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  1. Cummins 24v help PLEASE

    Seems like a odd solution but hey if it works it works. Not really sure why that would cause problems though as there's nothing timing related off the balancer. Pin wheel for the crank sensor is almost at the very back of the crankshaft. Cam sensor is in behind the vp 44 pump. 94 the crank sensor reads off the balancer but not on a 24 valve/
  2. Anyone hear much about the Maryland shooting?

    Heard about it yesterday on the news but it hasn't been playing alot today. Actually just saw a post of facebook questioning this exact same thing and why the media isn't reporting more on it. Surprised trump didn't put out more tweets about it too actually. He very likely saved lives that day with what he did. Hope he gets some recognition at least.
  3. Happy birthday poor famer/logger, power of red

    Thanks for the mention. Happy birthday to all the others as well. Sled dogs must've taken a wrong turn at the border though, none of my presents got here guys .
  4. Cummins 24v help PLEASE

    When you turn the key on the pump does not run I don't think. If it does it's very briefly. Once you bump the starter it should run for 10-15 seconds. Should be enough to fill the filter. Believe they fire off the crank sensor and run off the cam sensor in those years. Cam sensors a bit of a pain to get at. Crank sensor isn't horrible but not the easiest either. One thing when changing a crank sensor is make sure you install it the correct way into the metal bracket. I chased a limp mode on our rogator sprayer for a day and a half before I could get someone out wth the proper cables to read the codes. Guy that did the work on the motor put the sensor back into the bracket 90 degrees out from where it should've been. I straightened it out and the computer was happy after that.
  5. Phone cases

    I really liked the griffin survivor case I had before. They put a plastic cover over the camera lens now though and that seemed like a bad idea for taking pictures. I have a otterbox now. Both companies have been good to deal with. Both have sent me new cases for free under warranty. Otter box just sent me a whole new case no questions asked when I complained about the screen getting scratched up. I'm sure the cases have saved my phone before. Have dropped them a couple times over the years and so far no problems.
  6. Any Canadian dairy farmers on here??

    Hillman that's actually the first thing I thought of when I read this post. Got a lot of people up in the air over it except for the ones selling. I wish we could get back to a smaller family farm mentality but I don't think it will happen. Everything's on track to just keep getting bigger. Even if everything crashes I think it'll end up in the banks, chemical and fertilizer companies running it all. Then people will have to pay if there's only a handful of farms left. As for trudumb he probably just wants another family vacation. He's in Florida now touching up on his tan so he can blend in. Be nice if he paid for his own security detail but I doubt that'll happen.
  7. Any Canadian dairy farmers on here??

    Saskatchewan is still the only one holding out on a carbon tax. There's threats now about withholding money but we'll see where that ends up. Come on n guys get on board with us and drive that carbon tax out of here for good. Hopefully with these next elections coming up we can get back to a more normal life.
  8. Plastigage , Used it yesterday on mains

    Know one guy that used to use lead wire I believe instead of plastigauge. He hated that stuff. I've never used it so can't comment. This was just a old timer mechanic that had wrenched on motors for years.
  9. Snowomobile trip

    😂 might not be able to spin around in a tight circle like a two stroke but it's fun none the less. Can do it sometimes but more often then not I end up stuck on my side lol. Wish I had some wider skis for it now though. These little 4 inch knifes don't float so good in the powder lol.(Also don't turn worth a dam on the trail now) So youre the one making all the noise😂 Brother has a 800 reneagade that my nephew put a can on. Said he was going to leave it in till we went riding together just to piss me off lol. I don't mind them quite as bad when you're up closer to them but I find that whine a little annoying from afar. Brothers friend said they sound like a bunch of angry cows lol. Been a good run for me this winter so even if the snow goes in the next week I won't be to disappointed. Was hoping to get together with both of my brothers for a ride but I don't know if it will happen or not. Ones taking off to Mexico for a week on Saturday so that kind of kills the next two weekends. Thinking good Friday maybe if the stars align but I haven't talked to either of them yet.
  10. Life in Alaska

    Nice work on the board. Everything's layed out nice. Springs trying to pop up here too. Been above thawing the last few days now. Any black spots in the yard are getting muddy already. Still a pile of snow left yet though so hopefully get a couple more rides in yet. One more trip and I should be awful close to the 2,000 km mark. Usually only put on 1000-1200.
  11. Snowomobile trip

    Lots of sleds out around the farm too. Could hear them annoying two strokes all day yesterday almost had to go out my ear plugs in😂 Went out tonight for a little rip. Went up to our north quarter to see if anyone had been tearing around on it. No one had been in on the quarter so it looks like most were obeying the no trespassing signs. Neighbors having problems with snowmobiles on her freshly seeded alfalfa. She put up signs but sleds have been driving right beside them. Probably won't hurt it to much now with all the snow but it's still kind of the principal of it. Snows really nice out now when it cools off a little. Nice powdery snow yet. Gets so wet and sticky when it's hot out though. Snapped a couple pics. Proof too that a nytro can carve lol. Sounds like the poor sidewinder had a rough day. Friend of my brother just wrote off his almost new Viper. Did a number on himself too. Lucky to be walking and riding yet.
  12. Sometimes a LITTLE help is the best

    I got to learn to drive out of necessity too. Was about 5 years old and dad needed the truck moved to a different spot in the field. Had driven it with others before but that was the first go alone. Also the first time driving the swather. I don't know many 5 year olds now that have grown up around the farm that I'd trust to go run equipment now. Kind of used to be the norm though. Most have their faces buried in a phone or video game.
  13. Snowomobile trip

    Went on another good ride yesterday. My brother one of his friends and myself loaded up and met about a hour and a half north of the farm. 4-5 feet of snow so there was lots to play in. Put on 245 Kms. Close to our biggest ride if not the longest trip we've done. Trails were busy as it was warm out and there was lots of fresh snow. One stretch the trails had been hammered out pretty bad already otherwise they were pretty good. Managed to get stuck twice anyways. Once I blew a 90° corner that wasn't marked. Friend ahead of me did almost the same thing only I went about 5' further into the deep deep snow lol. Second time I got up on the high side of the bank on the edge of what had been groomed before. Was going slow at the time and the sled nose dived into about 4' of powder right along side the small trees. Could've driven right out but the ski was rubbing on the edge of the one small pine tree. Brother rides a rx1 and he had just gone off the trail to a little look out spot. He got stuck 3 times before he got back on the trail again. That was the end of his powder playing lol.
  14. The boss and I at work

    Keeping busy anyways by the looks of it. I've got my eye on two otc jacks like that coming up at a online auction. I'm sure someone else will need them more then me though unfortunately.
  15. Snowomobile trip

    Looks like some nice wide trails to ride on. Pretty fancy looking groomer too. Most of the clubs are using sno cats or older versions of them here now. When I was out at Hudson Bay they had two new John Deere tractors though I believe. Pretty expensive grooming anyways lol. You take that shiny sidewinder home with you? lol Might be heading out for a ride on Saturday again. Had a little incident with the sled today so I've got it in the shop thawing out so I can check it over tomorrow and make sure it's all good yet. Caught a V ditch that was burried in the fresh snow. I knew it was there but figured there'd be enough snow to skip overtop of it. Track hit it though and kicked the sled up a bit. Everything went a little catty whompis from there lol. Didn't get hurt and I don't think there was any damage to the sled either. Was far enough over on its side though that some oil leaked into the air box. Have to check it over and clean everything up. Going to make sure the oil filter didn't get hit either.