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  1. Keeping in practice for the return of Coffee Shop
  2. If it is a "B" engine you could find one from an MG B and tart it up a bit
  3. Maybe join up at Unofficial Allis and ask there? https://www.allischalmers.com/FORUM/construction-and-other-equipment_forum3.html You have to register, no cost , no hassles, a good site IMO. HD 7 will be old, and (IIRC) that is a Baker blade
  4. IIRC Those pumps work a bit differently. Main injection pressure is from the plunger at the back, the ones under the injection pipes are metering valves. Same advice though as they need to move and shut off. If it is over-reving the governor hasn't got things under control so same for the rack. FWIW
  5. As said - when you get the whiute page delete the last slash in the address and hit enter
  6. You can bounce a couple of times to approximate the fun
  7. Check my maths please 200 lbs X 6 foot cheater = 1200 ft lbs?
  8. Have you got space in the box to wrap a reinforce of rod (or similar) around the outside and extend what looks like the outer reinforce shape already there? As I am looking at your diagram and haven't seen the part this might be worth sfa!
  9. Would you be able to fabricate a new "ears section" and weld it on?
  10. Not IH and may be way off but - In a UK classic cars magazine there was mention of a Rover where the rocker shaft had been installed up side down so that the oil holes were on the bottom and thus restricted by valve action pressure. Possible?
  11. Jim, This turned up while I was browsing re Fiat track gear https://trackspares.com.au/bulldozer-parts/ https://trackspares.com.au/undercarriage/ Looks like Korean
  12. Anyone had a look at the specs for track gear for the Fiat agricultural crawler line? I suspect that Fiat wasn't above using something that was already in production and I once heard a rumour of chains for a TD 6 from that source. At least down here in Oz spares for them seem to be no problem.
  13. Bosch only one - quickest ID of which pump Also IIRC says it is an early engine
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