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  1. Naah, he will lament how you don’t pay your workers enough, and they’ll ask you for money. Than he will sit back and exclaim how great he is but WE need to do more, and the circle starts all over again… well, except for Burlington College…. But we won’t talk about that🤫🤫🤫🫢
  2. If it was Vt. it would be the pet store variant that “has never been discovered here before…we need to protect them”
  3. There’s plenty of open fields where you could get 3-500 yards, but the question is why…? I’ve seen deer taken down at 300 and they flat out DROP. I would like to shoot long range shots on a shooting range, just to say I did it, but I don’t need to. The “clay guys”, skeet shooters are mighty proud of their high dollar stainless steel shotguns and don’t like being shown up with someone with an old beat up pump gun…on his first visit to the range, fyi😎
  4. The aggressive ones are hammering it in here in Vt.
  5. the sad part is how many times the offer was accepted…
  6. Just saw that! Figured someone like @vtfireman85 or @1586 Jeff needed it as they are both volunteer firefighters…
  7. Too many snakes in DC have already been bought…
  8. Strokes are funny things. Some are straight out debilitating and obvious and others aren’t. Your Dad and Mom may not of recognized symptoms of a stroke, yet the scans show evidence of it… this could have been a series of mini-strokes, which may explain why they didn’t see the symptoms one would expect. Don’t be too hard on your Mom, or yourself. Hopefully this will get him treated and in better health soon. 🙏🙏🙏 God might have pushed the door closed for your plans… or he might have just delayed things until it becomes clearer for you. Don’t give up.
  9. There used to be a battery distributor up this way… Vt Battery Distributors or something similar. I didn’t know if he went down there or even if he still existed…
  10. Who do you get batteries from?
  11. She push a flame out the muffler when pulling in hard ground?😉
  12. Neighbor had a 1950T with fender tanks. It was my job to fill them when it was on a manure pump/agitator. That involved pushing a wheelbarrow through a barnyard with 5 gallon metal buckets full of diesel fuel, with cows who got fed via the same wheelbarrow 🤯
  13. Ihfan4life

    Good News

    I was just thinking about you and her. God is great 😊 and for those who don’t like him, phfft 😝
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