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  1. Wife won’t let me go back to Montana and buy any more tractors. We have a late model standard 806 my maternal grandparents bought new we just need to fix it back up a bit. Not major but needs a sleeve and piston.
  2. Here is your chance to buy what looks to be a nice 1456 but just bareback. Not mine just putting it out for you guys wanting a 1456. Hiatt auction Bottineau ND closes on the 8th
  3. dale560

    A year

    My coworker at day job used to run his own truck and hopper a Pete 379 c15 and a triple hopper. He sold it after 2 years. His dad ran over the road with a new 76 kenworth 900 back years ago hauling freight out of North Dakota to the coasts then back. It was right after deregulation so their company still has the same dot number they got way back then. He said many guys asked how such a young guy had such a low number. His pet peeve he still talks about is truck drivers not knowing their actual cost per mile. He hauled local trips here in North Dakota and if a load was cheap he just wouldn’t do it. But what he talks about makes sense.
  4. Two of the alternators are rebuilt caseih other two or three are cheap auto parts store. we used to rebuild alternators all the time but parts have gotten expensive so need to pull this last one apart and check it over.
  5. Have bought 4 alternators over the last year. They all seem to fail after just a few hours and charge full charge. I need to disassemble one to see what’s going on.
  6. The 2010 and 1010 are actually a bit better in my opinion. They are physically smaller so for most part not as much expected of them. A 2510 or 2520 weren’t that bad either. They had things sorted outa bit better. The 3010,20 and 4010 4020 used a smaller starter. If it built hydraulic pressure as turning engine over it was not going to start. That is where the famous turning steering wheel came about. Once you got them started they seemed to run okay but used a lot of gas. We were used to super ms and JD two cylinders when I bought the 3020 gas. I replaced a transmission gear and then ended up grinding valves and replacing rings on it. But it was a hard starting tractor when warm. Just was so used to diesel 4020 and how handy it was.
  7. Bought and sold a few things on bisman. Like usual the good stuff that’s cheap sells right away.
  8. this tractor is on bisman. out in western ND. There is also a immaculate 806 farmall diesel with a farmhand on it listed. Post pics later.
  9. That is a good one. I would say 3 hp leftover. I had a 3020 rowcrop gas tractor i bought and fixed up years ago. I was glad when it left.
  10. Just drove by at 50 mph when i hauled Bidi home. Could just tell it was reverse front end.
  11. 3020 gas powershift standard, now a 4010 4020 gas powershift is worth more. There is a 4010 standard I believe sitting in Antelope, Montana. Ironic thing the next lot over has a 1486 or 86 series red power tractor.
  12. This is a somewhat low production unit and what I would consider the worst tractor JD built. Just because of the gas engine. Now I have been around lots of gas tractors but JD had the market cornered on a 3020, 4020 gas ability to burn obscene amounts of fuel and not generate any horsepower. Now a diesel engine would make it a fine tractor. Notice axle is backwards it is a standard thing. Tractors that came factory short wheel base had different steering pipes so if you know what to look for you can tell a factory short tractor unless it had both sets of pipes changed.
  13. A 407 starts better than a 361. But a 806 1206 will start if pump timing is right, injector nozzles are good and set a bit higher than suggested. A big thing on those engines is valve recession in head. If the valve standout is not right on they will not start cold. A
  14. Nice looking outfit
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