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  1. Looks to me like your rear wheels are set in about as far as they will go. Setting them out will greatly increase stability.
  2. Not going to argue some one else convince him0
  3. In order to be series each plug would need two terminals.
  4. Unplug any one the rest still work
  5. 85's had a switch not a lever. There is one sprag two clutches one piston. Lockup clutches are applied by return spring on hydraulic piston. Sprag and lock ups on ta side. At least I think so. Won't argue with anyone who says different.
  6. Memory is fuzzy this morning. You may or may not have a clutch pedal switch to dump ta pressure while shifting. I would check for electrical gremlins before splitting.
  7. snoshoe

    706 governor

    Said 282. I assumed diesel.
  8. Could be pump or blown oring. Filter could be plugged from slipping clutches. TA is shot too.
  9. There should be three detents in each valve. Raise, lower and float. Your second valve may have a "loader" detent with float only.
  10. snoshoe

    706 governor

    Metering valve sticking is first thing I think of.
  11. Different from C same as H. Sorry nothing to take picture of.
  12. Can't use Behlen pump. It has built in flow divider and only puts out enough for steering. A double acting valve simply needs to be tee'd in to the live pump. Single acting is already there. Just need hose and coupler.
  13. Is there anything vacuum plugged into that manifold that could be leaking at the other end.
  14. If you leave it running in gear and not moving. It is free to start moving at any time and quite suddenly.
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