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  1. 88power

    New joke

    A guy was in the equipment shed a while back wondering around talking to himself cussing and finally I asked him what he was looking for and he was waving his hands around frantic to find his cellphone and I told him it was In his right hand he slowly looked down shuck his head and wonder back to his truck
  2. 88power

    10 o`clock? 2 o`clock? 4 o`clock?

    For the blisters we had a metal one someone pulled the rubber off of it in the sun it would burn the shape in your hand like in the movie home alone
  3. 88power

    10 o`clock? 2 o`clock? 4 o`clock?

    I got a buddy with a suicide knob in his kw I asked him if the dot ever got him for it and he told me that one said something about it and he told the dot to show him where it was in the federal law book and they both couldn't find anything about it he didn't write him a ticket he said if he did he would fight it. That being said I got a friend in a wheel chair and his is quick detach for that reason.
  4. 88power

    New joke

    Marriage is like taking a really hot bath once you get in you find out it ain't that hot after all.
  5. 88power

    Fuel Rock

    20 oz Mountain dew bottle
  6. 88power

    10 o`clock? 2 o`clock? 4 o`clock?

    If it's like the one's we got those two little bolts won't hold up on older equipment
  7. 88power

    10 o`clock? 2 o`clock? 4 o`clock?

    That's why they call them suicide knobs because non power steering units
  8. 88power

    10 o`clock? 2 o`clock? 4 o`clock?

    Six or nine or 12 and I like the old skool metal the new style plastic ones suck IMO
  9. 88power

    Nice COE

    There's a picture of one of these floating around the enet present day fixed up pulling a bull rack
  10. 88power

    Mahindra knock off of a jeep

    I was highly disappointed they didn't have one at there booth rep said they didn't consider them ag they where more of a motor sport vehicle. He wanted to see one too apparently
  11. 88power

    Nice COE

    I always thought those are some mean looking trucks, what was it the snowman said you ain't gotta take my picture hunny I'll come sit on your dresser 😁
  12. 88power

    New joke

    Bingo or kick her in the chin
  13. 88power

    New joke

    You know how to circumcize her brother?
  14. 88power

    New joke

    More common in the Eastern parts
  15. 88power

    Give and take word game

    Oprea Singer