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  1. Yes, I hoard them, I may or may not have robbed the recycling bin full of them when there was a big deal about taking them out and installing programmable t-stats. Blow the dust out once every 10-20 years, they’re good to go.
  2. The issue we have had is that there are too many factors at play, a failed thermostat battery, dropped WiFi connection or a cell phone glitch can make them do funny things. Have had 3 different instances of them calling continually until the house has been at 100 degrees for days on end. Also one case of a near freezup that the caretaker caught. Could be there is a lot to be blamed for user or setup error but either way, if it’s not reliable it’s not worth having. An old fashioned mercury thermostat will work without falling for decades, never changes its setting and anyone can figure it out. WiFi weather stations that allow you to monitor temperature make sense but IMO there is no replacement for a Honeywell T87F and an old fashioned freeze up light in the window
  3. Just bought a Weber grill last week with one of those, love the grill, haven’t tried that thing, I could see it being handy for a turkey or large roast.
  4. Mine is set on 3 the freezer is set on 9... also, that reminds me, I should fill the ice cube tray😉 seriously though, ppl are hooked on this stuff, we just did a set of heat pumps for a couple, as a backup the home has Electric heat, and it’s a summer house, the gentleman wanted digital programmable WiFi thermostats, not easy to find in a line voltage thermostat. To me a mechanical thermostat is fool proof and nearly fail safe, an ideal thing in a backup heat source. He was really taken with the idea of knowing what’s happening when he’s not there. We settled on programmable digital as I couldn’t find what he really wanted. They have been delightful customers, but they are really into gadgets, nest cams and doorbell wifi fridge, you name it, your world controlled with your thumb.
  5. Agreed, I can’t work in them, but I love them. Through my part time job I get a SCREAMING price on smith stuff, the optic quality is stellar, quick change lenses and a lifetime guarantee on the frames, it’s like wearing air. I usually wear brown frames but happened to grab these today
  6. vtfireman85

    7.3 idi

    Just a thought on the fuel level, my 6.5 was doing that when we got it, running out at 1/3 tank and starting hard, I believe it would siphon feed from the tank to the level of the fuel line and lift pump in the frame rail, it seemed to be able to pull from the injector pump from there. When the fuel level got down too it the inj pump couldnt do it anymore, she’d die. The lift pump worked by jumping the relay, but wasn’t working when running. I assume it was the relay on the oil pressure switch but I did it along with the lift pump so I really don’t know. Solved the problem anyway. I know they are 2 different animals , but food for thought.
  7. No, my friend came along and told me I was stupid, spent a half hour on it, got it apart, put it back together but now it won’t ****, I haven’t had time to get back to it.
  8. I have been wanting a pair of real aviators for a long long time, I finally decided to take the plunge, I special ordered them with brown polarized glass lenses. AO was one of the companies that made the original aviators for servicemen. I’d forgotten how heavy glass lenses were 😳, but they sure are nice quality, you get what you pay for.
  9. vtfireman85

    Dirty trick

    Yeah, I never figured it, everyone who’s ever dealt with aldermans has a horror story, yet they seem to grow. I refuse to do business. I’ll walk before dealing with them.
  10. he's unlikely to complain. seriously though, that's about the last thing you can do for a person, you should be flattered
  11. vtfireman85

    Dirty trick

    My friend with a whole series of lifted ford diesel trucks took up rock climbing, I told him next logical step was to buy a Prius, he suggested I go xxxx myself. So I contacted the local dealer who is notorious for relentless pushy sales tactics and made an inquiry in his name, it’s been a few years now and he’s still getting phone calls, emails and post cards.😂😂😂
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