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  1. Bolts along the bottom of the engine bay either side. The slots are for the bottom hooks of the removable side covers - IIRC there might have been a post here long ago on those and there were two types of upper catch.
  2. Only two ACCO's I drove were an 1830 and the OZ army 4x4 version - both non power steer. Maybe you ought to post a picture of the size of the steering wheel too?
  3. If anyone questions this I'm using the example of one of the former Oz manufacturers of small industrial diesels and pumping equipment - Southern Cross - which you may have heard of in windmills. The one bore set-up we have has the pumphead pulley crowned but the engine one is flat. The belt tracks fine if you have the pulley edges aligned. Has the safety factor of spitting the belt off if rained on when working.
  4. Ian Beale

    Hey you welders

    Careful! Our Tombstone bought a bit later just let the smoke out.
  5. No need for all that. He'll be able to go via AOC's railway and that will keep Jaws at bay as well
  6. IIRC some in Oz got fitted with Perkins engines - no idea which one
  7. I thought you might have converted a Tilley light to diesel https://tilleylamp.co.uk/
  8. Polish proverb "No such thing as ugly women. Only not enough vodka"
  9. And shade in summer (per Isleta Poor Boys)
  10. "Minnesotan Green New Deal Bill to Ban Fossil Fuel, Home Heating, Capitalism…" https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/04/13/minnesotan-green-new-deal-bill-to-ban-fossil-fuel-home-heating-capitalism/
  11. Replacing "Toyota Landcruiser and tree"?
  12. “In today’s paper: “I am not interested in seeing the tax records of a millionaire who became a politician. I want to see the tax records of a politician who became a millionaire!” ” https://www.yesterdaystractors.com/cgi-bin/viewit.cgi?bd=ttalk&th=2047683
  13. A term I hadn't heard before - "The Seedier Media" https://ronaldyatesbooks.com/2018/10/everyone-is-smart-except-donald-trump-rabbi-dov-fischer/ (Mods better check the link in case it is beyond the pale)
  14. As Mike Newman said Landrovers arrived in Oz around 1948. Jeeps were there as WW2 surplus and some new. Might have been import restrictions but there weren't many. Similar for IH. A fair few Chryslers as Dodge,/ De Soto / Fargo but I don't remember any as 4x4. Lighter duty 4x2 utilities as Ford Mainlines, Holden, Ford Zephyr, Plymouth/Valiant, some Chev. So it was basically Landrovers till Toyota and Nissan arrived. "Go most places they would go, fast they were not". A common engine transplant was a Holden 6 cylinder. Now the riceburners have most of the 4x4 market, Landrovers are rare and the 4x2 utes are out of production. A relatively recent comment from a bloke who had been on survey work in Somalia when it was a bit calmer. They had a Landcruiser and a Landrover. "The Landrover broke things regularly but the problems were known and you carried spares. The day the Cruiser broke it nearly killed us". Jeeps didn't take the market by storm here. Somewhere in there there was an assembly plant in Brisbane, so all state government 4x4s were Jeep - and, if possible, to be avoided like the plague. Even to the extent of lining up the spec sheets and requiring what Jeep didn't have and vice versa. Current ones have also made some lemon headlines - enough to feature in a joke that I won't add here.
  15. The one uncle I asked said that it was mainly about friendship "but don't say I told you that". There was never any recruiting. I haven't seen any mention of "Order of the Eastern Star" as yet https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Eastern_Star
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