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  1. Most noxious weeds at least up here in North Dakota are not native. Some of the toughest lime leafy spurge and a lot of in crop weeds came from the Ukraine with the settlers in the early 1900s. Either a few weed seeds in a small bag of seed brought with or in their clothing it was said and it transplanted.
  2. Yes they were a simple good machine but 21,23 2588 and the 6088, 7088 and newer legacy are good machines. It is logistics though you can buy a fairly decent shape 8230 now with header under 200,000. A 1688 about 20,000. But if you have a 2000 or more acres the capacity of flagship combines is tremendous in soybeans and wheat. 40 ft Draper head 2 mph faster than a 88 30 ft auger head.that speed and capacity means a lot.
  3. About 25 years ago retired couple about 5 miles away from farm sold out. All IH equipment. They had a M , 560 gas, 806 and a 1086. Their land was in crp so everything low hours. The 1086 had 1500 hours brought either 18000 or 19000 another local guy bought it. It’s in immaculate shape yet. It had that pipe screwed into pto and top cover set down over top shaft. It appeared they had never been removed from tractor. The new owner uses it on a swather though. He baled some for his cows with the 560 but most farm work he did with the 806.
  4. Here is a screen shot of what Bermuda Ken had on this way back when. It appears around 20 tractors were finished days after the last official 4452 number. They all have lower serial numbers.
  5. I think that was every area of the country. Used to be lots of 1460 1440 L2 gleaners , 7700 7720 around. Then when flagship combines came out a lot of 8210,8230, 8240 now everybody wants the biggest to keep up with neighbors
  6. This combine was bought new in Montana. There were a fair amount of 8820s here but they were all used machines very few new ones until the last year or two of production. Lots of new 7720, 7700 and 6600 here though. We were solid ih combine people but my brother bought this one when we started farming more in 2006 to save wheat straw. It has always been the second combine to leave around farm to finish fields while we had other combines off in far away fields. We kept the John Deere when we sold all the big stuff. Plan is eventually in a couple years to find a 2188 or 2388
  7. I think they are the same size bearing or close to same setup. Dad had a really nice otc long jaw 10 puller he borrowed it out years ago to the neighbor to pull something on a 96 jd combine and they stripped the threads oh he was mad. Still have parts of puller will have to fix it one day. Thought for sure the posi lock would pull it off but the spacer shaft I had in there would let it wander around.
  8. Last year the 8820 was brought out for service and had a rattle or vibration on right side. So I decided to change bearings. There was a bit off noticeable play when lifting on pulleys. I bought a 14 ton 2 jaw posi lock thinking it would grab slots and remove pulley. That plan didn’t work the best so I made a puller to bolt on end of pulley assembly and rattled it with Milwaukee impact with a spacer on shaft between puller. Popped it right off of taper on shaft. Now to lift it down , remove bearing and start assembly. Heard horror stories of this for years and it isn’t a very hard job after you decide to do it. Will post pictures on Sunday going back together
  9. Yes they will unless you are an idiot like me and cross the cab solenoid so we could spray late one night. Low oil light was flashing in the dark but couldn’t read it and motor kept running.
  10. The only thing I would add to Ed’s tutorial is if the newer 93 is like older engines they had a plastic port on top of injector. The return lines Hooke to it. Don’t remove these if dry but any sort of leak suspected remove and replace orings underneath. When you have inj pipe off real easy to access. But never mess with them if not leaking. They let fuel drain back and start really hard if leaking
  11. Yes after listening and watching video again. While the hole in pan was plugged any engine damage is entirely his and the shops fault. I can really imagine what happened. They noticed no oil pressure so thinking pump wasn’t primed gunned the engine a few times trying to get it to suck oil. Anybody should have been alarmed by the no pressure and investigated it further. Have seen engines run a long time with no oil. I know years ago I had a 1466 that wouldn’t prime pump after rebuild. Ran it for a total of maybe 20 seconds before making a tool to force oil backwards into sender hole to prime system. After that every external and in pan pump gets some type of grease and oil mixture packed in or run in oil to help prime on start up. Went and looked up 6.7 oil leak it is a job. Transmission has to come out and other parts.
  12. Yes just looked it up 6 months in a Unsealed container. I think in a sealed container it is around a year. We get bleach , unscented uncolored from local hardware store just to spray on concrete at times to kill mold and spores growing.
  13. You need to come up here ace. We are looking for someone not the best pay but benefits are really good. My old boss with manufactured overtime and just general willingness to screw city because he could was making over 100,000 a year. His base pay was 29 an hour. He went to another city for 35 an hour plus was able to pull his retirement out as that city didn’t offer the state retirement.
  14. We try to fix everything under a bit of pressure. Usually a water main In winter will crack radially. We always try to turn water off but leave them cracked a bit until we are down to pipe.. But most valves don’t hold so we dig to main clean it up and wrap a repair sleeve will under slight pressure around 10 to 15 lbs. we always live tap new services under pressure and if it loses pressure we flush , it well. You only have to report if a major portion of system loses pressure. Like 20 or 30 blocks or entire city. I am sure we push the envelope but we really take pride in the water. We pull from wells for city here but if you pull from river or wells under the influence of surface water a lot more tests and regulations. This is picture of one we did in January. The picture of snow is one a few days before so you know what temp we were dealing with. If we can we sleeve them with water spraying out crack. If it is split longitudinal we cut out a piece slide a new pvc piece in with two Hymax oring coupler. Basicily slip over pipe slide it back onto joined ends and tighten screw that clamps a big seal around pipes. Try to do these with some water flowing to to keep everything clean. Last picture is of some 50 year old cast or ductile pipe that was removed.
  15. So very true , same thing here google and reading the license books has explained a lot.
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