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    All Machinery in General , Passion for Farmall's, 560 Diesel , Farmall C , Restoring Fordson Model F ?? Year . Fairbanks Morse hit miss 1919 . Would like a Farmall M and H someday .

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  1. Congratulations ,very nice work ! glad you did it
  2. That marlins a beautiful car
  3. Any body into 3 D printing ? Why ? I have a crack in the Fordson float bowl. I want to try JB weld first . But I’m bull headed and won’t give up . My son has a 3 D printer now , so I wasn’t wondering if there is any one that has done something like that ✅ Note : I have not seen the crack yet ,just got a call ☎️ from My son and I’m not to good at the extent , just I have to see it ? Pretty disgusted with myself , taking out my anger on beating the dents out of the fenders . All stop and think ? you don’t find one of these on eBay if you do you pay eBay prices and get the same t
  4. Brother Bob’s got bacteria pneumonia not COVID, treating with antibiotics and steroids, I don’t think he in hospital ? update ,still need prayers pneumonia isn’t nothing to dismiss
  5. Sometimes out necessities I find the simple tools work the best in body work . Such as a split 2x4 and a C clamp is taking out some large bends in this Fordson fender ! ❗️??‍♂️, Just amazed as to the versatility and amount work it will do if placed in the right spot . Thought this was an excellent example , no heat just pure leverage.
  6. They won’t say who , so they won’t by some law I guess ?‍♂️?just give the days the staffer was working , ✅?I’m im contact and property warned
  7. If it isn’t bad with brother Robert ,I got an email from Madison ymca that one of the staff tested plosives. I was there on the days the individual was there. So the wife and and decided we had to quarantine, to two weeks. I got to call the food bank I work with on Tuesday I won’t be there for a while and why. l got to cancel the blood drive also. ?✅
  8. Please pray for my older brother Robert in Phoenix, I couldn’t talk to him yesterday ,he’s was coughing, could not speak to me it was to hard. im sure , but I think know what it is. Ex ray confirmed , They going in yesterday evening for treatment ,. So up to the doctors nurse now. thank you ? what else can I say we need your prayers
  9. Saw one Ford ?,DuPont , Jeep , any body from Jeep ?
  10. Brought heavy stream cylinder gear oil into the house to warm up in the Landry room .So heavy it’s like watching grease flow .?‍♂️ They used this heavy oil in stream engine cylinders, and gear boxes , worm gear drive which the Fordson is. If I left it in the cold shed , it would barely flow out into the gear box.
  11. Most expensive classic tractor is my Fordson , with out dought sunk more more into I than I care to honestly admit .
  12. Sorry here is a link to there site so you can select a lubricant.https://petroleumservicecompany.com I've purchase oil from them , psc is petroleum service company here’s another one , I have not bought from https://www.thelubricantstore.com
  13. I order a hard to find locally a equivalent (Mobil 600 w ) from PSC on line. Delivered to the house . There is another oil on line oil vendor , forget there name. They offer nice selections, with readable specifications an application
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