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  1. But the thick one for AP air they last the longest under my guys
  2. I seen a post on Facebook they started a go fund me for the guy that was burnt said they didn't want any to rebuild to focus the money to his go fund me for medical bills
  3. Fuel is the battery brushless line I think you can still get the battery powered old school brush style motor also. Even better IMO they got a half inch impact that's pretty freaking nasty. I'll never buy a cord grinder sawsall drill again after using the fuel line
  4. Sorry to hear that thoughts and prayers for Steve and all that was effected
  5. There is a couple farms around here with concrete post like that one was owned by a guy that owned the local concrete plant. That piece of property also hand a concrete wall on the road frontage it was getting in rough shape and I think the county took it out
  6. I'm starting to think this stuff grows on trees
  7. 88power


    Coyotes deer and turkey are tripping over each other here nowadays they are getting real comfy around humans only real treat to the yotes n deer are gm Toyota Ford etc,also starting to see more black bear and bobcat. Something that's been hard on the livestock here is the black headed vulture they will pick the eyes out of a calf quick. I heard a few years ago that they released rattle snakes here to control the turkey IMHO I'd deal with a turkey any day than rather a rattler
  8. I can see it now, where you going with the chainsaw and wood working tools? Ahh gotta give this engine I just bought a tune up and new gaskets
  9. 88power

    Shingles vs steel

    Most people around here have steel just like a pole barn and there's a few pole barn house's in this area the latest is fancier than most house's. A lot of people say you can't beat that sound of rain on hitting it puts them to sleep me personally it's gotta be raining cats and dogs to hear it in my house. I'd never go back to shingles the looks don't bother me especially if it's not my house
  10. Wife's family has one and I pasted one on the side of the road for sale a couple days ago ex co worker had a mint one he sold it on a sale when he got outta tabacco
  11. Sounds like you got a trainer so you can go public
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