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  1. The guys I deal with say it got that way when New Holland got involved. I had a little MXU110 in the shop awhile back and parts book for it was a PITA too.
  2. Yep. The 8010 combine we have has pretty difficult parts to look up too. The parts guys at the dealer even hate the books for them.
  3. I see. Thanks. I never thought about looking in the fuel system for an air cleaner part.
  4. Anyone tell me where they list the air filters and the housing at in the parts book online for a 756 gasser? I'm trying to find the clip/keeper whatever its called that holds the outer filter in the housing.
  5. Guess I learned something there. Thanks for pointing that out. I see what you mean. Only thing I have with a 466 is a 5288. Not sure I ever paid any attention to injector lines.
  6. Well, I learned something on this thread too. I've always noticed my cover had been welded. I always thought it was from someone taking a pry bar to it trying to get it apart with a bolt left in it. The stuff I've found on this tractor since I've had it amazes me. King of cobble was their name I think.
  7. Yep, 5288. Pretty sure we figured out on here that the countershaft was an updated version too.
  8. Yep, and it's been modified like previously mentioned in this thread by someone in its previous life.
  9. I was thinking they said my hi/lo had the extra discs like 54 did and they put the extra discs in the master clutch too. Not sure if they replaced the hubs like you have in your hand.
  10. Pretty sure I tried a gasket like the one they show in that link you sent and it wouldn't work with my 06/66 style outer housing. You can see the difference in the one I cut and the one on their site in the lower RH part of the picture.
  11. What updates are you thinking of?
  12. So was it a gasket for the 06-66 series or 50 series or something else?
  13. Ag Parts LTD? I have an account with them if that's the case.
  14. My 5288 was already converted to dual speed when I bought it. And your original picture, yes that is a short 1000 shaft. Take it out and throw it as far as you can and buy a new one so your implement shafts will lock on correctly. You will have to make a gasket also to go between the housings. Neither of the gaskets for the 5288 or an older 06-66 series will work. I thought at one time devons tractor parts offered a gasket just for that. Here is a picture of the gasket I made ready to be assembled to the front housing.
  15. Good thread here. I was aware of that service bulletin. I would be real surprised if the new parts are even available now. Our 5288 has that problem too when its cold. Even when its warm sometimes it will cause an issue if engine RPM is too fast. Have had to idle it down when going to reverse before. I might try to tweak on some of these valves someday.
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