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  1. What I was trying to say is with a double acting check it holds both ways , so switching hoses will not make any difference. I think it proves the cylinder is leaking through.
  2. I know a 460 IT manual has a description for setting the utility but not sure how close it is to a 340. I know the dropping part can be a least a couple things. The easy one is the hoses got switched so when you move the lever by the seat (using a 240 now)that going back it lowers. Correct is back is up. If that is correct then likely the O-ring inside the cylinder is leaking top the other side letting it drop. A double acting check valve that would not apply. Lack of range for the quadrant is loose connections, I think you have checked that, or in the middle setting position one of the little arms that the linkage moves on is not in the middle or over center from where it needs to be. Does the tractor try to correct the height? Those tele-depth valve can be loose in the gears. Most people just change them to a regular valve.
  3. Just a FYI, I have been dealing with a hydraulic filter that disintegrated in a 560. On filter number 5 and still plugging up. I have dumped the oil twice now and it is getting better.
  4. Maybe JonF on Yesterdays mag would like it.
  5. We had one . 766 minimum on lighter soils with out the drag behind. Wings were more than my 70 year old dad wanted so we added the hydraulic. 1466 played with it in the hills. I am going to say it took lifting 50 to 60 LBs to get them up, but that was when I was 30. in 90. Probably going to want hydraulic wings especially if they have to be raised often. We sometimes just left them down.
  6. The ones I used were just OK , I know what you mean not quite the same as three point. How well did the conversions on 340's work where the arm from the bail out were changed.? I never was around one of those.
  7. I moved a lot of round bales with one of those on a 450 gas a couple years in 90 and 91. I like the fact that it does not move around as much.
  8. Bought a new one last year, I believe Steiner has them and a few others. First started seeing then in late 80s. I have a new one not installed yet on my shelf of to do projects.
  9. Was a simple solution that took a lot of moving it around to get it to work. The whole thing should have been parted out but I needed a loader for a small project. The loader was originally a trip loader that some one botched doing a hydraulic tilt on. The loader frame was torqued some how so it is crooked, and they had bent the cylinder that broke of the original style. They cut the back axle mounts off for a shorter tractor. It does what I need for now but I originally was going to box the lower end of the cylinder and put on a trunnion but thought this would work. It is set up like a log splitter beam, made out of I beam and plate . Actually works ok but it is really close when the bucket pivots and the cheap new cylinder is slightly bent now too. If I had to do it over again I would strip a lot of the plates they had on the frame off and get more clearance or go with two smaller one. Not sure.
  10. The wife had a bunch of consecutive pictures in her Android based phone that she selected. and then hit make a GIF. I do not remember how she was able to get it inserted into the post. My iPhone can create the slide show but I have not been able to create a GIF from it.
  11. My wife approved of the use of the tractor.
  12. Finally got the permits to remove the old loose deck and make a slightly larger one. Pulled the arborvitae trees out from the left hand side. I also used the 560 to lower the gas grill and a 50 gallon planter with a Hibiscus tree in to the lower deck of concrete.
  13. It has been 35 years since I was near one of those
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