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  1. sure they did they just called it an escort and it was sold over the pond or in mexico, we had the pinto variant oh the shame.............. i hope it wasnt a big one - the little ones are easier to deal with
  2. i tried to buy one of those one time, i couldnt even find the dealer
  3. best trick i ever learned was from my old landlord, he had kids tearing up his area on a corner and fence from time to time, SO, he just left old barbed wire loose in the ditch, triangle portion of the road where kids would cut across and spin in the mud etc, quit cutting it and keeping it nice and let grass grow up over barbed wire, that stuff will do some damage to brake lines, fuel lines, u joints, cv boots, take your pick, old fence wire worked well, started using it for a stock pile and never had to throw any away anymore, it just disappeared. It was his property so he was not liable for someone driving past the no trespassing signs to get to drive thru said pile, at least that is what his lawyer told him, he also used a trail cam and had lots of violators but never prosecuted anyone but called several parents of the kids and a couple asked if someone ran thru his fence he said nope my fence is all fine. They said they had a lot of damage and wondered where their kid ran thru someones fence at that needed repairs 😉
  4. well happy birthday weekend guys, hope you celebrate accordingly - and many more
  5. sorry, i dont know enough about them to help just going by what the guy that owns it told me and he has a title - i do know the front bumper was replaced and is NOT correct - it was damaged and replaced and it has the V8 in the center instead of a 6 like it should
  6. my 560 had a bad one and all the rest work, used it that way for years, fixed it before i sold it, the other 5 worked from 02 to 18 when i sold it, they arent cmas tree lights 😉
  7. i think potatoes will be the next skyrocket item, they thot assult rifles were dangerous, wait till we get the pumpkin chuckers, bowling ball slingers and tater guns loaded up, they aint see nuthin yet!!!
  8. i think a 301 could get that kind of gas consumption, 3 gallons to the end of the field and on a good down hill with clutch in, 20mph - screamin!!
  9. kind of a can of worms, one thing at a time to troubleshoot for sure, maybe down on compression and the heat helps with that, maybe glow plugs arent working as thought, maybe fuel isnt good, maybe timing off a lil, maybe pump sticky until warmed up, i dont trust ANY DIESEL fuel these days since ULSD that has any age and been sitting untreated. So many issues with sitting tractors, skid steers and now backhoe. Fuel will deteriorate, mold, get algae, slime up and boy it is awful on a fuel system. The slime is hard to even see unless you take apart or pull bottom plug out of tank and let drain. Algae, is little black specs like dirt but hard like lil specs of coal cinders. Check for any/all of that. Keep us posted.
  10. we run into that situation all the time where i work, home grown applications, internal modifications to existing branded software and eventually technology catches up to you. Perpetual change in my field and it makes it frustrating - im living it now with a merger and since we were purchased we are the red headed step child and our stuff is junk theirs is the best ever, just ask them they will tell you. We are being force fed stuff that is older and not as capable but its what they know and what they WANT. Its only a matter of time and things will change yet again...........riding it out is frustrating, costly, and wasteful.
  11. its not a 50, its a 49 ( his ih pickup is a 50 ) he said the old ford is a 49 and yes the door hinges are inside we replaced them on the drivers side already
  12. those briggs last forever...........ive worn them slick more than once - take one over a junkumpseh anyday
  13. never thought much of the caddies, only the snooty folks around us drove them, our local hometown DR and funeral home, one old fella that I knew nothing about had one. Friends parents had a couple deville with 500cu in in it. We of course had to race it against my 455 buick, not even close, my buick and I stole the show.
  14. i had an 85 topaz diesel mom n dad had an 86 - loved those cars got amazing fuel mileage - over 50mpg - that was when speeds were 55mph tho. I ran the stuffin out of mine, and then got an 89 tempo gasser - ran the onions clean out of it too, never gave me so much as a hint of a miss or anything - shucked the trannie at 60K lease company wouldnt pay to fix it, stuck me in a 1.9 escort wagon, ran it to 100k then they got rid of it. Then they put me in plymouth acclaims, they were good lil cars. No issue with them at all other than the knocking sound in those chrysler 4 bangers. Always sounded like a rod was knocking.
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