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  1. I use the ripping chain from Bailey's. I have also used their full and semi chisel chains for regular tree work with good success on a Carlton bar.
  2. What a Beast (the saw, not the dog!)
  3. Russ: I think you can get a screw on "magnifier" for the Sig to make things appear closer. I don't know if that magnifies the dot as well. as that may be a problem. Look into it. I have mine on an AK and it really works well for the ranges I shoot at out to about 150 yards. It has a motion sensor that turn the dot on and off so if you set it down for a long time it turns off and turns back on when you pick it up.
  4. The V tail doctor killer! I had a 1966 F33 Debonair, the plain Jane T tail version. The V tail was easy to get out of balance when repainting and it could develop flutter. The later changed them all to T tail and added two more seats to be the 36 model.
  5. I have been researching that exact saw for milling. They make clones of the older Stihls and Huskys. They are coming up in quality and are a real bargain for what I want! I will add a 36" bar and ripping chain.
  6. Sig Romeo has a nice price point and works for me. No need to spend thousands.
  7. Here is my Reed. It is a beast! Took two men to set it on the stand! The gallon oil jug is to show it's size. There is a little grub screw in the right side of the moveable jaw that locks the split collar.
  8. https://www.thedrive.com/news/running-replica-of-internationals-turbine-tractor-concept-headed-to-auction
  9. I use bent pieces of coat hanger, but I am using them to locate buried pipes and wires. My Godfather who showed me used bent pieces of brazing rod! I didn't believe him until he put them in my hands and made me feel them move! I have found that they will locate large roots too, so common sense is also involved!
  10. I prefer my buckle on the left side on my single pouch that I used for electrical stuff. It is more comfortable that way instead of digging into my gut (and I am not even fat - 210 lbs at 6')!! My carpenters belt has suspenders.
  11. S&W 642 here. https://www.smith-wesson.com/product/model-642?sku=1638
  12. When one door closes another opens. Good luck Bitty.
  13. So you cannot get a gasket for that engine that is rebated for machined in fire rings? After watching the video, good luck! i guess it is not worth Lock N Stitching the fire ring grooves or are they too close to the bore for that? It would be a lot of work on an already funky block.
  14. Ah yes! The pusher fan! I did not think of that!
  15. Check online with Discount Hydraulic Hose. They have lots of fittings and will clock them an way you tell the. https://www.discounthydraulichose.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwz96WBhC8ARIsAATR251XXX-LWqMRbY6qutYGL19E_wRZ5mZoo6f29nqsVe8oSG9MupKZsb8aAhHtEALw_wcB
  16. Man, i need you to come and rewire some of my projects!!!
  17. Any way to just replace the steel rings with annealed copper rings that will just squish against the heads when torqued? Back to the sign: are the arches being welded to the tubes, and if so, how will they move the "Cork Sacker"!!
  18. I have a friend with a Stearman with a Jacobs. I can always tell when he is flying around!
  19. I wonder what her other muscles are like!!!!😱😉
  20. I love the working clothes! Looks like something @AngrySailor would drive!!😄
  21. Nice bag! Occidental is good, but pricey stuff!
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