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  1. Our magnum has been used plenty to pull small bar rake or haybine either because it was handy or had the best ac. Same bar rake and small 22' disk was pulled with the steiger because it happened to be the free tractor at the time.
  2. I've had good luck with the Timex expedition digital/analog watch. Worn daily and stand up. I think the current one is around 5 years old. They are a pain to program but once you get it figured out they're not bad.
  3. Talk to your local Hilti sales rep and see what they recommend. I'm sure they have something that will work so you don't end up busting up the floor. Probably won't be cheap but better than the alternative.
  4. Another one that irritates me is when people type emails or letters and use text shorthand such as u for you and ur for your. I won't even get started on the abbreviations that get used. Using the word hack in place of helpful tip is another that annoys me.
  5. We've had the best luck buying directly from Dell. Each of those machines have treated us very well. I think we are on year 7 or 8 and it's still going strong. I bought a Dell from Best Buy and it was terrible along with an HP.
  6. 100 miles south of Sandhiller diesel went from 4.79 on Thursday morning to 5.29 by noon and up to 5.54 this morning. It's just plain nuts.
  7. Congratulations on the new rig. I'm sure I'll get a work out.
  8. No offense taken. I knew what you meant. I think everyone was trying to get the big head stopped at Willow Lake when the other fire took off.
  9. There are several other large fires going on in SW Nebraska as well. Several communities were forced to evacuate but haven't heard of any major losses. Edit: several houses lost, just not any whole towns.
  10. The little storm that pushed through about 3 really helped a lot. Nice shot of rain and took the wind from 70 back to around 40. Lightning was still really bad though. The map is of the main fire which started as several smaller ones thatburned together. There was another fire east and south of Purdum as well. The circled area is roughly 25 miles north to south. Not sure exactly how wide the actul burn area is but an early guess though it averaged 10 or so miles east to west.
  11. Motorola makes some pretty decent fm radios. They see a lot of use in this area both from the ag industry and for emergency services. Good radios with relatively good support. Kenwood is the other major player for fm radios in this area. One of their popular features is that they are easier for the end user to program whereas Motorola all but makes you take it to a dealer for programming. UHF seems to work better in and around buildings and VHF works better in the open. Since everything was narrow banded about 10 years ago transmission and reception isn't quite what it used to be but is still pretty good. On a non repeater channel we can usually communicate within a 5-7 mile radius on mobiles. Handhelds are usually half of that. Biggest recommendation I can make is go with whatever brand is best supported in your area.
  12. UP hired a manager or management group a year or so ago who's goal was to consolidate operations and improve efficiency. They laid off lots of workers and closed several facilities. This can't be helping the situation any either.
  13. Glad you got some moisture. So far all we've gotten is wind. On the bright side it's been warmer and sunny.
  14. My dad had one in the 70s. They used it to grind loose hay, square bales, and ear corn. Had tubes that you hooked on so it would blow into a wagon or onto the ground. Ran it with a Ford 2000 and later on an M Farmall.
  15. There are a ton of smaller feedyards (10,000-15,000 head or less) within 50 miles of the Tyson plant in Lexington. Adams (125,000 or so capacity) is near Broken Bow and Darr (40,000) is 15 miles away. Then you have Gibbon Pack and JBS in Grand Island which isn't quite a small town but not huge either.
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