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  1. I am no help, but want to express my appreciation for the level of effort going in here, this is just terrific.
  2. What are the odds that lever is correctly oriented? Are they keyed in some fashion?
  3. If the shut off is that hard to move the issue is not the cable and replacing the cable won’t fix the problem. The shut off broke off for a reason a stiff cable is only going to make it difficult to use, not stress the shut off. IMO blaming the cable is like blaming a wrench because a nut is seized.
  4. 😂😂😂 i will call you! Thank you! It is on a job right now and i cannot look at it, no service there either. It is a 2014 CASE 580SN tier4a. says it is made in Iowa.
  5. You think the valve is the same but missing some pieces? That sure would be cool, i called 2 dealers and got the famous “uhhhhh, i am going to have to get back to you “ which they never did. Staring at the parts manual there are so many variations it blows my mind. What little i have been into this machine it seems the wiring harness is the same regardless of options, for every blank switch cover or blanked off gauge there is a corresponding plug dangling.
  6. Is it a particularly large splitter? Whats the flow rate of a tractor that size?
  7. Looks to me like someone has been buttering on that with a welder, if it wasn’t already damaged internally i would expect it is now, looks to me like a chicken and egg problem with the only solution being to pull the pump and send it out.
  8. far as I can tell you had the option of a one way hammer circuit or a hammer/thumb circuit, if you had that you had 2 buttons and a rocker switch to select circuit flow. presumably that was more expensive.
  9. Btw.. straight pipes don’t rattle.. just sayin.
  10. I am not exactly sure what you mean by the Canadian oval muffler, but we got an OEM from our CIH dealer for the B275, it is rounded at the top and the bottom is dished up so in effect the water would drip off the big part of the muffler onto the hood rather than run down the pipe to the manifold. It wasn't wildly more expensive than an aftermarket, and IMO it is a very good quality and a better design than the Stanley style. Point being a dealer muffler is worth the money.
  11. I wish I knew more, he was into the steam. The pics were just a bonus without details.
  12. They were all ok on my end when I started 🤬
  13. He sent some more, lots of steam, some More IH in there too. He said PTO equipment is often painted a contrasting color for safety reasons.
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