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  1. firewood won't be that much help with a hole that size in the wall
  2. I did look at my 1949 catalog and it appears that the decals for the C (my current project) say McCormick-Deering, but then again my C is a 1950, so I'm still not certain. It's even more confusing because I think some of the Wheatlands (I think) said "International". I'm hoping Guy Fay sorts it out for me in the book, but was also hoping someone here had a primary source for it too.
  3. I'm certain I can't be the first person to ask this question, but is there a definitive authority on the McCormick branding versus the McCormick-Deering Branding? Also, International, etc? I swear I see decals for letter series that call tractors "McCormick", "McCormick-Deering", and "International"... Is this something that would be in the Guy Fay book I asked for from Santa?
  4. I buy my brother in law a tool or tools every year for Christmas. I try to keep track during the year of what he's needed from me and then get him that tool. I have a set of old inherited and garage sale pullers, so I don't know what brand they are, or have any opinions on brand. Normally, I like to spend my money on American products, but I'm not certain it's even an option here -let alone an option within a reasonable budget. So, do any of you have opinions on two- or three-jaw pullers you've bought in the last few years?
  5. Ain't that the truth. It's why I left Connecticut as soon as I could. My salary didn't share the same bump add the cost of living.
  6. Didn't a lot of people make them by modifying three wheelers?
  7. That's crazy. I looked it up and AO Smith owns a lot of brands https://www.aosmith.com/About/Brands/ At one point in my career, I was designing products with hermetic motors from AO Smith. My great-grandfather also worked for Erie Pump and Meter in Erie PA, which later was part of AO Smith. They have gotten into a lot of stuff through acquisition over the years.
  8. KWRB

    Music thread

    Resurrecting this thread because this song's played a few times lately while I was working, and it's taking on a new meaning for me as of late. That, and I figured I'd share since a lot of you guys have shared fond memories of your dads in the past. Saw these guys opening for Breaking Benjamin and Five Finger Death Punch two years ago. They stole the show. The video has more a negative angle than the pyrics alone. Honestly, today is the first time I'd seen the video. I always just thought of the song as a conversation between a father and son, at the father's twilight of life.
  9. Part of the problem is this: public companies. I've worked for and with large private and large public companies. The share price is God with publicly traded companies. They'll sell next week for share price today, and it is driven by ownership -that is, the shareholders and more specifically large shareholders and/or those at arms length, who only own stock as an investment. It's easier to weather the economic storms when the authorities have the long term health of the company in mind. That'll occur more often with a privately owned company that'll be passed down to the next generation, than it will with a publicly traded company whose largest shareholder want a return now so they can move on to the next take. All those "robber barons" that Carlson mentioned? All OWNED their companies. A lesser proportion of "American" companies are owned privately anymore. Who are the richest people at a company? The CEO's and other C-suite executives. And who do they work for? The shareholders who by and large know nothing about the industry, the economy, or the company. They (myself included) are owners because their retirement demands it. Pensions outside the government are practically as gone as dinosaurs, so we own stock and demand return in order to survive when/if we see retirement. When the CEO/President/Chairman of the Board is also the one who owns the company, you see less of this. There aren't super simple solutions, but I don't think it's a coincidence that the evaporation of pensions, death of privately owned large companies, and hedge fund vultures all occurred in parallel.
  10. I don't think this is accurate. I think whatever website this came from is interchanging "manufacturer" with brand. My Whirlpool (approx 4 years old) is made by American Water Heater Company, of Tennessee
  11. Especially when you completely remove the one bathroom in your one-bathroom home. On that note, gotta get back on my head.
  12. KWRB

    Plow share shape.

    I'm not an expert, but since they don't work together I can't imagine anything won't function on account of them being different. You might like the performance of one better, but they depend on each other; each furrow is turned independent of the other.
  13. I'm been building a new bathroom for a few weeks, and everything hurts. My neck is sore from standing in the almost-tall-enough basement doing plumbing. My knees are killing me from installing a new tile floor. shoulders are sore from the overhead work. Heck, even my hands hurt from gripping the schedule 40 while I saw it. I won't blame it entirely on age. I'm not in great shape anymore and some of these tasks have better tools for the job but still, ten years ago I wouldn't have felt a thing. It scares me to think what 50 is going to feel like!
  14. KWRB


    The argument for being "natural" doesn't carry the day. logically, one cannot blindly accept that something natural can't be harmful. Just a list of the first things that come to my mind that occur naturally that are certainly poor for your health. Asbestos Poppies anthracite silica red tide giant hogweed heather salt water crude oil snake venom/bee stings Before anyone loses their mind and argues over what I *didn't* say, all I said was that the argument for weed because it's "natural" doesn't all alone mean it's healthy to ingest or absorb. If you want to rationalize the substance, another argument is needed.
  15. KWRB

    Tooth Fairy

    Mine is 17. Trust me, you'll miss it. Take the bad with the good.
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