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  1. It's pretty wet here and tonight it will just get worse. I've cut 15 acres so far of 206 total acres of soybeans and now fear it will have to wait until it freezes. I can't even finish wheat planting and that has never happened here before being this late. I wish I had the money for rubber tracks or could find an old machine that had steel which I would not worry about if it shook apart. Probably 75-80 miles SW of you as the crow or goose flies.
  2. I'm sorry if I sounded like I was picking on the profession. No doubt that it has its challenges and some people put more into it than what is required. Unfortunately, the word menial is only used to describe low skilled jobs these days when in years gone by it had a wider definition involving jobs that were not technical by nature. I'll try avoiding the word in the future for similar conversations.
  3. Plenty of blame to go around. No doubt that the work ethic has suffered in recent times but toxic employers do nothing in terms of creating enthusiasm for work. You can only get people to stick their hand inside the beehive so many times before a person says "Enough!" Having reread the article it mentions fantastic pay for menial work such as truck driving. How often do employers make good on these promises? Often these promises are unobtainable in reality. Just like the auto dealer salesperson position that promises huge money. It depends on unreachable goals.
  4. 4 post ROPS was standard with open station or fully enclosed cab as options according to Tractor Data.
  5. Extremely few of those 3X88 2WD around at the dealership. The hard times of the 1980's had set in for a while by that point in time. Most of the dealers had at least one 5X88 tractor primarily to kickoff the introduction of that series. Anymore than that then they probably would have sat unsold for a year or more.
  6. 766 Man

    John Deere

    Working with a 2 cylinder and loader would not be my cup of tea but locally there were a B, A, 60, and 70 with loaders into the 1980's. Only the 70 is around today but the loader is gone.
  7. I looked at a 1460 a few weeks ago to purchase. There was exhaust gas pushing out between the head and the manifold when running. I figured that might cause a whole lot of trouble when combined with grain dust. Did not buy it because it needed a fair amount of work, had a fair amount of worn components, and the seller was keeping the flotation tires subbing a narrow driver tire.
  8. 766 Man

    John Deere

    There were a lot of 2 cyl JD's sold here in the east including this neighborhood back in the day. Not only did they do tillage but other field work such as making hay and spreading manure. In the row crops it was fortunate that they did not get past the 730. As farmers went up in the size of equipment they needed a replacement tractor so they bought a 4010 or 4020 if they were JD men so the issues such as PTO were minimal for the 2 cyl.
  9. 766 Man

    John Deere

    I was told that the number series two cylinders right until the very end were very price competitive with the competition plus made JD considerable profit. Farmers from what I have seen are very tight with money. Unless a farmer really had a grudge against JD I could see him buying a JD 720 or 730 even if the savings were only a couple hundred of dollars.
  10. Maybe someone can tell different but I don't think the 234 was out then.
  11. Yes. Look at the Polk Auction site for details. They were doing more than 2 cyl parts. Look at their site. It says JD tractors through to the early 1990's. As to any further story I don't have one. Just that a parts yard is being liquidated which is not good for anyone.
  12. Auction is scheduled for March 2022. A darn shame. I know they are JD but many farmers need alternatives when it comes to parts. I have sources closer to home for both my IH and JD equipment but I dislike the idea of fewer options. It seems like it is a tougher business to make a living at and not a magnet for younger people to get involved with.
  13. TSC report as of this morning. Paint area thin with open spots. Same with oil. Battery area really sparse. I would bet this is supply chain related but can't rule out payment issue with TSC and its suppliers. Payment issues is the big white elephant that retailers do not want you to see with their operations. The local grocer was out of Hunt's chocolate pudding this morning. Wah!!!
  14. We are around 40 years after when this was hashed out between IH and the government. Even in 1980 the cost was tiny compared to the result of a class action suit by injured parties when tabulating the loss in terms of injury, not being able to work, etc. when injured by burning fuel and vapors. What's the real cost today of maintaining it. The caps most likely exist by several thousand units. The program amounts to a junior executive checking a PO Box for inquiries. If an inquiry comes the executive hands it off to a secretary who then goes down the hall to a cabinet, pulls a cap and packages it, and then takes the package to the shipping department. In 2021 this amounts to maybe 2 or 3 dozen units shipped. I don't see the cap program in magazines and have not for quite some time. I don't recall seeing any signs up at the dealer in Canandaigua but I will look the next time I am there just to make 100 percent sure on this.
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