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  1. idk as far as it fits or not never been around a magnum but i do have a 88 series dual speed laying in the floor if you need me to measurements
  2. I know of some big cub gas inline sixes, moline was building them 800 from the factory so 1000 is not hard to reach and you can only imagine what the pullers are doing and in the mph classes they're hard to beat have been for some time
  3. both great tractors would own either one, but i lean to a 966
  4. roller cams are nice for big power but a regular flat tappet will do all you want and more. head wise the turbo equipped farm equipment was all about the same intercooled or not, some of the trucks had a head that flowed better then others in the early 90's and i believe the intakes flow better but again this is all for high HP. Anyone that's owned a 400 series knows they can pack a lot of punch before doing anything wild
  5. I had a set of grabbers and had good luck outta them, i can't remember exactly what they where but they where what we call around here a road tread tire, still did good in the winter. The firestone destination AT look pretty good i know someone who had them said they liked them, a family member had some that that would remind you of a off road tire he said they would go anywhere you wanted but you got the noise and everything else from a big tread tire.
  6. The only real way to know is to pull it a part and see, i wouldn't even trust the paper work if he had it. Over the years we have had a hand full of those mother case remans all but one was 466's, i would not buy another but that's a different story, anyway this last one we got and maybe the one before it if i'm not mistaken didn't have anything stamped on it and we traded 436's in for cores
  7. How long you had this saved on your phone and/or computer?
  8. We have a local place that sells them or did i haven't been there for awhile or you can always get one from online, like others have said ebay mcmaster carr grainger just a few examples i'd stay away from used ones for the simple fact my luck it wouldn't work once he got it on or quit shortly after then you got a pissed off person you gotta live next to
  9. The shipping cover makes it look red its black with gray dots
  10. sounds like you got it whipped i forgot about that small hose and i capped it off the same way, now if you ever have any problems losing odd or even gears those two switches with the wires coming out of the top to the right of the bottom cap you put on our the first place to check
  11. We've been getting it thru the dealer, I've had to replace a couple windshields because someone has ran the a bad wiper I won't change them though i found a local place that does a great job and every time they've been out the say they can always cut me whatever i want
  12. I've done a few and as someone told me on here don't cap the lines take them completely off and cap where they come off. After that all you'll need is to find a 12v power and ground and your done, to me taking the old seat out was the worst part just because it feels like they weigh a ton
  13. We use to have a bunch of 986s had one with a m&w turbo setup hand a couple more with 10/1486 turbo setups and yes they ran better than the stock setups we had running side by side to me it was worth the money and work but that's just me, I may have enough stuff to get a setup started laying around here
  14. Dorman 603-001 and I didn't change the cap
  15. I went out searching for people that have the 26 around here, I've found 2 people I've personally talked two and know of at least 2 or 3 more that use them around here. The salesman and the two I talked to all said that they don't scalp like you think they would, I even went and watch one run one for a older mower it cut really nice and in the dips humps and hills it did a great job, did such a great job I ordered a new one first or second week of January of this year, at first they said it would be here in March then they said with everything going on June then I called in May to get a update they said that they had moved the production date up till the middle of August, I called a couple week's ago and they said I'd be lucky to see it the first part of December
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