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  1. Bounce in what way? If it is drifting down and then the hitch lifts to compensate the check valve will be needed as the hitch will try to keep a certain height. The absence of the check valve only keeps the load from dropping if used with a fast hitch. This sounds like you still could also have air not circulated out. Try running the cylinder all the way up until the tractor goers on high pressure and then go the other way several times to purge the air out and then see if it bounces yet.I agree with the others about that block You might be able to finds an after market unit or weld/braze fittings on where the pipes go into the block if you still have it.
  2. I had one mounted on a 400 with a Schwartz wide front. Worked real well but I cannot remember the model number but I do know it was an older one that pivoted on the front tabs to mount.
  3. Out of curiosity what does the tractor weigh without weights? I am trying to figure out how much trailer/truck to get to move mine. I don't want to rent a trailer just to go to a scale.
  4. Out of curiosity what does the tractor weigh without weights? I am trying to figure out how much trailer/truck to get to move mine. I don't want to rent a trailer just to go to a scale.
  5. I am thinking this is the disease that can be transmitted by the root where the tree will die and take out many trees in a forest or group of trees. Wilt is the term I heard when ours started to go. On two acres we averaged three a year of 18 inch diameter trees. The owner when we bought the place had tried to cut the roots with a huge subsoiler per the forestry service but it did not help. If we saw one dying we would drop it and get the area cleaned up and all the small stuff burned instead of chipping. Been away from there for 6 years and do not know it is now.
  6. I know Pheasants Forever got the mowing/spraying date moved back to help the pheasant population in MN.
  7. What I did on one was to take a hack saw and cut the rubber loose from the torsion set up since I was throwing it away. Then I took a cut off wheel on a die grinder and cut the metal of the shock into pieces. Being a welder I also cut down the frame to get the parts apart and re welded and painted the whole assembly afterwards. No one but me knew it. ( I know that is cheating but did not have a lot of time).
  8. Thing is when my dad selected a new boar he always checked the teats and under side for irregularities. We had almost a ten live pig average for years.
  9. I hand made a shaft to bypass the power steering unit by hand with welding up a shaft and making a welded in key by filing it down. It fit in place of the power unit and used the couplers of the power unit . I did not have to take the front end apart to substitute it out. Just cut it the same length as the power unit.Ran it for a few years before the tractor cracked the head(diesel) and I scrapped it out. Funny thing is I bought it back from the guy I sold it to for the fast hitch a few years later to put on a 450.
  10. Had a 14xx that the coupler at the base of the cab for splitting the tractor rusted and plugged the connector. Might want to check if you have the system empty it can mess up pressures. Do you have good air flow through the condenser and radiator? pressure on high should not get that high that it trips the switch, sounds over charged or no air flow to get rid of the heat
  11. I'll take a 2 cyl Jd over a Subaru WRX any day, the odd pulse racket just does not cut it. At least the JD had harmony. The loudest thing I had was a 705 Uni system from a canning co. with a 401 big block six with straight pipes combining wheat, you did not want to rev it up in the shed...
  12. VacDaddyt


    Well I don't know the OPs situation but if you do not get the splines lined up putting the pto back in on a 1466 you will pull the bolts out on the cap in front of the shaft and lose a lot of oil not to mention the trouble of fixing it. don't ask me how I know.
  13. Think of it this way a good running 560 under full load can take over 5 gallons an hour to run. Normal putting around 2.5. I don't think you have enough there.
  14. So that is an unusual steering arraignment on the first 560 behind the 10. Have not seen that before.
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