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  1. Poured here at 6:00PM last night. Tuesday had 1” in rain gauge. And more on the way today.
  2. Happen to see this in Farm and Dairy email https://www.kaufman-auctions.com/project/details/47173/
  3. Great. How much? When my 6 and 4 year old see these on Thursday they’ll be beating my ear drum for one! Cant wait to see them in person! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thanks for the picture. There are written directions that won’t open - says webpage unavailable.
  5. Purchased the Estes Disruptors from Shoup for the IH 1460 combine. Paper says to visit Estes for instructions but no longer exist. Made a phone call and they are looking. Anyone have a set of instructions?
  6. Same deal about 30 minutes away. Never received confirmation through email. Was suspect of person on phone. Called 1-800 number with my so called confirmation number and guy said credit card number never entered and not fully booked. Got issue taken care of and received confirmation email. $194 for Holiday Inn Express is pretty darn expensive in my book (went back and looked after reading your post). I think you have a good point about checking on room ASAP. Edit: my reservation was not through a 3rd party vendor. Called the hotel directly at the location as I typically do (I never use the 3rd party venues).
  7. 2 fields to go...only about 6 acres. Just needed one more dry day but that isn’t going to happen.
  8. Wish I could share all of the IH’s in action today (986, 186, 1066, 884) but we have a small window to get beans in today...so only got a pic of the 544.
  9. I stand corrected and listed incorrect information. Left a message with the tractor mechanic that sent my carb out. Farmers Service Leetonia, OH phone number 1-330-482-4180
  10. Well I personally didn’t send it out, so I can’t claim to be the unicorn. exSW point is the reason I try to do as much as possible. This is why I took apart my 1460 stack valve, took lots of pictures, and learn from others on here.
  11. When I was restoring my 544 my carb needed rebuilt and didn’t have the time. Local tractor mechanic I believe sent it out to Denny’s http://dennyscarbshop.com/index.html I have purchased a few ignition items from them before with no issues.
  12. Neither did I so unfortunately don’t have a price update...left after the JD chisel & IH disc sold. Didn’t have to stop at the trailer on the way out so wife is happy.
  13. https://mobile.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionview.cgi?lid=3273999&feed=182&group=0&state=&kwd=&zip=16101&category=2&nojava=2
  14. I saw on news that some parts of Western PA were getting hammered. We just got about a minutes worth of small hail but wind had trees bending over pretty good. Looks like this week is shot...
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