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  1. Seal part number 321 009 R91 item number 14, OIL Seal, sprocket drive shaft, FP Smith, Fairfield, CA shows new in stock. www.fpsmitheq.com, 800-558-7228
  2. Louie, This seems to be it! Thanks so much.

  3. Mellow Yellow, there is no diagram of the piping in the service manual, I am posting the diagram from the parts manual, this may help you, it covers TD9B's to serial number 16366, if your tractor is newer I can post that parts section.
  4. No that name does not sound like them, it was a Japanese name, two brothers I believe, I bought a IH 600 Straight Dozer for a T340 in '67. Here is the low seat attachment.
  5. I am not aware of an orchard conversion kit, I know there was a IH dealer on Mathilda Ave in Sunnyvale that did conversions. IH did offer a low seat attachment, it did not use Cat parts, the attachment does away with the floor, has different fenders, the seat is lowered with a smaller fuel tank (lower), batteries are moved from under the seat to the left fender, your legs and feet straddle the transmission. I'll post pictures of the attachment later. I ordered my TD6 from the IH dealer in Watsonville, it was one of the last ones available, all the literature I have on these tractors there is no mention of an orchard conversion, the low seat attachment may have been their option for orchard use.
  6. Nice job on the orchard conversion, I would have to see the linkage to figure out if the ratio is the same as a std. tractor. The numbers I gave you are for a std. non converted tractor. I have two 62 series orchard versions I bought for parts machines, they may have been done by the same shop that did yours, mine came from Watsonville area. The one I use is an ag. 62 series.
  7. No this is not usually a problem with these tractors. The engine clutch should be set to take 40 lbs. of pull to engage. The brake adjustment is as follows: tighten the turnbuckle (27) until there is no free play in the brake pedals (14), then tighten the set screw (6) until it contacts the brake band (1), then turn the set screw 1/3 turn out, tighten the locknut making sure the set screw does not turn, then loosen the turnbuckle until you have 3 inches of free travel at the brake pedal, tighten the turnbuckle lock nuts. When your mechanic has the inspection plates off have him check the thickness of the brake lining, you may be ready for a reline job. These tractors are pretty trouble free. TD6-62 brake parts description. Make sure you have a minimum of 4 inches of free play in your steering clutch levers. On a orchard conversion these numbers may be different. Can you post some pictures of the tractor, the drivers compartment would be good.
  8. Yes that is the crankcase guard, it must have been off for the pan to get punctured, is the repair of the pan on the bottom or side, something may have entered from the side with the guard in place, maybe that's the mystery that will never get solved. If the crank journals and mains mike out good leave the crank alone, the journals and fillets are Elotherm induction hardened, IH says the Elotherm is deep and allows regrinding, I am of the school if the journals are within spec and not out of round leave them alone.
  9. It's a straight hydraulic tilt blade. Holt blade modified to mount on the turnaround tool bar carrier mounts. This is an Ag. tractor. I am surprised your tractor did not have the crankcase guard, it would have prevented the punctured oil pan.
  10. Your in the ball park, bare 5 roller 50 inch gauge TD6-62 is 8600 lbs, add the dozer 3200 lbs, hydraulics, grill guard, you are at 12,000 plus. Mine weight in at 12,000 with an Ag blade, it does have the crankcase guard, reduced speed pto, increased hyd. attachment.
  11. Do you know what the engine serial number is? You have the 6G-4 Bullgrader, nice tractor with the 5 roller track frame.
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