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  1. It was! We picked 300 bins total that year, normally we pick 12-14,000. We took the summer off that year and I baled a lot of hay!
  2. Older fruit grower around here said back in the 40’s they had a frost June 6th! Said they lost most of their fruit that year.
  3. Calling for frost here in Casnovia, Michigan tonight.
  4. Painting things blue around here! We’ve got just a hint of green showing and wet weather so we’re putting copper on as a fungicide/bacteriacide. Spraying come before dirt work for us!
  5. Only 500 gallons but unlike row crops I have to be out within a few hours of a rain event whether we get .3” or 3’ I have to get my fungicide on the apples. Plus I’m dealing with a lot lighter tractor to begin with. Our narrow tractors are barely 8,000 loaded and the wheels are pushed all the way in so there isn’t much room for iron. We’re also only rolling on 28” or 30” wheels so that makes a big difference there too.
  6. Orchard6


    Does the noise get worse or change when in any particular gear? Does it change when the T/A lever is pulled?
  7. Orchard6


    Can you place the gear shifter in all the gear slots with the engine off?
  8. Orchard6


    Sorry for the high jack but I’ve always wondered, at pulls or other motor sports where displacement is limited, do the officials have a way of checking displacement without a tear down or are they just going by what the owner/operator is telling them?
  9. None of the liquid ballasts are particularly friendly to the trees, grass or anything else! Iron is great but we couldn’t put enough on to make a difference without getting too wide. (Iron sticking past the tires defeats the idea of a narrow tractor!) Fluid is a necessary evil around here, without it some of our tractors couldn’t pull a full sprayer up a hill on wet grass without tearing the row up.
  10. Pull it out on the gravel and pull the valve stem. Works good for dust control! Or along a fence row that needs some weed control. Our tire guy uses a vacuum pump hooked to the valve stem to suck it out which gets more of it out than just pulling the stem though.
  11. Beet juice is nasty stuff to work with in the winter, and if you rip a valve stem off and spray your apple trees with it it will kill the foliage! I know this for sure! I forget what our tire guy uses but it’s supposed to be non corrosive and easier to pump at cold temps but I don’t think it’s alcohol.
  12. We take ours off, it’s kinda rough on the apples!
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