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  1. Request for thoughts and prayers.

    I’m going to step out on a limb here and make a prayer request on behalf of Tractordanp, who just lost his mother very unexpectedly and suddenly due to an accident at home. The family has suffered some other very unexpected losses in the last year or so and this came as a real shock. I know while he doesn’t say much about it he’s grieving deeply. Please include him in your thoughts and prayers and be thankful for those family you expect will just always be there because they always have. Thanks. Seth
  2. Electric fence question

    I have some of the yellow nylon/ metal infused electric fence wire, I want to do a 25’ square area around my bee yard, question is is that stuff even worth bothering with? I also have a cheap plug in fencer from TSC, I’m wondering if I ought to chuck it all and start over? Any wisdom is appreciated, I’ve got no hands on electric fence experience. At least with installing it. im looking to keep bears and raccoons out, not bees in btw... before someone asks.
  3. Guns

  4. Electric fence question

    The general consensus on bears in the local bee community is that they tend to get it on the nose first as they are typically sniffing around the hives, I agree a bear could probably take a heck of a. Wallop but I think if it gets them in the snoot it might help. Not sure what my fencer is, it's a cheapo that was bought and never used. So I'll check on joules. What's the deal with electro net? Never heard of it. Is it that synthetic page wire stuff?
  5. Who wants manuals?

    These arrived on my truck seat today. I'll stick any or all in the mail if the recipient covers the shipping. They came free to me so I'm not ok selling them.
  6. Who wants manuals?

    That’s what “she” said
  7. AR upper receiver

    Looking for an AR upper receiver, lots and lots of choices, and I’ve never done one of these before. I’ve ordered a ruger trigger, not yet sure what I’m getting for a sock but I think a Magpul. I’m going 5.56 with this one.
  8. Who wants manuals?

    All the manuals have gone to good homes, thanks guys, I hate to see these things get ruined
  9. AR upper receiver

    Seems there are mil spec independent machine shops out there selling legit us made barrels, etc. but by the time I've bought them I'm getting into a hefty chunk of change. Also seems to be tremendous variety in mourning rail size, placement and length. I don't feel the need to go crazy. Perhaps a long eye releif scope and a laser sight. At most. There's so darn much to choose from I get bogged down. I'd like to buy a Ruger complete upper at this point. Colt would be fine too. Just something high quality and simple.
  10. AR upper receiver

    That is an interesting choice as well, not one I'd given a lot of thought to before but maybe I should.
  11. AR upper receiver

    I have no explanation for it but I kind of want 300 blackout. 9mm was a contender too. One of my biggest issues with my scout rifle is I cannot get 223 5 round mags for it, which I would need for coyote. Which is the main reason I bought it to begin with. 😡
  12. Request for thoughts and prayers.

    Thanks guys, I contacted Dan briefly this evening but he had family around and were all around at his fathers house so I’ll check in on him tomorrow and report unless he comes here in person. I expect everyone is still processing I don’t know if it’s all sunk in yet
  13. Touchy subject

    How about this, anyone ever tried it, might be more effective than spanking.
  14. 2 way VHF Radio

    I’m putting a 2 Way VHF in my personal vehicle because I can’t hit the station from my house, actually I have to drive 8 of the 9 Miles before I have either cell service or portable 2 way communication. It’s an issue. I’d rather not have a huge 48” antenna, do any of you guys have experience with these? What’s available and how long do I need? From what I understand, a VHF does not need to be “ tuned” like a CB used to. Any knowledge would be appreciated
  15. 2 way VHF Radio

    I’m getting a 42” and an 18” with the radio, that’s not to say I can’t find a different antenna setup but that’s what it’s coming with
  16. Touchy subject

  17. Touchy subject

  18. Has the flu bug been around?

    Sounds like VD to me... Why doesn't anyone listen to the training films????
  19. considering a security camera

  20. Has the flu bug been around?

    Local character here got it a few weeks ago, went to hospital, now he's home but every day I see him he looks and sounds worse. He's got walking pneumonia now. I'm pretty worried about him, but as the saying goes " you can lead a horse to water, but the only way to make him drink is hold his head under and ....." never mind
  21. Super Parts People!

    I think it ought to be said again, and added to. Thes “kids “ need as much guidance from their employers as they do from the customers their serving. I hate breaking in a new Counter man at the electrical supplier, its a few years of frustration in some cases but you have to be paitient with them and help them out as much as possible. It’s how the old guys you loved learned and it’s not fair to expect someone fresh out of high school to know as much as a seasoned mechanic, so share whatever knowledge you have, explain why one part is better or different than another and what it does, or doesn’t do or fit. They WILL improve and if enough people are pleasant to them and start to make them feel like they are needed and respected they’re likely to want to stick around a place where they get treated that way. Thw new kid at our wholesaler is trying, sometimes I spit out part numbers at him and forget I might as well be speaking Martian 👽 . Some times he is half way through the warehouse and he has to ask what or where something he’s got on his list is. But he’ll come around, if he sticks with it long enough. Besides, maybe I can break some of the bad habits the older guys have. Like putting black tape all over service cable instead of string😡😡😡
  22. Super Parts People!

    matt, this seems to have touched a nerve. I agree, not auto parts, but along the same idea, our electrical supplier started hiring new guys back 4 years ago in anticipation of the retirement of several guys who were pushing retirement age, unfortunately 4 of them have lasted just long enough to get where they were useful and they’ve quit. Or just plain didn’t show up. 3 Sr employees have retired and a 4th has announced he’s done in DEC. I think pay is reasonably competitive but finding long term employees in any business seems to be a difficult thing. With the internet out there i think “the grass must be greener “ syndrome is making it hard for employers to keep people, and let’s face it, paying fair wages is one thing, but expecting professional pay for bagging groceries isn’t realistic either.
  23. Tilt hood weight rack B series

    The loader on ours works very well, also have front wheel weights