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  1. poor farmer/logger

    Tokyo Drift

    I didn't mind the first ones up till around 5 or so. After that they started pushing things so far past the point of being believable I kind of lost interest in it. I still watch but the stunts are so far fetched it's almost turned into science fiction lol.
  2. poor farmer/logger

    New joke

    To add insult to injury I believe he didn't even own the tractor.
  3. poor farmer/logger

    Fire extinguisher "testing"

    I've found it's cheaper or just about as cheap to just buy a new extinguisher. I discharged one this spring on the 875 versatile when I forgot the parking brake on. No damage done thankfully but it got the heart rate going when the smoke started coming up into the cab. Thought it was the off gas from the nh3 at first. That would've been just as bad lol. Think over the years we've only discharged 2 or 3 of them. Thankfully nothing serious over the years.
  4. poor farmer/logger

    New joke

    The poor guy from southern Saskatchewan will never live that one down lol.
  5. poor farmer/logger

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    That's a pretty nice line up. One for every day of the week lol. You know these sleds better then most I'm sure. I see lots of people mention you for performance mods over the years. I've never played with the addons to much but I may end up doing some clutch work to this Viper to make it pull a little harder. I'd like to lower the engagement at the same time though too.
  6. poor farmer/logger

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    No worries Ralph post away. Some places they sure had a mess to clean up with all the broken poles and downed lines. Can't imagine what our system would look like if we had a real ice storm. Lines were sure hanging low in places with all the frost built up on them. Really should use mine some more before the warranty runs out on it. Think I've only got about 5.5 hours on it so far. Still learning how to use it lol..
  7. poor farmer/logger

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    I was going to take mine up when we had all that hoar frost too but didn't get a chance to. Need to charge my batteries back up so it's ready to go for a flight one of these days. Everything I've read on the dji site says to keep the batteries at 65% or so for long term storage. I haven't flown mine since harvest. Were you without power Ralph when we had all that frost on the lines? It dropped out here the one night but that was it.
  8. poor farmer/logger

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    Nice picture Ralph. Have you had your drone out lately? Yes they've sure changed them over the years. Suspension is sure nicer though and the extra hp never hurts either lol.
  9. poor farmer/logger

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    Snuck in and posted while I was uploading pics from today I see lol. Haven't heard much for ice reports around here yet. Little sketchy yet I think On some of the lakes. The sask river I wouldn't even think about touching at home here yet. If you look in the background of the last picture you can see all the ice chunks.
  10. poor farmer/logger

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    Few pictures from today.
  11. poor farmer/logger

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    Well the snows starting to fill in a little bit now. Siting at about a foot now at the farm. Went out last Sunday for a little ride and did a small ride today as well. Put on about 125 Kms so far. Thought I'd post a thread for everyone to post a few pictures once in a while if their adventures. Had a post something like it last year. New sleds working good so far. Going to do a few things to it and try to improve it some. These pictures are from last weekend in the provincial forest just east of home
  12. poor farmer/logger

    Another good oldie came on today

    Was to poor and young to buy cassettes in their hay day. All of mine were recoreded of Bob Kingsley's weekly top 40 lol.
  13. poor farmer/logger

    Buying parts these days.... for anything

    If you can afford to wait it's almost always cheaper online. This fall I bought a bunch of parts for my D7e cat. Turbo, manifold and everything else exhaust related basically. Priced everything locally though the normal parts dealers. It was going to cost me close to 5,000. Amazon was 1800 shipped to my door. I ended up buying it from a dealer 130 miles away just for warranty purposes on the turbo. He was just a little more and still somewhat local. Same part numbers priced everywhere.
  14. poor farmer/logger

    Another good oldie came on today

    Maybe I'm not as young as I thought I was 😂😂 lol.
  15. poor farmer/logger

    New IH paint on the new combines plus some bonus pics

    Paint scheme kind of reminds me of the big white rotary combines.