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  1. the reason i ask is I have bought a 312 complete, it has 12 thousand hours on it, owner bought it new , and finally hydro and pto gave out, still would like the 360 engine in the 756 and have already located a 360 crankshaft . the 312 probably wouldnt be much different then the old 310? Well so now I have 3 3ngines to choose from tolld the guy one of them should work,anyway now we have all the parts to do the dt360 if we go that route, thanks for replies
  2. Woops should of read earlier post already answered
  3. does a d312 use the same rods as a d360?
  4. Anybody close to that sale?? I understand another farmer bought it, And here in central wis, there is a large farm owned by the chinese, also milkman came with a story yesterday, there is a guy from Ohio that has bought 3 good sized farms already , all dairy farms, and just recently was the high bidder on over 1000 acres on a land auction, milkman was told he has backing from People from Iran, so Iike he said I guess the U>S> is for sale, Plans on the Iran deal if it is even true is to dry the milk and send it back, The chinese are milking 3k plus and there are plans to put in a huge robotic set up, at least 48 robots, these 2 farms are all within 10 miles of us, the robotic setup I heard hit a glitch with the DNR but thats usually just a setback,
  5. question if you take a 312 block and overhaul it into a 360, you need the crank i understand, what about the rods? and are the heads the same??
  6. pt756


    I was at our fire district meeting last thursday night, our fire chief attends these meetings on these electric cars, he said the new ones are all run by your phone now, and did tell us at the last meeting the presenter left his phone in the car by accident and of course it was locked, so I am not sure how this appp worked but h used another guys phone and somehow knew the code and was able ot get in, sounds like a person could hack your vehicle and steal it but why would they? and as far as fighting the fires they cause its a whole another story, just doesnt make any sense
  7. been looking at the dt360, the threaded holes where the fuel filters are mounted on the ag360 are not there on the dt360, however there looks like there is a spot where a person could drill and tap a hole in there to mount them as there would be on a 312 or a 360
  8. Hello, so where i found this 312, the guys do a lot of their own work, they put a 312 in a 656 that had a 282 in it before,( they have a few 466 motors that they plan to install on other tractors) the 312 fit under the fuel tank and even under the heat shield, was tempted to try the 312 in the 756 as they said it did run, but still think the 360 will liven the 756 up, was nothing wrong before with the 310 though, I assume the dt360 isnt going to be much taller than a 312 od even the same height, I will admit there that using the dt360 there is a fair amount of things that need to be changed, however with the 312 we should have all the donor parts, was having a hard time=locating the tach drive before i found this complete engine, and if we are lucky and the fuel system works that would be a plus, as i mentioned before I wouldnt go out and look for a dt360, this one is sitting in the guys shop who had done all the previous repairs, In hindsight had I known we were going to have this much trouble with the overhaul we should of done the 360 then, I wanted to keep it original then, so I talked to the original owner of this 312, funny it was less than 10 miles from us, It was in a hydro and that was getting week, so they pulled tractor around when they needed a blower tractor to fill silo, then the pto went out, thats when they sold it for salvage, locally, guy said his grandpa bought it knew, had a lot of hours on it but still ran good and didnt use no oil, Then we got to talking while he was doing his cow chores, mentioned about how much things cost, had to put a reman in a 7140, at a dealer, claims 32 thousand when all done with a one year guarantee,
  9. Woops should of read your reply, I see you used the truck pump?
  10. Question Matt, how did you mount the fuel filters when you installed the dt360, the one we have there arent the holes that the ag blocks have in for mounting the filter base? thanks
  11. Hello again did a search and found a lot of answers, the only reason I asked is I ran across a 312 today complete except for then front and rear plates, which we already have, and yes I found out the front plate is hard to find, know of 2 more sitting in a salvage yard, guy wants to sell the whole engine , anyway pretty sure I am going to get the 312 as it has all the things we need for the dt360, owner said it has about 12k hours on it when the hydro gave out,
  12. Hello, what are the differences? and can you make a 360 from a 312 block, I would assume the crankshafts are the main difference? thanks
  13. Hello been awhile, different computer hard time to get signed in, anyway we removed the 310 from the 756, got the rear plate, and the outside is trimmed back, got a flywheel , was a question about the starter drive, we put the ring gear right next to the 310, they look the same, so does the starter drive need to be changed?? Also the repair guy found the front cover for the narrow frame, I did locate 2 not to far away but guy wanted to sell the whole 312, got the oil filter base and the fuel filter, also tach drive will need to be changed did find one close by, am looking for a injection pump am told it is a ambac m 100? Also found a complete set of fuel lines that look to be okay. And did locate the intake manifold , from not to far away and the repair guy got the oil pan, am told we need the suction pipe yet, I realize its a lot of small things, it looks like the 360 dt will fit under the fuel tank, radiator should have the holes on the right side, and there is a question on the frame rails, it looks like from the difference in the rear plate its about 5/8ths on an inch, looks looks like rails from an 806 are a little bit longer, Taking the turbo off for now, will just be happy if the dt 360 runs decent . Thanks for all the help during summer,
  14. Well we found out how much in demand 20.8 by 38s were that were worn down, first guy that called we said 1000 with the band dual rims, probably was to cheap, he is going to spend 600 getting them cut down and then on to a pulling tractor, also had a 50 percent set with 18 inch rims asked 2k guy offered 1800, next best offer was 1500, the 1800 dollar guy was putting them on his 1466, we then bought step up rims for the 1466 and put a used set of 18,4 42s on,, tire guy last winter offered 300 a piece for a pair of 18.4 by 38s firestone radials, decent tread but one sidewall was booted, he knew it cause he fixed it earlier, we kept them for now, one is in real good shape and would also make decent dual tires,
  15. Hello. what kind of motors are put in the older utilities? 784, or 884 or a 885, I always thought they used the german diesel? and friend had a 674, actually 2 of them in the neighbor hood, guys claim hard to start in cooler weather, and do their pto shut off like the 56 or 66 series ? where they kind of coast to a stop, I like our ford but the pto sure comes to a stop,
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