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  1. Rule of thumb I heard was 100 horsepower limit for clamp on duals. If you’re not doing serious tillage or bouncing around on uneven ground though; I think the clamp on’s should give you the stability you want. Good luck.
  2. Congratulations. We finished Wednesday the 14th at 1:49PM. Corn in the lower 13’s As we finished up.
  3. axial_al

    1680 Milo

    I’m going to suggest putting the wires back into the first concave section at least if you are seeing unthreshed heads. I confess I’ve never harvested milo; but holding the crop in the cage for another round or two could help thresh the crop. Good luck.
  4. axial_al

    Pro 600

    Have you calibrated it?
  5. I have had thumb switch failures on both of the MX120’s I have owned. The motor didn’t pull down like it was in two gears, though. It just wouldn’t shift or would skip gears.
  6. axial_al

    Small disk

    Probably was a horse disk.
  7. Looks like 1 1/16 “ thick. I would think 1” would be enough. You could always add gaskets if you needed it thicker.
  8. I think the 504 uses the same filter as a 560. I put one of the allied extensions on my 560 years ago. The kit came with a spacer, two gaskets and extension studs and allows for the use of the thicker filter. My 560 came from the factory with the 17 gallon pump and I always thought the filter was a limiting factor when the oil was really cold. A good machine shop should be able to make out of steel or aluminum plate.
  9. Yeah, South Dakota is second highest in the nation for the number of cases of COVID per 100’000 population. That is where our “freedom” has taken us.
  10. Thanks to all. It was a great day. The years go by awfully fast!
  11. So this guy goes into the local repair shop and says can I borrow a wrench. Mechanic asks what kind of a wrench. Guy says doesn’t matter I’m going to use it for a hammer anyway.
  12. Over the years I owned three. An 886 and two 1086’s. They are comfortable, nice handling tractors. The naysayers bemoan the “backwards” opening doors and “choppy” ride supposedly because of the mid mount seating, but I really liked the visibility it provided. That is a sharp one!
  13. If I were you and have memories with grandpa and the truck, I would paint it and try to preserve it. I wish I had my grandfathers 1965 El Camino to restore!
  14. axial_al

    Beans froze

    We have had that happen. They will dry down and depending on weather conditions the next couple of weeks they could get a little moldy and probably will have a greenish tint. If you are able to bin them awhile the elevators may not be as fussy later on. That was our experience anyway. Good luck.
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