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  1. lorenzo

    For you cabover lovers

    More pictures of the barn and silo please
  2. lorenzo

    For you cabover lovers

    COE’s are far from dead in other parts of the world . It’s about all ya see in South America and Australia . Lots of different company’s still making them brand new.
  3. lorenzo

    Did see PBS nature evolution of the Horse 🐎

    It might be but that’s not the case with mine . They are not locked up in a stall here.
  4. lorenzo

    Russian jets collide near Japan

    The SU-34 is a pretty cool looking aircraft.
  5. lorenzo

    Russian jets collide near Japan

    Omaha opened back up later that night. no injuries .
  6. lorenzo

    California truck emisions/inspection question

    My friends in Ca that have modified their cars always save all the OEM parts that they removed because once a year they have to put them all back on for a CARB inspection . I would assume he will have to do the same if he is living there .
  7. Where ya going? 

    1. dads706


      East for a couple weeks, maybe more.

    2. lorenzo


      I will be at epply  on Sunday also  . 

      I have a group going on a dive trip and half of them were on the runway when that SW flight slid off . They finally got out a couple hours later that night and are now stuck in Atlanta until i catch up with them . Perhaps i will see you in Omaha early AM



    3. dads706


      Darn. Mine is mid afternoon. We didn't get the weather they were predicting. Got ice, but barely a dusting of snow. I'm not complaining. Spent most of the day outside making sure there was plenty of feed, fences were good, waterers heated etc. Sun was out, really wan't all that bad.

      Have a safe trip.



  8. lorenzo

    Russian jets collide near Japan

    A passenger jet just slid off the runway at Omaha apply air field about 15 min ago closing it down for tonight.
  9. lorenzo

    Did see PBS nature evolution of the Horse 🐎

    Colic. Nothing to date is cut in stone that guarantees you will or won’t have a horse colic. Some say certain breeds are more prone to it . One sure way for me to have it happen is to let them out in the grass in early spring for any length of time at all. I start them out with ten miniuts a day then 15 then 30 and work my way up to a half day and that’s it . The new grass in the spring is very rich and they have to get used to it . we plant a warm season blend of grass designed for horses and that’s what they eat all winter . Absolutely NO Alfalfa what so ever and no clover . Our grass is inspected and then certified weed free so we can transport it across state lines and into Yellowstone . It’s bailed with a special color twine and each bail is taged as certified. I believe my animals have become finikie because of the way I feed them and for all I know they probably have devoloped a gluten allergy also 😮 I remember when I was a kid our horses ate anything and everything with no ill effects so I don’t know what has changed .
  10. lorenzo

    Glass of Milk taste good once in awhile

    16 sounds like a lot when you say it like that but being the babie of five we milked basically for our own use and sold the extra. Mom always said we used a gallon at every meal so I guess we had ya beat back in the day.