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  1. Good money spent. I’ve bought mine as singles for IH sizes that I’ve needed. Our Snap On / SK truck has them in stock. Dad has realized the difference between the socket vs ratchet/breaker bar since I bought mine. Have seen way too many rounded out. 1063 corn head had 4 of 6 in bad shape and without correct pipe plug socket they would not have come out. Had to weld bolt to last one to get out.
  2. Would be best to talk to your pump shop and match pump/injectors/lines. Doubt that they would be bigger than .093 lines and .022 dual feed injectors. Recommend putting on v band clamps on turbo and at intake manifold. As J-Mech said if you’re making good boost it will blow hose and hose clamps off. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F230512430325 Is it a stock 3LM or stock appearing 3LM...
  3. Saw this on pulloff w/ photo http://www.pulloff.com/phorum/read.php?2,279420,279442#msg-279442
  4. Thank you! Had a nice end of the week - boys both got 2nd place for pedal pull. Unfortunately didn’t get to pull as we had rain on Thursday and cancelled Saturday, but spending time with family was the best present one could ask for.
  5. 706 rear end that I found on Craigslist Haslag frame, roll cage, hitch, skins I built it from ground up. IH 468 truck block The class uses 18.4-38 cut tires, cubic inch limit, p pump, and 2.7x3 turbo, & sheet metal years. http://fullpullproductions.com/classic-super-stock-rules/ There is a lot of variety in the class (IH, JD, AC, MM, Case).
  6. Max Simpson water injection...makes life a lot easier. The rear end has needle bearing & pressure lube - does make a whining noise but on this night track was dry & it was not getting ahold of the track so it was louder than it typically is. Thanks MTO...it is a fun ride. Lawrence Co fair on Thursday night this week.
  7. Finally found some time to get out & make 1st run of the season. Wife got a track side video for a change & youngest boy has been pulling all weekend long. Came home yesterday and his sled was hooked to the pedal tractor.
  8. Never forget the night mine got backed over with the stock trailer...probably about the same year. Luckily it was just the rear wheels. Got bigger rear tires on for several years. It’s restored today & back to original.
  9. Our dealer is $15.90 a gallon if you get at least 30 gallons - price as of last week. The sticker shock I got when I was there last week was a 5 gallon bucket of Low Ash Engine Oil. It was something like $120+. Kinda got a brain freeze when I heard that so the exact amount is blurry.
  10. I read before turnips and radishes in August on a deer forum.
  11. Tom Dickerson had the “20 Mule Team” as a 686 and a 3688. There are a few pics on the internet of the 686 and a few of the 3688, which now has a 5088 decal on it for the Hayes Pulling Team in NY.
  12. It’s in NY http://nytpa.com/jeffhayes.htm
  13. Original paint, good tin, faded but original dealer decal 😢 And 30 minutes down the road there’s lots of salvage tractors...
  14. Yes it was. Opened at 10, left a little after 11:30 but glad they had Gatorade machines there & icy pops. It almost looked like diesel fuel on the tractor - but I saw they wiped off the owl feces but it smeared making it icy/glass looking. I zoomed & cropped another picture so hopefully it is better - and a better look at the piece under the hood that looks like an icicle.
  15. Owl barn at the new Keystone Safari
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