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  1. Excellent point. Well said. And I’ll agree that a 970/1070 can be had for about 1/3 the money as an IH. The case’s are just few and far between around here and I don’t believe that I have ever seen one at a pull.
  2. Sell it for anywhere near close to that today? I don’t have a trailer big enough, but I’ll get one. Here’s our 1466 that I believe dad gave $4500 for, a while back. I think I need it though, so, it’s not for sale. Nobody would want it with that rattle trap cab anyway
  3. New probably better, as the old ones were likely worn to some extent. I’ve seen aftermarket assembly’s listed at what seems like really affordable prices, like I think it was all 4, inner, outer and tubes, for $100-150. I tried to find a set priced like that for a small Ford recently, with no success. Use lots of antisieze
  4. That black hot rod right there is outside of the perimeters as he had originally asked for machines originating at 80-130hp or so. Shoot that rules out bitty’s M too.
  5. Is that their one of those middle of the road M’s that bitty was talking about? Because I’m pretty sure eight grand won’t buy those tires and wheels. Thank goodness for voice texting, or my fingers would be sore from texting all day while trying to drive tractor with the other hand. A tractor that last came off the dyno showing nearly double the horse power that it started life with. Now with bigger turbo. And built pump. For field use. A hopped up M would probably beat me at the track.
  6. I just had the feeling he was talking 466 style
  7. If I thought I could have fun, for $16k, I might do it. But after two weekends of getting annihilated by all of the other guys “just out for fun” with $$$$$ machines, I’m pretty sure I’d stop going. With 8k in mind, maybe save the money, and have a good time watching. -Unless pulling is different in other areas. I’ve raced snowmobiles for 25 years, but Covid, and record snow for trail riding at home this past winter, seen me staying home and riding more, opposed to getting truck/trailer/machines dirty and traveling every weekend. I saved more than a few bucks. And wasn’t stressed out.
  8. Easier than looking at the parts book, remove one of your loose bolts, and match it up at the hardware store with a good grade 8 bolt. It’s just a regular bolt.
  9. Is this the tractor from the “new tractor for my new place” thread? I can’t remember if that was you, but I remember it had a strong Hydro and most of us thought the price was pretty strong as well. I know there’s probably a way to click on your name and find that thread if it was you...but I’ve not learned how to use that feature
  10. Exactly. Oil can’t run Up. It can shoot or spray up, but it can’t run up. Pulling the two bolts off the kick panel should be next.
  11. I think our 06/56/66’s are all 13/16 heads. Knock on wood.
  12. Maybe dealer had 806 bolts in stock last year, same as yours I suspect. pretty common thing I think.
  13. I’d sure stop and ask about it. Before somebody else does.
  14. ........so what kind of Oil do you guys run through those turbos? (Sorry......I had to do it. No harm intended)
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