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  1. My guess is he had the bucket up against the tree to keep it from falling backward, then started cutting , then it split off and hooked itself on the tractor. You can see saw dust on the ground and it’s half cut off at stump. i believe the logger term for that is barberpole .
  2. They are on the hood above a grill at a restaurant in Waimea where we had lunch have you ever eaten sea urchin?
  3. Well done , I would think a PTO would be easy to add if needed. you waited a long time , I have been keeping in close contact with an item my self and after reading your story I realized it’s been 24 years .
  4. lorenzo

    Boeing 737 Max 8

    That’s her in the last photo.
  5. lorenzo

    Boeing 737 Max 8

    Just got off one yesterday,
  6. Calm down boys, I was just fooling with ya , it’s a chevy , they won’t go that fast .
  7. There was a guy making mailboxes to match your tractor . They are really neat.
  8. Lol nope . should say borrowed not rented. ( disclaimer ) they won’t do this stock , you have to tweek em a bit.
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