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  1. dale560

    2018 crop pictures

    Picture of neighbors canola and our oat hay field and of silage corn. We always seed silage corn last it lines up with our choppers schedule that way.
  2. I think the two holes in your finger are classic spider bite..yes keep it clean and keep checking. Cellutis in the joint or infection in your bones isn’t anything to sneeze at.
  3. dale560

    Using the TA Question

    Here is what it says in 1206 manual. If all else fails read instructions. The part for smooth shift under light load hesitate in middle seems to be very bad.
  4. dale560

    oil bath filter

    Here you go right out of 4010 jd instructions on dash
  5. dale560

    2018 Harvest in France

    Please keep posting as you complete harvest enjoy the pictures.
  6. dale560

    Using the TA Question

    2 speed rear end or gear vendors over under. Brownie auxiliary trans?
  7. dale560

    1086 TA/MCV oddity

    You are either losing a bunch of pressure through worn slip rings on the ta. Or I would first change and reseal hyd filter. Classic example of sucking air through filter housing. Pull entire cover off and change gasket behind all the bolts.
  8. dale560

    Using the TA Question

    It always amazes me that ihc didn’t redesign the ta right away. For about .85 cents worth of machining and 3 dollars worth of parts including 2 extra low clutch disc another high disc. in 1962 they would have had a bullet proof design that would have taken any abuse you could have thrown at it. Or they could have done away with sprague all together and would have had solid unit.
  9. dale560

    2018 crop pictures

    Yes we just wanted to get rid of it some was left on truck about a ton and some in the spreader. They say soybeans are the only crop that will use surface broadcast phosphorus. This was a 70,20 10 blend of 11/52 AMS and potash.
  10. dale560

    train loads of soybeans

    Up here in soybean harvest we are a straight 2 day rail trip to West coast. They get the soybean trains turned around fast. They can make the west bound trip and back to central ND under a week.they all go to China too
  11. dale560

    2018 crop pictures

    Your crops look nice up there. 1st pic is our 45 acres of grain 🌽. We had just top dressed it with a dry blend a few days before. Second pic is our big wheat field it doesn’t do justice to how hilly it is. We have 260 acres in this field 140 of wheat across trail and another 50 across mile line prairie trail. Third pic is soybeans yesterday had some 11 52 left over from spring so I was spreading it on soybeans. To get rid of it.
  12. dale560

    Using the TA Question

    They all have the hole some just got a plug. This old 1256 is ta delete and no 3 pt. Love it because we can let it set out give it a yank she runs. As far as ta s pull the lever push the lever or read the operators manual all you need to know is on there.
  13. dale560

    Loadstar 1600 brakes dragging

    The return hole in your master cylinder is maybe plugged seen it happen a lot. Won’t let fluid come back or wheel cylinders are sticking from rust. Which brakes are you adjusting back rears or fronts or all of them?
  14. dale560

    Legal question..

    Congress has no power like a court to enforce other than send it to DOJ. The dept employed the lawyers. This is a congressional Supeona not a court system. Either way it should be enforced but that is how politics works.
  15. dale560

    C-7 cat engine

    First time I ever started a 3208 in a 2554 ihc truck it was running smoothly before I even got the button pushed all the way in. My favorite engine is the 5.7 Diesel. Then the 6.2s