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  1. If that’s all original still I’d leave it that way. Work on the mechanicals as needed. Don’t see too many of that version M in any condition.
  2. Sometimes getting rained on when camping is much different than being outside all the time, or even just 2/3 of the year. Keeping it under a roof much as possible and out of direct sun and kept dry during freeze/thaw cycles is probably the biggest help I think the Dicor sealant works with aluminum.
  3. There’s a nice condition #10 drill coming up for auction soon. There are not grass boxes on the drill. Are those fairly easy to find and add on later? Any comments or things to look at/watch outs on that model drill?
  4. Very nicely done! I’m curious about the picker too. That would really be a show stopper with a restored picker mounted on it
  5. Would any of those have prevented this tragedy? Are any of these in place in certain states? Is gun violence less where rules such as these are in place?
  6. This is what I am thinking too. A bunch of hoses and tubing on the outside is going to be damaged much more easily in transport or use.
  7. So what can be done “to fix the problem”?
  8. Automatic weapons are illegal. This guy in TX didn’t have an automatic rifle. I haven’t heard which gun he used to shoot people in the school. I’ve read he also had a handgun(s) in his possession.
  9. Seems to be a lot of information left out of every news story I’ve read. Apparently the shooter murdered his grandmother and then fled and wrecked his car near the school. Was he planning to go to the school? How did he enter the school? Were police in pursuit of him when he wrecked?
  10. Most Knipex products are available on Amazon. If you can’t find it on US Amazon try one of the EU Amazon sites such as Amazon.de just make sure they ship to US. It takes a little longer than 2 Day Prime shipping but opens up a lot of options for tools not available in the US.
  11. Cutting hay with a front center mower and wings on the rear seems to be the most effective way to cover ground quickly.
  12. MTB98

    Fuel prices

    I’ve read that pumps on the west coast are being updated to be able go past $9.999 (+$10.000). Can anyone verify that claim?
  13. Search internet for “how to make a gif from video”
  14. If they can get it in a day the extra cost may be worth it if it’s urgent. I have to adjust my equipment repairs and use around a regular “real job” schedule so if something breaks it puts me behind no matter how fast I can get parts.
  15. I had a similar experience with ordering a Kuhn disc mower part from my Deere dealer. The Kuhn part I had to order a five pack even though it only takes one. However, Kuhn makes that same mower as a Deere model. I could buy just one part as a JD part number and it was less than a single Kuhn part. It came in a JD bag and the part itself was stamped “Kuhn”
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