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  1. Glad you got it. Hope the combine works out easy too. Anybody have an explanation for that water? Seems unlikely to me.
  2. Looks good to me. I've never been around a Du-Al, but do they not have the cross brace/mount that goes against the front of the tractor, like a IH loader? (I can't really tell in the pics), but if it does....wouldn't a brace to the rear be kinda redundant?
  3. Those must be the bolts I see on the end there. Our wagon augers had a round plate welded in the tube 6-8" in from the end that the inner end of the shaft would break loose from.
  4. Good deal. Could you see any spot welds on the outer tube that gave you a hint as to where exactly the inner cross piece was that the shaft had broken loose from? We use to repair silage wagons like that and I had to enlarge my initial access hole once, or twice.
  5. Yes I believe so. One of two correct? At the auction that had 8-10 of them that all sold for hundreds, not thousands.
  6. Congrats. I'm sure perplexed though. How could there not have been another guy there willing to bid more? If I'd have been there, two guys would have jumped in at 1400, and ran it to 8-10k.
  7. My older uncle moves south for the winter. He had a neighbor offer to rent a few of his garages and out buildings for machinery, and the offer must have been pretty good as my uncle went and set up a 40' container on a concrete pad that he had to move some of his own stuff into, to clear out his main buildings. The place he bought it from set him up with some solar powered vents and fans? I think he said solar, although he set up electricity in there too I believe with some decent lighting and a few outlets. Anyway, I know they wanted it vented, (pretty sure the vents open and close on their own....used onthe tops of RV's?) stating that in this ara of NY people have had condensation issues.
  8. Yea back then they all were good. We had '09, '11, '12, '15 and now a '19 ford. As well as a bunch before that. Ecoboost went 115k with no issues under the hood. Had trouble with every diesel, but still bought another one. Bought a leftover '18 gmc just because the sales guy actually honored the "$10k" off advertised prices, and the ford guy advertised 6k, but only could produce about 3k.....SS e guy I have dealt with For years.....so I'll show him...try a gmc.... 17k on gmc..... Rear axle seal leaking oil into my 20" wheel. They are all junk. Don't hate me, but I have my wife and daughters driving Honda/Toyota. 3.1" rain here in NY last 16hr.
  9. stronger800

    IH 806

    I was gong to say that we can see atleast one wedgelock ($500?). Each. Fenders do look junked. Weights, don't look like many on there, but still $500 with the bracket anyway. ROPS is scrap, but the Pto isn't, and the rear end has to be worth 1500, more to a guy that needs it. i am not a advocate for a cummins swap.....but there's a canidate right there.
  10. They probably finished the serious work at 11pm on a Sunday in the rain and simply overlooked the strap and clamps.
  11. stronger800

    IH Cab

    The linkage door holder opener piece that rides on the spring wears out too. If you find a donor cab....I'd get both of those pueces off of both sides. Door handles cost like $90 too. I have four of these cabs and scrounge up the small piece whenever I see them.
  12. Anything is possible. This is where my spare 1066 bracket went years ago. And spare JD garden tractor weights. I think they look alright for these working girls. Just not correct.
  13. Look at any of LongFarm's pics.... Then you'll know what is correct. Or in my pic just above, those are correct as well, other than the 1066 with the narrower 826 bracket as mentioned.
  14. Isn't that last pic a smaller, like 706/806 style bracket though? (Like I have in scond pic, near side. 826 bracket onto a 1066. I need to fix that. I like the top pic, with the hoods lined up and disappearing in the background. I use just 4-6 weights for tractors that only need 4-6. Imo, extra weight is just extra stress on the front end components. Attached properly, they don't wiggle at all.
  15. stronger800


    Cool. If it's just got oil in the oil, and not water, and the bearings look good, you could replace those, liners, pistons, get had checked/done, pump, injectors....what do you think guys, $2200<3000? Clutch, torque.....she won't be free for long....but, you'll know what you have when your done, and That, makes it cool too.
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