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  1. way to go DaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaD
  2. we had all kinds of trouble with ours leaking over and over, had it rebuilt, replaced shafts, and never could get it to stop leaking, it only did it with the loader on under stress.
  3. jeopardy music is playing as we wait..........
  4. my neighbor worked for Ford in the BIG TRUCK body division on frames/chassis/rebuild/wrecks etc.....concrete, dump, busses, tractor trailers, take your pick, he said they cut/welded/spliced/lengthen/shortened/double framed some of them to strengthen after repairs, and he said the only time they came back is when they wrecked again, not because of frame/repair issues. I believe him, hes old school, retired there after 37 yrs and then freightliner heard he retired and offered him more $$ to come train/work anytime he wanted in their shop - he goes in now tue/wed/thur when he has a project at home and wants some extra $$. id weld, brace over it if you feel the need and never look back
  5. i was thinking if i had one of them fancy deere stickers and slapped it on my batteries my troubles would be over 😉 well heck i guess i should tell my wife i am going to have to purchase a CAT now so i have something to put my CAT batteries in!!! im thinking maybe a 963 or 973
  6. nice, the old guy i referred to had some kind of old belt driven hammer thing that rotated like a piston up / down on a shaft - the piston ran vertically pointed to teh ground but was suspended in the air above a heavy base stand - no safety features to it at all, it just came slamming up/down
  7. do you fire/forge your own metal then ? like a blacksmith? pretty cook axe head great job we had a blacksmith in our area when i was a kid, such a cool ole guy , had a huge forge in the middle of his shop, coal fired with a big bellows he used and pumped with his foot while he was working the iron - i was fascinated of course as a kid watching this, big tall roof on his building with a bunch of pulleys, and wheels and LONG belts that ran thru his barn wall out to an old allis chalmers tractor - likely an old WD or WD45 with a belt pulley on it that ran things, it just sat there and ran every day as needed i guess, never saw it moved in all my years i was round there till i left home at 18 for DeVry. He had a huge fan in the top of the building to pull the heat out thru the roof it was running off that tractor too. He put in another electric one later, I guess less wear/tear on things including the tractor. His name was Harold McClure, always had one of them old polka dotted hats on and overalls.
  8. we had a lot of diseased elm around here die when i was a kid and would fall in the fields and we burned up the wood, those things get hard like a piece of pipe, very difficult to split, stringy stuff, and twisted a little for some reason. I used to care one when i was trapping to dispatch animals vs having to carry a weapon, they would put the hurt on anything including your shin!! I bet they would make excellent handles for anything too.
  9. nice!!!! i dont have and palm launchers just thunder sticks outside of a lil ruger mark something .22 - my buddy reloads stuff for his pistols, not sure what all he has, hes got 3 safes - i quit asking so long ago. I know he loads .223, .243, .270, 30.06, .308, 30.30, my cousin shoots a 25.06 and handloads all his stuff. we used to load all our 12ga stuff when we were shooting league trap but quit that a long time ago made a lot of experimental loads for turkey worse thing we ever did was taped the wads and the wouldnt separate so made them like a slug - talk about long range bird shot!!!
  10. very cool!!!! i had no idea ASH would be a choice, it sure doesnt last long in the timber when you fell it, it decays quickly like hickory
  11. way better than mine for sure!!!! it will be interesting to see how this hedge holds up i have some white oak, red oak and hickory laying around if it doesnt
  12. love all that reloading stuff!!! waiting for my buddy to get a new place so we can make stuff again, I think I need another .243 or add a .270 he has to teach me all about the loads and weighing things ( powder etc ) he makes all my ammo for me, i just buy supplies but i want to help this time 😉
  13. I truly believe in the abilities that God has given us as people to adapt and overcome. I believe we will come up with a vaccine against it and treatments that greatly reduce the effects and save lives. How quickly is the question. Its not in our Control, its in HIS hands to move people and inspire those he chooses to make the difference. In the mean time, all of the warriors who help will show the greatness of all of us, the people he created. We need to have Faith and Believe - that is my Good News.
  14. i knew i was doing something wrong, i need JD stickers on my batteries thatll fix them!!!
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