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    All Machinery in General , Passion for Farmall's, 560 Diesel , Farmall C , Restoring Fordson Model F ?? Year . Fairbanks Morse hit miss 1919 . Would like a Farmall M and H someday .

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  1. If I’m logged on I can’t create and event. But if I’m not logged on I can create an event , so that’s confusing , anybody not logged on can create.
  2. Oh my ! .008 shim will go under the veiner beam . Unacceptable to seal oil with that thin gasket at that pressure. This original surface finished is terrible , no wonder it won’t put out any pressure. .
  3. Oil pressure was low on the Farmall C so ,decided to do what I could before I go to the Ohio state plowing match on august 2. Took the pan off and then the pump. When I went to take the cast aluminum plate off the pump. One bolt was sort loose. Ugh ! Took the 5/16 18 3/4 out the split lock washer was busted. Ugh! Looks liked it blew out the gasket on that side . Well grade 8 washers going back in. I tried to keep the photos as it came out for edification and your amusement . photos are to be enjoyed.
  4. What’s happening? Any sittings to report ?
  5. Got that in the 560 pto . Went to the transmission shop I know, bill had them and took it out for me.
  6. Did a search ,how do you add events you think members might interest in ?
  7. Since my implant lenses, I use the foster grants with red bows (ihc) (Fordson ) got from Walmart. 13 dollars. Last ones they had on the rack ,kinda took to them .
  8. I recommend that you buy the C-244 owner manual for the corn and cotton cultivation. That will have all the necessary components you want .its what I have . theres also a c- 254 manual - that I got because I didn’t know what I had on the C s there’s a rear attachment also I see you don’t have or maybe don’t need . My sweeps are much larger than your . good luck I would make the crop shield s check auctions and market places for the very rare attachment
  9. Nice ! Glad to hear you got it ! Keep us posted on progress !
  10. What ? Never heard of a 908 ? Thunder !
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