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  1. Quite a difference a week makes. Got the skidded moved back home today again.
  2. Kind of miss Hodgins sales. He is a bit closer to home and we’ve known the family for close to 50 years probably. I always skipped school for the yard sales and spent the day checking out equipment. When I was 5 or 6 I used to kind of pretend I was bidding on equipment. I’m darn sure they actually took a bid or two once in a while too lol. Schapansky definitely took over a lot of what Hodgins used to do. There’s a small family run auction company started up doing online auctions now that used to work for both Hodgins and Schapansky. Bunny Taylor is his name. He’s starting to get some nicer newer stuff in his online auctions now and has grown a lot in the last couple years. His boy and Grandson are doing it on their own. Picked up a few things there but nothing to major. Got a decent looking 2188 in this auction I’m tempted to go look at. Couple years newer then ours and about a thousand less hours on it.
  3. We had a shower go through here a couple days ago real patchy one some places got a lot more we had maybe a tenth again here by 1:00 it was mostly dry again Been out checking fields and some of the runs and they’re sure not like they’ve been previous years Waters’s quit running in some of the big main runs already so it won’t take to long to dry up if it doesn’t rain a bunch Actually Bruce Schapansky. Shouldn’t be advertising you’ll be bidding me up now😂😂 i was having a awful time with my phone for a long time too. I got it updated last Nov and it’s worked a lot better since then.
  4. Scratch my comment about pics in my other post lol. Hopefully you don’t find to many wet spots. One good thing about combining this early is there’s usually frost in the ground yet so you only go down so far. Bad thing is tractor tires don’t grip worth a darn on the frost. Don’t ask me how I know 😂😂.
  5. Good to hear I was wondering how you were making out. No ones combining here yet. Waiting for a few of the low spots to dry up I assume. You can drive across the field on a quad now without getting muddy but there’s still pockets of snow on some of the hillsides and still a fair bit in the line fences. I might try to do some harrowing next week if it stays nice. Local auction yard has their big spring sale next week too so I might have to go down and see what’s there. Some new rails for my d7 there that I could use. Snap a few pics to update the post if ya think about it.
  6. I searched the one name tagged in the photo on Facebook just for *%#^# and giggles. Came up with some graffiti guys or groups or what ever you want to call it. Some of them looked like people you wouldn’t want to meet in the dark. Could be harlmless though who knows. Ive always admired the graffiti on rail cars too. Some elaborate designs and then you get the odd one that must be just apprenticing lol.
  7. Forgot this picture. River is backed up pretty bad into the gravel pit just east of home. Come up around 15 feet I’m guessing Maybe more possibly a little less. Pile of ice there just waiting to let go.
  8. Well I found some some snow today lol. Took off from home this afternoon after catching up on a few odds and ends. Drove up to where we were logging and checked on the skidder and log pile. No vandals or theirs yet. Hopefully it stays that way. Drove up just about to the local ski hill again. Did almost the same loop on the sled a few weeks back. Few spots in the bush where there’s a couple feet of snow yet. Get out in the open and it’s mostly all gone now though. Warmest day we’ve had so far. Got up to 58°F. Was sure nice riding weather anyways.
  9. Rivers open now. Won’t be long and there will be some guys trying to go fishing lol. With my luck I’d end up like the titanic lol. Had to warm the oil up on my truck so I went for a little drive and checked it out. Might go for a quad ride tomorrow if it gets as warm as they say it’s going to.
  10. Whoops lol. This is the first spring I didn’t do any water skipping. Maybe a good thing too lol. I was so busy in the bush I did t really get time and then it turned cold again so the water that was laying turned to ice again. I don’t get to crazy with it just skip across some of the sloughs. No sense going around when you can just go straight across lol. The 4 strokes are certainly a little more tedious to get going if you happen to get them a little wet like that. Never had to fish one out yet thankfully. We’re done here now. I unloaded the sled out of the truck yesterday actually. Still quite a bit of snow in the line fences but the trails and fields are almost bare now. Might go for a quad ride this weekend if it warms up a bit. Would like to go check on the river and see if the ice has gone out yet.
  11. And here's Hollywood preaching to us about our carbon foot print up here lol. Here there was one fellow that had a grass fire that burn a old hall. They fined him for burning a building with shingles on it or at least gave him a slap on the wrist as I'm not exactly sure they could prove that he intentionally burnt it. Burning tires must be more forgiven south of the border lol.
  12. Little while yet before we see any green grass here. River is still more or less froze over. Doesn’t look like there will be a big breakup on the river like some years.
  13. 1978 Buick La sabre for me lol. Still have it not exactly a chick magnet but it was grandmas car and isn't worth much so here it stays.
  14. That’s what I thought at first too without seeing any stickers. Paint scheme gave it away. Beautiful shot of the northern lignts. Haven’t seen them a lot here lately.
  15. Maybe they’ll tell you we’re the treasure is on oak island😂😂
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