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  1. We had another 3 inches or so of snow yesterday morning. Nothing coming off here now till spring. Snows starting g to build up a little now in the bush. One more good dump and I might have to load the sled up and go for a ride lol. I moved the viper around this morning so I could get it back up on the hoist again to finish the repairs on it took it for a tiny little rip around the house. Not enough snow yet to go riding Went and cut a couple loads of firewood up in the bush.
  2. Ours is very similar and can be very stubborn as well as it seldom gets unhooked. I have a belt hanging on the fifth wheel realease and I just put a pipe against the tire or side of the trailer and give a quick snap out. Usually pops loose. If that doesn’t work centering the pipe on the belt and giving it a few quick snaps back towards me pulling on both sides of the pipe will do it.
  3. I went up in that tower in 2002 when we were touring through Toronto and area on our high school band trip. Was neat to see. Got to watch the stadium open when we were up top. Long ways up there that’s for sure. Was interesting looking out across the lake and just barely making out the other side. Took lots of photos but nothing digital back then.
  4. Lol looks like a cross between the nhl and wwe. Must be more to the story I’m assuming. I don’t watch the nfl or any sports actually for that matter. Just never really interested me that much.
  5. Glad I don’t have to pay the carbon tax or gas bill every month. That’s a massive set up alright. Elevator here upgraded dryers 2 or 3 years ago. It’s big enough too but I have no idea how many bph it will do. They go through a pile of grain and lately it’s almost all been tough so it’s run just about year round.
  6. I’d say in this countryside it’s more important to have them on a good footing. Ours isn’t and you can tell come spring and fall that things are shifting. As far as the expanding and contracting I would expect it to be negligible. Most older mills have enough wear and play in them to offset any amount of temperature change. Even ours has some ply in the Bunk’s and requires adjustments every now and then. Needs to be taken all art and new keyways cut as they’re getting sloppy. There’s a pile of variables to keep a blade cutting straight.
  7. -5°F here yesterday morning I think. Calling for thawing or near thawing temps end of the week I think. Try and get caught up on some outside work then I guess.
  8. That’s pretty impressive to be out playing in the rocks and dirt at 92. Those machines are a big ol brute that’s for sure. Its sure nice to have someone close by with a wealth of knowledge to call on when working on equipment like that. We have a older fellow here that used to work for Weyerhaeuser who did all their repairs in the bush. He knows a lot of the older skidders inside and out. Not a bolt or nut he hasn’t turned on them. Sadly he’s getting up in years and not as healthy as he once was. Still a real character though who’s full of stories of machines he’s fixed and places he’s had to work over the years.
  9. Can’t kick on the price cc. Hope she brought you some fried chicken 🍗 at least for payment lol. We never did get a shed out over our mill. Dad started building steal uprights years ago but that’s as far as it ever got. Getting cold out now again so we haven’t been sawing for a bit. Was -5°F this morning when we got up.
  10. I remember your mill well. Got a few oversize trees here yet to put through that we need the chainsaw for as well been cutting them up into live edge boards. Seems to be all the craze at the moment sold quite a few boards that way for a lot more then if we had cut them into dimensional lumber Still sawing throughout the summer and now winter. Mom broke her femur bone last spring so we were short staffed for a bit lol. She’s working away a bit more now again so dads got his helper back. Frees me up a bit to do all the other stuff that needs to be done. We also picked up a Mattison planer mill/moulder a few years back. Doing a little bit of tongue and groove now as well Looked back through my camera roll but couldn’t find any pics of the sawmill itself or the planer mill. Picture one of my customers sent me after he got done laminating 2 boards together to make a table for their laundry room. Had to pick up a larger generator to run the planer mill, it’s all electric but it’s 3 phase. Only paid 600 for the planer I think it was but had to spend quite a bit getting everything set up. The knives we bought from Oregon were 3500 as I remember. Company called global tooling I think. Very nice set up they make though. Still got my old D7E. Put a new turbo and everything exhaust related on last fall otherwise it’s been pretty trouble free
  11. During the summer time I’m usually out working by7-8:00 in the morning. Seeding and harvest time I’ll work almost as late as I can. Usually seeding is no later then midnight though. Harvest time it all depends on the day. Some days I’m in the house by 10:00 again and others I quit combining around 3-4:00. It’s not very often we can run much past midnight here though. Usually by 9:30-10:00 it’s starting to get tough and by misinivht the swaths and crop are wrapping and booming going through the rotor.
  12. Kind of wish I could’ve been working in the woods back when they were taking trees like that down. Parts of it sure would’ve been fun. Getting my fat arse up on top the tree to buck it maybe not so much though 😂😂. I think a lot of our old posts have been archived and most of the pictures if not all lost unfortunately. Few pictures from our little logging operation last winter. We were cutting jack pine so naturally they’re more crooked and smaller. Got some nice logs out of there none the less though. We just took out the one corner of the block and another fellow took the rest.
  13. Jamie is rebuilding Bruce’s old truck still. Should be done pretty soon I think.
  14. Been a while since we’ve seen a good single vs duals argument cc lol. Good to see you back around. Sorry to hear about the family. Was buying some planer mill knives out of Oregon a couple years back and thinking about you. I still check in occasionally on the forestry forum but hadn’t seen you there for a while so was hoping things were still going good just busy.
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