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    All Machinery in General , Passion for Farmall's, 560 Diesel , Farmall C , Restoring Fordson Model F ?? Year . Fairbanks Morse hit miss 1919 . Would like a Farmall M and H someday .

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  1. 560Dennis

    Prayers for Iowa

    Pray for ya all . life can change in an instant
  2. I was cut off by lady coming out of work . I locked up the Honda scooter , lost control and rolled to stop on the asphalt . She took off but witnesses I'd, her. Im ground up a and elbow got ripped open to the bone , 3 stitches . My hip , got ice pack on it . Got good care from civilians and ets . Had seven of ears working me looking me over at hospital . Got great care. They all said I'm going to hurt tomorrow . Rather hurt and be alive.
  3. 560Dennis


    I've heard that water pumps can have the impell ar loose on shaft and not pumping ?
  4. 560Dennis

    Fordson F Tractor project

    Soak them both in vinegar and water for three days. The one part on the left was rinsed and power washed the on on the right just rinsed with cold water . Going to power wash one on the right and prime both with rattle can red oxide primer.
  5. 560Dennis

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    That's the best one yet ,I think , πŸšœπŸ‘€πŸ€“πŸ˜‚
  6. 560Dennis

    Helicopters :Moving Eastbound along Lake Erie

    Makes sense , about the right time from here painesville to Rochester
  7. 560Dennis

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    My nieighbor and the mailman got into a huge battle about driving on the grass to go to the next mailbox about 100 yards away .he put wooden post down so the mailman could not drive on his grass . ? Well it not really from the center of that road it's 30 feet . Any way the they had a feud going ,still has the post there. But he mows it ? A lot of extra work ,but he makes the time.
  8. 560Dennis

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    Yep ! Had the same problem after my box was destroyed . Put in a new plastic one with 4x4 post it was too short . They stopped delivery .
  9. 560Dennis

    What should I do today ❓

    Senior day at Trumbull county fair 5 bucks admission πŸ‘πŸΏπŸšœπŸƒπŸ‘€πŸ€“ really wanted to goto pioneer stream show in seagertown but that next weekend πŸ‘ŽπŸΏπŸšœπŸ‘€πŸ€“ check this link out http://www.pioneersteamandgas.com odd balls featured I think it said ,that's for me , may have a Sheppard diesel ,? Sweet
  10. 560Dennis

    What should I do today ❓

    Wife just asked me what do ya want todo today❓Dah ? Tall ships in Sandusky , Trumbull county fair, tremont days , going to hot and high humidty . What else ?
  11. 560Dennis

    Almost made it a week

    North east Ohio suggestion ,replace both calipers with brackets ,rotors , preiums pads , dump out all that green brake fliud and replace also do the brake hose test cause you may have a collapsed brake you ll be fine , good luck
  12. 560Dennis

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    You should have been here last week! We were giving out free if you sign today , this week only I want to keep the guys working
  13. 560Dennis

    Calling all gardeners,,

    Got enough water ? Where is this ?
  14. 560Dennis

    45 years ago

    Keep going
  15. Take care there! I'm worried about ya . Let us know how your doing . Praying to .