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  1. If don't want to remove drain plug. Park on trailer or bank so bucket can be placed lower than skidloader. Then add tube to primer bulb to reach bucket. Use bulb to start siphon.
  2. Can't say what happened after 2005. Up until that point those tanks had drain plugs. Two bolt cover under rear belly. Front plug was chain case. Rear was fuel tank.
  3. If this statement is correct. The linkage is hooked up. Useing this valve as a remote is a bad idea. You can probably get the disc to go up and down but finding neutral will be a real pain. Are there other valves on tractor? If not refer to my first post.
  4. Really don't know how valve works. Was thinking no response was a variation of slow response. But you're right. If it was that valve draft lever wouldn't raise it either. Which takes us back to both levers operate same valve. It has to be linkage problem. Remove adjusting cover below seat and I am sure valve is not moving when lever moves.
  5. As soon as I posted this. It hit me. I think you have a raise response valve that could affect this
  6. The two levers operate the same valve. So it has to be linkage.
  7. Screen and orifice in regulator block is plugged. Or else contol valve is worn and you need to enlarge orifice to compensate.
  8. Still trying to reinvent the wheel.
  9. Hydraulic transmission brake?
  10. Pretty sure there was an optional double acting valve available. I'm as confused as anyone else as to what valve he's actually working on. Don't reckonize the golf tee either but that part does sound single acting.
  11. snoshoe

    1256 remotes

    The check valve keeps it from settling. I'm 90 percent sure your problem is the couplers checking. The double acting checks bother with planters and drills with markers. For those applications there is an alternating check valve.
  12. I think youv'e made it pretty plain what you had in mind. Just put forth my thoughts.
  13. In my mind a 660 row crop is impossible. With out the planetaries it's not a 660. With out the bar axles it's not a row crop. The engines are basically the same. Running faster in the 660. The planetary reduction is a big part of that.
  14. Nothing changes with the loader. It has priority over hitch and remote.
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