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  1. poor farmer/logger

    Little chilly outside tonight.

    Our snow basically all went today. I brought the massey home on my way home from melfort. Still got it muddy on the roads but they're both home now anyways. I actually combined a little strip on my way out as the straw surprisingly didn't feel that bad where the combine was sitting. Got home and I couldn't even test it though. Plugging them in sure makes them sound a lot nicer when they fire up. We run 15W40 year round too so that doesn't help. There's times in the winter when we wont start the truck even if it's been pluged in for a couple days. Engine is nice and warm but you let the clutch out and it almost kills the motor lol.
  2. poor farmer/logger

    Little chilly outside tonight.

    Keep thinking that the weather has to change pretty soon but starting to wonder if it will. Cool temps here with freezing temps at night for the next 2 weeks yet they're saying. We need some nice 65-80°f days to dry things out again with october knocking on the door it's hard to say what will happen. What was starting out as a early harvest very quickly turned into a late one.
  3. poor farmer/logger

    We got off easy… tornado hit the area!

    Glad to hear you had minimal damage. I had heard on the news that you guys had one over there. My niece is going to university in Montreal so I couldn't help but think of the two extremes in weather. Tornados there and snow over here.
  4. poor farmer/logger

    Hydrostatic driven Farm Vehicles

    Interesting video, I've never seen the latest pull type that they showed in that video I don't think. We owned several 400 swaggers and one 4400 that we still currently own. Looked at a few 4700 and 4750 swaggers like in the video but never bought one. Always thought they were built a bit light and now parts are very hard to find for any of them. The 4700 were made light in the legs, after a while the frames would start to crack out and the wheels would start to go off camber. The 4750 was reinforced a little better I think but was still anpretty light built swather. The hydrostatic drive sure is nice to have on any piece of equipment though with the exception of some applications. My favourite that we have now is the high clearance sprayer. So nice to have infinite speed.
  5. poor farmer/logger

    2018 crop pictures

    Yuck don't like the looks of those canola swaths. We didn't get quite that much but more then we needed that's for sure. Very close to 3 inches at home and about that where we had the combines parked. I posted this picture on the 306 farming group page with the title the grains a little tough today. Actually raised a few eyebrows couple guys actually though I was combining lol.
  6. poor farmer/logger

    Little chilly outside tonight.

    Doesn't take long to get chilled if it's cold damp and windy that's for sure.
  7. poor farmer/logger

    Little chilly outside tonight.

    Was cold enough last night dad plugged the semi in. It would've fired up without but It's nice to start a warm motor regardless.
  8. poor farmer/logger

    Little chilly outside tonight.

    Good eye lol. You nailed it. Yup it's one of them green things lol. Actually my favourite tractor on the farm. Owned it since new, been a real good tractor for us. Doesn't se a lot of heavy work anymore though mostly auger duty now. Little bit of harrowing in the spring.
  9. poor farmer/logger

    2018 crop pictures

    Roads are a little slippery already.
  10. poor farmer/logger

    2018 crop pictures

    It's starting to look more like that here too. Was just a trace a hour ago but I bet there's almost 2 inches now.
  11. poor farmer/logger

    Little chilly outside tonight.

    They got hit pretty hard east of Edmonton again on Friday like you say way to early You might be flying over my house and not even know it lol. I've seen quite a few flights heading to anchorage when I look on my phone. I woke up to this site this morning sky was all clear when I went to bed so I was a little surprised little sad too lol
  12. poor farmer/logger

    Kansas autumn sunset

    Nice pictures. It's kind of funny in a way how we take scenery like that for granted. Just kind of the normal around here but to some places in the world people would be in utter awe at sights like that. My sister was down at Machu Picchu a couple of years ago. They'd made friends with a couple other couples there. They stayed up at the top and in the middle of the night one of the the other couples came and woke them up they said you have to get out here and see this it's so amazing. They walked out of the tent half a sleep wondering what they were going to find. Got out there and nothing looked out of the normal so they asked what are we supposed to look at. They were surprised to find out everyone was looking up at the stars. All the city people were so amazed at all the stars in the sky.
  13. poor farmer/logger

    Little chilly outside tonight.

    Coldest night so far this fall. Will be lots of ice on the puddles in the morning. Dad actually plugged the semi in to hail grain tomorrow lol.
  14. poor farmer/logger

    2018 crop pictures

    Took this picture yesterday morning before the clouds rolled in.
  15. poor farmer/logger

    2018 crop pictures

    Yes we got lucky this time. Hopefully it's the start of a trend for us for the rest of fall. Hopefully all of your guys snowmwill melt quickly and dry up again. Some crop north of me got knocked down and broken off pretty bad in the last snow storm that went through a week or so ago.