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  1. Any dealer stickers on it. Our neighbor had 4 magnums at one time. Had one with loader like that.
  2. dale560

    Repair shop

    My mom air mailed tomatoes to my sister once. They arrived exploded and leaking like someone mailed a severed head
  3. dale560

    Repair shop

    Put a pump on a 450 case skid steer last year iveco Cummins 4 cyl with a rotary pump. 600 hours and top vent of pump body was broken. First it is a nightmare to get in there to do any thing. Got pump off and had local pump shop rebuild it. He set it for timing with gauge and locked the pump. I put it on and got it out of time. Took it back to have it retimed. Guy showed me the front marks on pump for timing to get it close if it happened again. Told me he fixed 2 other pumps for new holland and caseih dealer. One sent pump back 6 times for warranty work the other 4 times. They couldn’t figure out how to get pump in time. I got it to run 2nd try but had to lock pump and advance it 2 times to get it perfect. Moral of the story is lots of time pump shop gets blamed for installers work.
  4. Used to be a crew of private contractors here that hauled gravel for county. They all ran single axle trucks. 5 chevys and 1 Ford all private guys. At lunch they would smear chocolate on one of the guys steering wheel. It looked like poop đź’© on the wheel. Led to many arguments
  5. dale560

    F14 Value?

    Sold a f12 that was stuck for 500 this summer
  6. Truck guy up here used to get t660 or 600 kenworths from down south. 18 inch sleeper molded onto cab m11 or c12 cats light 10 speed. These were fuel transport trucks out of a fleet light as possible to haul the most.
  7. We have a day cab 96 ford 9501 n14 Cummins 10 speed steel 38 ft hopper 26 600lbs Half full off fuel. A t 800 though is a nice truck
  8. If your new gasket has any shiny silicone coating like most of them do. Do not use anything install it dry. Gasket has its own sealer already. The cheap gasket here even has the silicone coating.
  9. dale560

    Bus dt466

    The new gen engine would probably fit right into a 4586 or even a scrapped 2+2 at 350 hp it would be a show piece it would probably be same torque and hp numbers as the v 800 had.
  10. dale560

    Bus dt466

    From my understanding they are the continuation just changed the name to start a new chapter. If you read the truck part got stuck with all the pension funding from old plants and it was a huge burden on the renamed company
  11. dale560

    Bus dt466

    The new gen pump and nozzle showed up around 92 electronic in 94. Pretty short time for a company that was completely broke. The only thing navistar changed in the trucks was the nameplate and insignia until 89. Then they used the same cab with updates to gauges and a redesigned hood. .when you read articles on navistar history it is a miracle navistar made it until now with all the debt and obligations it had to take on from ihc. Even caseih was about to go under when the magnums came out. Tenneco sold off a oil field rights to keep caseih afloat then eventually dumped the company.
  12. dale560

    McCormick W9

    Like your white in the background to.
  13. dale560

    Bus dt466

    If I had money available I would buy it and put it in an older truck.
  14. Couple older guys that work here in town were telling me about their bus ride years ago when they were kids all on ihc buses. One had a front wheel spindle bearing go bad on the route the guy is about 10 years younger than my dad. He was telling me dad and his boss changed the bus spindle on the road with a load of kids on the bus. They weren’t even that late for school. The other guy the same age was telling me they always kept a spare engine and trans on hand plus rear end for the ihc buses. School district had 5 busses but no spare bus . He said they changed engines after the route in those buses. Start at 5 pm the 3 guys would have the 304 swapped out by 10. Ready for morning route.
  15. dale560

    Bus dt466

    Block is different they mid mount the sleeves instead of bottom. These engines never were designed by Detroit. They are navistar or ihc. It is very similar but not the same to old style block. Detroit about the same time was working with John Deere on there big 4wd engines which are basically a JD block with Detroit designed head and injectors.. you here a lot of stuff about Detroit on these newer 466s because of DT abbreviation and they were rebranded fleet engines. The new generation 466 530 570 are probably the best engine out there. People do cummins conversion on tractors. If you took and put a dt 570 into a magnum or even a newer mx magnum you would have the best tractor available. Best motor best transmission you could find. To repeat. These engines are ihc design or navistar as fast as they showed up after company renamed they had to be in the works. They never were made by Detroit they can go from 408 to 570 with stock parts. They can be up to 350 hp and 1100 torque and more in marine. They would fit into a tractor easily if you fab a flywheel and mounting plate. The dt engine is equal to and in my eyes far superior to the 8.3 cummins but they took over the segment as industrial engines. Even the newer roller lifter 466 wasn’t offered in a ihc tractor they are late 80s truck engines.
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