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  1. We bought a 8 ft trailer from tsc to haul fence posts and such and that was the thing they told me but I thought at that time it was heavier than 1500 even. But trailer was 5 by 8 so pretty small.
  2. As long as it’s not for axle weight control I think it would be okay in cab. But who knows what laws apply.
  3. A straight pipe on a non turbo is obnoxious. Even inside a cab like yours. I cringe at muffler eliminator even on turbo tractors. As you get tou our age mid 50s you like quiet serene background noise. Dad put straight pipes on everything but they are all coming off slowly or did get yanked off years ago. That muffler is very easy fix as mentioned either by an elbow and weld a new one on or pull it back straight.
  4. Yes but more proud of kid. He has had some rough spots in his first years but is just a super good kid like my other 2.
  5. That is the one tractor my dads good friend had that I never sat on or worked on. He had it for 30 or 40 years it always sat outside in the corner of farmstead or under a tree but it never gave him any trouble much. I overhauled or put clutches , hydraulic pumps in every other John Deere he had but never as much sat on the ford major diesel.
  6. My 18 year old son was named a semi finalist in the national merit scholarship program last fall and has made it to the finalist round last week. He achieved this by excelling on his pre sat score and backed it up by sat and act scores. Very proud of him. He gets nothing from my side of family. Snapped a picture of his interview.
  7. You can put a shim washer behind that idler to bring it out a bit. I wonder if accessory drive pulley isn’t pulled back far enough. I have replaced a lot of those belts, and acc drive seals and bushings, shafts. I think the thrust side is forward but can’t rember for sure. It could be worn a bit in drive letting everything forward. The belts are a bit narrower than the A,B belts I always just got them at our caseih dealer who was Cummins dealer to but now they dropped that.
  8. One of the loadstar 1600s I have now has a brazed or oxy welded trans case. I busted it in reverse. It pushed idler out side of transmission. We took the 4 speed out laid it on its side with top cover off. Dad hammered pieces back into place and welded it. That was 1993 or 4 it is still in truck. Some engine blocks or transmission castings we made a steel patch and threaded casing with a gasket to fix. My first real experience with cast welding dad fixed an ice hole in the head of a b jd for the neighbor. He took the pieces fit them up and welded. It with cast rod or bronze can’t remember. Dad drilled a hole through a valve seat on a super c head removing thermostat bolt. We took head off and he brazed that one. It didn’t touch seat but was right above in valve chamber.
  9. Our one 8630 and our 4430 had welded crankshafts. Both lasted well.
  10. Man I would pull hydraulic pump and filter and change all those seals while you have it so nice and clean.
  11. Here is picture of a standard 5020 axle. I have seen the one last a long time brazed in the spot pointed out.
  12. Here is pic off the internet of the dealer and maybe the pickup.
  13. Here is pic off the internet of the dealer and maybe the pickup.
  14. Here is pic off the internet of the dealer and maybe the pickup.
  15. On small pieces of cast with no preheat or cool down it seems that happens a bit. The repair will crack next to the weld.
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