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  1. pt756

    856 3 point hitch ?

    well before milking tonight pulled the arms off, tried one last time heating and pulling a little with the 1066, and hammering on it, wont budge, hard to pull though didn't want to wreck anything on the 856. just had pressure on it, hopefully going to make a pan to soak them in something.
  2. pt756

    Chain saw collectors ?

    use to have a stihl 41 super. a very long time ago 40 plus years I think it was a homelite and for oiling the chain you would pump a button that would dispense oil for chain, no automatic oiler then.
  3. pt756

    856 3 point hitch ?

    them arms are the tightest I have ever seen. it has been mentioned the acetone and atf fluid I am ready to but a few gallons and let then soak, the justice brothers fluid dint help either, foamed a lot but still tight. thanks
  4. pt756

    gas engine in pickup

    am on the local fire board needed a new ambulance board bought a gas engine in stead of diesel.
  5. pt756

    856 3 point hitch ?

    local guy just told me about the acetone and atf mixture going to try one more time he sold me some justice brother 80 will try that was out of the other brands anyway, was 10 bucks a can though
  6. pt756

    856 3 point hitch ?

    hello again been heating and pounding and I can even get 2 jacks wedged in there with a bar across, wont budge, next question I am thinking about taking them off and soaking then in something, what would be the best, I have had stubborn ones before but these are really tight yet thanks.
  7. pt756

    life in our corner

    I see the price of cheese continue down, wonder when farmers will figure out that less would be more, as long as they are not the one going out of business its still okay, feed guy said in Wisconsin we are going to be down to 6000 farms when this is done, at about 8k now so another year or two and we will be there now the talk is starting on who will get funding for spring planting. just think of the amount of equity that has been lost the last couple of years, got to be at least half on cattle and a little on land,
  8. pt756

    856 3 point hitch ?

    yes clean and sand all the old rust off and apply anti seize thanks
  9. pt756

    856 3 point hitch ?

    on our 856 I was able to put a 3 point from a 1086 years ago. then put that hitch on 756 replaced the fast hitch then, I usually try and pull out the part of the arms that extend every year, clean them up, so they operate easily, well I did all the other tractors this spring and the 856 would not budge, tried heat lot of tension on them, lot of penetrating oil, still wont budge, any tricks, take the arm off and get mean with it? will try heating it again with tension is that all that can de done, I know I have gotten good tips on here for other problems like when the front ends are seized up, thanks for any replies and help.
  10. pt756

    magnum wheel paint color?

    thanks then is that the same for the older international tractors also?
  11. pt756

    magnum wheel paint color?

    what is the correct color to paint the rims? is it the silver argent? thanks
  12. pt756

    MN auction results. 786YAR cab

    thanks for pictures, first time I have seen that kind of cab on an 86 series, wonder how that works for getting in and out with shifting levers?
  13. pt756

    OT: RE: Great depression/old people stories.

    anytime we were going to build something my grandpa would bring out the 5 gallon bucket of old nails had to straighten them all out before starting a project, also he would talk of the dry years in the 30,s they moved their cows up to northern Wisconsin from the central part during summer , there was no feed around here then and that was a lot of woods, also would go into the woods and get fence posts mostly ash and split into 3 or 4 pieces.
  14. pt756

    The wind shifted on me!

    there was a video from our area the silo fell on the guy in the mini excavator. he was ok excavator kind of dented up. probably needed an underwear change though I had heard.
  15. pt756

    life in our corner

    I was talking to our vet ,he does some of the sale barn work around here, told him of the sale I watched last Thursday, missed the first hour so probably didn't see the higher priced cows sell, but what I did see is a lot of 400 to seven hundred dollar cows sell. painful to watch, vet then commented some of these herds that are bank owned or forced sales. sometimes they are required to run every cow thru the ring, he said most of the time you can cut out the bad ones ahead of time though.and put them in the kill pen, I was reading the local paper today. now grassland wants to build a 5k plus cow place near there plant, seems just last year they were cutting producers. lots of opposition but they are very hard to stop around here.