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  1. YIKES! im so glad you weren’t under it. I’ll add this to the list of why I like the pit.
  2. Has a breather/filler cap and a second tapping that we’ve plumbed in the return to
  3. It goes on the return, on my other one it’s screwed directly into the top of the tank
  4. Obviously this one is a fuel variety, but it’s the same idea
  5. I am in the process of re-fitting our big wood splitter with 3 point lift and PTO pump, have a Universal spin on oil filter adapter like this one. Came with no instructions. Is there any reason it has to be level? The one on our small splitter is in sideways, so the filters screws on horizontally. It’s never been a problem but I never thought about it before
  6. The truck is in use, the motor scooter is at the motor scooter doctor and the lawn mower is fixed.. for the summer anyway.
  7. We avoid mud, makes erosion and ruins stuff, doing this things break occasionally but you don’t get the damage you do with mud. Its like harley people and BMW people, they really seem to be 2 different groups, both doing similar things and they don’t have any interest in doing what the other group is doing, but they are enjoying themselves.
  8. Must be heck being old and angry. No liver cells being destroyed here, you have a drink when you get home for the night. Now my kidneys... that’s another story.
  9. I didn’t say it’s how I want things, I’m just saying I think they get something for their 50%. Which is more than I can say about a lot of what I pay in, and probably you too
  10. Have you ever seen what college and health care costs?
  11. I finally figured out the YouTube thing, here’s a video of my trip, these are my friends josh in the XJ and Cameron in the LJ you get a glimpse of my TJ at the end. (Mine had no problem)
  12. vtfireman85


    How about this one?
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