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  1. Those Oliver’s were tough loader tractors once you got used to them. Their plus side. Long wheel base. Smooth running engine and somewhat durable.
  2. Hope it works out for. Everybody’s dream to have a vacation spot. You could cheap out on tractor and get a 9n from rick
  3. There is a battery operated cub cadet or international ride on lawn mower at the farm. It had sat in same place since the early 80s. Ihc dealer gave it to dad to get rid of it. There was a switch or something bad on it. I remember riding it around but the mower wouldn’t turn on. I think it was sold or demoed then sat
  4. Prayers for your cousin and family. The cardiologist who was working with my wife in December told her that they were swamped with recovering patients who needed cardiac care. Covid affects the blood and causes issues.
  5. Used a green one like that for years.put a 30 ton jack in it. It has the sides bowed, the upright guide pipes for press bar twisted , and the press table had about a 2 inch bow through it. We straightened the table part out and welded flat iron into it. It was a green Carolina tools, dad bought it in about 1978. To say it got used is a understatement. Something bounced off press ram once under pressure when it let go the press jumped off the floor. Dads was made out of channel iron yet not formed steel.
  6. I used to think they were horrible tractors. All the ones up here were beat up pretty bad. But now I would love to own the 560, 660 International just because they look tough.
  7. Whatever you do do not stack filters together unless you fasten them. The right size element is available readily at most places. I would stick with that. The oil bath filter is very satisfactory for your application. Just clean it and don’t worry about it.
  8. I think Chevy went to paper air filters around 1970. International trucks used oil bath filters though until about 1974. And for the horror of it all. JD used oil bath filter until 1967. You never see a early JD that dusted out the engine like all the later tractors with paper elements. The 806 did not use a safety element so they were some of the most prone to engine failure from operator screwing up air filter.
  9. Isn’t that what is great about this forum. Lots of knowledge from many people
  10. Oh the mention of exhaust gaskets. That was another every week thing we did. My truck buddy got restarted selling those series trucks when he moved off farm. He would have a couple a week to do. I used to pull almost every 4 or 5 speed trans out of those trucks. To fix leaks and growling noises, then we would move around to top side do spark plugs , exhaust gaskets , valve cover gaskets and such then fix all the lights. On a c 65 like that if you can find a junk original housing they shield the dirt from filter better.
  11. I would check the points over really well. Grease on the cam? Condensers can do weird stuff but did it do it with the electronic ign? Otherwise it would be a intake leak or a valve sticking
  12. They are already saying this vaccine may need a booster in 6 month again. My hole reason is I can keep working don’t need to quarantine if vaccinated.
  13. I am going to get the vaccine in a week or two. The main thing is you don’t have to quarantine if close contact. I guess I am old enough not to worry about side effects. They say if you have a bad reaction especially swollen lymph nodes. It is sign you had the virus. A study was conducted I just read about where they vaccinated health workers who had the disease and watched their symptoms. Biggest problem I have is no vacation or sick time built up and I need to use some this summer and fall. So if I don’t have to quarantine at work they have to pay me
  14. Got a rapid test . That is why I am distancing from my family. My boss is a jack/-/ . He has been vaccinated and had it before I started. His high school daughter had it and has had to quarantine 7 times since I worked with him. My kids go to same school and other friends. Never once did he mention it me or take precautions for me. So I figure the same test he took once and had a negative is good for me. I am being careful around my family. I think my blood is b . We checked it in 7th grade science. It is just one of those things though some catch it easily some not at all. Brother is lot bet
  15. Our school system went away from a,b,c ,d ,f grades or percentages. To a 1,2,3 4 grading system. Starting in grade school and working it up through the high school eventually. Stupidest thing I ever heard of besides common core math.
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