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  1. Never figured how that works. If i do something i use materials. They were paid for, and need to be accounted for, sales tax , etc etc. not to say I haven’t ever gone and done very little, charged 50 bucks or something and stuck it in my pocket. But as far as running a business goes it all has to go in the books anyway
  2. Hypertherm 45 xp here. Dry clean air and lots of supply to it is important, put a good regulator downstream of dryer with as short a flex drop to the unit as possible. Have had all sorts of issues that proved to be unrelated to the unit, just air. The technical support was excellent in sorting out the issues.
  3. Have also had issues with horse projects, not all, some folks are great, but i can think of a few straight off the top.
  4. I am glad you are excited about collecting! i hope that the folks who get these are able to put them to some use. Lets let them speak up if they can , when we get to the end, you can have any and all of whatever is left in addition to anything you can actually use.
  5. My big question is, where do they go to die? Presumably at least some die where they have made their home. I hear people say they are leaving to find water and dying there. Nice thought but how realistic?
  6. I love when people think paying cash is different. Not sure what games they play, but around here the price is the same.
  7. Ever visit a nursing home? There is always someone who can chat with you easily. After a while you realize you are having 2 different conversations. I suspect it will be much that way😉
  8. Agreed, those have life left still!
  9. Seems to be an issue more and more for us, feels like you earn it twice before you get a check. And the excuses would make you laugh if you didn’t want to cry. People want it done in a hurry, but no hurry to pay for it.
  10. Case runs theirs through the backhoe boom, they go in rubber and come out steel in some places. If one blows , you have to resign yourself to needing a change of clothes before getting back in the truck.
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