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  1. Only after a whole bunch of artificially induced drama and a couple commercials.
  2. Several years ago I delivered an ice machine to a farmer by Walnut Iowa. Can’t remember exactualy where . He makes homemade ice cream at local events with a hit and miss engine and wanted his own ice machine . Well anyway, somewhere right there I drove past a large model airplane up on a pole or windmill tower out in a corn field . I stopped on the side of the road and walked out to it . As I remember it was a 1/4 scale or 1/2 scale detailed replica of a B-24 liberator about 20 or 30 feet off the ground. There was memorial plaque on it with the names of the men who crashed there on a training mission . I wonder if it’s still there .
  3. lorenzo


    You have been very fortunate to have flown all those aircraft as well as have the skill set to do so. my favorite WWll aircraft is the P-38.
  4. Some guys can break an anvil. I doubt if that’s really all that unusual .
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