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  1. We use to haul marble chips to bag for landscaping stone. Using a walking floor trailer you scale in, go up to the quarry then come back and scale out. The first time in the quarry I told the loader operator what I needed and how much to put on. Between him being new, and my first time in the quarry, he misunderstood me and loaded the trailer with 4 buckets, probably 7-8 yard bucket(?) I got back down to the scales and about crapped myself when I saw it go over 140,000 pounds😱 I said to the woman in the scale house there was no way I was running that heavy and I needed to off load some of it! The problem was, that walking floor was not going to move, I got lucky when they said they had a long reach excavator there!
  2. I want sooo bad to comment but if I do this post will disappear 😳
  3. No worries, he’s going to paint it 2150 Red and you’ll never know it was a Deere!
  4. I still like backhoe king, but that’s a different topic!
  5. Sign of the times unfortunately. I think they were only processing a few farms now. They sold their dairy off probably close to 20 years ago.
  6. It shows it’s in California I think.
  7. You keep calling it a free market, but supply and demand, thus creating that free market is stifled by the same market you claim is free. Meaning, supply and demand works well and good between the supplier/ processor and their customer. Between that same supplier/ processor and the farmer/ producer it’s a different story. You cannot turn cows on and off like a spigot, and therefore at certain times of the year the supply will be more than necessary for fluid demands. It comes down to producers being manipulated against producers by processors AND to some extent lenders.
  8. I’m just not one to ask for help, this post has reaffirmed my faith in society... well, maybe not the whole of society but our little corner of it right here!😀
  9. Then protesters have all they can do to shower and put on clean clothes. Anything beyond that...🤯
  10. Overwhelmed with the support from best people around🤗 Thanks guys!
  11. I can’t comment on the oil, however my thought goes to the engineering of these modern engines and the knowledge that these additives in the oils wouldn’t be available for use. Just my 2cents
  12. What if Clinton had eliminated Bin Laden when he had the opportunity? We can’t look at the what if’s after the fact, it’s a fruitless exercise and will only create anger and frustration. For example BLM or restitutions for slavery.
  13. And they claim it’s still a free market at work 🤬 Bullcrap
  14. I was told that our local lumberyard couldn’t get treated lumber. Something like 50 loads are on back order. Just unreal how much the government can F things up in short order.
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