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  1. It was much better today! (as far as cab not being hot). Unfortunately plugged the combine & then had a lift cylinder leak & straw spreader cross bar break and only got a cart full. Was hoping to finish beans today but will have to wait another week.
  2. This was turned out which if memory serves is on, so I turned it in clockwise to shut off & will see if that helps today.
  3. Trying to make another round on soybeans today since it will be in the 70s. Is there 1 or 2 heater valves that need shut off in order to prevent heat? I never messed with this last year since never got going until November. Doubt A/C works but at least if I turn on air it wouldn’t be hot air.
  4. Yes it is. Warranty too. I think dad got the 3/4” cheap set from archibald around 1984, so long overdue. (And breaker was under 24”).
  5. I have it stable but neighbor who sells tools got me a knew breaker bar because dads old cheap one is looking like an S. I tried for about 20 minutes and decided to walk away until I got my new breaker bar and impact socket.
  6. Yeah I read about that on a previous post and not looking forward to this part of it.
  7. Found that bearing is shot on 1020 at the wobble box (circled below). Parts ordered coming on Friday. Old post from 2006 said left hand thread & a bear to get off. Any insight on replacing this bearing?
  8. Here is updated picture. Previous picture was not a good one since tensioner was not attached.
  9. Is 1989679c1 / 247430A1 the correct part #? I need to double check serial number/year on platform. I will also take another pic.
  10. Thanks - much appreciated having a comparison to look at
  11. Once I got the play out of the angle bracket, I moved the nuts up on the rod and it seems much better - will give it a try this week and see what happens.
  12. New to me 1020 had belt tensioner issues - kept coming loose and stopping cutter bar a few times. I see the piece of angle has hole that is worn and will repair today. Other info about making sure adjustment is correct or how to adjust properly. Book says 5 1/2”. Just want to make sure it is done correctly before next day of good weather.
  13. I never thought about A/C in the 1460 - I sure needed it yesterday.
  14. Bitty and Sandhiller if my 8 year old gets ahold of my phone & RPF is up and sees these, he will want to make a road trip. He watches Luke Bryan and his crew on YouTube and talks about shooting a big buck...even though we haven’t got any buck yet.
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