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  1. this subject came up before and I can't find it, I want a new pair of neoprene "muck" boots, the local store carries muck brand, but all are insulated to -279 degrees, apparently no one ever wanted a boot for when it was 40 and raining. want a mid height, 12-15" ish, and ideally have an open tread, I have looked at Lacross, Muck, Bog, and currently the best looking is DryShod but I am not loving the tread, seems like it would just pack with muck and not clean out. here's the candidate, I am sure there are some I am missing, even found some Wu-special for 40 bucks...I think ill pass on th
  2. Anyone ever watch it? It is the most money mindless stupid show I have ever seen.. and it is hysterical.
  3. Those can be a pain, as yellow rose said , keep after it with the weasel pi$$
  4. vtfireman85

    I'm free!!

    Should, especially the mallard, i don't think Calls are particularly well known for sitting out a full hatch, keep a close eye, it may he necessary to put them under the mallard.
  5. vtfireman85

    I'm free!!

    Idk, he's old, at some point I expect people to act like civilized human beings, not have 67 year old men talking about jerking off in a towel.. guess my expectations are too high for a shade tree buggy mechanic.
  6. vtfireman85

    I'm free!!

    You come back after a month or 2 and this is the conversation you open with?
  7. vtfireman85

    I'm free!!

    Good feeling no doubt!
  8. Same way here in vt, friend works for a development company in burlington, they are selling houses faster than they can build them.
  9. I like whole more, so does she, her Dr suggested 1% years ago, as i only put it in coffee I really don’t argue about it. Pretty sure drs tell everyone that... at 105lbs I really don’t think its an issue.
  10. @Art From Coleman just put half/half in your coffee and a dollop of baileys! Ill give you permission, you tried to do the responsible thing and it didn’t work out... gotta take matters into your own hands!
  11. Amazing the difference real cream can make! I use 1% because the wife prefers 1% milk and i don't drink milk except in coffee. I always used to complain at my folks that this cheap coffee sucked and they needed to break down and buy good coffee. Then one day i was asked to get cream on my way to work, which i got the local dairy half/half. Suddenly the coffee was fine! They had been buying fat free half/half and it was absolutely wretched! Skim milk tasted 100% better. They changed to the real deal and it has been clear sailing since!
  12. Most people i know of dry them, then I think they smoke them
  13. That is awesome! I would like to see that hooked behind an an Allis! I have. D-14 in mind😉 how much HP does it require?? Want to get together for a photo shoot?
  14. ohhhhhhhh that looks familiar, mine was rear bedroom/ bathroom and was rotted floor to ceiling studs, rotted floor joists, and rotted floor under the bed and tub, ill try to find pictures but it was a while back, seems it leaked around the door, the camper was parked tounge up and it ran down the siding until it pooled and dribbled into the cracks. also leaked around the rear corners... bad deal.
  15. he should have said something ahead of time, however, he is going to tell people whatever he wants them to hear about you, and you may never get a chance to tell your side of the story, so everyone who comes along with a bailer is going to hear about the guy who wasted his time, and stiffed him 100 bucks... that may not be right, or fair, but I guarantee that is what will happen. personally, id give him the 100 bucks, consider it a lesson learned and don't go back.. but that is just me.
  16. We are having our pull Columbus Day weekend love to see you there
  17. Wow, i will figure out how to get that, thank you
  18. Call me crazy, but i feel like your watching habits etc. are monitored, whatever you want to watch will be the thing that isn’t available without extra cost. Got an alexa or similar? Start talking about random stuff and see what starts popping up for ads on your computer.... big brother is watching.
  19. Every time i am taping my eyelids open for the last 50 miles home i am jealous!
  20. @forwhldrv that is one sharp looking truck! I am hoping to get down your way this year a few times, ill keep an eye out for you... pretty sure I drive by your dads house on the way to Fitchburg.
  21. You know, when they first came out i agreed with you, still do on the half ton, but the HD chevy grill has grown on me, think they we’re going for the 60’s look...i kinda like it.
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