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  1. We had a couple dividend checks from coop elevator last spring. My 7 year old had been talking dirt bikes for a while so I ordered this last April 18th. Took till now to get one I could take home. I would bet the others got sold for more. But if we take care of it I will sell it in a couple years and get a 110 for him. Got about 2200 into it with helmet and extra support wheels tax and assembly.
  2. I would but shipping is crazy on stuff like that.
  3. These are Milwaukee wrenches but what I have seen is craftsman v are near identical. Just like tools so it’s a bad habit. The craftsman are supposed to be coming back to USA in Fort Worth this year.
  4. Well I went and did it. Bought a set of barely used snap on 3/8 to 1 1/4 for 499 plus shipping. Like in the roll. New 940. Bought the boxed set of 13 metric cheaper off truck and waiting for boxed set of 13 SAE wrenches on backorder. Spent a little bit on those. going to buy a set of sockets next year 3/8 1/2 sets. Been picking up odd lots of other tools on eBay to fill out the craftsmen sets and various missing out of tractor tool boxes. Have a couple sets of craftsmen professional. Looking-to buy another seT of the k or sk made ones. Next spring I want to buy a Wright set of wrenches and either a Proto or SK set of American size or maybe both. Also the talk of the new craftsman V series I might buy a set of those just to have. And looking at a couple other sets to fill out collection.
  5. our older son runs cross country. We live in small town USA. Other kids here play football and girls have volleyball also in same time. This group of girls and boys practice and train together. The girls team from our town took 1st at state in team competition with 3 girls in top 20 out of 220. The boys team came in 10 th place with 1 boy in top 20, it is fun to watch our son the tallest in the pictures was having a very good race but had some blood sugar issues at last mile and slipped a bit. He still finished in top 1/3 109th out of 320 some kids. Our son loves to do cross country as a way to get in shape for basketball. It is quite an accomplishment for him with the health problems he has faced over the years. It is fun watching the kids of all the teams none of any of the kids running have a give it up attitude. The girls and being the boys were on same bus were escorted into town last night by the fire trucks and car caravan.
  6. dale560

    John Deere

    Dad had and they still are sitting there. A 64 powershift 4020 bought in 1979 with 3 pt and a 67 806 grandpa bought new. The 806 was standard with turbo the 4020 got used a lot more for chore work and such. Put lots of hours on the 806 but that was more a brute loud working tractor the 4020 was nimble fast and chore tractor. We have run all types of tractors and worked on lots of them. Got a 4010 that has run 20 years now without touching engine and a 3010 running close to 30 years on engine and trans work.
  7. dale560

    John Deere

    We had the standard tractors up here and they were tougher steering not apples to apples but the cylinder and arm with bushings was always a west item.
  8. That’s true. Brother in law is color blind and my son is color deficient they call it. He sees certain shades. Surprising how many people are color blind.
  9. dale560

    John Deere

    Here is picture of steering motor. The O ring seals on the 10 series failed sooner than the later tractors. But in all reality the finger tip steering of the 10 series put the other mfgs on notice. Used to fix these steering motors every week
  10. dale560

    John Deere

    No your not but that is what they came up with. By the mid 70s they had it modernized. But to split high pressure hyd and low pressure operating or signal from hand pump in that brick caused problems after they wore.
  11. dale560

    John Deere

    Out of necessity I have rebuilt probably 100 of those old style hand pump valve combos. 4020s will break the bottom cast cover dumping oil like a son of a gun. Probably close to a 100 front motor units on jds also or more. 4440jds will bust the casting on the steering motor end when used on a loader. Cracks between operating and feedback piston. Changed about 10 of those. First one was on a fairly low housed 4440 steering casting was 2000 back in 1990.
  12. dale560

    John Deere

    We paid around 1000 maybe 3 years ago.
  13. dale560

    John Deere

    I have a new brick for a 4430 we never put on. Over the years brake and clutch shavings wear them. That brick spits high pressure steering and low pressure steering wheel activation. If high pressure goes to low it blows your return hoses off all the time. Then the valves stick you steer one way then.
  14. dale560

    John Deere

    This is the early style valve. Not a lot of trouble with them but there is some that leak or break. Later style is a gear pump type.
  15. dale560

    John Deere

    Okay it’s a early one. What does it do? If it wanders and steers past the end. Meaning you hold the wheel deadend turned one way and you can turn wheel slowly. There is a sprc in service manual for leakage but if you can turn wheel past end and tractor wanders. The seals in your bolster are leaking by. Make sure it’s a early tractor they would have the 4020 style steering sector and they give problems. If it is newer tractor other stuff applies.Do your hydraulics work good? Explain your problem I will tell you what’s wrong.
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