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  1. Check out the General Gear website. Parts and manual downloads for steering clutches and brakes. http://www.tpaktopc.net/td4td5strcltch.htm
  2. I have guns. I would be eating the gator, not the other way around! (I know, it is easy to say when you aren't there!) i heard they had terrible temperatures after the storm too!
  3. Not cheap either! https://reimertuning.com/products/case-backhoe-loaders-egr-dpf-models-570-580-590 https://tuning24.org/tractor-tuning/shop/tractor/Case-Backhoe-Loader-580N-3.4L-90HP-Tier4F/
  4. All the Sherman parts were interchangeable. That was their strength. The parts for the German tanks were all hand fitted, so they were not interchangeable. US manufacturing made the difference. The tanks still sucked, but they were easy to service!
  5. Are you feeling the need for another one?
  6. Well that is for one of the TD9's. It would be an interesting addition to a collection. Where is it located?
  7. Yea, he has a lot of practical experience with Detroit's. While a Detroit may not be the perfect dozer engine, it has the benefit of cheap, plentiful parts, which no other vintage engine can offer.
  8. I really like the looks of the AC rounded nose as opposed to the hard nose like mine has. A hard nose is more practical, but I really like that grill
  9. Buddy hooked me up with an HD9 last fall. 1954 vintage. Only problem was one injector and the left side steering clutch is frozen. Undercarriage was pretty new, but the tracks are on backwards. Mine has a Baker blade, but a different model from yours. At least with the Detroit's you can still get parts for them! General Gear has all of the clutch parts for them and also has most of the manuals set up for free download on the bottom of the AC section. I downloaded all of my manuals, including the Detroit manual, printed them laminated the cover and bound them. Here is a source for Detroit parts: https://dieselpro.com/ And another place i found some manuals to download: https://www.tradebit.com/filesharing.php Detroit tips on oil : http://www.tejascoach.com/tips.html Also Discount Hydraulic Hose out of Philly is great for custom hoses at reasonable prices. 50% of what I could get them for locally. They saved me a lot of money on the four 1.25" lift cylinder hoses. Good quality and very fast turn around too. https://www.discounthydraulichose.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwg7KJBhDyARIsAHrAXaG3tKOpOJWl-_y6u2o0ZS2E9tvevS5Kgn7FvhLmdr8jJPvptdSBzAIaAkpeEALw_wcB
  10. Rawleigh99


    A friend of mine's daughter his good friends with the Navy medics sister. In fact she stayed at their house for a week earlier this month. It's a pretty hard blow right here at the end.
  11. Quite the extraction!!!!! Glad you got it out safely.
  12. I use two stroke oil since it's made to burn. The newer APS are made it withstand high temperatures.
  13. I had goldfinches wipe out a small field of sunflowers one year. When they rose up out of the field it looked like a golden cloud!
  14. That is sort of what the video I posted is about except he uses a length of hose hose clamp to the cable with a air nipple on the other end. He puts low pressure on it and let it sit for a while.
  15. Here you go. It works and it's cheap! Just the way I like it. https://youtu.be/_j2xD_8k5yo
  16. We just had our 86th annual fireman's carnival first of the month. They had to skip last year, but this year it was back with some new rides even. It was packed!
  17. Chain a log across the tracks and move it 10 feet at a time. A lot of work but it beats being stuck in the bush! I guess it is easier and safer to get your see buddy in the excavator though. It is always easy to second guess someone when you are not there though.
  18. Can you cut a hole in the door? You just have to be careful not to unbalance it too much.
  19. I have one of the 15' Husqvarna's. nice saw. you will be tempted to cut too high up, which can drop the limb on you. On big limbs, take them down in pieces. Also cut the limb off a foot or so away from the trunk so it doesn't pull the bark. Then go back and cut off the stub after undercutting it.
  20. Do you have to fly a cord of wood around with you to use it?
  21. The bottom cover is close to a 500c, but I don't think it's exact.
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