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  1. Got the combine all cleaned up and put away again and started on spraying this afternoon. Only got 1 tank sprayed out as I ran into a problem with the pump. The one 1/8” pipe thread plug on the housing had come loose and was leaking. Turns out the threads are no good. Cleaned it up real well and threaded it back in with jb weld. See if it holds up to pressure tomorrow morning I guess. Had to run in for more chemical anyways.
  2. I put ours in every night when I’m close to home. It sits out when it’s further away. If there’s a whole bunch of rain coming I’ll bring it home and put it in. A 1/10” wouldn’t qualify as enough in my mind.
  3. nice looking unit. I’d really like to get a zero turn mower for the farm here and save some hours on our yard tractor. 2 things holding me back though. 1 is the price and second is I can’t seem to keep dad off the grass with the skid steer so it doesn’t stay nice anyways lol. Looked at some Kubota diesels and wish we’d have bought one 10 years ago when we were looking. Ones with a thousand hours are selling for the same price as what we could’ve had a brand new 31 hp diesel with a 72”. Brand new one now is 20-23,000$. And that might even be a bit on the light side price wise.
  4. Was way to nice of a day to stay home and work so I took off in the duramax and went for a cruise. Went out to hudson bay and then took the gravel roads back to Nipawin. Ventured off into the bush a little as well and found a few nice lookout spots. 677 kms and about half of that was driving in solid bush. Was a nice little drive anyways. Scenery looks a bit different with all the leaves on lol. Usually go through these areas when there’s a pile of snow on the ground.
  5. I either need to go to bed or get my eyes checked. Maybe both, I read that title as woman drive skill saw😂😂 wasn’t sure what to expect when I clicked lol. It’s been some pretty long days least that’s my excuse lol.
  6. Never had a Nissan but know a few people who have. They seemed to have decent luck with them. One is a Cummins. I couldn’t bring my self to look at them with the price point they had. Could have a full-size 1 ton for the same price. E brakes are something I never use. Maybe should have on the 03 with the 6 speed manual. Had one instance where I came out to get the truck and it wasn’t where i parked it lol. Must’ve put it in 6th gear by mistake and it was parked on a pretty good downward slip at a parking lot. Stupid thing rolled out into the street and stoped. I don’t know to this day of someone had pushed it out of the way or it stoped where it stoped but either way it hadn’t caused any damage thankfully. My duramax I bought at the auction had the parking brake applied when the staff parked it. Being a automatic I never gave it a second thought to the brake being on. Was a light on the dash but I thought it was a abs light. Set out in a 400 mile trip home and about 50 miles in a light went off in my head why it kept chiming at me. 🤦‍♂️ Needless to say the stopping power of the e brake was never the same lol. Dealership still passed it when I safetied it though lol.
  7. It’s one thing to have a field that cuts up into smaller pieces and still have some direction of travel but that little bit dad had left had swaths going one way that dead ended and no where to come back on. One minute you were heading east and the next you were going back north looking for another swath lol. At least in canola you can pick up swaths backwards pretty easy. When I’m swathing I try to make it as easy for myself to pick up as I can. I never leave random cuts that don’t go anywhere. Dads kind of a squirrel that way. He’ll go one direction then all of a sudden veer off in another or come back to the truck for parts or something to eat then head off in another direction again. Frustrating at night try to figure it all out.
  8. Lol I might get lost over there and never make it back😂 Bins are pretty much all full. We hauled one load of wheat in off the combine. I have a pile on the ground that I can hopefully get cleaned up and hauled in sometime in the next few weeks. Going to take a couple days of rest then start putting some things away. Have some spraying to do yet once the dust washes off and then onto cat and hoe work again. Have some more dirt to move and a little bit of brush cutting to do. New puppy is doing pretty good. Still not completely house broke though and of left alone to long likes to start chewing on things. Him and the cat aren’t exactly buddies yet. The cat tolerated him though. Puppy loves to torment him lol. Comes up licking him and nibbling at his ears. Finally when the cat has enough he’ll start swatting towards him. Never to really hurt him just more leave me alone lol.
  9. Well that’s all she wrote. Harvest 2022 is a wrap. Could’ve finished up last night but decided my sanity was worth more lol. Fad had swathed this little field at home and had cuts going every which way. Got cut over the course of a week or so. Got it done anyways. Brought our new puppy with for the last 18 acres at home. He didn’t mind going for a ride.
  10. Talking near record temps here again for mid week so hopefully it makes it over your way too. All goes well I should be done by then or at least very close. Will be nice to have it behind us and kick back for a few days. Maybe go for a drive in something other then a combine or semi lol
  11. Wildling away at it yet. Down to about 140 acres now. This field is running a bit better I think. Swaths are bigger anyways. Other field averaged out at about 46-48 bpa so pretty happy with that regardless. Thought it might do a bit better but not going to complain either. Quit a little bit early tonight. Semi and combine are both full and I don’t think the bin will hold it all. Need to shuffle a little bit of wheat around as well to empty out another bin. Have one more empty to work away at yet but if it’s damp I’ll try and move the wheat in the morning too I think.
  12. Makes for long days for sure. Usually start running around the yard at 7:30-8:00 and come back in the house 11:00-midnight ish. Just got back in now again and trying to cook a bit of supper. Don’t usually take time to eat during the day unless I’m home with a load of grain. Didnt finish the quarter today like I’d hoped. Didn’t start combining till 11:00 and it was still a bit tough. Down to about 30-40 acres on that quarter now so should finish it tomorrow without to much trouble and hopefully get a start on the last quarter. Have 20 acres left at home as well but that will be the last I do probably. Hopefully within the next 3-4 days. First pic is kind of a where’s Waldo. There a great big coyote hiding next to the swath. Little hard to make out in the picture though. It got up in front of me and walked over about 3 swaths them layed back down. Real nice healthy looking one. Probably the biggest one I’ve seen too.
  13. Got going this afternoon. Spent the morning shuffling barley around to make more room for canola. Still don’t have quite enough room for what’s left I don’t think but getting closer at least. Got a couple semi loads off before it got to tough anyways. Hoping to finish that quarter tomorrow if I can get started early enough. Might not quite make it though. Will be a long day if I do.
  14. Yup you nailed it. Product available here called protect it. It has something else in it that they won’t say. It’s more of a white powdery while the diatomaceous earth we buy is grey. Protect it seems to stick a little better but is about 4 times as expensive so quite often we just buy a bag 30 bag of diatomaceous earth and use a little extra.
  15. Took a sample of canola this afternoon. Tested 10.4 on out tester. Elevator called and said we could finally bring that load of wheat that was siting on the semi in. It had that green buckwheat and other small tough weeds in it so we didn’t want to put it in the bin with the other good wheat. Was actually concerned about it starting to heat in the truck to tell you the truth. Took pretty heavy dockage on it but was glad to see it go down the road. Graded it a #1 and the protien was high. They checked the canola over while I was there and they came up with 11 moisture. 1% green. 10 is dry so hopefully it’ll come down a long by tomorrow afternoon. Was late enough when we got home I didn’t bother going back out to combine. Figured it would be getting tough in a hour or two anyways. Need to shuffle some barley around in the morning maybe to empty out a couple bins. Still have some of that barley that we had to treat for bugs. Hate to put it in a pile as the stuff you put in it to kill the bugs really attracts moisture. (It’s crushed sea shells I believe)
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