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  1. maybe a .223 for dogs n gophers ? still wont do much for me if I decide to shoot an antelope or maybe mulies some day prob just haul the 30.06 for that i wonder if light loads ina 30.06 are worth messing with ? never shot anything but 168gr in mine
  2. id love a magnum but way too heavy for hauling around mowing - trying to figure out next tractor in 4wd to mow with that wouldnt be heavy but 100hp at pto those seem hard to find these days - i want reliable i dont want all the gadgets n gizmos that go wrong
  3. im still lookin............havent found one i like as well as the one i get to borrow - love the cheek/monte carlo stock and bringing it to my shoulder - always wanted something with a lil less kick to use but no one ever lent me one - all the nice new stuff like tikka only comes in a 22 barrel with a cheek bump, things are lighter, i like the heavy 1903 springfield its stable - absolutely hate the AR chassis they are not good for anything but close in my book and slinging lead. my daughter on teh other hand loves the one she uses. Dont get me wrong they are fine for longer range if you have something to steady them too, but for me they are too light and move around too much for more than 100yds unless u like to walk things to a target and waste $$ n rounds. My wife uses a small home made .243 but its about as light and only a 19" barrel so its useless to me i dont like it either. It is a french military bolt action of some sort my buddy added a barrel to and threw a black synthetic stock on. my nephew swallowed the 6.5 pill and got a bergara its a b14-hmr some funky stock on it i didnt care for so when i get ready i will just have to go hold them all that have a 24 inch barrel or a 22 with longer chassis and see what it feels like. might go with a .243 but more likely a .270 they dont kick that hard and can use same brass as the 30.06 - he wants to put a .308 barrel on the home made .243 action i guess that would work for a loaner for my wife then he could make use of only .30 lead - not sure what i would do for a gopher getter prob look at some monte carlo .243s - who makes a good comfy feeling cheek hugger in .243 with a 24" barrel?
  4. so while we are at it here and he brought up the 5240, whats the diff between it and a 5140, or a 5130/5230 ? reliable? durable?
  5. owned two 282s, werent hard to start if things were working properly, never used ether on either of ours. Just lean on the glow plugs, leave throttle at idle and crank is how both of ours started best. 706 w/310 is way different, no ether required for it - seems to start very good even down to 10 i try not to get on tractors w/out cabs n heat below that LOL - love the 282 for sipping fuel and sound vs a 4cyl.
  6. nice nice nice.........good job on the helping hand and making even more memories
  7. wow must have been cold winter and a full moon to boot!!!
  8. for your situation out in the wilds of montana I would add a helicopter ( just kidding ) if you have a bad accident its likely you will not make it to the hospital even with a kit especially if you are high in the mountains with a bad bleed or anaphylaxis. Also a space blanket for warmth and a whistle. If you are alone and cannot get out and have to lay there and wait for a rescue. Response time is critical. I suffer from idiopathic anaphylaxis - can be brought on by many things like sudden shock to the body from extreme pain, trauma, extreme heat/cold, basically my immune system overreacts. Power bar or liquid gel/meal to get you by if you have to wait a while. Anything severe to the body can cause shock even if it doesnt turn to anaphylaxis. I would add, Epipen, prednisone, benedryl and famatodine( pepcid ) for antihistamine. All it takes is a bee/wasp sting and some folks can die quickly.
  9. you can get that with your new dozer right?
  10. https://www.paiindustries.com/ CA and GA
  11. yea since we dont use them for killing people anymore they took it off the WW shelves - i love the 30.06 that I get to shoot its a member of the families and may have some blood on its hands from the war.
  12. My ESHO FWIW, its a hype and push to get people to buy into the creedmore and capitalize on the frenzy like jabs - the miniscule ballistics on a creedmore are negligible if you are a true marksman, you can take any descent cartridge and hit 600 to 1000 yd/m if you know how to shoot. Can you tell the difference in the whack/ring ? The ammo is more spendy, and for most at these ranges they are going to be hand loading anyway. under 600 under 500, under 400...............who cares dead is dead if you are using it for hunting. IF you are a half descent launcher, a mediocre placed bullet is going to kill everything you shoot. I am the practical/modest hunter. It doesnt take fancy to survive. IF you want bells/whistles/polish go for it. Spend your $$ - a 100 dollar 870 remington will kill just as dead as a 1000 dollar benelli how about a 30.06 - .308 - .270 - .243................buy cheap ammo all day or make your own if you want another lead slinger go for it by all means, fun is fun but i would stick with easy to get stuff and price of rounds you wont shoot it if it costs too much to shoot
  13. GREAT JOB--------- very resourceful
  14. if a guy states his opinion in the woods w/out his wife hearing it, is he still wrong ? LOL - i agree its a hot forced air feeling heat - cold heat is what a heat pump puts out i have one of those if my back goes out and I cant cut wood
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