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  1. its the other way around for me i gotta fat head i could never get one over my ears
  2. There is a company that has N.O.S patches from all kinds of different company's cummins weatherby redman etc. and they put them on old school looking hats ill have to look it up
  3. Jesse and chip both worked for Boyd before they got big
  4. I'm no deere guy but that 4020 chip did was horrid
  5. trucks stacy david he did have another show on speed channel but idk, if you like him you should try the engine masters, hotrod garage, roadkill guys
  6. I know some guys that made a killing off of hauling cars to the ports to be shipped over seas middle east i think where most of them where going they would fill acouple full of spare parts they drop them off a forklift and say oh well that one is parts now. Here's a reason to take your name and number off the door
  7. they're out there once you get to looking they're more than you think we have one of each and more people talk about the little one more than our big ones
  8. Here at work they are getting spring fever, was talking about ordering grass seed from the local supplier for spring said that grass seed was down on price but they didn't know about shipping because of the covid and the shipping of the covid shots, they priced getting it shipped by train vs. truck and it was going to be half the price
  9. Was it doing it before the rebuild? if not i'd send it back to whoever rebuild it sounds like they got something out of time. If it was doing it before i'd be looking at hoses and pretty much the whole front end
  10. i got up next to a guy doing a crossword puzzle awhile back i didn't know people still done those much less going down the road
  11. its alright i type like i talk and that don't help matters
  12. The car wasn't running right she was bucking up and down trying to get it to go faster and all at once it went to running right she must of had the pedal to the floor because it shot off like a rocket and blew the cloud out the tail pipe almost looked and smelled like bad gas
  13. make sure it just ain't lose lines causing the leak
  14. Kinda a light in the middle of no where one later model caddy was waiting to turn from my right to go the way i was coming from. I noticed when she took off the car wasn't moving very fast blonde early 20's she began to buck hunch up and down in the seat all while the car was barley moving, I'm sad to say but my first thought was man she's f***ed up from the floor up this morning when she got'er straight she looked over at me staring she had one of those go to he!! looks only a married man would know the light turned green for me i slowly took off and man the smell was horrid i looked in my mi
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