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    so we have a non electric amish guy across the road, very nice young guy, so he was trying to plow a field that has not been plowed for years, he had 6 horses on the 2 bottom plow, all they could do was stand there, at an angle couldnt budge the plow, so he comes over to use the phone often, asked him what you going to do now, well i will have my dad bring over 4 more horses , so that will be 10 on the hitch, i kind of feel sorry for the horse, it seems that plowing is the hardest thing for them to do, around here a 1066 and a 5 bottom plow is enough, to bad they couldnt use an old m with st
  2. took a couple of tires up to honda dealer to get fixed, showroom is empty, car dealer lot only a few cars, wonder how this will all end? also local planter shop waiting over a month for parts. i am waiting for the milk shortage then it will be out turn?
  3. well called the guy, they want 8500 for it, of course good motor and t.a., rear tires are mismatched but decent tread, no lites in fenders, 3 point kind of worn, bad seat, goofy 2nd remote added on, i can easily see 30 to 35hundred stuck in it, was thinking about 6 k the way it sits, guess its been sitting there awhile i was told,
  4. so with the 34 inch centers can you put step up rims on to go to 38 inch wheels or better to find 38 inch centers?
  5. hello there, i ran across an 856 diesel, has 34 inch wheels that are the clamp style , also front end is a 6 bolt hub, the one we have does have the 8 bolt hubs and 38 inch wedge wheels, is the 6 bolt hub common? and what about the 34 inch wheels? thought the seial number started with a 27000 but looked on tractor data their serial numbers are 4 digit
  6. thanks, i know that the return line on the 66 series is kind of fussy also
  7. the return line o our 7120 just started leaking right by the spot where it has a holder around it, so we could go tommorrow could the line be brazed ? its not leaking bad and i am sure the vibration where the holder is where the hole is, or wait till monday for a line?
  8. well i for one am very appreciative for all the answers you guys give me, some questions i an sure you guys probably shake your heads, thanks.
  9. neighbor told me this story. last summer before all of this got started. he ordered 2 new semi forage boxes from meyers. we both only live a couple of miles away from factory, he said 56k with out tires, during winter i think swiderski had a whole fleet of used ones starting at 6o k and up, i assume a custom guy traded his whole fleet in as i will see once in awhile a whole bunch lined up at factory with a guys name on ready to be trucked out, and i am also noticing the uptick in herds coming into just priemer in withee, now you are seeing the 200, 300 plus size heds show up , i was told next
  10. we also have been after a baler. probably a 740 or 7060, but as you said prices are high, and one more thing a m tractor narrow front not hoods , salvage 800 dollars, probably worth that in scrap now?
  11. havent found article but was told that up in medord wis last week students walked out of school. to protest face masks
  12. was at 2 auctions the last 2 saturdays, one by tomah wis, an 856 with turbo, probably about 9 k for hours went for 12k, then a black stripe 1066 with a hiniker type cab on, was at 14 k when i was leaving, a little 200 i remember at 2700. then this saturday, there was a schindler auction by loyal wis, had to be scrappers dream, there was a 706 with the 282, annoucemant said head gasket and t a was out, but it had the updated shifting, but was rough, about 1900, seemed about right, next was a 1466, looked very rough, but was running, open station, told a guy , 3700, well started at 6k and sold f
  13. well i just tried one place all states ag didnt thunk they had any, what are some of the other yards and arent there places that deal in old parts that are still new?
  14. have not read all the replies , went to the local catholic church on easter 8 a.m. sad, counted 17 pews, 18 people on one side, so about 1.2 people per pew. only let every 3rd pew open, priest said i am glad you all found a seat, almost wanted to get up and leave, his comment was hopefully next easter no masks and restrictions, then the next church we go to ebry other pew and only about 30 to 40 percent still wearing masks, wonder if people will ever come bsck,
  15. 1066 needs those 3 shifting collars and probably the shaft also, i did the 856 shaft and collars a couple of years ago, cannot remember which aftermarket had the kit. thanks again,
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