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  1. 250 psi is high, the main pressure should be 150 to 175 psi. The converter inlet pressure should be 40 to 85 psi, the lubricating pressure should be 10 to 25 psi.
  2. D239 This engine is used in a lot of applications, you need to order it for the TD8C, it is a specific application dip stick. You need a parts manual for that tractor. It may or may not be the same as the D206 used in the TD7C, that part number is 672 521 C1. Try FP Smith in Fairfield, CA
  3. John, The Henderson model number for my TD6 is 600, I put then on my TD6-62 Ag tractor (5 roller frame) in '84, I also put the hydraulic track adjuster on my TD9-B Ag tractor the same time. The above picture is of the TD9B. Here is a picture of the TD6-62 with Henderson track adjuster. I was looking at there website, it looks like they do not offer the hydraulic adjusters for the International crawler line anymore, you may be able to adapt the Cat D4 to the International, your limiting factor will be the distance between the retainer and front plate (14), ie: how long is your adjuster (15). The hydraulic adjuster fits into the factory plate (14). I had a friend (deceased) that made hydraulic adjusters out of track bushings for his TD6-61 series 4 roller frame that worked well.
  4. I want to see the machines and tooling that make those parts!
  5. I have a neighbor friend that made his hydraulic track adjusters out of pin bushings, they did not have a lot of travel but they worked good.
  6. This is the cure I did on my TD9 and TD6, Henderson Mfg in Texas makes Hydraulic track adjusters.
  7. Nate, yours appears to be a later version of the No. 1 adjustable ditcher. This is out of a Farm and Industrial book that covers equipment to 1962, the back page of the ditcher is dated 5-59.
  8. If you do as North recommends access to the steering clutch pilot bearing grease zerk is accessible through the two round plates at the rear of the main frame, one on each side, you will need to move the tractor to find the grease fittings, go very easy as the brake drum moves fast, as the drum turns there are openings in the drum where you can see the clutch discs, spray your penetrating oil into these areas, (I have used PB Blaster) as you move the tractor you will have several of these areas that you can spray into. When you find the zerk fitting pump 10 to 20 strokes of grease into the bearing, if it was mine I would pump 20 strokes as it probably has not been greased in a long time. If you are using the tractor in dry conditions take the plugs out of the steering clutch inspection covers to provide increased ventilation and drainage of water and or oil, the plugs are only needed if operating where water is likely to enter the drain holes, if operating with the plugs remove them every 50 to 60 hours of use to drain the compartment. See attached picture Illust. 13 for the location of the access holes, the older tractors have a round hole, see Illust. 6. Illust 26 is of the brake drum with the clutch stack, the slots (access holes for the bolts that hold the drum to the pinion flange) are where you will be spraying your penetrating oil. Tractors equipped with the Bi-metallic clutch disc will not be affected with the penetrating spray, I don't know how the non Bi-metallic disc are affected. Any other questions just ask, there are a lot of people on this forum that can help.
  9. Pulling back both steering clutch levers at the same time the tractor should stop. If the brakes are good standing on the brake hard while holding the steering clutch back may break the steering clutches free, if not then it's time to pull them out for a rebuild.
  10. TD 9 wide gauge is 60 inches, TD 14, 15, 18 narrow gauge is 62 inches, wide gauge is 74 inches. If you can find a blade setup from the combination carrier from a 14, 15 or 18 would fit. The trunnions (mounting plates) booms and turnbuckles are the same for narrow or wide gauge, the width of the blade is different. Also the TD 20 was offered in a narrow gauge (62 inches) and the wide gauge (74 inches)
  11. I had the same problem with 3rd gear jumping out when under a load (disking, plowing) it was low on transmission oil, filled oil to the full mark on dipstick, transmission has been fine. (TD6-62 series) If the 14 is built like the smaller crawlers all transmission work can be done through the front of the transmission.
  12. JMD, Here's the parts manual pages for the parts you are looking for that D206. I checked the same parts for the D239, none of the parts seem to interchange according to the parts manual, the cover for the 100E (D239) and 125E DT239) part number is 3 144 623 R91, they may interchange, you need to talk to someone that knows more than me.
  13. No, the early engines have 9 head bolts, the later have 14, the T340-A should have the later engine, you can tell by the dipstick. Early block top picture, later block bottom picture. Engine serial number for the later engine would be 1005001 and above.
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