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  1. 88power

    Rotary PTO driven mowers opinions

    Hx 20 John Deere with stump jumpers and duel tires on the wings we have great luck out of these been running them since 02 and traded them in every 3 to 4 years but they still have a lot of life for an average farmer There build heavy and still cut clean. Really all we do is clip pasture any more but back in the beginning we cut everything the decks outer layer some times cracks but there double layer so it is more of a eye sore. We got one right now pushing 15000 acre's and it cuts just as clean as the new one we bought this spring. Here lately on the new ones Deere has got cheap on the pins for the wing cylinders but other than that ain't much bad I can say about them
  2. 88power

    No more double wrenches

    1/2 is the smallest I've tried using you may be able to go smaller but I wouldn't. 7/8 is to big but may depend on the brand or wrench too. Matco also sells one of these there like kimball Midwest and buy it from someone else and slap there name on it
  3. 88power

    No more double wrenches

    Lol seems like it always works that way. I like having it around and asking people if they can guess what it is needless to say a lot of head scratching
  4. 88power

    No more double wrenches

    This thing is pretty handy. No fear of slipping like when you double up. I'm a tool junkie so I'm always trying new things like this lmo this one is not a gimic well worth the money.
  5. 88power

    chevy k2500

    Had a friend awhile back same thing happened to his Tahoe turned out the gear on the distributor had stripped. Don't know about a 2000 but on my wife's old 89 there were two modules on the distributor that went bad at different times it's been awhile but one was under the cap and I think the other was on the bottom of the distributor if I remember correctly
  6. 88power

    86 series seat

    The one I was thinking of are hydraulic sorry
  7. 88power

    5488 Bugs

    I got the full case ih manual for 88's and one for 86's if you need anything please let me know
  8. 88power

    86 series seat

    I don't know the names of the seats to tell them apart but did they come in 88s too? I got a fancy factory seat that has been in both if that is it I can try to take some pics
  9. 88power

    5488 Bugs

    My book says 50 to 60 in. Lbs without shims to turn wheel hub and 65 to 75 ft. Lbs with shims and wheel bearing retainer.
  10. 88power

    5488 Bugs

    This day and age it's hard to get quality anywhere I've had the same happen before and they be bad when they came outta the package. Those firewall switches get age on them and they seem to have a mind on there own. I remember the first time one acted up on me was at a stop light with a bunch of traffic behind me I like to crapped myself thinking it was dead in the water. I got one right now doing the same as yours
  11. 88power

    1420 Wisconsin Hemp harvest

    It was in the back of a Dakota still on the stalk so I don't know how they didn't get caught before they made it to town. But when the local law enforcement pulled up I'd love to have been there lol. They got them on a few theif charges, bet the reason why they never gave a statement was because they couldn't keep a straight face
  12. 88power

    1420 Wisconsin Hemp harvest

    Since tobacco is pretty much done around here quite a few have been trying hemp. I've heard of people that were going to try to combine and others cuting and rolling it but the only chance I got to see it cut was on the local news and the university of Kentucky was cutting it with a sickle barrel mower. Not to long after that a couple of dumbasses cut a guys down loaded into the back of a pick-up went down to the local Walmart Mart and tried selling it in the parking lot lol just like normal folk try to sell sweet corn
  13. 88power

    86&88 AP air hd blower motor update kit

    Thanks for posting the link I tried when I made the post but this new smart phone is smarter than me lol
  14. Anybody ever tried one of these kits? Put one in are 5288 over a month ago and really like it so far. The only thing I worry about is how it is going to stand up to moisture from a leaky cab on some of are other 88's