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  1. Would it work to install a trap door cover in the dump bed with the hitch mounted to the frame?
  2. Same thing here in Nebraska. Pretty much everyone is at least a year out with a call list way past that. Some have kept their deer season blocks to avoid losing some of those long time customers but any new customers are finding it hard to get in.
  3. Not for this long. It gets to -20 at least once a year but usually not more than a night or two. Woke up this morning to -39 and slight breeze.
  4. My brother is still waiting for an apple phone tree to sprout in one of our fields while he was disking. Narrowed it down to the general area but in 5 years we've never saw it. Congrats on the "new" saw.
  5. How much newer of a cat grader? If they jumped from an H to an M series there is a huge difference. No steering wheel or antler rack, just joysticks. It took several hours to get the hang of running it proficiently. Also, has the frequency and speed of traffic changed? That can sometimes cause washboards where they weren't previously a problem.
  6. Like the others have said it depends on your desired use but for non production use, the router will serve you well. In fact, that model is on my wish list. As far as bits go, that set would probably work fine for the average diy/homeowner projects but there are definitely better bits to be had. I find myself using roundover bits the very most, followed by flush cut, and the occasional straight cut. The other profiles are more of a specialty thing that get used rarely.
  7. This is something our department (and a few others we work with) has been trying to improve upon in the last few years. Traffic control is right at the top of the dangerous FD jobs list. The worst time is the gap between the initial event and the first due units arriving. Once people start arriving on scene things start to become more organized. If the situation allows we try to position our traffic directors well ahead/behind the incident with signage and only the necessary lighting as the new led lights can blind easily. We default to closing the road until the ambulance leaves and then
  8. I would recommend the Lincoln 210mp. It is a multi process machine that will allow you to single pass mig weld thin materials and multi pass welds on thicker material with mig/flux core or stick. It also has the capability to do dc tig as well. What is most handy is that it is lightweight and runs on both 120 or 240 volt power so I can move it around easily. It spends most of its life on 240 but do use it for lightweight welding on 120 occasionally.
  9. Each time I see a ragged tattered flag the Johnny Cash song comes to mind. Our old flag has been through a lot and hopefully has a lot more life left in it. The wind storms last week did a number on mine and it will have to be replaced next time I go into town. My mood is generally the same as yours.
  10. Looks like a good old tractor. Our old 560 with an f-11 broke one time and really quickly we realized just how handy it was. Still prefer to load trailers with it.
  11. Reading through these posts reminded me of the jetpack song by the late comedian, Tim Wilson. Like him, I'm kind of surprised that by 2020 this technology isn't further ahead than it is.
  12. There is a retired spray pilot from the area that was both. He had a blast flying fires for us. Up until a few years ago he flew most every large wildfire in central and western Nebraska.
  13. Check out Kent Rollins on the youtube. Between him and Malcom Reed, they should get you fixed up right.
  14. Amen to that. There are still plenty of 560s and 656s pulling bar mowers inbetween your area and mine. And for all the complaints about the 560 it seems that everyone has at least one with a loader still in use.
  15. Seems to me it's more of a ploy to convince people to take the vaccine.
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