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  1. Looks like it might be pulling a 10 foot wide tillage implement.
  2. Still be a cheaper tractor than some new smogged out 160HP they make now days.
  3. I always thought all insert bearings had some babbit on them. Like the grey material before it gets in to the copper? But then on the old stuff they poured babbit in a lot of bearing journals.
  4. I'm a small 250 acre guy and seems like its getting to the point banks almost don't even want to loan money to someone my size. They would rather deal with a 10,000 acre farmer.
  5. Thanks for the info. I will save it in my computer. Guessing those specs would work for a 706 gas as well?
  6. I just figured the CIH parts warehouses are non union. Pretty sure the one at Cameron wouldn't be union. Its a corrections facility. Was also thinking at the time they moved harvester to Grand Island from Moline they busted the union in doing that as well. So makes me wonder how it will work out for the non union employees if the union ends up getting what it wants?
  7. My gosh, I recognize him from the picture. Hadn't heard of his passing. Thanks for the info.
  8. Had one in the shop last summer for a customer. It was a small job. had to pull injection pump and have it rebuilt.
  9. I started hiring grid samples and we make our fertilizer people use ISU recommendations. It don't appear to save me on fertilizer cost but am noticing yields going up. I have some spots that don't need any P or K and spots that need more than what we used to apply as a blanket application. So Its getting applied where its needed now and not getting applied where its not needed. Eventually the spots not calling for it probably will. Going to try to sample every 4 years.
  10. Burlington went on strike too according to this. https://www.agriculture.com/news/machinery/uaw-members-at-cnh-industrial-vote-to-strike
  11. I said heck with these new junk Chinese points and ordered an electronic conversion for it. Had to order their 55,000 volt coil and a resistor for the kit as well. Thinking maybe I can open up the plugs a little bit more with this coil.
  12. Anyone know what a dwell meter should read on a 756 gas? Also what should the timing be set at? I set the points at .020 and gapped plugs at .023. Installed new plugs, cap, rotor and wires too. They sent Autolite plugs for it. Just want to be sure points are set right.
  13. We wondered about cutting them off to length. That's kind of scary on the hub seals. Hopefully if they decide to stop furnishing them National or CR will be able to keep making them. Pretty sure they would be cheaper if an aftermarket sold them.
  14. Thought I better take time to share this picture. My son found this 5288 a few weeks ago. We went and looked at it and drove it a little bit. I told him don't even think twice about it, buy it! Considering what some of them have been bringing recently I'd say he did good on the price. Its an 84 model according to the serial number. The Sentry module is still in place and it has a fairly fresh reman engine. Came with a WL48 westendorf loader. We needed an MFD loader tractor and something that was big enough to take to the field if need be. It has a few oil leaks but we are slowly getting them took care of. We put new seals in the front hubs already. Stuff for that frontend is pricey. Some of it is the same as a magnum and some is not. The sun shafts were they same as a magnum but the seals were not. I was able to get new Dana sun shafts from Hy Capacity. The big hub seals I think Bronson said they were 320 or 360 each. Googled the National seal number on them and got nothing. The spindles had an old style bushing that could have been re machined for magnum style bushings but we decided to just go back with what it had like factory. Didnt want to wait on a machine shop. It also has an exhaust leak. I say time for a Schweitzer upgrade and a muffler eliminator and chrome stack when we tackle that job. It also has tilt wheel that's a little loose. Would like to get it up to par and try it out on the NH3 bar but not sure we will have it ready soon enough. On a side note, a 5088 MFD that was very clean and in the 2K range on the hour meter sold for 30K a couple weeks ago at Unionville, Mo.
  15. The guys I deal with say it got that way when New Holland got involved. I had a little MXU110 in the shop awhile back and parts book for it was a PITA too.
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