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  1. Acquired a 544 and 1256 to go along with the 1066 so happy that I have what I wanted. #1 1206 or 544 hydro gold demo #2 Ford 9000 or 9600 #3 Component 1066 Pro Stock
  2. Bitty we came up to Warren PA for a baseball tournament and rain all day. Stopped at Kinzua Dam and most roads flooded.
  3. 2:30PM yesterday - 1/2” 1-3/10 since 2:45 pm yesterday Just checked gauge this morning
  4. And more on the way this weekend…
  5. We have a NH 1495 diesel haybine that has served us well for many years. Brother in law just bought a NH disc bine that he put on my 1066 to speed up the process.
  6. Wasn’t sure if to give like or 😢. Good run indeed.
  7. The other 2 photos wouldn’t post so had to add them separately.
  8. Duntongw - I forgot to post these May 31. I have some others from the Beaver Falls to Callery path. Crazy stories from 3 people I know - 2 of which were farms. I always show the boys were the Niles to Wheatland tornado went through. Today were are in Saegertown for baseball and saw lots of boats going to Pymatuming - reminded me of stories there & Atlantic. That Sunday in 1985 after church mom & dad took us to see the damage.
  9. The ones that I found were around $25 but finding them was the issue.
  10. Yes - 544 gear drive gas - rescued from the weeds at a dealership in Western PA. Matt is correct - I meant to mention that earlier that we had a few seed tubes that needed replaced this spring and IH dealer had tough time finding them & didn’t know if they were even the correct ones so only ordered one to make sure it was correct seed tube.
  11. Planted oats with the #10 drill this spring and did a good job. Soybean experiment did not work - a little too deep but also poor weather (cold & then hard rain - then crusted). Ours is kept inside which makes a big difference - be sure to move lever up front for settings - may be froze up.
  12. 422… Tire shop guy has video after video of people running lights, accidents, etc. I believe this one was down by you MTO a few years back with the puller & if I remember car pulled right out in front of them.
  13. Funny probably 6 years ago same style black stripe tractor, some sheet metal missing, engine issues…and same price when I asked how much. PA as well.
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