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  1. Lol how can you say no to a face like that 😂😂 Dogs are amazing creatures that’s for sure.
  2. Was reading a bit more tonight again and the one I happened to see was a ambulance so they very likely have some different software for that application just like the military is exempt from the emissions from what I understand.
  3. Thank you for sharing the link. I often thought about how at some point and time how Randy more then likely flew within eyesight of most of our farms on here. He sure covered a lot of ground over his career.
  4. Asked dad if he wanted to go for a little ride today as he’s been talking about it off and on all winter now. Had a short trip planned out but didn’t make the full loop. We went up to our north quarter that has the bush on it and toured around for a bit. He was doing ok till he got into some deeper snow. I was playing around in the powder and I looked over to see him start to turn to go south and just flop over on his side to the north lol. Didn’t hurt anything but these 4 strikes are a bit more sensitive to that. Oil pump looses prime and it leaked some oil out into the air box. Came back home with it and washed it up again. Topped off the oil so it’s good to go tomorrow again. Only put on about 12 miles today lol.
  5. Thanks. Dad’s managed to put a few miles on it now that the roads dried up a bit. Seems to be working good so far. No more complaints yet anyways. One anniyance is the big blind spot where the rear view mirror is. There’s sensors in there for the active cruise control/forward collision avoidance. The way they did it, it’s a bit of a afterthought I think. Coming years hopefully they redesign it. We’ll get used to it though I’m sure.
  6. Yes pretty well half of what I was getting compared to what I had contracted. Brokers working on trying to find a home now for the last 3-500 bushels. He said they’d take it all when I talked to him so hopefully they can get it sorted out. I might have to turn it again. Last summer dad had some bins that hadn’t been turned in the summertime. When he went to haul it was heating from the outside in. He got very lucky though and it all went out either number 1 or 2 so he didn’t lose much aside from the loss if he’d contracted the better price when u told him to. I’ve never had canola that rolled out black before though. We tend to not combine when it’s hot out too. Usually works out that it’s colder out when we do the canola but not always. Even temps st 25°c I try to turn the bin after harvest and make sure it’s cooling down. Last fall I almost had to plug the combine in when we were combining lol. Semi was blowing smoke rings first thing in the morning lol.
  7. Sorry to hear of this. His stories and knowledge will certainly be missed. Condolences to the family.
  8. One more truckload gone. Had to move to a second bin to fill the truck. I had split it up a bit in hopes of keeping it cool that way. Load the other day came out nice and cold but today you could feel the warmth in it again. It wasn’t hit by any means but just warm enough to feel it. Was cold enough outside you could see steam from it. Was actually quite comfortable working though. -5°F -21°c now. No wind at all so that really helped. Have a partial load left so hopefully they can get thatnoicked up before to long. I might turn the bin again just so I know what’s left for sure and cool it iffnone more time.
  9. I have a Mac tools set very similar to that. It’s come in handy a few times.
  10. Wow sure makes you wonder what some people are thinking Mike. It’s a good time to be living on the farm though away from the chaos. We’ve been carrying on life as usual to a certain degree. Just not going to town as much. There’s always work to be done and we’re not on the road every day normally so in a way not a lot has changed here. Least not till you turn the news or radio on and hear all the doomsday news.
  11. This canola must be cursed. Dispatch phoned and another truck broke down. They want to send another truck tonight now instead just like I predicted lol. Hopefully the wind doesn’t pick up tonight. Calling for -25°C tonight.
  12. I was pretty nervous for a bit as it was standing up quite tall on the south west side of the bin. I would take a bitnout then go up too and poke the sides down a bit. Finally got it down to where I felt a tiny bit safer and let it go. Amazingly it ran out pretty good after that. The second load I spent all day laying in heated canola under the bin poking chunks out and poking away at the top of the bin. Was not a fun ordeal I wish to repeat any time soon that’s for sure. The last two loads rolled out comsiderably better then the second and the last part of the first. Should average out a little better then I told them. Won’t likely see any better price though lol. Been after dad to get off his but and get some grain contracted and hauled in. He’s missed out on a few pricing opurtunitys now but what do I know lol.
  13. Well dispatcher phoned this afternoon and wants to pick up another load tomorrow morning. As long as his trailer doesn’t break like the first fellow that was supposed to get here and nothing else goes south that should work out ok. Yard will be froze up good at least lol. Much nicer loading in the daylight too. I had my truck parked there running and I had been out snowplowing with the cat so I just left it idle while we loaded so we had a little extra light to work with. Snowfall warning is making its way closer here. North of us is under one now. Still saying only 2cm here.
  14. Close to the main grid roads here the snow is a little lacking but once you get out into the fields there’s still lots. With the cold temps they’re calling for it looks like winter will be around for a bit yet. -24°C for Thursday night they’re saying now. Just watch I’ll have a trucker show up wanting to load that night again lol.
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