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  1. While in the Netherlands I fell in love with a Gouda truffle cheese called Melkbus 149. Gouda is a small town known for its cheese and the Gouda cheese market held out doors stretches out for three city blocks . I seek out these kind of things while bumbing around and this place is awesome. The number on the cream can represents the farm where the milk came from . if you ever see this cheese in your market try it.
  2. Lol, people think that’s an old BS story but on a hot day with lots of sun shine you can actually here it growing.
  3. Mercury bulb thermostats went obsolete years ago. I remember when the T-87F was Eight Dollars Wholesale . Cheapest one available at the time so millions and millions of them out there. A good stat until someone changes the gas valve with out calibrating the heat anticipated in the stat . There are much better choices available now .
  4. lorenzo

    1980 Peace Keeper

    Unless you are a real police officer, That red light and the police logo on the side will get you in trouble here .
  5. 60 dollars a pound at the farmers market this morning .
  6. lorenzo

    Tuff decision

    Mine is 16, im not going to Handle it well . Worst thing ever. Sorry 88power!
  7. We had three last night . Water standing everywhere .
  8. I found a picture of his mom so now it all makes sense
  9. My oven is WiFi . You can scan a package from the freezer and it sets the temp and timer . Its stupid really but they are all that way now .
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