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  1. Yes I will find a set at the farm and post a picture for you.
  2. It was common in the old bypass chevys to do that to. Idea more pressure instead of filter the little bit of flow
  3. Here we rent a lot of meadow land 1/3 share. If owner doesn’t want hay Usually deal is 10 to 11 dollars a bale. So they get 33 for their 3rd bale. Alfalfa is more usually 15 a bale.
  4. Our farm insurance guy is same age as my brother. He and some of the other guys his age retired from volunteer fire for the same thing. He said his kids are old enough to drive and eventually they would be called to scene and prayers to family and god bless you.
  5. We have American Family something to be said for being able to walk into local agent pay bill or report a claim.. American family owns the general but agent did say it is their high risk or first time company.
  6. No Montgomery wards ,and craftsman.,some thorsen. They need to be organized again.
  7. dale560

    445 baler

    Thanks for taking time to educate us on these old things Pete. I am of the group that the international baler isn’t the devils child. Some adj and cleaning they work to.
  8. Here is picture of corn flaps. No 39 once we put them in no more problems with weeds hanging on deflector
  9. Here is pile of bent walkers from 815. We bent the 915 walkers in 87 kochia got under back of walkers and they bent up. There are corn and bean flaps for the walker ends to keep it from happening. The 915 walkers a local welding shop straightened and reinforced for 800 they are still in combine. They used to fix lots of walkers
  10. Heck should be able to find points easy for that. I was wondering what you were talking firewall was issue on ih. Mostly they used front distributor but engine could have been in backwards. Here is what professional mechanics in late 60s used. That dwell meter is still the best it lets you see the needle sweep instead of reading numbers.flex screwdriver with Allen and standard bit has been used a lot
  11. Nice combine. Watching that video brings back a flood of mostly happy memories. The sound inside the cab is unique to a 15 series, the sound of a ih Dt under constant load through a straight pipe heard that a few times when brother or dad run the combine. Yours is moving along pretty fast. The late headers feed better ,you had the factory approved hopper extension to. Ours was a 1x12 painted red though 175 bushels of dry heavy wheat if both sides filled evenly.last was having to clean hopper window so you could see through it every few days. I could see why dad thought he was in heaven jumping from f gleaner to late 815.
  12. Merry go round used to be a traveling carnival here that about 10 years ago still ran rides off power unit with Farmall a engine
  13. The most acceptable answer it is an inter cooler because” Inter”national used one
  14. Old trick guys did. If you got combine stuck theory was you could back it out if you stopped soon enough . Lots of custom combiners did that. Another thing is they sometimes pulled combines backwards to transport them on harvest run. A homemade frame under back axle to lift it and hook to truck and unhook axle drive coupler away you went. I think tires made less noise backwards. You seen a lot of gleaner g s pulled like that
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