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  1. Idk, a 4k extended warranty that you will end up having to fight about anyway or maybe or maybe not a 2500.00 trans? Still sounds like a win
  2. My brother has a 22’ f150 3.5? Eco boost. Its a nice truck to drive for sure. No Kias here, as for crossovers, I think of them like cross dressers, just fine if that makes you feel pretty, but don’t do it in my driveway.
  3. Rust never sleeps, keeping things clean, oiled and paint intact are the best we can try to do. I not familiar with the ram dually bodies but crawl around underneath, pull out spare tires and plastic fender liners and douche things out in every crevice, then go do it again. When you get all done with that put your favorite flavor of oil on and pray. By the time you start to see blisters the cancer is pretty well advanced. Im my own case I have no blisters but the 3/4” stone they use for sand has peeled the hide off the bottom, I have kept enough oil and undercoating grease on to stem the rot. the next truck is going to get wax oil on day 1 and twice a year NH undercoating on top of that.
  4. Big main coon or something similar. I think @Sledgehammercalls them live targets or something like that.
  5. A little sleeve retainer always gives added confidence.
  6. Always someone putting an 18,000 lb wench on their truck, whenever i have to move my SIL, i use a trailer, to each their own.
  7. Good luck man, BTDT, we are all here pulling for you ( as Jeff would say)
  8. Thats how he ended up with the extra hole
  9. I bought used a few times, was a lot cheaper but I found myself jerking around changing tires a lot, checking casing dates etc. end of the day its a dedication and the billable hours spent trying to save a couple bucks aren’t, so we run them till they are shot and then call the tire shop.
  10. Are they putting in another Detroit?
  11. Tsa Tsa probably had her beat in aesthetics.
  12. He can have the Deteotison (whatever that is) me I would be more interested in Eva,
  13. Long as it doesn’t switch direction!
  14. Im not very good on radio, i did always have issues with the radio in the old house, that had high R sheathing. Ended up using shielded cable-RG6, and an outside antenna.
  15. I have not bought tires since December, but I believe i was 1075.00 M+B+disposal for 10 ply 18” on my 3/4 ton, so that sounds like a lot.
  16. I want to be clear here, I wasn’t implying the only reason for formula is bad parents, i was just pointing out this crisis is wildly exacerbated by government agencies creating a dependence on specific product that then suddenly became unavailable. You cant be solely dependent on product X from company Y without a backup plan. The other companies were doing just fine before suddenly 40% of the population couldn’t get the subsidized product and had to start looking elsewhere. Meanwhile we are sending gobs and gobs of the stuff to Ukraine and the Mexican border to aid illegals. I want to further clarify that i don’t think ANY mother should have to be afraid of how she is going to feed her child. I do however feel that out government has a responsibility to its citizens first, allies second and it’s illegal immigrants somewhere much further down the list.
  17. Lots of good reasons for formula, not as good as the real thing, but if you look at the infant mortality rates of pre formula vs now it is telling. Keep in mind also that its not just poor folks who are using this stuff. Every born addicted crack baby that gets put into foster care is subsidized, regardless of the foster parents financial status the kids expenses are paid, and they should be, lots of good fosters out there who otherwise might not be able to do it without, being poor doesn't mean you aren’t a good parent. Foster moms can’t nurse without it, but the issue is that the large majority of formula sold through the WIC program was from the Abbott plant , the same one that was shut down by the feds because of a plant contamination. mow we have a situation of all the eggs being put in a contaminated basket. it left a huge volume of people without physical or financial means to provide baby food. it all goes back to utter government dependence and the problems associated with it.
  18. As my mother-in-law (a career Physicians Assistant) so frequently says for so many of life’s problems .. “we have drugs for that”
  19. Prayers for her good outcome, this system is broken, it is among the most sickening and disgusting examples of bureaucratic BS i can think of. The only people who get hurt are the innocent and those who have their best interest at heart.
  20. Everyone who has ever lived in a rowdy college dorm has a story about peeing somewhere they shouldn’t. A friend went to a concert (Old Crow Medicine Show) they stayed over in Burlington, i wasn’t able to go because of some wedding or something. Apparently they went out after the show, and furthered their inebriation. The 4 went back to the motel room they were sharing, where my buddy said “things were going the right way” with a chick he had been set up with. he had to take a leak, got up, walked around the bed and relieved himself on her side (of the bed). I gathered it was a quiet ride home, and he never got a second date🤣
  21. My latest and greatest pet peeve right there.
  22. There is no salt/ snakes or bugs in Antarctica
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