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  1. Dealer Decals

    Maple Hunter price of 5 for $50 is pretty good from what I was told - because of the multi color and design can be difficult to make. Wish it was 6 for $50...if I am not mistaken were they not placed on both sides of a tractor?
  2. 656 farmall brakes.

    Nothing should fall out after removing four bolts and taking cover off of dowel pin. Should be the same as my 544. After removing 1st pad You should be able to get broken actuator out with complete assembly by taking it out at an angle. My brake pads were worn out - couldn’t believe the extra shims I had to put on. Had a few pics when I took apart but unfortunately I deleted them.
  3. IH Fuel and Temp Gauge Wiring

    That is what I am thinking and need to run a wire from that post to one of the other dash lights.
  4. IH Fuel and Temp Gauge Wiring

    Got part of the equation (b = battery, E = ground, T = fuel sender) so should be good on fuel/temp gauge. Any help on the air indicator gauge would be appreciated. Not sure what little post with screw is for. B would be battery, T would be sensor, and bottom would be ground.
  5. Used 466 pistons

    Guys on pulloff.com may buy them. I have reused pistons many times with new rings & never had any issues. I believe that those are wide gap rings on the bottom, which are better. I’d give you something before you sent for $2 scrap price.
  6. IH Fuel and Temp Gauge Wiring

    Bought a new aftermarket Fuel and Temp gauge. Posts are marked B, T, E. The middle post is below the other two and typically on top, which is typically the ground. Any help on which one is fuel sending unit wire, ignition, and ground would be appreciated. Also wiring for the air filter indicator would be appreciated.
  7. helped a friend burn through over 30 grand last night

    Want to talk about waste of money on weddings... I know two stories of people who got married, divorced, then starting dating again & married the same person a 2nd time. Only to get divorced a 2nd time.
  8. fastenal question

    I agree with Doctor Evil - typically very high price when I call - Fastenal is probably only 600 yards away from me and I have been in the place 1 time. Interestingly enough it was just 3 weeks ago I first went in - found a woodruff key I needed, called, and guy said was only 1.25 for the pair and would have in a few days from Fastenal warehouse. Got there and bill was $15. They charged me shipping...should have just got it from my IH dealer (which is about a 40 min drive).
  9. 1256-DT407 Camshaft Gear

    I use the oven method but make sure cam has no burrs or nicks before trying to install. I always use CRC engine assembly lube when reinstalling.
  10. Tow bar

    Don’t have any pictures currently, but I have simply used an I beam or square tubing and then 4 pieces of flat iron to make a tow bar/push pull for tractors and hay wagons. Going down hills with a wagon pushing out of barn - not so great. Shuler (old Super Moose Pro Stock puller) had a 3 point hitch setup to pick up tractors a few years ago at the butler farm show - just like they use at indoor pulls. I always thought about making one for picking up and towing items.
  11. Pilot Relief Valve & Be Careful Decal

    The 544 that I am working on has a pilot relief valve 389033R93 1600psi in it. Will the larger psi one work such as the 396729R93 from a 1066? I updated the one on my 1066 with suggestions from the old forums and it really helped. Anyone know the IH part # for the “Be Careful” decal? Finally, looks like rear hydraulic coupler has been bent and someone has replaced lines. I believe because they had a loader on. Anyone have pictures of what the setup should look like? Thanks again - 544 project is moving along and hoping to be ready for hay season.
  12. IH auction results - Eudora, KS

    Thanks for posting. Nice to see pics and results
  13. Clutch Housing Bottom Cover

    There were a few handfuls of residue when I split the tractor. Got it split, new clutch installed, and back together this evening. Thanks again for quick responses so I could get this done before weekend.
  14. Clutch Housing Bottom Cover

    Thank you for the replies. This will be easy place for my splitter stand to bolt to.
  15. Clutch Housing Bottom Cover

    That’s what I was hoping...but when I saw a gasket with it, I pictured me underneath getting an oil bath.