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  1. TD6 62, Bucyrus Erie tilt cylinder

    TD6 62 does not have a bull nose front end, it is a bolt on radiator guard, the guard would not stand up to the demands of cylinders mounted on it. For the tilt cylinder measure the turnbuckles pin to pin, get a cylinder that had those dimensions at 1/2 stroke of the cylinder. An 8 inch stroke will give you plenty of tilt left and right, you may have to have a custom cylinder made.
  2. Number 2 Progress TD 151Rebuild

    Wow, very very nice, the tractor is beautiful but the bonding with your dad can never be bought, that is priceless.
  3. It's located in the main frame toward the rear, same on power shift and gear drive. Arrow is pointing to drain plug in Illust. 11
  4. 706 glow plugs.... stuck

    Once the body is out pull the seal and gasket out (l use a dental tool) the precombustion chamber should pull out, if not use penetrating oil, you can also use compressed air through the hole in the precombustion chamber with the valves closed, use very short bursts because that thing can hurt if it flys out. Usually with penetrating oil you will be able to turn the precombustion chamber, then it comes out fairly easy. When I install mine I coat the body with never-seize.
  5. 706 glow plugs.... stuck

    Here's a parts breakdown of the injector with glow plug. Make sure when reinstalling the pre-combustion chamber (16) it's installed with the hole on the bottom, the pre-combustion chamber is marked with UP stamped into it, sometimes its hard to see but it's there.
  6. D282 engine kits

    Guys, who makes the best D282 engine kits? I need to do an in frame on my TD9
  7. T 340 opinion

    I had both, T340 with the 600 Blade I converted to hydraulic tilt, it had a three point and pto, this was my primary tillage tractor, rototilling, disking, plowing and dozing. I also had a T340A with a 4 in one bucket, rippers, great little tractors, they both did a lot of work, then I upgraded to a TD6 62 and 100C loader with 4 in one, rippers. They are all good if used as intended and not abused. Wish I had kept them.
  8. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    Bushing, item # 8, part # 367 578 R1, item 6 is the shaft
  9. T 500

    Pretty even matched on power, the diesel may have a little more torque. Overhaul the engine you have.
  10. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    td9 is on it, time to pull the front cover, the idler does not have a bearing, it rides on a bushing. Another thing, did this engine come with a Roosa Master pump or did it have the IH RD pump originally?
  11. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    Did you pull the pump off with the shaft? The pump comes off leaving the shaft on the engine. Is the thrust button and thrust button spring installed. The pump gear should not move up and down. Items 25 (thrust button, part #304 716 R1) item 26 (thrust button spring, part #304 717 R1) must be in place. I can scan more of the installation and timing if needed.
  12. 656 injection pump

    You probably rolled the first seal over when installing the pump, that is the hardest one to do as the seal lips face toward the pump, the other seal the lips face the engine. This is the only area that fuel can enter the crankcase. Easy to fix. Ask the shop that did the pump work to loan you the seal tool.
  13. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    Nelson, the gears should rotate freely without missing a beat (tooth) the pictures show how they are assembled.
  14. T6 Restoration Pictures

    Beautiful, nicer than new