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  1. New England manufacturing (much like upstate NY manufacturing) is a terribly sad story. I had no idea until I lived there briefly, how rich the place was in real manufacturing even a generation ago. I worked at one of the last of SEVERAL bearing manufacturers there. And that's just one of the many precision manufacturing industries in which a huge portion of the world's production was right there. Firearms was similar. I always thought converting manufacturing sites to apartments was strange. Somehow they (and a lot of other locations) need more places for people to live, and yet the places for people to make a living aren't existent... it's ironic.
  2. I read up on it more. His parents died when he was young, but he had a surviving sister at some point when one of the follow up articles was written.
  3. Kinda makes me want to find this guy's resting place and bring flowers. Since they identified the killer, they were able to piece together the motive. A young man gave his life protecting a teenage girl, and no one knew for 36 years. https://www.syracuse.com/crime/2023/05/dna-helps-ithaca-police-solve-1987-cold-case-of-the-murder-of-cornell-student.html
  4. "It's just so much better there" https://www.foxnews.com/us/wild-video-shows-charlotte-bus-driver-passenger-shooting-each-other-argument
  5. Seriously. This thread is nightmarish. Some people are afraid of snakes. In the natural world I am most utterly terrified of tornadoes.
  6. Can you see my eyes rolling from here? I just posted about this yesterday, but I have so many family members that "just had to get the **** out of New York, with the taxes and the snow!!!" One went to Puerto Rico -New York on steroids. And a bunch went to Charlotte. A whole family of six, all adults, with their spouses and kids all went to the same place. They're pretty sure they're better than you, so obviously it must be wonderful there. My heart broke for them when one of their houses got damaged by a flood. Thought to myself "but at least it wasn't snow!!!!one11!" Whatever. People leaving rural upstate NY in droves. I'm not complaining. Addition by subtraction.
  7. Nope nope nope. Give me snow by the foot, and keep all that crap away. I get a kick out of people who grew up where I live and just RAG on the climate, and then they move somewhere where there's some combination of tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, wildfires and volcanoes. That stuff scares the ever loving snot out of me. I saw a tornado in the distance once when I was in Texas. Didn't care to ever return after that. I still remember where I was and the sense of dread and horror when a babysitter explained to me that tornadoes were real. I was certain it was just another part of the fantasy in The Wizard of Oz until then.
  8. Is there a part number on it? I have a book of IH wrenches and the equipment each came with.
  9. Right on out of the box is one thing. I suspect that will change drastically after a few years of heavy use.
  10. Did their orchard tractors have it indicated on their serial tag somewhere? Specifically, I'm wondering about the 2240-O. Also, I am reading the 2240 was available with MFWD or without. Is that on the tag?
  11. That's an understatement. It rots faster than it dries.
  12. There are a few really great long format stories on this, on espn.com right now, that tell the story in really good detail.
  13. Holy cow. Ich verstehe kein Wort!
  14. That's awesome. Where were you (geographically)?
  15. Actually, I think I see a side configuration steering shaft... a 200?
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