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  1. I know someone that just got it an it covers anything fiat heavy equipment wise case construction caseih new holland etc.
  2. I was riding down the road back in the fall and this idea popped in my head, I really like the looks of it👍. how stock or or I guess I mean stock looking are you wanting to keep it? I've got some ideas and I've seen, tried and came up with in my head but it just depends on the look your going for.
  3. i think i seen it on tubi you can stream it any time for free with adds, cannonball run was on there also, tubi is a lot like you tube but with movies and no editing lots of great movies on there lately
  4. 5088 2wd no duals you can tell a 10 foot 1590 is back there in lose or wet ground on the hills, 4x4 no problems. a 15 foot loaded you better have some weight and duals on a 3688
  5. My brother was working on a late model Deere back in the summer, the owner asked if he could look at his old tractor he took him in a different part of the shed there was a 766 factory narrow front his family bought new. Couple weeks later he was on another farm in the same area working on a late model Deere brought up how cool that was to see then that owner said I have a 766 also took him over to show him turns out it was the same 766 my brother owned 12 years ago
  6. https://fox56news.com/news/kentucky/cousin-eddie-display-in-kentucky-leads-to-police-response/
  7. if you never seen that movie doc on them on Netflix and you like them/that sort of thing i highly recommend it it gets pretty ruff just a heads up but i watched it for a second time and laughed just as hard as the first time
  8. believe it or not this is common around here, my wife did have a clip of a women in a battery powered wheel chair pulling a man in a wagon, there is another very large women that i see often and she always has small to teen kids hanging off it, there was a older man rode one with a bunch of big rig stuff on it but he was hit and killed a year ago on it, and mopeds like in the picture are a dime a dozen going up and down the road even in the more rural parts where i live, i was going down the road a couple weeks ago on a tractor and had a guy on a bike try to pass me on the right side on a one lane bridge of the road but we won't get started on bicycle riders
  9. i didn't know that was meatloaf 😂
  10. Mike has a digital one that will work with the factory face plate, have had one for a while and its been doing pretty good, if your not wanting to buy a true radio for a tractor marine radios are the next best, they're sealed up pretty nice and the bumping and jarring doesn't effect them like a regular car radio, we have a few tractors the pervious owners have installed and they have yet to miss a beat
  11. if you watch his other stuff they seem to like the screaming jimmy's and building their own stuff
  12. eliminator if you can find them I've heard and seen its been hard to find any for 86, 88 and the early magnums
  13. I know of at least two thats made that mistake if that's the same person
  14. back in the spring I got one through A&I it was 80 or 100 cheaper with shipping at the time that's the only one I could find
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