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  1. Today was take your tractor to school day at local high school - day before their Prom. A few red ones in the mix. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1654488031486135/permalink/2931154703819455/
  2. I did see a video from Chambersburg PA running the chopper and the windrows sure looked good (now I assume that they were in PA and not VA). We have fortunately had some rain and are forecasted for some more this week.
  3. Boys (6&8) had a good time this weekend helping and took a few turns driving the 186 Hydro. First year for 9-18-9 starter on the corn and setup worked pretty good but we shall see. Everything is planted just need to spray the corn. We are 15 days ahead of when we typically plant. But I had to hustle & take advantage of good weather since their baseball games start this week.
  4. Boys were excited yesterday after school to lend a hand. Back in November asked about UTV and instead of the Mule we ended up with a Gator. Yesterday was the earliest that we’ve ever been able to get corn in (typically it is May 18th on average). Soybeans are all planted.
  5. Our 8 year old throws left and can bat both. Assigned seating when we go out to eat to avoid bumping elbows. Will have to drive with the left and throttle with the right!
  6. Back in 2014 after a year of working on it. At the time I liked the 4 rib but not as much anymore. DT466 roller cam motor and fuel/injectors/turbo from Wimer Diesel. (rain cap on the 1256 faces the other direction). It sometimes sees the IH disc but has a relatively easy life.
  7. Lol when I got notification I was wondering when I posted anything about a 666 or DT360. Thanks for the compliment. A local organization runs a light tough farm and there are a few DT360s and this post got me curious on their rules. https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/3491db33-d4ad-4d6a-b0b5-dcf6d02615c3/downloads/Light tough farm.docx?ver=1618403813657 I agree without the cooling jets to be cautious. Dad’s 986 that he wanted a turbo on a few years ago is one that is similar situation. He mentioned turning up the fuel a week ago and told him no.
  8. Yeah Too bad the Amish aren’t near you. Theirs are American made.
  9. I would like. Lol Yeah too bad it’s over 1,000 miles away
  10. Yeah two days in a row. 50 years ago yesterday it was 70+ degrees and then did the same thing when my sister came home from the hospital after being born.
  11. Didn’t go but this 544 brought $1100. Not sure what the M brought. Western PA.
  12. In 1987 we went to kanawha iowa to keifer built trailers to pick up a stock trailer. Wasn’t ready so they paid for a few days hotel. Ended up at the National Hobo convention somewhere around there. My Uncle was big into steam and trains and struck up a conversation with a hobo who knew exactly where my uncle worked as he had passed through the plant location years prior.
  13. I had some issues with the 901 white last year but finally was able to get it made.
  14. https://www.tptools.com/SEYMOUR-High-Temp-Cast-Blast-Restoration-Paint-12-oz,6694.html?b=s*seymour+cast+blast+restoration+paint%2c+12+oz A restoration pro told me about this cast blast and I tried it and really like it compared to other high temp black paints.
  15. I was 140,000 on 30” last year and happy with the results.
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