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  1. You said your Mom’s toolbox? Do you have any siblings? This might ‘xplain that🤢🤕
  2. Yea...Seth, (aka kickstand) has mentioned how helpful you are 😎😂
  3. As usual Jeff, you’re too kind to offer your assistance, but I think I’ll pass🤪
  4. You just keep coming back here! We’ll get you through anything! Unless it’s a disgruntled wife, then you’re on your own!
  5. I take it you have a 3-D printer? How’s you get into doing that? Interesting for sure!
  6. Is that your logo on the axe head? Can we get a bigger picture of that? Just amazing work! Love it 😍
  7. We had tons of Elm here! Beautiful canopies on them when the were healthy. Stand forever dead. Split way too much of it with splitting wedges and splitting mauls! Elm lumber is real pretty. I’d think it would make tough floors. I wonder if it would twist too much for handles?
  8. This was an in person cash deal with a receiver signed by the seller. So, with that being said I think(hope🤞) I’m good! I looked earlier, before I posted this, and didn’t see locks/keys anywhere, but I’ll look again. I tried eBay with the key number but nothing came up. Maybe I searched wrong? I searched for dealers in my area and nothing showed up, however I did see a Matco truck running around about 40 miles from my area, so I’ll widen the search area!
  9. I bought a used Matco box. The guy I bought it from could only find 1 key for it, and I’d like to get at least one more key. I haven’t been able to find anything online, and there isn’t any Matco dealers around here. So, short of putting new locks on it, any suggestions? Anyone know a Matco dealer?
  10. Swimsuit competition? We have to wait that long😢😢?
  11. I lost faith in coops along time ago. When they tell you they’re at capacity and won’t accept anymore milk and then when the larger farms add on 500 cows they all of a sudden have capacity?? BS
  12. 100 years ago someone made this just so Lorenzo would ask what for!😎😉
  13. Yup. Heard that too. 61 years old, did he have other health issues?
  14. Something about the real id’s too. The real id’s were supposed to be enacted 5(?) years ago 😱🙄
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