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  1. I am not certain, but I think they were really called thrashing machines at one point. I think I read annoyed when I read this, and went and looked it up. Been a while though and I'm not confident in that. Too lazy to go looking again. Hoping someone here sets me straight. Odds are good!
  2. This is related to one of my biggest pet peeves. People who call every single assemblage of people, whether it's sports teams fans, operators of a particular brand of farm equipment, coworkers, fellow union members or whatever, "family", "brothers"/"sisters", or "nation". I'm a firefighter and it's like nails on a chalkboard to hear people refer to it as a brotherhood, or to me as their brother. With the amount of smack talk, gossip and backbiting in the fire service (it's in all of them), I never want siblings like them. I've said "I have two siblings in this world, and that includes none of you". And then there's "nation". It kinda made sense in the context of sports fan diaspora, (e.g. "Steelers Nation" or whatever), in that those fanbases truly have fans all over the actual nation. Still stupid, but I realized it really jumped the shark when I was at my local high school and saw a poster advertising the school's sale of "Tigers Nation" shirts. Really? A whole nation of compatriots for this crappy town's crappy sports teams? If my eyes could roll any farther, they'd do a lap. No thanks. I'll stick with American. I have siblings and I'm a citizen of a nation. Learn to use actual words, already crafted for application in that actual context! Honorable mentions: The newly ubiquitous "_____ Strong". And a one-off that's equally idiotic "Bills Mafia".
  3. He didn't buy a lorry? Lol. That's the problem with threads like this. Everyone gets shell shocked and anxious about their own spelling and grammar! When I read the English/Canadian/Australian/new Zealandian (idk) spelling of neighbour, harbour, etc., I always say it like neighboor or harboor in my head, as in "cool" or "soothe". Then I chuckle to myself. Easily amused is the way to be. It's a happy life. 😆
  4. Power of attorney dies with the deceased!
  5. I know. I understood. I didn't take issue with anything anyone said here. Didn't mean for my post to come off defensive, but it did.
  6. As for the longer hours solution. If it's safe for truckers to run longer hours, it's safe to run longer hours. If it's not safe, it's not safe. Monkeying with the definition to suit the crisis d'jour is a logical fallacy. Luckily, people have better bullshit filters than "they" think; most know.
  7. Wet nurses. Or they died. My daughter would have died without it. It's not bullshit. Her momma is not in another house, or in jail, or a drinker or a crackhead. She didn't have some modern lifestyle where she's too cool to breastfeed. She's not unhealthy in any identifiable way. It just didn't work. We worked very, very hard and endured much to have her. It's no fault of ours as parents that she needed formula. Thank God it exists. I'd be stark raving lunatic, psychotic levels of angry if I couldn't feed my baby right now. And I'll let it go at that.
  8. I work with lawyers all day long. Getting things accomplished is SOO effing hard, on account of their commitment issues.
  9. Or through. But hey, who's being picky? What agitates me (and I see it a lot here) is when something "needs painted" or "needs fixed". It's like nails on a chalkboard. An item "needs fixing" or "needs to be fixed". Your elementary school teachers are rolling in their graves. And if they're not dead yet, don't let them see your terrible grammar. They'll shoot themselves; their lives are a sham.
  10. I dated a city girl who called them hay balls.
  11. Another check in the W column for RPF. Getting stuff DONE!
  12. Yessss!!!! Best thread! Somebody give the new guy a medal! For you @mattcars , welcome! These types of questions are fun because some people get super torqued up on fluids and the debate can get real crazy and entertaining. Don't get bothered if some guys get real ornery. Some people are just too easy to tweak.
  13. I read once told there's a nice island somewhere in the Pacific with no mosquitos. I'll take salt and snakes, if you could promise me no bugs!
  14. Lol. I'm glad you remembered that. I forgot!
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