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  1. Prayers. It’s sad how some people have had to live their faith through trials and tribulations and others can be an ahole their whole life conniving people out of their last penny…vultures of society 🤬 Prayers to you and your Reverend. Take solace when He walks through those Pearly Gates all of Heaven will rejoice as The Lord says “Well done good and faithful servant “ 🙏🙏🙏
  2. You guys are forgetting something. This bull crap being shoved down everyone’s throat is WORLDWIDE. Not just the USA. It’s everywhere. The pandemic was the gateway to shove the crap in our face. Mandatory worldwide vaccination program coming in the next few years- worldwide! Monetize the debt worldwide, which means one world currency, because “ we’re all in this together “, and countries have accumulated massive amounts of debt due to the pandemic, “ we must do something…” Like it or not, President Trump is the ONLY person that says CHINA needs to be held accountable for this. “ That a
  3. (the toilet..) Bada bing- bada boom 💥 😂😂
  4. This clown might just be the best thing this country has seen. These states are starting to realize how much power the federal government has taken from the states in return for their allotment of federal funds. I’m hoping these states realize those federal funds aren’t all it’s cracked up to be.
  5. Keep doing what you’re doing. Set an example! Kids learn by watching! I’m stern with my son, also 7, but not so much so that he’s afraid to horse around and have some fun. I’m told he’s a good kid when I’m not around, I certainly hope so. He had a bully bothering him in school as much as a weekly thing. I finally had a meeting with the school and said if you don’t take care of the bullying problem, I will tell my son the next time he’s bullied to pound the crap out of the other kid. No more problem! Treat them as a child pushing the boundaries and not as an equal- BECAUSE THEY
  6. Do you honestly think that a civil war will be the next war Americans see? I’m thinking it’s far worse than that. I’m at the point that the next war isn’t going to be of man, but of God and Satan. If we’re not in end times we’re standing on the threshold of it. My 2 cents. Crucify me if you must.
  7. Nice! Is that your silo?
  8. Start at $500? That’s usually what you see cabs selling for. Unless there’s special interest in these cabs that idk about?
  9. I think you will see it in horse poo, some of these hay jockeys will cut everything they can for “mulch hay” but they’ll sell it to horse people in a heartbeat if given the opportunity
  10. Yes dear, you’re right. Yes dear, here’s my wallet Yes dear, your hair looks great Yes dear, that dress does make you look fat. Let’s see how observant Mark is, one of these remarks will send him to the ER…😂
  11. And he doesn’t know how lucky he is 😱
  12. It’s got to be pour quality butcher paper to have freezer burn this quick. My Mom helped a local butcher in the 80’s- and 90’s and that’s all they used. Before vacuum sealing was a thing. I’m wondering if he didn’t use enough paper to really seal it up with?
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