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  1. The weights seem to be a little cheaper than normal. The thing I looked at last night were the 10 bolt wheels. Something came up and I couldn’t get registered to bid. We need a set of 10 bolt for the 1586 have the hubs and bolts but no rims.
  2. Hope your little guy gets to feeling better soon. Nothing worse than a sick child.
  3. Yes all labeled wheat land should be a international tractor. Or I serial. The wheatland was a option or more so option delete package. Don’t know on 856 but on 806 no pto, no ta, wide fenders and usually 18.4 34 tires with skinny 18 inch up front you don’t see many wheatland 56 series but they are out there
  4. Those transmissions weren’t bad once you got the rear wheels and drives off. They require a bit of patience pulling bottom gears out but it is doable.
  5. Yes nothing like working with the tractor on jacks and engine just sticking in mid air.
  6. Yes did that many times. Swing it to the right after you loosened a couple bolts on right and pull planetary out or other stuff.
  7. For the most profit you probably want to just sell it like it is. Don’t spend anything make your money and move on.
  8. Wow bitty makes me tired just looking at the work you have todo to get it going.
  9. The local IH guy years ago built a balancing jig for then basically a cart with a set of bearings on each end. Two bearings side by side on each end upright. I believe he had 6 inch metal wheels mounted on bearings also. The two wheel and bearing combo cradled each end of rotor shaft. They would mark rotor spin it by hand and make sure it didn’t stop at same spot every time. They did lots of them and were really good at balancing them
  10. X2 on everything posted. Good Luck with cleaning it up and dinging around. Looks like it will be nice when done.
  11. Yes it was Helland. I forgot about their 92 and 510 Massey’s. He also found and bought/ rebuilt the first 750 Massey sitting in a tree row down in Kansas. They were always swapping engines into everything they had. SD you mentioned gleaners and Isom harvesting out of Kansas used to be in area seems they followed hwy 3 /83 North. They had gray black trucks and gleaner rotary.
  12. Was an article in farm show magazine about a guy 25 miles away from us that put a 903 into either a white rotary. They do a bit of local custom harvesting but have a variety of jd 9600 and Massey or agco rotary combines setting around.
  13. It does have the right axle bolster going to mid section. I am sure if the rear end codes and engine codes were read they would matchup. Just not having clear pictures raises unneeded doubt.
  14. The 15 speed powershift and they do start better than a 4430. I am not colorblind I love all tractors. I am more partial to IHC just because running 806, 1586 and super ms were big part of my childhood. But I also ran A jds 4020s and 8630s Then there isn’t a JD tractor model up until the 7400 series that I haven’t had an intimate relationship with all working parts of the tractor.
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