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  1. Gives a new meaning to “gunning the engine.”
  2. Did you try jerking on the steering wheel while turning the key?🤗
  3. My dad had an m&w 291 s&p kit put in his 706 gas back in the day. Required boring the block so I cannot imagine a way to easily convert it back to a 263 without going back to a standard block. It made 94 horsepower on the dyno which was the same as a stock 806. Burned six gallons an hour though of 21 cent gas. You couldn’t make it through a long morning or afternoon without refueling, but it held together and got a lot of work done!
  4. What year might that 56 Ford lookalike be?
  5. Definitely what I would call an infestation. Break out the .22!
  6. The suggestion of a large wire concave in position 3 could be so as not to over thresh or skin the barley. If you want to sell the barley for malting they would rather have some awns attached than have the kernels injured. Nothing wrong with mixing types of concaves to do the job. One of the beauties of the rotary design IMO. Good luck.
  7. Hey, I could use that cat carrier if you don’t want it!
  8. Saw this cool motorcycle there a few years ago. Really neat place for sure.
  9. I have to agree. As long as the pump, injectors, glow plugs, starter and batteries are in good shape these engines are good starters even if the engine itself is in marginal shape. Mind you I wouldn’t buy a rebuildable tractor on your budget, I wouldn’t pass on a 560, 656 or 706 with the glow plug engine if it shows good care. Good luck.
  10. Grandpa had this tool made years ago by our local German blacksmith to pry sheeting boards and flooring from joists and studs without splitting them. I think the lever came from some type of IH McCormick implement by the part number stamped on the handle.
  11. We kept getting “brighted” when our Explorer was new. Had the dealer check and adjust at the first service. No more problems.
  12. Zero*F right now. Been down to -17 a couple of times this winter.
  13. Speaking from experience….that 8630 ain’t gonna start!
  14. How about a little history? What years were they made? Did they have a hydraulic system? Live pto ? Tractor of the week=good idea for a thread!
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