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  1. Dosent anyone have an owners manual these days? so much if this is just common sense. Theres a reason it has a dip stick with a full mark on it . Start with the simplest things first , Is there enough oil in it?
  2. lorenzo

    Corona virus

    Had a bunch of people over last night , cooked food, had a bonfire , played frisbee, kids were climbing trees, four dogs got to play with each other, took kids for tractor rides, fished the pond, played hide and seek , got a hay rack out and hauled people around, life goes ore on here , say what ya want , don’t care.
  3. Yup, In under four minutes he had me convinced he is an idiot trying to be an Internet personality .
  4. Red flag # 1 as to his Accolades. I have never met someone of his profession that talks like that .
  5. lorenzo

    New to forum

    Climb on in, let’s see your tractor , Bienvenido’s
  6. Ya he’s probably a surgeon but any Tom Dick and Harry can print out a degree in ANYTHING and talk a bunch of smack on the Internet , I made it about 4 miniuts into his rant and ended it . More people died today on car accidents . As for me , we’re fertilizing fields as fast as we can , finished getting the planter ready, all equipment is in operation and we will be planting corn and soybeans just like we did last year at this time. Our life is not going to stop, we’re not hiding in the basement , it’s another day as usual here . my advice is as it always was since this started , STOP checking Facebook every ten seconds , shut off CNN, go on about your life . Done If he really is a surgeon then he needs to get back to doing what surgeons do and stop trying to be an Internet personality.
  7. Im the baby of five . She had a lot of her dads stuff packed away from 40 years ago that hasent seen the light of day untill now .
  8. I’m sure one of you guys will know , I’m not sure unless it’s just simply an adjustable wrench for square nuts. If so , I’m sure glad tools have advanced. I threw in some needle nose for scale.
  9. We had a very Funny used car dealer here for about thirty years that went by the name Wierd Wally. He always had funny adds and did very well . Always kept Cheep cars on the lot. One of his adds showed him being eaten by a Volkswagen Beetle , his signs were always upside down, I remember on the radio hearing 1968 mustang, rust free, buy it get the rust free. Another was “ I bought my work car from Wierd Wally and now I’m working on it . He was a fun guy .
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