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  1. Got the weirdest thing going on in a wheat field this is corn, soybeans wheat rotation since 2008. Last year dicamba soybeans the year before corn. I sprayed the corn 2 years ago on a diagonal with roundup , status and spray grade nitrogen. This years wheat has strips of taller wheat about a couple inches taller than next and a foot wide. It matches my sprayer overlap and is the diagonal I sprayed 2 years ago. If the status was affecting it you should see head lands affected also. This is almost like field is short of sulfur or whatever is in that bags of nitrogen you mix into roundup. Didn’t have phone with to take pics this morning though I will one day. Weirdest thing other wheat is nice just these overlaps are lot nicer
  2. I know the fender thing would get you here.
  3. Well said. That is one of my least favorite jobs driving truck. Anything over an hour and I hate the trip.
  4. Besides that maybe the same person posts some awesome pictures of different locals. And I am just throwing this out he has a pretty hot lady friend if the brunette girl in the pics is a acquaintance.
  5. The hyd valves on a jd tractor will leak and let the pressure off of belts. If everything is good they work but if your valve won’t hold it’s frustrating
  6. This is little off subject but how many little ones can a raccoon have? Other day a big raccoon had 10 or 11 little half grown ones following.
  7. Here you guys go. A brand new never used new holland baler. I think the problem everybody has with balers is not understanding how they work Like TP said.
  8. They make a nice bale when run right. What kind of tractor? They do not work well with older 20 30 40 series jds.
  9. That is toughest thing with those bakers is getting the bale to spin once it is going the take hay in pretty good. We bought a jd solid core after using those balers for years and haven’t looked back.
  10. You are welcome to come. There is a complete other crazy story with my dad. And like they say sons usually have to pay for sins of their father and I have been around enough and around their buddies from years ago to know what their sins were.
  11. Last load of that pile and neighbors combine left today. Parents and sisters are Crazy so the got restraining order against my brother and I we had to mark out 50 from house and pound posts in that is their line and we stay on our side.cummins 855 piston in the pile. Kids threw the pistons to the side they have a 8 ft loader bucket of dirty aluminum they want to keep!and sell. I told them to keep the heater cores 5 cat converters and aluminum for them selves as a tip.
  12. But for the most part the resale value is always 4000 more also.
  13. Here is picture of one in Towner ND he is a farm supply and parts store. Sells rowse and some other short line hay equipment. Still has some of the wood letters inside
  14. I have to reset the tires on tractor and sprayer. If they are set to go over 3 corn rows it will line up better. We spray fungicide every year. If I had a self propelled sprayer we would do it twice. Generic folicur early when first heads are out. Then a week or so later do prosario. Fungicide does help the yield. One day a self propelled sprayer would be nice
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