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  1. We have been adding sulfur the past few years. We are fortunate to have a good resource that switched jobs but is still close enough in Ohio. To answer your question yes I put +S in the row. Small operation so I do things a little different as I spread 100# of fertilizer, 100# in the row, and then come back a few times with spreader when beans are up & rain is coming. Sorry don’t have my sheets in front of me with mixes. Also 30” rows. One new item we tried this year was OverPass from Andersons and results seemed to be good - but this was the earliest we have planted soybeans and
  2. Which present day model of CaseIH would you prefer on the lawn of the White House?(is it 50 years now?) I grew up on a 544 and now have one so I like this photo...
  3. I had these pics last March 22 and added them to the boys photo book that we make each year. Wish I had one of the TP aisle.
  4. Cub Cadet 104, 544, 1256, 1066, 1460 then there is dads Super M, 884, and 986, and finally BIL’s Hydro 186. And then the “1206” a few times each summer at the county fairs. https://fb.watch/2TrZSZXXHi/
  5. Check out the pulloff.com business directory as well. Atlas tractor has some nice pictures of items. https://www.atlastractor.com/products/#drive_line I have seen the 1066 farm stock guys put in various gears instead of stock gears. Again, it is also what you are planning down the line. Farm stock only or plans for hot farm down the road. I wasted a lot of money in the process when I bought a stock 1066 to pull “farm stock”. The current tractor is a 706 rear end but all internals are gone with custom gears, needle bearing, etc. I guess my point is if you buy a 1066
  6. You are correct. The one that is on pulloff for sale is the old Junk Yard Dog.
  7. I would recommend a 706 clutch and rear end housing and build it from there. I purchased a 1066 for farm pulling and the next thing you know you are getting a new clutch, tearing into rear end because it pulls you to the side and find out spider gears are gulled together so might as well needle bearing while in there. Front nose too heavy so buy a Fiberglass nose from Binderlite. Go to 3rd farm stock pull and blow head gasket and then told better fire ring it. Something to think about so that you don’t spend money twice like I did. Something like this photo is what I did for the curre
  8. Look up Cast Blast - might work for your application? Summit Racing also has a few varieties of high temp paint.
  9. Funny...we had a landmark on the outside of my woods - a trencher that was my BIL’s fathers. It sat there for many many years and when he finally took it, my cousin said our deer landmark was gone.
  10. Maple Hunter Texas The first ones that I purchased were the Ringgold for the 544. We fixed the first Dunn decals that they sent.
  11. Decals just came. 21 days USPS. Envelope looks like it had a rough time. Mocked them up on fuel tank. I think that’s where I will put them but trying to find other pics. The 544 had them above the front emblem but I think I will place these on the fuel tank.
  12. Yes - members here back in January shared their tire photos and input. Glad I have the 11.00-16s on with the 20.8-38.
  13. I’ll speak to the person that installed it backwards and get him to flip it.
  14. Lol thanks...yes Long Farms emailed me yesterday helping with that as well. At least that’s an easy fix! It’s rain/freezing rain so I might get to that today. Thanks again - the either button was corroded away and I did not put much thought into it when reassembling.
  15. They seem to be. I have a DT468 roller in the 1066 although I had a friend who had nearly new sleeves that were fire ringed so I installed those with the proper head gasket. If I recall the 414/436/466 crank can be placed into any one of the blocks, same rods, but pin location is different on the pistons. There are differences in the cones of the pistons, heads will bolt up but there are different ones, oilers, etc. Once you get past ‘93 and into the new generation they are different.
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