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  1. Good to hear you’ve got it running good now. Now like mto said just keep it shiny side up lol. (Think it was mto that said that earlier on in this post)
  2. So the truth comes out you did ride a Yamaha 😂. A nice running triple is hard to resist on a cool crisp morning. Sounds so good at -30 cracking the throttle out in the fields.
  3. Did you freeze up on the coast cc? Things have been pretty quiet as of late. Have you joined up on Facebook? There’s a couple of logging groups that post a lot of old logging pictures and new ones just like the one you posted above of the tigercats swimming actually.
  4. Nice work. Takes a lot of time and dedication to see a project like that through to completion. Not a easy task for sure when you have to manufacture you’re own parts.
  5. Time flies when you’re having fun they say lol. Was plenty chilly that day too kind of took off on a hope and a prayer but it came home good aside from the parking brake fiasco lol. Felt bad leaving ya there on your own that day. Been a bumpy 10 years to say the least but at least for the moment things are going pretty good. Hopefully 20 is a uneventful year though, had our fill of excitement in 19 lol. You just need a 15 and a 20 to complete the line up now. Nothing 150 grand wouldn’t fix 😢. I knew better then to ask about a Ls swap lol. Fun little cruising truck either way though.
  6. Been adding to the fleet I see Ht. Looks good, big block and racing slicks in the near future?? lol. I see you've still got the trusty ol duramax too. Mines still chugging along but starting to rust above the rear fender wells now. Was a little disappointed with that as I keep the truck clean and don't drive it in the salt usually. 10 years next weekend that you were out at the sale with me when I bought it. Been a good truck otherwise. That's a clean looking bug and Jeep. Always wanted a Jeep when i was younger but I sort of grew out of it. Didn't help that I had to haul my toys around on the weekends either lol. Id take yours over a new one any day though, I don't think the new ones will be around as long as yours.
  7. I hate taking trucks and equipment out in the salt like that. Takes a lot of scrubbing and washing to get them clean afterwards that’s for sure. Got there and back safe and sound that’s the main thing.
  8. Had a sneaking suspicion that’s what this thread would be about lol At least about the snowmobile part lol Always liked the sound of a nice running triple. Lots of guys running studs now on the new sidewinders to try and get all the power to the ground. If they’ll survive there I’m sure you’ll have good luck as well. I’ve never had the need for studs and have personally been leery of them as they’ve been known to take out a front heat exchanger or two over the years.
  9. Was starting to wonder if you’d upgraded to some fancy new wheels Ht lol. Didn’t quite hit -40 here but close enough to be cold regardless.
  10. They always say if you do it long enough eventually you’ll get bit. Haven’t slid anything off yet but still pucker up a bit when loading. Might be going to look at a newer lowbed in the next few days. Been looking around for a good used 10’ wide hyd detach but haven’t found much that isn’t 100 K or just plain junk. Dad doesn’t load anything so it’s always up to me. Siting down nice and low to the ground would be nice but thinking we may have to take our chances with a fixed neck lol. Glad to hear you weren’t hurt. Could always end up a lot worse.
  11. Maybe you’ll snag yourself a new turbo 850 when you’re out west lol. Haven’t talked to my nephew since Christmas to see if he made it out there or not yet. Maybe his Polaris blew up again. It was just to mice and sunny out this afternoon to stay in the shop all day. I had to take the sled out to get the one skid steer out anyways so I suited up and went for a ride. -18°F but it really didn’t feel that bad out. I didn’t ride real far but I was out for a couple of hours anyways. Was nice to be out in the sunshine for a while anyways. Fields are really nice to ride on now. No real deep powder yet but there’s some drifts in the ditches to play in. Managed to find some deeper stuff to play in for a bit anyways. Last picture sure shows the steam and exhaust coming up in the sunlight.
  12. We’ve bought several larger pieces of equipment from them over the years. Lots to chose from but you do have to watch what you buy. They’ve come a long ways with their listing details and photo taking but they do miss things. We went to Nisku to buy a 3 phase generator. They had about 100 of them there. Lots were just junk though. They had 3 that looked real nice on the outside and were showing low hours however they didn’t run. I opened the side cover on the one and saw the crankshaft sticking out the side of the block. Figured well if it goes cheap enough I can always put a motor in it or build one to go back in. They sold them by choice and the one with the ruined motor sold for the highest and went online to a bidder in California. I’m sure they were a little surprised when they got it shipped down lol.
  13. Sounds like a trip is in the works. Hopefully the weather cooperates for ya and you get some nice brignt sunny days for riding. I usually avoid the bulrushes, I hate picking fuzz out of everything lol.
  14. I get a little uneasy walking out onto old bridges like that with not much for a railing lol. There’s one old railway bridge not far from here over the Saskatchewan river. I didn’t get to far out on it but far enough when you’re looking a couple hundred feet down in between the snow covered railway ties lol. We unloaded next to the cabins at lower fishing lake. Lots of the cabin owners feed the deer there yet I think. There’s always some hanging around the cabins. We were watching them while we stepped out for fresh air when we were changing spark plugs. They were standing a couple hundred yards away just walking around not a care in the world.
  15. We’ve never had any issues taking rolled change in. Now dump a pail of pennies and nickels on their desk and they might have a few not so nice words for you lol. The one branch of our bank used to have a change counter where you dumped a pail into it and it sorted it and deposited direct to your bank account. Non members could use it as well but had to pay a fee. They got rid of it after about 3 or 4 years though. I think it was maybe causing more problems then it was worth.
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