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  1. lorenzo


    Oh boy here we go one man’s religion is better than others, one guys right one guy is completely wrong. and if you don’t agree with my religion then you’re going to ****
  2. That’s a classic picture . A fossil fuel powered generator making electricity for hybrid Vehicles. Thats what our new president wants. I bet ol creepy sleepy Jo wouldn’t even know how to use it . When you can’t even form a sentence how could you possibly even know where electricity comes from?
  3. lorenzo


    Looks like we’re headed down a slippery slope here. if this were a political thread it wouldn’t of lasted this long. I thought we weren’t supposed to talk politics or religion on here????
  4. lorenzo


    I will refrain from adding my real thoughts about the Pope so I don’t get banned from a tractor forum .
  5. I couldn’t agree more. But I knew ahead of time I would never get it back.
  6. Miraculously our fathers and grandfathers somehow got along with just plain old antifreeze.
  7. Let us know if you start scratching yourself behind your ears with your feet.
  8. lorenzo


    That’s the special green eagle demonstrator model . Rare one off collectors item.
  9. lorenzo


    One thing for sure is it has more people looking at it now then it would have if it were the right color .
  10. For comparison Just east of Lincoln towards Omaha you can view it on craigs list Lincoln
  11. I bet they didn’t take into account that the engine is in the rear .
  12. I called him today. He has a $3500.00 offer and says it’s probably sold.
  13. ?? what you see in the pictures is all I know . I was told it runs and drives.
  14. And NO, your dog is not nearly as spoiled as mine .
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