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  1. Well control unit was on my list too. Just not at the top. Was waiting for results of Aaron's test. Unhooking as Glen suggests works too. Either tells us if problem is inside or outside.
  2. That's the seal. Those bolts hold all the pieces in. Better take it out and get it upside down. A manual or at least timing instructions better be handy. Difficult to clean without something moving and it needs to be clean.
  3. Engine barely turning over indicates low voltage at starter. That causes high amp draw which can stick a new solenoid. Yours may or may not be bad now. If it came loose and voltage is restored it's probably alright. Suspect problem was a poor ground causing backfeeding through lights. With the smoke rolling. You could now have crossed wires anywhere in harness.
  4. Oil level first. Then filter. Note oil condition and check back. On brakes. Make sure pedal is returning fully. Sounds like sprag is bad also but I could be reading wrong.
  5. There is a rubber sleeve inside the steel sleeve that seals that bottom plate to the upper body. If you take it apart. You can get the gerotor set out of time.
  6. Oh boy my goof. I was picturing a farmall model. Yes those are the right drain plugs.
  7. Three plugs. Bottom of ta. Bottom of tranny. Bottom of rearend.
  8. To run cylinders in series. You need cylinders with phasing ports on rod end. Phasing ports just leak oil past piston when cylinder is fully extended. Just raising and holding lever until all cylinders are fully extended should put everything in phase. If any of the rod ends point down. Then air can get trapped in base end of cylinder. If it is the first cylinder. Raising and lowering can flush the air out. In one of the other cylinders it will just move back and forth between cylinders. Rod end down would be a bad design. If one of the cylinders is replaced with one without a phasing port. The whole process is stopped.
  9. Didn't say it wasn't a fault. Just saying that one is not steering problem
  10. Possibly a spiral ring. Would have only one end in view. Pry it out and spiral it out.
  11. Trying for two hours to make my memory correspond with your picture. Can't do it. To answer your question. I don't think so. I believe that to be regulated pressure in that area. Would not affect steering. Flow divider is below dump valve. There should be a passage at front of valve that brings steering up to port in housing. Steering pressure ports should have orings as gaskets can not hold that much pressure.
  12. Not familiar with that valve. I recognize the end opposite the linkage end as being a separate piece. I would assume a spring inside. In bottom picture. I can't see through the crud but I would expect a snapring between spool and plunger.
  13. Or is wrong seal for application but apparently you have taken care of the problem.
  14. This type seal is to be pressed in housing. Then pump installed. Then tube inserted from filter side.
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