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  1. Windmill idea?

    The head pressure of water on cylinder will definetly push it down. Why log chain just for the ease of pulling well? We pulled our last cylinder rod well and put a solar pump down last fall. If you are setting up windmill I guess I would use new pipe and thread new rod you should be good for a long time.
  2. Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    The 9170 ,8960 should have had big cam engines in. Same parts almost as older engines except top stop injectors. It wasn’t until the later ones they started n14 electronics. Big cam or small cam the principle is the same with injector. The top stops you set at 6 ftlbs lash or zero. The older ones you torque or set height. A good tuneup they start good for a while. The thing with cats or Cummins as power goes up cam timing changes and compression goes down. A 425 horse Cummins will have 14 or 13.5 compression where a 275 Cummins or up to 325 cat will be 15 to 1. A lot of parts inside those engines are different in 20 hp intervals. Then you get into double or single nitride or ceramic coated piston tops on newer ones gets into lots of combos. We have a 325 economy fleet engine 3406 cat in a ford. Supposed to be the worst engine available for power or performance. Best starting engine I have been around with the cam grind, compression and timing. A good valve set on a Cummins makes a smooth runner much like it takes a Detroit guy to make a Detroit run.
  3. Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    The first 30 series had a mechanical cable for excess starting fuel. If you read the operators manual it gave you specific instructions to cycle throttle lever wide open to idle to reset device. It made world of difference. Later tractors had hydraulic actuated device they start better. You can throw the cable crap away on early ones and redo to make it a lot better. Something inside the pumps also about plungers jd specified made for harder starting. Reliance started with a raised ring piston to increase compression ratio for older engines. If you have everything good a jd will start to. Valve height, camshaft and good battery are JD requirement.
  4. Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    That is where a good machine shop comes in. We used to do all the valves our selves but as everything gets older we used to have a top notch machine shop every valve was set to spec whenever they did it. Another thing and this has to do with JD change the camshaft on every JD engine you work on. One way to quickly check tdc if you think balancer slipped. Turn engine up on compression and check it’s companion cyl halfway through firing order. As soon as exhaust valve closes and intake just starts to move you are almost or are on tdc. Just used this the other day on an iveco and got the lock pin exactly just by watching valves.
  5. Cub Cadet 982

    Boy that is a nice one. Wish I could find one like that one day. Nice 1086 also
  6. Thoughts on a 2588

    We are going to run our 1020 for a couple years then try and find a caseih or mcdon draper. Corn head will be the same dependable early 1083 with greasable bearings yet. Need to find a windrow pickup header eventually.
  7. Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    Timing on a 1256 and 1456 makes them start better. Maybe run a little better from a bit higher inj pressure. When we fixed our 1256 it didn’t have a inj pump so a 806 or 856 pump got thrown in. We had it rebuilt I used a good 806 cam we had and it starts pretty well. Valve height is a major issue on a 806 for starting.
  8. Thoughts on a 2588

    The 2388 was at a Titan dealership here in North Dakota. Almost was going to buy that one until I seen they had a 2588 at a stand alone dealer about 40 miles north of the 2388. Just thought for extra miles money I am going to move up a series. For anyone looking for a spotless 2388 the titan one is nice and still stored at farm.
  9. Iveco 4.5 tier 3 with Bosch pump.

    Thanks ! Put pump on with your instructions and fired right up last night. Have to finish some cosmetics and be done with it tonite. The first time I installed had to take it back off to put power wire on and it slipped out of time.
  10. Thoughts on a 2588

    Have seen a couple with that screen will check it out more on Monday. 2588 is 67,000 outright 2388 started at 65,500 down to 62,500 delivered. Local dealer has a nice 03 model 2388 they are doing a bunch of work to 3100 engine hours 56,000. But we made up mind going to spend extra and buy 2588 or have spoken for it just need to go sign.
  11. Thoughts on a 2588

    This was the 05 2388 we were looking at. This one was sold new and only went 5 miles to second owner. 2700 engine hrs but big tires and duals didn’t go with and they were not sure about yield monitor. And when all done the 2588 is about $ 5000 more.
  12. Thoughts on a 2588

    2700 engine 2100 some sep hours. The 2388 we looked at had the same hours and almost the same money. This is 2 owner combine bought new here in ND. Signing papers on Monday haven’t even looked at this one other than pics and salesman word.
  13. Thoughts on a 2588

    Pic of the one we are working on
  14. IH 650??

    Cant answer what it is worth but they are rare.
  15. Thoughts on a 2588

    Brother and I need to upgrade and have been looking for late 2388s. Found one at local dealer , 2388 03 with 3100and another super clean 2388 05 model with 2700 engine. Then found a clean 2588 08 model for 2000 more than the 05 2388 and just down the road a few miles. Thought abought it for a bit and committed to 2588 hopefully not doing a bad thing.All combines were 2 owner lower houred machines.