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  1. Had this guy fly out infront of me last winter when I was snowmobiling. Flew for close to a mile and then landed right beside me. Managed to get a couple pics before he flew off. Was back through there a month or so later and saw one a mile or two away from that spot. Not sure if it was the same one or not. Little outside it’s home turf you’d think but never know.
  2. We had a couple of great horned owls nesting here for quite a few years. Last year or so they haven’t been around though. They had moved from our yard across the road to the church yard. Always kept a eye out for the young ones and tried to keep them from harm. They’re kind of funny when they’re small. Big ball of fluff looking all mean and angry lol. Pick them up and they’re like a little teddy bear just don’t get to close to their beaks or clams though with your face lol. We used to have some screech owls that nested here too. They haven’t been back for 10 or more years now though. Had a real nice hawk that called our home quartet home as well. I intentionally left the bluff of trees that they were nesting in standing. Unfortunately their nest fell down one spring. They moved to another tree and be damned if it didn’t blow down. Talk about a run of bad luck lol. Guess they figured they better head for greener pastures after that. Haven’t seen them now for 5 or so years. Cleaned that bush out just over a year ago as well as the trees were to old and dying out.
  3. We work most days of the week especially during the busy season. Off season things are a little more relaxed. That’s one of the reasons I like winter as things slow down a bit. Summers now seem to go by like a blur. One day I’m out seeding and the next I’m in the combine. Never any spare time to sit back unfortunately. I don’t expect others to be at work every Sunday with the exception of seeding and harvest. Pretty much everyone has someone there 7 days a week then for parts as I’d say 95% or more of the farmers around here don’t stop once they get going except for weather. Sometimes a rain is welcome even if you really didn’t need it.
  4. That sucks. Friend of mine just got t boned in a intersection by a guy with a stolen suv. Driver ran but the police arrested the passenger. It was his company truck but still. Nearly identical truck to yours too.
  5. No worries it’s all good. Yes there’s not many places left doing it that’s for sure. I think the guys in Edmonton where we bought the blade and had it repaired before are still in business. They’ve been bought out a couple times so not sure how much saw work they’re still doing though.
  6. We’ve switched places. All winter you were getting the snow now it’s over here. Figured as now that I don’t really want it it decides to show up. Oh well not much you can do. No sense siting at home complaining might as well make the best of it and have some fun while a guy can is the way I looked at it. We were just to the point where we could’ve started to think about harrowing. Homemqiarter was nearly all dry. Some of our other land was still pretty wet in the low spots though. Pot holes were still full. They’ll be fuller now when this melts. Hopefully most of it soaks in and the rain they’re calling for next week doesn’t show up.
  7. No kidding. Hopefully it gets it out if it’s system and it’ll be nice now for a while. Maybe even till June lol. Trees were sure hanging low today. Few fresh broken tops and dead fall that went down in the wind with the extra weight. Wind has been howling something awful for the last 36 hours or so now. Was times you were looking up wondering if the crowded bush trail was really the place to be today or not lol. Only got snow down my neck a couple Times from the avalanche as I passed underneath. Just enough to cool me off again lol.
  8. Well it just kept getting better and better today so I couldn’t resist. Took off from home for the first real ride of the winter(from home) Managed to put on just over 100 kms. Most snow we’ve had here all winter. Really nice snow to ride in and deep enough in the ditches to easily get yourself burried if you’re not careful lol. Was nice to get out for one last run and that should’ve just put me over the 1,000 kms for the year so that’s a added bonus lol. Still a long ways from normal but that was kind of the goal in the back of my mind while we were riding during the winter.
  9. I think the blade is due for some work. On some of the larger stuff it likes to wander a bit. Especially if it’s not real sharp. Been going around and around for many years now so probably time it got a little bit of love. It had a real rough start to life too. Dad was just starting out sawing and and a few people helping him. Someone new came up and was going to help him. Unbeknownst to him he left the rear dog out and he sawed into it. Being new he wasn’t watching as carefully as he should’ve. Took a chunk out of the blade and teeth went flying. Luckily no one got hurt. Mom and him jumped in the truck with the blade and drove to Edmonton. 36 hours later the blade was back up and running. Can’t even tell where they repaired it and 40 years later it’s still going around and around.
  10. Roads haven’t been great here either. Lots of people complaining on facebook(which is normal i suppose lol) grid has definitely been quieter here the last couple days. west end of our grid where it comes out into the highway is in a awful mess apparently. No gravel on it so it got horribly rutted from the rain we had just before the snow. Add in all this snow now onto of it and you get a real mud bog. Our end of the rm is better for a change but still rough. Little bit of gravel to hold it together yet though at least.
  11. It’s mostly home built. Mom and dad put it together in the early 80tys. They used some parts from another sawmill for the carriage and the blade drive. Most of everything else was gathered up here and there then put together. Beams came from a old prison in Saskatoon of all places lol. Lots of improvements that would be nice to make on it still after all these years but it works pretty good for the most part. Used to be a company in Prince Albert called pa(or Prince Albert) foundry. They used to build sawmills and many other things but has long since gone.
  12. I’d have sooner had a 1/2” of rain over this but it is what it is I guess. Was hoping they’d get it wrong but typical fashion I get the opposite of what I want lol. Still coming down pretty good but it’s melting pretty quick now too. Everything is still white anyways. Saying a low of -12 Friday night so it might be around for a day or two yet too.
  13. Well I guess they were due to get the forecast right for a change. Would’ve been nice to have this snow a couple months ago. Took the old sled out for 20 minutes or so and putted around the home quartet. Gave it a wash like db1486 did too lol. Only slough on the home quarter so figured why not play a little bit. Going to be one sloppy mess for a while though. At least 6 inches of snow. Probably more with what has already melted.
  14. That’s what we have as well. Aside from a door seal and a couple small things it’s been great. Going on 15 years old now probably.
  15. Had a similar thing happen to me. Was stoped at a red light and all of a sudden felt the truck jump up a bit and heard a big thump. Immediately put the truck in park and jumped out before the guy behind me could even process what had just happened. Walked up to his window and said what the @#$$ are you doing. Guy looked at me kind of surprised and said it wasn’t me look behind me. Car had rammed him hard enough to push him into me. Luckily he hit the bottom of my receiver hitch. I didn’t have the hitch in but he squared up with the tube nicely enough there was zero damage to my truck. His little Honda car or what ever it was wasn’t so lucky though. Both front and back ends were smashed in pretty good. Couldn’t have happened I’m a better spot though, right in front of the Tim horton’s donut shop. Cops basically saw it happen and were there right away. I had no damage so I didn’t stick around at all.
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