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  1. FWIW "The Economics Just Don't Work": Demand For Electric Semis Plunges Due To High Costs" https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/economics-just-dont-work-demand-electric-semis-plunges-due-high-costs
  2. Mpre on that " FRNSW Commissioner Jeremy Fewtrell – Link to full statement to the NSW Parliament Joint Standing committee: April 30 2024. (Page 8) https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/committees/Pages/inquiryprofile/electric-and-hybrid-vehicle-batteries.aspx#tab-hearingsandtranscripts Key excerpts from his statement: “The chemistry of a lithium-ion battery used in electric vehicles…. means that when something goes wrong, it goes catastrophically wrong in a very, very short time.”… “The battery fires that we face are different to other types of fires. The ability for fire services to extinguish an ICE car fire — is dealt with very quickly. I would expect our crews to arrive and within a matter of a few short minutes, definitely have it knocked down and then totally extinguished probably in the order of 10 to 20 minutes. That is not the case in an electric vehicle fire due to the nature of the batteries and the thermal runaway that can occur… When thermal runaway occurs, it’s a self-propagating fire and there’s no intervention we can do to stop that.”…. “The battery starts to heat. Each of the cells decompose. They liberate so much heat that it triggers the other cells around it, and it keeps going until the battery has fully consumed itself. While we put water on or try to cool it with water, invariably it’s not able to stop that.”…. “There’s also a considerable risk of reignition.”…. “The final point I’ll make—and it’s one that hasn’t been mentioned in any of the other submissions— is around the area where electric vehicles have collisions and the damage that occurs. When lithium-ion batteries receive a mechanical shock, it can be one of the triggers for the disintegration of the battery and thermal runaway to occur…. “The complications for rescuers are that when we need to extricate someone from a car, we use hydraulic rescue tools to cut, push and spread parts of the car away from the casualty, to create the space to get them out safely. The batteries will limit the scope for rescuers to use their tools in the same way that we do now. We’ll be restricted, potentially, in options, particularly for ramming and pushing parts of the car away from the casualties.”…. “There is an inherent risk of ignition in any vehicle that has received significant damage through a road crash. Currently, though, for internal combustion engines, a firefighter will be able to have an immediate, significant impact on that fire, to keep the casualty and the rescuers safe.” The challenge that we will face with electric vehicles involved in collisions where the batteries subsequently ignite is due to the intensity of the fire. The impact of the firefighter with that line of hose will not be as great. It will be a significant challenge for the rescuers and the paramedics to make sure they get out safely but also try to get the casualty out as quickly as possible. One of the potential impacts is where we’ve spent many years developing patient centred rescue techniques to keep the casualty safe, immobilise them and move them only as little as possible, and get the car away from around them. What may happen where batteries start igniting as a result of a crash is that it becomes a very crude extrication technique of dragging the casualty out in a very undesirable manner.” https://joannenova.com.au/2024/05/the-ev-car-crash-continues/#comment-2765468
  3. This might help you - You will likely find a plug that takes a hex or square key or maybe a hex head stud that seals them. The "official lube tool " has a stem that goes to the end of the drilling in the shaft and fills from there with excess coming out a relief in the thread at the front so it fills but doesn't pressurise. Probably has a giant button fitting. Our TD 6 bucket lube pot now does duty with SAE 30 oil on the rollers of the FA 10.
