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  1. axial_al

    Looking for a Char/Lynn torque converter

    You could try allstates ag parts. They listed a used one when I searched on their site for “450”. Good luck.
  2. axial_al

    282 engine diagnosis

    Could have been stuck or broken rings or dirt ingestion to cause scuff marks like that. If the scratches aren’t too deep, it may be possible to hone them out and stay in specification for new rings, but since you are this far into the tear down I would resleeve it if it were mine. Good Luck.
  3. axial_al

    massey 540 combine salvage parts

    Check with Skorpik"s Inc. Tyndall, SD. 605.589.3972
  4. axial_al

    756 Hydraulic Remote Question

    I would suspect the hydraulic couplers on the conditioner. Could you try a different set from another implement. Good luck.
  5. axial_al

    Lost 806

    Good luck. What is it’s story?
  6. axial_al

    Got Some Hail Last Night

    Same storm got us. We are a few miles East of Allen. Was a powerful little storm to hold together that long!
  7. axial_al

    1063 Deck Plate Adjustment

    Plenty of PB blaster and an impact wrench. Good luck.
  8. axial_al

    MX120 pto oil seal

    How big a job is it to replace? TIA for advice!
  9. Aww, nothing cuter than puppies!
  10. axial_al

    Exhaust valve noise on c291 666

    Maybe a little piston slap? Will the noise change if you change ignition timing? You should probably adjust the valve train as your first step. Good luck.
  11. axial_al

    706 gas tractor question

    M&W had a 291 kit for the 263 also that involved boring the block.
  12. axial_al

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    “Knee deep in rubber.”
  13. axial_al

    Black Stripe 66 Series Tractor Mechanicals

    I was told once that the serial number tag on the black stripe series was located on the lower right side of the differential housing like the 86 series instead of the left side of the flywheel housing. Is that true?
  14. axial_al

    1086 Lube light will not come on with clutch

    I think you need to get an “owners” manual for your 1086 and do a complete clutch adjustment starting with the clutch booster linkage and then pedal free travel. Then adjust the ta dump valve to 3/8 to 1/2 inch and see if the pressure light comes on when you step the clutch down. When you engage the clutch, the light should just go out before the tractor starts to move. There is a note in the manual about the top surface of the booster lever being at 90 degrees to the clutch housing split line and I have found this adjustment to be critical for good clutch action on the 86’s. Now adjust the transmission brake linkage on the right side of the trans housing. While you are at it, check the ta adjustment on top of the mcv valve. The ta is cable operated and those cables get stiff sometimes and can cause problems. Good luck.