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  1. Bitty i admire your mechanical ability to tackle those repairs, always appreciate your comments on the magnums also,
  2. so can you get the accumulator yet?
  3. so some boxcars have 38 inch tires on and most are 42 inch, are the cast centers the same for a 38 inch tire and a 42 inch tire,
  4. hello, so last night after chores stopped in at local corner for awhile, along comes in is a 2k diary farmer, my age we all grew up togthter, we got talking about tractors he was happy just got a 4620 john deere, well then he mentioned he bought a 8400 last year, 12oo hours on, said about 110k for it, i then asked about all his new stuff, lots of new holland artics and fwd drives, said i try to not keep them past warranty, had 2 new holland artics fail just after warranty was off engine problems, only about 3 k for hours, so i will probably not be able to have tractors that new, are the newer ones that troublesome,
  5. Hello Troy, if i understand your post, that was planted 8 days ago? if so it sure looks nice, that doesnt happen in central wis, the best we can do is seed our alfalfa , clover grass and so on and hopefully 40 to 60 days later harvest a light hay crop. or a lot of seeding is put in with a nurse crop, oats, triticale and peas, so you end up usually with a overripe nurse crop with new seedings mixed in, still tested 14 percent protein , seems that when the perfect harvest date is close we end up with rain making the fields to soft,
  6. So Troy, are you still so hot? what about soil moisture? We were very dry till about 2 weeks ago, seems that every rain went around, then we got 2 or 3 inches, however i did see some corn on compacted ground just starting to curl, question about PPD.s are they deducting from your milk check? last month around here there was about 1.50 a cwt taken off, legalized stealing ,
  7. Hello Troy, i see you have a Kuhn tedder, how many pods? are they popular around you? we have a 4 pod size, the only thing i dont like is on the road, the small wheels , much over 15 miles an hour and it sways,
  8. i think the thread last year was from me, since then i did buy the dewalt 20 volt, still have the 2 lincoln 14.4 volts also, the dealt seemed clumzy at first compared to the lincolns but am getting use to it, all the other cordless is dewalt and also did buy a 18 to 20 volt converter, we dont use our cordless tools that much as there are probably 4 18 volt drills that i will probably never wear out, am slowly swithching to some 20 volt stuff, township has 2 18 volt milwaukees they seem good also,
  9. highway guy said new is 10 dollars a foot now
  10. trying to buy some used guard rail any idea of its worth, coming off of a culvert project in the neighborhood, thanks
  11. Hello there, neighbor land lady where we rent a small piece of ground from wants to sell her now deceased husbands 2020 john deere gas tractor, has a cab, he bought it new, they havent farmed for over 25 years, and has a john deere loader on, not personally interested but she needs a car, down payment would help,and since his death 3 years ago only split wood with it, i have driven them over the years, anybody have experience with one, price? told her everything is nuts now . 5 to 8k maybe or too high, decent tires, one owner
  12. on a different note , local new holland dealer was told there might be a few tractors sitting around this year because of this parts situation, they have become so dependant on the electrical parts and they just arent around for now
  13. yes that is the tractor, you hardly notice the hole in the hood, must be a char lynn?
  14. there was a auction sale today, it was at r.j stockwell, auction time, we are only a few miles from the site, there was a super h with power steering on it, you could see the hole cut in top of hood for the oil tank, that brought 4000, a 200 all pretty brought 3300, and a 52 h, narrow front which i had the second to the last bid sold for 1100, it had new tires on and was straight, the only thing i didnt care for was the 11,4 by 38 tires on it, while they were new, said farm king on the side, i sure wish they would of been 13 by 38 instead, never heard of farm king before, have they been around? pictures are on auction time, as i am unable to provide them here,
  15. what do the 300 watt replacements cost? and would they work in a cold shed (during winter) thanks we did replace all the 100 watt incandescent with screw in leds, very reasonable now
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