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  1. Was at the local Dodge/VW/Audi dealer, i don’t have any other information.
  2. Got one, might not get anymore. It doesn’t seem to do much for stopping transmission, which was my whole motivation in the first place. I still get a flu shot, but as its not an mRNA, and I have a little more faith and less concerns at this point. opinion subject to change.
  3. They are 4400 rpm so I assume sealed bearings in the bar might hold up ok.
  4. Consistency is a huge issue with kids these days. Every educator I know says that the children of the pandemic, particularly those about his age are struggling terribly. They were isolated, they weren't and aren’t prepared for social situations with rules and expectations (like school). I am not suggesting fault on your part, but what a generation of children have been brought up in is and was unprecedented. be consistent, work with the school and keep as open a line of communication as is possible and get him in to see a professional, i am certain your primary care provider or the school can make some good referrals. As said above, nip it in the bud before it spirals out of control.
  5. From my observation the Prazi or the Skil factory version is a more useful tool for cutting tenons, bridal joints and similar, the circular saw gives you less cross cut capacity and is limited in its ability to create a tenon style cut without a lot of hand saw and chisel work to clean it up. It does however give a cleaner cut.
  6. Its just a pull for fun, people come, pay a small entry fee, buy some donuts, buy some BBQ, buy some raffle tickets. If they show up every year and can’t even move the boat that’s not much incentive to show. I was hoping to make a boat that could be competitive with cubs
  7. Gotta ask yourself if the wear and tear is worse than the water damage.
  8. Last year i made a quick “stone boat” out of half of a 270 gallon oil tank. We have a small contingency of farmall cubs that show up at our fire department stone boat pulls. As with everything fire Department related it is all on a budget, but what do you all use for boats and for weights ? We were throwing hanging weights and wheel weights in last year, but it dragged funny and it wasn’t ideal.
  9. Goats, all you need are goats. Preferably someone else's goats.
  10. Whats pigweed? I googled it and that seems like a broad spectrum of plants.
  11. @TroyDairy used to suggest black bear performance for GM, he’s been rather quiet lately..
  12. We have one of those in the van, very handy, but a real battery eater and I wouldn’t want to do production work with it.
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