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  1. KWRB


    Get it professionally fitted too! A poorly fitted mask does NOTHING. The air (and particles) will just go around and through areas of poor fitment.
  2. KWRB


    My house has asbestos tile in the kitchen. 10"x10". Google will have lots of pictures of it.
  3. I have a modest stable of 3 old IH tractors and a stationary engine. I'm rebuilding both magnetos now. 1) 1950 C with distributor and electric start and lights. I inherited this one. It's possible the electric start was added later. In fact the C either didn't have a starter, or had a bad starter when I was a kid because I remember my father crank starting it. We bought him a starter for Christmas one year. I don't know if he replaced a bad one, or installed where there wasn't one. I also don't know if he switched from a mag to a distributor at the same time. I also don't know when the 12v conversion was, but it was a home job (no wiring harness). 2) 1949 OS-4 with H4 magneto and electric start and lights 3) 1945 OS-6 with distributor and electric start and lights 4) 1945-ish LA Engine with H1 magneto Question 1) Since tractors were ordered/offered with magnetos or distributors for several overlapping years, what drove the contemporary decision on whether to order a machine with magneto or distributor? I've read some people's guesses that with crank start, most customers would order the magneto. However all of my tractors have electric start including the one with a mag. It is possible however that electric start was added later for all of them. Question 2) I'm rebuilding the H1 mag for the LA, which is about identical to the H4 mag on the tractors. I want to clean the housing. What do you recommend for cleaning/degreasing the cast aluminum housing? It's pretty soft stuff. I think I marked it up just rubbing off the serial number. Question 3) Were magnetos painted? I'm inquiring both on the stationary engine and on the tractors. It seems strange to me to paint cast aluminum. Question 4) How often are coils failed? The points/condenser kits are reasonable, but the coils are expensive. I'd rather not buy them if not necessary Question 5) How does one test a coil? Presumably resistance? What would be a "good" resistance (or other metric) on an H1 or H4 mag?
  4. KWRB

    Shocking Error in an IH Film

    So do you think the tractors were being pulled by wire, idling low and in gear, stop motion camera work, or what?
  5. KWRB

    Shocking Error in an IH Film

    Bingo. That's what I saw.
  6. KWRB

    Caught the IH Flu

    I was thinking same thing.
  7. So followup question: I think I'm going to buy new rims from Miller Tire: Anyone know of a place that will galvanize these?
  8. Were rims originally painted or galvanized in 1949? I am inclined to think that they were galvanized by a couple of oldies I have around, but was wondering about your general consensus.
  9. It's a 20 minute video, so it's kinda long to go searching for an "error" on a tractor. But, it's an enjoyable video so see if you can find it. If no one sees what I see, I'll mention it in the thread later.
  10. KWRB

    IH fire extinguisher

    So is fire. Wonder which was worse.
  11. KWRB

    President George H.W. Bush

    We're the same age, apparently. I was thinking the same thing. President Bush was special to me because he was the first president I knew of, and four years was FOREVER when I was little. Ever President since then has seemed somehow like a follower. IDK how to articulate it, really, but he was a special president to me, long before I was capable of having an opinion on politics or policy.
  12. KWRB

    Type of metal for power steering bolster 706

    There's no reason for this to be cast steel. I'd bet the farm it's cast iron, gray or ductile. As for the weld, there are some creative ways to repair them. I've never done it; I'm a lousy welder. But, consider taking it to an engine shop. There are folks who weld cracks in engine blocks, and they might be just what the doctor ordered.
  13. KWRB

    Thoughts on GM plants closing

    I'll be honest. I had to look up Adonis, and I generally know about these kinds of things!
  14. KWRB

    Thoughts on GM plants closing

    In my family, we have a sedan (my car) and a small SUV (my wife's) both are GM's. There's a 2017 Malibu and a 2008 Cadillac SRX. crossovers are hatchbacks; they're ugly. I can't believe everyone's obsession with them. I may be wrong, but when real SUV's were super expensive and super popular, people came t see them as a status symbol. I know my sister did. I used to call it her Status Utility Vehicle. She took a second job just to pay the loan for it. For those around my age, do we all remember Nelly and Ludacris songs (yes, they're awful) with the Escalades and Navigators in the lyrics and in the videos? Our generation is married to the notion of an SUV being "better" than a sedan or a coupe. Now they've crept down to where there's a tinny version of it available so we can all feel special. No, they're not Escalades or Navigators, but since those aren't attainable, people buy the little ones. Quite literally a "poor man's Escalade", is sitting in my driveway. I hate that thing. Totally unnecessary. "But they're bigger": No, unless you're taller, and sitting in the cargo compartment. I can put as much stuff in my Malibu trunk as my wife's Cadillac SRX. "But I need the 4wd": There are AWD cars and there would be more if it weren't for the perception (and nothing more than perception) that your mini-me SUV handles better somehow. I live in Oswego County, NY and our weather is worse than 99% of the country and I bang around in the snow and garbage weather just fine. It only requires that one actually know how to drive. "But they're safer": that's a dangerous notion and while I can't prove it, I feel like that contributes to people being reckless. I've been financially able to buy a SUV for many years and I've bought three Malibus in a row since 2005. I've put about a million miles on them, driving everything from rutty gravel roads, to highways, to NYC. I've driven in good weather and bad, and I've never had a garage. They're better cars than anyone gives them credit for, if they're maintained. Yes, repairs will have to be made, but the total cost of ownership is better than an SUV, or any comparable from Europe or Asia. I've really liked them. However, the price has gone up and the car has gone down. This third one was the hardest decision of the three. Nothing but four cylinder options, which have no guts. I'm not certain I'd buy it again. I'm not an industry person, but I'd guess the "failure" of the sedan/coupe market has more to do with poor offerings at high price points than consumer taste. As for Trump/Obama/Trudeau and all that, the industry trends are always several years in the making and I don't think any one of them could individually shoulder much of this. I'm unhappy about the decision because I will NOT EVER spend several thousand dollars on a product to have all that money go overseas rathe than to my neighbors, and I think this ruined my options, and I'd love to have a simple person to blame, but I fear it isn't so. It's probably the self-appointed geniuses in marketing that boogered up their notions on what buyers want. But, rest assured, nothing is ever final in the auto industry. They're always knee-jerking and they'll realize there's a market, eventually. Look at the S-10/Ranger cancellation. They canceled them, the ones on the road eventually started to die and people wanted them back, so they're coming back. I would say, whoever holds on to the last production American sedan will reap benefits. I believe I read that the Malibu is not being canceled? If so, that model will be successful. There are sedan drivers out there that don't want a barebones civic and don't need the validation of a Mercedes.
  15. KWRB

    Liquid Gold Falling

    No. More like someplace every year in the midwest is flooded, and most of that water end sup in the gulf via the Mississippi eventually. Farmland is destroyed and water is wasted. I also live on a great lake. Trust me I get it.