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  1. 1967806

    An Observation for the Fuel Debate

    When I started farming in 2004 I could fertilize beans for 20 bucks an acre and a bag of corn didnt cost 300 bucks. Anhdrous wasnt over 500 bucks a ton either. And a gallon of engine oil wasnt 12 to 14 bucks and so on and so on. So who do you think is making the money off your so called sibsidies? It aint the farmer. All we do is pass it on to some other place that can set at a desk and calculate just how much they CAN charge and not what they NEED to charge to make a profit like it was years ago.
  2. 1967806

    Parts Haul

    That cover in your 4th picture, is that the one that fits on the back of the seat supports to cover up the back of the hydraulic valves? Id like to find one for my cab 1466 to keep the dam sparrows out of there so they dont build nests in that spot.
  3. 1967806

    An Observation for the Fuel Debate

    Dont you enjoy setting at the table for a meal knowing you spent the smallest percent of your earned wages on that food than other people from other parts of the world?
  4. 1967806

    OT: RE: Great depression/old people stories.

    Nope, he never married her and I never thought to ask him if he ever ended up checking for ants in there. That uncle was my grandmas youngest brother. My grandpa got him started farming but my uncle sold out in the 50's and moved his family to california to take a job as a fiberglass mold maker. Many of the older guys in the community that knew my grandpa and uncle said my Grandpa was real dissapointed when it all happened. Years later in the 70's my uncle divorced his wife and he ended up with another woman. So maybee he was checking for ants in her pants?
  5. 1967806

    OT: RE: Great depression/old people stories.

    That's kind of like a story one of my grandmas brother told me one time about a girl in the neighborhood. Him and his dad was at a neighbors house one time and their daughter was jumping around and doing all kinds of gymnastic moves and my uncle duane aske her if she had ants in her pants. To his surprise she said "you wanna find out" ?
  6. 1967806

    An Observation for the Fuel Debate

    And that MTBE thing was another deal the good honest petroleum companies used to pull the wool over everyones eyes. Actualy read an article a few years ago in one of the farm magazines that ethanol was shot down years ago when the petroleum companies convinced the goverenment that MTBE was better. It was actually poison according to the article.
  7. 1967806

    OT: RE: Great depression/old people stories.

    Not a dress for you I hope?
  8. 1967806

    OT: RE: Great depression/old people stories.

    I remember seeing some show one time about clothing made from flour sacks and that they actually started making flour sacks with some patterns for awhile just for that reason.
  9. 1967806

    An Observation for the Fuel Debate

    I think the tax breaks come from the state level not the Feds. And its not the BTO's paying them if theres anything like that going on its probably all the companies that sell farm inputs would be my guess.
  10. 1967806

    An Observation for the Fuel Debate

    Here in Iowa E blends are usually cheaper than straight grades. The more E the cheaper it is usually. Other states may not be that way. I think it has more to do with the taxes on it than anything.
  11. 1967806

    Over Medicated

    Had something kind of similar with dad last fall. He almost passed out and was setting at the table in a cold sweat one morning and couldnt/wouldnt talk and had a death grip on the edges of the table. Mom got scared and called the ambulance. Before they got there he was kind of coming around. Make a long story short he had seen another doctor for something else and was prescribed meds for a problem that another doctor already had him on. It was a different name so nobody caught it. The guys in the ER did. Bottom line is you cant ever ask too many questions and you got to do your home work or have someone on your side that can.
  12. 1967806

    Real nice ice storm

    It surprises me we all thought down here you guys were wet all summer and we werent. Wasnt a wheel turned down here for about 3 weeks in october.
  13. 1967806

    Real nice ice storm

    That sucks dont it? Got a buddy thats got a shitload left too. Theres alot everywhere in this part of the state. Quite a bit of corn left too. We cut saturday and finished up a custom job and then moved on to another one and worked till about 130 sunday morning. Didnt get started on the second one till dark. Had our two machines going and one of the guys machines that we were working for and filled 5 semis and part of a grain cart till it stared raining. He had a 35 footer going. I didnt get to bed till almost 3 AM. I decided Im too old to do that every day.
  14. 1967806

    Not one $70K dually either

    Noticed that too. Dad had a 74 that same color he bought brand new.
  15. 1967806

    Real nice ice storm

    That'd be nice. Get rid of the snow and freezeup. Only way the rest of the beans are going to come out now.