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  1. The criminals in this instance are most likely sponsored by a foreign entity so they are probably getting a payoff from the sponsor and the intended target of the extortion. You and I can only guess at the stakes in the situation such as this but it seems like these ransoms are getting paid.
  2. Could be an individual or group but most likely out side of the US borders so they are out of reach of the FBI and other law enforcement assuming efforts to catch them have been implemented. AS to stealing granny's purse that is for the bottommost crooks in our society and if these pipeline crooks are doing it to line their pockets they are playing for a lot more than 200 bucks. At the least these guys are playing for 10's of millions and perhaps billions. It takes a lot of money to buy protection against a motivated USA.
  3. Won't we need to save some to recharge or re-amplify dilithium crystals in the future?
  4. I would imagine that the name Tenneco is probably a dirty word here but their lines cross my farm and they have always been well run and the guys seemed intelligent and capable while Tenneco was the operator and seemed to be the same when El Paso then Kinder Morgan took over. Tenneco paid well enough for these guys to buy homes and vehicles so they will attract people so dead wood can be readily cut off. By the way I never thought I would see the day that the right of way was being maintained by anything other than Case or Case IH equipment but this past fall there was a Massey doing the wor
  5. It will never happen but the correct approach is to go back a couple of generations when things like pipelines were controlled manually versus being controlled by computer. People are going to need jobs if things keep going the way they are so might as well create some for the pipelines.
  6. My grandmother used to say that during the final days the masses will roam the countryside taking whatever they want. I don't know how we come out of what we are facing now. The dominoes are just starting to fall is my impression of things at present.
  7. IH used the McCormick name into the 1960's so I am not sure how old or what model you are talking about. Once a model number is nailed down I would bet that you could find a manual on eBay.
  8. I priced a new Chevy 1/2 ton regular cab long box 4X4 5.3L(?) about a month and a half ago and was quoted 36,585. One was available out of state. I fear when production resumes to full capacity with the increase in steel prices that same truck will be close to 50,000 dollars. Will they just roll off of the dealer lot or will the manufacturers have to be creative and go to 120 month financing or some similar gimmick to move them. Would not be so bad if I were a guy trading every 30,000 miles and could put off buying a new truck but my truck is getting old by most standards.
  9. Production lags and shortages will have a negative ripple through the economy. Pickup trucks are just about tapped out in terms of new and driving up the price on poor quality used pickups. I think that the net effect will be higher unemployment and with inflation ramping up more people will have trouble making ends meet.
  10. If you go right back along where you just ran you will leave a ridge or if you work to avoid a ridge then untilled ground. I would install as recommended in the operators manual. Empire Tractor is pretty reasonable on their tillage wear parts. 4 inch shovel for a Soil Saver was under 16 dollars earlier in the season when I bought for this spring.
  11. It's not the rainfall amount that is keeping us parked but the lack of drying weather. All too many years like this as of late. I put the nitrogen on the wheat last year on May 20 IN THE SNOW! Somedays it feels like somebody does not like me or I am standing too close to someone that a higher power has a beef with. I can't remember the last time we had a good fall to harvest in.
  12. I would not count on a bail out with this administration. Prices will go back down by fall as they are counting on a normal crop unless we get a repeat of last year with a devastating storm. There is logic in the current pricing as stocks are down drastically compared to normal carryover levels. You also have a world customer in China that has an immediate need for soybeans to feed its swine herd so that competes for stocks that other end users here and elsewhere desire.
  13. I can't imagine that there are very many Papec blades around so that may be a good piece to latch on to from a collector standpoint. No Dearborn combine?
  14. Depends on the distance between the median and the edge of the road at least around here. The cops are very good about not harassing farmers when not within the letter of the law but they have their limits. Which is to say if you want to move a 30 foot head while installed on the combine down a 2 lane road the cop will stop to ticket you if he intercepts you. In any event it is a matter of if something goes bad enough that you wind up in civil court over it. I don't have a lot but I don't want to lose it in court because I was too bullheaded to use common sense. Bad enough when I do try t
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