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  1. Been finding a few out in the orchards! Nothing very big but what they lack in quality they make up with quantity!
  2. Mine is a ‘49 that originally came with solid cast fronts. Grandad and most guys in the area put standard spoked wheels on as to make steering easier. I’d have to really do some more research but I’ve heard it a few times over the years that the cast wheels indicated a low, low first gear.
  3. Don’t know if you’ve considered an air cooled Duetz but I’d think it’d be easier to fabricobble in there without a need for a cooling system. I’ve never seen it done but if I were going the diesel route it’d be the way I’d take.
  4. Solid wheels came with the creeper low 1st gear.
  5. Thanks guys. It’s rougher in person than it looks but it’s not horrid either. I’ll probably just keep it as is until I’m ready to fully retire her which could be awhile!
  6. Sounds like you guys have a good collection of O’s! I still use mine just enough that I’m not really ready to do a full on resto yet. I’d be too scared of scratching it to use it if it had fresh paint!
  7. Looking good! When you’re done I’ll drop mine off!
  8. I think it was more of a regional thing. In citrus growing areas they call their fields groves and in pome and stone fruit areas they’re called orchards. I’m not sure if those particular decals were factory or dealer applied though.
  9. Beautiful pictures Tony! That 3010 sure does look nice, even if it's green!
  10. With the amount of rust in there I think I'd pull it all apart and replace bearings and seals at a minimum. You may also want to replace the oil slinger gear as they are made of cheap pot metal and have a tendency to lose teeth pretty easily. The trans is pretty easy to work on, you'll have to split the tractor after the torque tube (not to hard on these little guys) and remove the axle housing and such. Then you can work on it on a bench.
  11. They are nice tractors. I have a 1949 O-6 that my grandad bought new that's still used on our farm for odd jobs. With the low entry hight it makes it easy to hop on and off. I hope all the tin is in decent shape on yours as that's about the hardest thing to locate. Here is a pic of mine. It's not restored and is missing the engine cowling but runs real nice.
  12. thanks for photo. Can you take photo  from side of tractor with lever? Thaks. Pembroke

  13. Those pants are just fine. Look there ain't nothin' wrong with the other leg! Lol!
  14. I bet he can't back those up!
  15. Dad kinked a pto shaft on the bush hog last year. About a week after he did that this happened!
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