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  1. Ihfan4life

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    The idea of the post office being privatized is one I would agree with. From my short stint with the post office they manage to screw most things up. When I was there we were merged with a different post office and yet the post office we were at, stayed open, how did that save any money, you’re still heating and cooling the same space. They always seemed penny wise and pound foolish, what’s that expression “ trip over a twenty to pick up a penny?” You have no argument from me about that as I’ve witnessed them laying off carriers while hiring upper managers and than patting themselves on the back. When it comes to carrying mail, I’d argue with you all day about that😉
  2. Ihfan4life

    Walked out the ER tonight , lucky to be here

    For every a- hole there are 10 saints😇 Glad you’re sore and breathing rather than...
  3. Ihfan4life

    Walked out the ER tonight , lucky to be here

    You need some nail strips to throw down in front of them😳
  4. Ihfan4life

    A Costly Mistake....

    Stand by your decision and don’t be afraid to tell them why!
  5. Ihfan4life

    Looking At A Career Change Again

    First thought- where do you see yourself in 10 years?- Think long and hard about that, I know I wish I did Now, do you want physical work or mental work, meaning what kind of shape are you in and can you sustain that? When I was farming for myself I was a bull, strong as bull dumb as an ox. Now that I’m driving truck I’m not in the shape I was and feeling it too(!) Whats the conditions and atmosphere of the work environments you’re looking at? While ag is in a downturn, building supplies might be on the upswing and where you can make some money Is the “ inside” work something you enjoy and challenging to you? Could you see yourself making a career or even starting your own business doing this? This job change if it happens is the proverbial fork in the road. If you choose this path where does it put me in the future, if I choose that path, where do I go from here? Choose wisely 😎🤞🤔
  6. Ihfan4life

    This happened to me...

    It’s going to all be bitcoin before long, a lot easier to manipulate currency that way
  7. Ihfan4life

    life in our corner

    We just got back from vacationing in Maine. I was impressed with those tides, but your picture takes the cake Corn looks great!
  8. Ihfan4life

    This happened to me...

    This is gotten so bad everywhere. Maybe if Congress worked on real issues instead of making excuses, they could solve this problem
  9. Ihfan4life

    Mmmm, Mmmm, Good

    My wife put me on a diet😰 I love ice cream...
  10. Ihfan4life

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    I suggest you apply for a job at the post office. They’re in desperate need of relief carriers. Repetitive motion is not a matter of who’s fit for the job or who isn’t. It’s real and it can be painful. The idea that your stuck on that the carrier doesn’t have a car fit to carry mail... well I don’t think there are regulations telling the carrier what car they have to use to do the job, it’s a matter of personal preferences AND budgets. There are a lot of carriers using Subaru’s as they’re tough and relatively cheap all wheel drive vehicles. There’s also a lot of Jeeps being used today because they’re one of the few manufacturers offering right hand drive. A lot more money than a Subaru too. Those are just two vehicles being used and they’re probably at each end of the spectrum as far as box placement should be for ease of use FOR the carrier. As I said before, if DD’s sister has special requirements because of disabilities or other issues the post office WILL accommodate her needs. IF she’s just started a pissing match, probably not much their going to do. You’d be surprised by the number of people who aren’t willing to compromise.
  11. Ihfan4life

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    Argumentative with no common sense. Attila posted the regulations referring to box placement and height, thank you Atilla, so I won’t post them again. If the carrier doesn’t have car insurance the carrier will be fired If the carrier is afraid of getting his arm wet, he will be fired. Your getting ridiculous and aren’t listening to what is being said here. Try opening 300/400 boxes everyday. If this particular carrier is driving a left hand drive car than chances are they’re sitting in the middle of the vehicle driving with left leg, or they’re reaching across the vehicle- stretching as far as they can. Put a box too high, the carrier has to drive further away from the box to be able to open it, stretching even farther than normal. Likewise if a box is too low. Rhetorical question here, how much do you think the post office spends on workplace injuries? I’m not going to research it, you can, but I think you’re going to be surprised at that number you find. Carrying mail isn’t an easy job, don’t believe me, try it. Getting back to the original topic here, does Diesel Doctor ‘s sister NEED to drive to her mailbox to get her mail or is it a convenience for her? IF she has a disability where it’s difficult for her to get her mail, arrangements can and should be made from delivering closer to her house where it’s convenient for her to walk out and get her mail, too even having a box placed on her porch where the carrier would exit their vehicle and place the mail in the box, or possibly hand delivered to her. Been there done that. My point WAS and IS chances are if it’s just escalated into a pissing match between DD’s sister and the carrier, she might want to consider calling a truce because in my experience the post office will in all probability side with the carrier
  12. Ihfan4life

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    The carrier that is assigned to the route has the decision making abilities about box height, interference, box condition, that sort of thing. Some carriers don’t care, others are picky s-o-b’s. The substitute carrier can not leave you ( or should not leave you) an official note telling you to change something their not happy with. As to part 2 of your question; unless the carrier is really being an s-o-b here, the postmaster would probably make this decision and not “ higher up the chain of command” The postmaster I worked under would usually go look at the box in question and make an informed decision. 100% of the time, she had my back😉
  13. Ihfan4life

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    Tell your sister to deliver mail to 3-400 boxes every day, and than you’ll see why the mail carrier wants it at a certain height. Seems to me the inconvenience of going to town would be greater than changing the box height, but maybe not? Also, it’s been 7-8 years since I’ve delivered mail, but I think rfd boxes are considered federal property and not private property therefore giving the carrier authorization to change the box height to his preferences at his expense ( aka time and effort) and not your sisters. I think perhaps your sister needs to speak directly to the carrier and not get her panties in a wad, (no offense intended) I too left plenty of notes officially asking people to please fix their mailboxes, if they didn’t, I was no longer required to deliver their mail until they did or they got a PO box( guess this makes me an a-hole, but I’ll refer you back to my previous statement, deliver to 3-400 boxes everyday and you’ll know why! Carrying mail isn’t a glamorous job, and you wouldn’t believe the bureaucracy that is the post office.
  14. Ihfan4life

    DOT Physical

    Genetic viagra with a nurse whispering in your ear? I think you’re leaving something out of this story😎😂
  15. Ihfan4life

    Almost made it a week

    Call your state better business bureau! Sounds like BS to me and the compan(ies?)are just trying to wear you down until you say the heck with it.