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  1. thats a bummer, sorry to hear about tommy
  2. sorry i dont but im sure one or two of teh guys will know exactly what it is but anything running around in there likely isnt a good thing
  3. we have tractor supply and orscheln around here, rural king is getting closer, they have one down in st louis so eventually i presume we will get one here, we have a couple old school local stores around here that are better for farm/ranch supplies but no one carries 90% of what you need you have to shop multiple stops
  4. priceless!!!! GO LIL BROTHER
  5. i think it was a halo he was trying to remove
  6. thats pretty awesome we dont have them around here that i know of, you can keep them there we have enough troubles with Fox, Coyote, Bobcat, Raccoons, otter, beaver, mink etc......
  7. Missouri Registration examples -2003 F250 w/24K plates, 105/annually for plates, 285 annually for personal prop tax, so 390.00/yr plus 12/yr for safety inspection, some vehicles can be licensed/inspected every 2 yrs so that helps a little on the inspection fee but you still have to pay more for a 2yr license. I paid 2250 for sales tax on it when i bought it in 03. regarding all of this debate I too find it interesting a proclaimed atheist is quoting the bible in protest - I am with Rusty and passionate about protecting those who are unable to protect themselves not only from others but from themselves. The wrath of god settles it all in the end ( in my opinion ) we may not see that justice here but it will be rekoned. Living amid the evil and wrong I believe is just part of the long suffering we sign up for when we choose to walk in the Lord. There is a price and I believe its worth every penny!!! Those are the coins I try to find like MTO/Mark😉
  8. i had a father daughter date tonight with my youngest daughter at Texas Roadhouse - doesnt get much better than that
  9. it could have definitely happened but probably before hipaa
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