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  1. Neighbor had an 1850 which he than traded for an 1855 four wheel drive. The 1855 had a rod come out the side. If I remember right I think the rod bolts would break and than it would grenade itself. Some of the other guys probably know for sure.
  2. I guess I expected that they updated the whole series?
  3. That tractor is pretty much bulletproof. Not enough horsepower to hurt that Waukesha. The ones that ate wrist pins are the 1855’s. Turbocharged that motor and they just grenaded themselves. There is/was a new rod update that took care of that issue if you ever need to go into that motor. The 3 speed freewheels in UNDER drive. So be aware of that. That’s probably going to be as decent tractor for the money as your going to find. I’m not certain but those ‘55 series should have hydraulic brakes which in my opinion is more desirable than the dry “ maybe I’ll stop, maybe I won’t “ brakes of the ‘50 series. I wouldn’t be afraid of it.
  4. Ihfan4life

    band saw mill

    Are you just looking to saw your own lumber or doing custom sawing? I just bought stick dried red oak for around 2.30(?) a board foot. Just for comparison. I always thought that I would like a mill, but unless you’re sawing a lot and doing some custom sawing/ live edge boards, you could buy a lot of lumber for what you’re going to have tied up in a mill. My 2 cents worth
  5. Sometimes the ground just gives out on you depending on the soil and moisture of that soil. We have some loam on top of sand on a side hill. With that combination you would think it’s a great field and easy to work, but you’d be wrong. The sand is more of a silty sand that just holds moisture. With a wet year, if you spin once you’re sitting on the bottom. We’ve had to chain blocks/ posts to the tires to get out because anything you hooked to it would spin out and be sitting on the bottom as well.
  6. You learned how to swing it, how to aim it, and NOT to miss the post😱
  7. Yup, post maul! I’ve hit a lot of posts with one of those! My Dad’s help were constantly over swinging the post and snapping the handles off. He got sick of it and welded a piece of pipe onto the maul head. No more broken handles 😂
  8. I went here to a local range once with a couple of friends. One was shooting a borrowed Benelli (sp?) I don’t remember what the other was using. I had my Dad’s old 12 gauge Mossberg pump. I was paying too much attention on what I was doing but I was told everyone else was finding fault with my gun, not expensive enough or fancy enough for their taste and it “ wasn’t a shooters gun”😳 Until I started shooting! Now, I’m not someone who handles a gun a lot. In fact it’s been awhile since I’ve shot any amount, but with it being my first time there, I did pretty damn good. Shoot what you want, what you can afford and what “fits” you. Too heck with everyone else!
  9. Sledgehammer or post maul? It’s pretty easy to mushroom a post maul if you’re using it for something other than wooden posts.
  10. The fear of being alone can outweigh the feelings of the moment. Spousal abuse comes in many forms. Seth, you’re a better man than me. They would have found her stuffed into that toilet...
  11. Nope. You’re confusing me with some of these other guys. I never had a cdl before getting my Class A. I did however went to a “school “ to get my Class A. I was working with a company to get my license and they started jerking me around with it. Decided I wasn’t going to be obligated to them and decided to go it on my own. My Class A and subsequent endorsements for tanker and hazmat are mine and not anyone else’s. I paid for it, I worked for it and I’ll drive for whoever I want to without obligations other than my word and work ethics.
  12. Ihfan4life


    Hemp/ marijuana as I understand it are cousins in the plant world. The legality of growing hemp is a very thin line that these states are pushing with ( against?) the federal limits. Hearsay from around here is that some of the hemp that was grown this year has exceeded that limit the state set determining the thc levels designating hemp from marijuana thus potentially putting these growers in a legal predicament. The big push for growing hemp is from the corporate world telling everyone that cbd is the next best thing in the medical industry. Tomorrow’s aspirin if you will. The expectations are sky high for cbd. A lot of money has been spent pushing this stuff and my concern is where’s the downside and are the ones pushing it setting everyone up for the next Ponzi scheme? It isn’t being described as the next Gold rush for nothing.
  13. How technical do you want to be? We only did the airline portion of the pretrip. NOT a complete pretrip. So technically answering I would say no.
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