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  1. pt756

    5388 getting updated 😎

    its cold and snowing out now will be waiting also
  2. pt756

    farmall 340?

    it looks to really be a project still have the unfinished 350 in shop but would really be a challenge at least for me. that 340 would not be like a 350 for power would it?
  3. pt756

    farmall 340?

    those round fenders are that pricey now days ?
  4. pt756

    farmall 340?

    no the 340 numbers were on it and I am sure that is what it was, guy wanted 750 delivered, wonder what salvage would be?
  5. pt756

    IH 30 series Tractors

    don't have a picture but here in central wis we are really starting to get the rain also, bet we will have to wait til ground freezes, lots of soybeans not combined.
  6. pt756

    farmall 340?

    I looked on tractor data. what model did they replace the 350? is it the same motor? the reason I ask is today while driving home I noticed one sitting out for sale. wish I knew how to do pictures. flat tire, narrow front, has fenders on, guy claims the seller said it ran, needs carb work, there was oil on dipstick. are they kind of like a 656? I noticed that where I suspect hydraulic filter is there was a pipe running up to front of tractor, is that the power steering, straight drawbar on it, did they have the torque in them? are they like the 350 or super h? thanks
  7. pt756


    well another thing we have been told unless you are growing your farm you aren't going to be around. as was said before cheap borrowed money has made this a lot of easier. if interest were to ever go to the levels it use to be at a lot would be in trouble will that ever happen?
  8. pt756

    Ih 986 vs Farmall 140a 2016

    we had a lot of those ford 7000 ,7600 and so on around here they were an ok tractor at the time for an 80 hp tractor.
  9. pt756

    826 engine replacment

    I thought it was called links or ridgeland equipment, however I cant say if I saw the ad lately either.
  10. pt756


    dairy supply could be taken care of in one day. but who would decrease their production unless they were guaranteed a price increase? gee sell 1000 pounds for 15 a cwt. or sell 900 pounds at 18 a cwt. which would be better?
  11. pt756

    826 engine replacment

    thanks ed for information we have that dealer in northern wis that sells some kits however it appears you have them also. only asking cause I really like our 756 but I know the day will come when the inj. pump will be an issue and it seems that there are no alternatives out there yet.
  12. pt756

    night of a 1000 waterfalls

    hey thanks what do you mean by a functional doctor? also that whole procedure is over rated I think if they had a little better tasting product to clean you out the actual procedure is almost painless, for me better than the dentist, for awhile I even was watching then I must of went out for the stomach part, thanks for the information on diet, all it seems like he said id cook your vegetables and avoid dairy. unless pasturized and things like raw berries and lettuce,
  13. pt756


    so been listening to the ag shows about the nafta agreement I understand it will take 5 years to actually kick in for dairy? is that correct? that's along time to hang on waithing,
  14. pt756

    night of a 1000 waterfalls

    well survived the procedure, said I have celiac disease, and a low ib something count, what that means is I unable to fight off the bacteria that can be on raw vegetables, berries, anything raw meat, raw milk even my lettuce salad,, anything that isn't cooked to 165 degrees, where the normal person can fight off the bacteria, doc says I have a problem. probably why a person doesn't feel good sometimes. and in the stomach they found a small hernia that I understands leaks a bit, he mentioned Prilosec . and start watching diet whatever it all is now he said a colonoscopy every 2 years as with the celiac you are now more prone to colon cancer.
  15. pt756

    night of a 1000 waterfalls

    so just got done milking finishing the other half don't think there is anything left.