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  1. If I remember right. Last telescoping one I fixed was 20 years ago.
  2. If it has this type. It has been a long time but the center cover pops out. It is a gm built column. These always used to be a problem.
  3. Me. Now I am going to have to kiss my neighbor see if this works. They were covid positive you guys realize I got dropped on my head a lot as a baby.
  4. Exactly if this makes any sense. Over the years. It was always my job to shovel the moldy grain, crawl into grain dryer and remove smoldering ashes, deal with crazy dog stuck full of porcupine quills, castrate the pigs, give neotab tablets to the chickens, sit in a vehicle with 3 heavy smokers blowing secondhand smoke. Been around 5000 tons of brake and clutch dust. Been accidentally injected by most any livestock vaccine, been exposed to many types of farm chemicals a little ivercide isn’t going to kill me yet.
  5. dale560

    Know it all kids

    I know what your saying mark a 100 kids spreading the virus to a 1000 other people
  6. Micotil, surprising how many other drugs are used on humans though.the worst thing to be around is crop insecticide that crap tries to kill you just like the bugs. Makes you twitch for days
  7. been about 30 years since I was first accidentally dosed with ivomec. Also blackleg shots and what not. But some cattle vaccines will kill you.just a warning.
  8. Have had hose come off many times. And self treated. yesterday for the heck of it put some ivercide on. Will see if this works or not.
  9. Sometimes if it comes down a bit you can remove the hoist bolts and get it down. A young lady with kids on a way to basketball tournament last year. Her suburban tire blew. I changed her tire and had to unbolt the hoist. She gave me a hug as filthy as I was changing tire on a approach. Our old banker his wife and daughter and sister in law blew a tire by our town. They set for 3 hours, my wife wouldn’t answer phone because weird number when she did I took them a spare tire and changed it. One of the husbands who is a buddy showed up then.
  10. That used to be done with a mule or a n ford
  11. The book promises more pictures of the design crew . Will be interesting read.
  12. dale560


    No I always like to read your comments. What your profession? Always respect your earth or rock related answers
  13. When I saw picture of the Jeep. I remembered this from an ag show. Cummins has a crate engines aimed at the Jeep crowd. 7000 I think for the motor.
  14. Wife just ordered me the octanepress tractors books. The ihc book promises the story of a couple prototype tractors including the magnum development. Got the jd one to with stories of corporate skulduggery they promise. Won’t be here for a while though as only essential stuff first from amazon.
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