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  1. was also at the vet supply store on Friday got talking to the owner, he said this will turn and in a year there will be a cattle shortage, wasn't too long ago Holstein cross bull calves were at 300 and higher, well guys are breeding 3 quarters of their herd to beef bulls , that took care of the high priced bull calves, heifer calves? asked neifgbor who works at stock yard, what happens to all these 10 dollar heifer calves. I don't think they return to the country,
  2. news media is sure playing up the ags secretaries remarks about small farms , get big or get out theory, then I was watching us farm report this morning its not the small farms its probably mid size trying to make a living off the farm vs small farms with outside income,, it was always said that the 3 to 4 hundred cow farms are kind of no mans land, I imagine that when all of the 50 cow farms are gone then the next size will be the several hundred cow size,
  3. most guys around here and including us are at least 3 weeks later than usual, however if it freezes every body should be the same moisture next week,
  4. this has been a year that will be easy to forget from the time the snow melted in spring to this there hasn't been many decent days and now we will probably freeze off this weekend,
  5. pt756

    Rain rain rain

    same here in central wis, however we did catch a 3 day break , there is a lot of corn silage that needs to be harvested around here, hardly anybody has any off yet, and now there is the big snow coming Friday,
  6. we with our 100 cows have silos. around here they are still used a lot. lots of small farms like ours, we do have a neighbor who did expand and then lost it a few years ago, poured a large pad and dirt for the walls he is now 80 stopped in and said they should outlaw silos 50 years ago, bags would work but many of us that used them put them out on a hayfield and as sonn as it got wet you had a mess, if a person had a decent area to locate bags I think they would be good our only problem we had toward the end was we could not get the top of the bag to not mold, tried a lot of different preservatives and pressures, usually a few inches on top,
  7. I know by watching ag day they show the very wet parts of the Midwest that are being flooded out again I guess we aren't that bad but does get frustrating after 50 years of doing it, I understand that we don't have to do this either we have choices, at least in the dairy part they said we are at a 10 percent loss of farms the last couple of years, so some are making the hard decision to exit, around here in central wis. our local shopper has pages of help wanted jobs mostly factory positions , windows, and food manufacturing jobs,
  8. speaking of the light bale controversy in our township the debate goes on 7300 gallon tanker 3 wheeler vs. the 5200 2 wheeler, which one is easier on the roads? the 5200 makes weight usually about 75 to 80 k the 7300 could be 90 up to 130 k , less trips with the 7300. been some really heated argruments about it both ways.
  9. did they all have tie rods in the front?
  10. hello I think we are on our 8th day in a row no sun and another rainy day starts to bother a person after awhile, especially when all the crops out there in the field are needed to feed the cows this winter, it seems it has been a struggle ever since spring started tis year . must be our turn .
  11. anybody have one picture looks good though, are they to light for an 856?
  12. thank you it is for our local tire repair guy who came from out east several years ago a really decent guy, they just cant seem to be able to use computer for this type of stuff they make bills out but it seems they don't use it for these type of questions
  13. I forgot to mention it is a diesel would it be the same as a 650?
  14. friend is looking for a started for his old 600 not having much success told him I would ask on here thanks
  15. how many tons go in that bunker?
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