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  1. Gotta give the guy credit for being <brave> enough to share the pic.’ I’ve been wondering what’s holding the drawbar in too.
  2. I will look, I want to say it is a 1500
  3. I’m not a hunter or a marksman, but if something needs to be shot, I have a Japanese Howa .270 that I feel is ridiculously accurate when compared to what I hear my buddies that are more “into” the sport talk about how they shoot. I won it in raffle. Buddy told me it we be a good farm gun that I could use for about anything. Like as a shovel or hammer. Then I took about twice as many cans off the top of the fence post as he did with his fancy Remington
  4. It is rare to see any turtles at all in this area. You might see a snapper crossing the road and I try to give them a little scoot, and maybe one or two painted turtles a year, always small, maybe 6-7”
  5. What they said, then after you have it fixed Google “four remote valves on a 1466”. You will find the discussion on this forum where member “International 1466”will boggle on your mind
  6. The 12 hole sticks out a little past the front casting and frame rails. I prefer that look
  7. I can’t even see 600 yards in a straight line here in NY. Would need bullet that could ride a curve either way. I have a few of each and never even realized there was suppose to be a hypothetical difference in accuracy. I can miss with either metal. I’m 9 out of 10 in the groundhog department this spring though, which is pretty good for me
  8. I think he was asking about/commenting on the lack of punctuation in the listings. “1066 original paint recently painted 4020 older restoration case 1070 with bad trans” -something to that effect.
  9. Worth a shot? That sounds like a Fix from here cam.man, how far above the full mark in the stick would you say it is? An inch?
  10. That truck that crossed the lane, through view and off the other side of the road… are we thinking he was going to fast and did that to avoid slamming into the rear of the other white truck? Would that be a reflex? To serve into oncoming traffic at that speed? I don’t drive truck but I don’t think I’d have ever veered Left in my pickup on a perfectly straight looking road too
  11. Does that say “Reserve not met” at $128k?!! -I was out well before that
  12. I’m in central NY, haven’t noticed anything, but they had some pictures on the news this morning (about 10% as colorful as what you guys are sharing), maybe I’ll look again tonight
  13. But still, steering loss in relation to clutch pedal though. I just can’t picture it.
  14. I think there’s probably a key bit of information you guys have not been given yet, I don’t know what that is, but I’m following along and none of it makes sense to me either.
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