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  1. The dt used a lot heavier trans. The big Clark 5 speed had ahousing to mount to the round 2 I can snap a picture of one but . The t35 is going to adapt easy. Any small old semi trans would go in easy .
  2. The high price train tickets were they sleeper cabin? I know 500 mile trip from mnpls to rugby about 8 stops in between. Was around 100 a ticket 4 years ago. Took about same time as driving but you travelled overnight. All types of people on the train though
  3. I was trying to remember the gm engine that came out right after that really gave fits. It was the caddy. And at that time the ugliest Cadillac ever made was produced. It was the sawed off back trunk. This convinced me every designer was drunk in the late 70s early 80s
  4. I was goi g to post that also. Wasn’t a good idea then or now.
  5. See ihc was 25 years ahead of the industry. With displacement on demand.
  6. When you do go through wave when you hit rugby Nd.
  7. You needed a 466 out of a combine or from a row crop tractor that used one. A truck or 4366 needs timing cover change.
  8. Amtrak is more efficient out on the east coast. People are used to commuting on trains out there. I was lucky we had a ticket agent in town when I travelled
  9. Where to and from? I took Amtrak a few times between mnpls and home. One thing in the winter you can get delays up here in the north land from broken rails and other train problems
  10. Like usual the oddball ends up being collected. The people with money in their 60s were around when these were new and can afford to buy one now. I know I want a 87 Chevy pickup a 87 Buick Regal gn. And the lineup of ihc tractors 06 to 86 and beyond
  11. No I just have the disc brochure. But we are in North Dakota about 250 miles from Steiger factory and I haven’t seen a 86 4wd with 3pt.
  12. Here is factory brochure pic of one.
  13. They said the building in Minot had steel wheel marks in the upper floors. Seems odd that the work setup area would be upstairs but apparently it was.
  14. They use a different arm on sickle drive. If you look at ihc box it actually has JD cast prominently into the outside cover.
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