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  1. searcyfarms


    we had frost sat morn here............pretty good freeze on most things
  2. what kinda green were u pulling against?
  3. i used to be a fan.........watched it more, none of the good folks are left in my opinion, very controversial, went to a few races some years ago, but what i didnt like and still have issue with is sports in general, we pay people to be our entertainers and what does it really do for our culture/people? Much more good could be done with all the waste of it............ I dont watch much tv these days - usually golf/football at a dull volume to nap to after church 😉 just a personal choice - to each his own
  4. great scott its godzilla tater!!!! didnt plant much garden this yr it was so wet a lot died and couldnt get a second planting in had a few tomatoes and green beans and my honey dew made it - squash bugs got the zuchinni and cucumbers - i just cant seem to stop those squash bugs they see to kill the roots under ground or something I second the follow just what your DR says, my coworker just went through a year of prostate cancer, his was removed and he did chemo/radiation and is doing good. It was painful and he has been a tough cookie with it, only missed a couple days of work
  5. if its a 282 then NO on the discbine you will be frustrated with it - if its a 310 it will handle it with ease - any of the larger ih 6cyl would be fine 806/766/826/856
  6. im glad to be rid of my 282s outside of the sipping fuel consumption - however most newer 4cyl engines of the same power have much more torque and are as good or better on fuel. the novelty is only a cool factor i dont find anything about the 282 very becoming overall but they do sound like an IH. I like the perkins/cummins/krauts better in the 50 to 75hp range much better - the larger cid ih engines are soooooooo much better!!!!
  7. the german does NOT have glow plugs - the german 310 looks like this opposed to an IH 282 also.......they didnt start putting the 310 in until later - 66/67 year tractors unless someone has done a manual swap I have had both and one 282 we had apart with head gasket issues the other not I like the 310 much better, mine has 7500ish known hours on it - its the best starting diesel tractor i have ever owned of this size - i shake my head every time i start it in the cold and im talking 0 degrees with no aux heater or glow plugs its the craziest thing those germans did The power is substantially different - no torque on the 282 - 310 has lots at lower rpms - to get huge HP out of either they need to be spun up!! be sure to check the ta/clutch on it and of course let it run awhile and the oil thin down and see about blowby and low oil press I dont know how long that 310 will go but id say mines never been touched, i dont know of many 282s at 7500 hours that could say that nor start as good either even iwth their glow plugs. http://www.tractorshed.com/contents/adpic51063.htm https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1GCEA_enUS827US827&biw=1366&bih=586&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=qJugXaPmKorIsQWwqqho&q=ih+german+310+diesel+&oq=ih+german+310+diesel+&gs_l=img.3...51546.51546..51986...0.0..
  8. yea sir they do have the corner on getting around in the timber and the hitch is a plus if it would work lol half the time or if you can stop the thing from running off down a hill, thats the good thing about being in the timber, if she gets away from you there is always a tree to stop you
  9. riding a snowmobile is like one of two things either = one of the little kids mutton bustin experiences...............launch from 0 to ballistic in a frenzy trying to hang on for dear life or the guy on the end of the rope at a wild cow milking contest at the local rodeo its all kinds of wild and out of control and fun all tied into one!!!!
  10. ive only been around an H and Super M and they both never gave any fits - guess my FIL was lucky with his. I ran probably a dozen different various Ns and selecto speeds between 3 different farmers i worked for and my uncles units and the only one i ever got along ok with was a jubilee
  11. searcyfarms


    well nutz, im thinking tomorrow will be much better and it hasnt even started yet
  12. oh wow, so sorry I am hoping this is something you can get treated and recover from and stay on it. We will be praying for you and your wife/family. Be Strong!!!
  13. as it was presented to the group i was in we were give the numeric examples with a couple scattered correct ones in the mix and also some mis spelled words and some correctly spelled words - as another said here - we are prone to look and focus on the negative as creatures in our culture, there were only a couple in our group that said positive things, it only took one negative person to speak up and then everyone chimed in - the couple that said positive things were this, well i see a couple things that are right here, the other that i remember said wow the writer has good penmanship - so while we were looking at bad they looked at the good, it was over 80% negative in our group we still look at the outside of a person and judge them unfortunately - its been proven over and over and over - pretty/handsome people vs not so much, young vs old with respect, fat vs fit people, poorly dressed vs well dressed........ while i dont agree with how we act i also must prepare my children as Mark for what will be judged upon them for their choices - I have a daughter that is littered with tats........sleeved etc....and before she got them we had to tell her you can get as many as you want and we will still love you but we dont like them, you can cover yourself from head/toe and we will still love you, but people are going to treat you differently so be prepared, and they have and do
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