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  1. louie figone

    NOS clutch plate on ebay

    TD6-62 Series, I do not know if it is the same as the earlier 4 cylinder versions.
  2. louie figone

    IH TD-6 cylinder head cost?

    Gras, fix your head, if the shop knows what they are doing and have repaired IH heads in the past it should be fine.
  3. louie figone

    Dresser TD7E universal joint help

    627 879 C1 is the spider with bearings for a C series, are they the same on the E series?
  4. louie figone

    t340 sprocket advice

    T-340 sprockets have 26 teeth, 1- 7/8 in. wide, 35 shoes each side. The sprocket teeth engage on every other revolution. (Hunting tooth) You need a chassis service manual, it will give you the maximum allowable wear and pitch of the chains, pins, rollers etc. Maybe mmi has that info.
  5. louie figone

    D282 Question

    KK, I have two DT282's in Ag crawlers, neither have ever blown a head gasket, they constantly run at 4 to 5 psi, I have seen as high as 9 psi under certain load conditions.
  6. louie figone

    Barn find...

    1932 Ford B: 4 cylinder, 1932 Ford Model 18: V8, 1933/34 Model 40 V8. The '32 Ford V8 had a V8 on the headlight cross bar, the B had no markings.
  7. louie figone

    560 vs 660 engines

    Michael, there is no difference in the internal parts of the DT282 and the D282.
  8. louie figone

    D-282 sleeve height above deck....What is right?

    Thank you Pete, I was measuring to the top, it makes sense now to measure to the flange area.
  9. louie figone

    D-282 sleeve height above deck....What is right?

    Depends on the application, TD6-62M 3712 and up is heavy press, D-282H 10252 and up heavy press, TD9B 11441 and up heavy press, engine serial numbers are all over the place depending on the application, UD-282 is 10228 and up, The engine serial number I am doing is above in parenthesis, it's the early hand press cylinder sleeve block, it is absent of shims.
  10. louie figone

    Td 6 hydraulics

    Rebuild the control valve, that would be my first thought. Nice looking TD6
  11. louie figone

    D-282 sleeve height above deck....What is right?

    What is the serial number of your engine? I have an early D282 in the Ag version TD9B (serial TD9BGA 8134) the engine service manual calls for .001-.004, all six of my sleeves have .040 flange above block which is in spec. for the heavy press sleeves.
  12. louie figone

    TD6 head gasket

    Kenmcal, Do you have a parts book for your tractor, the IH parts book will show the Bendix, the part numbers for the starter are usually Delco Remy part numbers, with a part number you can do a google search. Another option is to call Associated Tractor in Stockton Calif. they are very familiar with IH crawlers. 209-466-3003. FP Smith in Cordelia Calif. is another contact. 707-864-1122. If you have a part number any good generator/starter repair shop should be able to get the Bendix drive for you.
  13. louie figone

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Chris, I forgot I had these under the work bench, they are off a TD6, all three have the screen 90 deg. Like Dennis said, vendor may have made a change. But then again look at the TD6 with the blade on it, screens are 45 deg. Whatever you are happy with is the way to put them.
  14. louie figone

    TD6 head gasket

    If you decide to scrap the tractor I would part it out first, you have the reduced speed PTO on it, that is worth something if it is in operating condition, transmission parts, gears etc are worth parting out, probably lots of other items are of value to some one with a TD6. That is a 61 series, the last of the four cylinder TD6's
  15. louie figone

    Td9b alternator

    This is from the parts book for the 9B, I can't help any more, mine all have generators. When I replaced the alternator on my 100C we did it with a single wire hook up alternator, eliminated the regulator, it was the best and easiest thing I did, any good generator/starter repair shop can supply the right alternator for the conversion to a single wire alternator. The part numbers on the alternator page are Delco-Remy numbers.