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  1. If your ever in the area this place is worth a stop, these people know there stuff
  2. you'd need a crane to get a full size spare that high........ and I mean a factory size at that
  3. 3020 wouldn't fall outta a tree at the end of the day I don't mind them but let's be honest
  4. when you changed the two filters did the rear one have the screen in it?
  5. One of the groups I'm in on facebook some asked what was better a 4440 or a 1086 this was a Deere group so you can imagine what the answers where but one guy said the deere because Deere's have more torque and power, he had a 10 foot off set disc and a 1066 wouldn't pull it all it wanted to do is spin but his 3020 would pull it all day long
  6. Those bottom ones are quick draws they are nice but I was disappointed In them when we finally got them they're made to order and extremely pricey
  7. Quick draws are nice but not worth the money imo
  8. kinda like peeing on bugs outside?
  9. That needs to be said to a lot of folks nowadays, I'm still mad at GM over going to ifs and don't get me started on sunroofs lol
  10. 88power

    South paws

    I'm left handed my mom is also she tells stories of having her hand tapped to the desk and beat with a yard stick ( kids think it's rough today) I've caught a lot of crap over the years and my response is just because your right handed don't make you right
  11. 88power


    We decided to go with a 26 foot schulte, ordered one at the first of the year they told me it be here in june because of delays from covid and they had a new tillage tool coming out that was selling like hot cakes, sent my salesman a text yesterday asking if he heard any new news, he checked it out to find more delays and they wouldn't start production to august. On the winch end long story short one of the other crews had a warn xdi 9000 I wanted a 12000 but this one was free they said they may have used it 5 or 6 times its sat on a shelf the rest of its life i think it was a 03 by the tag, i
  12. They been trying to push 134a out for a few years now to the 123456 pick up sticks or whatever it is now my work truck is a 17 and it has the new stuff in it, the 134a machines won't work on the new stuff or thats what they said back then and i was told 134a should have completely went obsolete by now back then and like was said it's super pricey
  13. I hate to say it but i grew up around a lot of hateful ol farts and j-mech reminded me of them so i knew how to take him but i understand why he got the boot and yes i find myself on facebook more then i would like to say and i've ran across a few of you guys there, but something i've seen is in any of the groups i'm a member of there are dozens of guys that would make j-mech look like a gradeschooler that's what i've always liked about here
  14. We have been doing a lot of two hour trips here lately and on the rare instant i'm not the one driving i've been able to people watch ( Great way to past the time waiting for my wife at the store) and you see some interesting folks on the road but just right out in the open texting i've counted ten different ones in five minutes and their not hard to miss by their bad driving
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