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  1. Tom Park works for Billy Fucillo in New York too. And Fucillo I hear is Billy Sanchez somewhere in the southwest too.
  2. jeepers, where is that guy? we hear ads for him in Syracuse, too.
  3. Putting a solid hardwood floor in the baby's nursery. Anyone have any sage advice before I get started?
  4. @bitty you got a decent regular C grille in there, somewhere?
  5. This article differentiates between the longest listed, and the oldest companies that also happen to be listed. https://www.pws.io/the-seven-oldest-companies-on-the-new-york-stock-exchange
  6. I just did a little brief web searching and Con Ed is the oldest stock on the NYSE. They don't manufacture, but energy generations is the closest thing to it. I don't know if you were only looking for manufacturers, or what... IBM - founded 1911, but not sure about the stock.
  7. Saw an article yesterday or the day before - NYC is running out of dogs to adopt out!
  8. Here in NY, we've been stuck indoors for a few weeks now. It's a good thing and even though my house is going to suffer greatly (this is going to sink my wife's business), I think it's the right thing. However, my grandparents are in that high risk category and so they're taking heed and staying in. I've been doing their grocery shopping, leaving the groceries on the porch, etc., but I worry about cabin fever. I'm talking to them daily on the phone, and they seem in good spirits and they have each other which is all good, but I was wondering if we all might want to share ideas here. My grandpa is the one who got us all into tractors. He doesn't read novels or anything like that, and really only likes RFD on the TV. He can't really go work on projects in the shop on his own, so I did this. He doesn't have a subscription to Red Power, so I took all of my old issues (I've only been subscribing for a few years now) which I keep in the bookcase to send down to him. I also threw in my Red 4WD Tractors book, and some old vintage handbooks and manuals I have collected. Like I said, he won't read novels or anything like that, but he'll soak up technical handbooks and magazines. I cleaned out a cooler real well, and put them in the cooler for a few days here, even though they were only sitting on my shelf, and then I let them sit on their porch for another day, to ensure any potential virus on them has died. Grandpa should be able to open his care package today. What are some other things you're doing for the self-quarantines? Any ideas I could borrow?
  9. I think there's a silver lining. I am enjoying the time with my wife and daughter also.
  10. I saw a Pileated woodpecker at my home for the first time this week. I've seen them a few times before, but never here. Also this. My wife who's an owl lover, has never seen one live and in the flesh. A few days ago she saw a bird land in a tree and we got to see a barred owl with the spotting scope I keep in the bedroom to look on our back field. So she finally got to see her owl. Made my day. I was so happy for her.
  11. I don't think anyone misses *him* necessarily, but the general public was really hoping for the whole truth that could eventually have come out. I know I was.
  12. WKRP. My college coach loved that show. He had a "Les Nessman Turkey Drop" something or other poster on the wall of his office. None of us knew what the heck it meant because we'd never heard of the show, let alone seen it. It was just Coach's weird inside joke with himself.
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