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  1. We’ve been missing the bulk of it too. Didn’t rain a drop at home at all till after I went to bed again. Was just a little shower and then it was over. This humidity is awful though. I’ll take snow over this crap almost any day. Only problem is I can’t grow a crop in snow lol. Total rainfall for the farm since the snow went is around 1.5 inches now. Venture out a little ways and they’re up to 7 inches now just south of us. Rain is following the snow from last winter though. Bulk of it is staying further south it seems.
  2. Went out in the quad tonight to check for flea beetles on my canola that I haven’t sprayed again yet. Canola seems to be growing through it so I’m thinking I might be ok. Going to keep a close eye on it for a few more days yet though. So far the damage seems very minimal. Crops starting to show up in rows now where you don’t have to get down on your hands and knees to see it at least. Sure makes a difference where there’s no straw too. Seems to shoot you a lot quicker. If the straw wasn’t so valuable I’d burn it off. Do that a couple years in a row and you can sure tell the difference in the dirt. Came home through the bush after checking my canola and that turned out to be kind of a mistake. Skies opened up on me and I got completely soaked. Huge rain drops for about 15-20 minutes. Waited in the bush for a little bit when I got back to the road and then went to our north quarter to have a look at the wheat. It’s still progressing pretty nice on the sand. It’s much heavier down in the swamp but for the sand I’ll take it. As long as it keeps coming along anyways. Hoping to start spraying early this coming week. Need to scout some fields and make a list of what weeds are coming then make some decisions on chemical.
  3. Glad there was a happy ending. Theft is getting out of control and something has to be done. Just had the police in our yard a hour ago wondering if we were missing anything by chance. Apparently a neighbors house that was being renovated was broken into and a bunch of stuff stolen. Every day now I see posts in the area about trucks or quads being stolen. The one guy had his post shared about a missing sxs. It showed up 60 miles west of him. People from that local reserve had reported it to him and told him where it was at the moment. Local police didn’t want to go looking for it though. I haven’t heard if he got it back yet or not. He said they’ve had in excess of 100,000$ worth of stuff stolen from their yard on the farm farm in the last year. Multiple instances. The stupid part about the theft your friends had is if they’d hurt them out fearless leader would sooner see the victims in jail then the criminals it seems. They’ll be out in after a brief stay in the hotel and right back to their old ways. Hopefully not seeking revenge on your friends business.
  4. Would be best to pull it on a trailer I would think. I don’t think any of them are actually rated to carry that much weight. Not sure on that though could be wrong as I’ve never owned one.
  5. Just a thunderstorm watch here so far. It’s horribly humid out though. Temp is plenty high too. Walk out the door and you just start dripping sweat. Not my favorite conditions that’s for sure. Sucks to have that much rain come at once that’s for sure. Drought is no fun either but mud has a whole other set of problems that can be just as frustrating.
  6. I must’ve missed that part. Didn’t know you were having issues. Best product I could recommend is called irontite. It won’t settle out and plug heater cores or cause issues like that. Couple bottles might bandaid it over till you can get it fixed properly. Ended up with another couple tenths here. Just enough to make the yard muddy again.
  7. Those new tires might come in pretty handy now for spraying if that keeps up. Weather network is saying 1/2-3/4” here for the next 24 hours. Fields are still pretty dry here. Any rain we get disappears awfully quick so far. Even in our yard the water puddles had almost disappeared overnight. Hopefully we continue to get a few timely showers through the summer. We don’t need a lot of rain if we get it at the right time. 4 inches all summer here will grow a very heavy crop if it comes at the right times. Like you say it seems to go from one extreme to another though.
  8. Essentially yes. 80 acres to a barrel 320 to a tote if I remember correctly. We haven’t been putting on a full 10 gallons. At 7 we can do a quarter section on one tank. Was debating trying some at 10 this year but not sure. Was also looking at putting new tips on the sprayer. No idea how many thousands of acres are on these. I’m sure I’ve sprayed close to 40,000 acres since we got the sprayer. Probably over due for a set lol. Hot and humid here now so it could easily brew up another storm. Wouldn’t mind some nice calm sunny days now in the mid to low 20°C for the next week to 10 days. Not asking for much am I? Lol.
  9. We’ve stuck with jugs over the years just for mixing convenience. We have just enough acres that we could use totes but I haven’t come up with a good way for measuring it out. Could pump it into the chem handler as it has the measure on the side but I don’t know how accurate that is either if it’s not level it will be off some. Always figured it would be a pain rinsing barrels as we’d need 2 to a tank. Sprayer would be full before I got everything rinsed really good. Alway open to suggestions though as to what others are doing. Had a half a inch or so of rain last night again. Pretty good little storm rolled in at about 8:00 last night. Heavier rain further west I think. Looked kind of ugly as it rolled in.
  10. I like the in Invigor line up but just wait till you start lugging liberty jugs around lol. Yes it’s crazy how the prices have gone. Our was a little cheaper but still expensive. There’s some out there up to 1,000$ a bag now or close to. Might go out and spray my canola tonight just for peace of mind. It’s a further away from home so a bit of a pain. I have the chemical here already though so it’s very tempting.
  11. Good to hear. Have you guys been getting much for rain? We didn’t get drunk on 20$ canola either but there’s a pile of guys who did. 100$ a acre rent or more million dollar tractors and combines and of course a brand new shinny pickup to go with it lol. Land has been selling very high around here too. Sadly I don’t think that will change a lot unless things get really depressed again. 80tys things sure took a hit. Took till the mid 90tys early 2000’s before land prices started to get back to where they were again.
  12. Middle of July the countryside is almost all yellow here. Pile of canola grown in thIs area. Some guys are growing in continually which isn’t the best either in my opinion. It’s been a decent cash crop over the years but like everything it’s getting so expensive to grow the return isn’t as good as it once was. Prices are falling pretty steadily now too. 18-20$ a bu canola east last winter is now 14-15. New crop is 12-13. Need a pretty good crop to make any money with the cost of everything.
  13. Just got back in a little bit ago. Started spraying the canola after 5:00 as the beetles aren’t out in the heat of the day as much. Finished it all off just a few minutes before 11:00. Haven’t gone over some of mine again as it was sprayed last week and so far looks good. Going to have to keep a eye on it though. Have chemical here on hand ready for it at least.
  14. Joey is talking about shoving his v12 into one of the cars now to drive around the kingdom. Was to much drama last winter to try and get it into the linn tractor. He was so close too just needed a few more parts to get it running. Working on the water pump now I believe again. Was looking forward to seeing the linn driving around with it but it didn’t work out.
  15. Looks like I’ll be back in the sprayer tomorrow again. Flea beetles showed up today. Had this little guy wander through the yard just after supper too. Wasn’t in a big hurry to make his way out either.
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