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  1. Agree 100%. The other day I looked at my 1460 and thought how it needs a good wash & how good @ChrisNY 1460 looks in the field. I need someone to take some action shots outside the cab. I did take a pic yesterday evening after hanging another light.
  2. Dads 986 is suddenly having an issue and found this post. Flashers work. Put in new fuse and headlights work. Turns to work lights and blows fuse. I quickly checked while unloading the combine and got the headlights working for him.
  3. I know this has been mentioned in past years on RPF and received a text this evening about this. @560Dennis
  4. Nice moon tonight. Had some windshield glare so pics didn’t come out as good. Slowly getting corn done and hope to move onto beans soon (have to dedicate a weekend to beans and weather hasn’t cooperated).
  5. Son got his 1st buck Saturday evening. He put in a lot of time last year and finally paid off this year. He had a football game yesterday at 3:00 and hustled afterward to get in the stand by 5:30.
  6. Yes - sleeves are cut and they cut the head gasket and sell wire rings. There are a few others that sell that setup like Hyper. I had a set of sleeves and hyper rings that I used in the farm tractor 1066. Overkill but it was laying around. I once had a stock farm puller with a CDS turbo on and it blew the head gasket one night but it was an older head gasket.
  7. Good stuff! Brings a smile to one’s face.
  8. Just purchased a socket recently for the set screws on the 1063 corn head (tool dealer is neighbor). Wasn’t sure if it would be any good for the old rusted set screws but had a good grip and didn’t break. Realized today that it was a Wright socket.
  9. Curious what average grain hauling prices are from farm to elevator per bushel for 2021 harvest season. Have always thought about getting a truck.
  10. Wish grain cart operator would turn the other way but can’t complain. Got some in before this evenings rain.
  11. I found some old posts after curiosity reading. Phone: 8125221398
  12. @Gerloff+1 and check Porch on eBay - sometimes they have sales/clearance on there. Their online link above has good info and part #s.
  13. Next ask them what rebuild kit to buy… My DT466 from a truck (roller cam with Wimer turbo, pump, injectors) runs nice and wasn’t much more time.
  14. Yes…tried to get my 9 year old a pair of 8 wide turf shoes & come to find out can’t find very many plain 8 wide tennis shoes because the ports are closed / backed up. Needed a new pair of rubber boots and luckily TSC had a pair today.
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