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  1. You said you like Carhartt. I didn't know so I looked and there is hi visibility Carhartt. Don't know if there's anything you like there. https://www.carhartt.com/query/Visibility
  2. Fighting grass fires at night in some ways is easier than in the bright sun. Hard to see those little flames in the sun. Will the burn effect the next crop at all? What causes the fire in a baler typically? Is it hay dust?
  3. With the press, it's really not much work at all. It's good to have friends like that. I know a guy who helped me in a pinch on a Friday afternoon and when I asked what I owed him he said "how about you sit and have a beer with me, and then come back when you have a good paying job for me". So, my payment was to drink a beer (his) and promise to come back. I'm glad you're getting it back together!
  4. I have a complete one I'll sell you much cheaper than eBay. But I don't think that's necessary. Find someone with a press and press it apart. If it doesn't work, let me know via message on here.
  5. Brandon, how'd you make out? I wanted to let you know I had to buy a whole Belt Pulley gearbox the other night in order to buy the guard for it. If you need any parts, let me know.
  6. KWRB

    Big cat

    I don't know if this is typo, but it's hilarious because isn't that fitting? All expression, all the time, and sharing it with the world!
  7. KWRB

    New project

    I learned about Caterpillar doing this as a freshman - 2002.
  8. KWRB

    Big cat

    last time there was a thread on here about big cats, I went to Youtube and looked up mountain lion screams, and it honestly scared me. That is the single most awful natural sound I've ever heard. Sounds like pure evil. I actually saw in the comments (take them for what they're worth) that someone who'd worked in a national park somewhere used to often deal with visitors who said they heard a woman being attacked in the woods. They'd have to go check it out every time.
  9. Reflective tape on the tags would accomplish the same end as including reflective media in the plastic. Think fishing tackle you might even be able to find reflective tape for fishing tackle and make some prototypes. And yeah, you might have to double tag to get both sides of the "single head of cattle", but is that cost negligible?
  10. It sounds like IHRon might have a "good" prognosis, of outpatient treatment. However, a lot of leukemia must be treated with bone marrow transplantation. Unfortunately, not every patient has a known matched donor available. I'm a freedom and privacy loving person, but I'm a strong believer in being on the bone marrow registry, because one of our neighbors might need us (and by neighbor, I mean anyone) Check out bethemach.org where you can get on the list. They mail you home some cheek swabs. You swab your own cheek and mail them back, and you're all set. I joined about ten years ago and haven't gotten the call. I hope I do someday. I'd like to help.
  11. If not, the smell might waft over your way... good enough?
  12. It's okay. I prefer them old and worn out. They make better projects.
  13. I'm sorry to hear this man. I'll pray for you.
  14. I saw Randy Travis but he didn't sing. I know his health wasn't good a while ago, but he's one of my favorites. I grew up on his real country amidst the Garth stuff. Anyone know what's up with him these days?
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