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  1. dale560

    2+2 hydro

    In the end they had the tv6070 almost up to what the little 2+2 was. Talked to engineer from Fargo when they were quitting tv6070. He was at ag show. Said they were designing bigger models but with new MFWD tractors and high speed reverse they didn’t want to engineer new ones with emission equipment.
  2. dale560

    2+2 hydro

    Yes you could do that. But versatile had it way before even 2+2 were thought of. Plus I am sure other mfg probably did also plus CNH built until a couple years ago.they actually built a 2+2 like hydro tractor at caseih for 10 years until they discontinue a couple years ago. Mid Tv 140 series through 6070 were built in Fargo. The tv140 was designed and started production in Winnipeg. Almost exactly like a 2+2 it used rear hinge cab in tractor mode and used existing tractor rear end for base. The tv 6070 used a regular nh 6070 rear as a base. The 6070 was the same as a caseih model and started life as a ford tractor. The 6070 is same as maxxum 140 so if you want a modern 2+2 buy a tv paint it red name it a tx 140 you would be using ihc number system.
  3. dale560

    JD 30 series vs 40 series

    Used to work on a white tractor. They had some nice features in the cab like the flip over handles for windows.
  4. dale560

    Farmall Super H versus 300

    Will have to post pictures. They didn’t plow just to turn over land mostly up here they did a one step seeding. This is brochure from JD after reading it the owner farmed about 100 miles north. Those guys up there now are serious hand me down money farms
  5. dale560

    Farmall Super H versus 300

    Land is pretty sandy here. Guys used to pull 3 bottom 14inch packers and drills with M and A jds. The MDs would pull a 4/14 packer drill. Wd9 5/14 with packer and drill. We can usually pull one more bottom than corn country. 4 th gear on a M is 5 mph pretty fast for back in the day. Dad always talks as a kid they plowed and seeded corn with planter behind packer seeded every other round with A JD.
  6. dale560

    JD 30 series vs 40 series

    I like their looks also. I like the 88 series looks also
  7. dale560

    Farmall Super H versus 300

    Yes I don’t know of any ms that would pull in 4th gear. Put many many hours on super Ms mowing and loader and hay work but only plowed about 100 ft with one to plant potatoes. Up here they had big 9 size tractors to do the heavy work. I would like a super H just to have one. Dad has a regular h on lawn mower duty neighbor runs a 350 for live pto on his lawn mower.
  8. dale560

    Snow covered corn

    Brother had a buddy that told him that. They had a old nh conditioner 9 ft I believe. He always said you could mow and bale ties with them. There were tons of chain balers then 688 and 660 now they are all JD here with odd nh and Vermeer. I have 40acres of corn to do this week and have 30 acres of real late soybeans with snow in them that will wait to next spring.
  9. dale560

    Snow covered corn

    The good old new holland chain baler. They would bale anything people claim even rail road tie. Hope you get it off. We had a guy years ago leave wheat out in swaths it wasn’t to bad in spring.
  10. dale560

    Hydros - School Me On Them...

    Using the inching pedal as a clutch is hard on any hydro. That is what the old guys used say. It dumps the pilot operated relief valves. 5000 + psi to nothing on a flash then back on again when released. Most other brands didn’t use any clutch like device. Ihc stayed with it a long time and they had their points. On a hydro the foot an inch was considered emergency stop if needed. Use the lever for all control is better.
  11. dale560

    JD 30 series vs 40 series

    Went from right hand shift for 3 series to left it made no sense did it. Don’t get me wrong I want the whole series of 86s but they could have been improved right away. You have to remember most engineers and executives were heavy alcoholics back in the day. The youngsters were stoned off their butts in 75 . So that is how we got those tractors. Thank god chevy hired the worse engineers we could have had ihc Vega and chevettes.
  12. dale560

    Winter wood supply.

    We have abundant coal here in nd also. But places that sell it are less and less. Up until 1960 I bet every house in North Dakota had a big green indoor coal furnace. They had auto draft control and everything by then. That is what I want to do one day have outdoor coal stove. We have a tsc wood burner in shop to get rid of paper , twine etc.
  13. dale560

    Duck, it's another oil question!!

    Our cenex fuel guy is always invited in for snacks. Helps with crucial delivery
  14. dale560

    Tip for car mechanics

    These were from the old days. I don’t know where dad got the jacket but it was cheap and worked. He had a buddy that ran a independent repair shop since the early days. Sold lots of stuff that is maybe where jacket came from. This was 83 maybe I know I was changing fan belts and oil on tractor that day
  15. dale560

    JD 30 series vs 40 series

    Since we don’t want a JD engine but a JD trans will work I found perfect tractor. Navistar 530 with a funk(John Deere owned) trans a perfect tractor. I wouldn’t mind one. The new gen 466s were available in early 90s they would have been great in a farm tractor.