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  1. Finally a warm sunny day here again. Got most of the canola sprayed again today. One little 50 acre field left that there is no real urgency to do. Weeds that are coming are very small and it’s on sand so the canola is still filling in. Pretty bare in some spots yet. Won’t be a bumper crop there that’s for sure. Took a few pictures while spraying nothing special though. The yellowish geeen strip in the first picture is where dad combined with the Massey last fall and didn’t have the engine wide open lol.
  2. Those are some ugly looking clouds. About 30 miles east of here and south a bit there was a possible tornado touchdown. I haven’t heard the extent of the damage yet but they got a lot more rain and hail then we did. So far the brunt of the storms have been missing us at home. Hopefully it stays that way. Good to hear you got spraying wrapped up though. Just think of the money you’ll save from going to a chiropractor to get your back cracked 😂😂
  3. Canola looks good there Ralph. Ours looks tougher today after all the wind and rain. Maybe even a little hail. The barley is starting to lay down quite a bit in places too.
  4. Got another 1/2” here at the farm further east got a lot more. Just a little bit west of here there’s a lot more water laying in the fields too. Plenty wet here too at the farm though. Going to spray the canola again so I hope it dries up a bit in the next day or two. Fields are pretty soft yet. Might have to run with partial loads to save wear on the machine and tearing up the crop even more.
  5. Wish I had more pictures from when my grandfather had his steam powered mill in the bush back in the 30tys-early 40tys. They had a small crew but cut a lot of lumber there year round. Can’t imagine trying to keep that steam engine going in -30 weather. Got some pay slips around here somewhere yet. The steam engineer was the highest paid man. Think it was around a dollar a day.
  6. Schulte gets my vote too. Doesn’t hurt that my nieces boyfriend is one of the engineers there lol. I’ve seen the abuse that the rm puts them through though and if they’ll hold up here they’ll hold up anywhere lol. Don’t have to worry about running over the ends of culverts here anymore I think just about every single one of them had had a haircut with the mowers. They had a John Deere for a while here. It was actually delivered to them while they were cutting. They switched them out just across the road from me. Wasn’t 5 minutes went by and I could hear a loud bang. They swung out the gate where they hooked up went straight down the ditch and proceeded to cut the end of a 18” culvert off. Hadn’t even worn the paint off the blades yet lol. It did keep on going to its credit.
  7. @captain_crunch @King of Obsolete @hardtail Figured id tag you guys. Thanks for sharing the pics. That’s quite a load if they’re pulling that whole train of sleighs as one.
  8. Hadtye drone up for a little bit this morning when the clouds were starting to clear up. Wind was starting to pick up pretty good at the same time so I didn’t fly it around much. Took a couple shots when it was up though. Barley has yellowed a bit in the low spots but overall looks pretty good yet. It’s got a bit of a yellow hue the way the sun was shining on it. Later in the afternoon it was a nice deep green again. Spots where I overlapped going around bushes or poles it’s actually laying down already. It’s atarting to get some height to it already and in another week or so it should be heading out I think. Sprayer tracks from the ground aren’t to obvious yet but from the air they sure show up
  9. If you get up this way let me know. We’re half way in between PA and Melfort but it’s not far to slip into PA if it works out.
  10. We got lucky and didn’t get much more rain today again. Had a little bit overnight again and just a light drizzle on and off today. Didn’t amount to much but the yards still greasy. Went out on the quad this afternoon and did a little crop checking on my rentled land. Roads were to bad once I got off the main grid. Guys doing the road building weren’t working today though. Wet enough they called it quits. They’ve been crap down for a few days now again. I’m sure they’re cursing this rain too. Work 2 days sit for 5. Hard to make money doing it that way.
  11. Getting closer to my neck of the woods lol. Need to get a little further north and come up to God’s country lol.
  12. Looks like a heavier band heading towards Ralph’s direction tonight. We didn’t get any more today but they’re saying another inch tomorrow again. Looks like another band heading your way too db1486
  13. We were just catching up from the rain we had the week before. Everything was just starting to dry up nicely. Some of the pot holes that had water in them all spring were even starting to dry up. That hot weather last week sucked up a pile of moisture. Now we’re getting it back or maybe db1486 is getting it
  14. I saw the weather warnings on Facebook and was thinking about you. Sucks that you got that much. They were showing 50-100 mm on the map for your area so they weren’t that far off I guess. That’s a lot of water to get at once though that’s for sure. Kind of like getting 3 or 4 feet of wet snow all at once and melting. There was a band stretching back into Saskatchewan too but I haven’t heard if there was much on this side of the border or not. Sure some strange storms going around so far this year anyways.
  15. We’re fairly forunste here to have good parts guys at most of the stores. Somemgo above and beyond sometimes to try and get the correct stuff. One versatile dealer went as far as to order belts in overnight for us from a John Deere dealer lol. Same guy ordered a u-joint from his supplier to replace the versatile one we bought from him. He took the versatile tag off and put it on the one he ordered as it was about 1/4 the price. Johnny Deere guys are pretty decent although honestly we don’t buy a lot of parts there as the John Deere doesn’t usually need much. The Case Ih and new holland dealers are pretty good as well. There’s always one guy at each dealer that’s really good with the parts so you can always go back to him when there’s trouble finding something or you need to cross over some numbers. As far as stocking parts most of the dealers have a good inventory. The warehouse for all of the major brands is only 3.5 hours away so you can usually get anything you need overnight.
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