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  1. I like the front wheel assist H! Nice lineup.
  2. Wow. That is one very sharp tractor. We plant with a 8920 and 12 rows. The turning radius with the 12 row is a little tight, but those boxcar magnums are the best IMO.
  3. You can crack the injector lines one at a time at the injector while it is missing to see which is acting up. The bad one will not affect how it runs. Also check those glow plugs with an ohm meter. Could be a bad one even if they look good. Good luck.
  4. When a M was my Dad’s loader tractor back “in the day” he ran light truck tires on the front end. His theory was that the tri rib tires would break the tire carcass where the center rib flexed from the added weight from the loader. Seemed to work for him, but 6.50x16 tires in six or eight ply are getting harder to find all the time. Good luck. Sharp unit by the way.
  5. I have a 14’ one that looks just like that only it has dolly wheels in front and a fertilizer attachment where yours has the grass seeder. I think mine is a 1957 model and as Dale says, I have always thought it was a model K. Sorry, I have no manual either but there is a seeding chart under the lid. Also printing that says “this machine has been grain tested.”
  6. We owned four different bonnevilles over the years. All had the 3800 engine and all had nearly 200,000 miles when we sold/traded them. With the exception of a leaky rear main seal on the ‘97, only expenses were brake pads, tires and a couple of plastic intake manifolds. Fuel mileage was in the mid to late 20’s always and they were fun to drive. They were a tough, dependable car and I really miss them!
  7. I call that “spare parts”!
  8. 65 Chevy pickup and is that a super 27 or 90 special Massey? I’ve run ‘em both.
  9. When you get to the field with it running at the depth you want, then check the level of the front gang and the rear gang and adjust with the hitch crank. I don’t think you need to change the hitch to the top holes for any reason I can think of. Good luck.
  10. I had a 7200 once and I think tractorman is right about the holes being slotted where the drive bolts to the frame to fine tune drive alignment. Good luck.
  11. If Iremember correctly, the 5.9 Cummins in the 5140 has a fuel lift pump on the inj pump side of the block that runs off of the camshaft. These pumps are relatively inexpensive and could be starving the engine for fuel, especially when the fuel is warm. Good luck.
  12. Farmall Land at Avoca, IA. Might need an appointment this time of year. Have a good trip!
  13. Pour cement in all of my cow lots.
  14. I would check accumulators for sure.
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