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  1. Same glow plug as the D282 engines, google IH D282 glow plug.
  2. This info is from the Stockton Products Farm and Industrial Equipment catalog. The book covers most of the products manufactured at the Farm Equipment works in Stockton, CA. The local RCD had one back in the 60's and 70's but it was so abused by some and left to rot in the fields it was scrapped in the 80's. Don't scrap it.
  3. You need to pull the screen out to see the vent tube.
  4. If you have part numbers you can check on line FPSmith in Fairfield, CA. www.fpsmitheq.com or call them at 707-864-1122
  5. This is out of the service manual for the Series C & E, trouble shooting the transmission, it may help you diagnose the problem:
  6. It's the fuel tank vent, that tube goes to the top of the fill neck. The tube on the left is for the fuel tank dipstick.
  7. Thank you for letting us know what it was. Louie
  8. The latest from Berkeley Calif. they want to ban all natural gas appliances (stoves, ovens, water heaters, furnaces} on new and remodel construction.
  9. Sacramento code goes even further than repairs in residential areas, it also covers agricultural lands. Section 5.2.0.B of Zoning Code. 4. Is Major Automotive Repair Permitted at Residences?
  10. From the parts books it appears that Attachment C, D, G, and H use the 15 tooth gear.
  11. Nice find, very nice condition. Here's a sales brochure from the 1969 buyers guide.
  12. Ebay? Lots of reproductions on ebay, some are of not so good quality, once in a while an original shows up. Google IH T-340 service manual. When I did the filters on mine I drove the right side of the tractor onto wooden blocks, the higher the better, I did not loose too much oil. Here's a picture of the filters from a sales brochure.
  13. Here is a picture of the location of your filters from the parts manual, item 20 is the cover. You access this between the tracks near the top idler. Your operators manual should have all the info you need to service it unless some of it is missing. I don't have a service manual, I sold my T340's many years ago, I do have the parts manual. Maybe MMI can send you the info you need.
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