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  1. vtfireman85

    Removing a transfer case

    I took the bolts out, then took the pressure off the threaded “nut” with a ball joint press
  2. vtfireman85

    Removing a transfer case

    Oh my torch is big enough, I try to avoid that with spring steel however
  3. vtfireman85

    Removing a transfer case

    Looks like they have to go forward? Can the keys be reused? Do they just hold onto the bar by friction? Or is there some sort of lock?
  4. vtfireman85

    Removing a transfer case

    That was my plan, there apears to be a bushing pressed in ( and maybe welded?) to the A arm that doesn't allow them to move back. I figured no big deal, just pop them out and go. I even considered replacing them but that doesn't seem an easy task.
  5. vtfireman85

    Removing a transfer case

    My new truck had T-case issues, so the old man went after a replacement and I set to pulling the old one. Got it all unbolted and found I was 1/2" shy of clearing the torsion spring mount. By the time all was done I had unloaded the springs to no avail and ended up pulling the cab mounts and lifting the cab, I managed to get it out, upside down, to find a bad bearing, broken snap ring and broken shift fork. Question is, how do I get it back in? I don't see how I'll ever get it back in and lined up the way it came out. I even tried the porta-power to push the engine/trans forward enough to clear.. No dice. Any suggestions? also the T-case that was allegedly a BW 4401 was a new proscess... So that didn't work out, I'm still looking for a replacement.
  6. vtfireman85

    my new to me utility truck

    If ud seen where it was getting loaded you wouldn’t have said that, you’d have praised me for getting out alive, this pic was taken 5 miles down the road where it was safe to stop, I fixed my chains and cleared ice up. So no worries mark.
  7. vtfireman85

    my new to me utility truck

    I had read about the PMD, going after a transfer case this afternoon, and ordering new springs today. Good thought on the fan, I assume duramax had Electric fans?
  8. vtfireman85

    Case 580 K jerky hydraulics

    This is our second case, both were jerky, this one is particularly nasty between the thumb and ex-hoe it’s heavy out there too
  9. vtfireman85

    my new to me utility truck

    from what I can find online this should have a Borg Warner 4401 T- case, which I am pretty sure were gear drive rather than chain, my half ton had a chain drive T-case. gonna find out today.
  10. vtfireman85

    Case 580 K jerky hydraulics

    We have an 87 case 580K the valve prioritization makes the hoe really really jerky the right hand lever function is great (crowd and curl) the loader is great but the boom/swing is down right spooky it makes it almost impossible to do 2 things at once if your trying to do delicate work. Yesterday I was unloading the trailer and the machine was quite cold, everything smoothed right out, just like running a John Deere or a ford, I could swing/crowd /curl all at once and it was pleasant to use rather than nerve racking. Got me thinking about inline flow restrictors in the swing and boom down functions, maybe it was supposed to have them, anyone have one of these? Any insight?
  11. vtfireman85

    my new to me utility truck

    I was looking for a service body for my truck, a 14' GMC 2500 which is probably going to be replaced when GM introduces the 6.6 gas, the Body would likely come with it, when I stumbled upon this truck, 68K on the clock, the inside is pretty rough, it was a Philadelphia PA municipal truck according to the listing, the frame is spotless, the underside of the cab is spotless, it needs a couple front fenders because the dog legs are rusty, the utility body is repairable, and it has a lift gate, also it has a 6.5 with a turbo. dad and I went to look today, was advertised at 6500, it has a transfer case issue which may be a bent or broken shift fork, we got it for 4, its a solid truck, that needs some tlc. I think itl make a good service truck for me. im new to the 6.5 and am open to any thoughts or suggestions.
  12. vtfireman85

    2011 Chevy door will not open

    Mines a regular cab so I don’t know how the ex cabs work, I was wrong about the Nader bolt, but on mine I could remove the plastic on the B post or for u the rear door and drill the bolts out of the Nader bolt plate it seems to me this wound the least damaging way to get the door open, then you could replace the latch and Nader bolt without screwing any else up.
  13. vtfireman85

    2011 Chevy door will not open

    We do, come on over! seriously, do you have or know anyone with a fein multi master? I think one could be made to fit in and cut the Nader bolt off , I'll look at mine today, we have carbide blades for ours.
  14. vtfireman85

    jeep grand cherkee

    You won't hear a bad word cross my lips about a grand, solid axles, coil sprung, what's not to like?4.8 wasn't as impressive as I'd have hoped but it did the job . I'd rather have the 4.0, but hey, if it's clean and priced right, go for it.