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  1. our local k mart closed up a few years ago, rumor is that tractor supply is going to move in, right here in central wis. there arent any close by, kind of like a fleet farm?
  2. so i have to get tested 3 days before i go in for a procedure in the hospital, what kind of test would that be? got to get top and bottom scoped out, would like to wait but this 5 year ordeal isnt getting better, anyway nurse said they will test you 3 days before,
  3. thanks for the information, one reply was the jackson insert, have been waiting for fastenal to call back all day, cant go in there store since spring so evrything is set out ,
  4. same thing happening in wisconsin, really trying to crack down, stay home, no more than 10 people in a place, and only your household for turkey day, this should kill off the remaining cafes and bars,
  5. i was wondering how hard it would be to replace the knob, the stem broke off
  6. a few years ago we got a jackson welding helmet from fastenal, supposed to go from 9 to 13. i think its coming to the end of its useful ness , so i grabbed the old fixed shade spare helmet, a lot better, so for occasional use what works> i was looking at harbor freight and northern tool, i only weld very occasional, so whats the difference between the 50 dollar helmets and the 150 dollar ones or more. i even welded with the wire welder with the old spare one and i could see again, i do need the 9 setting going blind i guess, thanks
  7. thanks good to know, on our 1466 the knob is broke off, everything else is good, will call
  8. thanks everybody for help. next week will call dealer for parts. we got a bunch of wet weather and some snow so we are probably done for the year!
  9. thank you cih tech, will pass this on to our repair guy, always appreciate the help,
  10. i also remember having false endgate chopper wagons, they were usually run off of a shaft off of the kools log hopper blower, and then you usually had 2 guys with pull forks pulling it into the blower, must of been the start of the rear unloading trucks you see now where a load is dumped in a couple of minutes,
  11. thanks cih tech always enjoy your responses, so if i understood you correct, you replaced the solenoid? and is it much of a job time wise?
  12. i see some one else finally had to resort to the cut the plate off idea, last resort for us at the time, and was a lot safer than some of the other methods i tried,
  13. thanks for replies, i typed this out saturday night when we got tractor home , the repair guy was nice enough to repair the dampner pulley that saturday afternoon for us, he did do some checking out on the 4 wheel drive problem, for us as a the cih dealer said try the switch, all he said was there was power down to the solenoid, thats as far as he went, i enjoy asking questions on here as i feel there are a lot of real good guys on here that give excellent responses, and i always appreciate the responses as sdman and mike56073 have responded, thank you and please be patient with some of my
  14. repair guy did mention a worn arm maybe, so is the update kit from cih the way to go?
  15. thanks will pass that on to the repair guy, thats as far as he went on saturday, we were morried worried about getting the dampner pulley on that day,
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