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  1. dale560

    More fun with flat tires

    My other thing we. Are going to buy is a better tire machine for the little tires. The one we have now is a 50 year old bishman. Want to get a better one to handle modern rims.
  2. dale560

    More fun with flat tires

    These tires were stuck on there pretty hard. The bead breaker we have is pretty good but hard to setup. Takes about 5 minutes to get set. Paid 150 bucks for it and has done about 50 tires now so it paid for itself. Here one shop charges 75 to mount a 11 22.5 truck tire other shop is around 25 but tractor tires are expensive. Any liquid is another couple 100 for dealing with it. Back in my younger days the slam hammer sideways was all we used. I have one rear tire to change yet and all new Firestone’s will be on.
  3. dale560

    More fun with flat tires

    That is exactly what I want to buy. I would mount them tubeless. But I need to buy a bigger air cannon.
  4. dale560

    Nebraska Sandhills

    Drake is 35 miles away from farm. We used to farm 800 acres south of drake 3 miles. We are on hwy 3 between rugby and Harvey. If you drive off a curve on a lake end up in the ditch you are around our farm
  5. dale560

    Nebraska Sandhills

    What you doing on 83? 450 miles more north you will run into us
  6. dale560

    966 running hot when bush hogging

    See my pic I posted that 1066 was exact what yours did. Clean the radiator make sure your fan turns its simple. You can’t get them clean in tractor they need to be washed out both ways and flush through inside of rad
  7. dale560

    86 series MCV system intermittent problem

    Plus for the life of me I have no idea when tractor design engineers decided to suck oil up to a pump instead of mounting reservoir above pump and let gravity do the job and sealing. We have a couple versatile and ford versatile tractors I would like to find the Canadian hydraulic engineer and discuss proper hyd flow as I connect a outlet hose to their hind end. John Deere mounted trans pump high and dry also. I think it started with JD 2 cylinders sucking oil up.
  8. dale560

    86 series MCV system intermittent problem

    Take it from me. It causes the exact thing you describe. Like I have posted before. I put a clutch in nearest neighbors 1456 years ago. It was a okay tractor. I changed hyd filter with the wingnuts against my dads exact words not to. Take off all bolts and cover. Anyways tractor wouldn’t move and steer after changing filter. Told dad the dang TA is shot. He scolded me went out changed filter oring and gasket. Tractor was a new machine after that. Anyways a 50 something dad schooled me and I never forget it. Now when I drive any ihc tractor. I always watch how the hydraulics raise if they jerk it is a immediate sign to seal filter. The steering and hydraulics work amazing if filter is sealed if not they jerk and make noise. Fix your filter your problems will cease. Dad even went so far as wanting to change all his tractors to the 06 style. I don’t know why they never used a bolt in the middle and oring to clamp. Remember your steering has to suck the oil away from hyd pump after hyd pump sucks it uphill and forward and steering needs to suck up more and even farther ahead. Your Ta housing oring can leak som air also but gasket around it should seal some.
  9. dale560

    86 series MCV system intermittent problem

    Have had this problem on some other model tractors. My dad would raise holy heck if you changed the filter by taking the wing nuts off. He had problems before with this. The no steering on startup is classic and the leaving back of hyd lever and causing troubles is classic filter o ring leaking.
  10. dale560

    86 series MCV system intermittent problem

    Pull your PTO and main hydraulic pump to reach in and change that seal. It does wonders but I still think it is your outer Oring on the filter cover
  11. dale560

    More fun with flat tires

    This would be 100 or more if you took it in 250 minimum to have truck come out. I mount 99. 5 % of our tires. That yellow ken tool slam bar has worked on more than a few lock ring truck rims.
  12. dale560

    More fun with flat tires

    Had a new tire to put on front of 7130. We bought both of them a couple years ago when other side went flat. Bought 2 new tubes and ended up buying another because other tube had dry rotted already. I don’t mind mounting tires. It is a job I can do myself and save some money. With all the saved money I am going to buy a better bead breaker.
  13. dale560

    Hydrostatic driven Farm Vehicles

    This is what every farmer should have. These Volvo 50s are hydrostatic drive and I think the Deere 444e are and maybe some other brands are.
  14. dale560

    Daughter getting bullied in school.

    Thanks guys update on the situation. One girls parent called my wife and apologized profusely. Her daughter was just with the 2 girls that have been trouble since kindergarten. We are going in to meet with superintendent and principal on Thursday. Going to meet with them in a nice way to see if we can get this resolved and so they watch out for it in elementary school where it starts. We are beyond the stage of getting girls into trouble and what not just want school to keep an eye out for her and open up some extra cirricular activities for her even if it means hiring a chaperone to monitor teams or class.
  15. dale560

    chevy k2500

    Yes if they are 1 or 2 pounds short they won’t start. That is why quickest easiest way of a no start. First thing you do open hood.second thing you do remove air filter or boot to get at throttle body or carb. Spray ether into open throttle plates. Try to start vehicle. In 2 minutes you have figured out if it is ign or fuel. Quick and easy painless way to do it.