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  1. I am currently agonizing between an 8kw and a 6.5 generator. 🤔 currently my tired 5 is doing it but it requires extra caution, you let the well run, then do something else, an 8 would allow life to go on uninterrupted, a 6.5 would do the job pretty well. It’s the weight and fuel consumption I am stewing about.
  2. My wife messaged me at work and said the power was out about 2:00, no biggie, should come back soon. I get home about 6 and no power, my Honda was at work, i have a 3500 old generac here we use at the sugar house. So I scrounged around for some 10-3 and found an l14-20 plug cap, got the thing running, got the wire hooked up and run our the cellar door, give it its first little bit of load she dies and wont do anything but idle🤬 so i come upstairs, she’s sitting by the stove with candles reading her book ( apparently i was supposed to pick up something from this) i say i am going to get t
  3. I'm up for it in February as far as I am told, my Chief asked if I wanted on the list, I do, sick of this crap, if getting the vaccine means getting back to normal and not worrying about transmitting it to my at risk family I am all aboard. my wife and mother are teachers and aren't yet eligible... go figure.
  4. Agree, my “Gift” and its shipping must cost half my membership, if I wanted a hat or a shirt or a miniature duffel bag, I would buy one. I dont want half of money going into shipping Chinese trinkets around.
  5. My grandmother still gets stuff, been gone 5 years now
  6. Wish you were here to celebrate it😢 Not a day goes by I do not miss him, he will have been gone 21 years this February.
  7. Wait.. all their hair down? Some if them you would need a scythe just to get close.
  8. Shes back together, took many attempts, doesn't need shimming this time which is good because it might hold tighter. I put an extension on the starter trigger and ran it up to the battery so i can unhook the whole deal and pull it out wires attached. Roy said he replaced the nose cone and starter drive about 200 bucks, on what was a “new” starter. I don't complain about the charge from roy, i do complain about the poor quality rebuild needing 200 bucks worth of repair. I also had a new battery cable made.
  9. A mechanical skill set that has gotten you this far.
  10. I tell ya what, it is definitely not something to fix, you tell the bossman ill be there in about 4 days to get it out of there, you dont want that sort of junk hanging around, gives the company a bad name.... mind if a grab a couple winks in the barn there overnight? Long trip back.
  11. Did you swap rotors out? I had a wobbly rotor that was doing weird stuff. I squished it on with some piece of plastic wrapper as a test and it all cleared up.
  12. he dumped his duramax as the glow plug harness went south and the txfer case was going for the 2nd x in 220K - had to replace the torque converter too, it went south luckily he caught it before it ruined the trannie as he noticed trannie temps starting to run above normal range. Maybe the starter thing was related to yours but it sure ground up the teeth on the FW it seems. I really don't get what people do to their vehicles? Decades and decades of GM vehicles and Jeep vehicles in my family, sure the odd the thing goes wrong, but starters and flywheels and transfer cases etc sug
  13. We flew to Utah once for my friends truck, gotten a couple from PA, and my wifes saab came from VA.
  14. Ive been told it is where the wind comes sweeping down the plains
  15. Have him ask about fleet programs, i am always surprised at how much savings there is in commercial fleet vehicles vs plain old off the lot sales. Local GM dealer here has utility trucks of all shapes, styles and configuration on the lot ready to go. They have even been stocking Quigley 4x4 vans, cube vans and dump trucks.
  16. How much downtime can you afford? Seems a 2003 work truck with 250k has paid for itself a few times over, slap a 2000 dollar price tag on it and send it to the first guy who needs a solid body truck. The downtime with my utility truck has been a killer, i will likely replace it in 21’
  17. Its like big gals and banana seat bicycles, fun to ride as long as your friends don’t catch you 😉
  18. That one looks to have one, my friends does not, i am seriously considering building one myself, however i have 0.5 experience with brick laying other than mixing mortar, and that is a rather large undertaking. I should probably start with an outdoor pizza oven or something..
  19. Very cool! I like the log schoolhouse! I chuckled at your daughter’s boots because it reminds me of an interview with (i think ) Pam Tillis, she wanted go-go boots for Christmas, when she got them her father said she made him think of a mosquito wearing a pair of shotgun shells 😂. i hope that makes you chuckle and doesn’t come off wrong.
  20. Check your float adjustment, don't rule out bad ign parts, give a whiff of ether or C&C around intake and carburetor to rule out leaks, check Governor weight pivots and springs and cleanliness. @pete23@DWV@Mudfly
  21. Looks fancy, I dunno anything about it but i bet it beats the heck out of an 8N
  22. Legos were pretty cool i have seen some pretty neat stuff made from legos.
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