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  1. Second time that side emblem came for 1256. Didn’t even open.
  2. This day in history Khrushchev begins his visit of the U.S. and by September 22nd, makes his way to Iowa and on the 23rd visits the Garst Farm. Video shows a Farmall - maybe a 560 and an IH dozer?
  3. Wish I could find a 1066 black stripe for free. Yes definitely needs TLC and $, but would be a fun project to tackle.
  4. I pretty gave up on auctions here in Western PA, and with many online as well, I have bought a few items out of state. Grain carts locally over priced or abused - found a nice one in IL that I had trucked in cheaper than I could find around here (450 bu). 1460 combine from Ohio, close enough to look at, and owner delivered for free.
  5. Lee Pendleton, Rick Pildner and Warren Truesdell‘s City Slicker mod - has been around in recent years in Ohio. There are a few YouTube videos of it.
  6. The only picture I had was the rod. That other picture was from a write up that someone did - https://imageevent.com/danred806/1466ptorebuild
  7. Considering the old snap ring is not in the box with old pieces, I’m thinking chances are slim.
  8. Washer that was missing came in mail today. So washer, cup goes over washer, then spring. Just want to make sure.
  9. Should be: O-RING,0.21'' Thk x 2.85'' ID, 336, Cl 5, 75 Duro- 2-7/8 x 3-1/4 x 3/16 part #457410 - $2.96
  10. Well that washer is missing and that is why I do not feel the heavy partial engagement position. I knew something wasn’t right because it didn’t have that feel like the 544, 1066, etc.
  11. Thanks for the clarification. After boys ball practice I just now had the chance to take back out. Guy put extra jam nut on. Missing washer (36), shim (29), sleeve spacer (30). Here is updated pic of parts that I took out.
  12. At this point I might as well pull back out and restart & take it somewhere else. I assembled like shown below (old post I found) and it still will not shut off. Totally disgusted. Took pto out because it had a short 706 shaft in it and seal was leaking. Get it back and it’s all screwed up and won’t shut off.
  13. Yeah this seems all goofed up. They have spring, cap, spacer all under the seal. Not like parts picture
  14. Wait...When I disassembled they had the cap and then the spring. Probably why jam nut smashed seal and when down into seal.
  15. Removed plate. No difference in adjustment. Took picture while running...
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