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  1. Does anyone have one that hey recommend for us to look at for our 1959 . what kind of weight can they lift? We have two planters that we would like to use . One has a two 60 gallon tanks . ive not had the need for it, but the processEs on the farm are ,not been successful at attempt so acquire a 674. So might upgrade the 560 till a another tractor comes along.
  2. The processes are almost complete got one more the liberal democrat have to compare before the normalIzation . the liberal s are the most dangerous to they will destroy this country’s with out a shot fire in defense. Easy first is demoralization, the process to break down society to not know the difference between right and wrong ,rejection of God , No heat no blame ,completed done ✅ second is destabilizing the country , economic collapse , 2001 ,2008 ,2020 , complete done ,social collapses of ✅ third is crisis ,COVID-19 ,blm complete ✅ the last step is normalization , jo Biden repeals second amendment ? Or a future Liberal democratic lackey. Once the the second amendment is repealed . Then the government will be overthrown by dictatorship. And when that will be completed here is a matter of time . it works and they have proved it , simple and cost effective . There are people in this country that a following this process . the problem is they will not remain in power , when the dictator takes over then they will be eliminated ,no longer needed. They will fight it but the leaders will be eliminated. It’s part of the process ,been repeated in normalization over and over. I may not see the end to this great nation but you youngsters will , if you let it you better stand up for the constitution and defend it with all you got ! God save the United States of America
  3. Measure yours inside rim to inside rim
  4. I think mine a 14 inch ,we got firestone if you need a part ,I think I can look it up caseih
  5. The scope that won the west ever buy something just because you like it then come to find out it a treasure , diamond the rough 🤷‍♂️👀❗️
  6. Tv 📺 screen scope works good ,like it for elk
  7. Yes get a manuals ,the pumps are all but obsolete parts , you will have to use the ingenuity to get the gear end play back into spec . All I can give you is moral support .Been awhile since I did one. I think there two pump designs ,also .
  8. 560Dennis

    Why, oh why!

    Welding in the morning are you ?
  9. I don’t happen to have my blue ribbon magneto repair manual ,at the farm . I was wondering why the wear in photo s . ,a way looks like about .03 inch . So the weight don’t seem to be worn , that’s what’s confusing me. I’m don’t have any idea withOut a schematic.
  10. I have got the worst wearing black 🙏clothing anything in the field the bugs go for black first . I seen with my niece in a group of three she was the only one wearing black. I got seven times in evening plowing with the 560 and I got hit buy ground bees seven times , was lucky to make it back to the house , way way . That time I was lucky I reacted ,to them ,Having trouble making the last little bit , never reacted to before, I guess is the control limit for me ,praise the lord 🙏 moral Do not wear black anything in the fields ,they gotcha .
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