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  1. This rod is the one I had issues with - sounds like this is not an issue with yours.
  2. Very little shooting yesterday and this morning only heard one shot. 8 year old put in a lot of time during archery and on Saturday the three bucks we saw were running full tilt. I will say best hunting purchase ever was the Mr. Heater. Sure helps keep us going when we are not seeing anything. Congratulations- we are trying to tackle that feat as well! Perfect buck for first time! Saw a similar buck walk into neighbors brush but in PM someone walked through there and it was mach speed across our soybean field. We just watched and laughed.
  3. Went through this in June on 1256 but was able to tap on flat piece and crescent wrench on pipe to help finally break loose. The two new pins I got were different than my 1256 pins for some reason but was able to save the old pins.
  4. You can see the rod if standing on ground - begin spraying it and gently tap with long punch and hammer. Then move to the other side of tractor and spray again and repeat. Had this happen this spring to our 544 - would only go in 1st and reverse. Fortunately took about 10 minutes
  5. Tradition is do something I typically don’t have time for...Was organizing some photos that came from mother-in-laws and found this one of a Hydro 100 and Super H. Probably around the McKeesport PA area?
  6. X3. Dad got some items for 986, 186, and I put a floor mat for the 1460 and it makes a difference.
  7. Recommend to your neighbor that he trade in his green tractor
  8. We built a 60’x100’ stick with doors on both ends. Drive in one end and out the other. Saw this from an excavator and we are happy we did. It is cold storage and not finished but surprisingly not too bad inside when cold out. We had it wrapped for a moisture barrier. We have sliding doors and agree with J-Mech about overhead. I like the 60’ because the combine and grain cart can be parked on one side, truck pull in down the middle and load up if it’s raining outside. So if you have a truck + something to work on the 60’ is nice. Neighbor built a garage for his semi and floor hea
  9. Anderson Tractor in Bluffton is another that I have used out of Ohio.
  10. No - go ahead as I emailed vtfireman and need just a few more. I am liking the look on this project.
  11. Stoller Phone: (330) 669-3676 (800) 806-3676
  12. Thanks for sharing - really like your combine. Was your loup elite grain monitor easy to install on your combine? We just installed a new hydro in my 1460 while fixing the pto shaft leak.
  13. Congrats. Getting tougher to do...I have seen 7K to 10K per acre recently and you can’t be that far away from us.
  14. Ordered mine Friday from Maple Hunter (Indiana). Arrived today. Very pleased with quick turnaround. Dealer decals are coming from Texas location.
  15. Using them on a 1256 - using them as sheet metal bolts for personal reason. Found them on salvage tractors ranging from 560s-706-574s - some as sheet metal and some were underneath on fuel tank brackets. Edit 6-10 would complete what I need.
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