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  1. 88power

    New joke

    I literally have not been able to give the dang things away but still see crap like this all the time
  2. I can see everything but yours
  3. 88power

    New joke

    A drunk stagers into a bar tells the bartender to give him a beer. Bartender says I can't do that your already drunk. Drunk says I ain't drunk! And I can prove it to you. Bartender says okay if you can take a dart and hit the board the round is on me. Drunk gets the dart sways a little consecrates hard throws the dart and hits the center circle. Bartender says dang here's your beer and I'm gonna give you a price. Earlier that day someone brought a small box turtle in from the parking lot he gave it to the drunk and he drank his beer and stumbled out the door. A few hours later he comes stumbling in and tells the bartender to give him another round. Bartender says no way shouldn't have before drunk says I bet you a beer I can hit that dart board again. Bartender says okay and I'll give you another prize the drunk consecrates again takes his time throws the dart and hits the center circle once again. Bartender gets him a beer and hands him a brand new cork screw. The drunk says I don't want that the bartender says we'll what do you want then. The drunk says give me another ham on a hard roll
  4. 88power

    Hey you welders

    My tire guy was out to day an told me he couldn't believe the day was almost over and I got to thinking about it and I couldn't believe the week is almost over and as I'm typing I can't believe we are almost five months into the year seems the older I get the faster time goes
  5. 88power

    Hey you welders

    It sucks getting old don't it
  6. I ain't gonna lie I seen this right after he posted it and thought it was my phone
  7. I had it drove in my head at an early age if you asked for something to drink or whatever you put on your plate you better drink it all and have a clean plate especially when you went to someone's house well that's when you learn about drinking from a sulphur well and eating stuff people fixed that could burn water.
  8. 88power

    Radio doesn't work

    I can't remember on the factory radios or not but most aftermarket have a fuse in the back of the radio
  9. Hahaha or when they freeze it for ice cubes then it gets everything eewww your bringing back memories
  10. If y'all are ever around a Lee's famous receipt chicken they have had great sweet tea for years and they sell it by the gallon also. The Micky D's around this area stepped there game up and usually have good sweet tea. I'll like it sweet but will drink it unsweet also as for flavoring it I think you ruined it then
  11. This thread just took a wrong turn
  12. Heard on the radio yesterday she's coming here and not to a nice one either­čśé she must be hard up for money
  13. I think my FIL cat is a 226 about eight years ago he converted it to tracks looked like it wasn't that hard to do he loves it now I've used it quite a bit it does a good job
  14. Sweet tea is like tater salad it ain't hard to mess up. You get it from the right place or the right person fix it you might change your mind
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