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  1. ive been at teh lake on vacation this week, its been stupid hot here too, been inside more than out - i dont do well in the heat so wait till after dinner to take kids out tubing
  2. oh my so sorry, hard to understand things like this, prayers for all
  3. very neat stories and pictures we dont get to see that kind of stuff around here - nothing even close
  4. i concur, that is how ours was made that i grew up on, it goes straight thru the tank - comes out and there is the pedestal that holds up the tank and then if there is power steering ours had a char lynn motor mounted to that bracket - we ran ours on vapor 90% of the time unless plowing or pulling hard
  5. You should protest the injustice - if a couple things burn up of significance i imagine you could negotiate a special day of your choice
  6. We watch wheel of fortune - look at noaa for weather and pick a movie on the service we get with our phones - never watch news just read a lil pop up that we hear about its all too depressing
  7. So sad for him and his family - if they start moving i let them fall/go i hv a skid steer or neighbor with a loader - i chg rear tire flats mounted and repair tubes on tractors - 18.4 38 are plenty heavy duals w/out weights
  8. I had never heard the term until this yr - id like to protest/demonstrate/rally for a 55 y/o white male inequality insensitive unfair non-preferential treatment like others get if something happens to them like lose their job
  9. Its not an official federal mandated holiday YET its discretionary for a while so they can shame and abuse non observers on social media and other news outlets to affect their businesses and sling mud
  10. i bet that was it, we watched lawrence welk, hee haw, johnny carson, carol burnett, harvey korman?, tim conway, some vickie lawrence? signal faded in and out sometimes at night, darned ole tv antenna
  11. I prob saw u ina field today on 65 headed south to buffalo - saw two open station IH in hay field with flatbed hay wagons something to the tune of 966/1066 with a rops on it other one was facing me couldnt see it too good south of urbana we went rt by Mr Eds
  12. Removed tel a depth on both 560s never liked them
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