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  1. TeachersPet1066

    getting plow truck ready

    Was curious if anyone was getting any accumulation. Nothing here...just wet roads. Pittsburgh stations were making this out to be a massive storm. Be interesting to see what’s outside when I wake up in the morning.
  2. TeachersPet1066

    Oiling rod and main bolts before installing

    Riverside Engines had a packet of this for my IH heat treated rods one time
  3. TeachersPet1066

    DALLAS 806

    I noticed that as well... and it looks like he gives a quick wave or tip of the hat.
  4. TeachersPet1066

    jeep grand cherkee

    Ford Ranger, Ford Taurus, Ford Edge, still have a Ford F-350 7.3. Grew up on Fords and always owned Fords. Purchased a Jeep Cherokee in ‘15 (traded in Taurus) and then November traded in Edge with 105,000 (never buy again) for a ‘18 Grand Cherokee. Wife loves it and was driving it the other day thinking I might buy one when Cherokee wears out. Lots of people I’ve spoken to love their Grands as well.
  5. TeachersPet1066

    Whats another one to the pile....

    That’s too bad to hear of it’s condition...possibly the most seen tractor ever. Run in - see the 806 - and off to bed.
  6. TeachersPet1066

    A warmer topic, 175 days until RPRU

    Never been to a RPRU but this year will be going through that part of the state that week. Not much on the webpage as to what goes on (for Thursday). Boys will enjoy seeing tractors for a while...more importantly anything for wife to see? Is everything set up by noon on Thursday? Edit: found last year’s AL schedule of events - does RPRU ‘19 have something like this?
  7. TeachersPet1066


    TP Tools in Canfield OH Bought my 1st one there, sold it, now have one that I can fit sheetmetal into.
  8. TeachersPet1066

    Whats another one to the pile....

    Called a dealership about a 1456 they had sitting there for a while...over $14,000 And here too jass1660 can’t find a 1256 to complete my red wish list. Saw a gold 826 go for 6500 last week and didn’t even think about bidding because I’d rather have a 1256.
  9. TeachersPet1066


    I agree with above - I always have head cleaned and checked & sometimes replaced a valve or two. It typically cost me around $350-$450 here. Also have the pump, injectors, and turbo looked at while it is off. If pistons and sleeves are in good shape, rubber o rings are cheap and you could get new rings (or even replace one piston / sleeve if needed).
  10. TeachersPet1066


    Have found plenty of head gaskets, lifters, etc on eBay. Sometimes even find good old stock IH parts. There was a place I purchased pistons from in Florida at a reasonable price. I found some items at a place called Cooper tractor. Tried looking through email to find names of other places. Wish I could find these deals on tractors....have extra pistons, sleeves, cams, cranks, blocks.
  11. TeachersPet1066

    Plastic suitcase weights

    And you are supporting Northern Indiana IHCC33.... Nice product for $25 each.
  12. TeachersPet1066

    IH 66 pulling transmission

    I’ve had my machine shop machine spacers before.
  13. TeachersPet1066

    And I wasn`t drinking

    Santa had this happen Christmas night...putting gifts under tree and stepped on something...couldn’t make a sound though! The one tough thing about having kids later on is that they are tougher to keep up with. I keep telling them to pick up so grandma don’t trip when she comes over, but the truth is, I don’t want to go down!
  14. TeachersPet1066

    Taurus Judge

    Co-worker loves the Judge - she is about 5’0 tall. I like the option of being able to use the .410 shell in a handgun. I would like to have the S&W governor some day due to the .410 option but it is definitely pricey compared to the Judge.
  15. Exactly. Good nap day & playing with new air fryer to make Jerky and wings.