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  1. Yes it is. Warranty too. I think dad got the 3/4” cheap set from archibald around 1984, so long overdue. (And breaker was under 24”).
  2. I have it stable but neighbor who sells tools got me a knew breaker bar because dads old cheap one is looking like an S. I tried for about 20 minutes and decided to walk away until I got my new breaker bar and impact socket.
  3. Yeah I read about that on a previous post and not looking forward to this part of it.
  4. Found that bearing is shot on 1020 at the wobble box (circled below). Parts ordered coming on Friday. Old post from 2006 said left hand thread & a bear to get off. Any insight on replacing this bearing?
  5. Here is updated picture. Previous picture was not a good one since tensioner was not attached.
  6. Is 1989679c1 / 247430A1 the correct part #? I need to double check serial number/year on platform. I will also take another pic.
  7. Thanks - much appreciated having a comparison to look at
  8. Once I got the play out of the angle bracket, I moved the nuts up on the rod and it seems much better - will give it a try this week and see what happens.
  9. New to me 1020 had belt tensioner issues - kept coming loose and stopping cutter bar a few times. I see the piece of angle has hole that is worn and will repair today. Other info about making sure adjustment is correct or how to adjust properly. Book says 5 1/2”. Just want to make sure it is done correctly before next day of good weather.
  10. I never thought about A/C in the 1460 - I sure needed it yesterday.
  11. Bitty and Sandhiller if my 8 year old gets ahold of my phone & RPF is up and sees these, he will want to make a road trip. He watches Luke Bryan and his crew on YouTube and talks about shooting a big buck...even though we haven’t got any buck yet.
  12. I had the same issue with my photo. On the iPhone, I actually captured it from my video by clicking the middle home button and then power button at the same time. Then Edit and moved the photo around.
  13. Had the 1460 out today - first time running in soybeans instead of hiring someone.
  14. Lol I won’t tell dad that response. I’ve read that before on here about issues.
  15. Trying to add 2 points to the MT-16 CaseIH moisture tester. Directions say Power on - push Function 2x’s but I cannot get three dashes at the top like directions state in order to +2.
  16. This pic was shared with me last year and I put one on and like it. Filter system from hillside 14 series. Another step for trying to prevent contamination.
  17. Yes - if I am reading his correctly this is what you are referring to. Just put in rebuilt PTO unit and new hydro in our 1460 and have updated version with grease fitting. Not my picture but combine mechanic drilled access hole in same location for getting to grease fitting.
  18. Some of the old time radiator shops can clean them. Last one I did this summer auto parts store had a tank cleaner and then used air gun that has hose into diesel fuel to clean out. Seems to do ok.
  19. This is the ‘88 Butler PA aerial that I found of Wick’s. I will have to look for more. It’s at least something to look at. Hopefully you find some old Hershey photos.
  20. Maybe you could find an aerial? https://vintageaerial.com/photos/pennsylvania/dauphin/1981/SDA/127
  21. 1 year. Just bought the 1460 last year and just did the corn. Platform is on and I think ready - corn head sitting nearby ready as well. Just finished the PTO & new hydro unit today. Hopefully ready sooner this year.
  22. Well need to get them all out someday cause dad’s Super M is missing (his 986 and 884 pictured) BIL’s 186 hydro, and my 1066, 544, 1256 project, and 1460. 1256 is getting a few more final leaks fixed, paint, and then pictures on RPF (hopefully before December!).
  23. Yes unfortunately seems like old photos of dealerships, open houses, etc. are lost once original owner passes on.
  24. Bought ones from Shoup and did not have any issues - 6 row 1063 on IH 1460. Part #CD199097
  25. I would be careful. Took one out and sent it to be rebuilt cause it leaked - put it back in and nothing worked. Bought a used one and everything works now but it does leak. Old posts on this topic often say that they leak and getting to stop is difficult. I would wait until after harvest. I made the mistake before harvest and it set me back 3 weeks.
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