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  1. It might be a corny reference, but I really like the show Downton Abbey and Lord Grantham referred to himself as the steward or custodian of Downton Abbey (which the legal structure was such that he didn't own it). I think of even "my" land as that. God knows it hasn't always been mine, and it won't always be mine. While it's most certainly "mine" for now, someday I'll leave it to someone else and I should leave it in good shape. The same goes for my non-real-property portion of whatever estate I have at the time, and my family name.
  2. I used to live in a city for a bit (college and a little bit afterward). I remember a girl I dated was totally confused as to why someone would volunteer to be a firefighter -do something dangerous and not be compensated. Then when I told her they worked really hard on the scene to save equipment and belongings, it was even more foreign to her. She couldn't quite get her around people's whole lives being tied up in things like ag equipment, and who may live in old houses that, after a fire, they would have nowhere else to go. My mom was the president of the VFD Ladies Auxiliary ("LADIES?!!" cis-normative pigs!!). We were a relatively well off family for our area. I remember every time a family would lose everything ("burned out" my parents would say), my mom would come back from the scene, and direct us kids to go through our drawers and part with things. This would include clothes, toys, sporting equipment, and probably makeup and such from my sisters, idk. I remember being a little sour about parting with my stuff, but I'm glad my mom made me do it. Plus, we could afford to replace anything we gave up if we REALLY needed it (which we probably didn't). These days, it seems the community doesn't come out in support like that. Everyone just kind of assumes "the Red Cross has got this". Heck, since my dad died, the local Fire Department has become entirely dependent on state money and hold exactly zero fundraisers. They used to do Chicken Barbecues, Mother's Day Dinners, Pancake Breakfasts, and Field Days. They got a guy in there running the show who has them convinced the town should just grovel and kiss the ring and they'll have the funds they need. And anything they don't get, they apparently don't need.
  3. I had a colonoscopy at 33 (34?), because of an issue I saw. I don't exactly love the thought, but I like the peace of mind it brought!
  4. I had three sets of the same Red Wings. I love the heck out of them. They discontinued them and now every time I try to go shopping for new boots, I get discouraged that nothing is close to "my" style, and so I give up and don't buy anything. I've been limping my old ones along at least three years longer than I should have...
  5. Reminds me of this in the Farmall C Operator's Manual: Also, Kind of a long story but, when I was a kid there was an arsonist running around the county burning barns. My dad had grown up here, was president of the VFD, had been a farm boy, FFA chapter president, etc etc. He took local community service very seriously and made it a point to try to save equipment. He had lots of stories about pulling up to a fire and asking the owner "what's in there that's the most important thing to try to save?" and then asking them if there was anything special about starting and moving it. He told me one story about backing an 8N out of a barn that was an heirloom and the tires were on fire while he was doing it. Of course, he was wearing a scott pack and turnout gear while doing it. Way safer than trying to save stuff in street clothes.
  6. And the snobs in the burbs are McMansion-poor and don't even have land to enjoy.
  7. Never satisfied ... But yeah, I want a video too! I'm not sure I've ever seen one of those work.
  8. You might also check with a place that can EDM that. It works like water jet, but with a cleaner edge. And can make intricate cuts. Would be helpful in getting that spine precise. I've sourced a fair amount of it in the past when I worked in product design. Tends to be pricey, so it's usually a good choice if traditional machining of the same part would require several steps.
  9. KWRB


    I'm right there with you Mark. My dog severed her ACL about a month ago. We went through this with the other side 18 months ago. Major surgery and a six month recovery. For the first part, she's essentially crated. It's tough but it's for their own good. My girl Cassie doesn't understand why I won't let her do anything. I feel bad but keep reminding myself it's for her own good. And I respect you for taking care of your animals. Domestic animals have no choice but to be dependent on humans. They're helpless without us. You can tell A LOT about a person by how they treat those who depend on them, whether human or animal. Accidents happen, but Chubs is a lucky dog to have a good owner.
  10. Makes sense. Looks Irish, name sounds Irish, and the landscape would be a fit too.
  11. That's an (irish?) European license plate... Is this young man European? If not a native speaker, his ability to sing is English (Southern English at that) is really good.
  12. what's the part number?
  13. If it's like the IH's, many gas models didn't come with a water temp gauge because gas-only models didn't have radiator shutters. On models that did have radiator shutters, the gauge was used to guide how far open or closed the shutters should be to maintain temp. So, if this is a non-gas model, and there was a mean of controlling the amount of cooling, then that would explain it.
  14. Edelbrock is a company that makes aftermarket high performance automotive engine parts. All the stuff is usually aluminum, because it's lighter weight It was said in jest. It's funny to me that tractor parts would be made out of aluminum, because aluminum is more expensive than steel/iron, and weight isn't usually a concern. In fact, it's usually desired... Kinda begs the question, why were they aluminum in the first place?
  15. Hood, oil pan and transmission housing are aftermarket upgrades from Edelbrock, obviously. You're welcome.
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