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  1. I tried to get the train from Cleveland to Kansas City , it was like 1100 for both of us round trip. It was to much for us
  2. I do have red shoulder hawks here . In fact had four or five in a nested in neighboring pine. Also I moved in l cleared a lot of brush I call it out of the front yard, so maybe no cover for them. Something is keeping them away .
  3. I would be envious ,but I did see a female just this afternoon on the porch railing . I usually see them in the summer had them at feeders, but they have disappeared. I m concerned why ,if I’m doing something wrong with the feeding .
  4. You where ! That’s a busy busy community! Like being in a Amish rush hour all day . I went the Amish home and flowers 🌺 show last year ,what and educational visit. I like to go again this year.
  5. Pretty nice to get the disc brakes on ,did you have them design for the truck? Do you have them on the rear also? I didn’t look at all the pictures ,just recents !
  6. Was headed to Middlefield on route 528 to go to have lunch at Mary Yoders. Saw freshly plowed ground. Scanning the farm saw team of drafts out there, taking a break. Thought , look at that. 🤔January and farmer 👨‍🌾 out there turning over his field on a nice day. Just had to say , what difference this winter is.
  7. Clip 350727 R1 mounts under tank ,where the blue tape is . Mine is busted or bent not sure , don’t know what oem looks like exactly.
  8. (Clip 350727 R1 ) Mounts here where the blue tape is . Governor control rod (throttle) is losing motion to control governor.
  9. Also same zenith carburetor as the Farmall C , have remember that . Also like the pipe plug in intake fro vacuum gage tuning carburetor .👍🏻 ❓What’s suppose to go where the two broken bolts or studs are on exhaust manifold? I think you can get them out with som heat and easy out. keep going looking great !
  10. This part 350727r1 not available Caseih , or any parts house yet.,like tractor house . I think I have to make it. Got a picture? It holds the governor control rod at the bottom of gas tank mounts into touch control.
  11. Yes the cultivators are original with this C I expect that there be some fiddling with the adjustments. Bare with me on this one I’m reading the I T manual now ! I had to Adjust the carburetor governing control rod and inch to get the pin to line up with throttle wide open. Wow 😳 that much slop in the governor all over , broken springs , parts ware. I also need a governor control rod clip 350727r1 to take up the lost motion it as I moves to increase the engine speed . If it ain’t one thing it’s six.
  12. I’m done ✅ going back on the C today ,if I can find the mounting bolts and gasket 🤣😂👀. Took my good old time like , that the fun of it.
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