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  1. If only if only The woodpecker sighs The bark on the tree Were as soft as the skies..
  2. Oh wait, we can include crawlers???? virtually nothing puts a smile on my face like this thing. Guaranteed results 😁
  3. Those tractors are both SAME, one just the SAME as the other.. SAME.
  4. I don’t remember what you said if you said, what is your heat source now?
  5. I thought you tried a known good carb? I am still suspicious of your fuel line. Does the 044 have that strange serpentine square profile fuel line like a 440 would?
  6. Got the stingers today, somehow I ended up with 250 instead of 300, but I got charged for what I got, so I guess it is all good. I was a little surprised to find they are waxed. I wonder how much fun that will be to clean🤔
  7. I hold the pin in my teeth, and cross my eyes to get a good view of both holes at once, using both hands i pry the ring open until it will fit over the head of the pin. Align with holes and let go quickly to avoid pinching fingers. Use of safety glasses distorts vision enough that you sometimes miss the pin holes. Always wear steel toe crocs when working on lynch pins.
  8. Check with your local chapter, i have a couple chapter 18 swag items
  9. Only tractor here with a name is my M, my brother named it Lindsey, after Lindsey Vonn, he decided it was big and sexy, just like her. I think its old and ugly, but perhaps if I ever get around to painting it i will do something with the name.
  10. I believe squirrels are the target of choice. He also is overrun with porcupine, hence the trap, i rarely see one of those because they are all after his salted steps and walkways
  11. Home with a sick kid today, nothing serious but home from daycare. Neighbor just got a new hip and asked if I would plow his driveway so the LP truck could get there. I really got a kick out of his bird feeder. I think i am a better shot than him. Mine don’t have any extra holes.
  12. Do the stock, receiver and forearm serial numbers match?
  13. This is not the greatest resource for savage but possibly helpful
  14. Need a much longer and steeper hill with an automatic.
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