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  1. pt756

    7140 that burned

    local pumper has 2 of those pontoon agitators I think about 250 k a piece.
  2. last one we had butchered was about 1600 pounds, cost about 800 dollars for processing, getting harder to find someone. a few Mennonites are opening up places.
  3. pt756

    ss question

    pretty sure rental income is not counted, however I still really enjoy this farming thing even though it involves dairy cows, when people ask I say until I find something I really like to do we will keep the cows, now a lot depends on future prices for our product but I realize our dairy buildings are not worth anything unless dairy got so good that somebody wanted to rent the buildings, not a bad set up for 100 cows. I don't think exceeding the income limits is going to be a problem either the way it looks, referring to corn and soybean prices also.
  4. pt756

    ss question

    hello there, so I will be 63 next month. question is how many have drawn ss early before 65? being self employed all my life, we never did pay much in and I don't expect much either, so I realize I will take a penalty by drawing early but one guy told me he would have to live till his 80,s to make up the difference, our retirement was meant to be in the farm. and as our tax guy said you will probably have to sell off some assets as time goes on, just getting on medicare would be a help, these ridiculous health insurance premiums are crazy, one plan was for 29k for the year, still looking, all it really is a plan to protect your assets from the hospital the way I see it.
  5. I was wondering what wattage guys are getting our first ones were 18 watts, the last ones are now 24?
  6. was watching his show o Saturday, he mentioned a 8920 with low hours and another tractor, but didn't say price go to my blog he said, well I tried and it didn't show up, anybody go to the auction?
  7. around here in central wis there is a fair amount of corn standing heard a lot at 40 percent yet and we have about a foot of snow with 3 to 5 inches on its way, I think most of soybeans off in this area. I think everybody is so sick of this year ,foot of snow in field, was spreading heifer manure, should of noticed the few standing stalks , well a nice mile walk back home to get pull tractor out, fell in a rut and it wasn't froze, not a fun sunday.
  8. so are the armrests for an 86 series available? would they be able to made to fit?
  9. the side that is loose is the side where all the hydraulic levers are, I noticed on the other side that there is some kind of wedge on top of that side about a quarter on inch thick,
  10. I looked a little closer, no oil leaks, the problem is where the 3 point arm mounts on tractor, other side is nice and tight this side is very loose. looks like something let loose or worn.
  11. I had the same problem asked a lot of questions on here, lots of help. my last challenge was the 856 3 point would not slide out, soaked all winter in a pail of penetrating oil, finally one guy told me to cut the flat pieces of metal off the bottom, used a thin blade, rewelded new pieces on, but the moral of the story is the penetrating oil didn't cut thru the rust either.last bad axle was m Schwartz front end, one side 5 minutes, the other side I think 5 days, once it gives that little bit then you know you got it beat,
  12. hello so the shaft where the 3 point arms mount on I think needs to be replaced on the 1466. don't you have to reach around inside thru the top link to work on this, there must be seals and I was wondering cost.
  13. been getting the armrests that have a zipper on them, why cant the armrests from a 86 series work they are solid?
  14. was thinking of going with a conventional but not ambitious enough to put chimney thru the roof and ceiling and then the pole shed is right there also could of been a draft problem, cheaper though to buy,
  15. I am also wondering ? after 25 years would that be a good time to change cable,
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