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  1. I’m guessing the treads are from sidewalls for your bunkers? How are you cutting the treads off?
  2. What’s it for? As in- what’s the robot going to do when it’s finished?
  3. I think if it’s a project chopper, if you took the blower from a Hesston/ Dion blower and somehow was able to secure it behind that Deere cutterhead you would have a beast of a chopper by eliminating that cross auger. Idk how feasible it would be, but it would be a fun project
  4. Idk about the New Holland. I loved my JD 3950! Just a simple chopper and easy to service. I would be looking for a 3970 if you’re going to get a different chopper. Your heads should fit it, and possibly the control box would be the same.
  5. We had a neighbor like that. This guy was an f-ing jerk, UNTIL he let you inside his “walls” After you were accepted by him he was a teddy bear with the hugest heart ever. He died of a massive heart attack about 7 years ago. Miss him every day.
  6. Sorry Jeff. My condolences.
  7. Bernie has that covered for you! Just send the bill to him!
  8. You’re supposed to keep going until she says no more! Geesh Bitty, what’s wrong with you! By the way- mine said stop at 1 ( granted she had 3 others before she married me)
  9. Did you figure out what caused that?
  10. It’s been a long time since I’ve been called that!
  11. That’s for when Jeff and I return your snap ring pliers!
  12. Cool reception ? Or cool, nice to meet ya kinda cool?😎
  13. That’s fine if you’re ok with not making money. I’m simply arguing that the hype is “ if you install our solar panels you will save xx on your electric bills” Now technically that may be true, however if your cash outflow is equivalent to what you saved, did you really save anything? I have absolutely no issues with someone who is trying to save money, my issues are with these companies who are less than honest about those savings
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