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  1. steel price

    local weld shop makes a lot of buckets uses a lot of plate steel almost 50percent price increase in plate steel, that didn't take long.
  2. oil filter question

    this was on a tw 25 neighbor wants napa or wix filters to pay for engine our napa is owned by our land o lakes coop. type of guy where nothing is ever his fault. and on top of it all his son is a mechanic about 21 and he did the repair so sounds like a little collusion, asked the napa store, said filter is sent to wix in Georgia, don't know if they will tell us the outcome they seem kind of reluctant guy claims a 14k bill.
  3. oil filter question

    neighbor kid who works on tractors tried to explain to me Saturday night how the tractor motor failed it was the one with the wix oil filter a few months back I posted it then, I not knowing much about the inside of an engine listened to him. he claims high pressure line from oil pump blew then that caused the o ring to fail on the cheap wix oil filters. can that happen first time I have heard that happening most of our overhauls on our red tractors have been for cavitation plus thousands of hours besides.
  4. 350 ta question

    if you take the top cover off right over the ta can you see the ta then? when the 350 shuts of it makes a real loud clang. thanks
  5. february milk price?

    our scc premium was 15 cents a cwt for a scc of about a 100, guy told me after church last night about same cell count different factory they got 18 cents a cwt. so here in central wis it is about the same. use to be for that low of a cell count there was about a dollar per cwt premium. and a very good volume premium as the old milk hauler said the goodie bag is empty lately. also same guy after church said they got 15.30 for their milk. test was about 2 points better, but they ship about 3 times more milk on every other day pickup. so they would get a little better volume.
  6. february milk price?

    so how do the multi thousand cows dairies do it? to big to fail?
  7. life in our corner

    I don't think anybody expects 24 dollars a cwt. but it would be nice to at least pay the basic bills.just on our farm of a 100 cows the difference in a month was 1.40 a cwt. so how can you make this work when this check is 3000 less then the last months check? I know local dairy supply place made a comment only collecting about 50 percent lately, how long can a business do that?
  8. february milk price?

    milk hauler also said another factory in wis is going to cut 10 patrons.
  9. february milk price?

    we got 14.54 for feb milk in wis, 100 scc. 3.8 fat 3.06 protein down 1.40 from January price.
  10. Any Canadian dairy farmers on here??

    so on us farm report they did report on the 80 producers that were sent letters and dfa chimed in they are full so with this expansion and borrowed money first question is do you have a place for the milk?
  11. Any Canadian dairy farmers on here??

    this past week in central wis a Canadian dairy guy spoke at several locations wasn't able to go. here it seems like a race to the bottom sometimes.
  12. Any Canadian dairy farmers on here??

    I got to ask does every farmer in Canada that milks cow drive a new escalade seems when you see something they all are driving really nice vehicles. is milking cows that good of a return?
  13. Convert 1000rpm to 540rpm 5x88

    about how much does that conversion kit cost and does it work on the magnums?
  14. German overhaul options

    doesn't ridgeland or links up in northern wis sell the kits to convert to a cummins? I thought someone once said about 1400 dollars. then I was told that these 5.9 motors are readily available school buses and so on/