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  1. Sorry for your loss. It sucks losing a pet. My wife’s dog was as normal as could be and the next day he had to be put down. Part of life I’ll never get used to 😢
  2. The next invasion on the southern border?
  3. X3 on sleeping it and pinning it. When you slide that axle into the sleeve be very generous with the neversieze. You’ll be glad you did if you ever had to change it
  4. That’s why you only wear it when taking the bride out to the local watering hole! Don’t forget to put a bib on before you drip catsup all over it!
  5. Isn’t it funny that their “tolerance “ is this low? I mean after all, aren’t they the party of said tolerance? Hypocrites. Every last one of them. Instead of taking this time to actually TEACH what’s racism and or discriminatory, they chose instead to CANCEL it. That alone should be cause for concern. I guess we’re all doomed to repeat history after it’s all been erased🤬😱
  6. I’m not a Walmart shopper either. Quality is worth it, providing you receive what you’re expecting to receive.
  7. But of course it will be the truckers fault
  8. Seth’s from the part of the state where money really does grow on trees!😂
  9. Human nature. If it handles xyz with ease it should be fine with xyz plus123!
  10. I would be nervous about using Ash as I feel it splits way too easy for being a beam. I would use Hemlock before Ash. Do you have any Locust big enough?
  11. Game cameras are your best defense against these idiots. They see a playground for themselves where you see a crop/ income. Until you get a plate number or a vehicle description/ picture, they won’t stop. IF your lucky they’ll get stuck out there, then you have leverage against them. Most likely you’re at the mercy of the law with these idiots. You can talk tough but IF you do something the law will be looking for you! Cops don’t like vigilantes no matter what happened. Is there an official trail through your property ANYWHERE? CLOSE IT! Deny them permission to have a trail a
  12. Neighbors dog used to routinely come over and bathe in the manure pond. 😂😂 An invisible fence stopped that problem. They had to train the dog for the fence if I remember correctly. If your dogs have already acquired this bad habit it’s going to be harder to stop it. You might be better off building a kennel with a run to keep them in at night.
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