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  1. It boggles my mind how many people have so much free time that they're all over sites like this spraining their fingers to type out wet blanket replies to anyone who doesn't think exactly like them, as fast as they can. Different strokes, man. @TheIntimidator1066 Sorry I don't know an answer to your question, because I don't know much about bigger, or diesel tractors. Trust me, I'd give you an answer to your ACTUAL question if I was at all qualified.
  2. Background: I have my father's C, and an OS-4 and OS-6 awaiting restoration Not really on the list, because I think the owner will see to it that it's never found: My father's OS-4 that we restored together, and was sold out from underneath me before his dead body was cold, by his then wife. I have one now, but I'd give just about anything to get that one back. 1. O-4 2. O-6 to complete the collection of letter series Orchards (not including diesels) 3. GREEN!!!! Series II Steiger. Any model. Want it for parades. I want to mount a GIANT American flag on it, and tow a sign that says something to the effect of "This tractor and this manufacturer were the product of American ingenuity and innovation. Keep American strong, keep America independent keep your neighbors gainfully employed, and keep your money at home. Buy made in America, from American companies"
  3. That looks great. I still would like to come see your collection someday. How long were you working on the 100?
  4. I don't drink anymore, I don't go out to lunch, I don't set foot in a restaurant unless it's my wife or daughter that insists. I used to fly -don't do that anymore. Same with traveling. And I never smoked. Don't have expensive tastes in shoes, clothing or vehicles. When my wife starts thinking about getting ornery about tractor parts showing up at the house, I have a looong list of habits I don't have. I just start rattling them off. Eventually she gets bored and gives it up
  5. KWRB

    The Dog Thread

    I love this. Two different dogs?
  6. Guess they should have used a self locking nut there!
  7. Read the history of Zimbabwe and change the dates. Same damn thing. Ignorant, short sighted, not least of all VERY immoral. It will all play out in the end, only some will lose everything in the meantime. It's awful.
  8. Agree. Except this hobby is CHEAP compared to so many others: travelling, camp people, boaters, recreational drugs, professional sports team season ticket holders, car guys (not to mention RACECARS), and probably many more that aren't coming to mind. I tell my wife all the time that it could be worse, I could be into boats! For an ignoramus like me, what's the issue?
  9. KWRB

    Bad Day.

    Yup. Same here. I'll never forget how mad my daughter was with me after she watched the movie, because I had told her how great a book it was. Heaving sobs for probably thirty minutes straight.
  10. I'm ignorant. Can someone catch me up on the "simple folk" reference?
  11. I had a boat for a summer. Named it the Dolley Madison for the following reasons. Was approaching the bicentennial of the war of 1812, which was a big deal in my part of the country. She was the first lady at the time and was responsible for saving the famous portrait of George Washington when the city was under attack and the White House was later burned. Of course, the anti-everything crowd has sought to debunk this -though I don't know how that's possible; screw 'em. I put a fifteen star/fifteen stripe flag on the bow. Then I had a few problems (it was on old boat). A few seasons later I sold the engine and then later the hull to a coworker to in part buy my wife's engagement ring. I got enough problems and boats don't bring me enough joy to justify the additional headache and maintenance.
  12. What are they? They look interesting. Are they marked?
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