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  1. saw it in hawaii, kinda wierd like reflections
  2. not sure about your parts an i know its a bad idea, might be illegal like in teh mountain states but - look up muffler mod for stihl saws - I opened up my 260 and it runs like a new saw - no more probs ever
  3. Let me preface this with Raised in MO - all i saw were farm ponds and lake of the ozarks growing up and a couple other smaller lakes and a trip to chicago and saw lake michigan from lake shore drive. With that being my perspective outside of a National Geographic magazine with one of those bright colored yellow fish on it and some blue water that was it. I have since seen the ocean in Florida ( naples/Ft Myers ) and Monterey, San Francisco, Peble Beach, Newbury Port/Salisbury MA and Kauai, HI as well as O'ahu/Pearl Harbor. There is a VAST difference in experience and waters. My memories are totally different due to the surroundings. Ft Myers/Naples - fishy, dirty water, lots of shells for picking, brown pelicans all over, lots of boats and people.........touristy i was there in june Monterey, San Fran..........ehhhh little different, still dirty looking water as compared to Peble Beach, very different there with all the lovely golf course and seals in the bay and eagles, pretty cool. Newbury Port/Salisbury - Quaint.........nice little beach town, cool looking boats, not too overwhelming with people, somewhat murkyish water, seemed like a lot of fishing stuff around there. Kauai - OH MY, the colors of blue/green and the bright colored fish/dolphins are even more vivid in real life than what Nat'l Geo tried to replicate in a photo, very deceptive in the depth of the water its so clear - honestly unbelieveable - it was breathtaking to me Pearl Harbor, sheer reverence and respect, Beautiful and pretty but tainted with history and memories - surreal to be there and pay respects and run those pictures through our mind as if it holds any value as to what people really lived through. IF i could say for anyone, living the sheltered life and few travels i have afforded to be taken, DO IT, see the ocean, take in its beauty and majesty regardless of where it is and what color the waters - God made EVERYTHING beautiful in its own way - our earth is incredible.
  4. we couldnt get ours loose on the 560, beat, heated, cursed, chained, jacked, like all this stuff so we took bolts out, wedge washers to spread tightener, tacked those to not fall out, sprayed with oils of various types off/on, drove around just doing chores/mowing, anything at slow speeds, with all the bolts and things holding it for about 3 months and then one day POP front wheel twisted and bent the steering/tie rod and it was loose, came right apart after that lol.
  5. mine gets flown daily - my mother was born on dec 7th - 1 yr before the pearl harbor attack so its an easy reminder for me - I have been there and visited it and the Arizona to pay my respects, my uncle was stationed at Pearl and commuted from there to Vietnam in the navy, he provided ground support to the troops from 1 to 5 miles off short lobbing shells in where ever they were requested. Another uncle served in WWII on the Kitkun Bay aircraft carrier who was hit by kamakazi planes. 700+ had to abandon ship 200 were left on to try to save it and they managed to keep it from sinking. It was finally repaired after being assisted to an island where it could be fixed. IT was able to Return to duty until the surrender. Those kinds of things are vivid in my mind from my family and others I know who have served around me in various capacities. I have somewhere to the tune of 20+ who are in my family or circle of close friends that have served or are serving and protecting us all. I will always honor them and ALL who have given and are still giving. What a blessing for us all!!!! My nephew just signed up for the Air Nat'l Guard and leaves for basic in June. GO USA!!!!
