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  1. I’ve been driving by a old sawmill for the last 20 years that hasn’t turned a wheel or cut a toothpick for longer then that. It was consigned to a local online auction this week. Stupid thing sold for almost 12,000$. Needs a lot of work to be back in decent shape. People think they’re going to get rich sawing lumber. Being in the business for 30 years I can say they won’t lol. Unless you have your own sawlogs at the moment high lumber prices don’t really mean much as standing timber is exceptionally expensive now.
  2. Making progress here, Dads is all done just mine left now. Was hoping to start on it today but had to go and spray it all. Little bit of new land I rented and the stuff that another farmer accidentally fall worked on mine was growing up with small weeds pretty good. Just coming up out of the dirt so a good time to get them. Got rained out tonight so I couldn’t finish spraying. Hopefully get back to seeding tomorrow again. Sunday for sure.
  3. Well we’re almost to the halfway point now. Got going on canola this afternoon and got half the home quarter done. Calling for a slight chance of showers tomorrow afternoon so hopefully I can finish this quarter off before then. Personally I’d like to finish everything and then get a nice 1” soaker rain. Haven’t really had any rain all spring aside from those rainbow pics I posted. Hopefully it doesn’t get cold and snow now again as I don’t want our canola to freeze. Something else that I kind of had to laugh at today too that I saw posted on facebook. Porcupine plain is about a hour and a ha
  4. Happy belated birthday. Hopefully it was a smooth uneventful one out in the field.
  5. To bad I hadn’t known sooner. I didn’t know we needed it till we actually went to get it and use it lol. Oh well this ones working good and seems to be in good shape so it should last for a while. Paid enough for it but compared to a new one it was still reasonable. Gave him 1200 for it which wasn’t out of line I don’t think but still enough considering it’ll only see maybe a couple thousand bushels of grain a year and 20-30 ton of fertilizer. Didn’t quite finish the barley today. Have about 30 acres left to seed then onto either oats or canola. Not sure what dads plans are for the o
  6. Finished the wheat off today. Almost ready to go on barley in the morning. Just have to reset and fill fertilizer. Filled up with seed tonight. Couple of days hopefully the cereals will be all in. Not sure if we’ll start on canola yet or not. Still kind of cold out and occasionally freezing yet.
  7. Since everyone’s sharing their screw up stories I’ll share mine. Happened 2 years ago when we were getting ready to go way up north on a snowmobile rally. I filled my truck up and proceeded to drive over to the gas pump. One of the local cops was filling up at the one pump so I stoped at the other that I’m certain I filled the sled up with before. It had about a half a tank so I was topping it off. Started chatting with the cop before I filled and got distracted. Filled the sled up and drove up to my brothers cabin at the lake not knowing I’d just screwed up. Loaded the sled onto my brothers e
  8. Well we got rolling with the air drill mid afternoon. Should’ve been going earlier but had to clean out a mouse nest that plugged up almost every manifold. Not sure how they got in there but it made a mess anyways. Got 110 aces seeded after 3:00 so not to bad of a afternoons work I thought. Sure hard to see tonight though in all the dust. Took a few pictures anyways. Had to go to Saskatoon yesterday and pick up a used transfer auger that a fellow had for sale. Ours got hot last winter apparently and it was beyond repair mainly due to rust. It’s been in bad shape for a while now so it was nic
  9. Interesting, thanks for sharing. Do they buy the trees ready to plant or do they start them from seed? We’ve tried growing some white spruce from seeds but so far haven’t had much luck. They germinate and start but I suspect we over watered them. Kind of a neat conversation piece in the house when they we’re starting to grow though. Here you’d be close to double that time before they’re ready for Christmas trees.
  10. Well first stuck pic of the year lol. Was working through some of the land I cleared with the cat last fall and just creeping along because of some roots and sticks. Got in the middle and spun a little bit. Couldn’t back up so I just pulled the pin. Ram home for a chain and pulled it out. Didn’t have a jack handy so I had to improvise lol. Still a few snow banks in the bush yet. Pretty sure I actually hit frost along the one bush yet. It ripped it up but it sure pulled hard. Could’ve just been because it was wet too. Have to do some harrowing tomorrow maybe, dads got a couple
  11. Had another tenth or so of rain overnight. Yard was a little muddy this morning and a few water puddles around even. It was trying hard to snow tonight again. Cooled right off after about 4:00 this afternoon. After supper you could see the snowflakes coming down again. Hauled a load of barley in to the elevator today and have to take another one tomorrow. I wanted dad to pick up fertilizer tomorrow so we’d be ready to start seeding but now he’s decided he needs to haul more of his grain in out of the blue so I’m not sure what the plan is yet. Still have a few things to Check yet on th
  12. We joked about hooking my d7 up to the drill in those real wet years we had. Traction would’ve been better but moving on the road would be awfully slow lol. I take it their land is very close together or do they move the drill with a smaller tractor and haul the cat?
  13. Hasn’t been much for moisture here either yet. We’re not suffering yet but if it stays hot and dry our subsoil moisture won’t last long. Especially once we start stirring the dirt up. I’m hopping the land I rent that got accidentally fall worked with a vertical tillage disc hasn’t been dried out to badly. They worked about 3/4 of the land I rent by accident. Didn’t even bother to tell me, I found out through a neighbor. Have to haul barley in to the elevator on Sunday and Monday so hopefully going here by Wed.
  14. Well nothing much more for updates here yet. I think we’ll start seeding next week. Still a few things Lordy to fix and some field work to get done before we get going. Seeds all cleaned and home now aside from picking up fertilizer and canola seed there isn’t to much left to do. They brought out our nh3 cart today so things are lining up for a earlier start anyways. We don’t usually get going till the 10th or so of may. I’d like to be all done by may long this year again. See how the weather works I guess and how many break downs we have.(hopefully none) Had our first little rain shower
  15. It’s a real problem alright. So far haven’t had much if any downtime due to it and no misses or skips with the sprayer because of it. Seeding gets a little frustrating some days as occasionally the satellite drift will get real bad and you have to snap your a-b line every pass. Sometimes even more often on the same pass. When that happens I just go back to freehand as it just gets aggravating lol. If the signal does go down when I’m spraying I’m pretty much done. Foam marker hasn’t been used on our sprayer probably since it was new.
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