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  1. And to think I was lucky if I got to be a ghost wearing a bedsheet with eye holes cut in it. I'll post a screenshot in case the video link doesn't work https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTR9nxVhh/
  2. Bought our 25ft 1020 like that as well. Have ran it 8 years with no problems in varying conditions. Wheat and soybeans. I was skeptical, but bought it right off the farm and he claimed no one in the area ran fingers anymore. I sometimes think a full finger auger would be beneficial, but this seems to get us done every year.
  3. I really don't know many details, but apparently JD wrecked 3 new combines on the way to the Farm Science Review in Ohio last week. Don't know of any serious injuries. They were driving them down the road when a car pulled out in front of one of them. I've heard one is totalled, another salvageable and the last one will make it to the field this fall after some repairs. All 3 were sold.
  4. And this is an expensive saw.....
  5. We were very fortunate to go to Johnson space center last summer. The saturn V rocket is without a doubt the largest piece of machinery i have ever seen under roof. I was amazed just how small the apollo capsule was atop the rest of the rocket. The fact that these MEN were willing to hopefully travel to the moon sitting 360feet above 4.7 million lbs of fuel in a 6.2 million pound vehicle, with the only reassurance being that bunch of mathematicians said it was possible.....well, I surprised there was room in that tiny capsule for balls, let alone the men carrying them.
  6. Flag pole is an old aluminum street light pole that i bought from an estate sale. 26 ft tall, I can fly a 6x10 flag easily. We put a yard of concrete under it with 3/4" anchors. Don't remember where we got the TV tower, but it was used when we bought it over 30yrs ago. Dont even use the antenna anymore, should take it down.
  7. Moved the H, Super H and 450 out to the flag pole for the weekend. Even got the boys to sit still long enough for a picture.
  8. Don't see very many of these around here. Somebody please fix photo for me.
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