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  1. Something would increase dramatically.......
  2. Man who lay down woman in strawberry patch will have a** in jam
  3. Not sure what the problem was. I did notice a nice rack of tires, but failed to see any valve stems ?
  4. barnsfull


    Pics of our barn. First photo from 1974. Our house is actually the new one in upper left corner. Then other pics from about a year ago.
  5. A few more. If it's ok to add, Might be able to find some old coats too.
  6. Dad has one of these. Think it was to promote the Long green line?
  7. Yup, I have one of those too. 1968 3020 with 148 loader. You forgot to mention " just turn the wheel while cranking the motor"?
  8. Not exactly lego brand, but I've never seen another one. Can't even remember when or where I bought it. Box says from 1990.
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