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  1. Nice 48 for sure. Saw quite a few of those late model Falcons when i was last in Australia. Front half reminds me of a mustang of the era.
  2. Basically started life as a 292, Bored to a 302, custom made ported aluminum heads, isky cam, 7 quart oil pan, MSD ignition system, roller rockers , some machine work on the oil passages , a high flow custom water pump and an aluminum timeing cover. We tested a few different cams on the dyno and ended up with a rather mild drivable good sounding one and every rotating part was balanced even the clutch and flywheel. It actually performed better at high RPM with an aluminum single plane single 4 barrel carb then it did with the three duces. In reality they dont flow as well and they ended up making 30 HP less compared to the 4 barrel.
  3. It will be interesting to follow the money as well as the collateral damage that will surely follow along.
  4. Supposedly they are remodeling and have hired mikey wolf to help. My question is why the H-LL would you let that douch bag anywhere near that place.
  5. FYI. The Lombard Ranch in Texas selling Horses and Mules is a scam. They have taken thousands from people who thought they were buying a horse.
  6. You can start one, i never understood the need for it but hey, might be fun.
  7. I blew this one up and framed it. It’s hanging in my dinning room. It was in Puca Pucara
  8. Yes near Puma Punku and Tiwanaku.
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