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  1. I'm a NY lifer except for brief stints in Germany and Connecticut. If you come to this part of the country, come in the fall! I feel the Thousand Islands are the best somewhat hidden gem of NY. Find a rental cottage on an island and take the longest boat tour there is. Clayton is classy and better in my opinion to visit, than Alexandria Bay. I think you need to go to ABay though to pick up the boat tours. If you come in winter (in a normal year), or possibly even fall, hit up Lake Placid. They hosted the 1932 and 1980 winter olympics, and with all the infrastructure, still host all kinds
  2. I'm sorry for your loss. I took a look at his obituary, and it sounds like he gave a lot of himself away to others during life, what with all the boards he served on. That sounds like a good man. Tell me, what is a corn husking champion? I honestly haven't got a clue. Is it what it sounds like?
  3. Just because I'm certain this will go poof anyway... Killing is killing, period. If we shouldn't execute imprisoned actual proven murderers (which I feel we shouldn't), because they deserve a chance at rehabilitation and spiritual reconciliation, then why wouldn't we give the pure and innocent a chance at having a life? Because we rationalize it by saying "they'd be born into a home where they weren't wanted and therefore death with no chance at life is better"? Imagine the child is born and then the parents don't want them after three years. If the thought of executing unwant
  4. KWRB


    Here's precisely how I'd handle it: That old fence has come and gone. Sorry Charlie, if you want to put a fence up, that's your prerogative, but it goes on YOUR property, in YOUR dime, not mine. Fencing ain't cheap! If you don't have a need or a want for it, it sounds like a whole bunch of not-your-problem
  5. Those lights are a factory option item. I always thought the light-on-light was cooler looking than the light-in-light that replaced it. I looked into this a while ago for my C restoration, and IH replaced the light-on-light design you show with a better (but not as cool looking) design with two bulbs inside a single housing. I think I started a thread on here discussing it. I have to find it. Edit: found it
  6. I read the topic to this thread and thought "Nope. None of those here. Fresh out."
  7. Precision Tractor Parts. They manufacture the "proper" ones, licensed by CNH. High quality stuff
  8. What was the logic? The row crop letter series were the same age...
  9. I remember vividly where I was when I learned about Paul Revere. I remember the year and the classroom and the weather out the window, and where precisely my chair was and all like it was yesterday. I loved learning about the Revolution. I loved the underdog fight. I loved the defiant determination of the domestic terrorists patriots. I agree with @Rawleigh99 that it's a damned shame that anyone would ever miss out on that. I also think of this too. About how through a different lens, the same people, the same circumstances and the same events are seen differently. It's a comedy movie, bu
  10. @Tonyincahas an orchard tractor with a 3pt, of which there were less than ten.
  11. I didn't know that. Never looked. That's weird though.
  12. I learned about escapes in interior firefighter training. My instructors did a good job of relaying the significance of removing your air and the importance of NEVER letting go. Your story reminded me of that, only it wasn't in a safe setting like mine was.
  13. You might save your time if you look into whether it can be bought. I tried to buy one, and they were for enterprise customers only. I instead elected to buy a KYOCERA something-or-other phone that's EXTREMELY durable. Very pleased.
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