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  1. Did you adjust the linkage using a manual? The other part that comes with that is broken gears inside the cover of the valve. The linkage twists the outer gear and you set the inner by the control valve, then the valve moves until all the parts are centered again. It could be sticking. Hopefully the linkage is free and not excessively loose or with broken gears. A lot of people when they cannot get them fixed change the valve to a standard one.
  2. There is a lot of rattle snake dens on the bluffs by Winona, Lake City and Red wing MN. The area called the power Dam by Mazeppa MN I saw a few dead rattlers on the road when we went swimming in the diving hole by the Black Bridge.
  3. Likely there is a loose connection on the wire from the switch to the coil. If I remember correctly there could be a wire from the starter that by passes the resistor to give full 12 volts to the coil during start. Thinking about it check to see if the resistor by the coil is good. Roger
  4. VacDaddyt

    Feeling old

    Great pictures and story. Try having a granddaughter turn 13. I know there are ones older but it makes you stop and wonder where the time went.
  5. That is definitely eye candy:-)
  6. You are probably right, not enough information.
  7. The rockshaft assembly would have to be put on, maybe the whole top cover from a donor. The standard hitch if like mine was attached to the rear axles and was set up like a M. Might be easier to get a whole rear end.
  8. VacDaddyt

    New joke

    Dad(was about 80) one day was out with the 3688 and the 18 foot field cultivator and got done with the strip and decided to come home-- he raised the wings but forgot to raise the Vibrashank up. Drove up the dirt road and then down the township gravel all the way home with it down about 1/4 mile of township road. We were fueling the planter tractor and caught him as he came in the drive. His only comment was it seemed like it was working a little bit as he was driving. So much for new points.. Really loosened up the road and we were glad it wasn't packed too hard.
  9. VacDaddyt

    656 gas

    Engines are basically the same but the 656 has larger ports in the head and the combustion bowl of the head is smaller so not a direct interchange and they use different pistons. Runs a few rpms more and a bit more compression. Use good gas if working it hard or you may burn the valves and other parts. I really liked the 686 which was newer except for getting into the actual seat. Once there they are comfortable. As far as gas goes pulling hard with a 560 expect to use 5 gal an hour but light puttering around about 2.5.
  10. VacDaddyt

    New joke

    Heck that is probably cheaper that buying a new truck 🙂 I do things like that with my 3/4 ton suburban ....
  11. Thanks, was trying to make my parts getter Dakota run better so I can get the duals I bought but went down the wrong road fixing. Oh well there's tomorrow.
  12. VacDaddyt

    New joke

    Yeah but all the green house emissions will kill you if you breath it or step in it.
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