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  1. the Mrs, a pre-K teacher who has a class full of 3 year olds and a masters in child development was able to discern his meaning, I shut down when she started talking but I believe it was something to the effect of" I don't want my head stuck under water and where the heck are my graham crackers???"
  2. they look a lot like our Mitsubishi satho buck, I always thought that would be a handy little thing with a loader for yard work, etc. cat 0 hitch, 4wd, high low range and a 3 speed PTO, low low is so low you almost have to draw a line and go have lunch to tell if its moving, its the cats pajamas for rototilling. what is the power plant ? you said HP but is it a kholer? briggs? I would look carefully for cracks around the front of the frame, a lot of those "heavy" garden tractors suffered greatly from front loading, snow blower, broom, loader etc, most crack either around the ears on the front of the frame or around the axle mount.
  3. Those big kitties were all the rage when I was a teenager I wanted one so bad I could taste it, right up until I got the first one stuck, heavy and nothing to hold onto . What a pig. Go like a turpentined cat on the hard trail and wallow like a pig in the deep snow, the F series was a big upgrade i don’t use picks but what little riding I do is backwoods narrow and steep, hope you really enjoy it, they were a powerhouse
  4. I think it is you who needs your monocle cleaned, them are panties
  5. I prefer my tractor to be like me, loud and annoying to the neighbors.
  6. Ok so it’s not a JD-Bseries, if the poo dint get you, the battery aid would have.
  7. Had a guy with a JD 350 here years ago who never chained down, until it ended up upside down in Baker Brook....
  8. I see one major issue here, by every states laws , he is too young to offer communion. This could get complicated.
  9. I went mac and haven’t looked back, my wife has an iPhone and an iPad for work but insisted on a PC when we replaced “our” her computer, I went out and bought my MacBook shortly thereafter, I needed one that would play nicely with my phone and had decent battery life for on the road generator service, also wanted something I was comfortable with for gun sales. I have nothing but good to say about my Mac and every single PC I have ever had to deal with has made me want to chuck it out the window.
  10. My wife saw one in the driveway the other day, said he looked real P.O.ed to be disturbed, took his meal and left! I think it was a mouse but could be wrong
  11. I scarcely have any at my feeders anymore, I blame the cats, keep the food fresh, feeders clean, I have out suit, thistle, and black oil, my mother has the same and she has a sea of birds of all stripes. 9 miles away.
  12. https://www.aservicemanualpdf.com/downloads/case-ih-jx60-jx70-jx80-jx90-jx95-tractor-service-repair-manual this seems to be a downloadable service manual, at your own risk, but it looks legitimate. Discusses special tools
  13. I would guess the CIH parts site has a part number for that tool under the parts manual for the tractor, a google search for the part number should yield some results. you may have to enter part numbers upside down or backwards being below the equator, not sure how that works....
  14. Dad is a Nazi about seatbelts working on equipment, at any cost. I don’t always use them but I do when loading and unloading every time. I know a few who have taken similar rides to you and been fortunate, glad you weren’t hurt, biggest scare I had was loading the hoe one day, on a hill, triaxle trailer I wasn’t used to and a single axle tuck. As I came onto the trailer the rear tires lifted enough on the truck so it took off down the hill with me along for the ride. I figured out to just keep driving and it all came back to the ground and stopped, I needed new shorts but no other casualties, I figure it was about 100 feet but felt like 5 miles. Lessons learned, and seatbelt securely bucked from then on.
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