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  1. Was supposed to go out riding tomorrow but everyone else is backing out so I’ll likely stick pretty close to home. -25°C at unload time tomorrow morning so it will be pretty chilly for sure. There will be better weather ahead. The one trail we wanted to go down isn’t open yet either, beavers are causing issues. Still only 6 inches of ice on some crossings the club said. Maybe go out on my old sled tomorrow afternoon for a bit if the sun stays out. It’s all back together now again. Went for a little ride a couple nights ago just to try it out.
  2. Good to hear you were able to get out on the trails again. That’s a long dry spell. Don’t think I could wait that long to bring mine out again. Be no paint left on it from all the polishing I’d be doing lol.
  3. Ouch that’s outrageous. 20 bucks at the most for a lf3972 fleetguard filter. 10 lts of synthetic oil should’ve been another 80$. Makes it hard to get things done white dealers like that that’s for sure. Lucky enough most of our small town dealerships are pretty good yet. Have to take dads 2019 ram 3500 in for a cp4 fuel pump recall. Sounded like it was going to be a couple month wait but this time parts came in within the week. Always leery of letting others work on our stuff but so far they’ve been ok.
  4. I’d say it’s been a pretty warm winter here so far. Been a couple of cold snaps but nothing to extreme. Haven’t seen -40 yet anyways. Hasn’t been any snow to speak of in the last 30 or so days either. Had 3-4 inches early this morning and thawing temps all day with a strong northwest wind. Like hardtail said the cool down is on its way now. Looking forward to it in a at. Roads have been very sloppy all week. Nice to have them dry again with no salt.
  5. Can’t say for sure but I’d be surprised if it did. Even if it does I’d think your dealer. Oils do the electronic calibration after you’ve installed it. Maybe unhook it if that’s a option till it can be calibrated if need be. Like I said though I’d be surprised if it did. Talk to the service manager and see what they say. I know one time I went to get a new key for my truck. Parts guy said they’d have to program it in the shop for a cost of 300$ or something stupid like that. That might have included the cost of the key, can’t remember. Quick google search led me to another post so I asked the service manager and he said no that’s to much to program it lol. Get the key and go out to the parking lot I’ll come out with ya lol.
  6. Was thinking about them the other day too. Must be right around a year ago now that it happened.
  7. It’s easy to get going pretty quick on trails like that that’s for sure. We had quite a few open stretches on the way back so we were cruising 80-90 mph. Crazy how it doesn’t really seem that fast on a sled. Faster then I normally drive on the highway lol. Put your hand out in the wind and you sure feel it though. Windshield does a pretty good job of deflecting the worst of the wind.
  8. It’s sure weird how some sleds will pump the tank pretty much empty and the next one only gets to 1/4 tank. Friend of mine has a 2020 like mine and was mentioning the same mod this evening. He had everything needed to do his but said he hasn’t had a need to do it yet. He just did a ride where he put 37 liters of fuel in and hadn’t run out yet where I was at 33.5 even with burping it.
  9. Snowing and raining here today. I could sure do without the rain makes a mess of everything. Here if we get rain bad enough to make the grid roads icy they stay icy all winter. Makes it a bigger pain hauling grain. Salt trucks will be on the highways in full force today I’m sure. Plan is to go to the choiceland rally next Saturday if it doesn’t turn to cold. Saying a high of -21°C so it’s getting close to our cut off point. This new sled is colder riding too so I can’t stay as warm as I used to. See how things play out I guess. Trying to figure out some extra fuel storage too now. I don’t get quite the same range as my old sled. I actually ran out of gas about a mile from the truck yesterday. Crossed the highway and got on the throttle pretty hard. Skis were up off the ground some and the fuel left in the tank all went to the back of course. Primed it twice with the key and it fired right back up again and I made it back without any trouble but that’s to close for comfort for me lol. Fuel light had only been on for a few miles too. Not much extra warming. We were riding pretty hard coming back so I burnt a little extra because of that. Riding up I got pretty decent mileage but when you really get on it it sure sucks it up. Still got 15 mpg but my viper was consistent at around 17. Same tank size so it’s not hard to do the math lol.
  10. Well we all loaded up in my brothers trailer today and headed back up to lower fishing lake again. Headed more northwest this time though. Made a loop up to east trout lake then back around to the south side of lower fishing lake again. Trails were in pretty good shape. We haven’t had any fresh snow to speak of since we were up there on the 28th of dec but the groomers have been out keeping the trails smooth. Traffic wasn’t to bad today but a little busier then usual. My brother had one guy coming at him on the wrong side of the trail today. Brother was all the way over to the right and the guy coming was heading straight towards my brothers left ski. Luckily he got on the brakes quick enough to get it stoped. Friend said he was sideways enough he could see the idler wheels in the suspension when they stoped turning. Made for a good trip otherwise though. Put 245 kms on the sleds. I haven’t really been out on the new sled that much but it’s already at 1,000 kms now. Course 90 of that was from the previous owner but it’s still counting up quick Been driving past that old truck for about 10 years now. Usually going fast enough it’s a bit of a blur. Today I Made a point of stoping to look at it. Not sure what it is but it’s a neat old set up. Single axle belly dump gravel trailer set up on a 5th wheel. Guessing the truck is a 1 ton. Covered with enough snow I didn’t go exploring lol. Would be interesting to know the story behind it though.
  11. Atv’s I replace the boot. My duramax I’ve just replaced the whole axle. Boot is like 30-40$ and the whole axle the last one I got aftermarket through a decent brand was 125$ cdn.
  12. I tend to speed on the highways a bit but overall drive fairly sensible with my truck. I went the other way with add ons too, dpf had been gutted before I got the truck but it had never been tuned so every time it went into a regen it would smoke black. Even siting idling you could see black smoke coming out now just imagine it under a heavy load or fast acceleration lol. I got the truck tuned shortly after I got it. Guy asked me how much extra power I wanted. None I said just turn the egr and dpf off. Mileage picked up quite a bit just from the lack of regens so I was happy enough with that. Snowmobiles are another area where guys go crazy with add ons. Drove a friends sled like mine that had been tuned and clutched. Imagine he’s spent around 2-3,000$ on addons. His words when he drove mine was that’s what I’ve been chasing to get back to lol. He’d had some clutch issues as well caused by some other problems but it kind of went downhill from there. I didnt notice a huge difference in power either. 200 hp is more then enough for me anyways lol.
  13. I always freeze some when I make cookies as I like them better that way. Chocolate chip is my favorite one to eat raw.
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