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  1. Ian Beale

    I had the best dream last night

    Rick Like when was the last time something only involving red tractors had you in stitches?
  2. Ian Beale

    On this date.

    Not NYC but interesting, particularly the sea level rise at the end. "Glaciers on the move: Two minutes of extreme climate change on Swiss Alps, Italian beaches" http://joannenova.com.au/2018/11/two-minutes-of-extreme-climate-change-on-swiss-alps-italian-beaches/
  3. Ian Beale

    Do you sound like any of these?

    Lorenzo The friend from whom I borrowed this would often have mentioned "Full of ssip* and bad manners" as well * Oz slang for excess alcohol consumption
  4. Ian Beale

    Do you sound like any of these?

    Corrolary around that IMO "Most things seem like a good idea at the time"
  5. Ian Beale

    Another crazy set of horns on this deer

    Well that limited his potential to spread the genes
  6. Ian Beale

    Bald Eagle population increasing?

    Are they fleeing the wind turbines?
  7. Ian Beale

    Runner, tanker, ANYBODY! Mauser action help!

    Sheet lead works. This is IIRC. The spring is bloody strong. And in the rifle it is compressed by being forced up that ramp. So you ought to be able to do it in fresh air with care
  8. Ian Beale

    Question for Runner

    If a Roberts have a look at the improved version. IIRC it will use standard rounds if needed
  9. Ian Beale

    Time change this weekend

    I used to reckon that daylight saving time was the biggest political delusion, as it let politicians think that they controlled time. Now, since CAGW, I guess it is only the second biggest.
  10. Ian Beale

    Jakes wire tightners

    Dale If you want to do that make yourself a key of a piece of flat with a hole just bigger than the wire. Hold the knot with pliers while you wind the key. On the other hand if you just use a couple of wide turns you can unwind the Orange knot and use it to tighten again - like a gripple without the price. If you like tight winds try a Donald's knot. I can't find a picture so an attempt at describing. You bend one end back and form a tight eye just bigger that the wire. Then push the other end through the eye and tight wind it over the doubled part starting close to the eye using a key. It went with the Donald's strainer.
  11. Ian Beale

    Jakes wire tightners

    Try the Orange knot https://sielearning.tafensw.edu.au/MPR/RTC2016A/html/pages/website/how_to/howto_14.htm
  12. Ian Beale

    Some airplane pictures

    Different plane but another close to airworthy "Airworthy de Havilland Mosquito Restoration Approaches Completion in Canada" http://warbirdsnews.com/warbird-restorations/airworthy-de-havilland-mosquito-restoration-approaches-completion-canada.html
  13. Ian Beale

    Candidate disparages agriculture

    Bring this to his attention https://www.yesterdaystractors.com/cgi-bin/viewit.cgi?bd=ttales&th=236261
  14. Ian Beale

    fencing pictures

    A fencing tools question - if you use Crescent fencing pliers are they still made in USA? For years we've had them made in USA and they stood our usual high tensile fencing wire without rolling the cutters over http://www.waratahfencing.com.au/products/fence-wire/tyeasy-galvanized Recently they have changed shape and are coming from Taiwan. The second pair I got as a replacement had rolled the cutters in about 150 yards of fence. The first didn't actually build a fence - some maintenance was enough to roll them
  15. Ian Beale


    Rick Alcohol sells well so go for kumis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kumis