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  1. Personally I hope my phone is listening to me. Maybe I can share some of my daily misery with some poor slob and disperse some boredom.
  2. Happy Birthday!! They don’t make many like you! thank goodness
  3. Your smartphone must be smarter than mine. We named our daughter Charleigh, I have been fighting with my phone for 2.5 years about it, it auto corrects to Charlie every single time.
  4. I am very sorry for your loss Bob, they don’t live long enough, it is their only fault.
  5. Like a Kholer Magnum, you switch it with the seasons, turned the other way it keeps the bugs away from the windshield
  6. I put it on my AC cover on my camper probably 2,000 miles ago. Still there. It had a crack in it. Prep is everything you have to remove all contamination and oxidation before you attempt it. I used the tape. Expensive AF, before you try it, it might be worth checking to see what the proper repair would entail. I’ve seen those patched very successfully with more rubber roof.
  7. Milking Devon is red…. I knew a blonde named Devon….. but I digress. we had a farm around here when I was a kid who had Randall Cattle.
  8. I’ve seen a pig on a cow before.. https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2012/02/03/146358114/vermont-inmates-hide-image-of-pig-on-police-decals
  9. I have used and worked on a 1020 a fair bit. Nice machine and durable as all heck. The one in question gets 0 and I mean 0 maintenance and just keeps going. I would like owning one myself.
  10. Only because it’s brown. Nice trucks and great story!
  11. Oh dear! Mike Newman, the USA tour, God help us all😂
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