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  1. Been next to impossible to kick a renter out for years here, about half the year you cant kick them out because its too cold, the rest gets tied up in red tape until once again it is too cold.
  2. Hes alive but not forthcoming with information.
  3. Congratulations to him and you! 50-100 squats a day sure is an accomplishment in itself for a young fellow to stick with! Shows real drive and commitment!
  4. Knew a guy who hauled a 350 in a 1 ton dump.. question i have is where do you attach the binders?
  5. How does that compare with this ? Looks different, but similar.
  6. Im not choosy… long as i am in one or the other.
  7. Jeff and I spotted her at Denny’s one afternoon
  8. I used this with excellent success, its a little tedious, have to use the bellows and puff it into each and every hole. I did it in the middle of the day, the carpenter bees paid me no mind whatsoever, had to work my way around the building, you could hear the soffits humming, almost sounded like voices. next day the driveway was littered with dead bees and we haven't seen one since, been 2 months now.
  9. How do you keep them from becoming barrel staves?
  10. That thing is slick, less than half what my friends Kimber was and I bet its a better shooter, he was all peeved when he couldn’t out shoot my Ruger SR 1911 with it. I remember ordering this for my dad when i was about 20, seems i gave 450 brand new.
  11. I get that, point i was getting at was that a properly torqued bolt would be better off without a questionable used lock-tab washer than with one and the risk that it might break off and cause more issues. New and properly installed they probably are the cats whiskers, used and removed 2-3 times it seems like they pose more risk than benefit.
  12. I don’t believe he had any objections to flat washers, just not split lock washers.
  13. I know a machinist who disapproved of lock washers in general, he felt they hindered properly torquing a bolt and made the argument that a properly tightened bolt or nut wouldn’t loosen anyway. I am Sure exceptions exist, but in general i have tried to follow his advice as i felt he had a good point.
  14. Saabs have opened conventionally since the 900/OG93… 95?ish
  15. I have never been a fan, my dad had one on an 01’ GMC with a 5.7 vortec, i spent a lot of time cleaning, oiling and it never realized any mileage gain or noticeable horsepower gain. Probably if used in conjunction with a decent cold air intake you could see some gain, but I don’t think you can credit the filter.
  16. Whats your quarter mile time? I am down to about a 1:45 quarter mile in my 95… maybe I should try one🤔
  17. The Bobcat 250 is nice to weld with and nice to generate with, if you have reasons to own one, I would not waste money on a portable, ppl grt all fired up about wasting hours on an expensive welder, i would argue that unless it is your daily bread and butter the added hours of generator duty are a benefit, same reason i power wood-splitters with tractors.
  18. I might be tempted to try one of these up and over the hood and down the sides with a couple bungee cords if paint isn't a big concern worst case you end up with a nice canvas to cover your seat up with or something. Price isn't bad and US made.
  19. Nice ariens! Isn't that exhaust a little hard on the head?
  20. Pretty sure both of them can afford to maintain herself. I can’t speak for Pam, but Miranda spends most of her free time and a big chunk of change on shelter dogs.
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