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  1. Nebraska has a plate for everything.
  2. Your all wrong, its obviously a white post farm.
  3. February 26th 2024 , 80 degrees Fahrenheit in Nebraska. She insisted i fill her pool and has been in and out of it all day.
  4. By the time any rust would cause a problem from that the rest of the mower will be shot anyway .😃
  5. Just a thought!! Several micro breweries have sprung up around here like dandelions in the spring. (Speaking solely about my immediate area) These brewers are looking for locally grown Hops. I have been approached twice about growing them but don’t have an area far enough away from near by farmers that are NOT using chemicals for weed control so theres no way i could grow them. IF, your 7 acres is in an area far enough away from other neighbor's non Organic crops then you might explore this possibility.
  6. Depth of wells in our area vary from 125’ to even 250’ within 10 miles of each other. Much shallower if its just for a residential dwelling. My cousins just finished another well last week . Yesterday we ran the pivot around dry just to get all the towers adjusted , thats the new pictures i posted of the tower switches. That well is 250’ deep.
  7. We set ours to put on 1 1/4 inch and one revolution takes a little over 2 days . Thats simply what works for us. Different farmers with different size pivots, different pressure’s, different size well’s different soil types ect… ect. will have different settings depending on their particular situation.
  8. I finally remembered to climb up on a tower to take a couple pictures for you. Here is the control panel mounted on each tower joint. You can see the cam switch and connected rod to the flexible joint.
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