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  1. Many high mileage 7.3 trucks and their owners would disagree.. i can probably come up with 8-10 of them off the top of my head…
  2. Our reverend retired this past year, and has since been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, if he knew it, he didn’t say anything and had been slated to retire for years. He has now entered hospice care, while he has no hope of any type of recovery, I cannot help but feel unsettled about the whole thing, the man spent a lifetime enduring his own personal struggles, the death of a child, divorce, etc, all the while never wavering in his commitment to helping others or in his faith… anyway, i praying for his comfort and for his family, if so inclined, please join me.
  3. That needs a little more explanation however… for the Mrs.. she thinks they are cute…
  4. Ok, I like public television, yes it is screaming liberal, but pbs usually has some interesting stuff that doesn’t rot my brain. Nova for instance has some really fascinating episodes, the list goes on, but I caught this program tonight and was blow away. Disregard the content, the point here is the total lack of professionalism, the main anchor is acting like he has a severe case of hemorrhoids, or has splinters in his rear or something. Note the home office shown in the June 18th video… just wild that this garbage makes the television set. https://www.vermontpbs.org/vtw/
  5. So, so many tires….
  6. Half the calendars call it indigenous peoples day anyway.
  7. I am currently at tractor saturation, some must go before more arrive.
  8. Wet seats are my reality, work truck and jeep are vinyl, no biggie, pickup is cloth…less fun, but the worst is when I forget and leave my wife’s windows down.. the last time I heard about it for 4 days until I finally reminded her of the time she forgot my birthday… hate using that card, gets a little weaker every time.
  9. I would take it off your hands ifn you dislike it so much..
  10. i heaved the control panel from an E-one in the scrap heap a couple years back, no idea what the gauge face says.. if you want it or anything else from it you are welcome to it. I will look when i get hack, in CT at the moment.
  11. I never did drugs, never allowed drinking to become a problem, though I really do enjoy beer, never really did enjoy being drunk. It was clear to me from day 1 that my parents wouldn’t tolerate drugs/drinking and they lead by example. I think be someone your kids look up to, do as i say not as i do doesn’t really work.
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