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  1. I've owned a Hilti TE-3000 like you have pictured above for nearly 10 years and can safely say it will be worth the rental fees. It puts the smaller electric hammers to shame. Start at an edge and work out smaller pieces.
  2. It is annoying to have things changed every few years. In most cases something is better than nothing. Like the others have said, CPR is extremely stressful both mentally and physically. Keep in mind that saves are really rare but unless you try the outcome is guaranteed. Don't be afraid of the AED machines either. They are about as fool proof of a machine as there is.
  3. I agree that is what will happen should things play out short of an all out revolution. What I was getting at is that their plans don't have any practical solutions. Kind of like mandating flying cars by whatever date when there aren't any even close to being in production. Just more of the rules for thee not for me.
  4. Perhaps viable wasn't quite the word I was looking for. Unfortunately I think the above mentioned will be better than what those in power would like us to have.
  5. These policies and others like it have been concerning folks in these parts for quite some time. Without getting too far in the political weeds, I'd say they (those promoting these policies) had better be finding some viable solutions to food alternatives and substitutes for product's that use animal byproducts.
  6. Shoestring is one of those people who is able to do a good job explaining things and seems quite knowledgeable. One of those deals where you stumble onto his channel and all of a sudden you end up spending quite a bit of time watching.
  7. nc1112

    L O L

    Amen to that. And sadly interoffice communication is getting worse everyday.
  8. That whole neighborhood is full of good folks.
  9. There used to be quite a few reversed tractors in the area. There are a few people that stack yet but big round balers have pretty well taken over.
  10. They are a good bunch and work hard. They've added a few kids since then. Would have been a fun trip. It's pretty entertaining to hear his stories many of which involved him having the same bad luck as us.
  11. Yes sir. He lives about 15 miles southeast of me. Know his family well.
  12. I'm just about smack dab in the middle of the state. Right about where the hard grass and sandhills meet.
  13. We have had good luck with the fender mount no ground plane antennas for the same setup as you. Simple L bracket that mounts to the fender where the hood and fender meet. We run both business band and fire band vhf.
  14. A case 8465 automatic or Hesston equivalent would fit the bill pretty well although they are a little harder to do find with net wrap. At one point we were running two of them. Nice tight bales as long as things were dry. We always said they won't hardly let you made too wet of a bale. Neighbor still puts up around a thousand bales a year with one. Its been awhile but if I remember right there was a throat accessory that helped in stover and long stem crops
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