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  1. vtfireman85

    Green contraband

    How many of those do u have there? The steering wheel keeps switching sides?!?!?! As does the control
  2. vtfireman85

    Hauled in 18.5 ton boulder for grave stone

    I am very sorry for your loss.
  3. Your dealing with some unusual guys then. I sell at 10% markup, I have little overhead but also carry no stock, I just order what is requested. All the guys I know who carry stock are a little higher but it’s understandable considering what they have in it, I don’t know a single one of them who would criticize any customers desired purchase. They have some great advice because they see a lot of product roll through, they know the ins and outs far better than I do. If they say there’s an issue with a certain product I consider that information worth heeding. I’m sorry you’ve had poor local experiences.
  4. vtfireman85

    Music thread

    I don't know if that falls fully under the heading of Grunge rock, but I have always liked the genre, I bounce around a lot from classic rock to this sort of stuff, to country, folk, and a little bit of bluegrass, in large part the pop scene as well as any head banging nonsense doesn't appeal to me.
  5. Here's the article, I misquoted it, it's 125 stores, I should have gone back and looked Dicks
  6. Here's the article, I misquoted it, it's 125 stores, I should have gone back and looked
  7. Their reasoning was purely sales based according to the article, I'd have said that in the local store the majority of sales were hunt/ fish related and it didn't say all stores just 125 of them. I don't know how many there are.
  8. vtfireman85

    Green contraband

    in the kind of shape the one sledge posted, not one thats lived in NNY, I've seen what those vehicles look like
  9. so my gun broker newsletter came the other day stating that Dicks stores are dropping all hunting gear, thats guns ,ammo ,apparel and accessories from 175 stores, looking to drop reebok by next back to school season and looking at dropping UnderArmor in favor of their own branded logo products. I was never much of a dicks shopper anyway, although I have been there for the odd fishing tackle and ammo when its on sale. I almost always, when not locally available order from Kittery Trading Post in Maine, its family owned, independent, selection is great, and usually a free shipping with minimum order, and well....they're not Dicks. the question is this: how many of you Dicks shoppers are going to wear their new "Dickwear" and what do you think the logo will look like?? eidt:: 125 stores
  10. vtfireman85

    Green contraband

    I would give my left nut and a couple of toes for a stock CJ5 in that kinda shape never mind with id offer for one with that attachment. that is very very cool, where did it end up???
  11. vtfireman85

    Green contraband

    however that happens to be a CJ 5, but I have a PTO unit (I do not yet have the shaft) all set to go into dads 47' 2a along with the freshly rebuilt transmission I went through...5-6 years ago..things happen slowly in my neck of the woods🤷‍♂️
  12. vtfireman85

    Green contraband

    3 point hitch on the truck? Where’s the PTO shaft?
  13. vtfireman85

    Do you Gnuse?

    No such thing
  14. vtfireman85

    IH B-414

    X2, do it! they are a bit light in the loafers without a loader however.
  15. vtfireman85

    New Zealand

    This is a tragedy to be sure, prayers for those victims and their loved ones . Why we can't all get along is a mystery to me, at our cores we all want the same thing , right?