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  1. This is what I would do and get an earlier version. I recommend the one that has 468 in the serial tag under the intake manifold. I have a 468 that cam with roller cam and roller lifters in my 1066 farm tractor and it has good power and makes a nice tractor.
  2. No just a picture for reference...
  3. Thanks I’ve ordered from them before and will give them a call.
  4. 😂 Lol just my luck! I’d like to find them primarily because I have two young boys that I’d like to teach how that kind of stuff is to be in place as well as trying to get my IH items back to original as possible.
  5. Wanted to check with forum members first to see if anyone had any salvage parts laying around. Getting a 1460 delivered when weather shapes up and looking for: Arm rest (1301216c3), bracket (192999c1), and knobs (196970c1) Shields that go over pulleys on both sides of combine and the one that goes over pulley on rock trap. Sorry don’t know part numbers for this stuff. I have attached pics. Thanks for help...figured i’d check here first before traveling a few hours this summer to a salvage yard. PM me if you can help.
  6. Be alert on timing...next full Moon is March 21st so you might want to act quickly or wait for a few weeks. Nice collection...wish I still had my “2+2”
  7. SuperWD9 - thanks for posting that picture Might have to make one like that because I can’t find the one I want that mounts to the seat so I have to make one like others said out of strap.
  8. https://www.farmanddairy.com/columns/international-harvester-offers-pension-plans-before-most-in-1908/539893.html
  9. New 40x60x14 garage Farmall 1256 10,000 bushel grain bin Enclosed gooseneck trailer 6 row Kinze no till planter
  10. Blew a head gasket once in 1066...put lots of anti-freeze in oil pan. But so does a busted sleeve o ring. Been down both roads. Bitty and injpumped have good info. These engines are nice to work on. I would take injectors out and have cleaned. Take head off and have checked and exam head gasket at that time to check and see if it was culprit. If head checks out ok then you know. Just FYI McMaster Carr carries orings that you can use for the sleeves for a fraction of the cost. Riverside engines told me one time to use Murphy oil soap on rubber, Hypermax said dawn dish soap, other here have other tips. Lots of talk on here not too long ago about kits and quality of kits for sleeves and pistons. I personally have reused sleeves and pistons before & replaced where needed. One thing I recommend is when you reassemble bottom end, don’t put oil pan on...you can put water in block before moving forward to make sure orings are sealed and not pinched/rolled. This saved me a big headache one time.
  11. Mennonite is possibility. Was looking to buy this one in January.
  12. You’ll be fine use your old bolts...some one is looking for an easy $$$$ I agree with above posts. Had several heads done before and never had issues with tubes. I always reuse head bolts and put a little lube on them like Oliver Racing Parts bolt lube.
  13. Probably the same as our 884. If memory serves me correct there is a bleeder on each side - can see them from the seat. I use to have to be the one on the seat while dad bled the line. It became a once a week occurrence. Tractor was in the shop and I told him to get it fixed cause I was sick of doing it weekly.
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