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  1. I dont know for sure who he talked to.
  2. Might be a complete running condition one coming up for auction at Avoca in the near future. šŸ˜ƒ
  3. I cannot figure out how or why these companies can make parts so difficult. The drawing that 7 8 and 1456 posted was printed years ago and it was posted on line right here in this forum. Looks to me like these companies could make them available like that. Twice this fall I have had issues with parts because they no longer had parts books or no longer had a paper print. I even have a friend that just last week went to Housby Mack and part man refused to look it up because it was too old. He's not done with them on that issue either by the way.
  4. You can call places like Porch Electric if you have an IH part number of a wiring harness and they can build it. They still have the original blueprints.
  5. Thanks for the info everyone. Thinking my 1466 might need a little help pulling a 3 bottom. šŸ˜ƒ
  6. It looks like a number 8 little genius. These shares are not the bolt on throw away type like what newer plows have. They are gone so I can't do much measuring on them. Only thing I might be able to do is take one off one of the 2 bottoms I have and see if they fit.
  7. Is there any place that still sells the new knockoff style plow shares for a 3 bottom that I just drug home? Crescent forge used to but heard they are closed.
  8. You could have the head fixed at Midwest Cylinder Head in Nevada Iowa if you cant find a used one. 800-873-8506
  9. He might. It was a family tractor he's looking for.
  10. Anyone know of an old school dealer that would still have parts diagrams for the rear brakes on my 1800? Ohallorans in Des Moines apparently didn't think they needed theirs anymore. Only go back to 1980.
  11. This was the best picture I could find from yesterday. Old windmill has flown apart a few years ago like our auger did yesterday.
  12. Thanks. I sent him an instant message on here too.
  13. Got a fella looking for an 856 and wondered if he might have info on its location?
  14. I tired some Virgina Jumbos in my garden several years ago. It was a cold wet spring and they rotted before they came up. They were big seeds if I remember. If I had time and space I would try them again but plant them in ridges. That might help the wet part of it. Seems like they needed 120 days to mature.
  15. So did this owner buy it new?
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