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  1. barnsfull

    Fuel Rock

    Usually by the time I get the gas cap wedged in there just right to hold the nozzle open, the tank is full.πŸ€”
  2. barnsfull

    Nice COE

    Wow!!! I sure do like dual headlights!😎
  3. barnsfull

    Old ihc jack/stand

    So it's a little older than the combine guess. Shoulda known from the ihc logo. Thank you very much. Sure would. Something more to keep looking for πŸ˜‰.
  4. barnsfull

    Old ihc jack/stand

    Yup, found it in a barn. Hadn't run in maybe ten years. Fired right up but needs governor adjustment. Bottom of hood is cracked, was hoping local body shop could fix it for me. Cute little mower, has 36 inch deck.
  5. barnsfull

    Old ihc jack/stand

    Bought this few years ago on estate sale. Owner said he thought it came with combine he bought new. Wondering if maybe it was a stand for when the feederhouse came off with the head?
  6. barnsfull

    So Walmart is good for something.

    New vs. old kit Also pic of back of original kit. Thought was interesting.
  7. barnsfull

    Sitting in children's hospital

    Oh...... Well in that case after the seventh time, the tubes just fall right in😁!!
  8. barnsfull

    Sitting in children's hospital

    Tell Shelby we're all rooting for her!!!! And also how lucky she is......they did my tonsils, adnoids, and ear tubes all at the same time when I was in kindergarten. Also, I did quite the double take when I saw your picture Wes. You look just like my neighbor Jerry. GOOD LUCK SHELBY. and prayers for the whole family.
  9. barnsfull

    Barn pictures

  10. barnsfull

    The Dog Thread

    To he!! with cutting wood, I want a seat right next to that pop machine!
  11. barnsfull

    New Navistar trucks

    Saw this at trade show this week. Know it's been talked about on here before, but thought I would share some pics. Sounds like they won't be out in big numbers till this fall. Also had these trucks in the booth that looked sharp.
  12. barnsfull

    Found this old plow for sale.

    Have a three bottom here. All original, seriously doubt that it has ever plowed more than 500 total acres. Didn't have a need for the slats in our sand, but that is how we bought it from the original owner.
  13. barnsfull

    Humor, funniest things your kids have said

    While driving one day went past the hospital where the kids were born. Oldest son exclaimed, "hey that's where Mom got Tyler" (youngest son). Another time while driving past some foul smell, youngest son exclaimed "that smells worse than farts in a bag!" Never had heard that before but have never forgotten it.
  14. barnsfull

    For TP in PA

    I'm thinking that it is a 91. Thought at first that it might be pic Joe or Elvin took while demonstrating in 91. This one does not look to have a folding unloading conveyor. And notice the canopy without corner supports and front railing. Didn't notice the lack of gauge wheels, but it is a one piece header. However I don't think the first machines had the header vibrator. So now I'm thinking that it is an early 190 but the pic was taken a few years later. If it's not at furmano's, good chance it could of been in Jersey. Pretty sure I can get an answer to that question.