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  1. According to tractorhouse 356841R91 rotor Roberts Farms Equipments Camden,Ohio has qty of 12 (513)798-7009 Ritche implement inc. borneweld , wi. (888)410-7812 qty. 8 american crane tractor parts Kansas City,ka. (800)999-8538 qty 11 Valve spring 366304r1 or 24544da Go get them
  2. www.messicks.com they have them 28.08 each you also have to change the the valve springs. That what I read. Thats all I know ,check it out .
  3. War is pointless . Imo economic warfare , now that’s the real thing . Look at the labels, of most goods in a store where does it say it’s from ?
  4. Snakes do hurt ya❗️They make you hurt yourself 👈👀👀
  5. It’s a puzzle 🧩 since I put the electric tape around the handle so the plug wire wouldn’t vibrate off . It’s run 🏃 like a champ . Silly things , got good compression , ,get good put put pulling rope with plug out . Ill just run till something else happens
  6. Nice ❗️it’s got cultivators I put a 6 volt alternator on mine . I liked the starting .and charging . It chaged up battery fast after cold started ,sitting around. But it changes over 7 volts. The 6 volts lamps don’t last long. I don’t think the lamps are the quality any more so that’s my thought . Not sure what to do maybe find a GE old stock lamps and put them in there.
  7. Here’s the lazy beaver❗️😂 i ran it today ,I found the plug wire boot would back off the plug while sawing . I tried to crimp the connection but no luck getting it to stay on the plug . Tension and vibration it would still back off and stall. I tried needle nose pliers down inside the boot didn’t work to crimp it , tried channel locks to . Still came off . Won’t stay on I had to electric tape it to stay on the plug boot 👍🏿🤣😂 to the handle and wrapped it tight as i could it get . 🤷‍♂️Ran the rest of the day. 😂🤣not an old man saw now , ran two tanks of fuel ⛽️ 👍🏿 Thunder I’ll have to look at it again tomorrow . that ever happened to you ❓
  8. Thanks , I think I’m experiencing the reliving the toro pup sno thro all over again. It would fun till I got 3/4 of the drive cleared and stop 🛑 back to the beaver . Going to run it today from cold till quitting. And time it . Thank all for help , going get gear up let you know
  9. Getting old , posted this in general ih. Should a been coffee shop. Too much going on . Anyway thanks ❗️👈 Mcculloch chainsaw , I don’t know how old it is , younger than me😂🤣
  10. Well i got a clean air cleaner and the plug is not wet with fuel ⛽️. I saw good for till a it need a tank of fuel ⛽️ . Then I have to choke it , and pull and pull . No start . Pulled plug out and it dry ,and has a dark gray brown color. Thinking it a vapor lock or the coil . What do you think ❓
  11. I feel the preferred method method is charge the battery cables disconnected . 👍🏿 I don’t for safety reasons I never leave the a battery charger 🔌 unattended. They are a electric device made with as cheap components in China , so reduce the chance of Fire I charge them outside .👍🏿 Well to answer the connected issue question , have potential 600 amps, it finds a path to ground you can weld with it. So for safety reasons charge disconnected.
  12. Thanks get a some time and kit for a 26 mm
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