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  1. check your local rental co/fleets a lot of times they sell used ones and if its held up and in descent shape in a rental unit you will not have probs with it, thats where i bought my fork ballast and last bucket
  2. WAY TO GO!!!! start of a new legacy
  3. thank you, its her 4th deer, shot a doe first yr, bucks since then, got her first at 13 - she wont shoot anything but the .223 she learned with, she is comfortable with it and confident, i set her and my wife up in positions 100yds or less. Good shots both of them, always in the boiler room and no tracking - the 223 doesnt punch through in the shoulder/ribs but boy does it tear them up inside bouncing around. Our buck motto is, if its not bigger than our last one or a cull, we dont shoot it. She wants trophies, so going to have to work on more food for bigger antlers from now on. N
  4. finally checking back in - been out of pocket at folks, work is overwhelming, managed to get to blind over the weekend with my youngest, beyond blessed to make these memories my wife has been passing them up - wants nothing short of a wall hanger
  5. three - and S LOooooooooooooooooooo W deep breaths - if that doesnt work then just drink the kool-aid were all gonna die someday and most of us here will be lucky to make it another 25 to 30 yrs myself included
  6. i hate those lil bendy tabs - they dont last very long around here with the limestone gravel roads, bumps, jiggling, and then add in the winter grime, rough roads due to lack of maint, i have been having better luck with led lights.
  7. oh my a poop pump - shuuuuuuuuuu weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hows the race cart coming along?
  8. happy happy happy as the duck boys says!!! to you all !!!
  9. yes for sure, good luck, be safe and get some big ones, if you dont make some awesome memories while you are at it
  10. ok so im stupid, what kind of a pump is that ? what do you guys use it for ?
  11. we use a lil buddy heater in ours, carry them in/out with us because we have had stuff stolen unfortunately, we use sliding plexiglass windows so they are not very air tight, it get plenty hot in there - id say if it was all shut up and air tight, it would be concerning, i have noticed i have gotten a lil light headed after a few hours in ours but maybe it was my worrying nature. I roll up a jersey glove and stick it in the corner of a couple windows to keep the air moving. I dont sleep in ours though. If I was going to sleep in one i would use an externally exhausted heater with a CO2 alarm a
  12. its a new book - just starts being written jan1, how the country died in 4yrs
  13. brown wire from vehicle/trailer plug runs the running lights and tail lights - brake lights and turn signals have nothing to do with the marker/running lights. volt meter, battery charger or test harness from 12v battery is an easy supplement vs the vehicle, it takes time to troubleshoot so dont quit to soon
  14. got this done today and positioned
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