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  1. KWRB


    Just gonna toss a couple of grenades All the standard bearings in your antique Farmalls and everything else since -ever-, is a metric standard. Also torque is cumutative, so it doesn't matter. Whether 100 pound-feet or foot-pounds, or pounds-feet, or whatever, it's literally mathematically and physically the same. Someone mentioned 'n' pounds on a one foot lever arm. It's the exact same as a one pound force on an 'n' foot lever arm. The the fundamental premise of leverage. Kinda scary of someone doesn't grasp that fairly instinctively. Mils are milli-inches. The exact same English (Latin) language prefix as is used to create the word millimeters. It's archaic and uncommon, but it's a thing. It's as goofy (and lazy) as saying thou'. If any of you say thou' for thousandths, remember that's like them danged kids and their leet speak.
  2. Beat me to it. That feeder could bring to anyone on here!!!
  3. Ironic, I just posted on another thread, that this is my favorite German word. Didn't know they had them domesticated there. Another good animal name is for skunk -Stinktier. Literally means stink animal. This is what's so great about German, very logical compound words that one doesn't ever have to have heard, to understand. Unlike the word "skunk" which presumably has some etymology, but darned if I could guess at it, and absolutely no chance of being useful in deducing the definition of the word!
  4. Chupacabra, definitely. I have fishers at my place. I've never seen one in person, but I've gotten one on the trail cam. They're pretty cool. Scared the **** out of buddy of mine, turkey hunting once. If it is a fisher, you might like it. They're the only natural predator for a (cutie wootie) porcupine. I can't really tell a fisher from a mink from an otter from a ferret from a weasel though so I'm not terribly helpful...
  5. KWRB

    Jim drocha?

    I think of him occasionally when I think about my daughter and the dad I try to be.
  6. My favorite German word is the word for raccoon. They don't exist in Europe, but the word for them is Waschbär. I dare say you can easily determine what the literal translation is. It is just the Germans, and the German language in a nutshell. Very utilitarian, and they just call it what it is...
  7. I read about that. Friggin heartbreaking. STAY AWAY FROM HIGH WATER DAMN IT! Certainly at least with a kid!
  8. @hobbyfarmm How much was your whole job including tank purchase and install, but not including the gas? I've been wanting to do this for some time but assumed it was $$$$.
  9. Since you're asking in January, the answer is yes. However, the last three RPRU's have seen something come up that got in my way...
  10. You see the irony in that, right? As for the supposed "negatives", personally I think the "you own it" is a positive rather than a negative. If I own it, I can shop for the best price and I'm not beholden to a specific gas company. If it's anchored and installed well, and there are the appropriate considerations taken for corrosion, shouldn't be an issue.
  11. KWRB

    UK newbie

    Welcome!!! My family and I have been planning a trip to Scotland for about a decade now. When we get around to international travel, it's going to be the first place we go together. I'm dying to go see your country!
  12. For a nephew with a June birthday, I like to get something special related to hunting. I was thinking about trying my hand. How does that work? Do you buy blades? I don't have a forge and I'm sure I'd suck at making a blade.
  13. KWRB


    As my spiteful cat sits here, purring at me...
  14. Everytime I think about it I seem to draw the same conclusion about how surveyors could do that kind of accurate over-the-horizon work that most would struggle with on paper
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