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  1. That’s a bitchin ride ya got there !
  2. lorenzo

    Beaver cloud

    Must be a lot colder in your neck of the woods. Beaver around here never grow that long of fur .
  3. And letting someone else find you one could result in you ending up with this , for the price of this,
  4. lorenzo

    Lowering the bar

    🤭 only deep enough to get the job done .
  5. Weed made tire chains so it might have something to do with connecting the ends of a tire chain. These are from my collection.
  6. Shipping is the easy part . Paying for it is the hard part.
  7. I have had similar things shipped to the US from foreign country’s . Having said that , ( in my opinion ) it won’t be cost effective for you to do that . If you want it then just do it . thats a two thousand dollar truck or at best three thousand dollar truck all day long here. Are you going to fly over here to look for one? Are you going to have someone find one for you? Who is going to get it the shipping dock? you will have some extra expense somewhere along the line. Not sure what you mean by ( major floor in the plan ) Again it’s just my opinion , if you want one and your only choice is to ship one From the US then get out your check book , The big one , not the small one .
  8. lorenzo

    Old disk plow

    That’s a leverite. Set it on some landscaping rock and leverite there.
  9. We thought they would be great for competition , ( three gun) but they don’t cycle well in an automatic . Ok for something else I guess.
  10. I have been collecting for a while. All 50 states in motorcycle, extra car plates that I only use one on , I try to find one on islands during SCUBA trips , about 75 more various plates in boxes stored away.
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