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  1. https://www.holley.com/products/exhaust/mufflers/laminar_flow_mufflers/super_hp-2_series/standard/parts/12512409 is what i ended up putting on my SS diesel engine
  2. if it rattles like crazy and you can hear it, sounds like you are sensitive to noise so you are wanting something quiet. You could also work with your local muffler shop, they know what lasts the longest from their suppliers and what is quiet - that would be my first option and they could extend/weld on what you need to make it fit right. You could also with an automotive company/muffler supplier, yes you will likely pay more but have a better muffler. I called flowmaster and talked to an engineer and he set me up with the proper size/type muffler to fit my skidsteer do get the muffler out of the belly to open up space for cooling and get heat away from hoses/fuel pump, im satisfied with the results. They might not have an EXACT fit with the extended height you need but that is an easy remedy.
  3. wouldnt bring 10K in these parts not sure about out west
  4. what was different about the Cs that went down the track vs yours would be my first inclination for inspection
  5. i would be more inclined to find some used hytran or cheap bucket hydro equivalent ( if that is what the book calls for ) before I would do that. It looks like there were two different txmissions for the 624 and one with a shuttle syncro type clutch so you might be asking for trouble. Find out what you have and what it calls for before you get carried away and damage something but then again I am not the risk taker around here. It maddens me to tear things up knowing it was my own fault.
  6. i think we could make a 1456 hovercraft out of a grain vac couldnt we? maybe get it to levitate up to the top of the silo? maybe a new business for someone I think Seth would do it. Beautiful Flag for sure
  7. i thot there was a flag on the back of the baler? or is that only for parades?
  8. im doomed i have more green than red units if you count my pedal tractor and lawn mower
  9. where are the 656 guys and the combine/truck engines lets build us a pulling trucktor
  10. what are other guys doing to get the extra 150hp that you need? how far are they beating you? are they running same wheel speeds? do you guys run water injection or allowed any other supplemental injection? lets run with this for the sake of learning and exploring, there are some great minds here maybe we can figure something out?
  11. you guys need to upgrade to the bluedenture radios they are nice to have - no static and can stream your favorite stuff or listen to many other options from the interwebs easy to upgrade radios i would highly recommend taking the roof off and doing it from there
  12. well dang greg thats a bummer, freeze plug out smells fishy, like it got some pressure in the block ? hopefully its just the oil cooler and not the head gasket thats a lil more involved. We had oil in our radiator a couple diff times and always the head gaskets on our 282Ds had to get heads resurfaced also.
  13. searcyfarms

    My SA

    you have to take the card out of the spokes
  14. maybe something laying in the bottom of the tank or maybe there are more to those tanks than I know about. When my old sending unit float melted off it had falling down into the bottom but it didnt cover the hole so effectively that nothing would come out, it was just slower 😉 sounds like a combination of residue/varnish/rust or some combo there of - good luck fishing
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