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  1. Based on my limited experience I would say 120-140 HP for a 20 ft unit.
  2. 766 Man

    Soil health

    A few random thoughts. What is your current soil organic matter content? What is your soil pH? What is your soil's content of base nutrients such N, P, and K? If deficient in any category the cost of the system versus the expected return? If in need of nutrients how efficient and how much time to raise levels? Versus applying commercial products which have more actual content per volume in most cases. People get excited about compost but then depending on the source are disappointed as to the actual content of things such as N,P, and K. The neighbor stacked a volume of manure a number of years ago to sell. The rain leached nearly all the phosphate and nitrate out of it so its only value is the minimal potash and being a source of organic matter.
  3. Well thought out project.
  4. And I thought you were going to make a recommendation for a place in the Dunkirk/Fredonia area.
  5. Yep, it is paramount to look at the best return whether it be lime or drain tile or some other proposition.
  6. Employers don't hand out 100 dollar bills like they are the new 20 dollar bill. There are a lot of people who cannot keep up with this inflation. As to tractors and equipment I will have to spend a little for the end of the year. I am using the concept of best value that I have some degree of need for. I'm not chasing 30,000 dollar 4020's. One thing about working a hard scrabble type operation I will never be flush with cash. I will always have to pinch the penny. I wish I had land that produced 110 bushel soybeans per acre and 300 bushel corn per acre as easy as the sun coming up every morning but I don't. I agree with those that say there will be an evening out. That values will decline. I remember the 1980's as well being a very young man for the worst of it (1984-85). I remember the doors being slammed in faces when looking for credit and the job market was terrible here as lots of employers closed unrelated to the farm crisis. The only thing I miss about 1985 is being young and being in the chase for young women. I don't miss being told you are young and don't need this job or you can't afford this piece of equipment.
  7. They did of course with the Argentine 730 being the most prominent example. My understanding is one of the tasks at Waterloo during the changeover was to run extra parts for certain models to have replacement parts as needed.
  8. Also, it is impractical to maintain a production line for a tractor for limited volume such as with the 820 and 830. The tooling at Waterloo was replaced for the New Gen tractors with no place to run parts for the 830. The engine building equipment was as such to get a maximum from base dimensions such as with a crankshaft. One line could run with minimal changeover time hardware for 3010, 4010, 3020, 4020 all the way up to the 466 in the 4440 from what was installed in the plant during 1960. IH no doubt had similar logistics. Several model changes were factored into a upgrade for factory equipment.
  9. JD estimated that the G,70, 720, 730 were the largest row crops that could be made given that configuration. Remember front mount cultivators and mounted corn pickers were considered important applications for row crop tractors. The staff below top management at JD knew this but the ultra-conservative top bosses ultimately made the decisions. Good thing that these same bosses were retired or moved to other parts of the company around 1950. The 2 cylinder design was done for. Had JD been less into experimentation such as V configuration engines the new Generation tractors might have been out by 1958. The 30 series was a reaction to the program being behind schedule. But in the end JD's timing was good as the farm economy slumped during the very late 1950's so a new launch would not have been blunted.
  10. Oliver 88 and Super 88 gas or diesel were very good tractors for their day.
  11. I would imagine that the large dealers such as L & W and Batavia Farm Equipment got an early taste on the 06 series. No local dealer around here then would have held a candle to their sales volumes. It only mattered to guys like my father who were in the market for such a tractor in the first half of 1963 and did not want to wait. IH no doubt had tractors to all dealers shortly there after. IH was no different than any other manufacturer who wanted to squeeze a design to the last cent to get their money back. JD did have good timing as to doing that then being ready with a major design change.
  12. 35 or 40 ft head all the liability would be on the farmer. That aside it is an unreasonable risk for any driver to deal with. Don't matter if there is one car on that road all day. I only have a 15 foot head and one farm away from home but giving serious thought to a header cart. When they redid the road a month ago they actually reduced the usable width of it. I guess next spring I get going at 5AM when all the idiot drivers are still in bed.
  13. Prayers for your brother. A day nobody wants to see anyone else go through. Most combines have a poor brake system. I once had a combine jump out of gear at the top of a hill and basically ran away. A check your underwear event but I kept my nerve and steered it to the bottom until she came to a stop. Combines should have an emergency type brake system.
  14. New York was extremely dry during the past growing season and the telltale signs were there in the well that the water level was down. Keep the water here. Depending on the next few weeks a lot of it will soak in.
  15. Personal opinion but I think that the 4020 Power Shift coming out a few months ahead of the 806 helped JD on its upward trajectory in the industry. When dad bought his 4010 new the 4020's were already out but the 806 was far enough off that the local IH dealer would not talk price or delivery. My understanding is that for 1963 IH had most of the 06 series release in the Midwest and few got this far east. Dad bought the 4010 because JD had it on clearance. It has been an excellent tractor.
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