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  1. Ihfan4life

    10 o`clock? 2 o`clock? 4 o`clock?

    I’m knocking on the door of the doghouse. Seems like everything I’ve done for the past two days has set her off...
  2. Ihfan4life

    Movies 🎥

    If I remember that 3rd one was a dud
  3. Ihfan4life

    The wisdom of Johnny Carson

    One of a kind! Him and Leno. The rest are all pushing agenda/ propaganda crap
  4. Ihfan4life

    10 o`clock? 2 o`clock? 4 o`clock?

    He’s bored in the doghouse?
  5. Ihfan4life


    Where’s that show now? Haven’t seen it in years.
  6. Ihfan4life

    Door to door salesmen

    Back to Jehovah Witnesses, without going into too much detail, an acquaintance had a dying family member, this family person was a JW, the dying member wasn’t. When the topic of Heaven and Hel* was brought up with their clergy/ elder(?) The elder basically said, dead is dead. No afterlife whatsoever..ashes to ashes, dust to dust sort of thing. I guess I’ll continue to believe that we, or most of... make that some of us are more than the sum of our parts, and I fully intend of having an afterlife if it’s nothing more than haunting people I don’t like... Enough religion, lets get back to traveling salesmen!
  7. Ihfan4life

    Mystery Part topic

    I’ve been around a lot of silo unloaders, but have NEVER seen clips to guide the cables down the silo. 🤔
  8. Ihfan4life

    Mystery Part topic

    These look like rope clips you use to see on sideboards to tie loads to.
  9. Ihfan4life

    “Reversed” loader tractors

    Jeff, Yandows use to, maybe still do, have a reversed tractor fork lift. At least I think it’s a reversed tractor forklift? Palmers had one for a short time.
  10. Ihfan4life

    Lorenzo in his younger days...

    So, clue us younger guys who he is?
  11. Ihfan4life

    Unlucky Coyote

    Only thing that stinks worse than a dead rotting animal is the thing that eats them!🤢🤮
  12. Ihfan4life

    Tire rant

    Plus 1 Mail carriers around here all swear by Firestone Winterforce tires!
  13. Ihfan4life

    She said I smell like her Dad

    My Aunt use to cut my hair ever since I can remember. When she got done she would give me s big hug and than put stink-um on my hair. I have no idea what it was, but I can still smell it and it takes me back to when I was a kid. Gotta love that! I wish I knew what it was, I’d buy some just for that reason alone.
  14. Ihfan4life

    Can never keep her happy

    She’s just taking her time! One burnt meal at a time 😂