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  1. Yup looks like we’re stuck with him now lol. Haven’t fed him a whole bunch yet but he seems to hang around regardless. Wants to hang out in the shop now which is a bit of a pain. Would prefer to keep it outside all the time but come winter that doesn’t work so good at -40.
  2. Good to hear Ralph. I’m hopping to be surprised with our canola. I’m hopping the heavy straw and low yield doesn’t continue to the canola. Hasn’t been a lot come off around here yet to know how it will yield. Got the new railing trough this afternoon so I’m hopping to make some good headway putting it back together tomorrow. I’m doubtful I’ll grt it all done but a guy can dream lol. I’m sure it’s going to be fun getting things lined up and bolts back in again. Hopefully I won’t have to invent to many new swear words lol.
  3. Ended up with one here too that is a nuisance. Working on the combine the other day he jumped up onto the sieves and tried to snuggle up to me. Week or so before he was around my feet the whole time I was unloading the semi so I picked him up and set him down in the barley sample Paul thinking he wouldn’t like that to good. Little bugger just curled up and then caught a feee ride back to the house with the sample lol. Pretty sure someone dropped it off. Showed up about 3 weeks ago and hasn’t left since.
  4. Nice looking load of logs. Wish we had more hardwood options around here. Birch and poplar are about it and neither are very good. Some nice birch in pockets but if it’s over a foot in diameter odds are pretty good it’s goong to have some rot in it.
  5. Probably the worst for me was crawling inside the Massey combine on the straw walkers. They’ve got these swinging baffles for a lack of a better word that only go one way. Crawling out isn’t to bad coming in you get stuck easily lol. Not a fun place to be anyways. Parts are supposed to be in tomorrow so hopefully get it back together in the next couple days. So far no one else has volunteered to go back inside lol.
  6. So far I’ve never needed heavy equipment to get myself out, you’re doing a better job at getting stuck then me I guess lol Have had to unhook multiple times though so I’ve beem close We usually swath our wheat and hope for the best won’t be long I’m thinking and glyphosate will be banned as a desiccate. If the weather cooperates quite often you can get it up quicker swathing it then spraying it. You know perfectly well how often the weather cooperates though lol. Would’ve been handy to have a 10 year old around here yesterday to crawl in and out of there lol. My fat arse doesn’t fit in tight spots like it used to 😂😂 lol. Almost have to be a contortionist to turn around in there lol.
  7. This one had a similar patch put on the right hand side where it dumps into the tailings elevator and it had 2 other patches plus one spot where the corner cracked on the other end and was staring to leak. We had time to spare right now so I figured I’d just go ahead and fix it up properly and hopefully not have to worry about it again. Spray plane woke me up the other morning when he buzzed the house. Sprayed 3 quarters right next to us and he just had to do a low flyover the house lol. Fair bit of straight cut canola around here. Majority is still swathed though.
  8. Looks like you planted it pretty good lol. Everything’s dry enough here now you can drive almost anywhere again. Most sloughs are dry except for the deeper ones. Most guys have been going pretty hard here now since last wed or so. Canola is still iffy though. Not a lot of it off around here yet. Odd field here and there but the bulk of it is still out there. Talked to my brother in-law tonight and he said the same. Lots of guys are waiting as it’s not mature yet. I’m hopping by the weekend we can be going on canola. Got the ih all tore apart today. Not the most fun job but I got it done anyways. Mom came and helped with some of the hidden bolts where one person had to be inside and one outside. Kind of had to learn as I went as I wasn’t 100% sure how much stuff actually had to come out. Parts are on order so hopefully get it back together before the weekend. 525$ for that piece of tin in the last picture though. Awful price for some thin sheet metal.
