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  1. Heart warming. Recently ran across a similar story. https://www.lancasterfarming.com/farm_life/antiques_and_history/tractor-serendipity-a-john-deere-returns-home/article_fafb8e41-d087-5cad-a951-ee8f9b8982b7.html
  2. Would like to reacquire the Farmall 504 that I grew up with and restore it. Last known transaction was sale at McFadden Farm Equipment auction, Sharon Springs NY in November 2007. Photos here as it was about that time. Gas engine, wide front axle, clam shell fenders. . Would appreciate any information that could help me pick up the trail. John 717-829-1331, parowfam@ptd.net
  3. I too thought that Case took over and eliminated the IH tractor line as evidenced by the initial move of the ( then current) Case tractors being painted red. I’d concluded that Case bought IH primarily for the combine and planter lines. Having left the ranks of actively farming, I didn’t keep up with the equipment business well for 30 years. Having read these two articles recently I now have a whole different perspective on what happened and feel much better about IH living on under the Case IH name. https://octanepress.com/content/color-your-blood https://octanepress.com/content/magnum-tractor-saved-brand These are excerpts from the book by Lee Klancher, Red Tractors. I’ll be reading the whole book starting on Christmas Day. Other good historical perspective in previous entry by George 2. Thanks
  4. We had a 403 that my Dad bought in 1964. Gas engine and 3 gear variable speed drive. Had the stationary air intake screen and originally had a weed seed cleaner. Good solid machine. Put a lot of acres of rye through it. Good thing it came with the huge box wrench for unjamming the cylinder when that long rye straw wrapped around it late in the day when it got damp. Here is a photo of it in 1983, the year it was sold and replaced by a used JD6600. The Full Vision cab was put on in 1975. Last picture was from 2008, sometime after it had been acquired from a subsequent owner by the Long Island Antique Power Association and retired to its museum. Brings back lots of memories for me.
  5. Someone in that discussion thread suggested those with 0132 in their serial no. provide info on how it is equipped. For what it’s worth, in additon to being a gear model, it has a TA, came with 10 suitcase weights, one hydraulic outlet, 15.5-38 tires, no cab. Not sure what the other features are that would be helpful to know.
  6. Red Tractor Fever: Curiosity has gotten the best of me. Do you mind if I ask the connection you have to this particular 826 you are looking for?
  7. Well if that doesn’t confirm what I suspected I don’t know what will! That’s great. Thanks for sharing that.
  8. Red was TRYAC Truck and Equipment. Green was DT Smith Equipment. Both in Riverhead, NY
  9. Serial # 2510132U015685 From what I gather it was built in later part of 1970. That was a little bit of a surprise to me since my my father bought it new and I am sure it was delivered sometime during the winter 72-73. At that time potatoes were the main crop in our area. Maybe prices were low in that time period and machinery sales were slow. Ours was a gear model. But I think more of the 826’s sold around where we lived were hydros and were used on potato harvesters and planters. Dad had talked with the JD dealer at the time who was putting up the JD 4000 as his competing model. So he didn’t get the sale on the tractor but he made out alright when my father bought a 7700 combine from him three years later.
  10. Got my father’s 826 after he passed away. Great tractor. Planning to restore it. Yet I wonder why IH created the model as they already had the 856 out that wasn’t far off in hp. Suspect it was designed to compete directly with the JD 4020, as they are both about 90 hp. Anyone have any insight on that?
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