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  1. Happy birthday from the buckeye state!
  2. I've gotten them from Bob at Greenway farms in Iowa.
  3. No. 14474. Purchased in southern Ohio auction 2012.
  4. It reminds me of the time we were sitting at the county fair watching the cattle show and the one gal commented she was gonna look up to see if there was a donkey show. Her husband quickly responded, do not Google that!
  5. Good luck on the repairs. Went to the field yesterday with the round baler to find out that the net wrap actuator went south while sitting in the shed this winter. Should have parts by Saturday. Looks like you're sitting at KFG in van wert?
  6. barnsfull


    Saw this at Yoder & Frey this spring. Not only is it quite the load, apparently it defies gravity! (Sledge, please help rotate pic)
  7. From one buckeye to another, hope you had a great day and a very happy birthday.
  8. We've only ever had the new idea walking tandems, but I'm sure it's a similar design. I crawl under there once a year, and it takes ALOT of grease before you see any coming out the ends. Usually will use most of a tube. Seems like a good idea to keep that pin and bushing area full of grease to help keep moisture and dirt out.
  9. Holsteins 😎 When they stand there all day and night licking, splashing, sniffing and playing in the water, it won't freeze. But seriously, most waterers are inside the barn on an inside wall and northwest ohio winters don't get that bad for that long. Two waterers are outside, but on the south side of the barn, so they thaw quickly. The ritchie trough waterer has a heater. I always assumed the 30+ gallons of water surrounding the inlet pipe and valve keep the waterer pretty well insulated on the mirafount 2 holes. If we don't have calves on a fountain in the winter, I just suspend a stock tank deicer down into one of the openings.
  10. We run 9 mirafounts and 1 ritchie. The mirafounts are a simple design. We don't use the balls, but I do try to keep the water level fairly high so calves don't have to stick their heads so far down into the waterer. You can use any float and rod that will mount to the valve and fit under the lid. I am even using some Styrofoam floats from old Franklin waterers. I got this repair kit from farmer boy years ago and it is pretty handy.
  11. It looks like Ben Trapani is the "customer" standing at the counter.
  12. I have the red one in very played-with condition. Missing the rear trailer doors. Not near as pretty as the mayflower version. Found it at an estate sale sale maybe 6-8 years ago.
  13. And to think I was lucky if I got to be a ghost wearing a bedsheet with eye holes cut in it. I'll post a screenshot in case the video link doesn't work https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTR9nxVhh/
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