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  1. Farmtruck, thank you for keeping us updated and the pictures
  2. Wengers of Myerstown shows one of the smaller oil coolers in stock, must be a used unit, they claim it has been tested, they only have one @$150.00. I would look for the largest aftermarket transmission oil cooler, then monitor your temperature, 180 to 220 degrees is what you want.
  3. Jeosbolt, Contact Drott150, he may be able to give you the dimensions of the original oil cooler, the parts book shows the early TD9B (150) to use two smaller coolers, then they went to a single larger oil cooler. The single oil cooler part number is 619787C2. If you have no luck try the largest transmission oil cooler you can find then monitor your converter oil temperature on your gauge.
  4. Exactly, I have never had to hold my glow plugs in for more than 30 seconds.
  5. $75.00???? I just purchased the replacement glow plugs from Accurate Diesel for $12.95 each, made in USA. Google the Wellman number 6A477G17, the replacement glow plug is Dieselrx DRX00017. There are also NOS Wellman glow plugs for $11.00 on google.
  6. That part number shows it to be a Forest Radiator, I have no idea what that means. It should work.
  7. Do you have a serial number from the donor tractor? The parts sheet shows 5 different core's, one is an Armored core for unit B (sideboom and revolving crane) I would think if the radiator you are getting came from and Ag or Power Shift tractor would be a direct fit, I know whatever it is it's better than what you have. Judging from the parts book and my 9B either radiator should bolt in. I would have a radiator shop clean it and check it out before installing. Here's the second page of the radiator parts.
  8. Matt, the crawler tractors have a bolt on upper and lower radiator tank, the mounting supports are different than how the wheel tractors mount, he needs to stay with the original design for the radiator to mount up properly. His best bet is the $600.00 radiator from FP Smith. TD9B radiator
  9. From the 1969 buyers guide. Does it have rippers or the counterweight? The ripper weighs 1400 lbs with ballast (600lbs.)
  10. My service manual: "Maximum permissible diameter sleeve wear, at top of ring travel, before reconditioning - inch.....006 Height of sleeve flange above crankcase - inch......003-.005
  11. Do you have the service manual for your tractor, FORM ISS-1051-1, this covers trouble shooting of the power shift. I can't help, mine is a gear drive.
  12. Oh sorry, I misunderstood, you want a rear mounted ripper
  13. This is what you are looking for? Where are you located? They were used in the West probably more than the mid-west or east. The mounting plates (trunnions) I doubt will bolt up but you may be able to re-drill the holes to mount the trunnions. I would look for a tool bar carrier for a TD14 through the TD15 series, that would be the easiest way to go. I mounted the TD9B mounting plates on my TD6 by drilling new mounting holes on the plates. Call Associated tractor in Stockton CA, he may be able to help you.
  14. Power shift: 28 qts. Gear drive: 24 qts. Hy-tran fluid or equivalent, I use NAPA 85-405. Fuel cap is the same as the Hydraulic filler cap, part # 701 922 C2, or the locking cap is 628 156 C91. FP Smith shows them new in stock, they also show a used locking cap. Check their prices, Amazon shows FP Smith at $95.00 for the non locking cap. Komatsu shows the cap at $55.00
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