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  1. pt756

    6080 allis ?

    i see the thrust bearing support, must be right on the crankshaft harmonic balancer pulley, and you all are probably right about the 706 gasser, not so bad now diesel is priced higher than gas and with the farm tax off it isnt so bad, will keep looking a decent 656 to 686 would be nice and probably a bit cheaper, this tractor, one owner and only 25oo hours is probably going to bring a decent price, i have had a 706 gas and 656 in the past, kind of thought the 656 hydraulics were questionable , seemed oil was always milky, maybe we didnt keep after it back then like we do now?
  2. i might of been mis understood about turbo, we are not planning on using it if we go this route, i think he mentioned that he has the exhaust manifold if needed , problem here is that i know very little about doing a conversion and i appreciate any input from the posters, thanks
  3. pt756

    Fuel prices

    just talked to a farmer he contracted when it was 2.59 he feels pretty good now, only did half though
  4. pt756

    6080 allis ?

    well everybody will have a chance at the 1256 as it is going to be on an auction in a few weeks, it really sounded sweet with the straight pipe on, 20.8s almost new and good front tires,
  5. guy that is doing the actual work has said he has all the manifolds and i was told there is no room for the turbo,
  6. also we once had a 826, started leaking water, so we sold it in that condition for salvage price, the thing i dont like about the german diesels is the one o-ring compared to 3 on the american motors, guy that is doing the work has all the manifolds and as i understand there isnt much room for turbo
  7. Hello, i know this be on a orange site, but here it is, as i mentioned on the tech site our 756 spun a bearing, now a work in progress, we need something to finish planting corn and cultivating, i went to look at a 1256 coming up close by, it is very nice 7 k for hours , probably out of budget, they are also selling a 6080 open station, no price yet, i have always kind of like those 185 and up open station tractors, we have a very good dealer close by, so i knew the 185 had a goofy live pto, it appears that the 6080 is different, i know a small 4 cylinder perkins about 200 ci, nice open platform, so anybody have any good or bad experiences? the 1256 is going to be way out of line, its nice and original, thanks
  8. also we once had a 826, started leaking water, so we sold it in that condition for salvage price, the thing i dont like about the german diesels is the one o-ring compared to 3 on the american motors,
  9. i am aware of the 358 in the 886, also what is the actual difference between the truck motor and the tractor motor? this truck motor does have a turbo on which if we go that route i probably wont use, and will the 360 fit underneath the fuel tank? thanks
  10. thanks Matt, guy thought a cover from a 886 would work, he recently junked one out,
  11. what about the firestone performer? advertised for secondary tractor use
  12. well guys we did pull it to the local repair guy today, started it up for second, he said i think you have a spun bearing, so we plan to take crankshaft out or i mean he will, i have very little experience when it comes to engines and he is great with these older tractors, so i did call the salvage yard that has a lot of locations thru out the midwest and at least a few in wis. no complete motors, and doesnt look like they have a crankshaft either in case ours is bad, guy will send it out to be magnafluxed ??? and reground if it isnt already cracked. so first time in my 55 years of driving tractors that we have lost a motor this way, it has always been the sleeves leaking, he also said another choice might be his 360 dt that he had planned on using in a 656, but has given up on that idea, it was in a school bus and has a turbo on plus the inline pump, he has a non turbo manifold and can get a tractor pump , i know its not the right way to go but if the 310 is bad shape it would be an option, so has anybody done one , at least of parts are needed the american 360 would be easier to get parts for maybe? and the vibration i mentioned before was usually at a lower idle, thanks for the replies so far,
  13. pt756

    Fuel prices

    well now the talk of today is 8 dollar fuel in wis. by summer
  14. 1600 for each tire, so i said some of those bigger tires must be 5k, he said he did an 8 wheeler last winter, new rims and tires 60k
  15. Hello everybody, thanks for the input, was thinking today, everybody is busy now, our normal guy has overhauled the german diesels but only the 4 cylinder models, going to try and get another guy to at least take oil pan off and maybe head and see how much damage, the rest of the tractor in really good shape, front end, shifting, park update, lot of work done to the PTO,it actually doesnt run too bad except it has hardly any power and a lot of blow by, sounds noisy on the top near the front.and again thanks for help.
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