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  1. thats some pretty good travels out of a set of brakes !! you guys all amaze me in taking that big stuff apart i suppose you need something like a crane or track hoe or big tractor w/loader to live pieces/parts with to move them
  2. Well crud hope u get some good results on the seed
  3. Yuk i dont like steering columns
  4. If its got an engine and tires im in!!! Goodfor you that a lot of traction/flotation needed for lentils?
  5. Whoa that lookslike abig job way more complicated than the 400 and 560 brakes
  6. Happy ron day hap happy ron day - insert beach boys melody - well heck ron next time u bringin flowers let me know i will let u sit in my vehicle to cool off
  7. just a thot, if SS was questionable, poor performance and unreliable/inaccurate i believe there would not be any being built if they were so horrible there would be many people jumping on the bashing bandwagon like a fly on butter I know someone that has both, likes both, no issues with either that my friend has mentioned to be aware of - he is not a professional marksman or full time hunter/shooter so for the average fella that uses his stuff like spend away
  8. happy birthday everyone enjoy it for sure
  9. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1770124010160009?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A0c131dcb-fa41-4a2f-857b-bb14a5896ace heres one w/out A/C
  10. thats not mine, i swiped that off here in a thread @Rusty shackleford posted asking about how much it weighed so not sure if it was his or he was asking for a friend/hauling etc..... that is a diamond cab and I am not sure if the AC was an option or add on or just what............. I have a 706 with a diamond shape cab and mine is a hinson like a lot of hinsons were made for Deere - there were more than one company that made the diamond shaped cabs you can tell by the way the windows opened - its hard to find the same one/brand with the right components - you alwasy have the option of a red dot to go on the roof
  11. i have the same issue with them, tried them 2x and hated them both, tried for a few mos and the biggest thing i could say is you have to move your head you cannot move your eyes totally against everything we have ever learned to do if you had contacts you were able to move your eyes and still see with progressives you cant move your eyes you have to move your head up/down/right/left your eyes have to stay in the sweet spot
  12. My wife and I took Austin and his significant other out for dinner this week just to catch up, he is back home and is being taken care of by his daughter mainly. She is living with him she is 21 and prego. (whole other story) This was my first time seeing him verticle on his own and walking. WOW what a surprise to see a guy that I remember as a wired to the hilt hard working go getter barely able to navigate with a cane was humbling. He got so stiffed up sitting at the table it was very hard for him to get up/going - mind you he is only 40 Lord only knows how this will play out but so far its be nothing short of a challenge of large proportion. He is now in debt over a million dollars because the hospital and drs are going after him vs the insurance company because of the negotiated rates when they can go after him for full price. WOW that should be against the law. He is in hopeful spirits after visiting his infectious disease DR and the bone infection that caused them to take out all the artifical parts to save his arm/wrist/hand. He goes back in 30 days to meet with that arm/ortho/plastic surgeon to see what they are thinking on trying to get it to be viable again. He is worried about that after all the trouble with the first attempt. He has a new pain mgmt Dr and is trying to migrate away from what he is on but I am sure it will have to be ramped back up when he has his 2nd arm surgery. Currently they have him on a patch that seems to be working better. he has daily rehab ongoing for his walking - keep lifting him up........he seems to be doing better with his situation than I am watching it - makes my heart ache
  13. beautiful historical test of time............blessings on your new adventures
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