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  1. pt756

    another wedge question thanks

    hello again it finally let loose that diablo blade from Fastenal cut right thru the wedge , tried after milking probably took 10 minutes to cut a kerf in it on the outside. then hit the bolt head with a 3 pound mall and they are both loose. almost seemed easier then trying to melt it out with torch, thanks for all the ideas. now I wish dairy was a bit better, wanted to put 18.4 by 42 tires on , now it has 20.8 by 38,
  2. pt756

    Door to door salesmen

    what about the combined insurance guy do they still exist?
  3. pt756

    another wedge question thanks

    hello just tried one of those carbide blades it really cuts.
  4. pt756

    land prices !

    hello will agree here in wis. with the use value taxes on tillable land is minimal a few bucks an acre. I understand it is more out east,
  5. pt756

    another wedge question thanks

    hello stopped at Fastenal they gave me some carbide tipped blades claim will cut thru torsion spring thanks for help toughest ones I have ever had,
  6. pt756

    land prices !

    hello so had to go to local tire place today triple m, in central wis. couple of miles away from our farm, jay hoover is the owner , moved here from Pennsylvania, a few years ago, he is Mennonite and I thought he said he came from Lancaster county, has showed me pictures of his custom business he had out there, newer magnums. well today we talked about recent land sales, he said 2 miles from where he lived and said a farm of about 67 acres with a 40 stall barn sold for a bit over 2.3 million, then a german Baptist customer came into shop for repair. they moved here from Indiana, said there was a sale of bare land in indiana a bit over 19 thousand an acre. we do have a quit e a few of the german Baptists moving here also. my question is how do they do that , then he showed me a letter his brother had sent, he is doing 2 weeks down in Columbia helping feeding the people. showed me a picture of a over 1000 people lining up for a meal. then he went on to explain that their currency down there is worthless, a whole wheel barrow full and cant even buy a sandwich, so we aint got it so bad yet.
  7. pt756

    another wedge question thanks

    well tried again after milking longer pipe now made a few small turns then stopped, got sawzall out and started cutting them in half. just got get some better blades tomorrow.
  8. pt756

    another wedge question thanks

    yes an s and k breaker bar will try longer pipe
  9. pt756

    another wedge question thanks

    thanks for ideas, tried again after milking 3 foot bar and all 200 plus pounds on it and wont budge, will try the heat and brake fluid idea, lots of snow predicted so will probably have to work inside. that was after we shoveled snow off of roofs also. don't know how much they can stand but they are predicting 12 inches
  10. pt756

    another wedge question thanks

    hello the bolt will not turn . the other side at least the bolt turned and I did use the wedge removal tool on that side, sat around here for years first time I ever had to use it, was always able to get them loose before, these are being stubborn, going to go out and try again, have s and k breaker bar so it will be replaced if that breaks. thanks
  11. pt756

    another wedge question thanks

    hello so it should melt kind of like cast melts with heat? they haven't been loose for years probably 20 did order another new one. thanks
  12. so I got the one side done on the 1466, tried the other side , heated it very long bar on 3/4 inch socket breaker bar., wont budge, it only has about less than one half inch of space between the 2 wedges, can they get so close that they can be really hard to get apart? will but another new set, can you kind of torch them out ? what would work I just don't think they are going to come apart. thanks
  13. pt756

    cattle auction?

    so was looking at priemers auction site from withee wis. now I see herds coming from south Dakota, minn. at iowa, some pretty good sized herds , one is a elite jersey herd, isn't there a market out in those states? truck them from Dakota to central wis. wonder how that works out?
  14. pt756

    67 Belvedere 440 6 pak

    nice pictures thanks once road in a gtx with a 6 pak on it , it was black and did it go.
  15. pt756

    secureing the wedges

    thanks we do have one of those john deere wrenches, I did clean it well sanded everything down smooth on axle and wedge casting, plus I did have new wedges, was surprised at new edges as compared to the old ones , old ones were almost touching when tight the new ones have a good space between them. however with 3 funerals the last 3 weeks I haven't got much done it seems that the generation of all my 80 year old aunts and uncles are leaving us. they always say it comes in 3,s. again thanks for the replies.