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  1. Had a couple nasty looking storms go through north of us last night. We were right on the edge of it here. Sky was awful black for a while. We ended up with about 3/4” here at the farm. North of the river I’m sure it was a lot more though. PA got quite a bit of rain too I think. Saw some video of flooded streets last night anyways. And thy was before the other big storms rolled through. Was out crop checking as the storm was coming up and took a few pictures.
  2. Looks like the crops are coming along nicely dale. Have you ever thought about fabbing up some crop dividers for the tractor for doing fungicides? I don’t have any for our sprayer but the skinny tires are narrow enough I’m not sure it would make a huge difference anyways. Some of the ditches and draws we go through they’d hit I think. We haven’t done any fungicide this year. The oats looked like they should’ve been sprayed when I was looking last night. Little bit of rust or leaf disease on them. Lots of guys are spraying. This year though. Few pictures I took last night and one of the corn I was talking about. It’s surprising how much it’s shot up already since I took this picture two days ago. The rows are almost all filled in now and it’s stretched up another 3-4 inches I’m sure. Picture of the same canola field I showed the other day just looking a different direction towards the storm that almost caught me up in the bush. It just skirted by me thankfully. There’s a deer standing in the one canola pic if you look hard enough kind of a where’s Waldo sort of picture lol
  3. Rains have held off mostly at the farm so far. 4 miles south east of us they had around 1/2-3/4” though. The back road we were taking to haul logs home got to muddy so we could travel on it for a day. This afternoon it was ok again though. Beem busy in the bush so I haven’t taken much for crop pics the last few days. We’re about 1/4 done hauling now. Still got a ways to go yet though. Took this picture just outside the forestry on some sandier land. Peas and canola coming along nicely. They had them seeded very early though. Not my crops just some nicer ones that are coming.
  4. Looks like it’s stretching up quite nicely. There’s one field of silage corn here I’ve been meaning to take a pic of. Looks pretty pathetic in comparison lol. It’s coming along nicely but it’s only about a foot tall now.
  5. No rain here yet a slight shower to settle the dust in the bush wouldn’t be the worst thing. Sure don’t need much though as were zig zagging half way across the province almost due to rough roads and road construction. What should be a 30 mile one way trip has turned into a little over 50 mile trip. Got a couple loads home so far. Need to get the semi going though so we can get something done. To far to be hauling with the old dodge.
  6. Moved the loader up to the bush today and drove past my canola on my rented land. It’s starting to look a little better now. Still a little patchy but it looks better then last week at least. Starting to fill in a little bit better. The small field next to the river actually looks pretty good. It’s on sandier soil too so I don’t know why it’s better. Have to spend the next few weeks hauling logs now unfortunately. They were supposed to be out by the end of June but we didn’t make that. They gave us a extension till the end of July now. Sure hope we have it done before then. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my July that’s for sure.
  7. Looks like it’s filling in nicely now Dale. Cereal grains on cereal grains sure look rough till they get up above the straw cover then you’d never know the difference. Sure looks scruffy for the first while though. We haven’t done cereals on cereals for quite a while now, got burnt once with barley in oats and been a bit gunshy since. Nice to be able to spray out last years crop if need be. I was out spraying this evening again. Kind of the last day to do canola. It’s bolting now and is a bit more advanced then it should be really for spraying but weather didn’t cooperate the last couple dAys so I got what I wanted to spray done tonight. Sprayed a bit more then the piece at hole as well. Had a bunch of hemp nettle coming that I wanted to nick out. Bunch of storks bill in spots too. Some of the canola is looking pretty good. It’ll be another week-10 days though before there’s much for yellow colour to it yet. U-C looks like lots of work that’s for sure. I’m not a lazy person for the most part but I must say the tractor cab looks pretty comfy lol. Looks like a nice growth on it though. No one cutting hay around here yet. Next week I think guys will be going. You heard it here first I’m calling for a week of nice weather end of next week lol. Sure been windy a cool here the last week so we should be due for a change pretty soon I’m hopping. Ralph, our canola is very similar to a lot of the canola around here this year. There are some crops around that are nicer though. We’ve gotten a bit spoilt the last few years with nice germination and pretty good heavy crops for the most part so this year brings things back to reality in a way lol. I’m really happy with the cereals so far though. If they keep charging ahead like they are I think they’ll make some pretty big bushels. Even the wheat, it’s got leaves on it more like oats. Deep green colour as well. Hopefully that’s a good sign anyways and it’s not just straw.
  8. Looks good Ralph. I flew the drone a little last night as well. Battery automatically drains after it sits so when I went to use it there was only 60% left. Got a couple shots of the canola at home anyways. It looks very patchy from above as well yet. Not as bad as in you pic you shared but still not great. From the ground it doesn’t look to bad though. Few pics of the canola and a couple of the wheat and barley. First pic is a alkali flat along a old slough that never does grow real well. Next picture is on the hillside above the alkali about 10’ off the ground. 3rd pic the sprayer tracks still show up quite clearly surprisingly. 4th pic is the barley and the last is the wheat.
  9. The temperature went from 87°F down to 53°F very quickly so I’m pretty sure there was hail somewhere. Went from to hot to to cold in a pretty short time anyways. The canola at home is starting to fill in but it looks like there will be some oat heat wjere there’ll be nothing or not much. Won’t be a super bumper crop but hopefully it’ll still make 40 at least. Couple of pics I took of the clouds at sunset. Was still some odd looking clouds floating around.
  10. I didn’t get a chance to stay this morning, wind was howling when I went out. It looked calm from inside the house but it was coming from the southwest this time. House is sheltered quite well so I didn’t notice it till I went out. This afternoon about 4:20 a real nasty storm rolled through just south of us. It was questionable if we were going to get hit so we rushed and out everything in the shed that we could. Wind was howling something terrible so I fired up the cat and moved it over to the one bin that’s empty and wet the blade down on the skid just to help hold it down just in case.
  11. That’s kind of what I figured but I thought there may be some other benefit to the crop that I didn’t know about. Not positive but I think there’s a field of beans planted just a half mile north of me. It could possibly be faba beans as well I’m not sure. Haven’t been around them enough to know the differences.
  12. Happy Canada day to all the other canucks that are on here. Little youtube video for our southern friends as well
  13. Going to spray one small field of canola right at home here this morning again. Wild oats and oats are coming pretty thick in it again. Wheat is looking really good now, real deep green colour to it almost like oats. Hopefully there’s some big heads forming in the stems and it yields good and doesn’t just look good. First year for Brandon wheat so we’ll see how it does here. canola is starting to fill in. Spends what time of the day you look st it too lol. High noon the bare spots show up worse 9:00 at night the whole fields looks green and lush.
  14. Are you rolling it for rocks or other reasons dale?
  15. Yup I’ve definitley got a few patches similar to that as well. The headlands are the worst this year for some reason. I don’t know if it packed to hard or just what happened for sure. Anywhere I worked twice like crossing the headland or reworking a run without seeding looks like crap too. Must’ve Burried the seeds to deep in those particular spots I’m thinking. Wjeat and barley will be heading out shortly I think. Within the week I’m thinking they’ll be starting to poke through. Canola should be bolting by the end or middle of next week. Odd one starting now but a few of them are volunteer I think. They’re blooming now actually. Nasty storm north west of me today. Meadow lake provincial pakk got hit with a small tornado. Lots of damage and some people hurt pretty bad. I don’t think there’s any fatalities but I haven’t heard for sure one way or the other. Just second and third hand info on Facebook. Sure lots of damage either way. The campgrounds will sure look a lot different once the trees are all cleaned up. Knocked almost all of them over I think.
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