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  1. I was thinking a 361 had a couple seals back to back on the shaft that sticks out of the engine that the pump slips over when you bolt it on the engine. and there should be a couple bearings in there too. Could be that they are wore causing some slack.
  2. I may try to pull both senders and get them out where I can move the arms and see what happens. Probably be later this summer before we get it ready to spray our post applications though so we can slide the wheels out.
  3. Sounds like a good idea. Return hose needs to be through a one inch return. Really liking the sounds of that AWD cover to plumb it to.
  4. Not sure how to tell if upper sender unit is right part number. Is there a way to ohm them and tell the difference between the two options?
  5. Pretty sure the 1066 I'm working on don't have that hole in the case ahead of the filter. Its a late 75 black stripe. And the drain I'm trying to take care of will be for all the return from the pressure going to a bale accumulator.
  6. Does you oil get hotter than normal? Looks like that rake made easy work out of that wet rye. Cant imagine trying that with a wheel drive bar rake.
  7. Kind of what I was thinking about doing. Figure if it don't work out later on at least we could find another un molested AWD cover to replace it with.
  8. Anyone know a good place to plumb a return for hydraulic oil for a motor circuit on a 1066 without going back through the hydraulic outlet? Not apposed to drilling and tapping a hole if need be.
  9. Thanks for the info. Makes sense on the upper unit being different. I will look at it when I later this summer when we slide the wheels back out for the post application on the sprayer. A lot easier to get to with wheels out if you're built like me.🙂
  10. Anyone know if there was an update/service bulletin on the sending units for 7100 series magnums? Was trying to troubleshoot the fuel gauge on our 7130 last summer. Gauge always flashes or reads every other bar. Sending units ohm to spec. Had around 5 volts to wire going to lower sender but nothing to upper. Lower sender looks to made to be grounded to frame as it has a tab made to the sender body. Its not insulated around the tab or anything that I can see. Ran a new clean ground wire to it and the upper sender to try that. Now I have 3 or 4 bars at the lower part of the gauge when it is full. According to the schematic the lower sender is supposed to send power through the sender to the top tank sender. So is that bottom sending unit not the right one is what I/m wondering or is there something that was changed later and needs rewired?
  11. 1967806

    RPRU 2024

    I see. I completely understand the museums point. Guess I might just have to load the wife up someday and take a road trip to Ft. Benton. Always wanted to see Mt. Rushmore someday. Looks like it would be along the way from here.
  12. 1967806

    RPRU 2024

    Anyone know of the 5 millionth 1066 will be at the roundup in person in spencer this summer?
  13. That was a really good hook to if he kept them front wheels in the air just like that the whole pass.
  14. Had a track through my little hometown as a kind. I was disappointed as well when they took it out in 1974. I still have dreams now and then about trains coming through Cambria.
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