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  1. I bet you’ve been pretty busy with orders this fall. Seems everything recreation is going crazy this summer/fall. Everyone’s looking for ways to stay busy and get out a little. I had to wait just to get oil and filters from my dealer this fall. 30 Lts of yamalube and 8 filters. Got the viper torn apart checking things over and doing a gearbox/engine oil change at the moment. Going to check the top sprocket as I’ve heard it’s a weak spot on the cat chassis. Have to go through the rear suspension yet and address the intermittent reverse actuator problem. Works fine cold but quits when it
  2. I’ll gladly share lol. I’d like to have done a little more dirt work too before the snow came but it was almost time to call it quits anyways. Cat needed a oil change and I’d spent quite a few hours moving dirt as it was. Was glad to get done what I did.
  3. Thought the phone camera did a orettt good job of catching the flames rolling up in the photo. Cleaned up what I could of the first pile I burnt and got it lit up today again. Was still lots of hot embers under the surface.
  4. I’ve looked at a couple 900 ace turbo renegades but still holding out to see how they hold up. There’s very few of them around here and you don’t see many on the trails so not a lot of feedback aside from what you read on the net. I don’t like their throttle by wire is one drawback on those, just not the same feel. Friend of mine has a 1200 renegade that he’s put a pile of miles on. Has a new one that just sits in the shop as he likes his old one better lol.
  5. Yes it sure came at once this year. Went from quadding and cat work to snowplowing and blocked roads within couple days. Ice from spring breakup was all gone by July. River is always rough through here. With the fluctuating water levels it usually piles up and breaks up a few times before it finally freezes over good. Some years it’s impassible as it’s just to rough. About 10 miles east from there the water starts to back up from the nipawin dam and it smooths out a lot. The fact there were no shacks or holes drilled in the ice at wapiti by the bridge tells me the ice can’t be very good
  6. That happened to a friend of mine about 10 years ago. His dog was fairly young and liked to go explore. He chased a deer out of his yard and the neighbour shot the dog. Police were called but nothing was ever done and no charges went through. The dog was not known to cause problems and just a frimdley 1-2 year old pup. Firms was very hurt but ran out of options as to what he could do. I used to think nothing of being out in the bush during hunting season but lately I seem to think about the risk more. Was out in our own field today burning a brush pile I had replied by hand thinking to m
  7. Can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with either.
  8. For a while there 35-4500 bought you a pretty nice used sled. This year 5 k seems to be about the cut off. There’s still some cheaper sleds but most of them are close to 15-20 years old. Perfect world I’d pick up a newer one for 12-13,500 and sell my old one for 4500. I’m not one to finance toys so that’s kind of why I don’t want to throw 20,000 out the window. With my luck they’d be worth 10,000 next year if I paid 20,000 this year lol. Today is the first day in a while that there was zero and I mean zero wind. I went out in the field this morning with the sled and there was a big ice
  9. It’s crazy the money some of that stuff is brining this year. I’ve been looking hard for a newer sled to replace this one or my Nytro. Price they want I’d have to sell both and still put up another 8-10,000 lol. New ones are out for me. I can’t bring myself to spend over 20,000 for a snowmobile. I think next year there could be some deals again. Especially if we don’t get snow next winter and covid disappears again. We’re in a area that never gets skunked for snow so we can always ride unlike some places in southern sk. Sometimes we get a late start but we always get enough to ride eventuall
  10. It’s surprising how much it varies this year. Doesn’t seem to be a pile of water in this snow. Bring the sled or the truck in the shop and there’s hardly any water under them.
  11. It’s not to bad. We had a big dump of snow a couple weeks back but it’s really settled. Up in the bush it’s nice now. Just enough to cover everything up but not so much it’s coming over the windshield all the time lol.(that is fun for a little while though too)
  12. Well a new season is officially under way. Most of the trails are still closed and no grooming has taken place much yet but I took off today as it was a perfect day to go riding and went up to the bush. Hasn’t been to many sleds up in the bush yet so the trails were in pretty nice shape for the most part. No tracks on the river yet. Ice crossing are sketchy everywhere yet. Even the sloughs aren’t really froze. Around the edges you could get to mud easy yet I’m sure. Had a good first real ride anyways and put on just over 100 Kms. Was nice to get back out in the open again for a while.
  13. Lol it’s true for all of them. I’ve been buying bearings from John Deere lately for the 2188 though. 1/3 to sometimes half for good namebramd bearings. Lots of them cross over so a little quick searching sometimes saves me 50-100 bucks a trip quite easily. The dealers are side by side in town so there’s no distance difference.
  14. Always like seeing pictures of that combine. It sure is in nice shape.
  15. Guess it’s a northern thing, when I read the topic at first I thought you were talking about plowing snow lol.
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