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  1. Yes for sure. He’s actually got two of them. Other one is better looking. Had he priced it at 500 a month ago, I may have gone after it
  2. Cool. If you want that retro tool top box I posted, guy lowered his price to 500 on Craigslist yesterday
  3. I’ve called Jacks before when I couldn’t find what I wanted on their sight, and they helped me out.
  4. Those cooper at3 are on sale, available, and already priced lower than most others.
  5. I’ve been watching the Falkens on a few local guys trucks last few years. They appear to hold up wells and wear evenly. 18/32 tread depth on many. IHKeith, I hear you there. I really like truck rims…bothers me when they need weight pounds onto or stuck onto them. And it seems like it’s more and more every time I buy a set. I researched balancing beads pretty seriously at one point.
  6. I’ve been running BFG AT’s on the same roads, same weight trucks, for 25 years. New ones come with less tread, don’t last 2/3 as long, and cost a lot more. I put 58k on the first year “Good year silent armors with Kevlar” back when they first came out, in ‘06 I believe. Maybe 08. They were -The- best tire I’ve ever had. Tried to order two more sets two years later and my tire guy said “don’t bother….they just took about 90% of the Kevlar out of them”, and he was right. He had customers complaining about the new models and he didn’t want me in that situation. I'm going to try a set of Falken Widpeak AT’s next. Wanted them last week but they were two weeks out of inventory.
  7. We have an 806 with a larger than 1206 sized turbo, it’s the only tractor on the farm we run with a straight pipe because it is not loud, it just has a smooth and deep awesome sound. 856 with M+W turbo and straight pipe I hoped was going to sound the same, but it’s completely different. Not as deep or smooth. So it got a muffler. Either one will outwork a 1066 with stock fuel screw settings. (By a fair margin). Given, the pumps are not set to original settings on the 806 or 856 either. Neighbor runs a nice 966 with a straight pipe. Have no problem hearing him when he’s “going”.
  8. Those two tires right there, from what I’ve seen when they came from the factory on my trucks, are very comparable. And they come on lots of Ford’s and Rams, so new takeoffs abundant. the traditional Firestone AT’s are not available in many of the over sized sizes, but I’d agree they are a good all around tire.
  9. I can probably just scroll through the pictures on this phone and find pictures our different trucks sporting everyone of those tires, if you guys are interested. Just saying some guys have actual tire experience with the actual tires in question, where other guys may be referencing generic experience with the brand
  10. Sound ridiculous, but, I had a set of those master crafts (ATX?) on a truck two years ago as well. Purchased for the price, And for the price they were good but I would not put them on par with the other quality tires I have been mentioned here. I only ran that one winter and then that vehicle was sold, part of the reason I put those tires on it to begin with. I look at those duratrac knock of Kanati’s on eBay from time to time, because they certainly look similar and the price is certainly cheap but I have experience here as well as I have a coworker who put them on a jeep pick up, one of those modern expensive jeep truck things, and a buddy that put them on his F350 plow truck, neither of them made it 20,000 miles. They just melted away, but considering they only cost half as much as a duratrac that is lucky to last 40k, I suppose that’s reasonable. I don’t drive on half worn tires. So I buy a lot of them. The used ones ones sell fast on craiglist. I just got $400 for my used BFG’s. Yet I couldn’t give away my stock Michelin’s, taken of an F350 the week it was new.
  11. I thought we were talking semi aggressive truck tires? So a BFG would be a all-terrain KO, a General world be a grabber At, Firestone an XT or Ct (Definitely not a trans force AT or HT, those things are big car tires) And I just can’t take anything by Michelin seriously for winter use on a truck
  12. About seems everybody has a 1066 around here, (or several), and always has. I could count on one hand the number of 966’s I’ve seen in my life.
  13. I had cooper STT 4-5 years ago and they were good. Geolanders came new on my wifes SUV, but I guess I didn’t realize they made an aggressive truck type tire.
  14. The grabbers are great tires. Lots of traction, a bit loud, but priced good. Duratracs cost a lot more, are no better, and don’t last as long. Bfg are old school cool, they are also $414 in my size as of last week. I have Toyo At3’s right now too…never again. But ehh, they look cool. Replaced a set of BFG with Firestone XT last week. $75 ea less than duratracs and bfg were not available.
  15. We use all 3eh’s too. I have one 1066 with two much more expensive 12v marine grade batteries in it, and it starts good….just like the other ones. that 1456 looks to have The Longest axles I’ve ever seen. I replaced the cord on our 856’s block heater a few years ago, pretty common cord. Buy it
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