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  1. Your forklift reminds me of my Pettibone Super 6!
  2. Time to make some of my old stuff safer! Buddy found me four ROPS off of Wabco pans. They still have the safety certificates on them. I am going to add one to my HD 9 dozer so I can clear some woods roads. We flipped them over on their tops and drag them out of the bushes with my pickup truck. Buddy's Autocrane made light work of loading them!
  3. LOL. The word sound deadening and 4-71 don't go together!
  4. Cool! Got any pictures you can post of the work?
  5. Lol, I agree. It looks like the one on the 4-71 on my HD9 Allis Chalmers!
  6. Don't worry, the dirt will smooth off those welds in no time!
  7. That's the same as mine was originally. I also replaced the hose with one from ALC. That Nikki nozzle will plug in no time. If you have enough CFM, you can go up to a bigger nozzle on the ALC. I have used both 1/8 and 5/32 nozzles on 25 cfm at 175 compressor.
  8. It's about selling more product.
  9. Wow, a worn out anvil! Don't see that to much. I have seen chips and dents, but not completely rounded over!
  10. I know Black Beauty comes in different grit sizes. No picture posted, but maybe you need to screen the stuff you got from the in laws. I just have the usual oval shaped pot, but I upgraded the bottom valve and replaced the valve an nozzle at the end of the hose with an ALC deadman valve like shown below. i cannot remember the nozzle size though. I highly recommend a sifter like shown as well. I don't reuse Black Beauty, but sometimes there is a contamination like you experienced and sifting up front saves a lot of aggravation. I may use crushed glass media if I try it again. https:/
  11. I find it's usually a better quality than what you can buy now.
  12. Sledge: i love seeing the pictures from your old catalogs! It is amazing the variety of thing that were made back then.. I have looked at an old IH catalogue, and there are things I have never heard of before, along with literally a hundred different varieties of plows and cultivators! I also looked in an old Klien Tool catalog and was amazed at how many specialty pliers they made!
  13. Keep that stack condom on there and everyone will be safe!! LOL!
  14. I took it in December when I was exposed. I tested positive but had no symptoms. Coincidence, maybe. I took it on Sunday and Wednesday after I was exposed and tested positive the following Saturday.
  15. You are right, so much for my reading comprehension! LOL
  16. Was the adapter made for dewalt? Why did you have to modify it?
  17. Prayer sent from virginia. How is he doing? Did he make it okay?
  18. Thanks Sledge. It is good to know the weight. It is big enough and good enough for anything I'll ever do with it! Of course I don't do anything close to what you do.
  19. Here is my Peter Wright. It even says "Solid Wrought"
  20. I quit watching the news entirely last April! My blood pressure went down about the same time! Coincidence??
  21. Have you checked with Agri supply?
  22. Hytran is 10 weight with additives I believe.
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