  4. More on the EV scene “How About a Cheap Used Car? It’s Only Two Years Old, but There’s a Catch…” https://pjmedia.com/vodkapundit/2024/05/17/how-about-a-cheap-used-car-only-two-years-old-but-theres-a-catch-n4929106
  5. Around this area "As a concerned Firefighter, this is really important. Yesterday, David Maddison authored at post #9: “A firefighter professional talks about Big Battery fires..” https://joannenova.com.au/2024/05/monday-53/#comment-2763856 I will add more. Re Li-ion batteries…. what you are currently told via the “experts”, Is very similar to what you were told about the Covid vaccines. .. Little or no risk etc….. and… Imho, It is all a lie. Know that most of the current Li-ion “experts” are invariably tied to invested interests. Look them up. OK. This is real life. My professional life dealing with Li-ion batteries….. Any large Li-ion battery “fire”, occurring in a confined or open space, is an absolute nightmare to deal with. You can’t move it. You can’t touch it (high voltage risk), You can’t extinguish it. You are exposed to life threatening toxins that can be absorbed through your skin (eg. HF). Want to know more about Li-ion and HF?… see this: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-017-09784-z (Larsson, F., Andersson, P., Blomqvist, P. et al. Toxic fluoride gas emissions from lithium-ion battery fires. Sci Rep 7, 10018 (2017).) Next, Do you know?.. Chemical burns from “battery off- gassing” can/will occur on exposed skin – Any chemical burn received, that is larger than 20 mm diameter will require immediate hospitalisation. Do you know?.. Cyanide based gases are also released and will also travel downstream to people & exposures. Do you know?.. Cobalt poisoning from Li-ion batteries in thermal runaway incapacitated 2 Victorian firefighters during a direct firefighting attack. They are still not back operational. Do you know?.. Water is used to cool and will likely contain high levels of toxins in the runoff. The water runoff will need to be contained/prevented from entering waterways and the surrounding ground. (This is rarely possible unless the installation sits inside a dedicated berm). Do you know?.. If we can’t cool the battery sufficiently to slow the thermal runaway… There is a very high possibility of an explosion… In my experience, Li-ion battery explosions are not pleasant. I can go on and on. Our large Li-ion batteries are an extremely toxic, high voltage, potential time bomb. Does the Gov or mainstream media tell you this…. No." Via https://joannenova.com.au/2024/05/tuesday-57/#comment-2764077
  6. Chiefio's summary - "2 guys, 2 trucks, 2 trailers, 85 miles. Ram Diesel $25.74 in a minute or two for 8.73 gallons. CyberTruck $37.45 in about 1hour 15 minutes for 107 kWhr and 6% left in the battery. 8000 lb Toy Hauler trailer. Oh, and you must unhitch the trailer to back up to the SuperCharger to recharge. One one unhitch, leaving in a parking space, re-hitch per fill-up… So basically, drive an hour, charge an hour… and 11 charging stops from Colorado to L.A. "
  7. Not Massey but Allis Chalmers - they took over an Italian manufacturer of crawlers called Vender and kept them on the market. A couple of old machinery listings I have give some models. I can dig them out.
  8. FWIW From here on - if you tell us that you are driving a new petrol fueled Ford don't try crying poor "Ford explains it will have to stop selling petrol cars to poor people so it can meet government EV rules" https://joannenova.com.au/2024/05/ford-explains-it-will-have-to-stop-selling-petrol-cars-to-poor-people-so-it-can-meet-government-ev-rules/
  9. FWIW "Concerns Mount Over Exploding Electric Vehicles" https://wattsupwiththat.com/2024/05/09/concerns-mount-over-exploding-electric-vehicles/ Sounds like an invitation to take your chances!
  10. "Wall Street Journal: Companies are Balking at the High Cost of Running Electric Trucks." https://wattsupwiththat.com/2024/05/08/reassessing-electric-trucks-insights-from-a-wall-street-journal-report-on-economic-and-practical-limitations/ And "EVs: The Reckoning Begins" https://wattsupwiththat.com/2024/05/08/post-ridiculous-evs/
  11. Some days it seems that all you have to do is get out of bed
  12. "Where Unsold EVs Go To Die: Belgium's Ports Drowning Under Glut Of Chinese Imports" https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/where-unsold-evs-go-die-belgiums-ports-drowning-under-glut-chinese-imports
  13. Mike There might be a pay-off now that vaccine infested blood is being quetioned for transfusions - Maybe the market is expanding? Used to be that “Unvaccinated sperm was the new bitcoin” Now maybe unvaccinated blood also? That would give older blokes a chance for a bit of a cash in too
  14. Re that first photo Seemed that if you got a Bucyrus (license built by Armstrong Holland in Oz) blade that you got a heavy radiator guard made of (IIRC) about 3/8th" perforated plate with about 1/2" holes curved around the edges of the radiator. It bolted to the bumper and had two diagonal braces. And there was no IH badge on the light gauze one under it.
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