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  1. We have one of those in the van, very handy, but a real battery eater and I wouldn’t want to do production work with it.
  2. The woman slinging a worm drive around would indeed be a force to be reckoned with!
  3. I saw those, they look head and shoulders better than the makita I have used. That thing is a pos. Surprised you didn’t opt for the chainsaw version! I was at a wedding in a beautiful timber frame barn last night. We thought what a great excuse to own one of those! Then I was told it was Amish built 😕 I don’t imagine they had one.
  4. What’s your tire pressure? I put 10 ply on my wife’s 4 runner, I gained 1-2mpg by going to 44 psi rather than 34
  5. Used to be you bought O2 simulators from summit and run a pry bar through the cat and you would gain a little bit. High flow air filter maybe a bit more, or as I finally decided after years of worrying about it, just drive it. Driving like you own it rather than like you stole it is the best way. the way i look at it is i need the truck, its not cheaper to make 2 trips with a smaller truck that gets a little better mileage and its not cheaper to own a gas sipper in addition, my commute could be 10 minutes or an hour an a half. Drive the thing if you need to and save your pennies elsewhere. People always talk about poor gas mileage like Good gas mileage is free. You have to calculate the difference and use that to make your judgment.
  6. A good ripper definitely makes a difference
  7. My grandmother always worked, as has my mother.
  8. Childcare is a real bear, in my case, my wife being a teacher has good insurance, makes a lot more than i do, and has off most of the same time our daughter will. Never the less 1300/month for child care is a lot of dollars. Combine that with your kid always being sick, yourself always getting sick, the hassle of pick up by 4 drop off before work i can well understand why some would choose not to do it at all if they could. We decided right away it wasn’t feasible for one of us not to work, but that surely is appealing.
  9. Got it out today, need a couple screws 🤬
  10. I bought this 8 1/4” one at an auction for 30 bucks, it came with the duct tape, not sure if thats a bonus or not. Keep meaning to order a new pistol grip but haven’t got that far yet.
  11. I would say the opposite. At least from when i was in school. The start earlier and go later. My wife has Columbus day, labor day, etc, but they are in until 12:30 the Wednesday before thanksgiving, i remember a week off. Her school does take a Friday after conferences because they don’t take part days like was the case when i was a kid, she will be there at 6 am doing some before and till at least 8-9 doing some after Monday-Thursday that week. my mother’s schedule is similar.
  12. He makes a comment about pulling out a worm drive on a job site, I have to say that it does grab attention, almost 0 percent of the time does someone not comment about it.
  13. This guy is a bit of a dork but he did a side by side, I think the shoes are not interchangeable, which is disappointing, but it seems like it is still a decent tool.
  14. My friend, a carpenter is on his 3rd,maybe fourth Mag 77 worm drive, specifically SHD77M but so far no failures just general wear, bent shoes etc . Send one out for repair, buy a new one in the meantime. I was so impressed with his that I bought my own probably 12 years ago. Mine has always lived in the truck, so while getting somewhat sporadic use its seen some rough service. i was on a job today where we were working with the stone countertop company installing some appliances in soapstone countertop, it arrived close to size and they cut it with Skilsaw magnesium worm drive, theirs had a really nice cast magnesium shoe, slid along stuff like it was made of Teflon, my shoe was supposed to have been improved but its a pain to guide with a speed square. the new saw looks to be ever so slightly different, i reached for mine to compare, but it was left behind from a weekend project and all we had in the truck was the cordless Milwaukee. anyone with experience with these saws? What changes were made? I want to upgrade to the mag shoe but not sure if it’ll fit. I asked Skilsaw customer service, but they don’t seem to have a clue. i know it is a stretch asking here, but i am always amazed. first 2 i poached from eBay, but they are identical to mine. Second 2 are the new ones.
  15. But more importantly, who got to drive it home😁?
  16. You can buy that online? All this time I've been driving all the way into town, all the hullabaloo, parking, gotta have cash etc. do they take PayPal?
  17. If the almond thing doesn’t work out, you have options.
  18. Screw that. Im staying right here. Not even so much as a greyhound for this cat.
  19. A yote isnt a terrible looking adult dog, nasty looking pup.
  20. ISO- In Search Of a better pattern.
  21. White Castle breakfast sandwiches 😉
  22. I do OK , just OK with case 3 lever. And I struggle with 4 lever backhoe but i can get a rhythm . When the controls are the same, but the functions different is where i struggle most.
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