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  1. The WIX book shows your oil filter to be: Part Flow 51155, Full Flow 51159. Fuel Filters 33148. These part numbers are for the 335 diesel engine for the TD9. Your hydraulic piping looks interesting, are the filters on the feed line to the pump. I have never seen filters like that on the feed lines, the filters are usually a fine mesh strainer inside the hydraulic tank. If those filters are in the suction (feed) line they could be limiting the amount of oil to the pump. If the pump is starving for oil they will make a lot of noise. AW32 should be ok, AW46 is a heavier weight oil. Post some more pictures of the front pump, control valve and piping.
  2. McMaster Carr has an assortment of these. Mild steel, Stainless, High Strength. https://www.mcmaster.com/eyebolts/rod-ends-and-linkages/high-strength-fully-threaded-rod-end-bolts/
  3. Judson, I don't know where the engine serial number is on those series of tractors, I hope someone here on the forum can chime in on the location.
  4. Judson, can you find out any info from the person you purchased the tractor from, or from the owners before them. Many of these tractors have had modifications in their past lives. My parts books do not cover the older series crawlers to know if the two speed reverse was available then. If you can find the engine serial number that could help also.
  5. Judson, Your serial number makes your tractor built in 1948, TD9, not a 91 series, the TD9 have 335 cubic inch engines. 91 Series have the 350 cubic inch diesel engine, the oil bath air filter is located on the left side under the hood on the 91 series. Someone here may be able to help you with seals for your tractor blade cylinders or take the cylinders to a hydraulic shop that can rebuild them.
  6. Reline your existing coupler, FP Smith has the lining with rivets (259689R1). McMaster Carr has friction material and rivets, you will have to cut, drill and countersink the material, that's another option. The rivets are 3/16's x 7/16's tubular.
  7. Judson, 91 series are 4 cylinder engines. It sounds like you have the two speed reverse transmission, 3rd gear is replaced with a high speed reverse, is your tractor a loader or dozer? The two speed reverse transmission was an option, it speeds up loader or dozer work. It's not a good option for field work as you loose 3rd gear which is the primary working gear for tillage work. Can you post pictures, we love pictures.
  8. Chris, T6International has a contact for ATECO, they may be able to tell you if there is a filter in the hydraulic system. Here are pictures from the IH parts book, IH offered two different hydraulic systems for the later tractors (62 series). These pictures are just for reference to show how the strainers are mounted into the IH system. Your ATECO may or may not have a strainer. The IH system is a stainless metal mesh strainer.
  9. Chris, if it does have a filter it would be on the suction side (to the pump). All the ones I have seen (factory IH) are located in the hydraulic tank. The relief valve in the valve body could also create the problem you are having. After all that checks out it's time to look at your pump.
  10. X2, it's always good to hear how the project turns out. To many times we are left hanging without knowing the outcome.
  11. It seems like you have it right, the release bearing is pressed onto the release collar. Do you have the service manual? Good pictures in there.
  12. This picture looks like it is ok, the first picture must be at an angle, the first picture looks like the fork is almost touching the bearing housing.
  13. That does not look right, here is a picture out of the service manual how it should look.
  14. There is a later version (serial numbers 15967 to 15993 and 16218 up used an inner and outer filter. This is the air filter on a TD9B Ag tractor, they all looked like this with the exception of the Heavy Duty air filter. Do you know the serial number of your tractor or post more pictures, I can then get you either the IH part number or convert it to a WIX part number.
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