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  1. I believe the part numbers for cylinder head for the C and Super C are the same. So I say yes . I also say the crankshafts are also the same . Check the part numbers early A have a shorter front shaft. chas 3 inch piston and a super has a 3 1/8 piston so the sleeves are not interchangeable, head gasket for c and super c are not interchangeable , one has siphon cooling systems and the supper c has water pump . rockers arm are most likely very worn ,so have radius dressed up to get wear out ,you will never get lash set . governors springs and levers are worn , new thrust bearing is in order 6 volt generators are not same c cutout and Super C regulator touch control is not same c has four lift arms while super C has three. might want to check clutch and brake pedals to see which has the most wear good luck 🍀
  2. I see so many of these. Make sure the shed floor is about 1 to 2 feet above grade. Seen horse barns flooded , ice can’t close doors , disaster,crying shame , can’t believe builder would do that .
  3. That’s a north south tractor in my opinion, not for 10 acre Ohio fields. How could you maneuver it?
  4. Designed for assembly and structure support is my thought 💭 I was looking 👀checkout the cub on YouTube it may rollover if rear wheels removed, it some practice.
  5. Wow ! Looks ten thousand in tires 👀 Does not look abused to me .
  6. In tight spot alright radiator an inner fender just prayed I didn’t cut the ac lines ,wires ,never easy
  7. Dremel was the ticket this time . Wasted half a day till I wised up ,❗️aaugh❗️
  8. I say, but these are the most aggravating thing to get of a hose .90 percent of this power steering hose replacement ,has been getting one clamp and hose off ,no room ., Aaugh! Still fighting it. The tang on Nissan clamps break
  9. To me I think I had the pleasure of playing against 55 year ago a 7 seven footer. We’re following year had the tallest marine @ 611 couple 6 11 guys after that so I’d say we had pretty tall guy 50 filthy yeas ago , I think three point shot change the height race to speed and shooting
  10. 6.2 billion in sales ,holy smoke ,and were dumb farmers ❓
  11. Grandson just started he’s nine , third grade , I’d say he’s big, doctors statistics off the charts . Fun to watch , play good defense , and runs down most all fast breaks . He makes mistakes but catches on fast , so what more can you ask for .
  12. Good post , thanks for asking ,good luck
  13. I had that one Plymouth road runner , hood and fender rotted off it I’m a year 👀 boy ol boy I love northeast Ohio
  14. I edit it he hales form Couldersport ,pa. According to notes I read passed in 1957
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