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  1. I always thought that marriage was (or should be?)measured in dog years? I guess not...
  2. Sad 😢 RIP I watch Adam a little on YouTube. He has is own thing now.
  3. So, essentially that resistor saved his bacon 🥓 I had issues with my 1486 not wanting to start. It puzzled me as to why. I had 12volts on each battery and power to the key. Turn the key on it wouldn’t even click the solenoid. Had me concerned that something was seriously wrong with the tractor. I opted to pull the batteries and charge them, that’s when I noticed I had a bad terminal. After cleaning all their terminals and replacing the bad one, hit the key and the tractor was running. Stupid gets to all of us from time to time....
  4. Just import it one piece at a time! Truck? What truck? That’s just a pile of parts!
  5. Congratulations to you! I think my sister is working on 43(?) in September. I’m still a newlywed at 6 this year. Congratulations to you too! I meant to say something on FB but I spaced it 😱🤯 That’s a fine looking family you’ve got too!
  6. Ihfan4life

    Our New 656!

    Probably what they had... Nice straight “honest” looking tractor you found there! And for your acreage it will be perfect for you!
  7. Don’t give yourself a hernia picking that up! I’ll send down Seth to do it for you!
  8. We need a video of that! Maybe you could replicate/ reenact this or somehow duplicate it! 😉
  9. Did he know him? I expected him to drill the guy and take away the gun.
  10. I would think it was to get the last of the added band lined up and straight.?
  11. Yup, we had a tool like that. So easy to change cross chains with it than a hammer and cold chisel
  12. For fixing hangnails. Because you won’t be concerned about a hangnail after smashing your finger with that!
  13. I’d imagine the pressure he must of endured if he looked as much like Elvis as they claimed he did. I didn’t see it. His poor mother must be beside herself with grief. 🙏 🙏 Tragic
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