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  1. While you're at Iowa 80, take time to see the truck museum if you haven't already. Very impressive.
  2. Found these today in attic area above milk house in old barn I bought a few years ago. Imagine they were tossed up there to be hidden from their Dad or grandpa. Pabst can cleaned up pretty well, but the Blatz can is pretty rusty on one side. I'm thinking from the 70's, anybody else have a better idea? All steel cans with aluminum tops.
  3. The manger or the steer?😉
  4. Probably any good automotive supply. We get ours at local Napa.
  5. Made by 3m. Pricey, but the best, quickest, and easiest that you'll find.
  6. barnsfull

    New joke

    Mto-. Barn is 40x80. It's on it's third journey in life. Built in 78 to feed cattle. Then closed in and insulated in 86 to feed veal calves. Then in early 2000's gutted out and is now our shop and storage area. Doesn't take long for it to fill up though.
  7. barnsfull

    New joke

    We like windbreaks here too. Sure is nice in the winter to walk out back door and not have the wind hit you in the face. This is a pic of our house I took one day while up looking for tile drains.
  8. Mines a little newer, but same brand. Good heavy hitch, but not ih.
  9. Not quite what you're looking for, but tried and true on many farms throughout the country. and on this rare occasion, the wire looks newer than the sign! Seriously though, our H has a nice SMV mount above the fender-mounted reflector. I'll get a picture of that in a few days.
  10. Well isn't this great....we already have two ongoing religon and political threads. Now we have both in one. Come on guys, is winter really getting that long? Let's try to follow the rules and agree to disagree. Please.........
  11. Usually by the time I get the gas cap wedged in there just right to hold the nozzle open, the tank is full.🤔
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