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  1. #1 picture? #2 they are independent
  2. That 12 point cap is the screw.
  3. I don't see lines coming down under seat though.
  4. Thats where he said oil is coming from
  5. One of your buddies poured it there when you weren't looking.
  6. A leak anywhere in the system can cause that. Anything from the cap to a hose or head gasket.
  7. Its a fine threaded steel screw in the aluminum housing. Hiding behind cap at rear of housing. Threads are easily destroyed.
  8. snoshoe

    CIH 4230

    If steering comes back with bucket rolled back and deadheaded. Problem is flow divider.
  9. snoshoe

    656D loader

    You can put your new valve between your present valve and the mounting block. Then use present valve as power beyond or as second auxillary if loader is removed
  10. All those shiney plated bolts and your worried a part or two might be wrong color! Ease up and be proud. Looks good.
  11. Would be interesting to know what pressure you ended at.
  12. Try chamfering oil holes in rocker shaft.
  13. A little confused when I read this last night. Let it go. I see Jim had the same confusion. A 2250 loader is a mid mount quick detach (why would you not remove) loader. Yours apparently is a 2000 series loader. I don't know the answer to your question. It probably can be done but don't expect a straight push away separation. Expect clearence problems with mounting pads on end of loader. Removing loader as a whole requires equipment to raise front of loader over tractor front axle. While legs of loader are under platform and then raising legs when they are clear. My approach would be to support and unpin boom and lift cylinders. Back tractor out. Then unbolt and remove each side of loader frame separatly.
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