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  1. I nominate an early boxcar magnum. 7110, 7210 or 8910. Solid, reliable tractors. Good luck.
  2. MX120 wheels are silver just like 5240.
  3. I listened to the moon landing in 1969 on one just like that while raking hay with Dad’s 706. Nice find.
  4. Good job on the 560! Looks just like my ‘59 diesel in that it has a 450 style seat and cast front wheels. Mine is second owner and I always assumed someone had to swap seat and wide front since most 560’s have steel front wheels and a suspension style seat. I discovered those cast front wheels use a different bearing than the steel wheel hub. Good luck.
  5. I have cultivated with my 756 with 4 row wide and have used an 8 row wide on a 1086. Both were 133 IH cultivators. The 756 is too light for an 8 row wide imo. Now if you are talking 8 row narrow with danish tine instead of vibra shanks, you might be alright. We quit cultivating for moisture loss issues here on the prairie primarily. Also went to drilling the soybeans. Good luck.
  6. I would start by checking fuses. You can check for 12 volts at the header solenoid with the switch on, but you will need someone sitting in the seat to close the operator proximity switch. That switch could be bad or someone may have by-passed it and their jumper gave up. Could be the header engage switch as mentioned by ih man. The reverser is a totally separate system that works with a hydraulic motor on the 2005 machine. Good luck.
  7. My wife’s father bought this 400 new in 1956. It is still earning it’s keep.
  8. Our 886 bought new had the serial number written on the right frame rail in white paint stick like that. It was a 1978 model. My 1020 head has it written in black marker on the lower right side. I think ksfarmdude is right about someone being able to read the number without having to get close and personal.
  9. Goodyear ultra torques on MX 120. We put 28 in front and 18 in the rear. The rears on ours are full of fluid too. Good luck.
  10. axial_al

    Who did it?

    When you post political stuff you are naturally going to torque off about half of the readers. There are plenty of websites that allow that without messing up this one. Thanks to the moderator for all you do. JMHO
  11. Curious about that too. Does it have planetary finals? How do the speeds work out? Nice tractor!
  12. Scout looks a lot like Nipper. Named that because he is a catnip addict. He actually eats the stuff. Nipper has been a “diesel” (no spark plugs) for a couple of years now to cutdown on tomcat fights and roaming.
  13. Is that what they called an Emeryville?
  14. If you can do it, then it ain’t bragging.
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