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  1. Google "Mayhew 37316" air hammer attachment $20.
  2. I like it! So much better than ramps.
  3. Yeah, I could see old Cob fitting the bill!!?
  4. Or "If it ain't Bitty Built it's S@#$!!" Although some of the stuff you built moves s@#$!! LOL
  5. Is that County Line Equipment in Washington? Used to be an older guy named Bill there that was a big help.
  6. The newer RAC X tips are supposed to be great. Downside is you need to buy the new nozzle holder and guard with it. The nice thing about airless sprayers is that they are like semi trucks. Most of the parts are interchangeable.
  7. And strain every single drop of paint before you spray. I found out the hard way how much trash is in new 5 gallon buckets of name brand paint. The easiest strainers are the type that go in a 5 gallon bucket. You just dump in the paint in a clean bucket with the strainer in place,, lift the strainer out of the bucket and you are ready to paint. This will save you huge headaches. If the trash gets in the sprayer you have to take it apart and clean every filter. The strainer bags cost about $3 and can be washed and reused.
  8. You might want to double check your gauge with another. Wouldn't hurt to see what the actual PSI is on a gauge with numbers either.
  9. There is a pinned post on the construction board of this forum about parts sources.
  10. I have a Graco Magnum which look similar to that one. They seem to make good equipment. Check out some of Idaho painters YouTube videos.
  11. Wow! What kind of lathe is that in the background?
  12. Well, if he needs one that big I'm still impressed whether it get up or not!!
  13. I like the belt pulley!
  14. The appeal will go to an end banc hearing before panel of five judges. There's a good chance it will be enough liberal judges on the panel to overturn it.
  15. Like everything else, old tractors need to be looked at in the context of the time when they were built. You can't judge them against modern equipment.
  16. Yeah, I hated the dual fill up when fuel was close to $4. Like you I never could understand the reason behind it.
  17. Our Debonair started out with an IO520 as well. When it was time to repower we moved up to the IO550. Unfortunately I didn't get to fly at much after the repower. It was a real screamer though. It was a mostly original 1966 that had to dual yoke retrofitted. The only major work we had done was having a bulkhead in the tail replaced. The prior owner was a doctor who like to get a little spirited with it. It did not have the external stiffners on the tail like the C33F though. I love those butter smooth controls!
  18. Same model as my debonair! It was a damn good plane, especially after we put the 550 in it.
  19. A split steel shaft collar would be way stronger than those cast ones. Way cheaper too.
  20. My Debonair was like that too. I never saw the appeal of the detail or the throw over yoke. I've been retrofitted with a dual yoke.
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