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  1. OK I had to go back and look. It was four years ago that I did my research. At that time the big factory in China was listed as wholely owned by Ryobi. Techtronic is now listed as parent company. No where can I find a complete brand listing. Under Techtronics listings I did find Irwin Mac and Proto. Those are Stanley Black and Decker brands. Tonight was the first time I found a link between techtronic(ryobi) and Electrolux. They own Stihl and Husqvarna. I'm sure stanley Black and Decker has American headquarters. Who actualy owns it? I don't know. From past research I believed Ryobi.
  2. That graphic is quite misleading. For instance stanley blackand decker are owned by ryobi along with emerson. Brands listed like home depot lowes and harbor freight make nothing. I admit there are other power tool companies out there. Notably hitachi and makita but every american power tool I can think of has been swallowed by ryobi with the exception of skil owned by bosch. I didn't bother to look it up but I think techtronic is ryobi's US distributer again owned by Ryobi.
  3. Every brand name I can think of except Bosch and Skil are owned by Ryobi and made in the same Ryobi owned factory in China. Lesser priced brands are often older models of the higher priced brands. Other times they are just engineered cheeper.
  4. All the flow from that pump returns in the left rear corner. Deadhead an auxillary. If flow decreases oil is being lost at pump or mounting plate. If it sprays oil is getting past relief valve. If oil runs down from hitch valve. The action control valve is indicated. From your discription I suspect relief valve. There is an oring inside housing beside the one on the valve. 1200 psi at 5 gpm and no increase at 2 gpm along with standard relief being 1600 is whats telling me relief
  5. snoshoe

    3588 ih

    Plumbing in standard closed center valve without signal ports will result in only standby pressure at valve. It takes signal pressure to tell pump to stroke. Valve should also have flow control. Allows to adjust to perform multiple functions at once. As stated easiest is to add to present valve stack if room exists.
  6. snoshoe

    3588 ih

    The question was about the hydraulics. The system is pph. There are no power beyond ports. Anything you do to use that pump will affect the system in some way. Using a separate loader valve requires closed center valves with signal ports to turn pump on. Easiest way would be to add to present valve stack. I think available space limits that. Another option is to hang another pump on it somewhere.
  7. Those are in bottom of bell housing. Either engine or tranny is leaking. Leak needs to be fixed or clutch will be oiled.
  8. It was to prevent paint in the threads when they painted the tractor. I don't remember exactly when but they eventually switched to plastic.
  9. Factory installed bolt hole plugs. If not broke off will have red paint on them.
  10. The longer I Toss this around the more I remember. If you remove that bolt and wait until it drains. You will drain about 23 gallons. I'm guessing that if you pull bolt then the cover you can clean the housing better. Need to remove cover to let air in. Otherwise pulls oil through door.
  11. I would check thermostat for working air bleed. Some don't have them. A small hole through thermostat works. Air pocket under thermostat keeps liquid from heat sensor on bottom of thermostat. Expanding liquid backs up into radiator untill thermostat finally opens. Then it's bled and works fine the rest of the day.
  12. Thanks again. Then it's possible if he closed door he forgot to open? He had problem before he changed rear filter.
  13. Thanks. Please refresh my memory. Does that bolt also drain filter when removed?
  14. What you are describing is low steering flow. Flow divider is the first thing I think of. Blown piston seal in steering cylinder can cause same problem. It requires higher flow than we have. Steering relief can cause loss of flow as mentioned by thesd5488. 12 gpm gear pump tandemed with 40 gpm lube pump supplys steering flow. The only other symtom provided is the lazy brakes. This maybe lack of flow to brake valve. More likely brake piston seals leaking down when sitting. Alzhiemers is setting in and I can't remember enough details regarding filter system. I seem to remember filters are installed in opposite directions (screen first on one screen last on other). Would allow unfiltered oil to pump. Was remembering a door in filter housing that when closed allowed filter change without draining system. If you hurried. Think that was in front filter and steering is rear.
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