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  1. A good vet yes. They are as trained as a doctor. But we have run across some very good drs also
  2. My neighbor was going to buy a full auto version back in the mid 90s. He is cleared by the fbi background to own full auto and a silencer. But they had to be built before 86 I believe.
  3. Yes if I remember it is mid early serial numbers. Not the very first ones but the mid year or second year run. And I think it wasn’t on a 1466. Don’t know about smaller tractors
  4. You could buy them legally in the old days. Neighbor got fbi tested and licensed to own automatics. I just remember him telling me he wanted to by a 50 cal Jeep mount. 5000 I think at that time. The funny part of it was a crazy mail man had the firearms license and our Napa dealer was in on it. Napa guy was the cash man and mailman had the federal license. They sold a few auto weapons into area.
  5. I put unlikely in there because yes I have seen it happen once. . The injector was leaking stuck into tube bad. Tube was corroded from inside and outside and rusted in solid the fuel was seeping up through the top finally. I have seen a bunch of caseih reman inj start leaking out side of body and spill out top of inj seal
  6. If you look at left side of your baler I think it is. There is a chain and sprocket that had 2 or 3 chains running of same shaft. The bearing behind it and shaft will break sometimes. Have seen where guys extended shaft and made a bearing support for outside end of shaft.
  7. I think the real early ones were like that , isn’t it.
  8. Again we go back to original post. Tractor has been parked with what was thought to be motor problems and radiator was plugged up. Neighbor borrowed tractor and it quit. The logical conclusion you can draw from this. Tractor got overheated badly and motor stopped. After it cooled down there was a knock so owners let tractor set. The camshaft not opening exhaust valve would have helped heat engine and the exhaust gas getting burnt in the next cylinders melted a piston ( scored , galled , seized) whatever term you want to use. The owner is asking for advice we already know block has to come out
  9. That is usually what happens, you can change cam bearings in frame with right tools but block needs to come out for those bearings so you might as well spend the money now.
  10. You can definitely see a valve that doesn’t open. It is very noticeable when watching height of other valves. The oblong cam wears off not pushing lifter and valve train up to open valve enough. If exhaust doesn’t open it will push air back into intake manifold. The proper way to diagnose cam lift is with dial indicator , but if you have a noticeable lift difference and more than likely adjusting screw on that rocker is in farther than others you found your problem.
  11. With the problems you list , no lift on a valve and a ticking noise. You probably are better off to just bite the bullet and spend the money on sleeves and pistons , full overhaul kit on engine with new cam. Put the cam in it might run for a bit you are just better of to go through it all.
  12. I ran a 605f for about 800 bales one year then we traded it off. They are very finicky and suprising the bearings even though are okay size, but they have bearing trouble. The country was loaded with 605f and g balers up here. I would bet half of the market in the 1980s. Massey had a version a 1560 that was the same as the f. Everybody up here had A and C Vermeer then traded for f g and j balers. They traded them all for jd or the caseih 8480 was popular. Now it is solid JD and a Very few Vermeer. The advise given in first post is spot on. The only other thing is if rubber mounted teeth they
  13. We lucked out and bought a Bacharach heavy duty at consignment auction for 125.
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