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  1. I had one go bad once and lost my headlights about ten miles from home I used the marker light to see the white line abd followed it home but I still like them better than the column style
  2. i got my hands on some of those rubber bullets the cowboy shooters use back in my younger days when i gotta outta high school for a 44mag you had to modify the cases to use shotgun primers i use to shoot mice with them while watching tv. found out mice will fight over a mini resses cup so thats and thats what i used for bait but the rubber bullets made too big of a mess so i borrowed my brothers airsoft gun
  3. You gonna make a hat outta him?
  4. i seen a company on facebook a while back that builds and sells these i cant remember the name of it
  5. Sorry to hear it thoughts and prayers are with you but glad you might get to go home
  6. That's was the same thing that happened to the guy with the kill dozer it dropped over into a basement
  7. 88power

    Triple R LEDs

    Don't forget the caution lights I got a full set from Mike and there top notch
  8. Haven't been a fan in a long time but I did think it was pretty cool they broke out the ol 3 car that Dale won his last race there for the pace car
  9. like ive told you in the past im lucky to tell the front end from the back end when it comes to a horse🤣
  10. this is one of those deals no one knows whats going on and wait right to the last minute to change things i had to go back out to the track this morning to set more stuff up they wanted and she was in the pen fine as wine but they said if they tried to put her in a stall she'd kill herself tryin to get out
  11. lol whoever poured this floor for them must have missed that day of class first time we went to wash it out it all ran to the back
  12. yeah this one is close to 20k i got jacks to lift it but if i have to do it i got a pile of 6x6 wood blocks im gonna set it on
  13. here at work there trying to set up for a crazy azz horse coming for a race they wanted to put a cover over a pen for her the effen stakes to strap it to wouldnt screw in the ground without quite a bit of water and a custom tool i made outta scap to go on my half inch drive battery impact, it felt like a jackhammer
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