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  1. WIX 33157 primary fuel filter for TD15B w 361 for serial number 4623 and up to serial number 5431
  2. Fungas, Kevin has the thickness for the TD7, 100 series, the clutch and brake shoe lining for those tractors is .141-0.147. The TD8 may have thicker lining. I had my 100C shoes relined (years ago) and it was not cheap then, make sure whoever does the relining uses the right adhesive, one of the lining peeled off of one of the shoes they did, they did make it good but it was time pulling it down again, they have been working perfect now for over 20 years. Make sure whoever does the relining knows that they are a wet shoe and the type of oil used. There is no specification on the material thickness in the IH service manual.
  3. Sent the specification sheet in messenger.
  4. That looks like a 500, the gas motor in the 500 is the C146.
  5. JW, does it grind in all gears? With the engine clutch cover off what is the shaft doing when you put it into gear with the clutch engaged? It almost sounds like you are having transmission problems. If it all looks good in the clutch compartment, then pull the transmission gear housing cover to see what's going on in the transmission, you may have bent shifting forks that do not engage the gears properly. The gear drive transmissions are fairly easy to work on, all the gears come out from the front (clutch compartment) If all the gears are good, and nothing is moving up and down as in bad bearings then you may have a ring and pinion problem. Does the tractor move in any of the gears? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiXlMTSq4r3AhXGZs0KHej_BPYQFnoECAUQAQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.tractorparts.com%2FPDFs%2FTD9B%20150%20TD9B%20Loader%20SVC.pdf&usg=AOvVaw1xlXkUnxSOPP7t56Z2KxiH You can download the service manual here.
  6. JW, 40-45 lbs. pull is correct, even with less the tractor should work. The brake clutch facing Hector is talking about #11, is riveted to engine clutch coupling #10, when disengaging the engine clutch the lining presses against the throw out bearing carrier #18, that will stop the transmission gears so you can shift without grinding the gears. When disengaging the clutch you push forward, push hard to stop the gears so you can shift. If your lining is gone then make sure you come to a complete stop before shifting. If you have water in the transmission drain it and keep the oil at the correct level. With low oil I had the transmission jump out of third gear when pulling (Ag TD9B), bringing the oil up to where it should be stopped that problem, you may want to pull the top cover off to inspect the gears.
  7. Goose Creek, It sounds like you need to adjust the brakes. Here are two pages out of the service manual, also a page on adjusting the brakes.
  8. This is what we are paying here in my area yesterday. Diesel was $6.59, fuel prices are jumping up every day.
  9. Federal Safety Yellow, also called School Bus Yellow
  10. General Gear shows them at $110.00. 9, 91, 92 and 9B use the same bearing, different numbers but are interchangeable.
  11. IH47, The TD14A was built between 1949 and 1955. Can you post a picture or two of the tractor? There were many different blade manufactures.
  12. Doesn't the number get more as the valves would recess into the head as they wear. That number, .033-.046 is maximum recession. I would think you would want to be at around .010 or less recession when the valves are redone.
  13. I had my local print shop make mine for my 100C, I took pictures and measured before painting, they did an excellent job.
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