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  1. Someone last night from NC highly recommended this one….
  2. Yes - Boak Family Farms crowd is also lite must have been another jrh sale close - Saturday AM was great weather and reached 90s here. Probably a lot of seed going in. I wasn’t there so not too sure of size of crowd.
  3. The 656 gas brought 5300 and the 5130 brought 23500. I was unable to attend auction and get price on the 300. Beautiful day here for an auction but boys are full swing into baseball.
  4. Soybeans are starting to come up. Just inconsistent with the weather. By time fields get back into shape it rains again. Some corn in but got more to do.
  5. I have it lined up - made a call and should be good
  6. I see several dots and 3 is lined up. Used to the DT466…
  7. Going to take the injection pump off dad’s 884 - It has never been removed and was purchased new in 1987. (Also sending injectors). I have a manual but was wondering if anyone had any tips for removal or what to watch for. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for posting. I see IH weights were $150 a piece.
  9. I know a guy that did this for me for my 1256 that sat for probably 20+ years. Good advice and will run better than new when finished. 👍🏆
  10. Good point and see the same bushels - did a test plot here and the best 12 rows were 183 and the 5th set of 12 rows was 159.8. That was with putting extra fertilizer on when it came out of ground and then friend came and put UAN on. 6 Bean plots in ‘20 were 46 to 54 and again that was putting extra fertilizer on a few times.
  11. Years ago they had a VHS to DVD recorder that you could copy your tapes to dvd. I know someone that has one and liked using it. I’m not sure if it is a Sony SLV-D350P??
  12. Online auction. Have seen this with smaller farms. Auctioneer takes pictures, posts, auction ends, pickup on designated day.
  13. Found one skull Sunday. He was a nice buck in 2020 not sure what happened. Two weeks ago he found one on his day off school. I found a little one but we can’t find the other half.
  14. Last time I was there fields were overgrown, pineapples were being grown in Latin America, and just a gift shop remained. Couldn’t believe how it changed. When there in 1987 could see the pineapples being processed and a lot more to do.
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