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  1. There was a local ag pilot that lived nearby growing up. That guy was plum crazy. He since retired but we always figured he'd end up like the guy on Secondhand Lions. It wasn't uncommon to hear he broke off a fence post or something like that. He would fly fires for us quite often too.
  2. For the most part the conglomerates aren't terribly popular. However if you look closely at the current or proposed definitions, more of us little guys fall into the same category than you might think.
  3. Right wrong or otherwise Neil Messick explains about using different height tires on skid steers. https://youtu.be/js7whn-jcRw
  4. Our dept is all in back too. Our neighbors still have some weenie roasters as we call them. Never liked the design either.
  5. Pretty neat rig. Out in this part of the country you'll see a few of those with baskets on the front and water tanks on the back for fighting fires.
  6. nc1112

    Bale Picker

    If you're trying to pick single rounds out of the field get one with the arm. If you are using them to transport from a stack yard they work alright. We use a Kramer mfg retriever with an arm and get along very well.
  7. We've got about 15,000 bales on our 7090 specialty crop. We had a problem around 10k bales that required us to cut the endless belts and install laces. We made sure all the belts were within spec on length and cut them all exactly the same. So far we have not had any problems. We used titan laces as that's what our old balers used and got along fine. The OEM belts are scary expensive. When we had one belt fail we got a wcco replacement and it's been fine.
  8. I agree that there are plenty who don't want to work or have outrageous demands for their employer but your statement about poor management also sums up a large portion of the problem. We have a couple businesses in the area who were once great places to work until the wrong person stepped in as manager and things went to **** in a hand basket really quickly. The employment problem is definitely a multifaceted one.
  9. I've owned a Hilti TE-3000 like you have pictured above for nearly 10 years and can safely say it will be worth the rental fees. It puts the smaller electric hammers to shame. Start at an edge and work out smaller pieces.
  10. It is annoying to have things changed every few years. In most cases something is better than nothing. Like the others have said, CPR is extremely stressful both mentally and physically. Keep in mind that saves are really rare but unless you try the outcome is guaranteed. Don't be afraid of the AED machines either. They are about as fool proof of a machine as there is.
  11. I agree that is what will happen should things play out short of an all out revolution. What I was getting at is that their plans don't have any practical solutions. Kind of like mandating flying cars by whatever date when there aren't any even close to being in production. Just more of the rules for thee not for me.
  12. Perhaps viable wasn't quite the word I was looking for. Unfortunately I think the above mentioned will be better than what those in power would like us to have.
  13. These policies and others like it have been concerning folks in these parts for quite some time. Without getting too far in the political weeds, I'd say they (those promoting these policies) had better be finding some viable solutions to food alternatives and substitutes for product's that use animal byproducts.
  14. Shoestring is one of those people who is able to do a good job explaining things and seems quite knowledgeable. One of those deals where you stumble onto his channel and all of a sudden you end up spending quite a bit of time watching.
  15. nc1112

    L O L

    Amen to that. And sadly interoffice communication is getting worse everyday.
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