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  1. also our township was able to rent a new holland tractor about 80 hp for 500 dollars a year, we are able to put on about 150 to 200 hours during summer,, other townships will rent much bigger ones, the theory for the dealer is he said he can knock off 8 per cent off of the price when he gets it back, comment was well that hobby guy might of just got his truck paid for, so this 50 k tractor isnt so bad, we were told this year the price has gone up to 1200 dollars, still for 200 hours not a bad deal, we get one with a loader and use it for mowing ditches.
  2. question what is a skip tooth chain?
  3. Hello, so took delivery of hytran yesterday, still getting the old viscosity brand, needed a bunch to change oil in 7120 which is in the hospital right, now guy said waiting to get tanks set up for the shell product, as conversation continued he said he delivers oil 2 days a week, the other days are between the store transfers, he said what is really selling is the Kubota line of equipment, regular machinery is slow, cant keep up with the Kubota stuff, so same thing the small dealer told me a coupe of months ago, over 400 tractors sold the last year, they are between 2 cities where a lot of p
  4. well thats what i noticed it seemed a lot hotter didnt try anything else as i started with the old dc welder and trusty 6011
  5. hello again. so today i was replacing the 3 inch tube on our 3/4 ton chevrolet truck, box is off good time to repair things did the whole frame with por 15, then noticed the 3 inch tube where the shock absorber is mounted to, was kind of bad, so i got the old tube out, and proceeded to use wire welder, was going well till i ran out of wire, so its almost 2 p,m,, called napa i asked for .035 wire, they were closing didnt look at box, so i installed in welder, didnt seem right, the wire was more silver in color compared to the more copper color i always got, so looked at roll, it said gassless
  6. i am not in emergency services but BIL was, he said you would rub vicks under your nose when it was bad, also being on our local fire board, occasionally here of calls, we put stryker lift in 2 of the 4 ambulances and yet they had to have lift assistance guy was over 700 pounds, i understand that is the limit for the lifts,
  7. well guys i am probably the only guy without a cell phone, wife has one, i guess i could of been posting pictures for years and always admire the pictures that guys do post, there are not 2 days alike on a farm i should of got one, i do get scolded being on the town board , you should have one, on the downside milking cows i am here most of the time, so rarely miss a call anyway, please keep the photos coming,
  8. well guys i did go to the repair shop and look, and now that i knew some of the big words that you guys told me, i was showed the flex plat with its springs, je thought it was ok, he then showed me the coupler that has female splines on both ends, the splines were starting to be worn, and then he pointed out the transmission shaft that he thought was also ok, i think that is the shaft that bitty said doesnt get replacer very often, and also pointed out the frost plug that plugs up the hole where the 4 wheel drive comes thru, and the oil is coming out of the rear engine seal easy to see that&l
  9. another question is the flex plate and the torque limiter the same thing thanks for your patience again<
  10. is there a right and left? i do have a right door, but the left one is broke and are they available?
  11. hello there, so we took our 2wheel drive 7120 to the hospital, there was an oil leak, looked like motor oil, so guy calls up today with the news, he mentioned that there is a splined shaft and a flex plate, the splined shaft is worn , he said it powers a lot of things, so i am going to go and look tommorrow , that shaft isnt like the shaft in the older ih tractors that always needs replacing when you split it, i understand there is no clutch there? i know very little about the insides of these tractor and appreciate any help, also our shutoff that was out on last summer that never really work
  12. hello there was watching succesful farming show, they were highlighting the dewalt die grinder, anybody have one? years ago we once had a makita die grinder electric, did not last long,
  13. our township has an older 140 H only has about 5k hours on and is a 97 model, mostly used for snowplowing, where would a guy start to look for led lights, with our regular grader guy laid up, leg amputated, the fill in guys have to work after their regular jobs, i am sure fabick has them but there must be aftermarket for an older machine by now.
  14. well did weld a little today, started sputtering, so put new tank on, seemed better, i am welding my own version of steps for the 56 and 66 tractors , one was a redo that was already painted, did get the paint off, but i assume any leftovers could cause problems? the regulator still showed gas and there was gas wheni unhooked the regulator. and did put a new tip on, the shield looked okay,
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