening chains.
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