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  1. also tried describing the lock shingle to a guy never heard of them, they were real popular for barn roofs back then, now kostky everybody either lets them cave in or puts tin on, once a hole starts it usually doesnt take long to fall in, cant blame anybody, well over 20 k for a small barn.
  2. i started to remove the shingles from a 40 foot garage this afternoon, just not quite up to that task anymore, anyway got it done, i am going to be 66 in jan. there should be a warning on those shingle forks pertaining to age maybe, hope this is the last time, i see why there isnt a lot of older guys doing shingles.
  3. So hello there, anybody drink almond milk? had my first taste today, doctor is running out of ideas and now wants me to try this fodmap diet for a few weeks, basically most diary, gluten , and so on products, so this morning a bowl of corn flakes and almond milk, wasnt to bad
  4. So Bitty 1200 ton is going to be a short day compared to what you have done, how is the not having to milk cows going? Still a lot of herds being offered for sale each week,
  5. I see the semis are Meyer we are 3 miles from the factory,
  6. local repair guy sells the karcher make, i understood that they were made over in europe, netherlands? around 6k for a larger one.
  7. hello there, our milkman was telling a story of his sisters cat recently, so our good local vet will not take care of pets on the weekends anymore, low staff i am sure, so the cat was laying around and she ended up going to a farther away place that does work on the weekends, so she had to put 2400 dollars up front, cat was there 2 days, not sure what the problem was , couldnt pee? well on the whole bill was about 25 hundred and some, a couple of days later cat ended up at the local vet anyway wasnt much better, had surgery another 1300 dollars, i know there are tremendous amounts of money spent on pets nowadays, we have a nice dog getting up there in age i kind of hope that we arent in that same situation
  8. was going thru the results of jeffs tractors auction today on equipment facts, there was a 2 bottom 3 point case plow brought 5k, i wonder what was special about that, was kind of rusty looking on the picture,
  9. friend of mine just bought a new honda 520 with tracks about 10 k for honda and 5k for the tracks, he also is an ice fisher guy, lives in central wis but is looking for a house in north dakota for when he goes there,
  10. Good evening, what about geothermal heat, there are several systems in our area, i understand a lot of money up front, but compared to an outdoor boiler they are getting expensive also,
  11. pt756

    Hey Bitty

    so around here in central wis, we have 2 sale barns for dairy sales, there are no shortage of herds being offered, Priemer on the radio this morning has 3 herds today, Oberholtzer on thursday always has their share also, plus Priemer on private treaty has at least 1100 cows for sale, all larger herds, and thats just in our area, at least the prices are decent for cows and the bottom of the herd also is worth something with the higher price of culls lately, much better than just a short while ago where guys were barely averaging 800 to a 1000 a cow,
  12. so on one of our tractors we have an oil pressure gauge instead of the red light, has an actual oil line on it, when the tractor idles the needle does drop down and when rpms increased the needle goes up to the high mark, so my dumb question is this is the only tractor that has the actual gauge on it all the others are the red light, is the needle dropping when the tractor is at an idle okay, thanks for your patience!
  13. just posted about the results from saint annes auction, sellers market for sure,
  14. Well the 756 is done and on the job again, guy did everything but the injector pump, head all new parts, line bored, injectors checked, crank checked and reground, was kind of a higher bill than i thought, 8800 dollars, i kind of thought it use to be a thousand a cylinder, anyway first time motor was worked on in our 40 years of ownership. on a different note i was looking at the results of the saint anne auction today, seems for a 1066 0r 86 they were selling for well over 16k today, still wonder if we should of went with the 360 that he had, next time? thanks for all the help earlier
  15. so we have an 856 now, need something like that , never had a 806, i realize they are smaller, 361, is the frame the same size as an 856?
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