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  1. 1967806

    Bonding fiberglass to fiberglass

    Thanks for the link. Looks like that would be easiest/cheapest to use. Ive ordered stuff from summit before. They all talk about SMC fiberglass. Not sure what SMC means. Dont even know what kind of fiberglass my truck hood is for sure.
  2. 1967806

    Bonding fiberglass to fiberglass

    So where do you get that vette bond?
  3. 1967806

    48 below and no power

    I may have done a good deed a couple weeks ago. Was traveling down one of our county hyways and noticed a wire on the 3 phase line in a low spot had pulled up off the pole and the insulator was still hooked to the wire. It was windy and very cold that day and the wire was sailing around in the wind. I was afraid it was going to touch one of the other legs so I called Alliant. Ended up having to tell the phone menu it was a down wire just so I could get someone on the phone to explain what was going on. Talked to a very good guy on the phone but he was out of state so he didn't really know the area. Gave him my number in case Lineman had any questions. Reason I was so concerned was the same thing happened several years ago in the summer. I kept seeing a wire doing the same thing but never gave it a thought. Then one day power was out for a long time and they had to get some semi trailers in to the substation a few miles away to run power through the transformers on them. At the time there was a lineman that worked for the power company that came in to the tire shop I worked at alot and I was asking him about it. He told me a couple of legs got shorted together from wires touching by so and so's house and blew some stuff up at the substation. I told him I noticed the wires but didnt think anything of it. He looked at me and smiled and said "Wish the **** you would have told someone" . So from that day on, I do alot of looking at stuff like that.
  4. 1967806

    Bonding fiberglass to fiberglass

    Here's some stuff I found while I was looking for the norton product that paystar recommeded. https://www.autobodytoolmart.com/3m-automix-truck-line-smcfiberglass-repair-adhesive-35-400-ml-08273-p-26966.aspx I think Oriellys and napa can get 3M stuff. I gotta go to DesMoines to freightliner for the plastic that the light/turnsignal mounts to. If I can find this in DesMoines I will proabably get it if they have a gun to use with it.
  5. 1967806

    Bonding fiberglass to fiberglass

    It actually not a crack. The outer part of the headlight socket has a lip or flange on it that laps up against the hood. So it would be fiberglass on fiberglass. Not sure if I need the cloth between the two or not?
  6. Hit a deer with the Freightliner the other night and knocked the headlight socket loose from the backside of the hood. It was hanging by the wires when I got stopped. Looks to me like its been repaired before with some knid of green colored stuff. My first thoughts was to use fiberglass resin and try to stick it back together after I get it all cleaned up good. But got to thinking there may be better stuff out there with all the two part epoxies and things like that on availiable now. Any better ideas anyone?
  7. 1967806

    Fuel Rock

    Same here.
  8. 1967806

    Kohler k532 engine trouble

    Im kind of thinking a blower for our 318 might be easier to find. Its the tractor that never gets used. The 400 at least runs the yard roller and sprayer every summer.
  9. For some reason I feel like I could give that man a hug like he was a Grandfather. I really feel like this country we live in now would ever be able to unify enough to be on the same page to fight another WW 2 again.
  10. 1967806

    Kohler k532 engine trouble

    Your paint looks alot better than ours. Does your blower run off the shaft out the front of the tractor with a driveshaft?
  11. 1967806

    Kohler k532 engine trouble

    I dont have any advise on youre engine problems but I would like to know what model of blower you got on it? We have a 400 both and am thinking it just as well be blowing snow this winter so kind of been looking for one to fit it. They tell me they built a 2 stage for the 400's.
  12. 1967806

    off color...Allis chalmers question

    If you dont get any info on here I will dig out my books. I have a whole stack of Allis manuals that my wifes stepdad gave to me. He was an AC mechanic. I had it out last spring on a D-17. Worked on the power steering on one for a neighbor.
  13. 1967806

    IH at IH plant

    That test that starts at 3:30. They need to go a step further and open and close the door all the time so they can figure out their door hinges are junk. Just got to thinking too, they could give me a new truck to drive and I could find some rough streets to drive it on.
  14. 1967806

    IH Gas Turbine

    We had some when I worked at ANR. They were natural gas compressors. I was pretty sure I had some pictures but cant find them right now. Reason I remember them was a guy that worked on our crew knew I was an IH guy and showed me a picture of the IH emblem on the frame of one. I would sure have like to have one of them if they ever got scrapped.
  15. The reamer they gave me is going to be too big to start in the hole I think. It has a smooth shoulder at the small end of it. The diameter of it is about .050 bigger than the threaded small shoulder of the pin.