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  1. Agreed. Parents put in a poured 9’ wall basement a few years ago, it was only 20-25% more money than a slab built to code. Which seems impossible when you say it.
  2. I have a buddy that did a fairly large room, 12 x 16 or so anyway, a full 6’ in height, under his house completely by hand. But he’s an animal. We tried to set up a small conveyor but there was just not enough slope or space to make it work. He’s one of the smartest guys I know, and he could not come up with anything that worked better or faster than just doing it by hand with the buckets. I have used my shop back to dig or to assist in digging, some post holes in very obscure areas, it was painfully slow and I think I have the bigger shop vac that you can buy at Home Depot. It’s not very big.
  3. Staples is open today anyway. Probably you’re only option.
  4. Ooo that’s early. I’ve never seen any cam like that, factory spot welded in or not
  5. Exactly. I’ve replaced a few of those linkages…I’ve never seen that black/nut/cam thing. Originally, the turn buckle piece would be centered in the bracket, I’d aim for center. What holds the black piece in place?
  6. My tire guy was mounting a set of new 18.4-38s Firestone for a local guy just last week. I believe that guy is too frugal to have gotten radials
  7. I kinda agree with him. I work mostly hay ground, have a bunch of red tractors, some with new Firestone radials, some with new firestone non radials, others with worn Goodyears that guys say are junk….and they all work just fine. Yea, damp ground, on a side hill, I can feel the radials flex and hold a bit better. $800 better though…maybe not for you. Firestone just had a $600 sale off a set of radials in that size this fall. Now I’ve heard they do that every fall. My neighbor got a good deal on a set.
  8. It would be tricky that’s for sure. I’ve gotten two woodchucks with one shot twice now, but those things seem to die pretty easily. Coyotes not so much.
  9. The inflator deal was running over the weekend, it must’ve ended now.
  10. My one buddy gave $199 for the inflator a few months ago with no batteries, so I had to send him the screenshot the other day. Shared it with another neighbor who ordered it up. I haven’t found the need myself
  11. I don’t know anything about anything but I feel like I have noticed at least two different style of lines on pumps that to me look like that pump. The ones in the picture above, certainly look great
  12. 60 in a square mile! 86 in a night! I don’t see 5-6 a Year here in NY. I know they are here, but a guy would have to work at hunting them to go out and find more than a few in a night
  13. I bought some cheap Amazon lights, and plug my Milwaukee batteries into them, they work good. my neighbor buys all ryobi stuff and he likes it
  14. I think this happens A Lot more than reasonable guys like us forum members here realize. I know I’ve mentioned before that I had a female coworker get told that she needed tierods once. (Dealer) No she didn’t…car had 30k on it. Father in law was told he needed a complete brake job at one up change (dealer). He asked if they could bring up his service history, as they had put a $800 brake job on it under 5000 miles and only a few months ago. Truck had maybe 30-40k on it and looked as new. They apologized and said they had his truck confused with another one just like it. Yep…just like it…my father in law is a old school Chevy guy….he had taken his truck when it was new and had it given an old school two-tone paint job, across the bottom. Pretty unique looking. Running boards. Cap. Visor. All painted body color. -dealer. Not to mention my neighbor that I just spoke about here last week. Who purchased a “dealer serviced since new” used suv this summer….oil filter looked to be original. Gorilla tight. And Rusty. Burns oil big time, with 52k on it.
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