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  1. This is NOT the one but looks similar, a first I thought it was a square bailer, but it looks like a pull type combine, it belonged to the old guy who my FIL took over our sugaring operation from, also the same man who bought the D14 new. I see it in the woods near the golf course on my drive and it’s hard to get a picture because it’s in a bad spot to stop on the road. Are there any case nuts out there who would like more information? I would be willing to try to make connections and I’ll find a way to get pictures tomorrow. Just throwing it out there. Kills me to see it rot.
  2. She’s cuter than a bugs ear , you should be proud, both of your granddaughter and of your decision
  3. She’s So CUTE!!! Like a tiny red headed E.T.!
  4. Ok guys ! I have the best news yet! My best friend will and his lovely wife Nora just welcomed their first born (together) into the world at 8:26 am this morning. 1 day early. Please welcome Evelyn Grace Paquin to the world! I surely wish we could go see her in person, but it will just have to wait. She is a happy healthy redhead 7lbs 10 oz and 20”😁😁😁 sadly Nora and Wills daughter Can’t be there either but I know once they are home she will be a wonderful big sister and a real help, and as a silver lining will get to be home with her mom and baby sister during this whole ordeal rather than going to school.
  5. That sounds irresponsible beyond belief. I’m sorry to say this about your family members but I cannot believe anyone would consider this. You are 100 percent right to say no, and if you can put a stop to the whole thing you should.
  6. I get them by the bag from Maine Oxy, I think they are about 30 cents a piece, I’ve been told Walmart too.
  7. Just think how delicious.... that will make it seem better
  8. You can comment on my threads any time!
  9. On a serious note I have Mac, I’ll never ever ever go back my folks and my wife use PC, I hate them, always an issue, always a problem.
  10. CDC recommends a face mask, gloves and frequent hand washing to protect from viruses...
  11. Maybe I’ve just been missing his posts.
  12. One of the first thing I did to mine was take that crap off and chuck it in the scrap pile. Too much weight on the tailgate hinges. Need a swinging spare tire carrier for a big one. Also a good way to mess up sheet metal in the woods
  13. I like tilla, we don’t always see eye to eye, but it’d be a boring world If everyone was just like me.
  14. vtfireman85


    Maybe I’ve missed it but it’s been awful quiet on the tilla front.....everything ok?
  15. I don’t get it, what is the deal with sugar cubes?
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