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  1. Dad built this in ‘51 after a hurricane took the old barn down. 1500 bags of cement mixed in a mixer, wheeled with a wheelbarrow and poured by hand. Idk how many board feet of lumber sawed from fallen timber on the farm. The hay mow floor is all 3-4” wide boards. 184 feet by 36’ wide. I was told when you looked into the stanchion rails on one end you could see daylight - straight as an arrow! The rafters are Lamco I think, I have the original blueprints and rafter literature somewhere here.
  2. Anyone make their own flagpole? I always was going to paint the pole IH White and the support posts red. Just not enough time in the day. https://redpowerphotos.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/monthly_2021_09/image.jpg.83b4e3b37ac945ce9c65e71261377ff4.jpg @sandhiller
  3. Ihfan4life

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    Shhh! ( we can’t mention bad eggs)
  4. Clean it up, cut the old flange off and weld another in its place?
  5. Why did reading this make me think about hotdogs?🤔😂
  6. I’m wondering if you left it running that the loose belts would flop around enough to knock any hay chaff out, thus eliminating the problem for you?
  7. You are special! Very few people, very few couples have an Angel born unto them. God’s Angel child that he immediately called home, as He will call you and your wife home, in time. My condolences for the pain and grief this has caused you. It’s tragic for families to deal with, but carry on, keep your faith, and remember His promises. And feel privileged that your daughter is watching over you. Sid
  8. Don’t forget the K and m air filter…
  9. Personally, I think it’s a waste of time to go look at it, but if anyone really thinks this is a diamond in the rough, I’ll go. I think it’s 2 tractors shoved together to make one. Someone’s junk= another mans treasure kinda thing…😳 PM me if you want me to put eyes on it
  10. I’m getting the same thing with Coffee shop.
  11. Vt craigslist. https://vermont.craigslist.org/hvo/d/huntington-international-500c/7144217973.html I called the guy. Said it’s basically a parts machine. No affiliation with him whatsoever. I just thought I’d pass it along
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