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  1. Went for a little ride down the creek this afternoon. Figured I might as well enjoy the fresh snow once we got done clearing the yard and some of the equipment off. Got the semi all cleared off and back in the shed again as well. Was warm enough what little snow was left melted and dried off thankfully. Hate fighting with the tarp because of ice. Creek seems to be froze up pretty solid now. Walked ahead and checked a few spots just to make sure. Couple of big dams to get over as well. Odd how the creek goes from 6’ in places to 6 inches if you’re lucky in other spots. Lots of dams ha
  2. Well this was unexpected. Started snowing around 8:30-8:00 and let up just after 11:00. They were calling for some light flurries but nothing serious. Was supposed to haul grain this morning so I left the semi out beside the house too. Now the tarp is covered 😡. Nice that we got a shot of fresh snow but wish it would’ve held out for a day or two lol. Ended up with 5 inches. Snowed lightly for a little bit after I took the pic last night. Hopefully the wind doesn’t pick up now.
  3. We bought a new SSV75 almost 2 years ago now. So far it’s been trouble free. Even the emission crap has been working as it’s supposed to. No def as it’s under 75 hp. 74.3 just for that reason lol. It’s not as nimble and smooth as our case. I wish they had a creeper gear in the hydro. First speed is to fast. The case all I have to do is nudge the hydraulics and I can put the wheels exactly where I want them. The Kubota you have to move the hydraulics more then it will take off and speed up quickly. It’s much more jerky then the case. If you rev the engine up it’s slightly better but still no w
  4. I had to take my Milwaukee in for warranty repairs on Friday. Already missing it yesterday lol. Has the lock n lube on it and I have a regular 18” grease gun hose with a adapter on the end to lock onto the lock n lube for the tight spots.
  5. Wind was blowing hard here at the farm all day yesterday. Was nice up in the bush though. Roads were a little hard to see when I got back closer to home and there was some drifts starting on the side of the road in places too. Kind of odd as there’s not really much fresh snow to blow around.
  6. Nice to get the younger generation exposed to what’s out there. I didn’t have anyone to really trail ride with it trails close by when I was younger so all my miles were out on in the fields. Wasn’t till about 10 years ago that I started trail riding. 20,000 kms~ combined mileage and that’s the first incident on the trails for me. Going to check it over today and maybe pull the a arm back. Bottom one took the brunt and you can see the curve fairly easy. Top one is just slightly tweaked as well. Priced them out on the way home and they’re sure not cheap. 300 for the lower and the top
  7. Lol yup that’ll work great 😂. I’m intrigued by the idea but it’s definitely not there yet for the type of riding we do. The Taiga just doesn’t have the range yet. Still a interesting concept though that over time will get better I’m sure. Lighter high capacity batteries in a light frame sled with a 250 mile range is what it’ll take to get peoples attention.
  8. They moved the town of sheridon to Lynn lake basically after then mines shut down. Our local little town was actually moved years ago too so it was next to the railroad. Course there wasn’t much there to move at the time. Uranium city in the far north part of Saskatchewan was all dismantled and moved out too. Local ag dealer bought a huge building there for next to nothing but he was responsible for taking it down and moving it. Only winter access on a ice road on the east end of lake Athabaskan.
  9. Wreckers were still the first thing that came to mind lol. No big deal though. Everyone came read and fully understand what you’re saying. May not be the norm but it 100% beats a wheelbarrow lol. Around here the dirt is just piled next to the grave and filled in after the service. So many more cremations now the number of graves dug has really dropped.
  10. All we have ever ran is 18” bar and chains here. Farley ever really needed anything g bigger. Biggest tree we’ve cut is 48”. Admittedly we had to notch the tree to get into the cut further and then push it over with the skidder so it would t hit the old antique house next to it. Trees were planted when the house was built and the house was 100 years old then. Normally we’re cutting trees 18-36 inch. Sometimes smaller in the jack pine.
  11. The Kubota construction side has been picking up greatly too. We bought a new wheeled skid steer almost 2 years ago. Been trouble free so far. No major complaints with it other then being not quite as capable as our case.
  12. Well the weather came around again so we went out for another trail ride today. Loaded up this morning and headed 2 hours north west of here to Big River. We had planned on riding across towards Chitek Lake and the lakes north of there. We were pretty well half way to Meadow Lake. Covered a fair bit of territory today again. Not as many miles as the last trip but still a good trip over all aside from a little mishap lol. Snow was very odd today. It was loose on top but still very hard. I wasn’t the only one who noticed it. I just put new carbides on and had a heck of a time steering it today
  13. I add tools in general to that list. Baffles me when people pay more then new for stuff that’s been beat on in a shop for years. Sometimes the old tools are indeed better quality but even so.
  14. Cools right off here at night yet. By mid afternoon the temp is getting up to almost zero now though. 30-40° temp swings just from the sun. Supposed to be almost thawing by the weekend though so that’ll bring all the crazies out of the house again lol. Snowmobile trails will be packed this weekend I’m sure. Maybe I can finally stop hearing people talk about wind chill for a bit lol. Some people act like the apocalypse is coming when it’s -40 plus a 5mph wind lol. Probably the worst cold spell we’ve had in quite a few years though. Usually it brakes after a few days. This time it’s lasted almo
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