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  1. The gear on the front that drives the pto on a 560 is different between the planetary and the over center clutch style. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a speed difference. Interesting I am now wondering when you check the speed what it will be.
  2. Our D310 dropped the O-rings twice in our 686. The last time they forgot to put oil in it and cooked what was not wrecked before-And yes it was a large case-ih dealer that did it. Good luck; all what we did not do was change the coolant as often as we should have(every three years), it did have a conditioner on it but the sleeves still rotted away.
  3. The knuckle that just before the gear box can shear the key. Loosen the mid point and slide it back if I remember correctly, It has been only35 years since it sheared on us.
  4. They are out there . just make sure it is not from a 560. Smaller valves etc.
  5. It will do the oats better than it will do the corn with the 40 or so inch wide cylinder. I could pace a G gleaner on the same swaths. Corn on the flat it will do just fine . The threshing body does real well with the open bottom walkers and the pan underneath. We ran 130 acres a year in small grains between the G and the 315. Corn we would pick until the cribs were full on 3-400 acres and combine the rest with the Gleaner doing most of the work because of 4 rows but have picked 80 or more with the 315 when we had issues with keeping the Allis motor running. All I had to do was stay ahead of the 250 bu. batch dryer and 3-4 batches a day. It was a lot cheaper to run than the Gleaner with fuel.
  6. Now this is a memory, one of the tool and die guys was cooking steak in the heat treat oven at the Federal Mogul plant I worked in. They made aftermarket sleeves and pistons for most of the manufacturers as well as OEM. Now my mouth is watering..
  7. Only thing I did not like about the corn head for a 315 is it used a series of paddles to throw the corn up to the cylinder. Threw a granite rock in once and it took several days to get the bars, cylinder etc. straight. Decent capacity on the flat but running a side hill the sieves were too short to go any speed called fast. I liked mine once I got the unloading auger to work good.
  8. Great as I did not find any of the pictures
  9. Looks like the one you are working on has decent paint going for it. I prefer the Deluxe seat and had both changed before I started to sell. Come to think I have a original cushion with a small tear in it some place I was going to put on but never did.
  10. Not sure, I'll look when I get to my home computer. It has been four years or so when I went through that and have since sold one of the tractors. Seems like there was a serial number break between the two.
  11. How close to the Twin Cities are you? I am just over the sconny border on 94. I might have been able to fix you up with the mics.
  12. This is not easy but when I had problems with my 560 I took a good, known straight edge and a depth micrometer and got measurements with the plate off the tractor that the pump mounts to. I got a high and low because you can be on a tooth or in the valley, had to turn the crank just a bit to get the maximum and min. I then laid the plate with the pump out so I could measure how far the gear stuck out. I compared the measurements and allowed for a gasket. It will give you a place to start. I had two 560s and the covers were different with different cast number between the two. Seems like .250 thousand difference. Then there are different gears sizes.
  13. They have been doing it here for years and started with the online auctions, It is hard to justify a 40% commission on two dollar parts that people want to sell separately. The old days it was thrown in a beer tray with some other stuff. I adjust my bidding to allow for the buyers fee. It works well for me. Most places have caps set for large items in increments, so a 100000 item would maybe have a two percent but a 100 dollar item 10.
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