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  1. Not exactly lego brand, but I've never seen another one. Can't even remember when or where I bought it. Box says from 1990.
  2. Guess we went all out here. Named the whole county after our tower. And no, it's NOT in Georgia!
  3. Ray crilley was another great founder of the hobby. I believe it's been almost two yrs since he has passed. We used to display next to him at Fremont Ohio show. used to love listening to him tell the kids about losing his arm working at an alligator farm.
  4. Rick, you would be thinking of charlie and barb Burkholder of Onsted. Sadly both have passed away and Aumann's held a three day estate sale around 2015 to disperse of their farm equipment and toy parts business. Their wish was for their outstanding toy collection was to be donated to a non-profit to be preserved in a museum. For whatever reason, the collection hasn't been seen since it was packed up after charlie's death. Might try dakota toys for parts now.
  5. $10 beans & $3.75 corn off the combine? Might as well sell, surely won't be worth putting them in the bin...........
  6. This one has cardboard sides with steel top and bottom. Never been opened. Prob newer than yours. Ledger plates are same style as your box.
  7. Hey nate, how bout more pics of that room? Decorating looks very cool.
  8. here is the self washing separator jimb2 referenced. I think it is the only one to have both the IH and mccormick decals. That might be what you saw?
  9. There is a ball bearing that goes in there. The screw pushes the ball out to hold the tray in place. I'll take some pics to help explain it better.
  10. barnsfull


    Thank you all! It's certainly a pleasure to be a member this forum and to be able to read daily thoughts from all over the country and world. We should all be thankful for the positive interactions we get to experience each day.
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