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  1. nc1112

    More Scenic Nebraska

    I know where you're at. Made for a wild ride I bet.
  2. nc1112

    More Scenic Nebraska

    You're not the first to do that and probably not the last.
  3. nc1112

    Chimney rock and near by photos

    That's very true. Especially if you stay on the interstate. Kinda glad Nebraska's beauty is kind of a secret.
  4. nc1112

    Chimney rock and near by photos

    And people think Nebraska is flat...
  5. nc1112

    Minimum wage increase

    One thing often overlooked when it comes to minimum wage hikes, especially large ones, is that those making above minimum don't usually see their wages increase by the same percentage. Imagine yourself in the shoes of someone who has worked their way up only to find out that the new entry level hire makes the same wage as you.
  6. It pains me to admit it but once in a very great while, he does something I agree with.
  7. This statement is spot on! He goes out of his way to aggravate everyone outside of his small circle. This is the same guy that filed a lawsuit against God just to prove a point. He was term limited out only to be replaced by someone worse, and then voted back in. The guy is well versed in the law and government proceedings which makes him even harder to deal with.
  8. nc1112

    Sign of the times?

    Also keep in mind the dealer has to buy the tractor from Case so it is a way to cut overhead.
  9. nc1112

    Jay "Do nothing" Inslee

    Can't argue with that. Hopefully people wake up and see what these policies and the people pushing them are really about.
  10. nc1112

    Jay "Do nothing" Inslee

    Lars Larson had a pretty good point this afternoon. Outside of the Pacific Northwest he doesn't have a lot of name recognition with the general public so his chances are fairly slim especially in such a crowded field.
  11. nc1112

    Hesston hydroswing

    I don't have any experience running one, however there are/were an awful lot of them in my area. When the local Deere dealer cut Hesston out many switched over but before that they were nearly all anyone ran. Haven't heard any complaints. Along with a 1475 hs we also run an older hesston and it serves us well.
  12. nc1112

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    Do you like the M2 series? I ran a 140M when they first came out and was very disappointed with the lack of power. It sounds as they have came a long ways in the last 10 years but I haven't ran one enough since to make any judgement.
  13. nc1112

    Another pole building question.......

    As a builder I would definitely agree with mader. The brackets and laminated columns are more money up front but in my opinion worth it.
  14. nc1112

    The cattle thread

    It isn't quite as hyped up as the whole global warming deal but still a concern.
  15. nc1112


    I think your closest would be in Cheyenne. There are two, a stand alone on Del Range Blvd and another in the Frontier Mall. I would definitely recommend stopping!