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  1. Hah, not my bench! Though i cant say much. Those are the photos the guy sent me.
  2. To be fair, i do not like the semi chisel reduced kickback chain, i think it cuts like poop out of the box, gets better with a good sharpening but still sucks , so from sucks to useless it is a much shorter timeframe than great to useless. If he bought an under 60cc saw or bought it at a big box it probably has that chain on it. not that a Stihl with the same chain would be better, but he may be half right .
  3. Is that what all these people i see doing nothing are up to? I just thought they were lazy🤔
  4. For instance, i found this place, they had this on EBay i think, the description specifically ststes their parts are not made in taiwan Or china but doesn’t say where 🤔. http://www.lilredbarn.net/product-p/pksh042-49mm.htm
  5. I’m still up in the air on what to do with it, I may give it to dad as a gift once restored, he always talks fondly of his from years ago.
  6. So I found an 042, I kinda want to restore it, not sure how far I want to restore it yet, but I think quite far. I have been idly looking for cylinder kits rubber parts Crank seals etc, not finding a whole lot, I expected not a lot. As I am on the naughty list elsewhere , and I don’t have it yet, any suggestions as to where to look for new parts? I am sure somewhere someone is specializing in this stuff.
  7. I have fond memories of my grandfather’s 031’s wish I still had them.
  8. No productive input but I forgot to put these up, so you can look. I wish they were better but it was shoe horned in pretty tight .
  9. Yes, don't bring that up where i got in trouble, best thing inhave heard people say about those is that they are awesome for the money. I guess once the patent runs out on stuff the Chinese snap up the manufacture faster than you can blink. Honestly something that is “good for the money” is about as good as saying “ran when parked “
  10. Pops is quite the craftsman, he did the cabinets, he needs to finish them, as many are simply not there after the kitchen got redone, it’s about half there, by the time it is finished he will have to start remodeling again 😂 they have no nails or screws except those which attach them to the wall or floor as the case may be. Trees came from the property .
  11. Someone say bullets? dads kitchen cabinets
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