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  1. Me too, if it’s cold and snowing or the power might go out. Keep cords and outlets in like new condition though. Quality cords and outlets. Have a 2000w tank heater on a 1466 and a 2500w on another. You know it’s pretty darn warm when it starts to melt the snow off the top of the hood, and the top of the cab. That wasn’t an every day thing though. 30-45 minutes is usually plenty.
  2. I think he was asking me, as I have the 8’ jobber that turns hard. It is a dual spinner. Can’t recall the model. I want to say 3608? Two years old now, suppose to be heaviest model they make. 250 or 300 hp gear boxes, something ridiculous, maybe it was only 200, and 3-4” tree cutting capacity. I just cut golden rod and corn stalks.
  3. That was in FarmShow a longtime ago correct?
  4. Running it with the one half loose?!. You’re a braver man than me.
  5. I wet the floor down, to trap the dust, and to make myself more likely to slip/trip/fall. Looking at a few pics I have on my phone, my floor isn’t that tinted I suppose. I as hoping for less overspray though. Is that rustoleum red oxide primer? You shoot over that, or let it dry and scuff it? (Serious question). I’ve seen guy do it either way. I’m too nervous to topcoat without sanding/scuffing. Looks darn good to me
  6. I had that left side cover off (whatever that’s called) and finally got it with a cow magnet clamped 90 percent of the way (to limit its force) into a piece of rubber hose that I was “snaking” along the bottom. Then that afternoon I broke one of those ridiculous design spark plugs off in my 40k mile ‘05 3v F150, while just doing a ProActive tune-up.
  7. Ok, so you Paint in that shop too. Man you do everything. I just sprayed a small tractor this week, and my floor has paint overspray on it. Yours doesn’t. Looks like I did something wrong. Share any gun tips with me? First time I’d used a hvlp gun.
  8. Maybe he’s mowing brush with a haybine? My 8’ bush hog makes 125hp grunt if it’s cutting anything dense. Welcome to the forum needhelp.
  9. Agreed. I’d buff it and leave that beauty alone
  10. Copper tube? Brake line? Those things cost like $4, but, a piece of smooth Fence Wire is essentially free. I have one through a hole in the top edge of a funnel, hang it down and stick it between funnel and fill tube to make an air gap. Then flip it up and use it to hang funnel over the waste oil container to drain. I do this with a Long flexible metal funnel, (big one, 5/8 hole or so) that I bend up around the park brake lever, but I’ve used a plastic straight funnel too. Talk about dropping a screw driver down a fill hole......I was installing a new floor mat and rubber boots aroun
  11. I’ve never seen Any oils curdle up when mixed. I keep barrels full of waste oil, sometimes I pump out 5-10g and give it to a neighbor for random purposes. Old Hytran. Old 30w. Toyota/Honda fluids...... it always comes out Smooth. I have waste oil that looks cleaner than a lot of engine oil. Random two cents. on a 300.....I wouldn’t think twice, mix away. . Actually.... I’d never even put Hytran in it to begin with.
  12. Maybe the tool Is still bolted to his tractor, now he knows what to look for anyway. Millemon88, welcome to the forum.
  13. Learn something every day. I’ve ordered them and or picked them up at the dealer probably 6-8x. They always ask tooth count, that’s it.
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