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  1. Viton should withstand any heat that will see.
  2. The seal is an oring. I can't remember which side of pump lever is on 806. If it is to the inside you may have to remove pump to remove shaft. If lever is to outside. Shaft can be removed after removing cover and retaining clips. If you see bits of plastic weight retainer ring. Remove pump and completely reseal.
  3. Your clutch appears to be working fine. I assume transmission is in neutral. You might try pulling ta lever. If that frees it over running clutch is piled up. If not then bearing is siezing either in ta or countershaft.
  4. snoshoe

    IH 986

    My guess is a poor dash ground. Don't remember where that is though. Gauge panel is plastic has to have ground wire in harness.
  5. Okay so I went up to the tractor and the hydraulic leavers stay engaged The way I read this spool is reaching detent. Problem must be couplers.
  6. From information I have. Problem is in speed transmission. I assume noise is present with speed transmission in nuetral? Also assume click is steady and rythmic? Would make it likely a bent or broken gear tooth. The only constant mesh gears would be front reduction and reverse idler. Driving in any gear except the top gear would make front reduction worse. Like wise reverse with the reverse idler.
  7. When those levers slip by the upper lever goes several inches past the lower. If lower lever is still firmly attached to torsion tube. Some thing must be messed up in linkage under cover or a control valve problem.
  8. If lube strainer plugs or pump fails it doesn't return enough oil to rear frame. The main pump then starves for oil. That affects steering and control circuits as well. His complaint is hitch and auxillary
  9. With points open battery voltage. With points closed 0 volts. With engine running about half voltage.
  10. There is no strainer on that pickup tube that I'm aware of. There is one on the lube pump.
  11. I think you nailed it. I read to much in "no matter what".
  12. So he could sell the WD9 without radiator cap as it would not be whole?😉
  13. Sounds like spool not moving far enough. Worn linkage or crud in detent?
  14. Welding a cold bead on the face of that bearing race will shrink it and you can pull it right out
  15. A cab relay and a starter relay look exactly alike but are totally different animals. Your counter guy needs to check specs on his screen and give you the one with continuos rating. I bought them at napa. Work fine
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