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  1. Unless I've forgot everything I think your bolt count is off. There should be six and three. The ones on the left at outer edge of plate hold clutch to flywheel should be six and tight. The ones on the right bolt pressure plate to back plate and are used to compress assembly for ease of installation or removal. Should number three and be gone.
  2. I have not answered before because I can't remember for sure. I'm thinking there was a clearance problem either with a cab or a rops. The 12 point would let you get the bolt out without removing bracket.
  3. snoshoe

    966 ta

    Right now I'm betting heavy on the dump valve hanging. Might want to consider fixing your tell light. It will be on when valve is stuck.
  4. snoshoe

    966 ta

    He is only claiming TA problems which takes us back to dump valve as most likely. There are other possibles and gauge checks would help steer us in right direction.
  5. snoshoe

    966 ta

    Pressure regulator would certainly do it. Flow divider should have given you steering issues as well. Yes on filter being cause.
  6. snoshoe

    966 ta

    Most likely the dump valve.
  7. snoshoe

    966 ta

    If it freewheels in DD and TA the sprag clutch is the only thing that is holding. Make sure your dump valve is not hanging up then put the gauges on.
  8. Never had the need to know the numbers. Do you want degrees or amount of rise for what width pulley. I would be able to measure a few after tomorrow.
  9. Waterloo built two cylinders are not flat. I have four of them in the shed. All the drive and driven pulleys I have ever seen have a crown. The only exceptions I have seen are idlers that run on back of belt. A flat pulley would be almost impossible to align so belt woul stay on. My threshing machine and shredder have crowned pulleys all over them.
  10. snoshoe

    PTO Pressure

    A wrench on the "nut" and one on the jam nut would have saved a lot of cuss words.
  11. snoshoe

    PTO Pressure

    With pto running. Valve spool is pulled up with jam nut loose insert small allen wrench in hole through valve stem and turn stem into "nut" untill you reach desired pressure. You can turn it any fraction of a turn needed. Recheck pressure after tightening jam nut.
  12. snoshoe

    PTO Pressure

    Many people set them at 250 or more so I'm sure your fine. But you succeeded in confusing me . That thing is infinitly adjustable. Just have pto running and set to desired pressure.
  13. Sorry showing my age again. Not familiar with 2 speed on those.
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