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  1. One of a kind? Let’s hope so!😉
  2. Had a nice day for it. What part of the country?
  3. Red Power and Oliver Heritage. Also get Hart-Parr Oliver Collector and Harvester Heritage with club memberships.
  4. Looking forward to reading about your progress and pictures, of course.😊 How many hours on it?
  5. That rake looks like one we had on the farm when I was very young. Can anyone say what model it is?
  6. We had a hay conditioner just like that one. I think it had two flat rubber rollers; material that was kind of like what v belts are made with. Remember that they got excessively worn on the outside edges where the hay tended to wrap up. Do you know what model you have? Didn’t see it in the photo. I don’t remember what ours was. Dad used it in combination with a 110 side mount sickle bar. I believe he got the mower and conditioner when he bought the 504, 1965-66 timeframe.
  7. Converted to Roosa Master because parts for the Robt. Bosch pump are unavailable?
  8. One older farmer told me he went to the dealership to buy a new 986 and when he sat in the seat and realized that you could not see the drawbar from the seat he went and bought a 4230 instead. He said he didn’t know how he could hook anything up to that tractor by himself without getting in and out several times. I never sat in one to know that. Not being able to see the hitch point from the seat would have turned me off from wanting one too. What do the rest of you that own(ed) 86 series models think?
  9. Does anyone know if there was ever a commercially produced 1/16 scale TD 6 crawler?
  10. Doesn’t look like B&H sells iPhones. But they do list CAT! ?
  11. Super scouts specialists sells the paperback version for $40. https://www.superscoutspecialists.com/international-harvester-a-corporate-tragedy-book
  12. I miss those bolts with “IH” on the heads. Every once in a while I come across one when I’m working on my Oliver that my Dad undoubtedly grabbed out of his box of spare bolts when he was doing a repair.
  13. 1983; went with my father to look at a used 6600 JD. It was stored in an old barn on a nearby farm. One of the dealer’s men was backing it out. Thing got stuck in reverse. The unloading auger caught the edge of the door. ?‍♂️The combine kept going and pulled the door down onto the top of the combine. Thought right away about the lack of a foot ’n inch pedal. Dad decided he wasn’t interested in buying ANY 6600 with a hydro. ?
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