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  1. I was given one of those by an old friend about two years ago . I accepted it gracioisly but after looking at it and considering how In-humane it seams to be I threw it in the pile when I hauled my scrap metal in . If i were trapping to kill for the fur or for food and could check the trap every hour then perhaps it would be an effective method but given enough time I’m pretty sure a coon would resort to chewing his own foot off to gain his freedom back. I have become soft in my old age I guess.
  2. I have only seen one other like that and it was several years ago.
  3. Boarding a catamaran this AM for some shark feeding and watching.

    If you don't see me on the forum next month I got eaten,  



    1. MTO


      some need extreme entertainment.

      If you want thrills, just drive down the road with no seat belt!

  4. They are eating my cat food as fast as I put it out . I live catch whatever wants to walk into the trap and I have been keeping track of the numbers on the wall. just this summer I have trapped 33 coons and 25 Opossums. Sometimes two in one night because I have four traps out. Whats the population like in your area? This guy is a cleaver one, I had him once and he chewed a hole through the side of the trap and escaped. I have been watching him all week on the trail cam but he won't go inside the trap. I guess once was enough .
  5. lorenzo


    Last time checked you could get a reman from your local IH dealer with a warranty for less then the cost of rebuilding . Thay may have changed but it might be worth a call.
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