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  1. Have you ever tried masking tires with petroleum jelly? I’ve heard of it, but never tried it.
  2. So about Cabbage, when my wife grows it it’s leafy, not the tight Head of cabbage I see in the store. I want her to do maybe half a dozen of them So I can make sauerkraut. are they a different variety or are we doing something wrong?
  3. The cameraman seems to be running away from him.
  4. One thing is for sure, he took small bites 😂
  5. This is what stress looks like
  6. Those CZ are real tack drivers
  7. That’s sort of a personal question to ask a man without a dog.. just saying.
  8. This how you do it. note how small the old box was . Way undersized. the 1.75 hole saw hole allows for the wire to gently curve and not be pinched, and also allows room for the clamp. I like these NM94 (black) connectors for stuff like this.
  9. So, as my father said, this is a textbook example of how NOT to do it. Baseboard outlets In solid wood is not complicated, it is time consuming. This is what keeps me up at night, and until I get ALL of these replaced i won’t feel comfortable. that torn jacket was pinched behind the box and between it and the logs. not the first of this I have found.
  10. She was a redhead, they don’t show up in photographs.
  11. $50 is a steal because they come from the MFR for 150 plus shipping. But they come with a nice metal template and stickers and a thing to hold the breaker from being removed, and even a drill bit and loctite .
  12. Are they being irritated for pearl production or dining purposes?
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