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  1. My theory? Previously many of the people on the spectrum were written off as weird or obnoxious before they ever got an sort of diagnosis.
  2. They had many configurations, only apple stuff here, whatever devil you know..😉
  3. Does it just protrude from the top?
  4. Pretty sure it is stain, there wasn’t much glue I saw, I presume it was applied to the hole rather than the leg.
  5. Agree, entirely @Rusty shackleford ‘s choices to do or don’t, but the autism thing had been debunked many times over. The wife’s cousin has Aspergers, and she did extensive coursework because of her connection to it, it is really fascinating.. sadly, but childhood vaccines don’t cause it. She has worked with many children over the years who have autism, they can be the most challenging yet rewarding kids for her, soooo much going on there it boggles the mind.
  6. Must be round, if it wasn’t the cats would have had everything knocked off the edge by now.
  7. Went to the hardware store and the mrs pointed this out, i tend to go through these, this one looks good, i have enough plug to grab hold of rather than having to pull on the cord. The cord is also very stout with a real rugged coating. I believe it was about 14 bucks. It says lifetime guarantee, we shall see.
  8. After talking with a cabinet maker friend i was kind of better west system epoxy and PL Premium. It’s just the 2 joints, so i hate to get too rough with it
  9. I have this maple rocker, having sat in front of the stove for a month or so it has dried out and a back leg joint loosened up. It is not a terribly old rocker 60’s-80’s vintage, so presumably not hide glue. I don't want to use gorilla glue because it foams and expands, i am contemplating epoxy with a needle to apply it into the joint. Wood glue doesn’t stick to wood glue, so that seems ill advised. any suggestions?
  10. I forgot all about it, scooter sent you what you needed, but here’s the broke apart version.
  11. You mean that is a giant version of this? In relation to that assembly where are the hands? Through the wall at the right of the picture?
  12. Too small to fit through that insulin needle 😂
  13. We make cider, the process is similar, the biggest thing with beer/wine/cider is sanitization, you have a product that is so entirely perfect for wild yeasts to get started with the slightest amount of contamination.
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