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  1. Found the needle.

  2. Oh boy... an oil filter question

    Yea, check a new 6.7 ford filter. It's about half the size of the 7.3 I almost think all lawn mower/lawn tractor engines use the same filter base these days. I have 20/25/35hp models, both kohler and Kawasaki efi, and they each will accept my ecoboost's filter. 400hp tiny motor and your larger 400 hp motor, would accept the same filter as my 20hp rider. But I still wouldn't do it.
  3. Oh boy... an oil filter question

    Lots of stuff will fit, but only the right style is right. that being said, I have a Ford brand F150 Ecoboost filter on my lawnmower, but I would not put the lawn mower's filter on my ecoboost.
  4. 886 Hydraulic Fluid Leak

    What he said. Easy fix there.
  5. 886 Hydraulic Fluid Leak

    Two bolt thin plate cover? (Sorry, in a 06-56-66 guy), if so, no oil there. It's leaking internally and just running down to that access cover. Try to figure out if it's hytran or motor oil
  6. Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    Yep, I was buffing on it, then had pulled it out to test new muffler, and it was drizzling, so it's a bit wet and falsely nice looking there. Thanks
  7. Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    I had forgotten to look last time it came up, but this thread reminded me and I remembered to look tonight: new to us 856 with M+W turbine is a " C4", although I'd bever heard of them being anything special or different.
  8. 656 parts help

    ....put your old tires n rims on it, put a cheap seat on it, wax it up.....even if it doesn't move, I bet you'll make money and have gotten the tires for free.
  9. One of the nicest 5088 I've ever had here 100% original

    .......I remember when you posted pics of the truck as you were doing it, or rather right when you finished up. Nice
  10. IH 1456 S/N 13961

    No need for bolts and wrenches, when you have a welder!
  11. IH 1456 S/N 13961

    Oh it does now.....the "kid", who sounds to be a few years older than me.....will be taking that metal to the scrap yard Today. Lotta barns full of crap with good stuff setting out in the bushes around the country., given.......that's likely how you were able to spot this one? Or did they have it listed for sale? Nice find.
  12. 706 project

    I had a ford tranny shipped about that far two years ago, it fit on a pallet and came in a FedEx type box truck, for $300.
  13. Help finding dad's unique black stripe 1466

    Nice looking tractor. I've never seen a dual setup like that. Hope you find it someday. I'm not old enough to remember, and we didn't have things that new/current anyway, but what would a 1066/1466 have cost back then vs a green one? I just grew up thinking the green ones were Significantly more expensive and exponentially more expensive to repair. Seems anybody I knew that ran green, had put 6-8k into a tranny repair or motor rebuild at some point. Opposed to us just buying some sleeves and clutches every so often. Maybe a ta. (All three of those.......what, about 2500 in parts, back in the day). Not knocking the green at all, price wise they just were not an option for most guys around here. Used 1066's in the late '80s were 6-8k, less on a good day, and a JD was double that. Seems they've almost equalized a lot since then.
  14. 1974 1066 help

    It's also can't get any simpler, as far as anything "electrical" goes. It's just one circuit: battery to key, over to botton, down to safety switch, and out of the switch over to the starter selnoid. Literally one wire that's just making a loop. Two wires in each of those devices, one in, one out. and the in and out areveven inte changeable on the botton and the safety switch. If it's that much of a mess, I'd consider running a new wire and just making sure you terminate any of the old ones that are still hot. Looking at a diagram is going to get you perplexed. Imo. That will get it starting and running safely. Then you can repair and or replace the rest of the wire harness after that if desired.
  15. I'm not sure. Mixed emotions on that one, but for 5k, if it sounded good and feels half tight, I'd say somebody gotta deal. Ours was "hacked" 35 years ago when my father bought it....cheapest way to pull 21' disks at the time. The bolt on wheels didn't like the hp, wedge locks fixed that. I wouldn't sell you a small half of this one for 5k. I should replace that elbow and pipe though. I'll swap it around and get it going out the top someday.