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  1. The history channel had a program about a earlier version. The Japanese actually dropped bombs into the western redwood forests. Hoping to start forest fires. I believe two aircraft actually firebombed the mainland US launched from a submarine. They were float planes though assembled at sea and launched. They also sent a bunch of bombs towards the US on balloons that were designed to disintegrate at a certain distance or altitude. A few of those u exploded bombs are still out in the western forest I believe they reported.
  2. We all started out by messing stuff up. It doesn’t run now the only thing is those pumps might be getting hard to find so be careful but go for it.
  3. Yep moms lawyer sued to get trust dissolved, my lawyer who is a expert on trust and land title even according to all lawyers involved says the trust document bars the return to grantors and if trust is to be dissolved it must go to named beneficiaries. But who knows how a judge will rule.
  4. Incidence of ownership is meaning you have control. Theoretically only a irrevocable trust , corporation , or whatever your state allows will shield assets. The big problem is giving up control.
  5. No you cannot have any incidence of ownership. The big thing here in North Dakota was life estate deed. They just got ruled out also and about the only thing is irrevocable trust, some kind of corporation or some LLPs or LLLP. Neighbor just put 4000 acres into a revocable trust here in North Dakota, he told me it won’t hold up but when time comes for 800 they can make it irrevocable but you still have a 5 year look back.
  6. Another thing is revocable trust, life estate deeds and other stuff don’t hold up to nursing homes. The only thing is irrevocable trust or sell everything spend your hard earned money how you want.
  7. Going through nuclear war with my family. So no matter what you do 15 years down the road things change. Dad and mom were losing everything 28 years ago. I stayed home worked my butt of with my brother. He put the last bit of land my grandmother paid off for him into a irrevocable trust. Dad is in a home now. Mom is mad at what he did to the sisters now and years ago. So we have court in December. They are trying to void trust and return everything to mom so she can gift it to a sister. The hospital will get it then which is fine. The best thing my lawyer tells me is the have to abide by trust
  8. If you get a manual and there are some online manuals for the Rosa master you should be able to reassemble it with new seals. Good luck and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  9. Never mind the resident curmudgeon. You will be fine. If you you gumption and a little common sense. Post pictures when done.
  10. Years ago I had a 504 diesel bareback no power steering. Bought it and resold it. Traded a 400 gas in on it painted the 400 and resold it. Used to make money doing that.
  11. The I1456 gold demo would be a one of few wouldn’t it? The 1456s up in this area is about when the standard tractors stopped being preferred. A lot of regular 1456 farmall big tire no 3 pt sold in the 90s to 2000s. They were worth 2500, you see a fair amount of 1256 standards here yet the standard 1256 , 1206s all left the country for 1500 or 2000 bucks. They got sold to the East.
  12. Not to change the subject but do any of you guys remember rendering lard? Dad used to make my mom do it after they got done butchering pigs. Usually the slaughter place , my godfather would send extra fat. Usually 8 or 10 big cardboard boxes full. She would render lard on a propane grill in the shop with a copper boiler. Used to make a entire years worth of lard at a time
  13. That’s what I was thinking wd40 wk 40 probably big tractor back in 40.
  14. Surprising how many patients were treated in St Mary’s hospital over the years.
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