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  1. KWRB

    Swiss made Cheese

    Vielen Dank daf├╝r! People are caught off guard when I tell them about counterfeit bearings. Imagine when I start telling them about counterfeit cheese!!
  2. Not to mention cheaper and less waste. I'm a fan.
  3. As I think you know, I don't own any foreign vehicles, so I can't speak to Toyota, but I have owned several GM 3.6L's and the filter configuration has been different. Two of the recent ones were an '09 Malibu and an '08 Cadillac SRX. They both wanted the same weight oil, but the Malibu manual/oil cap called for Dexos and the SRX called for Full Synthetic -the cap even had Mobil 1 printed on it. The Malibu had an oh-so-conveniently located spin on filter above the exhaust manifold, and the SRX had a paper element filter mounted on top. Naturally I used "Traveller" oil in both. And I change
  4. Shame on us! No has mentioned West Pullman!! Does anyone know when WP bearings ceased to exist?
  5. KWRB

    Tip the tire guy

    I always heard, tip the service industry.
  6. Following Cuomo's lead? Because you do know the virus gets all amped up later in the day -it's morning in China! But really, think about it... Everyone is going to be scrambling to get their socializing done with all the people they haven't seen, before the bars close -now condensed into a smaller window of time. What does that mean for density? "Oh but they're supposed to be at half capacity". Riiiight. So from my barfly days I can tell you that this would have just meant more after hours socializing at houses. I swear, even if their intentions are noble, it's like these governments
  7. KWRB

    The Dog Thread

    Holy moly! I bet he's happy!
  8. Lol. Couldn't get much more German!
  9. Apparently, this is why they fought a revolution!
  10. I'm happy you're still with us. Please be very careful (later obviously, not right now) with those pain medications. If you need help afterwards, don't hesitate to ask for it. Our country is loaded with people who get hooked innocently on painkillers then are too ashamed of the addiction to ask for help getting off them. I love this forum. I've only met a few of these people, but 99% of them seem like wonderful, truly good people.
  11. Too bad the kid ran. Sounds from the details here, he was just scared. But now there'll be worse consequences than if he'd pulled over. Unfortunately, it's probably more due to poor driver training than him being a rotten kid. If he had a dad like it seems your son has, it all probably never would have happened. Hopefully he learns, and it's no worse for anyone involved, and the consequences don't follow him around.
  12. KWRB


    Ugly as sin. I've heard tell from guys in the two cylinder club that Deere would paint a tractor any color ordered, provided the customer paid (presumably handsomely) for it. Someone even shared a picture of one on here recently. My guess is, something similar happened here. Some green snob with his government job wrote into a spec that the new tractor quoted for purchase with the people's money had to be green and yellow because it's what HE liked. IH guy comes back with a quote and "eff you it's green. And by the way, you're required by law to take the lowest bid that meets spec".
  13. SKF is a high quality bearing. I wouldn't hesitate at all. In fact, I start with SKF on my projects.
  14. If I lived in peanut country I'd be wearing shorts, and probably no shirt. I don't know how humans endure that kind of weather! Of course, that is why I live in snow country!
  15. KWRB

    The Dog Thread

    I'm so proud of having started this thread and it being up to 48 pages of awesome dog stuff. If you guys get it poofed, I'm going to find you.
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