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  1. https://limaohio.craigslist.org/grd/d/stanford-ih-826-gold-demonstrator/7063149087.html Not sure if this one was posted already or if it was the Dayton one from above.
  2. Didn’t Jon Lorenz or Wilkins do this at Bowling Green one year when their pump was stuck? Pushed it back to the sled, tightened the chain, and away they went when it started.
  3. Thanks Long Farms and Coy for sharing pic of paint can. Found a place north of Pittsburgh (Cranberry Twp where a Winter Convention was held years ago) that made up the 901 for me. Amazing how a paint can helps.
  4. There used to be a nice 1206 that would sit at the Trumbull Co. Fair - thought it might be in the video
  5. I believe this is the orifice that was mentioned above: FITTING - fuel return tube orifice (Replaces fitting 606819C1 in fuel return line by ordering elbow 217-21)687426C1$32.09
  6. Well dad painted the wheels and put on new tires years ago, but when it got pushed to the side in the barn years ago they now have some rust. I haven’t repainted them yet because new wheels are a thought.
  7. Didn’t even think about that. Found a before picture to crop. Now you can see how bad they were.
  8. It was an average of $60 a handle, but they were pitted and not in good shape. Yes it was at Paul’s in Evans City, PA. https://www.paulschrome.com
  9. Throttle, shift, and TA levers on the 1256 project were terrible and needed redone. There is a place nearby that does a lot of chrome work for bikes and antiques but I knew the work would be pricey. Since this project has some meaning and the tractor will hopefully be around for a while, why not. Here are 2 of the 4.
  10. A few more items to go but found an engine for the 104 and now it has moved for the 1st time in probably 18 years. Youngest boy was pretty excited to hear it going. As an update, this morning Waylon took a test drive.
  11. Had to think for a minute but that was 2 years ago and yes it was wet. We’ve had that issue around here the past 2 years.
  12. Lol, Well, that’s me taking the picture and Waylon watching grandpa who is driving...it’s his baler so you are correct he already has the thrower. Horse hay...
  13. Which white paint? 901 or 935?
  14. Good stuff... And now we have photo memories using our phone cameras.
  15. Tractor not running- in process of restoration and need to paint black sheet metal Failed to mention that
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