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  1. Watch, now I’ll have one come loose or crack next year, for the first Time Ever. I’ll remember this thread, and blame you guys.
  2. Assignment (for after school hours): Identify the following common tractor forum terms 1. C.D.G. 2. L.A.V.
  3. We lost a handyman jack once. Almost never used the thing, but, it’s stood in the same corner for 30 years and we new where it was if need be. One day we notice it’s gone. Odd. We didn’t take it out to a field to use it or anything. It’s not in a truck. Odd. 6-8 mos. go by, we forget about it being missing. Suspect it just accidentally got moved to another building and left there, but, it doesn’t really seem to be anywhere. Napa has tool sale. Buy new jack, set it in corner. Neighbor sees new jack in the “ jack corner” and says “ehh, can I just keep your old one then? I’ve been meaning to retu
  4. Bought this off our good neighbor last year. First tractor we have had with hubs in it. I believe they have been on it since it was new or near new, so I’m leaving them (I have the dual wheels and we do use them, since they are there) but man they make me me nervous each time I’m backing it into the garage or shed, where space is Tight sometimes. And they barely stick out at all, compared to what you guys are talking.
  5. They don’t happen to be in NY do they? I have spray paint.
  6. Thanks. We have ran 4 sets for almost 40 years, with no issues. 7-8 clamps on the 20.8’s but only 5 on the smaller ones, 4 on 18.4-34’s (and it’s had over 150 hp run through them on 21’ disks, for a long time). Tires are all getting pretty worn though. That auction with the expensive weights last week, looking at the sales when the link was posted I noticed a set of clamp on duals with pretty decent tires sold for $150-200. That’s what we use to give for just the rims. Where as 9 bolt duals brought $1500-1800 I think it was. That’s more of a difference than a little coffee money right
  7. We have ran them forever. 18.4-34 to 20.8-38, on lots of hills doing tillage. I never realized they were “odd” until joining on here
  8. They are pretty much enclosed as it is. Sometimes debris can fly forward jusssst above the ground and below the front shield though, and they are moving fast and headed Up from there. I hit a stack of three cinder blocks once in a rented field. I thought the world was coming to an end, all it did was dull a few blades. We had 7 and 9’ MC’s and a 9’ new idea. Pulled the 9 footers with the 1466 if the hay was heavy and down. Under 125hp would have been a struggle. They were only for special occasions. Could go faster, burn a lot less fuel, and leave a cleaner looking field with a haybine. 4
  9. No idea but it would look cool as a decoration
  10. I was going to warm up some 16hr old black coffee last night (making a fresh pot at night seems like a waste)but then my wife offered to make us warm apple cider. Ok, I’m thinking take cider, put cup in microwave for a minute. Done. Boy was I wrong. She melted down brown sugar, regular sugar, cinnamon and something else I didn’t catch in a saucepan to form a “cinnamon dolce syrup”, then she warmed cider in another pot, brought them together in a pair of fancy looking tea cups that I didn’t realize we owned and “drizzled a swirl of caramel” on top. I had no idea. It was like tak
  11. The ones in damaged, were because of that switch. You get in a tight spot where you can’t feel much or see at all, half bump the switch so the teeth are only half engaged inside, game over.
  12. I’m the oddball lately it seems. I’ve wrecked a few Gearwrench brand wrenches. And some older craftsman of the non-flex style. Keep telling myself I’m going to treat myself to a better set, but I don’t know what it will be. Maybe that brand Napa sellsthat I can’t ever remember, because they would warranty them if need be.
  13. Use nylon nuts. I’ve ran a hole saw through rubber belting to make a firm yet pliable washer that you could sink the mounting bolts into enough to hold them, yet let them pivot too.
  14. That’s terrible. Our condolences.
  15. Luckily the flipper cable caught it. I’d imagine it could have snapped or broken the tab off, then you might have buried it under that load. Nah, you’d have noticed the cable go slack and fall down on the ground around you. My luck......the cable would have landed In The Blower! (How random.....yet...certainly could happen) And how many of the next ten guys reading this are still looking at the pic trying to see what’s wrong... I’ve hooked the cord up wrong too, so that it comes unplugged first time around. But only when It’s near the top. Just like when you get down and que
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