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  1. its starts good plugged in lol - it has hydraulic and engine heaters i had never seen a hydraulic heater until i got it didnt even know they had such things - you would love the heater jeff i know I do, i put a fan in it so it doesnt fog teh windows up from the moisture - not sure it would do much at -40 thought like they been having in the west sheesh!!! might have to put a feed sack over the radiator and oil cooler
  2. u need to buy my skidsteer cob, its got cab w/heat and it works!!!
  3. brrrrrrrr i know me some wisdom n wise river - used to travel that valley for work before I moved from MT........dont miss that minus stuff like that im not that tuff
  4. yes yes happy bday fellas plow that snow mader
  5. this was proven out as not a perpetual motion possibility during the days of EVs and solar powered vehicles when all of the science classes were trying to out drive each other in challenges for the most fuel mileage and running length of time - you can get better performance while the ability of perpetual motion can be obtained to a point its better served as a supplement to lengthen the time of run w/out charge - the use of large momentum to push smaller is the idea for most efficiency like the old water wheels and large fan blades on windmills with gearboxes - same with large flywheels with weight and their stored energy for propulsion
  6. what a WOW adventure i just went on with you in those pix - we dont have that kinda stuff here - thats some neat stuff right there @mike newman what kind of critters are those in the bed? you eat them ? do you eat wallaby or kangaroo over there ? or is that like us eating a possum here just nasty, they eat horses in europe but here its a hard NO
  7. 1972 F100 sport custom - dont have pix handy - 4speed manual, 4x4, 352 w/cam, headers, 4bbl, ( yea yea i know it wasnt the stock 360 of its time ) wish i still had it, it was a nice truck to just be young in 1976 F250, ranger xlt it wasnt mine it was what i grew up driving ( mom n dads ) 460 w/4bbl - supercab 2wd with C6 and with some crazy high speed gears in it - no clue what they were but i remember riding in the back behind my dad and saw the speedometer wrapped around past 100 back to 10 to 15mph we were flying 85 F150 supercab lariat C6 351 H/O long bed 4x4 03 F250 6.0 4x4 CC XLT Auto not sure how I will like the 15 or 16 i have now i cant remember what year it is.........F350 6.7 diesel CC 4x4 still on the fence with it since i havent had it that long or put the miles on it to build my confidence.
  8. maybe they are looking for a coup de ville at the bottom of a cracker jack box too? ie ( meatloaf )
  9. no no no it was stephen that got stoned not robert 😉
  10. a lotta people got mad and quit buying them when the censoring started happening not sure if there are any around much anymore
  11. game on at his house go gettum hipster - mine would look like that but i wait till they get on teh railing of the deck then smack them with my daughters pink bb gun
  12. my mechanic says for 25K i can build a 6.4 that will be ok but short of that you are on your own. some do it some dont and they will run very well with teh updates/parts if you have a 6.7 may as well chuck the 6.4, keep the 6.0 for work and the 6.7 for nice
  13. i think they sitting around eating brownies and smoking laughing that us while the money pours in
  14. my go to used to be a generator adn run my clothes dryer for heat and survive in one room adn keep the fridge cold so food didnt spoil ran the dryer in the basement to keep pipes from freezing one time when we were out power 11 days from ice storm - now i just keep the wood stove cranked
  15. balmy 52 here tomorrow adn then cooler but no moisture to speak of, then get the cooler stuff but still not like the last cold blast
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