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  1. 88power

    Anybody ever seen....

    A lot of people around here put duels on for mowing hill sides I remember a man having a couple lawnmowers with duels on them to mowing a steep hill in his backyard
  2. 88power

    Which weights??

    Are tire guy uses winter windshield washer fluid instead of calcium on are loader tractors we got weight boxes on the three point hitch full of sand
  3. 88power

    Best way to silence cab on 1586?

    At minimum definitely want to put the right floor mat in it not really for the sound but for the heat we got a tractor one time someone had put a piece of house carpet in we took it out and put the right floor mat in it made a big difference
  4. 88power

    Favorite Bate for killing mice

    Mini resse cups a chair air soft gun and a case of beer I got my hands on some rubber bullets one time for a 44mag but those things rico maybe they would be better for rats🤔
  5. 88power

    86/88 hydraulic seat question

    I need to cap the hydraulic lines off to replace the seat,haven't got into it yet anyone remember the thread cap size? It's been a while since I been in one but if I remember correctly it's a male thread plug?
  6. 88power

    1486 front end

    I've drove them out with a air hammer before on both the standard round and the heavy duty square on the 88's
  7. 88power

    Battery Chargers

    Ran into the same problem as you we had a Napa that didn't last a year and a carquest that wouldn't start a Briggs and Stratton we just got a blue point ain't used it much but its seems to be build just like the old chargers that last forever
  8. 88power


    I tell my guys and others when it comes to shifting sycrow n quad range Deere, 06 all the way up to the 88's ih, just to name a couple there just like women if you don't know how n when to touch them they can make your life a living ****
  9. 88power


    That one looks really familiar lol
  10. 88power

    1466 Blackstripe

    I just seen this on tractor house
  11. 88power


    When it comes to this or any other 88 stuff Mike has never steered us wrong. I got a spare centry box sitting right now that came from Mike so it's not like you can't get them and there simple to change yeah that bypass might be cheaper in the beginning but when it Cooks your trans you wish you put a centry back and not to mention it can be dangerous also we had one go out in the middle of the road going up a hill luckily no one was hurt
  12. 88power

    Price of new steel----flat, angle, channel, etc??

    I bought a twenty foot four inch piece of flat stock quarter inch thick a couple weeks ago I think it was around sixthy three dollars out the door
  13. 88power

    wrench turners please

    I got a 6 pt set from Walmart and they have held up for years just like the Pittsburgh from horror freight as long as you don't wrench with them every day I also like going to the pawn shops sometimes you can get a great deal there on name brand stuff
  14. 88power

    Yesterday’s Fire Call

    When I first got my license I had a hard body Nissan pickup I threw two rods out of it at once it broke the motor mount on the drive side and caught the splash pan under the truck on fire it was flaming up pretty good thill I beat it out with a copy of Peterson's 4 wheel n off road only thing I had n the truck didn't even have it 24 hours
  15. We have had Kubota 900 and 1100 rtv they like to eat Axel's we then went to Gators hpx then 625 they have heat from the factory but no ac if you take care of them there pretty good I would get the ploy doors over the full glass they seem to stand the wear n tear better we went to replace two this year and Deere discontinued them said for ever 625 sold they sold ten 825 so we got a 835r and 865r only difference is 835 is gas and the 65 is diesel both full cab ac heat so far so good but you could buy a nice used pickup for what you give for one of those