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  1. if you watch towards the end someone yells where the he11 are you putting all that or something along those lines
  2. they have two brazilian grills like that here, friend of mines girlfriend waits at one the stories you hearšŸ¤£
  3. i always wanted to try this i might have had a shot when i was younger but i know one thing id lead to a divorce now a daysšŸ¤£
  4. we use to have a 560 we used as a wrecker moving junk mostly if the hydraulics are in good working order they can pick up quite a bit maybe a little more than you want ,we just had some homemade looking ends that slide into the 2 point and a bracket that bolted up top for the third arm but i cant remember how it bolted on
  5. i always supported them under the pto on the rearend housing with 6x6 wood blocks or if you have a flat firm floor good jack stands will work also. As for parts there have been some whole M's selling around here for dirt cheap most even running but it maybe different in your neck of the woods
  6. yeah you should be able to send your stampede stampede off to someone like turnbull or bowen and they can case hardening for you or they can on the rugers my brother had one that had been done
  7. Almost woke the kids up I laughed out loud
  8. I grew up with and around rugers when I got always liked a p series but they won't fit my hand, imho the p is as tuff as the red and blackhawk wheel guns. I remember when I was younger a guy bragging about shooting it under water I wasn't really shocked it could shoot under water I was shocked anyone would do that to a gun and how bad it be to clean You talking about case harding?
  9. i just got a Maxi force kit from Mike Links and so far so good
  10. on the hydraulic swing auger you could use a pump off a dump trailer like landscapers use and run it of the batteries off your truck. We use the same step up here to dump muck wagons to keep from running a tractor up and down the road 8 hours a day 7 days a week
  11. Was pulling out of the gate with one of the high school kids that worked here a couple summers ago, we got behind a tesla as i pulled on the road i told him id give him all the money in my wallet if he could point out the exhaust pipe on it, needless to say he didn't find it as funny as i and he new more about the damn thing then i did..... and if you where wondering i only had 3 dollars on me to start with
  12. any of you guys getting junk e mail yet from mother case? they hit me twice in one day....
  13. we had a low hour 986 i think when we got it it was around 1100ish hours it looked about like that 50, now dont get me wrong it wasn't a bad tractor but we had 3 more with 3 4 and 5000 hours and id rather have them over the low hour one because sitting in a barn most its life is just as hard on it if not harder than using it, that think was always blowing lines rubber and metal and then the pressure plate broke and the damn thing almost took me through a fence and into the woods lol
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