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  1. F-250 vs grader

    My ‘99 7.3 cuts out at 99 mph without the tuner. Never tried going faster with the tuner, 99 is fast enough for me!
  2. whoooooaaaa

    Maybe he’d take out the 100th street bridge completely!
  3. M&W 9 speed MPH. Speeds ?

    Just put it in 4nd with the od on! Lol

    He has risen indeed!
  5. The First Tractor Owned

    First on our farm was a Fitch Four Drive. http://fdtcompany.freeservers.com/FDTractorhome.html First one in ‘16, second one a couple years later. My great Uncle Orrin drove one of them from Ludington to Bailey (80 miles or so) I believe it took him almost a whole week to do it!
  6. Joys and continued prayers

    Prayers from Michigan!
  7. Only in Kentucky

    We used to have a fella around here that was a little simple and couldn’t get a license so he drove a Ford 800 everywhere. It seemed like he could get about 2 years out of a set of rear tires. Never knew his name but you’d see him everywhere in about a 20 mile radius of my hometown.
  8. Oil help

    CF-2 is a diesel rated oil. It’s an old class designed for Detroit 2 stroke diesels that required lower ash levels. It will work in your engine, it’s just not really the recommended oil. I’d run it and perhaps shorten the service period for this oil change.
  9. McCormick OS6 Restoraton

    Thanks guys. It’s rougher in person than it looks but it’s not horrid either. I’ll probably just keep it as is until I’m ready to fully retire her which could be awhile!
  10. Turkey Trot

    We have plenty of them around here too. They’re neat to watch but they are murder on lower hanging apples! Instead of eating apples like deer, they just peck one a few times and move on to the next apple. Apples with skin abrasions rot while in storage, so we end up having mush balls running across our grader and making a big mess!
  11. Washing Engines With Electronics

    Throw a towel over the electrical connections and pressure wash away! As long as your weatherpak connection seals are good I wouldn’t worry too much. I suppose some gunk engine cleaner and a garden hose would work but I’ve never found it to be as good as a heated pressure washer.
  12. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Yes we do! Pushing brush was hard on them but even when it was new it couldn’t climb a slight incline in anything over Hi 2. They might’ve been fine creeping around a construction site but up and down roads was not it’s forte.
  13. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    We had a gas IH 4500 rough terrain forklift that wasn’t much good. It never had enough power to use high range unless you were headed down hill with a tail wind! We bought it new so it wasn’t worn out, just gutless. The neighbors had one just like it only diesel, they said it wasn’t much better power wise but at least it wasn’t always parked at the fuel pump.
  14. oil filter question

    If an oil line failed, wouldn’t that be the cause of the engine failure? And if it did fail how would that cause a filter failure since the filter would be under less pressure with a blown line than with a good line?
  15. Garage Floor Drain Help

    In my old garage the drain covers looked the same but all it was was a foot long pipe into a bed of pea gravel. It was only meant for slush and snow in the winter. They drained ok but in the spring when the soil was saturated, they tended to back up until it dried up a bit outside.