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  1. Guys up here use liquid , urea or nh3. Most do a one pass but more guys are going to a fert pass in fall or spring. Myself nh3 works well. We have 4 tanks one set of doubles and 2 singles. I usually come out check the cows early in the morning and pull a empty to town and leave it. I will grab the full one that I left before or come back at 3 :OO pm to get little guy from preschool and shuttle more tanks. If I have 2 to 3 tanks a day it keeps me busy and I have to stop to feed cattle at night also. The only thing about urea is twice as much physical product as nh3 and liquid would be 4 times more but liquid you could mix all micro nutrients in easily as most formulations have them already
  2. I know the 60 ft Horch Anderson guys with big tank seeding wheat and double 1450 nh3 tanks do 105 acres a fill. We do around 45 with our 200 bushel concord and single nh3 tank. Soybeans the JD guys do a 185 acres with a 450 triple tank setup and 43 ft drill.
  3. Same here we seed about a 1000 acres that is pretty rocky. Usually knock off about 4 to 8 Dutch opener points a year and usually ruin a couple openers if you don’t catch it. Had a guy seed for us on some land we don’t rent any more . 60 ft 1890 drill flat and smooth sandy land 8.8 mph he was seeding with a 9520 track machine. Years ago when dad owned the land we are renting now. He wanted no brain hired man to seed a couple rounds around 320 acre field. In 3 rounds he broke 27 cast iron drill shoes on a 28 ft set of 620s from hitting rocks at speed. We had to pull all the shoes of a 100 14 ft to fix the drill. He seeded 25 acres I seeded the other 290 didn’t break one. He was 45 I was 15 years old . I seeded it 2 nights after school bus dropped me off. Then the next year I was seeding same spot. Dad went to get more wheat seed put the night in at the bar before coming home.next morning He tipped the truck onto the drills with a full load of seed.again dad was 47 at the time I was 16 but it was my fault because drills were in wrong spot.
  4. Same speed I am going with 33 ft. But the guys with 50 and 60 ft and big hp are going 5 to 6.5 mph.
  5. This is what I found at Walmart north of you tonite
  6. That is were the big one set the record. Is it 1090 or something combined 50,000 bushels of wheat for the record. Just checked almost 30,000 bushels in 8 hours. Around 140 bpa avg. in 52 bpa wheat with 2188 we did around 4300 to 4800 bushels a day in 11 hour day. Dad did 5000 bushels of barley once with his 1460 but that was around 14 hours.
  7. Neighbor had a 8010 for years it came from local guy that was all allis he sold it to another neighbor only problem was mfwd parts from loader use. I wouldn’t be afraid as far as engine you
  8. Allis gets a lot of crap but there were a few in our area.its mfwd? The motors just don’t blowup everyday they seem to work. One day just for kicks I would like a mfwd of all the older makes.allis , Case , ihc ,JD ,ford white just to have them
  9. Only problem I had is one missing a clip on a 3406 c.parts supplier said that is one in a million. unheard of for they said.
  10. Early 1480 and a 8820 are pretty even match. To me the worst part of JD is offset cab once you are used to centered machine. I know all you guys bale behind s axial flow but the big ones all have choppers now. We bought the 8820 for straw and just keep it for that. I would like to upgrade to a 9600 one day but that won’t happen anytime. At one time you were king of the hill with a 860 Massey or a 8820 JD. When they were new lots of f gleaners , 403 and 95 jds running here. Just like the new combines today a big combine could do what 5 little ones could and just like now a big anybrand combine can do what 5 1480s or 8820s could do.
  11. When I met my future wife back on 2000. She always thought she should patent a fridge with a see through door. She said it could be some kind of screen and you could see what is in there and change door colors with a full length screen. I laughed said you think any body would buy them.
  12. dale560

    7.3 idi

    Here is the digital timing tool . It made a huge difference having them timed right.. The other tool is for a chevy you stuck it into drive with pump off and twisted one way it took slack out of gear and chain drive then you punched a new reference mark.
  13. Same here they are cream cans
  14. dale560

    7.3 idi

    Used to do those every week mark. I will post a pic of timing setup for them later.the timing mark should be about 1/8 to passenger side on ford the pump turns backwards if I remember from chevy 6..2. A while ago they had a post about timing by ear on a m. My dad could time one or a chevy pickup deacon by ear and an idi Diesel makes a sweet sound when timed right.
  15. 2000 hrs but we had old combines with over 5000 hours just small grain machines though. We have a 8820 titan11 just to save a 160 of straw every year . Old gal has 6600 hours and still goes. 30 ft head 65 bpa wheat. .8 mph slower than 2588 same size head and field.
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