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  1. KWRB


    Distillate manifold?
  2. I guess if pretty matters to you...go nuts. I still prefer form following function.
  3. I know the feeling. Good for you, man! A little while ago, my mom gave me what's left of my first tools that were still at her house, and some of my grandfather's. I spent a little under $200 on eBay buying the missing pieces, and I feel so good about it. I've just about got my small second toolbox outfitted -also my original box.
  4. Chapel Hill? Local town near me just took delivery of a purple pumper. It's their school color. If you're not going to use a functional color, do something cool. Some of the guys around the county are outraged. It's hilarious.
  5. I asked an intentionally leading question because I know the answer. Fire trucks are red because fire trucks are traditionally red. So before it was "tradition", why were they painted red in the first place? Two reasons: The first, a little less obvious, is that red *WAS* an uncommon vehicle color. Second, common intuition said it was a great color for getting noticed -good to clear the way and good to not be hit. Well, just like electric lights, electric sirens, foam, nomex, radios, scba, etc. Technical improvements have improved firefighting in the 100 years since "fire trucks should be red". Research has proven objectively that lime yellow paint is by far better at doing its job on a fire truck.
  6. KWRB


    YES! There are often times I feel like the older generation is certain they fell out of the womb knowing how to gap a piston ring, tune a carb, rebuild a mag, or whatever.
  7. A few years ago at the Pageant of Steam, there was a Farmall H painted JD Green. I don't know who was more outraged, the Greenies or the Redheads. I thought it was hilarious.
  8. Our trucks are "Lime Yellow". Even in our membership we have guys that says "Fire trucks are red". It's the dumbest notion ever, that fire trucks are red because fire trucks are (traditionally) red. Traditionally, we used horses. Traditionally, we had gear made from asbestos. I mean I don't hate red fire trucks, but I fight the good fight for what I call "too many vitamins whiz yellow"
  9. KWRB


    Two words: Lean manufacturing. When I started my career, it was the new hot girl in school. "Lean" this and "lean" that. "Managers" adopted it unquestioned. What it all adds up to in the end is a ton of vulnerability, severely reduced flexibility, and 24/7/365 logistics management all for a one time savings by freeing up some material holding cost and maybe a negligible reduction in the cost of storage space. Those chickens are coming home to roost, because a lean system isn't built to handle anything but a perfect supply chain. It's like a super high performance formula one engine in that it IS better, but only when everything goes right, in a highly controlled environment. Lean is the Formula One car, and the real world is a Baja race. I remember reading some book about lean, assigned to me by a manager, who just thought it was gospel. There was ZERO case against it, ever. Well when the recent graduate new guy wasn't buying it, it didn't do much to win favor amongst the higher ups...
  10. If you're just looking for a plain bushing, see if you can get dimensions. I've found that bushings from McMaster are WAY cheaper, when the sizes are available.
  11. It would be wise to replace the seal too. It's cheap enough and likely got affected by all that heat
  12. Check L&M Salvage. Mike advertises in Red Power and he's a really good guy. https://landmtractorsalvage.com/
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