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  1. My wife says to try “Gardentech.com” and search for how to identify, control and prevent blight on your tomatoes. She said a product called serenade is an organic fungicide that works well as a preventative. Good luck.
  2. My master gardener wife says it sounds like tomato blight (early blight). If it is only on a couple of plants you can pull them so it doesn’t spread.
  3. Hannibal, MO is pretty neat. Looks like one of your routes would go right through there. Safe travels.
  4. Earth Metal blades for the JD drill were a good investment when we rebuilt our 750 drill several years ago. I think they are outlasting the original openers at least 2 to 1. There are a lot of companies making aftermarket "improvement" parts for these drills too (Kind of like the axial flow combines!) Good Luck.
  5. My (fixed wing) flight instructor said helicopters can’t really fly. They just beat the air into submission.
  6. The mower looks like a 27v IH to me
  7. A wildlife specialist told me that the coyotes are territorial and if you have some that aren’t bothering your livestock you are better off leaving them alone. If you eliminate the “good” coyotes, the ones that move in to replace them could be “bad” coyotes.
  8. My 560 acted kind of like that once. Turned out to be a broken pressure regulator Spring. Good luck.
  9. We use a Hesston 956a baler that is a grandpappy to that baler. They make a nice tight bale and are relatively easy to maintain. Case IH has bearings because some of their balers were made by Hesston. Chains and bearings are standard for the most part and I would think any good jobber or bearing warehouse could supply what you need if there are no Agco dealers around. Good luck.
  10. We lost a stock cow that way too. She was laying with her head between the wires. A neighbor boy died when struck driving the tractor in the farmyard when I was little. Here on the plains we have a healthy respect for lightening!
  11. Pete’s right. Our 480 had a longer stroke cylinder on it too. Don’t remember exact dimension. Good heavy disk.
  12. Use a piece of high quality rubber fuel hose and a couple of clamps. On mine we cut out the braided hose part and clamped onto the banjo fitting tubing. Good luck.
  13. axial_al

    492 Disc

    Could be 490 or 494? Both decent disks. 494 in cushion gang version was hard on gang bearings in my experience.
  14. Starting at serial 48,000 the 1086 was factory equipped with the PPH hydraulic system. Your 1977 would have a gear pump. Sorry, I can’t speak to the quality of the Abilene pumps, but I am pretty sure your tractor had a 12 gallon pump originally.
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