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  1. Don't see very many of these around here. Somebody please fix photo for me.
  2. I probably wouldn't be much help on the fact checking, and I don't recognize the background on the cover, but that looks like Jerry Mez's 826.
  3. Replaced the steel roofing on the front part of the shop this spring. Was built in 1978 and starting to rust through. Anyhow, 2 claw hammers worked great to pull nails. 1 claw under the nail, smack that head with the other. I was 2 to 1 ahead of the boys using a wonder bar. I borrowed one of those slide hammer tools, but after I pinched my hand in it the first nail, it made a quick trip to the ground. Idea is to reuse the steel to put a ceiling inside the shop.
  4. Found this poster at a yard sale few years ago. RIP Mr. Gilley
  5. Picture of Bruce and some of our "local celebrities". This picture was shared at Bruce's visitation last night. Bruce is front right, ohio farmer is next to him. Don Williams is front left, 2+2 guy next to Don.
  6. Bruce Niday, "Metamora Farmall" passed away on Thursday. Some newer members may not recognize his name, but for many years Bruce contributed countless uplifting thoughts and prayers for others. Recently, his health conditions limited his physical abilities. Truly selfless with his time and consideration of others, Bruce will be greatly missed.
  7. Duane, I like your sign. We have the centennial one. I called the state about getting 150th, but wasn't expecting the six page application that it took to get it. Still working on the paperwork........
  8. On March 25, 1872 my great great grandfather purchased the farm where we live. Today marks 150 years that our family has owned this farm. He was the 10th landowner since the farm was originally deeded from the US government August 01, 1837. And although we are not completely positive, I'm fairly certain I have lived on the farm now longer than any other ancestor.
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