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  1. At least it was only a mile away. šŸ˜€
  2. Or unless pump gear was never timed to crank gear right to start with. I've had those front covers off before in years past but don't remember if there are timing marks on the gears?
  3. I ended up torqueing the nut to 70FT/LB. Timing was not off enough to make any difference I don't think. Is there any internal timing settings on the A pump? I guess what I mean is could the pointer on the pump cam that catches the timing pin notch be off? Also, how do you tell if the pump drive gear is actually timed to the rest of the gear train correctly?
  4. Thanks for the info everyone. Going to check mine today and see if it's still in time.
  5. Anyone know the torque spec for drive gear nut for 7130 magnum?
  6. Thanks for the replies and info everyone.
  7. Anyone ever convert an older IH that uses 2 6 volts in series to 2 12 volts in parallel? Just wondering if it would help cold cranking any? My old tractors ain't used to these sub zero temps. Been trying to get some corn hauled before it goes back to 3 dollars and using my non cab 1466 on an auger. Both my 1466's and dads 806 didn't want to start today even after being plugged in for several hours.
  8. I had a new holland TC35 in my shop last summer for service. Went to New Holland dealer to get hydraulic oil and the buckets said 134 on them. Stuff looked thinner than Hy tran. Also had a Case mini excavator in shop for service and the hydraulic oil for it was blue. Cant remember what it was called now but got it at our local case IH dealer.
  9. My banker had this in his office the other day when I was in there. All shot 12 gauge. Supposedly the casings all came from someone training for the olympics. He's had many people including his boss wanting him to get one for them.
  10. I dont know for sure who he talked to.
  11. Might be a complete running condition one coming up for auction at Avoca in the near future. ?
  12. I cannot figure out how or why these companies can make parts so difficult. The drawing that 7 8 and 1456 posted was printed years ago and it was posted on line right here in this forum. Looks to me like these companies could make them available like that. Twice this fall I have had issues with parts because they no longer had parts books or no longer had a paper print. I even have a friend that just last week went to Housby Mack and part man refused to look it up because it was too old. He's not done with them on that issue either by the way.
  13. You can call places like Porch Electric if you have an IH part number of a wiring harness and they can build it. They still have the original blueprints.
  14. Thanks for the info everyone. Thinking my 1466 might need a little help pulling a 3 bottom. ?
  15. It looks like a number 8 little genius. These shares are not the bolt on throw away type like what newer plows have. They are gone so I can't do much measuring on them. Only thing I might be able to do is take one off one of the 2 bottoms I have and see if they fit.
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