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  1. haven't heard what happened but in new York they were going to let rent lapse for 3 months, landlords would not have to pay mortgages, then bank problem. local t v station showed a line 2 blocks long waiting for food from the pantry. yesterday, and that's from a smaller town
  2. radio interviewed a farm from west bemd wis. 2400 cows they are now dumping
  3. we got 35 cents a pound for a 1150 pound first lactation heifer that didn't milk very well, and I read that dfa has bought dean foods for 433 million.
  4. been going around that 65 farmers that belong to a clark co coop in central wis have been told by foremost farms that they need to move their milk to someplace else, its a more or less a marketing coop consisting of mostly Mennonites and smaller farms, milkman said he has received 5 calls already just today asking if the plant he hauls for has room, he was told they have about a week to find some place else. probably not a good time for this to happen.
  5. hello troy, so what do you think of todays prices. futures look terrible. is 12 bucks going to work? we now have lost almost 10 bucks a cwt. since the drop started, also around here the cull cow price dropped a lot since last week, are they dumping milk out by your area yet, got a feeling that's going to be the next thing to happen,
  6. foremost farms around here have told their members to reduce production,
  7. napa guy gave mw a dewalt wheel last time, claims they are good also
  8. I see 13 dollar futures coming, I hope that it doesn't happen, very few guys took the insurance, most took the 100 dollar qualifier, couldn't happen at a worse time with spring coming up. this milking cows just doesn't seem like its going to work if these prices happen,
  9. our neighbor bought one of the first mx magnums, his trouble was it threw a rock up into oil pan and did damage, he didn't keep it long and swithched to the 8000 series deeres,
  10. well we cant do anything about it but farming this year doesn't look to be much fun as far as prices go, am watching the price of milk collapsing for lack of a better word, corn 2.99 at local. beef not much better, just on our farm , quick figuring is at least a 100 dollars a month per cow, pretty hard to be over enthused , but on the bright side we have something to do every day,
  11. what I am hearing is if you are unemployed, you will get that check plus an extra 600 dollars a week? is that correct?
  12. looking at these older ford pickups with the 5.4 in it seems that the later ones 2008 and up have 24 valve 5,4 in and earlier ones have the 16 valve, what year did they change and is the 24 valve less problems? I do know there were a lot of spark plug issues with the 5.4, when did that change? or didn't it, most of them I am looking at have at least a 100k on. thanks
  13. even been getting safety glasses that are rated 2.0
  14. we did have an 04 chev 1500 truck with the 5.3 in it was bought used with about 50 k miles on it about 10 years ago, shortly after the heads cracked one side of course dealer never heard of that but back then I asked on here and somebody sent us the service bulliten, turns out some of the heads that were cast in mexico were at fault, replaced both heads back then, 10 years of no problems since then except for the 25 hundred repair bill.
  15. we have had our 856 since the late 70,s been overhauled 3 times, first overhauls were a sleeve problem, once the block was taken to a motor shop and redid with new sleeves made its been ok I do really like it for the 2350 loader on it though,
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