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  1. looks good what type of heating?
  2. so far replacing the torsion shaft on 1466, water pump. front bearings, and repairing power steering ford 5600, also 04 Honda foreman, just straightening everything out that got bent up over the last 15 years, all will be done this week then a new batch will be put in shop. and the never ending 350 project from 3 years ago, been waiting on the t.a from a guy that repairs what you have, been since june, will probably have to find a different approach, maybe just buy a t.a. already to install.
  3. here in central wis we have The Chopper Shop near Colby, a Mennonite repair business, they have New Holland and John Deere parts, I am sure a lot most come from back out east where they came from, although I have heard that a local guy is now making his own processors, we have an old 890 yet, kept for soybean straw when available, a 900, and a 230, I guess the 230 is a little nicer, I think as this dairy economy wears on and the fact that new Holland and dion are the only pull types left, pull types will be less available, plus the 70 k cost for a 240 will prohibit some of us from ever getting one, except for in our state where over 800 dairies quit last year, also agree about custom guys, a couple of 400 cow guys went out and bought their own self propelled, the big custom guy was stuck at the very large farms and did not show up. plus there are still going to be a lot of tower silos filled and a custom guy doesn't like to come back and refill those extra 5 loads, the john deeres were not so popular around here, we are also close to Meyers wagons and you see custom guys order 15 semi trailers at a time, they are not going to take care of small farms like ours,
  4. surely must have power steering with the loader on? and narrow front?
  5. so are there still batteries larger than the m18 ?
  6. hey thanks for the help, I have a parts picture of a ford steering pump. all self contained, would be nice to just get the shaft . whole unit is 700 to 1600 dollars,
  7. hello. on our ford 5600 we have a power steering leak. twice we used a speedy sleeve and it works for awhile, on another site I asked and a guy said you should use a sealant, would that be an option? does it go under the sleeve or dribbled on top? what would you use a threadlocker? the shaft where the speedy sleeve goes is scratched up so we know thats where it leaks, the power steering unit for a ford is kind of pricey and the sleeve kit is kind of made for that repair, thanks for help.
  8. back hoe has about 7k hours on it, I understand that they were first called drotts and were made in Wausau Wis. some where along the way Case must of bought out Drott , just about every township in this area had one, extended boom, tilting bucket, auxiliary hydraulics, I think this one has a bad torque converter, was thinking about putting on Auction Time as we have a close dealer for it, 12 percent commission for us, and doesn't the buyer also pay? Now thinking about asking a salvage yard instead, thanks.
  9. I read all of these some are really funny especially about the guys wife leaving because she does for free what the ladies get 400 dollars for. as my older neighbor told me years ago what you pass up when you are younger you will probably not have that chance again , I kind of know what he means now that I just turned 63. and the one about the bull mating was funny, keep them coming nice on these days when its below zero out. they are all good!
  10. township is looking at selling the 1085 case wheeled excavator. we are in central wis, I am familiar with the ag yards, where are the heavy equipment yards? I am told smith bros in downing? thill in eau Claire? anybody know of anymore? the 1085 has a 5.9 cummings in it that runs out well yet, surely must have some value. thanks
  11. we have a Mennonite near curtiss wis. that is making some kind of a round bale hauler I see a quite a few of them by his shop, don't know how they work either.
  12. replaced the frost plug heater on the 1466 last year, seemed really hard to get the old one out,
  13. all the cattle buyer knew was it was something that was pink is what they are after,
  14. hello, was at the local dairy sale awhile ago, guy said the buyers are after pregnant cows in their 3rd trimester, I asked why, there is something on the inside I assume from the calf that is being used in the medical field some thing pharmaceutical,
  15. resale isn't a problem for the township as they have had this case for forever, its a 1987 model and they bought it used from a highway department, finding it real hard to find a repair guy, could go to the case dealer but he said all the old guys are gone and they would replace the torque converter and probably power shift at a cost of at least the mid 20k, doesn't pay for a machine that on a good day barely brings 10 thousand in decent shape, we think its the torque converter, but are concerned that maybe material fron the converter traveled through out the rest of the machine, kind of like wet brakes in tractor.looked at cat 318 all priced high with a lot of hours on, not much under a 100 thousand, thanks for replies will pass all the information on to the rest of the board,
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