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  1. axial_al

    F12 questions

    Pretty straight forward. I would try to get an owners manual and a service manual. The motor has wet sleeves and precision bearing inserts. Parts are readily available. I did a F14 several years ago which is much the same tractor. Good luck.
  2. axial_al

    4300 field cultivator

    Both 4300 and 4800 are “rebuildable” in that you can replace the shank pivot bushings. The 4600 pivoted on a bolt only. The leveling hitch is a nice feature over the 4600 too, but I seldom had to move the Clevis hitch on the 4600 I had. If you could swing it, the tiger mate 200 is really a good one. Good luck.
  3. axial_al

    7100 magnum front covers

    When did the “sunrise” front cover become standard on the magnums? Or was it only a replacement part?
  4. axial_al

    Front Axle Pin Fix?????

    Bungee strap maybe. Scary.
  5. axial_al

    F-- 12 ?

    Yep, downdraft carburetor....hence the fuel pump. Are you referring to the pear shaped “box” to the rear of the fuel pump? If so, that is the governor. “Special?” I don’t know. I kinda like them.
  6. axial_al

    How much would these parts cost today?

    Nut probably made in China now.
  7. axial_al

    any ideas?

    Looks big for a dowl pin or bearing roller.
  8. axial_al

    Best Gasket sets for F14

    I was wrong....bad memory. Took some digging, but it was a victor reinz FS1396 gasket set that was supplied by my local caseih dealer. Closer to 15 years ago, I guess. Tractor is still running good. Good luck.
  9. axial_al

    Red lip stick on a pig!!

    Had a dysfunctional relationship with a 8440 at one time. Maybe that would have helped!
  10. axial_al

    IH fire extinguisher

    Carbon tet turns into phosgene gas when sprayed on a fire. Puts the fire out great, but can kill you if used in a confined space. My Dad had one of those on the wall in the shop. Glad we never had to use it.
  11. axial_al

    New toy followed me home

    Looks like your dog is checking out the “cat”.😆
  12. axial_al

    Best Gasket sets for F14

    Used a fel-pro on mine. Been 10 or more years ago. CaseIH dealer got it for me.
  13. axial_al

    66 vs 56 Series Fenders & Lift Arm Question

    The fenders are the same size, but the axle mounting brackets are different heights for tire clearance.
  14. axial_al

    Ladder says “ never use the top step”

    Super bowl! Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  15. Just wondering what folks have against a Honda. I really like my Foreman ATV.