  9. Cereal grains are all done now. Got that last bit of wheat cleaned up this afternoon. Not to bad for green in it now so I think it will be fine. Elevator said that will disappear in their dryer anyways. Had to use the Massey to finish up though. Went to set the ih yesterday for wheat and kept getting a fair bit of wheat in my sample tray. After a hour or so of playing around with rotor, fan, concave and sieve settings I figured something had to be up. Crawled under neath and sure enough the grain pan had been rubbing on the tailings auger trough. Someone has put some patches in there before me too. Not sure how far I’ll dig into it now. Hate to tear it all apart in the middle of harvest but that’s what I may end up doing. Canola is a few days away yet anyways. Kind of wish we’d get a shot of rain now.
  10. We’re pretty much sold out at our little mill. We are out of logs at the moment otherwise we’d have more to sell. We’ll likely go back logging somewhere this winter but the price on our dues is going to skyrocket with this increase in lumber. Right now it costs us around 35$/cord for standing timber. That’s what we have to pay the government. With this increase I can see that easily going up to 75-100 even. They update the dues quarterly so I’ll find out end of the month how bad they’ll be. Mills are going fairly hard here I believe. We don’t have a lot to do with the larger mills but there’s lots of logging activity going on so they must be buying all they can get. We haven’t increased our prices yet but we will have to when we replace our sawlogs. Thin margins as it is now so you know what doubling the main input cost will do.
  11. Windows were pretty frosty this morning when I got up. Going to take a few hours to dry before anything will go this morning again.
  12. It’s the nicest wheat we’ve grown in quite a few years so that’s why I’m contemplating risking it and taking it with the green. Wish I had a colour sorter seed cleaner lol. It’s devatable if it’s worth it running it through the dryer too. Extra expense and handling probably isn’t worth the 30-50 cents a bushel we’d gain going from a #1 to a #2
  13. Took a sample of wheat today and ours has some green in it too. Debating what to do. It’s only 40 some acres so it sure be nice to have it off and be done the cereals. Wheat looks decent aside from the green. Would be a shame if it sits and gets a couple Inches if rain on it too. It’s close to dry but not quite our canola isn’t quite ready yet haven’t taken a sample but I can find some green in the hollows. Very little now though so it won’t be to much longer Saw a bear out wandering around when we went back to get the combine
  14. Well finally got some more done. Just about half done now. Wee little bit of wheat to do and we’ll be at the half way point. Technically speaking though I’m all done lol. Finished up the last of the barley this morning. Had a wee bit left st home. Thought I could finish it las night but the combine filled up before I was done. I’d left a few slough bottoms that were green before so I was just cleaning up odds and ends. Maybe 3-4 acres. Ended up with 275 bushels from that little bit though so it was worth while chasing lol. Surprising as there wasn’t much of a swath in most places either. Fee olaces I just left as it was almost pure foxtail. Figured no pin t spreading those seeds around any more then I had to. Probably burn them after we’re all done. I’m hopping to go on wheat tomorrow. Dad hauled some grain in to the elevator today and I was busy cleaning and servicing the combine. Got myself completely filthy. Had my safety glasses on so I could at least see after though. Dad took off with the semi and the dust masks are all in there. I’ll probably sound like I’ve got covid come morning lol. Did a little flying with the drone when we were finishing up. Got mom to drive the combine for a bit while dad was swathing. Shed never driven this one so I gave her a crash course and sent her on her way. She did just fine and didn’t wreck anything so it was ok lol.
  15. I prefer a deckover trailer to a car hauler but for some they don’t need the extra width. For me I’m always hauling something wide or trying to load something in between the fender wells of a customers car hauler. I’d like to find a 16’ with tandem 7,000 lb axles. Would be handy at times for doing smaller loads but still have a capability to haul the skid steer or a 1,000 gallons of water. We built a set of ramps for our deckover gooseneck out of 6”x .25” channel iron with 2”x.25” angle iron cross bars . Not light to lug around but they sure ain’t bending anytime soon lol. We haul the skidded on that trailer so we wanted something that wasn’t going to bend.
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