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  1. Any body get a photo His tractor ? Old Far! Amazing story ! He’s 87 from Massachusetts. He wanted to come and bring his tractor. He felt this was his last chance to do rpru, ithink how it goes. someone from Massachusetts loaded him and brought him 16 hours both ways to be At rpru. Hey you can’t beat that story ,I’m touched and impressed with the kindness of impacts of rpru. Probably a lot more but this is a good one. if you know more please I post more
  2. Thank you for the parade photo of our family 1948 Farmall C . That was an excellent photo ,can I use it to show the family ?
  3. Nice pictures you took of our heritage 1948 Farmall C with cultivators and side dresser. thanks
  4. I’m bringing the 48 Farmall C as is if I can get the cultivators up high enough to be loaded on trailer, be at the heritage exhibit. Stop over and tell me what you think. Been in family since November of 48 . Sorry if I get a little emotional about talking about it but my butt is formed around a silver seat . pre view photo
  5. A tip or suggestion. The Cracker Barrel restaurant in Richmond,Indiana I 70 will let you park your rv over night on the lot in back . They said it was a benefit perk for eating the meal there. We stopped there on the way back from Kansas City. The Check out inform us in the discussion as we checked out. i don’t remember how the topic came up . Just remember a huge rv in the parking lot with a little white guard dog watching us as we walked back to the Holiday inn .
  6. What kind of foam insert for differential oil reduction do they use ?
  7. I’m not an expert head gasketer. But I question this? , the steel sealer ring in my opinion should seal the head to the sleeve. Again my opinion the pressure of combustion is going to go down the sleeve counter bore entering into the water jacket . Am I wrong? Also metal side of the head gasket goes down to block .graphite up . They tell me at Fel pro to use light coat of copper sealer on the metal side only.
  8. May I suggest you or wife (+sorry forgot her name ) both do a voice over to tell us The Who ,what ,when ,why about this historical event, your own words to preserve it forever. Just a suggestion!
  9. sad I was going to bring the heritage Farmall C to be in it . I don’t know why it was canceled ? Linesville Tractor Parade December 3, 2022 | 6 PM | Linesville, PA 16424 ATTENTION: Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be holding our Lighted Tractor Parade
  10. Happy 98 th birthday 🎊 Ken You have a blessed day ! And many more
  11. Getting beat bad is good . Can’t say much about gravel ,like pulling on ball bearings . But your competition is your teacher . Did you use a psi balence hose on the tires to balence pressure? Make one and start there . I have found even in like tires mfg. the Douro meter of rubber is different. I found one good year right side is about 3/4 of a pound less than the left why I don’t know but .it helps to keep a log book so you don’t repeat mistakes . what is the tire ply rating of your tires ? More plys the better. id say the majority of successful Farmalls c in northwest pa. Run Firestone , more lugs more traction. please show more pictures of your hitch. What are your wheel set at narrow the better. go to the recorders table and record the distances of your competitors. get a good low pressure moroso tire gage. I would find the center of gravity of the C . That way you can balence it to make a complete pull using sled pulling down force on rear axle. You have to keep the front end down to get maximum down force. Get rid of clevis, put a d ring quick hitch bolted tight to drawbar. As close center of rear axle as rules allow. Got any Oliver 60 or cockshutt s to compete against if not go find them , they seem to beat a c by 20 feet here. I ll say this forget about the engine till you have traction worked out . Waste of time and money if you don’t know gription. pull at as many different track as you can and as many different competitions you can ,to learn how to make the c more competitive.
  12. Been awhile ! I got the outer bearing off eBay , it’s a fag or sk 6314 I think, thinks was 20 bucks free shipping the Hoover roller bearing was ok ,if you need it . Going to be a lot if you need those maybe Steiner for the oil seals and felt rings , don’t recommend putting any Chinese bearings in there . You can find new old stock bearings on eBay for way less I cross referencing the ih bearing and I measured the inside diameter and outside diameter with calipers, and the width and plug that into bearing cross refer chart to find the bearing size , that’s what I suggests , your choice
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