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  1. I was at home in bed yet when the first plane hit. I was up getting ready to meet the bus when the second plane hit. I was in grade 12 and that day we didn’t spend much time learning just more time discussing what was going on and what we thought was going to happen. I remember saying world war 3 has just begun.
  2. We have a set for our skid steer that are adapted to fit from a smaller wheel loader. The forks and backing are made plenty strong anyways lol. We’d be lost without them though. Use them everyday. For moving lumber around and handling logs they’ve worked really well for us. Much better then the truck axles we used to have mounted on the bucket.
  3. Drizzled here most of the night. Didn’t amount to a lot but the yard is muddy again and everything is soaked up pretty good. Real overcast yet and still misting. Not a nice day to say the least. Real cold out too. Almost looks like a repeat of last year only a few days earlier. Calling for nicer weather for the end of the week so hopefully they’re right for a change.
  4. Sorry to hear that Lorenzo. It’s tough loosing a pet as they really are part of the family. Ours is laying just a few feet away from my feet as I type.
  5. I went and looked at my canola this morning to see if I could head over and swath it as well. Decided to let it stand for a few more days. It’s still pretty green in places. If we could just get some heat it would finish off pretty quickly. End of the week it’s supposed to warm up again but I was hoping to have it down before then. Might just have to wait though. Small field could probably go down but the big field still has quite a bit of green. Little to much for my liking.
  6. I’m hoping the bigger swath sfrom the newer swather don’t turn into sails. We went through some awful winds with the old versatile and faired pretty good. Had some on a small field that was cut north and south a few years ago. It blew a little bit but that was one god awful wind too.
  7. We’ve never rolled canola. Actually no one really does right around us. Never had much for trouble with feeding or it blowing away so far. Seems to be more popular in certain areas.
  8. Few other pics. You can see the game trails in this field. There’s been deer and elk all over it. Going to have to check it for wildlife damage before harvest. If there’s enough we can claim wildlife damage. Last fall they thrashed out a fair bit of canola along the bush but I didn’t know till I came to combine. From the ground the field looks riper. Hopefully it doesn’t shrink to badly.
  9. It has a flap underneath it but no roller. Usually the swath is low enough to not hit the flap but the real heavy stuff was rubbin a little.
  10. I spent a lot of time playing around with the settings on ours last fall and have it working pretty good now. It came down way to fast when we got it and it wasn’t balanced properly. Now it goes up and down nice and true and doesn’t slam to the ground like a post pounder lol. 36’ would amplify it more I’m sure. I’ve gotten onto the controls fairly well now. Last fall I had just set the outer wheels to more or less control cut height. Coming over hills would get me into trouble sometimes though. This year I left the wheels up a bit and control the height a little extra with the cut height switch instead of the return to cut one. I find in canola it’s reel sensitive to the real position as well so I’m constantly up and down with it to keep the swath smooth and not bunchy looking.
  11. Just my canola left now, we finished dads up aside from a little bit at home that’s still pretty green. If all goes well I might be done tomorrow. Raining tonight a little though so who knows what will happen. Had a nice little mule deer out in the field with me this morning. It just hung around the whole time I was swathing. I suspect it’s beem there in that one hollow all summer now. I got dad on the new swather this afternoon and flew the drone around a bit. He hasn’t run it much yet and is still a little flustered with the controls lol.
  12. The 2188 was a pretty good sized jump from the 850 too. I’d like to get another newer machine but they’re not cheap that’s for sure We started swathing canola today finally. Still a bit green in places but if we want any hope of it drying I think we need to get it down sooner then later. Most of it doesn’t look to bad but some spots you have to look the other way lol. It’s fairly heavy for the most part. Some of the hill tops are just loaded with storks bill though. Never seen it that bad before. Didn’t affect the crop much but it’s sure ugly underneath.
  13. Went to humboldt today to pick up dads new lenses for his glasses. Saw a few guys going again. Mostly barley with a few pea fields as well. I’ll maybe try a sampletomorrow again if it doesn’t rain overnight. Awful cloudy in the southwest now again. Did a little combine shopping today just to see what’s out there looked at a 8010 and a 9120 cih. 8010 had quite a few more hours on it but was less then half the price. 9120 had 1900 hours on it. Thinking it’s oribably out for this year but you never know. Nice looking combine anyways. Would be quite a jump from the 850 and 2188 lol I’d like to swath everything with the new swathed and get rid of the old versatile but as long as the Massey is around we kind of have to keep it around. This 9120 could use a 35’ swather instead of the 30’ we have now on the other hand. Kind of going from one extreme to another lol.
  14. I was looking back at pictures last night and a year ago we were all done swathing. We had dads barley done by today and had just started on mine when the snow and rains moved in. Next picture I had was the 5th if oct combining canola. Hope that’s not the case this year. That would really suck.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but if you plow a field to bury weed seeds aren't you just going to bring some of those back up the next time you turn the soil creating a never ending cycle? We are basicaly no till here. Little bit to work up sloughs or make a fireguard but that's about it. Straw residue is harrowed out and if a must burnt.(last resort) No till you have very little soil disturbance so the weeds don't get brought up to the surface the same. I noticed it this year in places where I had the cultivator out. I had patches of wild oats where the field had been mostly clean the last few years. Typically we will spray first thing in the spring with roundup and possibley some sort of add on if need be and conditions suit it. Spray again in crop and then spray again in the fall with roudup if there's enough weeds growing after harvest and time allows. This year some fields have a second flush that got missed after the rains came otherwise our fields are quite clean. We try to rotate groups every year to not build up resistance issues.
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