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  1. Saw this and had to have it, beat 2.99 I ever spent.
  2. Hey I been looking for those, came out of my Jag
  3. Having ones ducks in a row is a myth, they won’t walk in an orderly fashion.
  4. Those are the cats whiskers, trouble is I need a bunch! I take them with me on the boat, on generator calls, start dead mowers with them. Have a big one for the big diesels, but usually can start even my 6.0 with the little ones.
  5. It is my understanding that the blight is in the soil and takes many years of no tomatoes to get rid of. Our tomatoes in the garden aren’t doing as well as the ones near the house that my wife put in separate pots. Those are going wild, maybe try new soil in raised planters. my friend has a hornworm infestation on his, went from soggy wet to hot and humid this year and it was a bad deal all the way around.
  6. its big, this one was 1200GPM with 6" suction
  7. I actually called out E-One service man. He filled me in, confirming my suspicions about its purpose and suggested I call Detroit/Allison in Latham. He’s been around a while, the guy from E-One but wasn’t confident enough to tell me how to eliminate it
  8. I don’t carry a spare locally, they collect dirt from our dirt road and then salt in the winter, I put it in the truck when I travel, maybe I’m irresponsible. Most 5-10 told vehicles havent had a flat in those years and most 10 year old spares here wouldn’t be any good anyway.
  9. No, the pump itself is essentially a big transfer case. You power it 1:1 through the transmission in drive. We took out the pump, added a carrier bearing and a section of driveshaft. Had to buy a PTO as it didn’t have one.
  10. I have learned it is called a “Skinner valve” and it indeed locks the trans into 4th or direct in order to run the pump. The parts guys at the Allison dealer were unwilling to give information on bypassing it . I’m supposed to call and talk to the shop foreman tomorrow but am hoping I can find a straight answer before as I doubt I’ll get one from him.
  11. this sticks off the back of our new dump truck with Allison MT643 i have my suspicions it has to do with shifting the truck into gear from the pump control panel. has 3 hoses, one comes out of the side of the trans above the oil pan, one goes into the oil pan and then through a hard line and the third either dumps into or sucks from the bottom. they are little, maybe 1/4" the wires used to run back to the fire body control panel which is long gone. on our in service trucks you can shift into or out of gear from the ground at the controls. am i correct? can i just plug it off? i would really like to do away with it if it isn't needed as the hoses are in rough shape and it looks like a potential failure point.
  12. i catch them with duck feed in a tiny have a hart. use a snap rat trap if you want to kill them, but anchor it somehow.
  13. Around here it’s me doing the summons for spiders.....bleagh 🤮
  14. Now u know why Jeff and are so tough on each other, to do a lot of drinking in the ADKs
  15. I think she lives in more of a stall or pen affair, not really sure where it is anymore, As long as it stays in Massachusetts I don’t care.
  16. I have no idea, looks Russian, emailed by a friend but has NY plates
  17. Yes, I encourage ppl to order from places like that as buying through me, often they are cheaper than my cost on those entry level items. I charge 25 per transfer and everyone wins. Talk to your favorite local dealer and have it sent to them.
  18. My MIL has. CRV and loves it, I feel like I am driving one of those mules with just a steering wheel, but it’s been 10 trouble free years
  19. I like that truck, 200k looks like a lot of seat time in that thing. The domestic market has nothing whatsoever that appeals to us, over priced, over fluffed under powered yuppie cars. Jeep has nice offerings, if you consider them domestic still. I like the Toyota for reputation and owner satisfaction. if you read reviews from car and driver and such they don’t have much good to say, yet dealers can’t keep them in stock and people keep buying them over and over . I think that says a lot.
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