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  1. You guys apparently have never used spray foam…I have a t-shirt with some still on it, after 3 years 😳
  2. 2009, 4 wheel drive Silverado 2500 work truck, extended cab,crank up windows with 80,000 ish miles(?) bought in ‘13- $20,000 +-. Same truck today in my area $35-40,000.
  3. Kinda like a festering wound that you keep ignoring 🤢
  4. Government bailouts for companies that ignored their own obligations and commitments to THEIR employees. Similar to what that very same government is doing to social (in)security…
  5. There’s going to be a lot of people who will be working long after 70. The idea of retiring early is fast disappearing for most people.
  6. Cash for clunkers took care of the used vehicles being affordable and available.
  7. Probably cost more because fewer demands and would require more assembly rather than plug and play parts $500 a week for picketing One of the reasons why companies are choosing to invest in offshore facilities. I thought it was 46% pay increases, but that could have included the benefits package, idk. I would love a 46% pay increase. After inflation I’d still get a 15% raise😂
  8. Precisely why it would happen…
  9. My experience as well. 2 “hunters” , I use that term loosely, fighting over a damn turkey, trying to make me kick one or the other off. So I kicked both off. Then one has the gall to come in through my neighbor’s property. When his tree stand on my tree came up missing he knocked on my door, wanting to know if I had it. I said yes, but you’re going to have to talk with the game warden before you get it back. He got it back with a fine and 1 year loss of license. Never saw him again. This was the same guy who told me he helped fix my chimney and I told him that’s funny because I didn’t see your fat ass on my roof when I was fixing it…
  10. Same with my Apple tree. Going to wait for a few more days. Mowed lawn today, more like a hay field with all the rain and all the apples are on the ground 😱 can’t win for trying
  11. When does a truck become a trailer? Claim it has an identity crisis and was tired of always leading the way… But seriously, is it any different than a stiff hitch? I’m thinking it’s a clever way of towing as long as the hitches have the weight rating to do so. Send it🥸
  12. This might be of help to you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XFoQf8RAbY
  13. In this scenario (pictured) weight might’ve helped, but once you start getting pushed with one wheel spinning forward and the other backwards, you’re just holding on for the ride. The last thing I would have done was push the clutch. We had one hill where I always took it with an empty wagon when I was chopping or baling. And always used low gear with the brakes applied. Low gear would slow down the push if it occurred and would allow you to safely steer out of it. In this case I suspect this was a complete surprise to the operator and he did the only thing that he thought he could- jumped off. He was very lucky to walk away from what could have been a very serious accident.
  14. I wonder if someone could place a patch around the valve stem to prevent this…? Cut a hole in the patch large enough to allow the stem to go through and apply it…idk, just a thought
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