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  1. I have been using a thinner blade, carpenter got me onto them years ago.
  2. current saw is not direct drive has a belt on, on this farm you seem to acquire all these small motors saw is old , more or less for rough sawing, do have acscess to a nicer saw when needed , plus this 3600 is wired 110, would a 220 make a diffence?
  3. we have a table saw 10 inch that is run by a 3500 rpm motor, its starting to have problems, only a 1 horse motor, small craftsman saw, we have a lot of 1750 rpm motors laying around, question is if the 3500 I horse motor has a 2 inch pulley on how big of a pulley would you need on a 1750 rpm motor, we have a few 1 .5 horse motors . thanks for help
  4. what would a 1989 7120 have that the later ones have improved on? I always heard something with hydraulic filter. problems with engines. this one has a 2 speed shift, thanks and 2 wheel drive
  5. thanks we are in the more occasional use area, am still looking at a dewalt grease gun, local Mennonite sells 2 5 amp batteries and charger for about 145, then the bare tool grease gun is about 150. most of the kits have the smaller batteries on and napa still has the kit for 250 plus your choice of another battery or a impact driver/
  6. was looking at dewalt cordless batteries. most tools have the 4 amp battery. I see a 5 amp offered separately. is there much difference between the two? they all say extended run on them its not real plain what size they are unless you look on the bottom of the battery. ?
  7. so had not been to church since the mask mandate in wis. went last night still requires masks, so priest doesn't wear one, reader doesn't, when people go to communion they take them off, I just don't know?
  8. brother in law just got his 2001 7.3 extra cab redone , used box for 2k from a 2010, front fender , rocker panels and cab corners, and repaint . only 13 k, 150 thousand miles on it. claims he can sell it for 20 thousand now but not his intentions, guess I thought that was kind of high,
  9. are those earlier tractors alright? I have always heard there engines needed updates, also something with the hydraulic filters. this one is an 89 model, with 2 speed reverse. we do have 7120.s with 4 speed and one did have that engine update when we bought it 10 years ago , history showed at 2k hours the first owner did have the engine redone, the other 2 wheel drive came from a grain farm so far hasn't had engine work done on it, both have about 8k hours on, this 89 model claims about 5k hours and is a 2 wheel drive, not that worried about 2 speed reverse as we hardly ever use the higher gears in ours now, because we make a lot of hay we can get along with 2 wheel drives okay,
  10. predicting that here in central wis, gee last week it was really hot, now predicting a record low temperature for tommorrows high
  11. was watching the show this weekend. noticed the market guys were all sitting around the table and not zooming in, and not 6 feet apart either
  12. pt756

    After hours

    livestock trucker had the same theory. about toys that will have to be sold, he said there isn't a utv or atv or boat around for sale, he figures come next year when taxes have to be paid things will go the other way, guess we will wait and see,
  13. here in central wis. quite a few of the amish, non electric are leaving and going to new York and Virginia, I understand they are buying a lot of woods land, clearing it. hence the sawmill for awhile, leaving here they are having a hard time selling their places, most have a recent new house with no power in it, land usually sells but the farmstead will sit, recent land sales were as high as 5k an acre to dairy that needs manure ground to around 35ooo an acre on some of these amish farms, I was told that they aren't paying much more than 2k an acre out east again, seems like a very nomadic people, have a disagreement with the bishop and a whole group will leave, when the came in the 90.s they really pushed prices,
  14. thought by now 3 dollar corn would of took some of the fire out of the prices,
  15. pt756

    Humara question

    thanks for the replies she said a shot every other week given by yourself along with some predisone
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