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  1. I have had the end on the plug wire fail.
  2. You recon the Chinese and Russians are laughing at this one??
  3. Why is spaying or neutering your dog any different???
  4. Those grapples are really cool and useful if you're moving logs.
  5. Don't worry, according to the media now I'm just a grumpy old hater too!
  6. It is kind of like the people who respond to a question on Amazon or another shopping site with "I don't know, I haven' t tried it yet" or something like that. That drives me nuts! If you don't like the question or don't know the answer, move on! Don't waste everyone's time and space by saying you don't know or giving them crap about asking!
  7. I have an old Abrasive Manufacturers (I think that is their name) surface grinder. It does have auto feed and a magnetic chuck, but the coupler for the motor is beginning to go bad and looks to be a mother to get to. It is powered by leather belts and has the old glass oilers. It still works OK though.
  8. That should work fine. Some would say straight 30 weight ashless, but I don't think it matters.
  9. Told you it would be blamed on the russians!
  10. Even trammed in you can still get a visible mark from the edge of a cutter. You cannot feel it is but you can see it.
  11. And a surface grinder to finish it with!
  12. I'm almost scared to ask what happened to him Mike?
  13. I saw on Gold Rush that they have some stuff you can fill the hammer drill holes with that expands and breaks rock.
  14. It depends on the concrete as to whether the electric breakers will work on them or not. I had to remove some poured concrete feed bunks that my grandfather built in 1938. The electric breaker would barely touch it. It was a long hot job getting it out of there. Some of that older concrete is incredibly hard, just like rock. Apparently concrete keeps curing forever.
  15. Mineral oil would be a good choice. It is a light oil it will flow into all nooks and crannies and shouldn't hurt any of the components. Also when you take the engine out of the oil most of it will run right out. I have heard that the Navy used it a lot for justice sort of purpose. And if you're feeling a little bound up you can always take a nip of it! LOL
  16. Maybe he'll give you a quart of burnt cylinder oil from the del grande!
  17. I took it when I got my scuba certification back in 1986. I guess I need a refresher now. I have a friend whose daughter took it at school on a Thursday about 2 years ago. That night she taught her mother how to do it. The next morning my friend hit the floor with a Widowmaker heart attack. His wife saved him with cpr. The doctor said if she had been there he'd have been up goner. He is fine now, but has a pacemaker. Sometimes things are just too coincidental to be coincidence.
  18. Well done, whoever you are?
  19. Must have been the Russians because we all know it couldn't be the Chinese. It suits Biden's agenda because it raises the price of gas.
  20. If you use a length of pipe that will fit all the way between the two arms, welded in place and cut it off it won't need to be line bored. It will be pretty much self-aligning.
  21. I have one of those cyclones on my blast cabinet.
  22. Mike Newman would be so proud of him!
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