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  1. dale560

    Re-ring 282

    Have done a few impromptu rerings. For myself usually. If sleeves aren’t cracked or loose and piston ring grooves aren’t all worn away go for it.
  2. It wasn’t just the ih tractors that burned a valve either. JD gas 3010,20 will burn them to. Grinding feed one night with a 3020 gas and 2 valves burnt in a spectacular spark show out of the muffler. We used to fix a lot of valves on 503 gas combines , and 318 Chrysler’s in versatile combines.
  3. dale560

    Polka Party

    Lawrence wells drummer was a distant relative on dads side. The relatives on my maternal grandmother lived close to the Welk homestead.
  4. Beings it had a burnt valve I would suspect the jet in carb is partially plugged or gas flow is restricted. A lean condition usually burns valves
  5. Do a history on here. SD man and the other regular CIH techs have explained the magnum gear indicator before.
  6. dale560

    Polka Party

    Was just going to post something about KBMR 1130. When you get down in the Napoleon, Linton, Strasburg area you are in the heart of the Iron Triangle, nickname for the Germans from Russia that settled the area. KBMR always has the person of the day. If you see or recognize that person you are supposed to say hi to them. Lawrence Welk was raised in that area.
  7. By the solenoid are 2 circuit breakers. Also the wires plug together in that area and the main power wire can corrode in the connector.
  8. Pretty true. The dirt and heat really take a toll on the delco.
  9. Just poke a nail in a fluid filled tire. It magically leaks away.
  10. Chinese made parts. Used to be Taiwan parts but China can beat their price
  11. Just imagine all the manual labor and skills required To make those pieces
  12. Where did you buy the alternator? A 1000 years ago we used to fix alternators, generators And starters. Even kept a few new ones on hand. Surprisingly the AC Delco rebuilds were the worst for having a bad one now and then. Used to take new non working alternators apart to clean brushes or fix stuck brushes and the like. Maynard tells you to bypass regulator a lot of times this trick would get dirty brush set to work. PS the batt wire doesn’t appear to be horrible. The solder is just green on the end from corrosion
  13. Yes some guys really got along well with the 241 2400. 3650 was a big step up and was a fair baler. The new balers really work
  14. Perfect description. The 241 and jd 510s would start a bale. The Vermeer 605 f would bale okay but at times starting a bale was a nightmare. Being able to bale would turn off like a light switch. To dry to wet it would not bale.
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