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  1. Even then there is still going be some on that tee shaped cover on bottom of ta.
  2. It's a 5/16 square. Either remove it or the cover it is in.
  3. Homemade oil return. Going to have to raise the hydraulic seat to see the valve spools.
  4. You don't have to take anything apart to check play in detents. With front cover off under seat (I assume you removed this to clean). Move lever and watch spool. Does it move any before compressing centering spring? Honestly with no oil coming out the back. I doubt there is any detent problem. 1066 valves should be a direct swap. May have a larger detent piston but I doubt you would notice.
  5. I know of no spec for compression with ACR. We were told you need to turn engine backwards for a compression check. How to do that escapes me. I always used a hillbilly version leakage tester. Turn engine backwards by hand and listen at intake, exhaust, crankcase and around head for leakage. How you do that on a 50 series without the starter generator pulley I don't know. A leaking valve or head gasket can cause a too lean mixture in the area of the spark even with a too rich mixture. If you are pumping fuel out the exhaust. The piston has to be sealing well enough to do that. Might want to check for flooding carburetor or air restrictions. Otherwise be positive spark is constant and strong at the plug.
  6. From where I'm sitting it would be a western red cedar.
  7. The 12 point might but I bet the flange doesn't go through the hole. Think the socket is 9/16 and the bolt is 5/8. Yes it is for clearance.
  8. Figured it had to be. When boom valve closes center and starts to raise. That pressure is applied to the open center of the bucket valve. Normally this does nothing. In your case there is a leak between center port and a work port on the bucket valve which causes bucket to move while raising. Boom settling fast at first then slowing. Indicates a leak past cylinder piston seals. It slows as pressure builds on back side because of rod displacement. A steady drift indicates another leak. We would normally switch hoses to other valve to check that. We already suspect a leak in that valve. So probably won't tell us anything.
  9. In your first post you mentioned boom drift or settling. Had no bearing on the bucket problem. May or may not with this. When releasing the handle after raising the boom. Does the boom drop at an accelerated rate for a little bit then slow to a constant rate the rest of the way down? Also which lever is bucket and which is boom? I have been assuming lever closest to seat is bucket.
  10. Just so this isn't stupid simple. I have to ask. Levers aren't sticking together are they? When you move one lever the other one moves a little too.
  11. I'm really thinking there is metal missing either on the spool or from the valve body of the bucket valve. Neither are serviceable. Would require valve replacement. Would certainly completely disassemble the valve to see if I could find another problem.
  12. Then I hope you find your problem in the load checks
  13. The one is. It has been drilled and tapped for that extension. Looks like originally a single valve. Then the second added.
  14. Been saying for years they should pay us to carry these things.
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