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  1. barnsfull

    For TP in PA

    Thought you might like this picture that my son has hanging in his room. It used to hang in the pik rite dealership here. I think it was taken in PA, but not positive. If so, I'm sure it was probably near Lewisburg. Gotta be early nineties.
  2. barnsfull

    Unique way to deal with bully. I like it.

    That happened here at the next school district over. Don't know any of the parties involved, but it is getting WAY MORE attention at the national level than locally. I think the dad's intentions were good, but when presented to others it got way out of hand.
  3. barnsfull

    New joke

  4. barnsfull

    New joke

  5. barnsfull

    New joke

    All right Lorenzo, you started it.... Knock knock,
  6. barnsfull

    New joke

    One day while doing door-to-door market research, this guy knocks on a door and is greeted by a beautiful young housewife. "Hello," he starts, "I'm doing some research for a petroleum jelly manufacturer. Have you ever used the product?" "Yes. My husband and I use it during sex," she answers. The researcher is taken aback. "Um, er, I admire you for your honesty," he continues. "Can you tell me exactly how you use it?" "Sure, we put it on the doorknob so the kids can't get in."
  7. barnsfull

    Does this officially make it a shop?

    Here is my official shop cat/tool warmer. Always in the way, but no more mice!
  8. barnsfull

    Ohio rain amounts

    Just short of 2 inches. Another 1.5 forecasted by next Wednesday with high winds. Halfway between 2+2 guy and Toledo. Also.......just found out how hard it is to find the plus sign on my phone.
  9. barnsfull

    Bumper pull steel stock trailers, good and bad brands?

    On our third corn pro trailer. 16' bumper pull with 5k axles. Trade every 4-5 years. Way better trailers than the W&W we had before. However, this last one the paint has not held up good at all. In fact, at the county fair we saw our previous trade in and it looked newer than the one we have now. Lots of paint bubbling from surface rust. However, they are very well built structurally. Like others said, great end gate. I would also heavily consider slider in center cut gate. You'll use it more than you think.
  10. barnsfull

    Fall 2018, show your pics

  11. barnsfull

    Fall 2018, show your pics

  12. barnsfull

    New joke

    Well sorta.........I figure I can use my HSA account because I need the medication!
  13. Did this happen to be on the online auction near Swanton?
  14. barnsfull

    New joke

    HARVEST UPDATE: I now have more receipts from the liquor store than scale tickets from the elevator clipped to the truck visor.
  15. barnsfull

    Good neighbor

    The way it sounds, they might as well of put a "caution pipe bomb" label on the packages. So far they are all show and no go. And Mark, hopefully the neighbors will find a nice place to the right of you to move to.😉