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  1. Ihfan4life


    You don’t suppose it’s by design do you? Must just be a coincidence 😂
  2. Ihfan4life


    Sssshhh! You’re going to get the teacher mad!
  3. Ihfan4life


    This^^^ If I go further this post will disappear but PAY ATTENTION to what ISN’T being reported, therein lies your answers...
  4. What he said^^^^! For what it’s worth Tim, Happy Thanksgiving 🤞🙏
  5. So you’re saying he finally took her on the honeymoon?
  6. Ihfan4life


    What do they have on him? Child molesting???🤯😱
  7. Ihfan4life


    Yup. Wait until this one dies and they go ahead and grant him Sainthood. That’s when the old guards will show up. He’s worthy of Sthood like Obummer was worthy of a noble peace prize.
  8. Ihfan4life


    He’s a populist pope and not an evangelical leader.
  9. You got lucky....gas is very dangerous stuff! Especially around an open flame. Prayers for a fast recovery!
  10. I love this car but lately it’s becoming my nemesis 🤯😡 I think it’s mad because we didn’t drive it much this summer. Hopefully, these next 2 coils will fix it.
  11. Yes- PO303, PO304 and PO 300(?) It was only misfiring on cylinder 1 when I started, that’s stopped with the new coils/plugs. I’m thinking it’s bad coils. I ordered 2 more but failed to put a rush on them as I was half asleep. And my open air shop doesn’t have any heat and the roof leaks, so it could possibly be awhile before I can get back to it. I am getting good at tearing it apart to get to the coils🤯😥
  12. I got to thinking about this. 2 of those coils were in opened boxes...what are the odds those are the 2 bothering. I didn’t even think about that when I was installing them🤯😡
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