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  1. Here at work we have a 2015 and 2017 4wd 1 tons they have a rack, didn't realize it till they started complaining about the 15 driving funny the guy that drives it is one of those know it all types, he claimed it was in the steering box the guy that works on the trucks told them I highly doubt it since it doesn't have one, I haven't looked at the 2011 or 2020's
  2. they claimed none of those have been in these parts for ages, older friend told me once too many honest people have claimed to have seen them, a few years later they killed one not far from where he was saying he'd seen tracks, after that happen fish and game changed their tune on the subject. A lady about a quarter mile down the road had a couple African lions, they let out a roar it make your hair stand up on the back of your neck it was funny I couldn't hear them at my place but you could hear them several miles in other directions, same friend had a farm leased to deer hunt he got it the woods fail asleep and when it broke day lay the lions started he said he woke up to that and about crapped down both legs, he just knew they where coming to get him another friend and his wife where hunting 5 10 miles as a crow flies and it scared her she asked him what is that he said it's them damn lions over by Daniels.
  3. pretty easy to get out like said above but normally i've seen them leak its the hose clamps or the hoses its self bad
  4. how bad of a job is this? I never been in one but i got a few that could use it
  5. i took a class threw sthil 5 or 6 years ago and the instructor brought up some points, one small engines hate ethanol, two i can't remember the exact amount but i wanting to say in a gallon of gas your only getting about a quarter of gas the rest is additives and he said that was a very rough estimation because it may be dead nuts on at my closest station and it maybe way off at your closest station and your drive across town and it be different there so its been getting harder from them to tune the engines to fit the broad band across North America and 3 the shelf life of gas is the lowest ever so they are pushing more for battery op tools and equipment then you throw in the law that California just passed about the band of small engines besides on generators and they're throwing more restrictions on those in the process
  6. That way will work, last time I did one on a 88 one of us scraped and sanded while another ran the shop vac to try keep the dust/mess down, worked pretty well
  7. 88power

    PT 109

    everyone knows him for his sausage and big bad bad john or maybe even him in the Daniel Boone TV show but he had some good stuff besides them this is one and cajun queen that most don't know of
  8. any play in it replace it, better to nip it before it gets your fan or radiator, only goes on one way and is a press fit don't forget how it goes on or be talking while putting it on speaking for a friend lol, the support is the only thing different, a quick look n mother case may still have a few but i can say out of our fleet we have more old two mount style then the new four and we never had a problem, only other difference is the fan, 50 and 52 I think are 6 blade and the 54 is a 8 if my memory is correct, can still get the one for the 50 52 for a whopping 575 but not the 54, had a horn the mounts rusted and came off a couple years a go killed a fan but other than that never a problem fan wise
  9. I've used about five different types and brands of condenser cleaner that the big box stores sale and McMaster Carr and the stuff in the spray can that foams up I put a liberal amount on one side and let it sit for however long it says on the can and then was it out with a normal water hose then do the other side and go side to side each time till I get clean water coming out
  10. the bad fuse holders are also common on the 5X88, Mike says that LED is the only way to keep them from going bad. I agree with Fred the hy cap brakes are what we used when we had 86's never had no problems
  11. its not corrosive, its a by product from bourbon, its really gotten big around here the past few years from all the new places popping up, everybody and their granny haul it around here from water tanks that look like they're from WW2 to old milk trucks to those square plastic tanks with the metal cage around them, one thing it is when they get it from the distillery is really hot either they cut it with water or they let it set for a day or so before turning cows on it
  12. Ace is right the seat does sit back a little more and it makes the back of the cab around the fuel tank different, we once tried putting a 9 or 1086 tank on a 5088 and it wasn't a direct fit, but that's not a deal breaker its self just a heads up, I've seen what you could do and i believe you could make a 86 cab work on one its just not a direct fit and like Mike said make a 3X88 cab is closer. If someone can put a 86 cab on a 06 or a sound guard then I wouldn't think it be too bad doing this.
  13. if I'm measuring right it looks like its the same
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