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  1. I am too, and you are correct, not all are like that but there is an overwhelming majority of this generation who are like this.... and it is scary.
  2. This is a very frustrating situation, my wife’s family are hard working and came from what could be described as a privileged background, some of the kids have really really taken the advantage of the advantage they have been given and made something of themselves. My wife for example, college education completed in 3.5 years and was in a job in her field right out of school. Had her loans paid off in 3 years and then put herself through grad school while working full time, her sister spent 2 years unemployed because she’s un-employable and lost her first job because she moved over an hour from her work and couldn’t manage to get up in time to get there, grossly overweight and with a severe personality disorder. She’s well educated, but I feel it’s beyond her intelligence. Similar situation in in the other branch of the family, one has herself together, the other is the afore mentioned cousin. It drives my FIL mad, he’s a good man and has done his best, I blame oxygen deprivation at birth.
  3. So we’re on Vacation with family. My wife’s cousin is all loosing her mind that she was soooo busy doing???? That she forgot to file for unemployment yesterday now she’s late for filing. She says that no one is hiring anywhere. I suggested that Ruger was hiring and it is in driving distance from where she lives. After I explained that ruger was an American manufacturing of firearms she went off on a tirade about the evils of guns and stated she would NEVER work for a gun company. I said so you are willing sit here on the lake in your bathing suit with your hand out taking money from people who WILL work for companies that are beneath you to work for, and you can’t even do them the courtesy of asking for your hand out before the deadline? Her response was rude... and I walked away. I realize I just made the cut to be a millennial myself, but I am embarrassed for my generation.
  4. Should work fine, a real pain to install though
  5. Never seen it but heard great things, I’ll add t to the list to watch.
  6. vtfireman85

    Polka Party

    Every Saturday morning at 9 is the Polka Party! WUNH!!!!! Love it! Uncle brian turned me on to it! Right before is the stump jumper sit in!
  7. Didn’t know him but prayers for the family.
  8. I have a full size on the bedside stand right now, finest of the fine ergonomics fit my hand flawlessly. It’s been though quite a lot including a many rain storms and a swim in a lake. Never a misfire, shoots anything I stuff in it. It replaced a LLama 1911 9mm knockoff that failed to operate one too many times. The American line are nice, but I think the SR series were even better.
  9. You know, I hadn’t thought about how the mask wearing would effect the adult recreation profession... hmm wonder who oversees that.
  10. We sooooo miss our chocolate, they are beautiful!
  11. Phat B agrees!!! We’re at the lake this week!
  12. Give em time, they will go quick once they start.
  13. Yeah I wouldn’t be caught dead driving it either, amazing how little maintenance they need sitting in the driveway.
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