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  1. Yes about 1/3 of them are started by electrical fire. About 1/4 are started by something within the fuel system. That doesn’t change the fact that ICEs burn at a higher rate than EVs. Either type of vehicle usually results in a total loss of the vehicle and damage to the structure if it’s in building. The odds of a vehicle fire of any type is very very low.
  2. SMV signs have their own rules, mainly being limited to maximum speed of 25mph, and are not replacements for proper lighting. https://www.pacodeandbulletin.gov/Display/pacode?file=/secure/pacode/data/067/chapter165/chap165toc.html
  3. Knowingly towing a trailer without working lights, especially at night, is far from being responsible. In fact it’s the exact opposite of responsible. Trailer lighting is fairly simple to keep functioning correctly and relatively inexpensive to replace broken or inoperable lights. Anyone who gets into an accident or causes an accident from such negligence deserves what they get. There shouldn’t be a free pass for operating a trailer without lighting.
  4. There is plenty of available data that show that ICE vehicles burn at a higher rate when calculated by number of vehicles (fires per 100,000 vehicles or whatever) or number of fires per mile (fires per million miles driven for example). Most vehicle fires are caused by collisions. EV fires seem to get the most attention from the media.
  5. Here’s a NOS part on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/155213860073?itmmeta=01HQCE50HBGS3RGSWHQ0RQN371&hash=item2423778ce9:g:D4IAAOSwfvxjTxzD&itmprp=enc%3AAQAIAAAAwN5sobOWpJB0MfE6Sg9E7XgMYXnoh7RpvtDXCAaBwdSTCWtfgc1Ox9XwTGR9WRdmIgiYM9YW%2B8%2FmSfUYN01XNwdVfhEImkbm%2FPXSmMrRZVPLQ0Dtg52%2F65LjxJSaFQUCBu4CjfhXIjUDEgXWLCv7sg4ZhW5GuaeKQZlsAh5IS8YSYCLcRaiVocOzQHMowPytbAl34XE7zn6KCyHhxrftrSzFMjPpHkAANpmSCfDt5eMQihNu5xV5%2Bf4ENbuL9%2FV9vg%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR9yIlI67Yw
  6. Greenfarmparts shows it’s available and let’s you put it in the cart. https://greenfarmparts.com/shop/john-deere-tapered-sleeve-u44047/
  7. Any combustion of carbon based fuels can produce carbon monoxide. It is the result of incomplete combustion.
  8. Agreed. You’d be hard pressed to find a new basic UTV for <$10k today, let alone a street legal truck.
  9. “Safety Sam” has quite a few regulations of braking system on passenger vehicles. https://www.ecfr.gov/current/title-49/subtitle-B/chapter-V/part-571/subpart-B/section-571.105
  10. MTB98


    Telling a buyer a lie about your brother wanting the item and then selling to a second buyer offering 2x the money is not a legit reason to cancel the original sale.
  11. Kubota LX2610? That’s a 25hp, anything over 25hp will have a DPF for emissions. I’ve had a M with a loader and a compact. The compact will work circles around the M on something like moving snow in a driveway. 4x4 and a hydro plus better turn radius makes it much easier and faster to use. If you’re having traction problems you need more weight and or chains. The Kubota will have many more options for snow removal equipment than the M. Find what works for your situation and go with that. You have multiple options for the front and the rear that can be on the tractor at the same time and easily and quickly be taken off for other tractor duties.
  12. US General boxes at HF are good for their price. Their Icon boxes are quite a bit more expensive but look to be nice too. Buying used can get you a good deal if you’re patient. The best deals seem to be on older smaller boxes though.
  13. You can order directly from their website or call them to order. They also handle customer service, such as warranty, the same way. That’s easier than chasing down a truck.
  14. Three point ballast counterbalances the FEL, not filled tires. Are you sure your manual doesn’t say to not have filled tires with the FEL only if it’s a cab model?
  15. You can call or email them direct. They may ask for proof of purchase. https://shop.snapon.com/contact-us/op2
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