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  1. I understand that cat makes wheeled excavators we were looking at a 318 or 320 pricey though, Volvo and gradall?
  2. so yesterday was at a picnic talking to this younger guy who is in banking, their bank doesn't do a lot of farm loans but they have some, one comment was their ag loan officer is going to retire soon, he said its very hard to find someone interested in doing ag loans, very depressing market as of late, new people will try it for awhile and find out that's for them, he said there are spots I wis, that there millions out on loans that aren't doing well, he also said they literally had to threaten foreclosure on 4 farms about 60 cows, multi generational farms, to get them to quit, he said we aren't doing them a favor by borrowing them more money, while they continue to keep burning up their equity hoping for the future to turn better, pretty sobering conversation it was, I don't know the chain of banks he works for though, it is thru out wis though. then farm credit was down forgot to sign a crop insurance paper so loan officer stopped by last week to get it signed. got to talking about debt loads per cow, his comment was that there are 15 to 20 k debt loads per cow on some farms, probably not going to do very well but they do exist,
  3. I think what is happening farms can now almost control the amount of heifer calves they want with sexed semen lately and many now breed a high percentage of cows to beef bulls.
  4. hello, our township has a case 1085 b wheeled excavator, we live in central wis. just about every township around the Wausau area had one as I understand that these 1085 ,s were the old drott backhoe, and that they were made right in the Wausau area, before my time and don't remember that, been on our town board now for a few years, so our 1085 has about 7k hours on, real handy, ditching , mowing and so on, drive right to the jobsite, it has had a few oil leaks and one day last week right behind the motor the torque converter? I think started to really leak then it started to slow down ad then it made a noise like glass breaking from underneath, the machine on a good day isn't worth 10k, the other problem is I am told case spun that division off to another supplier making parts hard to get or NLA, anybody have any experience with these, I figured the torque converter is like the heart of the machine an when it failed it probably sent contaminated oil and parts thru out the rest of the machine possibly. its probably like an old tractor when do you stop and let it go and move on, its about 35 years old now, thanks for any replies. in fact I feel more at home when it comes to an old tractor.
  5. neighbor sold a nice heifer calf got check for 39 cents, no surprise as they are about 10 bucks at sale barn, remember when guys use to beg you to sell them a calf for 500 dollars back in the good old days,
  6. a question our 1066 has a differential lock, it doesn't push down anymore as it seems that it is froze, how can a person eliminate the diff lock, we haven't used it in years,
  7. I did look them up years ago I bought 3 set ups the they were about 300 dollars one I seen they were asking 950 dollars are they that expensive now,? when looking for another tractor having that on already would be a big plus,
  8. here is an old one. a guy was driving down the road, he noticed a state trooper coming up on him with his lights on, he sped up the trooper was trying to stop him. soon he was going 120 miles per hour,, finally he did stop, trooper asked why he didn't stop, he said a few years ago my wife left me for a state trooper I thought he was trying to bring her back,
  9. pt756

    My helper

    I noticed the steps what brand are they and how wide are the steps thanks
  10. pt756

    Favourite Job

    driving our 1466 open station during the warmer months just love the sound the engine makes. not so much fun when its cold out though,
  11. pt756

    Something different

    I know there not that popular anymore but for our size farm we recently bought a used new Holland 166 merger, with our 1431 discbine it works really good and with all our poor crops this year it has come in handy,
  12. pt756

    666 686 engine?

    as I have mentioned before we do have a 756, really like it a lot , and on our size dairy farm it gets a lot of use with hay crop, the only thing that I wonder about is the injector pump parts and availability, not to worried about engine parts yet, we kinf of could use another one for a lot of the haymaking jobs, our 310 seems like a lot more than its 75 hp its supposed to have, was wondering if the 312 is as gutsy?
  13. pt756

    666 686 engine?

    the one on the sale does state german diesel, why did they quit putting the 312 American engine in? that engine would be like the 400 series?
  14. hello. have been watching a 686 on a online auction, did they all have german diesels? this one does, and would it be the same injector pump as the 756? and one more question, which models had the American motor in and whay was the cubic inch? I am thinking only 666, thanks
  15. the mink farms around here use to or maybe still do have grinders that they would throw the cow into for there feed mix, for there mink, always wondered about them also,
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