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  1. Yes happy thanksgiving to all !! We are blessed far more than we deserve here - we took vote n everyone wants grilled burgers for cmas
  2. What about the ole Handy Andy gloves they knock offs now I think i had some mule named ons too
  3. @bitty @Sledgehammer Thanks guys Crazy thing about it ...... we had a blind to move and had not because my buddy was trying to get an old metal culvert so i could make a crossing for it with my skidsteer well sunday before the rain i got it done and we moved it across to a lil 3 acre patch - took my wife there yest and saw 5 bucks biggest were 2 - 4x4s ( 8 pointers ) we passed she wants a wall hanger - she had to go home last night to prep for txgiving and i had to unload equipment today at my folks - wish it was her not me - itll be a euro mount - never knew he was around there was a doe around by they were checking out the muddy crossing from the dirt work i did - it was after 10 this morn i was fixn to leave at 1030
  4. If you come back and read what people are saying maybe you might learn something maybe not? @PettiGoat Junction the reason for my question is this - walk a mile in a mans shoes - most are bi if not tri or more vocational - most work so much they hv very little time to watch videos we just need things when we need them be it parts, vaccines, supplies. We dont have computers at our desks and are lucky if we have phone signal so if we do happen to get a rainy day we are fixing broken things and not sitting at a computer or staring at a phone screen. I know its hard to imagine but we dont start at 9 and get off at 5 , we dont live in a box everything is negotiable from moment to moment from a cow calving to combine spinning a bearing - baler shreding a belt and there is of course the other jobs and family stuff that takes up our time. Dont be offended by our lack of studying your stuff on a website just answer when we call - we dont call to chit chat we need something.
  5. Dear mr pettigoat are you a farmer or have you ever been one?
  6. Oh boy tim let the wheelies begin!!!! Have fun!
  7. Glad u survived it ive had a few experiences that i had low expectations and it went better than expected - what did u negotiate in exchange 😉
  8. Thas pretty cool i always thot it would be fun to jump out of a tree on one n try to carve under his chin before getting bucked off!! Never tried it too old now
  9. Sweet wapiti @sandhiller all i got is daughter got this today First buck with her grendel - it went bout 50 feet - right thru heart
  10. Good memories of that shooting starlings n sparrows with bb guns on rainy days
  11. Due to govt mandates and requirement there will never be a simple vehicle produced again - so many things hv to be on them now
  12. i think they took it off so they could use the yellow wonder fluid bucket to sit on cause it doesnt look like its gotta seat either
  13. that sounds like something i would build and go to bolt it on and say hmmmm how come it doesnt fit, what did i miscalculate.........i cant begin to tell you how many times that has happened usually trying to do something with carpentry though vs welding - i guess that kind of stuff is waht keeps you in business that thing looks like it will tear things up pretty good
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