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  1. poor farmer/logger

    Fuel Rock

    We have mostly auto shut off nozzles but have one that we keep a felling wedge on the slip tank all the time. It works good and it fits in nicely on the one cover plate on the tank.
  2. poor farmer/logger

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    I’ve always thought driving the groomer would be fun. Most guys around here seem to go out at night. Maybe avoid some of the traffic and hopefully it’ll get a chance to set up a bit before the sleds come bombing over it again. I don’t have any groomed trails real close to home. Closest one to home is about 25 miles which I guess to some might be considered close.
  3. poor farmer/logger

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    Well my yamaha decided to show it's arctic cat side today. Went to fire it up first thing this morning and it didn't want to go. Left it and went into town and came back about 3:00 and it fired right up. Came insdie to let it warm up and get dressed. Hoped on and drove it for a quick shake down run before my trip north with it tomorrow but I didn't get far. Was on my way home and my belt started to squeal a bit under acceleration. Was only 1/4 mile from home so I limped it home and discovered that the oil seperator as yamacat calls it froze shut and pushed the oil into the air box. No trip tomorrow now I guess. can't even get it back in the shop to work on it now as it's packed full of equipment and vehicles. If I'd had a new belt and carbides for my nytro I would've fired it up and loaded it up instead. Might have to put a couple more bucks into it so I can take it on the longer trips again. Got a bit mess now to clean up. Hopefully nothing is damaged.
  4. poor farmer/logger

    Door to door salesmen

    Interesting I'd never heard that before.
  5. poor farmer/logger

    Door to door salesmen

    I don’t chase them off at all. They come say their two bits leave their literature and carry on their merry way. They’ve got their territories that they cover, same two older lady’s stop in here every couple months. Usually I’ll let mom deal with them especially if I’m busy working on something at the shop or in the yard but if I’m home alone I’ll still answer the door or come down to meet them. They’ve usually got some sort of reference to the bible and the day to day dealings that are going on in the world. Must admit I’ve never read one of their magazines. Mom and dad will thumb through them maybe and then they end up in the fire starter pile.
  6. poor farmer/logger

    Door to door salesmen

    We used to get the odd vacuum salesmen or someone selling fish. Once in a while we would get someone selling tools and things like that as well. Now they just phone and harass you there instead. Company out of Ontario called ace tools I think it is kept calling us for probably 6 months or so. Kept talking up this very expensive but very good drill bit set they had. You could have it with a money back guarantee. Don't even have to pay for it for 30 days. I held out and they kept throwing stuff in for free finally they took a hint and gave up. The Jehovah's Witness still show up here every few months. Our dog doesn't really like them for some reason. Maybe she knows something we don't lol.. Neighbor had a friend in the city where they used to keep bothering him every couple weeks. Finally he came to the door buck naked one day and asked if he could help them when they rang the door bell. They were never to be seen again.
  7. poor farmer/logger

    Looking at a Sunflower 1544-42 42 ft disc

    We had a much earlier version. Sunflower G4. Not sure what all was changed through the years. When it was new it was heavy enough of a disc but it had seen quite a few acres by the time we got it. It would do a nice job when everything was set right. I didn't care for the bearings and shafts on them. We had trouble keeping the gangs tight on it. I did a lot of work to it right before we sold it and had it working probably better then it had in a long time but it was time to send it on down the road. Looking for another disc now on and off again actually. Hp wise I'd say you wouldn't want to go much less then 350 maybe 325 if you have light soil. 400 would be a nice fit for it here in our conditions.
  8. poor farmer/logger

    Let's talk skidsteer mini excavators etc.

    That's odd we've had real good luck with the beefy baby's We usually get between 2 and 2500 hours out of a set. I think the originals we swapped out at 3,000 hours if I remember right. It gets used a lot around the saw mill and firewood processor in the summer so it sees lots of sticks and ocasionally even small logs that they're running over. Winter time it's basically just on ice all the time. Believe they are 10 ply.
  9. poor farmer/logger

    Bought this more for Dad then me, but I like it too!

    I don't think electric tarps like farmer loads at harvest time when the grains piled over top the hoops. Not that I'd know anything about that though lol
  10. poor farmer/logger

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    Was there a yamaha going through there? looks like a pretty big trench left lol.. This snow we've got is sure fun to play in but it sure plugs up everything. My nytro is a big ice cube in the front end now again. I started my nytro up this morning just kind of to see if it would go again after changing out the plugs. Was -33F when I got up. Had warmed up to around -14 by around 11:00 so I figured I'd see if it'd go anyways. It was pretty slow but it fired up without to much complaining. Not sure my viper would've started though. It needs a new battery for the real cold starts. With a boost it sure starts good in the cold though lol. Found a couple pics from years gone by of the last time I had my old Ski Roule out playing with it. Shortly after the last picture was taken my limiter strap broke and I stabed the track with the tip of the rail. It tore part of the track so I never really got to ride it again after that. New tracks were unavailable and good used were atrotious. I've got a good 15" track that I was always going to covert the slide suspension over to but never got around to it. This one is 17 and 1/8" or something like that. We had about 4 feet of fresh snow when I took these pics. The one begening of march it snowed everyday and just wouldn't quit. Got so bad they hired farmers with 4wd tractors with blades and some mfwd tractors with snow blowers to start opening up highways.
  11. poor farmer/logger

    ebay jerk gets a lesson

    That’s the program I hate. When you factor in the high rate of shipping they quite often use and the extra import fees it typically doesn’t make it feasible to purchase anymore.
  12. poor farmer/logger

    ebay jerk gets a lesson

    I run into that a lot too. latley I haven’t bought anything off of eBay. I’ve been on kijiji, Facebook marketplace and amazon. eBay prices have gone up a lot thanks to higher fees I’m sure. Sometimes there is stuff listed there though that you just can’t find anywhere else in the world. NOS parts for example. I’ve never had a bad experience with anything I’ve bought online thankfully. Been doing it for almost 20 years now.
  13. poor farmer/logger

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    Some nice looking vintage sleds there. Kind of fun to get in them once in a while and play around. They’re so easy to throw around and if you get stuck you can pick em up with one hand almost lol. I went out this afternoon with the nytro for a couple hours. Warmed up to -12°F. I was waiting for -10 but it didn’t get there lol. Haven’t had the nytro out this year yet so I figured it was time to blow the cobwebs off of it. It fouled plugs from old fuel when I went to start it the other day so I wanted to take it out and run some fresh gas through it and get it warmed up real good again. HD some fun anyways playing in the snow. I’m really surprised that the drifts didn’t get hard with all this cold weather. It’s was just like fresh powder to play in yet. Only stoped to take one picture. Took this pic when I cam out of the shop the other night thought it was a nice sunset
  14. poor farmer/logger

    Vehicle scan tool

    I just bought a launch crp 123. It was 155 cdn. It does engine transmission abs and air bag codes. I’ve tried it on a. Couple different vehicles and it’s picked up a couple codes that the normal obd II scanner doesn’t read.
  15. poor farmer/logger

    6.5 misfireing

    Sounds like the wild dream a fellow had here. They used to sell seed magnetizes. You put it on the end of your auger and it would magnetize the seed as it went through so it would go in the ground the right way and come up quicker lol. I think we've actually got one laying around here somewhere yet. Got it at a auction sale years ago.