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  1. Neither of them have anything on Noalox.
  2. Intranasal is the most effective way to ingest it in that form.
  3. I use caulk almost daily, i can use acrylic water based all day without mess, the minute i pick up Lexel or silicone it is all over. As for never seize, i am usually filthy enough that I don’t care. But the grip of my impact is usually silver colored from it.
  4. That’d be a sight wouldn’t it?
  5. I was going to dig this thread up myself, thanks Sledge, what are these for? They seem well made but not very rugged.
  6. Good thing you didn’t need that extension cord.
  7. “A peanut sat on a railroad track, his heart was all a flutter…”
  8. Reminds me of my parents, dad lacks diplomacy sometimes, years back he had been expanding the lawn, we have no native soil where I grew up, his process for creating soil is to keep removing large stones until they are all small enough to rake, then apply seed liberally to the small stones, his lawn is less lawn and more Chia Pet . anyway he has a dump body on the Power Wagon, with high side boards intended for firewood 4-5’ high, it will take 1.25 cord stacked. He suggested to my mother one day before leaving for a multi day overnight job that, as she had plenty of time on her hands it wouldn’t hurt her and be good exercise to pick some stone and put it in the truck (my mom doesn’t need exercise). He must have been a true gentleman and really won her over, because when he got back the next day the truck was filled level with the top of the side boards with the biggest rocks mom could lift on down to pebbles, said he had to unload half of it before he dared try to move it, but he dared not object 😂
  9. I really like this customer, but yes, they don’t leave the house anymore, have a lady who brings groceries etc, just Dr appointments etc.
  10. My ozone generator was around 100 bucks and has come in handy many times over. I highly recommend it.
  11. He needs “the coolest” , blender, radio and cooler all in 1
  12. Looks awesome! I love everything about it..except the sun.. and the sand… and the salt water… and the heat.. and bicycles…, but it sure does look fun!
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