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  1. But a lot of standard jds 20 series were sold in western Canada
  2. You are lucky only local tire shop here is coop that is going broke. The tire guy they had was 65 and retired. Now the shop manager runs the truck in his spare time. They just adjusted rates to 140 an hour and 6 a mile mileage.
  3. Yes I believe there has been pictures of tractors like that in Washington and Idaho. Standards with factory flat tops and 3 pt.
  4. Here is a picture of a Local wheat land 806.
  5. While I didn’t agree with her on a lot of issues, surprisingly some places she was right. The way she should be remembered is that the most conservative justice Scalia and her were close confidants. Even though polar opposites. And from what people say pancreas cancer and abdominal cancer is a nasty painful way to pass away. Rest In Peace.
  6. Confusion reigns always about what we would call a standard ih tractor up here or a wheatland. The true wheatland tractors was a option and option delete package of a standard serial number tractor. No I don’t think a wheatland stickered tractor would even have rock shaft but a standard could have 3 pt. The wheatland was stripped down but fender and dust shields. In the wd9 era that used to be the rice field special and usually a rice 9 was hand clutch.
  7. Congratulations on the house and a place to keep your collection.
  8. They all left. There are a few guys up here that scour the country and send them to order buyers in the East. Neighbors 1456 sold for 2000 with 1.4 38 duals in around 2000. Same sale that had 1456 big tires had a 1466 black stripe one owner for 4400 at that time. My dads buddy paid 5500 for it when it sold again 10 years.
  9. dale560

    Help with 1680

    Make sure your hydro pump is turning on the splines where that belt is. The filter in the tank could be plugged. More than likely either orifice for control valve is plugged or something came apart in the pump or motor.
  10. Up here in the far north there were several types of drill transports. Dad had a pair. They consisted of two small 3 inch h beams about 8 feet long. These had a hook fashioned on front. You slid them forward between packer wheels and hooked lip on top of front drill frame. The back of I beam had a metal loop and pin hole on bottom. Once you slid beams into drill you passed a 1 1/2 pipe through spoked packer wheels or if you had solid wheel you chained pipe to rock kickers behind packers. You then rolled a wheel assembly that consisted of a tire and hub on the ends of two pipes that slid over each other to adjust wheels for width. The wheel pipes Hooked into metal loops on I beams going ahead. You took another pipe or crowbar in a small pipe welded Perpindicular to wheels rotated the wheel assembly with leverage lifting packer wheels off the ground and pinned the wheel on bottom of pipe and I beam . The drill was then suspended by front caster wheel and two 15 inch car tires in back. The ibeams lifted on the packer wheels or rock kickers to suspend drill.
  11. Here In North Dakota it’s getting bad. They said the stimulus and unemployment went for a lot of hard core drugs in the right areas. Indian reservation north by Canadian border is big center for meth and heroine entering area. Comes up out of Chicago Minneapolis or down from Winnipeg. Supplies large part of rural area into eastern Montana with their drugs. The credit has tightened and lots of vehicle farm thefts to the north. Rolla Nd is 6 miles from Belcourt Nd. Belcourt is reservation and about 45 miles north of us. Somebody stole Rolla’s city park and rec pickup this morning. Their is 25,000 to 50,000 Native people living in a 6 mile by 6 mile hill and treed area So finding anything after it is stolen is hard. Then impossible to get back from the tribal police if found. Their was just article I read with Covid the personal border crossings in Mexico and Canada are way lower so meth has more than doubled in wholesale value. From 2000 to 4600 a lb now.
  12. dale560

    Beans froze

    They will turn ripe. We have some that were just turning. The early seeded ones were ripening about a week away from harvest a few miles north of you. There is a respectable bean crop up here. 25 the other night here in rugby.
  13. Sad thing 25 years ago a local low hour 1456 sold at sale set up just like that and it brought 2500.
  14. They suck on a JD baler. Guys take them apart and clean them a. Bit
  15. Here is pic of taco also pic of cab from parts. The 1586 has had the door support removed
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