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  1. One of those movies they were using a pump shotgun to smoke through. Unfortunately under the Democrats the drugs will be legal and the ammo will not! What is wrong with this picture????
  2. How does your back feel after all that lifting Lorenzo?? LOL
  3. Nice idea on the clips! Looks like a lot of work!
  4. WE don't appreciate how easy we have it!
  5. You guys should try the Stihl or Pferd sharpeners. They lower the depth gage as they sharpen and will make the chain cut like brand new. They really work well. https://m.stihlusa.com/products/chain-saws/filing-tools/2in1file/
  6. I don't think you are supposed to wash them as they are made of wool.
  7. I remember them before from volkswagens. They were actually supposed to be pretty decent filters but I never had the nerve to use one. I think oberg made a bypass filtration system that used toilet paper as well.
  8. I remember as as kid pumping the oiler button on what was probably an XL 12 Homelite.
  9. Yikes! Glad you are doing better Ace!
  10. It was, but there is only one grader in Virginia that travels to the site according to him. Wait time can be tough.
  11. I looked hard at Woodland mills earlier this fall, but a friend with a Woodmizer said he would bring it over and saw my tornado damaged wood. He built his house from wood he cut, but he had to pay to have a grader come and grade it to get it past the building inspector.
  12. Rawleigh99


    Have you tried it yet? I haven't heard of it.
  13. I have also used my welder set on DC to power the electrolysis in a 250 gallon tote with the top cut out. Electrolysis is line of sight so I don't know how this will work out for you. Just soaking it in the tank probably helps.
  14. SAS: I have the same setup, but have used my welder for power supply. It works really fast that way!! I use washing soda.
  15. Chris: When you pull the hose , plumb in a tee to check the pressure with. You can leave it in place and cap the gauge hole if you don't leave the gauge in it.
  16. Rawleigh99


    I voted 2 weeks ago to avoid the lines.
  17. Find an older Detroit mechanic. The young guys don't have the experience with these engines or the tool set to work on them. They are pretty simple really, but are so different as AK said, that of what you may know about diesels doesn't apply. Here is some basic material on the inline 4 and 6-71, but some of it applies to their V brethren. http://www.tractorparts.com/PDFs/DETROIT_DIESEL_IN-LINE_71_SERIES_1950_TRUCK_AND_COACH_SVC.pdf Parts source: https://dieselpro.com/
  18. Why not just get an old Lincoln Weldanpower or something like that?
  19. TD14 clutch parts and downloadable manuals at the bottom of the page. http://www.tpaktopc.net/td14strcltch.htm
  20. It only happens in the most convenient places!!! LOL
  21. General Gear has the TD9/TD91 clutch shaft and coupler (R1 versus R11) I don't know if you can make them work or not. They also have the clutch disk, but it is ceramic, I think. http://www.tpaktopc.net/td9strcltch.htm
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