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  1. Yeah, I was going to say some kind of harness repair fixture?
  2. Could be a bad bushing in the starter endplate that lets the armature drag on the field plates. Something else to check. Good luck.
  3. Glad brother wasn’t hurt any worse than he was! Years ago my dad had a tire blow on his Massey going down the road. It put him in the ditch right quick, but didn’t tip.
  4. Wasn’t the 361 originally designed for the construction division? Could be some applications needed the plug in a slightly different location. I remember my dad’s 1964 806 had dual drains too.
  5. I have a 73 loadstar, 345 and 4 speed with 2 speed axle. It was once my only grain and pig hauler. Broke an axle once trying to start a load on soft ground while pulling a loaded gravity box…..yeah, dumb. Anyway, discovered the truck was equipped with rather tall non standard ratio gears in the differential. When the differential gears went bad awhile later because of some stray chips I didn’t get out from the axle fiasco, I got the correct third member from a salvage yard according to the line sheet. Made a world of difference in the overall performance of the truck. I think the axle ratio was more important than the 5speed, 4speed trans in my case. Also, at some time in my ownership of this truck I did switch the wheel rims to the proper width for 9:00 x 20 tires to get away from those deadly two piece rims nobody wants to work on. Anyway, these are good dependable trucks that will last a long time with adequate maintenance. Good luck.
  6. Paisley looks like she will fit in just fine. She deserves a good home after the trauma of losing her buddy and then being picked on. What a pretty dog. Good on you Sandhiller!
  7. Corn harvest is hard work!
  8. One of my old teachers used to say”the person who know how will always have a job working for the person who knows why.” We need both people with college degrees and vo tech training.
  9. Frame channel 1 5/8” x 4” with 1/2” holes, although it looks like a couple were drilled out to 5/8” on my F14.
  10. Both of the axial flows I have owned came with that tool wrapped up in some kind of oily cardboard.
  11. Had one crack on my 2366. Later combines had an accumulator device to cushion the hydraulic shock. You can retro-fit earlier combines.
  12. I worked for two of our neighbors who were custom cutters the summer of 1968. We left Huron, SD in early June and I remember hearing about Robert Kennedys assassination on the trip. We took US 281 and ended up in the small town of Cashion, OK after an overnight stop at Grand Island NE. we had two new Massey 510’s with 20’ offset headers. The combines were loaded on the trucks as pictured and explained earlier. One truck was a ‘66 Loadstar with 304 and 4 speed. The other truck was a new CO 1800 with a 20’ box, 392 and 5 speed. A school bus converted into a camper (another international) and a 65 Chevy pickup completed our road train. I think 1968 was the first year of the Massey “triple cascade shoe” and we were having trouble losing wheat over the shoe that was blamed on the offset headers overloading the shoe on one side. Later, we moved to Minneapolis, KS, Superior, NE and then back to SD. Working with a custom crew like that was a lot of fun and I learned a lot too! Wish I had taken pictures!
  13. Maybe someone put 350 sheet metal on an H?
  14. The white horse looks just like my 8th graders made when I was an agriculture teacher in the late 70’s. The plan came from some published curriculum as I remember. We cheated though and used power tools, including a power jointer from the industrial arts shop. It makes a pretty sturdy horse!
  15. Are you sure the casting doesn’t have a hairline crack in it? Good luck.
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