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  1. thats another reason to put a fast hitch on and then add the 3 point arms it doesnt nothing to change how you climb on but these drawbar add ons make is more difficult for sure and as I get older its going to be broken hips or shoulders that do me in. exactly why i got dad a different tractor got rid of the 560s just too hard for him
  2. because there are LOTs of tractors with motorcycle engines in them and they go REALLY FAST and make LOTS OF NOISE - some turning 15K ++ RPMs
  3. wish my tractor had 4 remotes on it like that one
  4. whoa nellie of all things to import ( and im a ford guy ) it would not be an 80 to 85 ford - i had that 351 HO mike and it wasnt anything to write home about in my 85 lariat supercab . from stories ive heard, none i can personally verify, its been a $$$ outcome shipping large items
  5. well I think that same numbskull was driving in my neck of teh woods today - 18 wheeler, I-435 55mph construction zone increased to 60, choice of lanes NO crossing double White lines - i was driving 62 in the left hand lane as thats the one I happened to be in when all teh lanes merged. 18 wheeler road my donkey the entire time thru the construction zone - when construction zone was over with dual white lines it went to 65mph. I moved over to teh right lane bumped my speed up to 70 and he goes by blowing his horn waving his tall finger - i guess going over the speed limit is not good enough for him. It was about 1.5 miles of construction zone. If I would have brake checked him he would have run over me I am sure.
  6. lol u sound like me with smoke, its a trigger for asthma and will set me off so i get it, hope that neutralizer works good for you
  7. raccoon got 1 chickn last week, renter shot 3 of her lil ones but mom escaped and a couple more young ones, she came back ystrday and got 3 more you bettr git crackin fireman
  8. those are some nice prospects i never scout, never had a camera up, i just go sit and wait - sometimes i get lucky sometimes i just fill the freezer, now im on a mission for my wife and daughter to get something to put on the wall, i have never put a whitetail on the wall but what better way than to be with them when they get one!!!
  9. yes sir sad he has had a lot of death in his circle - hope they all get through it ok
  10. side note, you might have to get some bleach water in a windex bottle and spritz up into the blower housing to get some the odor out in the AC/Heater also. That smell is hard to get out but you are making great strides for sure, nice job
  11. coo coo cooo l love it !! enos get the chocolates for lulu
  12. lol you just cant make that stuff up there are some real special folks in the horse world 🤣
  13. i got away with that for a while but when they were in auto position vs manual/lock position they would randomly catch/engaged and start buzzing going down the road or fail to unlock after taking them out of lock/manual position - mine got really bad
  14. looks like they may new autolocking hubs for cheap now - i would see if your vacuum motor is working and you are getting vacuum at the hubs - from the looks of teh rust age/seals they are probably leaking and not actuating the auto hubs or the auto hubs are froze up from lack of maint
  15. rain or burned - i used one all the time riding my horse and sitting at horse shows watching my daughter compete - some folks hated me because my umbrella scared their horses - I used a BIG golf one so it covered me and my saddle. My answer was NO i am not putting it away, you need to work with your horse and get it used to strange things - they didnt like my answer, they were HORSE people - there are 2 kinds of horse people and I wasnt THEIR kind - ask sandhiller, he can affirm
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