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  1. lorenzo

    No thanks,

    I wouldn’t live here for nothing.
  2. Thumpers have been spewing the “ End of days “ crap forever . It keeps the churches full on Sunday .
  3. Another paid holiday for State and Federal workers .
  4. Yes and why the heII we still recognize Columbus Day is beyond me . A jerk who DID NOT discover America and killed thousands of people.
  5. Loves Watermelon, especially on a hot day.
  6. They still are . I certainly wouldn’t want to go coast to coast in mine but for what I do it’s perfect, I enjoy it. I wanted one truck as short as possible, light as possible , and the lightest trailer on the market . I load that rig so full the tarp is laying on the grain. We have four Conventional’s , three automatics and one 13 speed. One triple axel Wilson , one tandem Cornhusker ultra lite and two Timpte super hoppers . The best thing about the Automatics is you can just about put anybody in one and send em home from the field.
  7. America the beautiful ! 😀😀😀
  8. Plus the fact that he was by lingual is another thing. Americans expect the whole world to speak English , my Spanish isn’t perfect but I’m almost there. This country is the only place on earth where the majority of the population isn’t at least by lingual. O well , just another one of the many things we’re letting slip through our fingers.
  9. That’s exactly what I did . I listened to a lot of great stories. Not too good English but good enough. Your spot on about the losers taking advantage of this country.
  10. https://www.kcrg.com/2021/06/17/gov-reynolds-sign-back-blue-bill/ let’s hope the rest of the states follow in.
  11. Basically a 65+ year old man, proud of his only possession , willing to work 24 hours a day if nessasary, not sitting at home waiting for a hand out, not on welfare, not begging out in front of Walmart, not selling meth, not robbing banks and gas stations, not scamming little old lady’s out of their life savings , etc....etc.... etc.... unlike some Americans I see that are just a bunch of derelict scum bags sitting at home cashing uncle sleepy checks , ( “ waiting for a better job to come around” ) and can’t wait to vote that white collar criminal right back for another ter
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