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  1. You sure hit that one right!
  2. What series TD15 ? TD15 was in direct competition with the Cat D6.
  3. Check if a couple of the holes that hold the front cover on are bigger and threaded, if so you put the next size bolt in those two holes and evenly snug them down until the cover comes free of the transmission.
  4. Works as a flush, you don't work it, leave it idle, won't hurt the engine
  5. The next step is to pull the front cover, then you can really clean the transmission case😁
  6. Yes, go with the Ag settings, they are calibrated for a little more power. That Roosa Master 117AE does not show in my service manual. It has the correct IH part number, who knows what the past was.
  7. Put a quart of diesel in the crankcase, idle it for 30 minutes, drain, put proper oil in it.
  8. Brett, that IH part number, 610 502 C91 shows to be a Roosa Master DGBFC 631-88AE, it was used on 150 manual shift loader (DT282). The roller to roller dimension for that Injection pump is 1.9720-1.9730. The pump for a TD6-62 Ag tractor DGBFC 631-90AE (D282) the roller to roller dimension is 1.9645-1.9655. I see no Roosa Master number that you are showing, could your pump have been modified at one time and re-stamped?
  9. What is the depth of the splines on your input shaft? A puller like this may work, the small arms of this puller is .198 high, they could be ground down to probably .175, something like this may work. All the machines I have do not have a bolt holding the yoke on, the shaft is threaded for a nut. That bearing should slide off easy.
  10. It looks like it is the belt pulley attachment, it's not a reduced speed pto with the splined output shaft. IH offered a pto that runs at engine rpm, also a reduced speed pto, 540 rpm plus. To run that belt pulley attachment you need the rear power take-off, not the reduced speed pto. It fits both the TD6 and TD9, the 9 takes a longer shaft that connects to the transmission out shaft. Can you post more pictures at different angles? What is the distance between the mounting holes?
  11. Do you have a IH part number on the ID plate? If the pump was field modified the name plate should show the new number. All the UD282 specifications that I have in the Roosa Master service manual call for the timing to be between TDC and 4 deg. BTDC. I had a pump man tell me once to set the timing to where the engine started the best.
  12. Static timing for the UD282 depends on which injection pump you have (Rosa Master) DBGFC 631-58AE and 631-15AE is 4 deg. BTDC DBGFC 631-14AM and 631-4AM is 5 deg. BTDC DBGFC 631-5AJ and 631-10AJ is 2 deg. BTDC TwoTon pictures are correct location of the timing marks and pointer.
  13. I was just wondering if you also had to adjust the foot pedal on the TD9H as on the TD7 TD8 before adjusting the adjusting screw.
  14. Rocko, is the brake adjustment procedure the same as the TD7-TD8? I am not familiar with the TD9H
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