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  1. Probably right. I guess If I had the choice of a china made valve for 50 dollars and an american made one for 75 I would probably pay the 75 and take it home. Not sure what all can go wrong with a block type expansion valve.
  2. Looks like a good way to bottom out a telescoping pto shaft when you go through a ditch.
  3. Got a new expansion valve at case IH to change when I put the new lines and condenser on and its made in china. Am I gonna regret installing it?
  4. So I hooked it up to my white truck and went for a spin. Brakes werent any better with it hooked up. Got to looking at the wiring and decided I need to run new wires from the front where the pickup pigtail plugs in all the way to the back. Going with 12 gauge with a blue and a white like it supposed to be. Stay tuned.
  5. Thanks for the info everyone. What I did so far was test voltage with brake controller on black pickup held to on manually and got 7 some volts. With trailer lifted off the ground I could still turn one of the wheels with my foot. It had some drag but not locked. So I pulled my white truck up beside the trailer and plugged it in to it and got 11 some volts. The wheel that was not locking before would not turn this time. I could even hear my alternator laboring a little. So I think the main issue is that controller or wireing in the truck. Going to see if I can check voltage out the back of the controller. Also going to hook my white truck on and go for a spin with it. The wiring on this trailer was cobbled from day one when it was new. Keep thinking someday I will yank it all out and start over but never have done it.
  6. Just put a brand new set of Dexter backing plates with brand new shoes and magnets and they dont work as good as the ones I took off now. This trailer never did have very good brakes since it was new. They are 12x2's I believe. So my first question is how many volts should a person be able to read with a volt meter at the wire with the controller set to max? Also can a person wire a 12 volt battery dirctly to the wires just to see if they do lock up? That would eleminate the wireing in the trailer frame possibly being an issue. I have a juction box in the gooseneck frame where the pigtail to the truck connects to the wiring in the trailer frame. It comes out of there as a round cord then they switched it to flat cord at the front of the frame. I had that all apart once and re done all the connectors and still didnt improve the brakes. Im not sure where to go now. Thought about just running all new wire under the trailer but dont want to yet if its becasue the magnets are junk.
  7. Those wheels look nice. Ours have been on gravel and salt and one of the front ones came off an inside driver. Dad messed around with it some last winter and we actually started out with a scotchbrite pad on a die grinder like we used to buff off gaskets.
  8. Looks good. What did you use for the aluminum?
  9. Thing I dont understand is they always told us R-12 was heavier than air. So how could it be ozone depleting if it dont rise up in the air? Seems a bit like the Cow fart thing to me.
  10. I bet it might quit knocking for a bit if the horn went off
  11. Been hearing lately of the new vehicles coming out with a new R1234 refrigerant instead of R134. Just wondering if new ag machinery has started using it too? What will this do for all the 134 vehicles out there now? They guys I talked to said the 1234 wont work in older 134 systems. Guys at carquest told me the new stuff is way expensove too. Instead of 7 bucks a can its more like 40 or 50 bucks a can. Anyone else know more about this than I do? Hope its not like the R12 scam.
  12. Took this clip sunday of the last farm we planted before rain set it. Probably about as close as we will get to actually seeing a planter run again for several days. Not feeling real warm and fuzzy yet about having corn in the ground. The rain was hitting me in the back before we got this farm done. 5288 planting corn 2019
  13. We have a welder with a Kohler on it that I wouldnt mind converting to electonic someday. Seems like when it sets very long you gotta fiddle with the points to get it running.
  14. As far as the magnums go, there is a difference in them. Helped a guy one spring finish up and the two magnums of his I ran were real snappy. I just think its all about the way the pumps are set up.
  15. Gotta blame our nice smooth roads for that.
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