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  1. We had knoedler air Chief seats in the BR groomers, recaro in the piston bullies. Cool a company been around that long making seats.
  2. Our cub as a steering wheel like that, I think it had been flopped
  3. everyone else was doing 80 to, it was pure self preservation
  4. I saw a nice little C with cultivators on it on Long Island, looked like a truck farm, but I was doing 80 and wasn’t going to try to take pictures
  5. I don’t believe either of them were able to keep it in their britches. I would let them both utilize my implement, I’ll take notes on which one demonstrates more prowess.
  6. As you have offered to bring a UNIT before we have had this discussion annually. 10/12 10am, donuts and coffee at 8 1400 rte 7 Danby
  7. Potato guns, really it would be better if they designed one around firing eggplant and zucchini, it’s not like there is a good use for those anyway, might as well launch them at the enemy, also wheel in a couple trebuchets, hurl plague infested dead bodies at them. It could work, has worked. Kind of a long return on the investment, but renewable.
  8. Bad accidents take a real toll on people, Here in our small towns there’s a pretty good chance you are going to know the person in a car accident. Fatalities are tough, really to me less so than near fatalities. You feel like you’re helplessly fighting against some unidentified, unspecified clock and time seems to almost stop. Once you are done it leaves you with an empty unsatisfied hollow feeling. If the person makes it it all seems worth it, if not well.. it’s different. we have had a few bad ones in my 22 years on the department, we get someone (a councilor type person) to come in and have a group talk on the ugly ones, it helps some. That’s all through the hospital, I’m not sure what you guys have there in terms of those services but I would ask someone like the head of the rescue squad or ambulance service to point you in the right direction. Dont ever hesitate to talk about how and what you are feeling or experiencing with something like this , getting it out in the open is pod for you and good for the people around you, if someone hears you open up it might help them. Thanks for doing what you do.
  9. That seems to be a ford thing, at least the brakes usually worked.
  10. Our fire dept tractor pull is October 12, I’m trying to get Jeff to bring his 15 down, Sid is always full of promises too, come check it out! ok, back to NY
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