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  1. 1967806

    Abilene Machine Step Kit

    What did that hitch arch come off of? Looks like it could be a 2 or a 3 depending on how it was put together.
  2. 1967806

    Moving centers on axle mount dual rims?

    Let me do a little measuring and see how much we need to add. We were gussing about 10 inches the other day. Would like them to be centered in 30 inch rows.
  3. 1967806

    Moving centers on axle mount dual rims?

    Sounds like something I may need in my shop someday.
  4. 1967806

    IH 1066 Black Stripe

    Just curious why that is? I always thought they were a beter deal the the other style sway limiters.
  5. 1967806

    And you just can't make it up....

    That would make it a 3some then wouldnt it?
  6. 1967806

    86 series pto

    Thanks. Got a few new ones on you tube last several days. Had to shoot them with my camera and put them on you tube to get them on twitter since my smart phone took a dump.
  7. 1967806

    86 series pto

    Here is an album I did several years ago for the pto in my 1466. Its pretty much the same as an 86. Your 86 could have a different engament spool than mine though might be the only difference. http://imageevent.com/danred806/1466ptorebuild
  8. 1967806

    And you just can't make it up....

    And instead of it being called a "Journyman" position what would they have to call it now?
  9. 1967806

    Moving centers on axle mount dual rims?

    What is an air arc? A plasma cutter?
  10. 1967806

    And you just can't make it up....

    HaHa. Was just thinking today how a gender confused person would enter the plumbing business. Would no longer be able to tell the difference between a male or female fitting.
  11. 1967806

    Moving centers on axle mount dual rims?

    I thought about spacers or some duals off a combine made to straddle 30 inch rows. Was just thinking I already have the rims. Would need to buy spacers and bolts.
  12. I have a pair of 18x38 10 bolt dual rims that have the centers welded to the rims all the way around. I would like to move the centers closer to the inside edge of the rim to get more room between the duals and inside tires on dads 1370 becuase it has short axles. Is there an easy way to cut the weld without screwing up the rim or the center besides spending hours on it with a grinder?
  13. 1967806

    Bee's nest in gun barrel.

    That might not have been a good deal on that 22. Ive seen pictures of cracked barrells where thats happened. One year we had some kind of bee a little smaller than a fly invade the shop. They packed alot of the air fittings on the air tools with some kind of green leafy stuff for a nest. Wasnt hard to clean as long as you knew about it. First time I found out was when I plugged in a blow gun and squeezed trigger. It got all plugged up and wouldnt work right. Glad it wasnt an impact wrench or something like that.
  14. 1967806

    Bring on corn harvest!

    Looks like you soent some money there. We had to hire a crane last summer to pick a bin up and swing it so we could pour a new slab. It was worth the price as far as Im concerned. They showd up and had all the slings, brackets and shackles we needed to lift with. He had enough brackets to bolt on to every vertical rib on one ring about head high all the way around the bin. Pretty sure if we would have had to buy all the slings and shackles it would have cost more than what the crane charged us. He even left the brackets bolted on there while we did the concrete work.
  15. Found this on twitter this morning. Never seen one before. Wonder what it has for an engine and power train?