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  1. Yeah I remember when one of the bunkers blew in 1997 and sure shook things.
  2. Pioneer were 24.99 at TSC the other day. Had to buy 3 for the 1460 combine to get 1020 head ready.
  3. I agree as well. I restored a 544 that sat. Rebuilt carb, clean fuel tank, and new coil, etc. Had a new fuel filter in-line but wouldn’t run cause restricting flow. Old post said to remove and it then ran great. Definitely check flow.
  4. My 466 in the 1066 will slobber and this spring when it was on the disc the slobber disappeared when it was worked. When I redid this tractor a few years ago I had the fuel pump and injectors redone.
  5. My 1256 is currently apart. Was fortune to get pins out of 3 pt arms, then roll pin out and remove little block. I was in process of removing PTO anyways and then entire shaft, but that left side was not going to come off. It is at machine shop getting pressed off due to years of sitting. Hopefully yours will come off to remove the o ring. Left side does not require PTO to come out per previous posts that I found - right side requires pto to come out. I googled torsion leaking redpower and there are several old threads with parts pictures that I looked at a week ago. I put them below.
  6. Dennis I left my windows open in the car on purpose at noon. Barely got a few drops of rain...looked like Youngstown was getting it. Was fertilizing soybeans and some corn this afternoon with hopes of some rain.
  7. With finally having auger swing whereas I didn’t before (just have to turn steering wheel a tad to make them work - and really don’t want to tear into valve stack again - although I have a spare) - I just need to hook up grain head and see if I have reel lift. Thanks everyone for the diagrams and suggestions. Already see someone else who is having issues was able to see this post for information. At end of the week I will be back on with questions!
  8. Yes - installed a brand new one since they are relatively inexpensive.
  9. 👍 that is on the long list of to-dos in the next week and a 1/2. Got the PTO dropped off to good local mechanic because too much going on with 1460, 1256 project, hay, etc. and boys activities in evening.
  10. The header works good and it has a B-O coil on it, so I assume the B-Y are for the upper stack coils. There are no IH part # on them. I will check and clean connections because there is a drop somewhere. The unloading auger is going in/out and is at least working now so that is a step in the right direction.
  11. Auger Update: There were two AM-501-3-085 B-O in the reel lift and auger unloader. Put in AM-501-3-085 B-Y. Only header has the B-O. Had 12.15 at the fuse panel. Around 9.2 when boys hit the unloading switch. Started up combine and auger will now go in and out if I turn steering wheel slightly (did the steering wheel before many times and never worked). So got unloading auger to work. Reel Lift: Boys hit the reel lift switch and it did not give me a reading. Previous picture I posted shows someone put in a jumper and is missing a wire. I circled where wire is missing and where jumper was installed.
  12. Yes, I tried that again yesterday BUT I notice the reel lift switch someone has put a jumper wire in there. I have my DVM in hand and will check the coils and fuse panel again and see what the readings are since I changed the solenoid. I am also going to look at the coils and see if they are marked BO or BY. I had switched them around since I had spares but nothing happened in the fall. If anyone has a pic of the hardwire, I would be interested.
  13. Put in a new solenoid today (and had auger cylinder rebuilt) but auger would not swing out still. Need to check electrical readings at fuse and valve stack. I see the coils are marked AM-501-3-085 B-O from Control concepts and also AM-501-3-085 B-Y. Which one is IH #1301730c1 vs the other IH coil #1301633c1. Want to check to make sure the correct coils are on the valve stack. Now that I have some time, I want to look into the unloader auger issue (not working). I also need to hook up the bean head as we only used the corn head last fall.
  14. http://m.boakfamilyfarms.com/Details/Index/33442fbd-0c13-4a4b-99a4-12d60f3d22e4 Well found out where it went...8 minutes down the road. I know what my last bid was and got outbid email a few minutes before auction ended (couldn’t watch as I was helping my son’s tball team). Needless to say it wasn’t anything close to this. Still makes me laugh that they won’t post final results and as previously stated “public auction.” I’ll just get the 1460 ready for beans (was going to get a 2nd Combine for beans if it was reasonable enough).
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