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  1. It appear to be a reground shaft and polished ,that what it appears . Take in the house and warm the shaft to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Take the micrometer and calibrate it . Get a piece of paper and measure the shaft in three places zero,30 and ninety degrees. Record 0 ,30 , 90 for each journal . There should not be any measurable difference in the 0 ,,30 , 90 measurements . If so the crank is egg shaped. Should be reground. That’s what l recommend .
  2. My Fordson crank has Pits in it. Going to run it that way. The pits hold oil only runs 1200 rpm . The c we have is 1600 rpm, not exactly high performance rpm. I’m not going grind the the crankshaft to get the pits out in my situation. We discussed this our machine shop. Your crank shop should be able to advise you the best solutions.
  3. GL1 if it has bronze bushing in it. Gl4 and gl5 have high sulfur ,attacks the the bronze
  4. Tractor 🚜👀unbelievable remarkable
  5. 560Dennis

    Too much torque

    Mechanic a dangerous profession
  6. We got a Colorado 4 four for delivery of parts ,I like it better than the Nissan Frontier we had.
  7. 560Dennis

    The Dog Thread

    Bailey golden retrievers vs Luke the walker coon hound . Luke’s front joints healed up nice. He’s a rescue , he was in a cage way to small. We didn’t think he would walk very well , but the 🙏the lord he’s fine I think . Bailey he’s got some leaking valves in his heart . So
  8. Well my timing isn’t good . I want to go back to Ohio tomorrow. But I’m not going that way. Have to go back l 70 in stead of mo 36 . Im told the Missouri now over the top levy’s . Acthison emila Earhart’s bridge is closed .
  9. Don’t politely ,Don’t be a tour guide then . Your right they are a distraction and an insurance risk not allowed in the shop . If they get hurt in there wow what risk to your business. Weird stuff happens protect yourself .
  10. Put Mickey Thompson street slicks on it
  11. question one . My opinion is that was for balenceing the shafts At factory 🏭. question 2 the cranks will have different pulley length . But the casting number of the crank will be different. I have 2 that casting number is 46402 DA , they are for a stort pulley . I don’t know what that fits. Maybe a stationary engine, combine ❓any body know what that number fits I like to know . I also think there might be a casting number 46402 DB ❓ make sure you check and clean all oil passages. Best would be to take the block to machine shop to clean , remove soft plug before cleaning block. and replace the soft plugs. I would also make sure you rebuild the oil pump on it. All this work adds up , you need to ask more questions cause you spend this much money and time .,you want to be successful outcome. Sound good 👍🏿👀
  12. I just heard about this . I’m really not qualified to explain it. You might want to check out what’s going on. Taurine deficiency’s. That’s all I know ❗️ Just had our golden retriever to cardiac veterinarian specialist. He’s older but has some valve leaks, but not what I’m qualified to say relates to this investigation. Sorry , but thought it was important to be aware of .
  13. Missouri is up here in Leavenworth , but not over the levy’s. The BNSF are parked along Missouri 45 ,not sure why ❓👀🤔
  14. Plowing with the 560D I would get up into the 230/240 F range maybe higher . I would stop plowing and run at high idle at ends to cool off. This is a high hour tractor and blow by . So I don’t want push her to much since the plows are in need of new points. As said above the conditions the engine is under make a difference in gage readings . I’m consider getting a new cap for the next time . Also clean out radiator fins . Make sure the fan belts are in good shape and are correctly thighen as motto slip i really should take the radiator to Erie , Pa. to have Crawford Radiator do a flow test . This tractor is 60 years old and working it hard , is bound to have issues.
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