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  1. I will update you tomorrow with a picture. The worry was maybe the blockage stopped blood flow through half the liver. It appears after surgery to be working they are going to monitor liver enzymes for a few days to see what’s going on. Parker was coherent a bit today but just exhausted from surgery and anesthesia.
  2. With cattle there is always mud and mess. That is where a shop is nice in winter. But you should never leave your feeding tractor in shop. You should build another separate small heated building. The loaders always seem to burn taking a bunch of other stuff with. At least if in a 20 by 30 building just that goes up.
  3. Spot on. A couple of my distant cousins have immaculate shops. They are used everyday though but they are extra anal about cleaning. Any extra parts are stored or thrown. They both have snapping tool boxes but they bought them later in life after the money was made with the old stuff
  4. That’s what they are designed for. See so many trophy buildings people won’t use because of the mess associated with work.
  5. Update they had to take Parker back into Operating Room something was plugging an artery so they were going into fix it.
  6. My daughter has had a couple incidents where stones have blocked her tubes. And yes the surgery should be a life changing event for my youngest. It worked well for older son but a few hiccups on the way. My wife suffers terribly from the disease but there really is nothing they can do for her.
  7. He got back to the pediatric icu at 10 pm. Was trying to wake up but still groggy. Mom is staying the night. Doctor said it was a successful surgery other than pancreas gave some fits removing. Had a fair number of islet cells saved and implanted
  8. The doctor was out a couple hours just waiting for cells to come back to implant.
  9. Looks like Mr Newman and Daughter are seeing the real side of the USA.
  10. They just gave an update pancreas is out now and sent to lab a few miles away for processing and recovering islet cells.
  11. Well today is the big day. We arrived at hospital at 5:30 surgery prep started at 6:30. Just looked at update board time in OR right now is around 4 hours so about 8 to 10 hours of OR time left. My wife and son came down on Sunday for all pre appts and Dr visits. The two other kids and I came yesterday. I will post an update when he gets out of surgery. A little extra thought and prayer would be nice from the red power crew. Pic of Parker when they left on Sunday
  12. We live in North Dakota and a lot of tv personalities come for experience and leave to bigger spots. One girl was in here late 20s and somewhat well built but anlways came across as dimwitted so I always just called her b..bies when on tv. One day they announced she was leaving and I was in living room. Told wife who was working in kitchen b..bies was leaving rather loudly. About 2 hours later breast implant ads were on wife’s phone.
  13. I like the look of weights on the tractor also.
  14. We did the same with our 1066 and 4430 jd we baled with always. First baler was a 8480 IH then a 567 jd. We found a lighter tractor pulled through wet spots better. No weights on front, no wheel weights and on 4430 no fluid in tires
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