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  1. It isn’t a nutrition issue, it’s a natural issue. Put a mouth/ nose ring thing in so they can’t suck. Put plenty of water out too. Got something to keep them from being bored? Plenty of room to run around?
  2. 😢 My idea was great... and it got you quality time with another forum member...who probably would have brought you syrup for when you’re recuperating 🤕🤒😰
  3. She has the axle housing off. So I’m going to think she’s got the tractor supported ok?
  4. Chances are you won’t have a press big enough to press those bearings off. Take it to a dealer or competent machine shop which would probably have the tools to do it. My2 cents.
  5. Something I would have said when I was milking cows. As much as I miss it, I don’t think I can do that again
  6. Sorry to be reading this. Cancer is such a horrible disease that should have been eradicated by now. RIP George
  7. You need an adjustable buddy seat for Vtfireman. Stick him out on a long pole on the uphill side and hope he doesn’t jump off!😂
  8. I forgot to add- she was 5 months pregnant with our son😆
  9. We were getting some beef heifers into the barn so we could AI them. They had been running with the milking herd but hadn’t been handled much if at all We got one in a stall and hooked, but the other one was being stupid so we thought we could throw a halter on her and than get her in. Got the halter on and was trying to push her around and my wife stepped behind her and the heifer wacked her hard in the knee so much that it made a loud pop. My wife was being stubborn and said she was fine but I insisted she go to the emergency room and get looked at. I was sure something was broken, but just a little swelling. 2 days later my special needs sister HAD to have something that we had moved into what became the master bedroom. We had it stuffed full of furniture because we were renovating 2 of the other bedrooms. My wife being the kind person she is decided she could crawl and climb over the furniture to get the thing my sister wanted. So she gets halfway through the mess and proceeded to fall through a piece of furniture and impales a piece of wood into her leg! Idk how she did it, but she continued to get what my sister wanted and than drove herself to the emergency room! Upon entering the ER the immediate response was “are you safe at home “!
  10. I got time to drink now. Truck is rolling over and playing dead😱 Will be down for awhile now ☠️💀
  11. Why all the bi***ing?😳 We all know about all those bushels hiding in bins! 😱 They have to make the dairy farmers feel like their going to be back in the black this fall and have cheap feed to carry them through the winter.🤩 And appease the brokers. Nobody makes money without the brokers making money 💰 Sorry guys! Poor attempt at humor. I’m just glad my living isn’t dependent upon the statistics. 🤒🤕🤢
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