  6. too bad you guys live so far away there are a couple options around here then in the MFD dept, I personally bought an 88 series with good history and knowingly had to dump 2 grand in the AC and just the past week an alternator - thats it in my first 1.5 yrs of owning. its hard to say how much on average someone is putting into one since it has a lot of bearing on what you are willing to deal with and have the ability to fix on your own - in the case of gearclash, he has teh ability but if it were me I would be looking at a 10K bill for those repairs minimum - I dont have the ability to split a tractor nor the knowledge - I would love to know/learn in case i did but i dont know anyone cept for here that would be able to grow my abilities. on said tractor, cab refresh ( you do yourself ) 1K for spiffy refresh with new stuff. Gauges, hard to say but add 500 for that again doing yourself. Seal leak on engine - you split guessing a seal and just time...........100 bucks? if you bought it for 15K and dumpted 2K in it id say thats a good deal. 20K and dumped 2K in it , good deal but i dont think you are going to get it that cheap paid for repairs id guess would be in the neighborhood of 5 to 7K but again thats just a guess, i dont know the difficulty of splitting a magnum - that looks daunting to me
  7. i get the novelty of them and experienced them also - it wore off pretty quick for me after owning 2 of the Ds and a friends dad having a gasser, he got rid of his quickly and went to a D17. they have their place about like an N ford but thats about all the draw for me anymore BTDT thinking back of ALL the farmers i worked for growing up not ONE of them had a 460/560, several Hs, several Ms, a couple 400s, then straight to the 06/56 series the sound is about it for the draw, they do look a bit better with flat tops on them also - i never have had the courage to work one HARD for long periods such as plowing or disking' ours were reduced to loaders work, raking, disking the garden, tilling the garden, pulling a trailer around, blading snow, etc...... I know back in teh day many folks relied on them as a primary tractor for their acreage adn they did tons of work with them. For a mid sized tractor at this point in my life i would prefer a non row crop so i can get in/around/under things easier as well and a lugging 4cyl engine. No shame in them at all, just a few shortcomings IF you are not starting at 40 degrees i cant imagine the glow plugs are working properly, maybe your switch is not allowing good draw for teh glow plugs. Rule of thumb for me on our 282Ds was 30 to 45 seconds at 40 to 60 degrees, anything above 60 about 30 seconds and hold button while cranking and after it fires it smooths out quicker. Below 40, i never cranked ours before using 90seconds of glow plugs. I had two 6volts in series on both ours. The only reason we had to start it that cold on Sale Day is because we didnt have electricity available to run the block heater. I only plugged the block heater in on ours if i remembered and had a planned use for them in the cold, a lot of times people got stuck, or needed bladed out from a snow or somethign of that nature and it was always stone cold so I guess i was lucky with ours. I had a couple glow plugs go bad and it would still start until i got those replaced it just took a little while for teh injector/cylinder to get some heat in it to fire. After a minute or two they cleared out and ran great. We had the blown head gasket issues on the 63 but not on the 58 - the 58 was a better tractor for us than the 63 regardless of the naysayers. The 58 had the rearend updates done, and had the upgraded 17gpm optional pump on it. Had the old PTO style adjustable external unit on it. In defense of the 63, the 58 had better care over its life. NEver had the pto lever whack us on either tractor adn they both had different style handles on them. Id take one in a pinch but would prefer others over them if i had a choice.
  8. oh lorenzo, you just want a screamin detroit to drive to the husker games painted RED
  9. i like the ride/room in the cab on a white, the over/under 3 speed drive, 354 perkins not that powerful/buddies tends to overheat but descent tractor from all the time i spent on it, havent spent as much time on a 986/1086 but things i like about both - i think a 120 would be interesting to check out, ive never even seen one but heard a lot of good things of them 5.9 would be easily tuned also
  10. then the glow plugs are not working or somethings wrong with the fueling, with good glow plugs and batteries i never had any troubles with either of our 560 282Ds. One was my father in laws and i started it at his farm sale in SD right before i bought it for everyone to see and it was -8 that morning when i started it - got down to -14 that night - no one believed it would start w/out ether - fired right up and it did the day i sold it also - never used ether on it once nor the other 560D we had. I just hated having to keep them wound up all the time to do anything reasonable - loved their low fuel consumption tho - sounded good but just never grew on me like other Farmalls - could definitely tell the diff between ours with the 12gpm hyd pump and the one with the upgraded 17gpm pump on it
  11. 2900 hours $ 39,900 per craigslist and a planting tractor - doubtful those are true hours maybe 12900
  12. in a 2wd yes but not in a 4wd/FWA at least not around here anyway - you would be looking for a 88 series which is hard t come by also just due to the number of them
  13. the only thing i like better than a white 2-105/2-110 is a 2-120 they are a 5.9 cummins and more updated cabs
  14. got tired of ours both of them popped over to new owners!!!! no regrets at all moving to the 706 w/310
  15. thats why i have no inside cats, i love cats they taste like chicken!!! or belong in the barn/shop to keep mice numbers in check
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