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  1. There is one on market place right now a guy is parting out
  2. tsc have been around here for 20 years, up until the past 8 years they were fine but have really went down hill since and the customer service is awful. Rural kings are starting to pop up around here i've been in two and they're much better
  3. no body in this area wants to fool with any big diesel or old tractor stuff anymore but i do know where a shop just opened up is gonna do stuff like this and thats where my stuff will go from now on
  4. i don't no about a 30 series but a 50 series it will blow the axle seals
  5. By that yes and the more i think about it i've used 3/8 hose on one before with fittings from the local hose shop
  6. the elbow that comes out of the housing by the caseih parts store is ELBOW,90ยบ, 13/16'' 18 Fem x 3/8'' 18 NPTF #222-48
  7. That one was in every 86 we had
  8. Can't go wrong with some Don Williams
  9. I'm like 1480 that looks to be a 1 piece outta 66 series
  10. Happy birthday to everyone else and like a told my friend in from high school that has the same birthday if i ever forget how old i am i can always ask him I wasn't born on thanksgiving but i was born a couple weeks early my mom got coked on an orange and her water broke. I do like pie though just like you lol
  11. Like ace said check them like any other older tractor and the only other things i can tell you off the top of my head is check down around of the bottom of the radiator they didn't get cleaned very well because of the boxed in design and they rot the air box and radiator its self, check and make sure there is a rod and not a cable that works the parking lock linkage if you buy it and it has a cable change it asap. Park it on a hill and see if the parking lock holds if not it could be a adjustment on said rod, a 30 dollar spring or a paw bad which could get into some money.
  12. We use to have a shop built one it would remind you of a OTC stand like in the pic, that used a c axle axle housing and bull gear to rotate the block around but i wouldn't suggest it because a block could get away from you quick before you could get it the trip lock to stop it you really needed 3 hands to use it right, your up in the part of the country look for a worm drive off a pivot
  13. I'd have to see it
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