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  1. Phone cases

    I don’t like the NUUD life proof but I absolutely swear by the FRE life proof, I don’t trust the deal against the screen on the other. My Fre case gets trashed daily, every year I send in a warranty claim they send me a new one for 5 bucks shipping, I buy direct from Life proof. when I take the phone out to change it t looks brand new. And not a speck of dust in the case
  2. Scary ladders

  3. Scary ladders

    Safe to say it was hot.
  4. Scary ladders

    It was a trans- Atlantic flight it was on when it blew up.. in NJ
  5. Ever Done Something Really Stupid

    I’m more curious about bringing gun cabinets home from the hotel... sounds like a story
  6. Scary ladders

    Hindenburg had a diameter of 135.1 feet , that looks to be off the ground say..10’? So that center ladder looks to be up there at least 78’ off the ground... eff that
  7. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    Maybe you and I should go truck shopping together, I'm in the same boat. I've always bought new but hate all the crap on trucks these days.
  8. This guy walks in the shop today...

    In my experience, if everyone you meet is an A-hole, it's usually you that is the problem.
  9. Generator question

    Ive sold a couple of these, I’m very impressed and much less money than a Honda,
  10. Generator question

    I'm unimpressed with the new Honda units, like modern cars, too many unnecessary features combining to cause unnecessary problems. Also I feel it misleading to have the model numbers indicative of surge watts not running watts. To me that is false advertising, intended to fool the uninformed.
  11. Dr. Evil

    Happy birthday Dr E!
  12. M engine sludge

    I’ve heard of ppl using a quart of kerosene or mystery oil in the engine oil and running for 15 mins or so then change. Never had the nads to do it myself. I’d be careful of what you might loosen up in there with such a plan. Maybe better to clean and remove what you can with access covers and let the filter do the rest
  13. Generator question

    Any decent motor shop can go through that , and it is likely worth your while.
  14. Fireman`s Rule

    Every first responders knows what he/she is getting into, there is no one blowing sunshine up their skirts saying no matter what you will all come home at the end of every day as healthy as you started it. Regardless of cause, responsible parties should be heald accountable for their own actions, be them Negligent, or malicious, that’s not to say an injury in the field is an excuse for the first responder to sue. Too many people out there looking for a free ride, it’s costing everyone else too much.
  15. Lost my sister this afternoon

    I'm sorry for your loss JD, and extra special prayers for your other sister, twins share a very unique bond