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  1. Oh, ill have a soy-Mocha R-19, stirred with a sprig of soy based starter cable, and topped with a sprinkle of organic almond flavor mouse turd.
  2. My friend has a snub nose Louiville tandem dump known as Kermit, the thing is a trip to drive, but has an unreasonably cantankerous 10 speed.
  3. Ask cousin Jeff about the cabovers, he's a little short fellow, likes to drive them cross country bobtail, says they ride better. @1586 Jeff
  4. I don’t think they allow ticks way down under.. in fact aside from some really cantankerous parrots, the biggest pest they have is Mike!
  5. There was a golden era for diesel, and personally I believe we are past it, which is sad, theoretically they have the potential to be reliable, efficient and powerful. They are too heavily regulated however. The old 7.3 power stroke, the 5.9 24v cummins, even the early 6.6 duramax were good engines capable of 100’s of thousands of miles with few to no major repairs. Currently large V8 seem to he relegated to HD pickups and medium duty and are either flying under the radar, concealed by the hybrid offerings of their respective brands or maybe they have just found out how to get it right, but i hear very few horror stories about naturally aspirated gas engines widely available today. They are cheaper, require less maintenance, and seem to get better and better with each iteration.
  6. Another trait of diesel proponents is to talk about diesel vs gas mileage like diesel is free, it costs more than gas, by about 40 cents here, no ne seems to want to calculate that in.
  7. I will add the same thing i tell dealers when pushing extended warranties, if this truck is so questionable that i need an extended warranty, shouldn’t i be looking at a different truck? I know guys that pass over a brand new gas truck for a used one at the same or more money because it is a diesel, then spend 3-4k extra on their extended warranty because the engine is a known time bomb, then they brag about their fuel economy. Had a call from one such friend who's truck went into limp mode due to DEF system issues. He was on his way to pick up his wife and sister-in-law who had car trouble. Turns out my gas truck that everyone tells me is a gutless pig wasn’t so bad after all as i had to rescue both of them. figure diesels are 9-12k more, plus extended warranty, add 3-4K, plus downtime. At the end of 200k miles mine looks just as ragged as theirs, i got 200K miles of relatively trouble free driving. That buys a lot of gas.
  8. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in VT
  9. Nice little dozer, but it seems to be suffering some kind of identity crisis, what exactly is that?
  10. 😱yikes, i had an offer of one, currently out of my price range but a very fair offer.
  11. acquiring oddities is fun, just not going to go rattle off 500 rounds in a weekend. I look at the places I visit vs the places I have to hunt and the different calibers make sense. I don't have more than a 2-300 yard shot anywhere, and even that would be rare. really limits the need for long flat shooters with lots of powder. also as a few of those shots exist it also rules out a lot of closer range weaponry. all depends where you are hunting.
  12. When camping i throw a little pancake compressor in the back of the truck, its been handy, 400 miles from home and it makes me a little less reliant on services and the help of others. They are cheap and if it gets rained on or stolen it won’t be the end of the world.
  13. Dad claimed close to 20 out of a 90 light 3/4-heavy half (whichever they billed it as) ton van with a 350 EFI and 4 speed with overdrive.
  14. That happens to me from time to time, but only when scrap is high.
  15. Thats my thought to, the “estate of” part has me suspicious it came back instead of its owner, never seen one with the graphics, so i am wondering if it is special in some way. i have my grandfather’s aluminum one, it means more to me than it is probably worth, but its mint and I believe fairly rare. This one however is likely to become tag sale material or dumpster fodder, but before i do that i was looking into it. We also just received another heirloom we are supposed to treasure 🙄 the cat likes it, so i am thinking ill heave both it and the carriage into the dump tomorrow
  16. I had to plug in for the first time today, the rattling old Detroit didn’t like sub freezing… I think the cloud of smoke is still polluting air quality . Good luck with that there weather. why is it that diesels are so popular in cold climates??
  17. I agree 100% with @MTB98 what you need is a weight distribution hitch, i use one with my camper and my 2500HD and also with the equipment trailer. Most of your trailer hitch ratings over 5000lbs are contingent on weight distribution anyway. Not only is it much safer to use one when Towing a heavy load it makes things MUCH more pleasant. I also use sway control with my camper, makes the ride way more pleasant. Its a good investment, and one that will last likely many more years than the tow vehicle you are using it with, and probably cheaper than helpers without compromising your ride quality. i have the flat bar trunnion style as opposed to these round bar ones but otherwise a near identical setup. Mine is a 14K but that sounds like overkill for you. I would buy the round bar if i were buying again. my current hitch was bought in 1998 and has thousands and thousands of miles on it, it’s still doing its job just fine, i will likely upgrade when i get a new truck next year and keep it around as a spare or perhaps for another truck someday. https://www.etrailer.com/Weight-Distribution-Hitch/Curt/C17062.html when ordering hitch stuff i deal with weaver, their website sucks but call for advice, they are super helpful. https://www.weaverd.com
  18. Note the nameplate that reads “estate of James P Stopham” and a date of 1914 it suggests to me perhaps it was personal effects of this guy from WW1? the images on it would suggest military connection, it has been repainted but the images painted around. it came from my wife’s family but no one knows who or what and no one knows James Stopham.
  19. What’s your air situation? these look cool, i was impressed. https://bucketdriver.3dcartstores.com
  20. Its a frankentractor anyway, no sentential value whatsoever. But i have considered that option too
  21. I just really really like 4Bs for one, for 2 the added RPM is a really intriguing notion with regards to a transfer sled, they fit in and accommodate a hydraulic pump big enough to run high flow implements without PTO pump, fuel economy is pretty good, parts availability is good and it just seems like a good combo. Nothing wrong with my engine, i have a gasoline head, 4” high altitude fire craters and i am turning 65 PTO hp on the dyno. Always in a quest for more.
  22. Ive seen something like that before, I suspect it is a marshmallow picker.
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