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  1. 766 Man

    Garden '24

    When I have raised cabbage the heads were always tight and I did nothing special with fertilizers. I would look at the variety you raised and make a change there.
  2. I was looking at performance in terms of Steiger over the others. In the end Steiger's had work done on them as did the others.
  3. If JD and IH were not so stubborn about using "in house" engines I am not sure Steiger would have had the early success that it did. Case had a niche here with the 2X70 series tractors as did White.
  4. Both Steiger dealers in this region also were IH dealers at the same time. This came about during the mid-1970's after the early US-Soviet grain deals. Lot's of guys turned to cash crops at that point and gave up dairy cows. Those who did not buy 4wd's often went up from 100 HP to 150 HP or more.
  5. 170 bushels per acre is very iffy depending on drying costs. 100 bushels was thrown out for discussion and I wanted to let people know I can't raise 100 bushel per acre corn and make any profit even if the corn field dried and had no unusual expenses for the season. Maybe there is money in organic corn but my soil being clay in a lot of places will not allow for timely cultivation if it is the least bit wet.
  6. Even though most were not observant in terms of fuel consumption after the oil shock of 1973 I recall comments about the IH V8's being very thirsty. Otherwise IH was as predominant as JD in terms of dealers here. IH may have not gotten the big tractor sales unlike the others but they sure got the sales of plows and other tools. Most Steigers then were pulling IH plows.
  7. There were quite a number of 8640's sold around here back when they were new. The evidence was in the number of new 8640 (and 8440) tractors sitting at the dealerships waiting to be sold. Steiger's marketing plan did not work quite as well here in terms of few dealers many miles apart versus JD being 10-15 minutes away for most customers. When Steiger started selling through Ford that helped their market share a little but most Ford dealers stocked a minimum of parts and did not have shop space to work on 4wd tractors. It also helped JD in that some of their dealers at the time were very competitive on price.
  8. Even with inputs down considerably 100 bushels per acre of corn cannot be grown at a profit.
  9. Casual impression suggests model 508 or 548. Unfortunately, I don't have a scientific approach to know a number based on a measurement of a particular part on that plow. I'm thinking that the main beam is different for a 588 but do not have dimensions for either to make a determination. I don't know what parts might have been in common and what parts were unique to each plow. I wish that this question came up ahead of the last few consignment sales which occurred within the last month as they had White plows to be looked at.
  10. The M should handle it fine. I'd guess that at least 2nd gear should be no problem. I ran a M on an IH 8 flail chopper years ago in heavy alfalfa.
  11. A lot of animal lovers are reasonable people and not seeking to end agriculture as we know it. At the same time there are farmers who could treat their animals a whole lot better than they do. The neighbor used to beat his Holsteins with a pipe out of frustration. Having been around Holsteins I just do not see where there is any place for that. How we treat animals is often a clue as to how we treat people. Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer got his start by torturing small animals in the family backyard. Even if you raise animals for meat it does not mean it is OK to torment them while living.
  12. Guys were bringing stuff back from the Midwest for decades. The internet has taken the profit out of being a jockey. More guys today have access to or own a trailer to get stuff out of the Midwest on their own. Darrow in Sheds, NY. Kelleher in Baldwinsville, NY. Finger Lakes Tractor. Chip Ellsworth in Fairport, NY. Ken Benson in Avon, NY. All jockeyed quite a bit of IH equipment including tractors.
  13. I think that you know your stuff quite well. At the same time each one of us here learn new things each day. One of the major reasons we hang out here.
  14. That does happen by in today's world governed by the internet most people know what things sell for in the Midwest and the cost of trucking. Harder to make flips than it looks but does happen from time to time.
  15. Sometimes but must of the time no. I've seen plenty of times where a farm had more than one of a given model but the histories were different. One was bought new while the others were bought used by that operation. Sometimes that affects the price and sometimes it does not. Just last August there was an estate sale not too far away from where this auction was held. Two JD 50's. Both with 2 row bean pullers. Identical appearance. One was bought new by the owner's father. The other was bought at auction during the early 1970's. Each sold for 2,900 dollars. I've seen two JD 2520 diesels sold by an owner at his retirement auction. One bought new by him and the other bought used. Not much difference in outward appearance. No obvious operating issues. The 2520 bought used sold for more money than the one bought new. You started and probably observed the 140's for a few minutes and even drove them including applying the brakes to test the clutch but that is not the same as going to the farm of that tractor and watching it put through its normal paces. The auctioneers will tell the owner of a tractor with the seller's blessing. The seller will disclose information especially if they have dumped a lot of money into it recently that they are looking to recover. Are you in an area of Ontario where vegetable growing is big? IH 140's were big in areas such as that. A tractor with no information as to history is already offering clues as to probable condition and appropriate price.
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