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  1. its a sweet sounding rig too - pretty sure just straight pipes and def not california compliant
  2. in going with sledge..........some kind of ringer thing - early robot so someone doesnt have to do it
  3. so do you like the m/w or the thompsons better? are they higher rpm also?
  4. regardless, thats a nice looking truck and he was rolling and hills werent bothering him at all - he would roll a lil coal on them but never slowed down
  5. what does it change vs the stock/oem one?
  6. if there is a 506 model farmall i have never heard of one, the 504 sure, the 560 sure, not saying there wasnt such a pink elephant. I dont consider myself an expert thats why i asked. Maybe its a homemade hybrid 504 with a 6cyl stuffed in it 😉
  7. justin wellinton work boots for me is all i ever wore but they are hard on anyone after long day on your feet - i only wear them when working with horses, on tractor, skidsteer, or church anymore, my feet just cant take it anymore the ole plantar fasciitis kicks in and tears me up
  8. im thinking maybe HP - looks like an owner/operator - name is Mike and Rhonda Paulson from Elsberry, MO up on sleeper
  9. yup and I live in johnson county 🙈
  10. cheers - and an amazing weekend to celebrate it
  11. Was driving from st joe to lenexa ks for work today saw this guy Someone needs to tell me what a turbo 506 is?
  12. amen - no one could have said it better but jesus, forgive them father, for they know not what they do - including myself - i heard a good thought today on bott radio - there is a difference between correction and wrath - I pray for correction/mercy
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