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  1. Caterers rent them, not sure what the details are
  2. Depending on how long you need it for you could likely rent ine from a party rental center. , if your talking about a week while ppl pick up their beef that might be cost effective, trailer mounted you could even tow it to pick it up.
  3. I have no input for silage packing but that is one sharp looking D6
  4. Its a 20 gallon canner, but i cant put 20 in all at once, more like 17, so i have to can some then top off.
  5. Mine is the round was one, but i wish i had the scraper style one
  6. Sarcasm fully understood
  7. Today i was flushing the radiator on the JD 410 P.O.S. The cooler combs were all smashed flat so I idly started picking at them, which led to a screwdriver, finally i went and got my radiator combs and a hook shaped pick, 4 hours later the find are straight and i have picked out all the little rocks. Not what i set out to do today. Maybe I should open my own salon, combing radiators is sure dull work
  8. Sorry, my cell phone does that sometimes. i shall edit it
  9. I was finishing up canning maple syrup, the shot glasses make good sample cups, those are a wedding souvenir from my friend Keith’s wedding. In order to prevent mold syrup must be canned between 180 and 204 degrees F. I cant control the temperature for the last say 3/4” in the bottom of the canner, so i use jars and consume ourselves, or friends/family. My wife was taste testing what i was canning while doing lesson plans .
  10. Nevermind the tranny, i just enjoy motor-boating..🤔😁
  11. My in-laws live on an island more than half the year, funny how the short half seems so long ...🤔
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