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  1. Hello there delivery guy was here today, while we booked a long time ago, i asked current price, 2.29. still not as bad a few years ago when it almost hit 5 bucks,
  2. dont know about pumps but tractor sure looks nice so far, we too have a 756 310. waiting for a conversion kit to come along, keep hearing pumps not many parts around
  3. both about the same, isnt the 66 motor less expensive to repair?
  4. been there also, it seems such a simple thing to just ask first,
  5. was told today salvage yard figures his used tires are going to be worth something the way its goin, used is better than nothing i guess
  6. so how much is lp now? i asked a month ago and guy said 1.79 a gallon.
  7. i thon automation is here as far as milking cows is concerned, in our area there are some 30 robot setups, just about every dairy article touts the robots,
  8. went to a christensen auction on tuesday, kind of north central wis, there was a 986 and a 1086 , both about 6000 hours, was told the 9 brought 16 and the 10 brought 22 thousand, also a white 120 four wheel drive, brought 32k, and a dealer brought it, prices are really strong,
  9. kind of always wanted one. i see that some of the guys run a discbine with it, all we have is a 1431, wonder if a 966 would handle that? we currently use the 12k hour 1066,
  10. so our 40 gallon gas hot water heater is on its way out, prices are almost double from last year, was thinking a power vent to eventually get rid of old unlined brick chimney , then guy says why not switch to electric? claims with lp going up so much, might not be much of a difference, i was always told gas recovers faster, we booked lp at about 135 a gallon, now off the truck its almost 1 80 a gallon, si there that much of a difference, between the two? plus i was told electric hot water is cheaper? thanks .really wanted to buy a whole new system with an on demand boiler and for the floor heat and incluse a hot water heater , guy said you will spend over 10 for that,
  11. i asked about saws about a year ago, the stihl is starting to show its age, checked compression was showing 60 pounds guy said, the saw i was looking at was an efco 6500, the 60 cc saw, i think the smaller one was a 5500, never really heard of them before, always thought stihl was all it, i know husky saws are talked about a lot also, the only reason is these young guys offer decent service, many times are feed carts have honda motors on them and occasionally they do need attention, even once on a sunday i got service and for a mennonite shop i thought that was okay, wouldnt take no money that day, but did get us going,
  12. hello there, was looking at chain saws again, there is a 50 cc saw with a 325 chain and a 60 cc saw with a 385 chain, also was told there are 2 widths in the 325 chain, this 50 cc saw had the wide width saw chain on, 50 cc saw 400, 60 cc saw 600, only use about 5 gallons of gas a year, currently have a 29farm boss 30 years old, would a person notice any difference with the chain widths, only cut firewood or a down tree, thanks
  13. there is a white 120 for sale close around here, i see they have a 5.9 cummins, partial power shift, not many right around here, transmissions okay, kind of looks like a 52 series maxum , parts availability? it is a 4 wheel drive,
  14. talking about auctions, today christensenales in central wis, had a estate sale, the ron olson sale, over 200 tractors, some ran, some didnt a little bit of everything, lots of old unstyled tractors, i thought for the time i was there things sold well, every h brought a 1000 dollars for an example, scrapper guys kept the old machinery price up there also , so very few bargains
  15. hello there. so was able to check out the 7120, auction time yard is only a couple of miles away, like it was said , no cup holders, claws on 3 point wider tires, so it must be a euro.
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