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  1. louie figone

    TD25 Series B ?s

    JMD, Here's the parts manual pages for the parts you are looking for that D206. I checked the same parts for the D239, none of the parts seem to interchange according to the parts manual, the cover for the 100E (D239) and 125E DT239) part number is 3 144 623 R91, they may interchange, you need to talk to someone that knows more than me.
  2. louie figone

    New track chains TD6

    Chris, email sent
  3. louie figone

    T-340A parts needed

    No, the early engines have 9 head bolts, the later have 14, the T340-A should have the later engine, you can tell by the dipstick. Early block top picture, later block bottom picture. Engine serial number for the later engine would be 1005001 and above.
  4. louie figone

    New track chains TD6

    Do you know the weight this would be, what port would you be able to take it to? I need to find out what the shipping cost would be to Oakland, CA. Louie Did you get the second message?
  5. louie figone

    New track chains TD6

    Message sent again
  6. louie figone

    I-H crawler tool bar available

    Mike, everything on my tool bar carrier is heavier than the one made for the TD6/TD9, my brackets measure 16 inches cc, the mounting holes for the for the turnbuckle are 20-1/2 inches cc. The tool bar is 6"x8" x 12 ft. Here are what you would order with the dozer tool bar. It seems many of the parts are the same for the 6 and 9, the booms are the same for both tractors, it shows different part numbers for the mounting assemblies, looking at the picture it looks like they may be drilled for both tractors. I mounted the TD9B mounting plates on my TD6 (62 series), I had to drill holes to match the mounting on the track frame. I have a Holt blade on the TD6 that I modified to attach to the 9B mounting assemblies (trunnions) IH also offered an angle blade for the TD6/TD9 which used the same mounting as the combination tool bar carrier. Stockton Products built many special ag equipment for the West Coast, IH may have built the same equipment in other plants. I remember passing by the IH Stockton plant many times in the '60's
  7. louie figone

    I-H crawler tool bar available

    Mike, your mount is similar to the later style I have. The catalog I have is from 1964 (from the latest dated add in the catalog) IH offered the combination toolbar/dozer for the TD6, TD9 and TD15, they offered only the tool bar for the TD18 and TD20. Here are pictures of my blade and tool bar, is this what you want. The ripper shanks are IH #33 shanks.
  8. louie figone

    I-H crawler tool bar available

    Mike, do you know if the combination tool bar carriers were made at other IH plants besides Stockton, CA? Never mind, I just found a previous post that they were also built in Australia under license from IH in the early '60's
  9. louie figone

    D-236 oil filter base questions

    No, not interchangeable, the gasket to the block is a different pattern too. I ran into this putting a spin on oil filter adapter on my DT282's, the later engines are different from the early ones, I don't know the year or serial number change.
  10. louie figone

    New track chains TD6

    Message sent
  11. louie figone

    I-H crawler tool bar available

    Ours is still in use, have the dozer blade also with the arms attached, easy turn around to change tools
  12. louie figone

    TD7E Fuel Tank Shutoff

    FP Smith website shows a used one in stock. 707-864-1122 www.fpsmitheq.com
  13. louie figone

    What is the paint code for a 2656 yellow ?

    I am unable to buy Federal Safety Yellow paint from my local ACE Hardware store as of a year ago, now I buy it from an ACE store in Reno, NV. It's interesting the paint is warehoused in the ACE warehouse located in Sacramento CA. My local ACE hardware does stock old Caterpillar yellow.
  14. louie figone

    What is the paint code for a 2656 yellow ?

    Federal Safety Yellow is a match.
  15. louie figone

    track adjuster zerk?

    FP Smith, Fairfield CA shows 1092 in stock, American Crane Tractor Parts, Kansas City shows 131 in stock. Salem Farm Supply, Salem NY has it listed at $17.48 on the internet. Is there something special about the fitting.