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  1. Maybe you could feed them your extra beets?
  2. My brother in law has a leaf vacuum that attaches to the back of his tractor with two attachment points. The cart rides on 2 swivel wheels and is really maneuverable.
  3. That was what I was wondering about condensation with these. I could see how they could on days that are damp or wet
  4. Why does that name sound familiar? So, are you saying that putting my wife, let me refrain, allowing my wife to enter the container and having the wind blow the doors shut is a bad idea?
  5. We don’t have accents- only you southerners have accents 🤩😎
  6. Are you sure this isn’t Seth’s bunker/ man cave?
  7. I’m with everyone else- run a separate ground wire. My Mack has electrical gremlins in it. One day the doors will lock and unlock, the courtesy lights will flash, and the dash lights will flicker. Than nothing for 2 months. 2 weeks ago my headlights and driving lights decided to quit on me. It was just light enough to see, but not be seen, so I said f-it and kept driving. 2 miles down the road they came back on and haven’t bothered since! Can’t find any shorts or loose plugs anywhere
  8. Work bought a canvas building at auction to do this with...3 years ago Still hasn’t happened 😳
  9. I was parked. 😉See that bulldog? It’s really just a chihuahua . All bark and no bite😩
  10. I’m thinking you’re right providing the right buyer had someone who can move it
  11. Well... Jeff would argue with you about that. But I’ll say yes!
  12. These first two my sister took. Wilmington Vt( I think)The second two are mine. Coming North on Interstate 89 in NH. The leaves are coming off in upper elevations. After the nor’easter they’re talking about tonight and tomorrow I suspect most of those will be off. We’re probably heading into peak foliage in the Champlain Valley now
  13. I have a concrete pad that’s 24 wide- that’s why I was thinking about the 20 footer.
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