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  1. I've put a handful of these on, some went better than others, as far as if it was worth it I and everyone else that uses them says yes, especially on a windy day
  2. A friend of mine did that about 10 years ago to get the tires, the tractor was running so he swapped tires around and resold it
  3. if it's not turning when the tractor is moving remove the driveshaft and check the splines on the shaft coming out of the rear of the tractor and front axle and the drive shaft itself, we had one 8 or so years ago one shaft was wore badly and apparently it's a pretty common issue from what i've seen since then. Normally if its a electrical issue the front axle won't disengage switch, fuse, wiring, etc.
  4. We had this expansion valve that is from ap air laying around forever and the top line is a number 10 bottom is a number 8 on the evap side, oem is 8 and 8, the guy that did this job before we told me it was because it was a larger 2 ton but now i looked it up on ap air site it says its for their evap but none of them say if they are 2 ton or not, that being said i guess i was told wrong, 903-700 is the regular one 903-705 is the one with the larger port
  5. one of the lines if not both coming out of the new evaporator are larger, just throwing that out there for anyone wondering if the 2 ton will work on a oem, it won't
  6. We got a pretty decent rain on thursday which was much needed, i think we got close to 2 inches last night creek had been up over the road when i came in this morning, lots of wind and lighting, didn't get any hail at my house but they sent out an alert for baseball sized hail a little after 10pm, saw some pictures of marble and golf ball sized in the county's east of me
  7. had one do this last fall,was a first for us, manyard gave me the part number for the rebuild kit for the check valve took it apart and like was said above the retainer had popped out but the ball was still in place now that i read this i guess what was keeping it there was a piece of rubber around the size of the ball in there
  8. My employer has a fleet of Toyota's, 2015ish Toyota camry got where it wouldn't start, acted erratic one time it was like a fuel pump next time it wouldn't even turn over had to be hauled to shop, i can't remember the brand but they have a scanner one step below say the snap on still couldn't find out what was wrong did some research its the key fob, it was a aftermarket that went bad made the car think someone was trying to steal it and it went into lock down where only the dealer could reset it spare factory fob wouldn't even work at that point, had to haul it to the dealer and 900 dollars to reset it. Co worker had a camry 08ish battery went bad over a long weekend had to have it towed to dealer because when they put new battery on it it thought it was getting stolen, another co worker same car close to same year last month was having trouble with the keyless entry again no one but the dealer could reset 150 later they reset it took 10 minutes but charged a hour. I got more stories not just toyota
  9. last one i worked on was last year it had a leak over winter, found a loose line at the compressor tightened it and i pulled a vacuum on friday came back monday and it was still holding so i refilled it started it let it run a couple minutes shut it off and climbed down heard a hiss looked up and saw a frosty patch ou the side of the cab right over the door stopped pulled the top off and it was coming out of the expansion valve, those things are a PIA sometimes to get lined up and all the fittings/lines tighten correctly, first time i ever had one hold a vac but still have a leak, that day i learned just because it pulls a vac doesn't mean it still won't leak when your pushing gas. Another thing i forgot to mention is window tint, the guys like it and it does cut down on the glare and heat from the sun but I'm still on the fence, I've never been a real big fan of the real dark stuff on anything just because having to drive/use it after dark
  10. pull the top on the cab get the foaming condenser/evaporator cleaner from the big box store follow directions on can clean evaporator till clear water runs out make sure your drain tubes are cleaned if not whoever runs it next will get a muddy water bath, the lid on the cab is supposed to have a piece of foam on it if not or in rough shape replace it, cut the outward air flow off i've got in arguments over this in the past but like ace said you don't want to be cooling the hot air from outside and off the rear end, cut off heater valves, the aux condenser has really been working for us not just with performance but the life of the compressors, as far as flow and fans goes i agree it's not a good design but we only have one 54 and i got all the rest cooling as good as it,one thing i do that others might not agree with and I'm not saying it works for everyone, we run in 99% grass so i leave the foam out of the bottom of the radiator, less grass and junk collects and when you wash it out it runs out, i've replaced every radiator we have at least once and all but one was rotten at the bottom from junk collected over the years, one 50 cools better than the rest and i've yet to figure out what is different with it then the rest tried to mimic it and can't, if you do go to put the aux on one thing you can try is flush the system it's amazing how much junk is in those lines just don't run the flush thru your drier compressor or expansion valve
  11. had one that wouldn't shift like that it was bad cab mounts
  12. you ever see that trick where someone writes or types a sentence and the first and last letter are correct but everything in the middle is mixed up in each word but when you read it you have no problems, they say it's because you don't look at the whole word or something like that
  13. 7800 are getting old enough now they're showing there age the glue that holds the brake disc together are failing from age then you got a mess,i've heard of people upgrading to 20 series brakes and never missing a beat since, i personally like the powerquad over the powershift but both are expensive to work on but then again what ain't these days, 8.1 deere is a good engine but the ol 400 series is tough to beat in the 14, again the 7800 is getting old just like anything else my brother has one right now at a small fire started under the cab from the blower motor for the hvac, this is kinda common in the 6 and 7000 series even up to the 6 and 7x10, sounds like half the stuff that burnt is NLA from deere, after a few months he finally found a cab but it has yet to show up. the 14 is easier and really cheaper to work on, not as nice shifting or ride with the cab on the deere, 8.1 runs good and holds together fine but that dt is easier to work on and will make more power and stay together longer doing it
  14. fleetguard restore follow the instructions on the jug and get on amazon or harbor freight and get a coolant system vac, they're worth the money and they do just as good as job as my snap on
  15. had this happen on 3 different tractors twice it was the damper and the third was the fan bearing bad
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