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    I had a similar experience. We were fortunate to have 2 really good priests and then we got one that was terrible. He changed a lot of things and butted heads with many including myself. After that it's only been weddings and funerals.
  2. This thread brings to light a subject that many people have been grappling with for awhile now. While most support law and order and law enforcement, things like this make it difficult to do so. I think it is the goal of many in charge to use law enforcement to push their personal agendas and use a few to destroy a large group. On top of that, far too many on the lower ranks are using the "I'm just following orders" excuse.
  3. Same goes for me at the Northside in Burwell
  4. Round out the week in Ericson on Saturdays. It's usually a toss up as to whether Burwell or Lexington has the better sale on Fridays.
  5. nc1112


    I too was wondering about how well they are for long distance runs in the winter where the air temp is near or below zero. Heating the cabin enough to allow passengers and their cargo ride has got to be a major drain on the batteries. Then there's the part where in our neck of the plains thay it's not uncommon for folks to have to drive at least 50 miles one way to town. In fact there are some places where it is 30 miles just to get to the main highway to go to town.
  6. We are having similar issues with building materials. Very long lead times if you can get the items at all. The local ag mechanic is starting to have trouble getting parts as well. Back to your topic I think people will be alright with the different gun. We had to postpone our annual FD fundraiser for the year but people have still donated very generously.
  7. nc1112

    New Toy

    Very nice! Ran one of those for a few years at my previous job. It was a good machine that served us well.
  8. I agree. You are able to help better explain my stance in yesterday's post.
  9. It is most definitely pushed on to them by politicians. I could give a more in depth explanation but am trying not drag the discussion into the weeds of politics. On a side note it's not just the health departments that are on a power trip. There are lots of employers who are going way overboard with their regulations. It seems that since the "pandemic" employee rights have gone out the window. In this area people are in a tough spot as most need the income but more importantly the insurance that comes with their employment for not only themselves but their spouses too.
  10. Things like this are doing severe, and probably irreparable damage to the reputation of public health departments. From the onset of covid, common sense has been thrown out the window and many people have overstepped their bounds by miles. Thankfully, those in west central Nebraska have not been heavy handed like those in other areas but all the same it seems that these public health officials in general saw this as a green light to grab as much power as they could and see just how far they could push people. The local health departments need to go back to doing basic health screenings, food
  11. Hopefully it was a prank someone pulled but unfortunately I think you're right about paid agitators. We had a group show up in town (100 mi southeast of Valentine) around the Memorial weekend timeframe and try to stir up trouble. All their protest did was make them look silly.
  12. We have a wireless alarm from Dakota Alert. It works very well. Had the hose across the drive for years and got tired of replacing it. Basically works like the eyes on a garage door and sends a wireless signal to a receiver inside that sets off chimes. Only downfall is that the deer set it off in the middle of the night.
  13. In a pinch we used sharkbites to join onto the PB pipe and 5 years later no leaks. One of the big problems with the gray pipe is that over time it becomes brittle and usually breaks near a fitting. Had one earlier this spring where the pipe broke directly behind the shutoff making a mess.
  14. This is the dreaded poly butyl pipe. It is a lot different than pex in a few ways. There was a big class action lawsuit some years back. Get rid of it if you can. If that's not feasible they make adapters.
  15. Was in North Planet the other day. Aside from health care places only the big box places seem to require a mask. There were an awful lot of people wearing masks alone in their car which I got a chuckle out of. In Kearney, which is 100mi to the east most places requested mask usage and had one available. Outside of the stores most weren't wearing them. I try to shop at places without mask requirements but in rural Neb your choices are pretty limited.
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