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  1. Euphemism? Those jeans I wore in high school?
  2. I've never seen a timber rattler or a copperhead, which the DEC says are both present here, but in my part of the state there are massasauga rattlers. They are fairly docile. Honestly, as a kid I think I had a better chance of getting bitten by the nothern water snakes. THEY are a-holes. They'll strike at anything. I've been bitten playing with little milk snakes, garters, etc. I'm really glad we don't have any truly dangerous snakes around. Did you go to U or State? When were you there?
  3. I used to live weekdays in the hotel next to there, when I was working on a project in PA. Was a Holiday Inn at the time. I'd go through the yard just to deal with the cabin fever. I really like them. I buy parts for pickup when I know I'm going through, as an excuse to stop in. They have the best website in the business and the physical facility is top notch as well.
  4. I apply the same theory to auctions. Pay bills the night before, go broke, and I won't buy anything stupid!
  5. Nah. Get one of those bright colored feathers on a string, attached to a stick!
  6. I've said this before and none of you listen. There's no way an oil change is all it needs. For sure the points and condenser will need replacing too!
  7. Also, if you like the tractor and aren't married to the idea of it having the original engine, replacements are out there relatively inexpensively if needed
  8. That's what I was referring to. So if the serials are combined for A and B, then I have nothing further to suggest. However, there are later records for C that are C only, while here shows SA and C combined, so go figure.
  9. Depending on the model, this *is* available in the records on the Wisconsin historical society website. I'd look it up for the OP and share, but I'm on my phone right now and searching that site is tough on the phone
  10. Not I. I went to Bloomsburg and loved it. Really want to get back to one!
  11. I sure hope this forum stays viable. I gave up fb almost ten years ago and don't miss it. Don't trust them, won't use it. This is an IH platform for IH enthusiasts, *by IH enthusiasts*. I trust the platform not to be shady for that reason. It's not like others that are one of several, all owned by a big data company.
  12. Looong time coming. There's a major difference between disagreeing, or debating even, and just being a jerk.
  13. Geez I could use it. Stupid rotten day, mad at the world, and would like to just read it
  14. Problem is, if people remain anonymous on here, they may just disappear into the ether. I don't know virtually any of you all personally, and I KNOW my wife doesn't. If I get hit by a bus tomorrow, the few of you that know my name or have my number, will still be in the dark. It's the downside of having internet friends I guess. I wonder what happened to @Atilathehun99
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