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  1. That first paint job went well, so I fired up another one. This 6600 is 8 years newer than the 5000. 68hp on local dyno a few years ago.
  2. Nice setup. I’ve seen a few guys build themselves lifts like that out of necessity. Most recent one I had seen, was very simple and used a electric winch to raise the platform.
  3. Should be able to find pics on here, of the most correct styled ones. Pics will most likely be on a 66 series, but as said above, they’d be the same
  4. So the knight owner had Twine, but no Knife or chain lube or grease? Twine is Expensive here. Was always taught lube and grease were cheap.
  5. I don’t think that’s a vertical chrome divider down the center of the grill. Looks like it sticks above the top grill line, maybe part of the hitch setup?
  6. I m not familiar with Steigers or that box, but it looks to me like measuring it up and having a steel plate cut to fit, maybe with a bent edge or edges to be decorative, then attach (screws, rivet, weld) would be the way to go.
  7. I’d never seen an AC chopper box. Had 6 Kastens for almost 40 years though . We thought they were darn good (and cheap too).
  8. Where did the air come from?
  9. Ahhhhhh.......about 20....or 30 years too New for me to be familiar with then. Our plows are old Ford/Oliver. We have a green set of six bottoms that are identical, other than having straight coulters.
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