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  1. I wasn’t aware they actually made any other color but red? Maybe i am colorblind?
  2. This is the machine I mentioned in my seat thread. It belonged to the local IH dealer before the current owner bought it. Has a thumb apparently, and mostly got used in later life to pick wood out of a pile for easier cutting. This machine was used , or attempted to be used to dig my grandfather’s dry well in 1967 , dad said after about a day and a half they gave up and did it by hand. ( we have big rocks where I grew up). Does anyone recognize the hoe? It seems To have been manufactured, not home built.
  3. I wondered that too, the tractor was originally in the family of the local IH dealer. If in fact that’s what it came off. The owner is still alive but suffering from dementia severely. I believe his children are trying to get his estate cleaned up as much as they can while he is still alive and things get more complicated.
  4. That’s great news! As of the 5:00 news there was no positive update!
  5. Story is that this came from an M that had a backhoe mounted on it, that has a home made swivel seat. I needed a new one for mine and this belonged to a local fellow. I really think it is original down to the seat upholstery. thoughts?
  6. But what do they do the rest of the time? Town jobs, etc?
  7. I can take a picture, im not totally sure, only Allis implement we have here is a grader blade, it only used the lift arm attachment points.
  8. You referring to their horses or their wom……. Never mind.
  9. Snap coupler? Our D-14 has it but my FIL bought a conversion to 3 point so i am not exactly sure how the geometry worked.
  10. https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/newyork/news/amber-alert-charlotte-sena-missing-9-year-old-girl-camping-with-family-upstate-new-york/
  11. Hey! I’ve been there! Looks like a great time and she sure seems to be enjoying herself!
  12. Little loader tractors are handy as a shirt pocket. Lots of people don’t use them nearly as much as you might on a farm, but when you need it, its there. I think the Kubota has 430 hours, you fire it up, do a little job and shut it off. Might use it all day but only log 2 hours. If you own a 3 lb sledgehammer, you don’t go out and beat everything you can find all day just to justify owning it do you?
  13. This came through this afternoon. Makes me ill just thinking about it, we do a lot of state park camping, I don’t know the details, but please keep this little girl and her family in your prayers. https://amber.ny.gov
  14. That works for cats, but people are always asking awkward questions when wives disappear..
  15. You can’t live with them, and you can’t shoot them.
  16. https://www.corrosionx.com/collections/corrosion-prevention-control/products/corrosionx?gclid=CjwKCAjw69moBhBgEiwAUFCx2IwWY_ik7BmOFnuBtTO9gkZja9l575XG9wTuBOL0KoRSKn4DH09M0hoCxQYQAvD_BwE&variant=30930717835360 @New Englander
  17. Theres a spray, i will find out what it is that is the cat’s panties for that.
  18. https://www.gminsidenews.com/threads/dashboard-instrument-cluster-gauges-temporarily-dead.96719/page-2
  19. I assume you checked fuses, how about grounds? A friend had a Cherokee that would do that, i found a bent tab in the multi wire plug in, turned out to be ground. What direction did the gauges go? 0 or full on? One is indicative of bad ground and the other loss of power. Did you drive it? See if bouncing around brings them back? Fiddle with the ignition switch and saw on the steering wheel?
  20. Chock Full-O-Nuts seems to make the only good ones anymore, Foldgers and Maxwell house have gone plastic and other manufacturers have gone to paper cans.
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