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  1. nc1112

    New joke

    We had several over the years. Those silly things are super reliable and plum near indestructible.
  2. Can't remember what models we have other than they are older. One is from the early 70s and 2 from the 80s. They all three work just fine. If the bearings are good and the blades are decent its probably not a bad deal.
  3. nc1112

    New joke

    I was just there yesterday
  4. We have an f-11 mounted on a 560 that pretty much stays put but other than that the quick attach loaders go on and off.
  5. I have to agree. There were/are more 94 series tractors around in my area than the 88 series and for the most part people like them.
  6. It was mentioned earlier about SUVs in the city and pickup prices. With SUV prices where they're at, it's a lot harder to justify a new Tahoe when it is in the 60s while 1/2 crews are in the 40s. With a tonneau cover the pickups actually have more cargo area.
  7. I know where you're at. Made for a wild ride I bet.
  8. You're not the first to do that and probably not the last.
  9. That's very true. Especially if you stay on the interstate. Kinda glad Nebraska's beauty is kind of a secret.
  10. And people think Nebraska is flat...
  11. One thing often overlooked when it comes to minimum wage hikes, especially large ones, is that those making above minimum don't usually see their wages increase by the same percentage. Imagine yourself in the shoes of someone who has worked their way up only to find out that the new entry level hire makes the same wage as you.
  12. It pains me to admit it but once in a very great while, he does something I agree with.
  13. This statement is spot on! He goes out of his way to aggravate everyone outside of his small circle. This is the same guy that filed a lawsuit against God just to prove a point. He was term limited out only to be replaced by someone worse, and then voted back in. The guy is well versed in the law and government proceedings which makes him even harder to deal with.
  14. Also keep in mind the dealer has to buy the tractor from Case so it is a way to cut overhead.
  15. Can't argue with that. Hopefully people wake up and see what these policies and the people pushing them are really about.
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