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  1. Friend of mine swears up n down he was at the lake one day trying out something new on his bass boat and he was getting ready to leave for the day and a guy flags him down on a brand new bullet bass boat. Guy tells him he just bought the boat and it he can get it to barely move asked him for his advice, friend leans over to look and it's still on the trailer my buddy say's heck buddy I have no idea what's wrong I'd take it back and goes on about his business 😂
  2. I'm a member of a milwaukee group on facebook a lot of those guys say you can tell a difference in power with different size batteries but idk all i have are 5.0's
  3. Saw this the other day, it wasn't rusted looks like a bad blow off valve and thin metal. Just a reminder to keep up on maintenance for your air compressor. I was told this one was mounted on a flatbed pick up and lucky the owner was on the other side of the truck when it went off, he couldn't hear for a few days and got pepper with debris.
  4. 88power

    54 axle leak

    The seals are like any other on life span but Mike said it's rare for a bearing to go out
  5. i always like this guys vajos he also does toy tractor times and covers alot of the displays at the shows
  6. 88power

    54 axle leak

    i recently had a outer bearing go bad on a 50 I shipped mine to Mike (triple R) and he rebuilt it for me
  7. Can you even get a four fin anymore?
  8. 88power

    83 5088

    The little 50's don't bring as much as the 52 and 54. As far as the updates go it better have paperwork before I'd pay anymore for it.
  9. I always thought that's what the empty cardboard 12 packs are for🤔
  10. Was at my Deere dealer last week and seen this, I've seen pictures of them and the aftermath but never in real life. Wasn't rusty at all on the inside just really dirty and thin metal I thought it would have been thicker.
  11. I had one go bad once and lost my headlights about ten miles from home I used the marker light to see the white line abd followed it home but I still like them better than the column style
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