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  1. I have the PATS couplers that Binder is talking about on a John Deere CUT. They work pretty good, but do move the implement further back, so watch the drive train length. Also make sure that the ends of your links are fairly straight up and down. They have some adjustment, but work better if plumb. Other thatn that, no negatives. They are like the lower half of a quick connect.
  2. Better hang on to that slitter! You might need it this year!!!
  3. I think he means boiled linseed oil, like you would use on a gunstock or axe handle.. If it is boiled it will harden given a little time. Not overnight, like paint.
  4. When I was back in my early 30's, I remember arguing with the AME about why the Federal Government thought it had a valid interest in my prostate!! Heart, yes, prostate, not so much! It felt a little intrusive to me at that age!!!! Maybe they were worried I would pee myself before landing?? To make a long story short, his paraphrased response was "No tickey, no laundry"! I still felt violated!! LOL!
  5. I second Starrett. You will pay for the good quality though! https://www.mscdirect.com/browse/tn?searchterm=combination square&hdrsrh=true&rd=k
  6. I have been researching them for a milling saw. If you are mechanically savvy like you are you will probably be fine with them. You can get them is kit form if you want to save more money. Weak spots seem to be the pull start and the chain tensioner. Both problems easily solved by replacing with Stihl OEM parts. They are a deal even with those fixes.
  7. When I worked on the golf course as a teenager we used to fill 16 oz Coke bottles with gasoline and turn them upside down and jam them in the hole. That way they are blocked in the hole and get the full benefit from the gasoline. If there are multiple holes, throw a blanket or towel over them before you pour in the gas.
  8. They will have to be certified organic crickets!
  9. Glad I don't have that prickly problem!
  10. I assume yours is not the front mount distributor? If I recall correctly the front mounts used to be hard to find electronic ignitions for. But that was probably 15 years ago.
  11. Wow, looks like you are into archeology now! Where did you find that four bolt block? King Tut's tomb? I have an old round ram Bridgport, but I would be scared to load that block onto it! You have been busy!
  12. I converted my Oliver 77 to 12 volts and used a new 12 volt coil and a resister. It works great.
  13. Even a blind squirrel, uh woodchuck, finds an acorn occasionally Seth! Lol 13 for me in October!
  14. My landlord at my work used to be a thousand yard shooter. He had his dies made by the same gunsmith that barrelled his rifles, using the same chamber reamers as the gun.
  15. If it has those plastic limiter caps on the adjusting screws a drywall screw driven into them and pulled out with a pair of pliers will remove them and expose the normal screw underneath.
  16. Between engine teardowns and burnouts with the Detroitson I can see why you have dead spots in your lawn! LOL
  17. Restore from Cummins is supposed to be good. There are two varieties of it so make sure you get the right one. I thought Cascade was for when your oil cooler ruptured. Can't hurt to try it on the rust though.
  18. I agree with Mike. Tack weld it. I bet the hole is a little wallowed out anyway even if it seems to go in tight. There can be a lot of rotational force on it if everything is not tight. just weld it so you can grind it off if needed.
  19. Heck, and last week all we heard about was how Las Vegas was flooded by monsoon rains!!! I guess it dries up quickly there!
  20. I would think it would be something for the crush it with the excavator!
  21. Looks like a Rock Chucker Supreme with an added primer catcher. About as good as it gets for magnums!
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