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  1. pt756

    one more ? c-diff

    have to agree with you on hospital room, was in for something got sick in the hospital, back then there were 2 to a room, as you said looked like you were were going to infect everybody, lost my room mate. now with hippa law wouldn't matter, I was told don't read magazines while un waiting rooms. at least there is an explanation for this poor feeling..
  2. clinic just called, haven't felt worth a darn for a while. finally give them there sample. called back, you got c-diff, 3rd time in the last 10 years, seems like its always a miserable thing to treat, last time I ended up in hospital for a week.
  3. then feed guy stops in, it aint good out there, rumor that a very large farm is going into bankruptcy in our area, if its the one I think I have watched them build and build, and always wondered how that worked on top of buying some high priced land. feed guy thought if we get thru this maybe milk will start to improve. mother nature will probably straighten these surpluses out!
  4. was talking to neighbor that works at our local forage box manufacturer . guys have to take 2 week layoffs, no overtime
  5. pt756

    Tuff decision

    hard to do the last yellow lab we had had to be put to sleep after a cancer diagnosis. nicest dog we ever had, thin even the vet was sad, use to play with it when he checked cows.
  6. what will soybeans be priced at with the 2 dollar mfp payment? same here we have to first get corn planted traded all the 86 and 90 day stuff for 79 to 82 day, pretty soon we will need a 70 day maturity if the rain keeps up.
  7. we did use prevent plant a few years ago not by choice either it was june 20th and then july 4th before any of us planted, never heard of it before, it did help and we were able to even sell a lot of the late corn for feed as everyone was in the same predicament, it probably only yielded half or less of a normal crop, but it did start to dent, a bit, if there was ever a year that I doubted this situation it seems like this is the year, optimism is slowly fading as this gets later and later, its just not just one farm its about everybody up and down the road with all this winterkill on top of the rain. it could be worse as I was watching the weather channel , it seems that in wis we are missing the severe storms as compared to Missouri an those surrounding states, looks pretty windy.
  8. pt756

    2019 hay

    as jese said here in central wis there will be very little first crop if any, round up couldn't of done a better job than the polar vortex did last winter,
  9. pt756

    1256 and 1456?

    thanks there is one kind of close by that could be for sale, we had a turbo on our 856 about 35 years ago, always was a problem, took it off and overhauled it seemed less trouble, was always wondering how they beefed up those 2 tractors 12 and 1456 .
  10. this is going to get serious one of these days, still wearing winter clothes.
  11. are those front ends always engaged ? can you turn them off?
  12. pt756

    1256 and 1456?

    what are the differences? they both have the 407 engine? rear ends different? axles?
  13. drove the 986 for a bit, couldn't tell if ta worked because the lever just flopped around,
  14. christensenales of abbotsford wis. is having a sale lots of ih tractors 986, 706 gas 806 gas, 560 with head off 460, 1066, hydro 100, 986 is fwd with 2350 loader on doesn't turn very short, 1066 had dipstick broke off so couldn't really check the oil. everything would look better if the cabs were removed, lots and lots of other stuff, estate sale,
  15. here in central wis along highway 29 very wet, little planted, and what is planted, wonder if it will come up? this happened a couple of years ago, corn on lower ends , the seed just must of rotted away. we replanted 3x that year. this is what we did not need with all the winterkill in the hay crop.
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