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  1. KWRB

    Nice COE

    Finally found the truck! Anyway, what is it? I've never seen one of those.
  2. KWRB

    USS Hornet

    My great grandfather was there! He was on the escort carrier Natoma Bay, one of several pressed into battle when Halsey went after the decoy. The Natoma Bay was credited with a destroyer sunk in that battle even though the escort carriers were never meant for that kind of battle, more for moving equipment. He sent a bracelet home to my grandma that he made from the metal of a Kamikaze that hit their deck.
  3. KWRB

    Stomper at Louisville

    Gives "flotation" in reference to ag tires a new meaning.
  4. KWRB

    USS Hornet

    At those pressures, equalization would likely occur right through the porous cast iron, not to mention that gaskets and such aren't going to hold back any pressure 3 miles down. All internal spaces equalized on the way down.
  5. KWRB

    USS Hornet

    It was probably tied down (though I can't see that in the pictures), and solid tires make sense. I'd hate to be a thousand miles from home and not be able to move material because I ran out of tubes or patch kits...
  6. KWRB

    USS Hornet

    Don't be ridiculous. For sure needs points and a condenser too.
  7. KWRB

    Model Train Show in Erie

    I'm not personally into model railroading, but when I was renovating part of my house I found a switch key in the floor. Turns out it was a rare one, and I learned a little about the railroad it belonged to (NY&OM, short lived precursor to O&W). Because of that I visited the local Oswego Railroad Museum, as I wanted to loan them the key to display -since it was of local relevance. They had a HUGE model of the O&W in WWII Oswego, showing all the old industrial buildings (when they actually conducted business in this part of NY) including tanks rolling out of one of the factories in town. It was so cool. I gained an appreciation for those guys. A ton of time must have gone into that.
  8. KWRB

    Spirit lifter 2+2 Guy?

    Playing the right handed guitar left handed, just like Jimi Hendrix!
  9. KWRB

    Spirit lifter 2+2 Guy?

    That is GREAT
  10. KWRB


    And despite the crazy value of real estate (don't know if they own or lease there), they are STILL closed on Sunday. If you can afford to close on Sunday in times square, you're doing it right. My daughter has a hoops tournament down the this spring. Guess where your boy's having lunch? I fly for work often on Sunday. Normally love going through ATL to get some Chic Fil-A, but nope, not Sunday. I admire absolutely anyone who will sacrifice (in this case sacrifice the almighty dollar) for principle. A lot of people claim to have principles today, but they are not willing to make an ounce of sacrifice for it.
  11. Maybe it is spelled correctly...
  12. KWRB

    I need one of these!

    Water jacket through the chute would be novel. Behind some steel of course.
  13. KWRB


    I get on my Grandpa's case about this all the time. His kids are all adults, and he even has great grandkids. There's nothing to save money for anymore. Heck, his son, my dad was a penny pinching super saver and never even sniffed retirement. Died at 47. That experience losing my dad young affected me. I will NOT work my life away. Yes work is noble -that's absolutely true. Being a family man, having balance in life and having quality relationships is nobler still.
  14. KWRB

    Raising Pheasant

    I think it's fairly common for 4-H to raise them in New York