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  1. I'd never heard of it, but I remember that bearing being mentioned here before. Neighbor has a ford tractor that he bought new in the '70s. He went to rebuild it years ago....new Pistons from ford dealer no fit in hole. Factory undersized sleeves. They must have had some bad castings or something, and that's how they fixed it.
  2. Gotta carry a tire iron/pipe/hammer,... a few smacks will Usually unstick one enough to get it home. I have a buddy with 17k on his ‘17......told me this morning it was in the shop getting a caliper under warranty.
  3. Get it? Does fuel seem to move when pumping the hand pump?
  4. Sounds reasonable to me. Just A caliper? Here in NY a guy can keep a superduty caliper in stock. When we had three of those.....I did. The aftermarket calipers come with copper crush washers that are about 50% thinner than they should be. If running a auto store brand caliper, i would still get new copper washers from ford.
  5. They have been popping up in my area the last few years. Gotta be European as they go down the road at about 35mph. Bigger models, 225-300hp. From what I see of them in the hands of our local Mennonite guys.....(Running Hard!) they look like good tractors.
  6. Dare we say.....easiest swap ever.
  7. I use to use three seconds of either, but as stated, the new stuff is Weak. So I use carb clean, brake clean, anything I can find....and a good 5-6 sec. heavy shot of it. Turn face away, extend arm....map gas torch. Who has matches anymore. I hate to do it. But in a pinch, sometimes it’s gotta be done.
  8. Busy doing our normal July 4th routine here.
  9. How many hours on it? Like they said, all you need is a $20 gauge from the auto store, then you’ll know,
  10. I have just removed the four bolts and reclocked them before too. Although I think I remember one case where the casting wouldn’t let that happen. Might have been on a different model.
  11. The they did the side panel “ fender” areas as well. All cut very nicely and wrapped in light gauge angle iron. Shows that somebody cared anyway.
  12. I’d still drive one for a day......if I knew anybody with a ride even half as fancy.
  13. Thanks. I saved the info.
  14. I’m not sure if this interior paneling kit and interior marker lamp package was factory or not.....but I’m not changing it anytime soon. somebody did a nice job with it, 20+ years ago. 1” foam behind the wood. Probably early Dynamat...
  15. Makes me nervous just looking at it. I suspect I’m a good 20-25 years younger, and I fell off of a 1466 while in a hurry last week. Still sore.
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