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  1. KWRB

    Super w4 tires

    When in doubt, call Miller Tire. Re-tiring old tractors is their business, and they're the experts. I think you or he got the bigger-smaller relationship swapped during your conversation. Even if you don't call Miller, there are really good resources at tire vendors websites online. It's how I learned, but I have to re-learn every time I need tires. That's the advantage of asking someone who works with it every day. A Brief Explanation at Miller Tire's Webpage
  2. KWRB

    I see your doing something stupid

    Haha! I had a super-genius opposite-of-handy family member fall off a ladder and sue the ladder manufacturer. Par for the course for that branch of the tree.
  3. KWRB

    Strange M-TA Front End

    I understand that to mean the fronts could be set forward like in this photo, or up close to the bolster? What's the point?
  4. KWRB

    Strange M-TA Front End

    Take a look at this. I'm not an expert in M-TA's, but this looks unique. Take a look at how far forward this front end is. Can anyone she'd any light on that?
  5. KWRB

    Getting a 2 for one deal at local hospital

    I popped into this thread expecting tractors...
  6. KWRB

    old snowblower

    OMG, that description just hit a little too close to home. I'm not emotionally prepared for winter yet...
  7. KWRB

    123 missing kids found

    I live in NY, and I'm skeptical about the "Failed Inspection". Inspections here are obnoxious, second to California I would guess. I want to know why it failed inspection before I go crazy on the "shouldn't have been on the road" warpath. As for the loss of life. It's just awful. Nothing else to say about it. Awful. I hate it.
  8. STEIGER! A lime friggin green one. I want to fully restore it, put a giant chrome pipe on it, mount a GIGANTIC American flag on the bareback, and roll coal through local parades!!
  9. KWRB

    Gas tank dip stick

    It'll vary because the horizontal area of the tank is not continuous. In other words, the first inch of depth will require less volume than the second, since the bottom of the tank is smaller. same thing going up.
  10. KWRB

    some people should be shot

    Funny about cats. I'm not a cat person. In July my wife calls while I'm traveling 5 hours away to pick up a sick kid at an amusement park. She says she thinks there's a baby skunk living under our propane tank. Long story short, the baby skunk turned out to be a kitten in really sad shape. She was skin and bones, laden with fleas, roundworms and tapeworms, and had been tore up by something. Her face was all tore up, she was missing all the whiskers and eyebrows on one side. Rough. We put her in a box with food and water the first night in the garage. Didn't want the parasites in the house. She escapes, naturally. We look, but the garage is really big place for a tiny kitten. I figure, she wouldn't have gone far if this is free food we've given her, but can't find her. I figure I'm going to have to buy a live trap to get her back. Well my daughter had a genius idea. She plays a youtube video on her phone of a cat meowing and the little one meows back. She's crawled up into the space between the two levels of the chassis of the zero turn lawnmower and won't come out. I tear it apart and get her out after a hour or so. We name her Dusty, because she's a mess. Of course I didn't put the lawnmower together quite right -the PTO belt was off the pulley on the shaft and I couldn't see it. So I had to troubleshoot, tear apart, and replace the belt. What a pain. We take her in the house and she takes to litter (oil-dry) immediately, so that's a positive. Cat piss is about the nastiest stuff on the planet. Anyway, I feel that the way we treat domestic animals says a lot about who we are as humans. After all, domestic animals were bred to be dependent on humans, so when we neglect them, it's typically a death sentence. So, we take the cat in. Medicine for fleas (the special kind because she's a kitten. Medicine for the roundworms (three separate doses), and then later when we realized there were tapeworms too, medicine for them. A checkup at the vet, and an appointment to get spayed. It was loser owners who don't spay/neuter/corral their animals that led to this wretched miserable little thing. Two weeks ago I'm out of town for work and my wife texts me, the cat is throwing up all over. She decides not to take her to the vet. She's likely just a little sick. When I get home, the cat is visibly skinnier, and won't play. This is very out of character. We take her to the emergency vet. I say to them that I just want to ensure the cat will live through the night, and that I was going to take her to my primary vet in the morning. They insist on blood work, a preliminary sono-type scan, and x-rays. $600 and 4 hours later, they don't know a thing. Now, they're asking me for $1,500 to do a full-blown scan of some kind, and they're crap-talking my "small country vet", and saying that they probably won't be able to help the little girl. I call timeout. I'm severely annoyed and we go home. Another hour. They say they'll send all the records to my vet for me, but I demand copies and get them. I take her to my vet in the morning and he says "yes we have the record from last night". It's a single page. I have 6 or so pages of documents and a CD of the x-rays. None of that was sent over. I give those to him and he reviews. He says to me "the first thing I look for in situations like this is a string under the tongue". I guess it's a common thing for cats to eat string. It'll get caught under their tongue and the digestive system is trying to pull it down and out, and the tongue is pulling it back. The result is the string sawing back and forth and tearing up everything from the tongue to the b-hole. Well, he performs a visual exam for about 30 seconds and lo and behold, there's a string. Torques me right off that the "24-hour, suburban, high class emergency vet" didn't have the wherewithal to look for this which again, I'm told is fairly common and should be a first check. So, since the little thing was due for a spay anyway, they open her up. They pull out 18" or so of string that she found God-only-knows-where, and have to remove a section of her intestines that was cut open and splice back together. Her duodenum (valve at the bottom of stomach) is damaged but they think it will heal. We're giving her antibiotics and blending wet cat food into a slurry for two weeks. Smells terrible. All because a defenseless, dependent animal showed up. I'm not pleased about having to make changes to the house so the dogs and cat can coexist, and all the money I've dropped on this critter, but it's what a human does. Anybody want a cat?
  11. KWRB

    What can we determine from this old photo?

    Beat me to it
  12. KWRB

    I lost my hammer 😢

    If you use them how they're meant to be used (framing), they're not dangerous. The lumber absorbs the impulse. Steel on steel, is bad news. That's why ball peens have wooden hammers.
  13. KWRB

    Hat Recommendation

    Anybody wear a Tilly hat? I've considered that.
  14. KWRB

    rust reformers?

    For things that can't be dunked in a bath of solution (like brush hog decks), I've seen this stuff called "Naval Jelly" or something like that, work really well on youtube videos...