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  1. .this is overall leg length then all measurements start from back and go ahead
  2. These are the only real critical measurements you need the height to pto and main clutch starting point and leg length. The outer machined tip of leg just fits into machined spot on pressure plate the 3 outside bolts in leg tighten pto backing plate up to check pto levers then you back them out center bolt holds everything in place and that is centered between outside bolts . Hopefully gives you everything pic one of leg length given in other is critical to
  3. And the last. On these adj rings if you find a 4030 to 4630 manual then a 40 series it will give you numbers and exact thickness
  4. More pics these are the 2 different outside locating studs
  5. Here are some pics if you can follow brain.on the crossover holding bar the outside holes are flywheel bolt width with on hole tapped in center to hold adjust tool and a through hole for the clamp bolt that it interferes with.
  6. I would take you up on it but I am not real interested in working on tractors any more other than my own. Going to be 50 next year want to chuck out the junk and start with a nice line or rebuild our stuff for eventual liquidation in years to come.
  7. You guys got the good stuff. Those foot operated ones used to every where now none are around all thrown away
  8. These are the tools I use to rivet the brakes.one day I am going to buy the bigger one. For the big circle I use the punch with backing plate laying flat with a support made for rivet head. Just seen a air riveter made out of a brake chamber for a truck going to build one someday.
  9. I will measure ours you can get it built with your machine tools. There are only a few critical measurements you need.the tool leg circle you can measure off of back side of pressure plate.
  10. That is what I want some day. I use a old brake band riveter but the make a neat tool at some of these restoration parts shops.
  11. From that angle the cab looks narrower also so it must be camera.
  12. If you don’t get those pads riveted on right they will come off quick also.
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