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  1. pt756

    question 1066 cab

    well hello, the 1066 cab seems to be still working good lately, wasn't sure if it was the solenoid or the ground being cleaned up, should of did each one separately, to of made sure, but we have replaced the solenoid other times on this tractor, only about 12 k hours and now out on the 1431 discbine , as I said before thanks for the replies.i always appreciate the help.
  2. pt756

    dairy prices ?

    well now they are printing it the higher milk price due to the price of cheese might not happen because the class 4 price didn't catch up. expect a 5 dollar a cwt. ppd cut. gee that kind of lets the air out the diary balloon, I will bet the cheese makers were able to sell at the cme price, now I wonder about the run up in grain prices due to the usda miscalculation of the acerage. only missed by 5 million acres on corn,
  3. pt756

    dairy prices ?

    hey troy I forgot about the PPD where they will use the excuse to not pay the higher price, guess we will only have to wait a couple of weeks to see if the higher price happens, while we applied for the cfap payment it hasn't arrived yet and from what I understood talking to the fsa its not a as good as I thought originally. meanwhile for those that are getting out , cow prices the last few weeks are up compared to the last few months and decent used machinery is in good demand, as said before farmers are their own worst enemy when it comes to production, produce when the price is low and add a few when the price is high, quotas I just don't see ever happening in my lifetime,
  4. pt756

    dairy prices ?

    I did some figuring of the stimulus for corn, it appears that's going to be about 17 cents a bushel? boy in the beginning they were saying 67 cents a bushel,
  5. pt756

    dairy prices ?

    so got our guess check today, milk factory sent a letter along, basically said they are full and will have to drop patrons if production doesn't slow down, went on to say many of you took your government money and bought more cows, this 20 dollar milk is artificial and consumer demand and buying is slowing down, also did mention a few months ago they did not ask anybody to cut production when many other factories were and guys were dumping milk,this is a hard market to figure out, 1 dollar cheese a couple of months ago and now about 2.50.
  6. go to advanced auto, you need something generic they need to know what machine it goes on,
  7. hey thanks for all the replies, district did replace ambulance last year, chair was adamant that it be a gas motor, or would not vote for it, well it is a gas motor, I believe its a ford chassis.
  8. hello, I am on our local fire board, volunteers would like to purchase a new engine, newest one Is 20 years old, so they go to pierce in wis. get a price about 500k, so board chairman isn't really against the purchase but was telling all the horror stories about new trucks and def, claims many truckers buy as much warranty as they can then get a different truck after about 500k mile when warranty is off, claims these def fire engines will be nothing but trouble, instead he wants to take an engine out to a place in las vegas that does complete rebuilds, claims the place does rebuilds for the military, on fire engines you can spend 100k up to 300k , depending on what it all needs, anybody ever hear of a place like that out there? I think the volunteers would rather have a new one, did receive an email that cummins has an engine to address all the idle time. thanks
  9. glad he is ok, before the pictures I was thinking a discbine or something larger. he was real lucky.
  10. looks good, kind of did the same thing , had the machine shop make the corrugated cuts, but instead of 2 steps I put 3 on, they charged me about 2 bucks for each piece 11 inches long.
  11. pt756


    well today went to a carley auction by marion wis. my number was 1281, live auction , only seen 2 masks the time I was there. so I am guessing well over a thousand people at any time. not much social distance was being done, however lunch line was kind of strict.
  12. we went to church tonight only second time now, priest did say that this area is on the verge of a big spike, at least that was what his information sources are telling him, he is a white priest sent here to serve the large Hispanic population that we have, and yes with abbyland and the local dairy farms there is a huge Hispanic population, at least half of the school is now Hispanic, I was just waiting for it to hit abbyland, priest claims a lot of unreported stuff, don't know what he actually meant, I did see that on tv there were a quite a few people against marathons county idea of creating their own ordinance. businesses were there kind of against it, so was sent back for further review, the one thing I don't understand is that the fleet farms and walmarts were all going full blast thru all of this, at out last town board meeting, there were women there and one man all about 65 years old, none of then are required to be there, all wearing masks, if you are high risk then why not just stay home? they were trying to push all these cdc guidelines onto the board, one supervisor just couldn't take it anymore and stood up and kind of said he is tired of all this
  13. hey our county marathon in wis. was proposing ankle bracelets for people with virus, was watching t.v. this morning guess its got to go back for more study,
  14. I see in one picture all hooked to Meyers forage wagons, only a couple of miles from factory, still a family run business and friendly guys, nice for us when it comes to parts, we rolled a 22 foot box last fall from a custom guy, nice being close to factory for repairs.
  15. well cut hay most of the day with ac on so far so good, sure do always appreciate the help on here.
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