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  1. I am cave diving in Mexico at the moment and just checked this sight for the first time all week. I can go get it next week if you havent figured something out.
  2. I personally did not go but everyone I have talked to that did said it was a disaster. One of my friends thought he was going to die right on stage he sounded so terrible,
  3. Dosent seam that far off from what I have seen around here. Like I said once before, I wish I had a dozen of them .
  4. Is that a southern thing? like when you say, Y'all ? Kind of a Paula Dean accent?
  5. Anyone ever buy a casket for their dog or cat? My Border Collie is 16 1/2 years now and she is slowing down rapidly. doc says her heart is strong but her lungs are not working 100%. She may or may not make it to her 17th birthday . Yes we love her enough to bury her in something other then just a cardboard box so I'm looking for a casket. I guess I will look at the WWW to see if one even exist.
  6. Of all the tractors around here to choose from for a task your speaking of, the 966 hydro is the first one I jump on. I love that tractor . Also Very easy for an inexperienced operator to use .
  7. lorenzo

    The Dog Thread

    Is it just me or does this dog look like Richard Gere?
  8. I believe 5288IH is referring to a semi automatic type firearm . An AR-15 is a semi automatic and requires the owner to pull the trigger for each round of ammunition fired. Its cousin the M-16 is a full auto as I’m sure you all know. I believe he loosely used the word automatic . Semi automatic weapons in AU are not Alowed. And for the record it’s not all that difficult to legally obtain a sear for a full auto weapon ( so far) . Also suppressors are selling like hot cakes around here . There is at least five different gun stores within a 45 min drive of me that sell them if you qualify.
  9. Something’s happening in my pants. In in the front this time !
  10. lorenzo

    Favourite Job

    Your certainly right about methane from a cows a$$ And AOC going hand and hand .
  11. A MILF.  is a.           Mom Id like to ****.

    1. MTO


      Yes dumbass, I know THAT!

      Just wanted to see if anyone offered to splain it to me via coffee shop.

      he he he.....

      My wife is one btw....

  12. PM sent. LOL. OMG. I cant believe you don't know.
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