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  1. Just the ones he claimed as his own? 😂
  2. That’s why I’m not sure if it’s a good deal or a hidden screw job😳 At first look it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. After the glaze on my eyes wear off, there might be an opportunity to make this a good deal, but... fools rush in...
  3. I’m all ears if you can find me a lender that will do that next time I sell real estate. Seems like as a land owner I had NO rights, and the buyer had them ALL. Throw in RE brokers and now you’re talking the proverbial den of thieves 🤬🤯
  4. This has gotta be the BEST forum for having civilized conversations and respect for most everyone here. Which is amazing considering the political correctness in society today. Political correctness meaning that if you agree with the subscribed narrative than you are a good subject, but if you don’t than it’s mandatory for everyone to pile on and force their opinions on you, and most importantly about you, in order to shame you and force you to change your opinion or ostracize you and make an example of you so that others who share your opinion will remain silent thereby protecting the status quo.
  5. Prices are all over because there as handy as a side pocket in your underwear😎
  6. I’m just not sure what I’m willing to pay 💰😎
  7. What’s the go to standard for looking up vehicle values. Found a vehicle that is possibly a once in a lifetime find, but I’m not sure if it’s valued high or not and I’m not finding anything to compare it with how it’s priced. So I’m wondering what the REAL value is? I know it’s vague but it’s the best I can explain it 🤯
  8. Cat skid steers are bulletproof. At least the ones I’ve been around.
  9. I’m thinking that tractor probably won’t take much to get it going, my logic thinking (🤪) says it’s just because it’s been sitting there. If it was truly dead why would the picker still be on it? Of course, that’s only my 2 cents worth
  10. Facebook- ih tractors group or something like that if only it was closer ☹️
  11. Ihfan4life

    Save this

    Someone needs this here. I have no connection to this. BJ delete if not ok. https://eauclaire.craigslist.org/grd/d/rice-lake-farmallm-with-international-2/6870230379.html
  12. I’m just poking the bear, nice lawn! I’m going to disagree with the earlier statement about a lawn not making you money. In the sense that it was posted, no it doesn’t, but in the sense that you’re taking care of your investment and property- it pays dividends. Just as much as greasing a piece of equipment or waxing a tractor. Taking pride in yourself and your business= class act! Job well done!
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