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  1. vtfireman85

    Anyone seen one of these before

    Says you can write to them for free literature, worth a shot.
  2. vtfireman85

    Skid steer backhoe attachment

    It’s also likely easily adaptable to 3 point. TCM had a modern hoe on a w6 or something, seems like it would have worked pretty well.
  3. vtfireman85

    Factory top links ?

  4. vtfireman85

    Friends/students of yours, Runner?

    Squirrels will rue the day they attacked those bird feeders 😂
  5. vtfireman85

    Skid steer backhoe attachment

    My FIL had a hoe attachment for his NH skid steer back in the early 80’s. Looked like a handy posie planter. I’ve seen pictures of it, as said, it’s no 580 super M but it beats the old hand crowd, foot swing any day.
  6. vtfireman85

    Friends/students of yours, Runner?

    Why can’t we all just get along?
  7. vtfireman85

    Ron Berlage--Pilot Knob Restoration/Parts

    This is very sad news. Ordered many parts from them, good people, excellent service. My prayers and condolences to the family.
  8. vtfireman85

    MTO, Dont do this by accident.

    It was a ford ranger.... He fixed it!
  9. vtfireman85

    Kellogg's Lawsuit

    Norwegians hear “ pif paaf puf “
  10. vtfireman85

    Tool box question.....

    Go big or go home! Years ago when a local guy was shy on work my grandfather hired him to build a pair of tool boxes, one for him and one for my dad, he was a character, this fellow, and when completed each one sported a hand carved “A” on the end. The explanation for this was that one was for “Arthur” the other was for his “A-Hole” son
  11. vtfireman85

    The village idiot is alive and living in Ioway...

    Glad you figured it out, now go get yourself an ohm meter!
  12. vtfireman85

    Some assembly required

    These look nice , I like the round locking idea, allows for corners. Here we have " Mafia blocks" with a grove on the bottom and spine on top, they work good but don't turn corners well. Also don't have nice stone like finish.
  13. vtfireman85

    Shop wiring question...(for you electricians)

    They sell them every day,should be sharpened only on the left side of the blade when looking at the back of the open knife. I think the carbon steel blade holds up better than the SS. Mines probably 15 years old , dads maybe 35
  14. vtfireman85

    Shop wiring question...(for you electricians)

    I have seen too much damages wire from use of improper tools to strip romex and some of them are The tools sold for the purpose . Those sheet metal slitting tools shaped like ice tings are the worst, followed by the strippers that have notches shaped like romex . Your supposed to cut on the outside jacket and slip it off, those always cut into the inner insulation. Then carelessness with a Sheetrock knife is also common. IMO the best and only tool for doing a proper job slitting outer jacket is a knife like this. My preferred strippers are Klein 1010 with screw cutters. Good tools make a big difference in not damaging equipment and conductors.
  15. vtfireman85

    Shop wiring question...(for you electricians)

    It would trip by plugging in too