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  1. TD9B, give these guys a call: Dacco, their phone is 1-800-443-2226, their website is: www.daccoinc.com they are in Cookeville, TN
  2. Hi Steve, You mention it leaks oil, where is the oil leaking from, if it is from a line that feeds the transmission that may be your problem. Have you checked the transmission oil pressure? Is the engine reaching full governed rpm? Torque converter tractors need to be run at full rated rpm (2500 rpm for your tractor) to develop power to the tracks. Transmission filter change is a good idea.
  3. I would try to free up that stuck link, it will cause undue wear on your sprocket. I would think the tractor would wander to the short side (left). If your really concerned about it check the alignment of the undercarriage. Here is a page I forgot to post on the frame alignment. If it freewheels you should be ok with the brake adjustment. Having a stuck link would bother me.
  4. Measure from the center of the drive sprocket to the center of the front idler, if it is not the same you have more track on the ground than the short side, you are covering more real estate with the longer side. If that's not the problem you may have a brake on one side dragging. The free play you have in the steering levers is the play before you are actuating the hydraulic cylinder that actuates the brakes and drive disc's. I think they all wander a little, depends on the soil conditions, the pitch or the crown in the road. It's not something to worry about as long as everything is working.
  5. Is the block the light press fit or heavy press fit sleeves? I pulled the light press with a shop built puller with a 5/8 inch threaded rod. They all came out pretty easy.
  6. Sean, move this over to the construction equipment site, there are many TD9 owners over there that can help you
  7. Nice straight looking tractor, it looks like it was well taken care of.
  8. You need this lubricator (G) remove the plugs, insert the tube all the way in so you push any air out, pump oil (80-90W) until it runs out, remove the tube, replace the plug.
  9. WIX book shows two different oil filters: Part Flow 51155; Full Flow 51159
  10. Peter, they are made to tilt up to 12 inches on either side, with a hydraulic tilt you will be amazed how much more work you can do with it.
  11. Nice looking tractor. Is the hydraulic pump rear pto driven? Nice tracks on it, it looks like it was taken care of.
  12. Chris, that is very nice, you will enjoy it a lot.
  13. Which hydraulic system do you have? Clean the wire mesh strainer first, after running the hydraulics you may be picking up a lot of sediment in the system, if the strainer is pugged up you will starve the pump. I would check that first, also make sure the bottom of the hydraulic tank is clean while you are in there. Low hydraulic oil level will also make the pump cavitate but that would also happen right from the get go.
  14. Your transmission should be the same as the C series. My parts book is for the 100 series C Loader, Form PC-L100C. My service manual covers the 100, 125 series C and E Loaders, TD7, TD8 Series C and E Dozers. Chassis ISS-1543
  15. Power Shift strainer is 622 255 C1. The element number hector gave you is for the gear drive transmission.
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