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  1. Water source has to come from somewhere. that would be my starting point.
  2. Trouble with this is I have seen tractors that someone put a new rod/components back in and brazed the block shut and the tractor does run very well. Old days people were desperate sometimes....
  3. The only times we used the position control was for cultivating with a mounted cultivator and when plowing with the 560 on a semi mount 710 4-16 plow. The mower and blade we set the hitch to float and had stops in place.
  4. I can only suggest that he disable the control from the rock shaft. Center the valve with the lever either forward or back(up or down) all the way and with some sort of tool align the part by the clutch turning it until it goes off pressure. Note I have not had to do this. Or remove and replace the valve which is a lot of work. Another thing the OP has not said if there is a change in pressure noise. Maybe the cylinder is bent or froze in position. Or is the lever stripped and not positioning the gears in the valve. I am now not sure if there is enough information here.
  5. Engine cooked food reminds me of the crew that was tiling my farm. They dropped a can of beans down the stack but did not take into account the green blue clay they were going to run into. It blew everything into the field when the exhaust temp shot up. Boy they were hungry then.
  6. Bolt pattern is the same but there is a two inch height difference on the front saddle from a 560 and newer and the 400-50 series that needs to be taken into consideration.
  7. This is just a bit confusing. Supers never came with a fast hitch but people have made things work so to speak using early 400 fast hitches. I am picturing a fast hitch here that has the collar on the hydraulic cylinder that you either adjust the collar or the rod that has notched that can be slid up or down. Yes there are differences between utility units also. Picture would help a lot. My 560 which has a 450 hitch on it the extension plate almost hits the ground. Some one may have made your hitch go higher though.
  8. Short answer, yes. I have used single shank fast hitch on a 560 Farmall to break some hard pan but also to dig underground wire in for my well when I had a farm. Can buy cheap ones for three point but some are real cheap, but there are better built ones out there. The one i used had a shear bolt in case you really ran up against something solid, but my tractor would slip first. Older wheeled ground breaker is a better choice for durability.
  9. Talk to the engine builders, but it may be possible. Only thoughts here, but removing the sleeves , a touch of a boring the block and a stroker crank might get you there.
  10. If it is along a major highway it went to development.
  11. Seal was CASE -IH with the tube, expensive-. Originally had it pressed in but came loose when tube was inserted and went down hill from there.
  12. OK. snoshoe. Apparently the counter bore it fits into is too loose it will fall out when I tried that.
  13. Cup facing the pump, been fighting a new seal on a 560. It is too loose so when you push the pump in it gets caught on the recess and does not seat. Went back to the old style that you can barely move on the pipe and now everything is working.
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