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  1. Here is a picture of the type of gun he used to use.
  2. He just studded his shoes to be different. Was wearing then in class through the day. The clicking and clacking on tile plus the marks left behind had the principal pretty upset. This was small farm town of 150 people. The school was at the other end of Main Street . The service station at opposite end. Kid was pulling the studs back out after couple days. Have any of you guys seen those old studding guns. These used to lay on a bench above his tire changer with a big box of studs. They had special snout to expand hole in tire to retain stud then release it. I don’t know if it made the hole for stud or if you needed special tires or drilled holes in tire tread.
  3. Years ago my dads buddy sold lots of tires. He had a studding gun and would stud a set of tires if you wanted them. One of the teenagers he had working for him studded his sneakers. That didn’t sit very well with the small school. Kid was destudding his shoes quickly.
  4. Here is basic list of models but some of these aren’t exact.
  5. 1600 is lightest truck but could be ordered with axles available on 1700, 1700 series was medium duty usually single axles. 1800 is heavy duty available as single axle and tandem, 1900 was heavy duty medium truck. Then you get into the 2200, 2300,2500 and 2600 series the heavy duty setups.
  6. It gets confusing with the viscosity oil products. They do not make any of the oil they sell. It was made by 3 big companies. Cenex, d-a lubricants and Warner distribution. So the low ash irrigation oil mentioned is probably same base. Warner makes Mag 1 oil and other brands. D-A oil has their own brand. I would guess after losing the case IH oil business viscosity has dropped blenders also. Just remember any one of the three mentioned. is filling yellow bucket oil in the same facility also.
  7. No. A lot of the issue is lean mixture of the carb. Run a gas engine lean at full load, with a lean mixture or slight vacuum leak a spectacular shower of sparks occur.
  8. There is a small town bar about 40 miles away. They changed owners a couple years ago. They are specialists in bulk beer sales. Gossip is people from over 100 miles away come to buy beer by the pallet. They say very couple months he gets a semi load of beer. I think it is usually only one kind of beer he sells in bulk.
  9. Same here in Rugby ND. January has been a nice month we have got quite a bit done. Today was warm about 30 above. But wind and snow in afternoon changed it up. Had to make other plans for what we wanted to do.supposed to be cold next 5 or 6 days but then around 10 above so you can be outside in it.
  10. That is what it’s all about.
  11. By the time the mid to late 86 and 88 series the durability of the 400 series was vastly better. And it all depended on the operator
  12. most of the machinery like the combines and stuff will be scrapped. I am just pulling them out, so crazies don't get them. My brother and myself reached a deal with family and trustee that we would pay 15,000 for most of the machinery. This included the only 2 tractors i wanted plus i owned some of the machinery but with family everything gets muddied up. anyways the crazy sister wanted some of it but we had court rule in our favor. we have until March 1 to remove pieces. started at Christmastime and have almost all tractors and everything else removed. Sister and her cronies wouldn't set out 5 vehicles, 2 cub cadets, and about 50 pieces of shop fixture and tractor parts. they are really upset that some of bigger pieces are getting towed 1/4 mile from yard and parked on land dad owned once before and lost in bankruptcy. when he showed up with payloader on Saturday night at 5 pm to push in trails and nudge stuff loose they all went bat poop crazy. lots of machinery we got in in earl December and raised hydraulics to break loose from sod. Like i said we bought a bunch of machinery should end up with about 20,000 when we sell the odd pieces of and we are going to keep at least one of the 4wd, a super m, H john deere . 806 standard 2 loadstar 1600 trucks and a machinery trailer, 440 square baler . we will have a little over a 1000 into moving stuff.
  13. In this picture we have the 1460, the 8630, the jd stacking machine , Herman harrow and another 1460 plus a combine transport trailer to remove. Then on another spot we have about 15 more pieces to dig out.
  14. Was around zero this morning then warmed up. We have about 20 pieces of equipment yet to retrieve of trust land. So my brother brought a pay loader from his work to push trails in and break machinery loose from frost. Here are some pics of the activities. He was able to break the combines and stuff like dozer blade out of frost so we can move them sometime this week. Always fun dealing with family. And for excitement crazy sister was tearing around filming. Had a couple local idiots and the sheriff out observing. Sad thing is there is a very specific court order covering this
  15. Yes a 12 or 14 had the integral transmission bar axle assembly. F20 had the transmission with a truck type rear assembly with drop boxes. Maybe parts of overdrive could be used. On second thought the overdrive unit was ahead of trans so maybe could be retrofitted.
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