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  1. This one appears to be red painted over with yellow( some numbering on hood indicates business use). It is flaking off and if I was not tied up trying to figure the transmission problem out on the Suburban(if the frame and body was not in such good shape I would scrap it) would have seen how much would come off with a pressure washer when it was above freezing. I have reversed the rear wheels and tried to start it but only got as far as turning it over . I need a better supply of gas. I found a venturi and got that put together. Did a basic check of ignition but need to go deeper as it wouldn'
  2. Yep very common here to use ammonia in industrial applications also. We also use liquid nitrogen in some applications where it needs to be -40C.Justuses a little that bleeds off.
  3. Last fifteen 9 cu ft. refrigerators I bought for the hospital are propane for refrigerant. Some other refrigerants more now than ever and we do not have the equipment to repair. Oh well the small ones are throw away.
  4. What ever you do not make it solid. The shaft on the front relies on the shaft moving just a little bit to make the power assist valve open and close to get power steering.
  5. Over all a decent little tractor for the creature comforts. Comparing to a 460-a tad bit better hydraulics and three point if equipped. Will not pull as much as a 460 but is cheaper to operate. Cannot have the engine rebuilt as easy as a 460 because of the parent bore block. Buzz power with the high RPM motor. Just a light duty tractor that will run a long time if not abused. I liked the one I had but needed a 560 which I got instead for plowing etc.
  6. Exhaust was up right for a long time, long enough that the bolt heads on the elbow are almost rounded off with rust. This tractor is a jig saw puzzle. I took the rest of the sheet metal off the engine and found extra resistors and condensers and a rats nest of wiring. Took the carb off because the fuel line was cut and it looked like mud daubers were at work. Did not find a venturi even though the recess is for it. Dirt and grime through most of the passageways. Did they not put a venturi in some models? Or do I need to find one. I was going to see if it runs before I dig too deep. I did get
  7. Just dragged this home. Will need a lot of work. At least the engine is loose, but was dismayed when they tilted it loading and water ran out of one of the rear axles. I will have to get everything drained but likely that will let things rust. The rear hitch was unexpected. Tires are weather checked and round. Got rid of the roll bar to get it inside. Usually don't see a front pump only-might not stay that way. I am beginning to think I should take it apart first and see what needs to be done I know the clutch isn't right and the front end rear support needs help. Probably should get the top o
  8. Yes or something like it.
  9. That elm has the grain of the wood really twisted and it cuts hard and also doesn't really split in nice chunks. Our 30 ton splitter basically just plowed through the grain and torn the pieces apart instead of splitting. Name came from how much hard work it is to cut and block for firewood.
  10. Actually it was poisoning live stock.
  11. You need to watch you tube videos put out by precision transmission. They give a lot of good advice and show upgrades.
  12. I also need to say there are a lot of really good teachers out there yet and I applaud them for their work even if it is difficult to do some days. My post was taken away when we were not as "profitable" as the college wanted. Still some what teaching but to our staff only and I have my work cut out for me as the quality of new hire is not what it used to be.
  13. Thanmks to the gubermet for the no child left behind that is what happens. Taught HVAC at a tech college a few years ago as was told to water it down so more would pass. Did not like watering down safety with electricity. A lot of the trouble was the students showing up for class.
  14. WK 40 or some distillate burning maybe.
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