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  1. I got one....just for that purpose 5-6 years ago. I push the gravel into piles with it, then shovel it into the skid-steer once the ground is dry enough to hold it.
  2. I'd think for 1600.....your not getting a ton of new parts. But maybe it doesn't need them. Rebuilt to me means new spindles, bushings, bearings, etc etc.
  3. Pics of a 77 250 please. That the green one? $500 for that work imo was very cheap. fighting the old bolts down out of the mound, -hour cutting the mounts off, after supporting the cab with wood, -hour, if not more. designing and fabricating three mounts. welding them on in alignment. i was going to say 600 would be cheap. Guys here would get a grand. Actually....they wouldn't even take in the job.
  4. It's the $200 210/ft.lbs one, not the biggest one. Walked into fastenall type place and they had a stack of them on sale for $159. They didn't have the bigger one, and I was semi obligated to spend some money in there as I had some credit I needed to use up. I bought my 1/2" ( the hi grade one) in a kit with the hammer drill and two 5a batteries. Battery's hold a charge forever it seems.
  5. Lug nuts on my '18 gmc 1500. Torqued to 145 ft lbs by me 4800 miles ago., this 3/8 gun just zipped them off without rattling. I actually only did two nuts, as I don't like to use an impact against the chrome, but I had to, as a test.
  6. Bought the 3/8" impact today. Not sure what I'm gonna do with it....but I'm impacting something tomorrow.
  7. I did that with a 20.8 once. My father wasn't impressed.
  8. stronger800

    Who did it?

    This is one and three forums that I check on a daily basis, I always look forward to the joke thread here, for a simple smile or laugh, shared by somebody with an agricultural perspective that I feel like I can relate to. I've never seen anything that I thought was even .01% remotely offensive, but I understand that everybody is entitled to their opinions. I need to give up on the pickup truck forum though.....those rubber shoe with holes wearing guys can have a three day discussion on how to install a floor mat, then in the end collectively decide its best to pay a dealer to do it.
  9. Only 2 hours left in the day, and I learned something.
  10. stronger800

    Who did it?

    I seen it first though. twice, as it was quoted too. Can't they (management) just erase the page? Not close our entire thread? Some of that light hearted stuff is the only laugh I get in a day, or week. I'm gonna miss it
  11. Not you too..... I didn't mean anything, other than it's his tractor, and the loader will fit, however he wants it to fit. You gave him a great option, I believe I complimented your plates.
  12. Remembered to ask my father this morning. Definitely did not drill the frame rails on our 826 for the 2250.
  13. New machine, hyd tensioner, tail lights, juicer,....but no thrower! Check out the tires in that pic. Hopefully that was just along the treeline or in a low spot.
  14. The new guy shouldn't be discouraged. It's his tractor, and it won't be a big process mounting it up either way.
  15. Mine was on an 826, which sadly, we don't have anymore...or I would post pics. Did not have a 56 at the time, I may be incorrectly thinking the rails were the same. My father and our best man are both pretty skilled welders, and I was a teenager at the time so it's possible the mounts were modified (extended and drilled) then painted up nice, as I remember them looking factory. I used our then new chop saw to make the 1" spacers and I drilled the holes through them. There just no way I drilled the rails, and since I get my tractor thing my father....I'm certain he didn't either.
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