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  1. Sounds very similar for many departments. A lot of areas have gone to on call schedules but the same people end up covering it anyway as there is always something pressing coming up and before long the core group gets burned out and the cycle starts over. To me the training requirements are a double edged sword. I understand why they are so stringent but at the same time it has held back a lot of interested and well able candidates.
  2. Another problem for EMT's, at least in my corner of the world is the training requirements. First you have to go to class, which are 3-4 hours twice a week or more for several months, pass all the tests, and then take the national registry exam all before being certified. Factor in the multiple calls daily and the paperwork that goes with and it's a pretty big hurdle. The FD on the other hand does not have the mandatory training requirements. Many depts require Firefighter I within a certain time frame which is close to the emt class time wise but they are still able to run in the meantime. With all the things going on in people's lives that's a huge time commitment.
  3. I have 3 of the hi-lift brand and 2 of the knock off brand. The cheepies have been relegated to the corner of the shop. The rest get used weekly. Like the others have said, oil and respect are necessary. Heck I've even used one to extricate someone from a wrecked vehicle.
  4. nc1112


    Welcome. I'm smack dab in the middle of the state.
  5. One option would be to buy calves off of summer grass and then feed them to finish using grain and hay. Another option would be to buy fats and finish them out.
  6. nc1112

    Wind Wind Wind

    We are on the second day of strong winds and in a flood watch tomorrow night. Hopefully it isn't as bad as they're predicting. The creeks are still a mess from all the stuff washed up with the Memorial weekend storms.
  7. nc1112

    Sickle Mower info

    The ant hills and the >1" stumps shouldn't pose too much of a problem. The limestone might take out a section or two. As far as sickle mowers are concerned Rowse are hands down the best, but for your application, about any mower that you can still get parts for would work just fine with good guards and sections. New Holland and IH Balanced heads would be a good place to start. Don't know much about the Deere models other than they take 2" sections as opposed to 2-1/16" for NH and IH. The trailing models work best if you have a fast hitch (unless it's made for one)
  8. Years ago I worked for the outfit that did a large expansion there at the plant. Pretty neat place indeed
  9. If you're located in Nebraska, I'd recommend getting a 5x6 baler with net wrap. The time difference between wrapping and tying on that many bales is enough to make it no question. Secondly, if you are selling bales, wrap is standard. An 86 series IH or 4630 deere would be my recommendation for a tractor. As far as balers go I'd recommend a 7090 new holland or a 568 deere. You should be able to build either one from parts off the dealers shelves as they are that common. A high capacity rake is a must as well. H&S 12 wheelers are pretty standard. In alfalfa a discbine would be ideal but don't be afraid of a hesston, new holland or macdon sickle machine.
  10. I would venture to say that would not stand up very well in court. We had a similar situation happen some years back with a new highway patrolman in the area. He operated according to his code book in strict black and white and there was no such thing as a gray area. About a month or so later he found out that those same residents you tick off today might be the ones you have to call on for help getting out of a snowdrift tomorrow.
  11. I agree with Runner. There are too many signs pointing back to the military, or at least the government. There is no way that they would be allowed to fly near the missile sights without authorization. There are also a lot of little odd and end tidbits reported that point that direction. Seems someone put pressure on the sheriff over in Holyoke to rescind his statement calling for people to seek out the command vehicle. There have been a few other law enforcement officers rescind their statements on the topic as well.
  12. Some years back I met a neighbor dragging a similar setup as mentioned above at breakneck speed and later asked how in the world he was able to go that fast without whipping around. He grinned and said that 25-35 range was the hardest to overcome. Give'er the business and past 35 she'll trail right behind no problem. Keep in mind he is one of those "lucky" people that can get away doing super sketchy things like that. The rest of us would have been dead or in jail long before.
  13. About 10 years ago I ran into the same problem, however it was the kit from the td-9 crawlers. With a little fabrication I was able to make an adapter flange so that one of the small turbos for a "rice burner" car would fit. Seems to work ok.
  14. This is probably the best advice when dealing with milk replacer. Plant based protein sources such as soy will go through them like they were geese.
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