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  1. 806 fuel filter options

    Just needing the filter canister I guess you call it for lack of better terms. According to parts site it is the Purolator one.
  2. 5288 fresh out of shop. Unexpected project

    What's a hyper flash kit?
  3. 5288 fresh out of shop. Unexpected project

    That grammar seat made a tractor out of it I bet. Turned our 5288 into a pleasure to drive after we put one in it last year. I think it was a model 1060 K&M. I like it better than the seat in the magnum now.
  4. One of the nicest 5088 I've ever had here 100% original

    Nice tractor and pickup.
  5. 806 fuel filter options

    Probably could but kind of want to keep it original. Probably be hard to find parts from a donor 407 too.
  6. 806 fuel filter options

    Had dads 806 in the shop last week to service it and found out it had a pretty bad fuel leak. Had diesel headed to the door on the concrete floor the next morning. So I got to looking and the line between the filters I could see where it had what looked like a hole rubbed in it from the frame rail. So I replaced it and both filters and slowed it down a lot. But still looks to me like the rear filter housing is leaking around the fitting that's made in the bottom of it. So I got online to get some numbers to see if that housing is still available in the morning and learned that it could have Purolator of Fram filters. The housings ours has is like the ones in the picture of the Purolator's. So now I'm wondering when they made a change? Did the RD system use Fram's and Roosa master use Purolator's? Dads tractor is set up with the roosa master. Its a 67 model.
  7. Scary ladders

    I would only get about half as much done as him. I would be one handed because the other hand would be too busy hanging on to something. And the way I drop stuff, I wouldn't want anyone underneath me.
  8. open polinated corn seed

    Just thought I would add something to this that I forgot about. This particular OP hybrid is supposed to have a lot longer ears than modern hybrids. Something that would appeal to people feeding ear corn to pet squirrels and stuff. It also is supposed to have more protein content than modern day hybrids. Like 12% compared to 7%. I'm thinking we will keep some of the grain to feed to our butcher calves if we keep some. I always like to pour straight corn to them for 30 days before butcher.
  9. What kind of dual hubs are these?

    Thanks. I'm hoping new nuts will solve the problem. If not I will try plan B. I have a nice set of 10 bolt hubs that we had on the same tractor to mount the 20.8's on it when we went pulling but I don't have any 10 bolt dual rims for an 18.4 tire.
  10. 1486 Hard Start when cold

    I would check the pump timing too. It don't take very long at all to do that.
  11. open polinated corn seed

    RR1 has expired but you still have to deal with the hybrids that are PVP. You would have to find a public variety if you want to keep the seed. Most of the newer RR2 and Liberty Link hybrids will out yield older RR1 stuff too.
  12. Got two 1466's with these 9 bolt dual hubs on them and I might need some new U bolts if I cant get them cleaned up to re use. For sure need new nuts. They are a 1 1/8x12 fine thread. Probably grade 8 I'm guessing. The two nuts that stripped were softer than the bolts anyway. Anyone know a place to get U bolts like this?
  13. open polinated corn seed

    Most if not all varieties that I know of now days are covered under PVP or plant variety protection or some fancy term like that. That means that the hybrids genetics are patented by the company that bred them and or sells them and are legally protected. They have you sign a licensing agreement that covers this subject and other things with it. Kind of like the old concept of the roundup trait.
  14. open polinated corn seed

    Give this guy a call. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUtCfidNRgomhUmaO6GoPzQ Scott Dudek 586 453 4806 I hope he wont mind me putting his number on here. He brought me a bag to try in our plot this year. Its a full size 50 pound plus bag. I also ordered a pound of each of a couple other varieties to put in our plot just for show.
  15. Piston sleeve O-ring install

    Ive used the JD stuff before. Worked fine. Always wondered why a person couldn't use tire mounting lube. Used to use RTV on the liners in the big ingersolls when I was at the pipeline. They had 3 or 4 orings. As long as you got the liner in the cylinder before the stuff started to skin over you was ok.