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  1. Make your best offer…you never know. Long time ago mother bought a car this way for my sister and she put in a low bid but ended up with it.
  2. Getting ready. Read the memo on another old webpage post about these 1460 stalk roll pins. 1-0 pins. Got some new parts on though.
  3. Put a turbo on 986 a few years for dad but it only sees the chisel maybe once a year for 5 acres and the disc to touch up fields and the grain cart in the fall. He was complaining this summer not enough fuel (it was fine) but I turned it up one turn and told him no more.
  4. Add the greaseable pto bearing while in there if you haven’t already. @IHC_1470 sent me this pic and added it when PTO seal was leaking and put in new hydro unit.
  5. This is what I purchased 2 years ago from Shoup (& serrated bars) immediately after reading old RPF posts about 1400 series in beans. No complaints and feel it was worth the money.
  6. Here’s the can that a member sent me for 901. Took a few places to get it made but finally found one.
  7. Estes Disruptors are mentioned…
  8. @Long Farms He has brought many 56 series back to life…
  9. Thanks - didn’t see that when I took the picture today & good to know
  10. Pretty neat Owner said he is from Johnstown/Altoona PA area
  11. Want to change knives on 1063 and check a few other items. Are these the two bolts and set screw that need removed in order to take out the stalk rolls? This will be a next weekend project and the search for old posts were unavailable.
  12. Classic Super Stock So we were at Columbiana Co Fair (Lisbon) and Jefferson Twp (Mercer) but got rained out on a Friday two weeks ago. Then we were at Meadville. Haven’t been out much this summer because of schedule conflicts with boys baseball this summer & football scrimmages this August. This photographer got a good pic from Saturday.
  13. Crawford Co fair - Meadville PA. The hot farms were going down I79 & we were on our way up for the pull. ‘99 F350 with 7.3 (143,000 miles). The D21 was behind us. The 1066s must have been going to Pike? Good crowd tonight.
  14. Thanks for sharing. Wasn’t sure if the 1256 would fit with the exhaust stack on…
  15. Here is the post with diagrams. I copied this and made a drawbar support and it is great for our grain cart and added safety chains.
  16. Yeah was curious as well. Everything was a rain out this evening so turned the tv on for once right at pregame and the start.
  17. 👍 agree with that guess. Saw a 986 in a yard the other day for $20,000.
  18. Dad purchased his 884 new & has been a one owner tractor. Been a good tractor for the amount of hours on it. At one time it was the only tractor and used for everything.
  19. Congrats! And great job Zeke putting in the extra time. Funny my 6 year old was just practicing today for the 3 pedal pulls this month.
  20. 88-90 here today and spent some time in the 1460 taking off oats.
  21. Acquired a 544 and 1256 to go along with the 1066 so happy that I have what I wanted. #1 1206 or 544 hydro gold demo #2 Ford 9000 or 9600 #3 Component 1066 Pro Stock
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