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  1. axial_al

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    “Knee deep in rubber.”
  2. axial_al

    Black Stripe 66 Series Tractor Mechanicals

    I was told once that the serial number tag on the black stripe series was located on the lower right side of the differential housing like the 86 series instead of the left side of the flywheel housing. Is that true?
  3. axial_al

    1086 Lube light will not come on with clutch

    I think you need to get an “owners” manual for your 1086 and do a complete clutch adjustment starting with the clutch booster linkage and then pedal free travel. Then adjust the ta dump valve to 3/8 to 1/2 inch and see if the pressure light comes on when you step the clutch down. When you engage the clutch, the light should just go out before the tractor starts to move. There is a note in the manual about the top surface of the booster lever being at 90 degrees to the clutch housing split line and I have found this adjustment to be critical for good clutch action on the 86’s. Now adjust the transmission brake linkage on the right side of the trans housing. While you are at it, check the ta adjustment on top of the mcv valve. The ta is cable operated and those cables get stiff sometimes and can cause problems. Good luck.
  4. axial_al

    450 Farmall rear end patch

    Yep, something ran through the bull gear or else water in the rear end froze and pushed through the casting. I thought the super M through the 60 series had more room cast into the housing to allow a ball from the bearing to rest in he bottom without causing this type of injury. My Dad’s 1948 M had just such a patch from the time he bought it used. Never caused a problem for the 25+ years he owned it.
  5. axial_al

    6 bolt hubs for a 450 wide front.

    All States Ag Parts number 104501 “allows changing old style IH cast wheel and hub to a standard 6 bolt hub.” It does not come with bearing races though so you will have to use the ones out of your cast wheels or buy new ones. ASAP lists the hub at $131 and the wheel bearing kit at $159. Their website is Phone: 877.530.4430 Good luck.
  6. axial_al

    756 with D310

    I have a 756 that my wife’s father bought new. The water in the oil is more likely a leaky wet sleeve o ring. These motors only have one o ring sealing the bottom of the sleeve and this is a fairly common ocurance. You would have to remove the head and pan and bump out the con rods and pistons and remove the sleeves to renew the o rings. Not a really hard thing to do, but you could run into cavitation erosion on the sleeves or rusted sleeve o ring grooves in the block. While the head is off, it could be planed flat and maybe the injectors could be cleaned and checked. Of course this is a good time to put in new rod and main bearings and all this is most easily done with a tractor split, so might as well put in a new could run into some dollars. They are a really snappy running and efficient engine, but can be spendy to work on. Good luck.
  7. axial_al

    6 bolt hubs for 450 ih wide front.

    I got a pair of six bolt hubs for my 560 with a 400 wfe through all states ag parts. They fit just fine with a pair of 756 15” wheels and 7.5Lx15 tires. Good luck.
  8. axial_al

    756 tires?

    I put 18.4x38’s on my 756 with the 15” rims and they work and look fine. Only problem is fender clearance. There are taller axle mounts for the flat top fenders available, but I welded some 1/4x2” strap to the top of them and got the clearance it needed. Never had fluid in ours so can’t comment on the weight, but were never short on traction. Good luck.
  9. axial_al

    IH 715 Combine choking at feeder mouth

    Check the length of the feeder chain. The owners book should give a prefered distance for it to be from the feeder house faceplate. You may need to add a half link to get it into spec. Just another thought in addition to the rest of the good advice. Good luck.
  10. axial_al

    4X00 field cultivator differences

    I think the 4300 is the newest of the series you mention. The 4800 and 4300’s are self leveling, but the 4600 is easy enough to level with the Clevis hitch. One bad thing about the 4600 series is the lack of bushings in the shank pivot. I traded a 4600 for a tiger mate 200 several years ago. I really like it. All of these field cultivators can handle residue better than the 45 because they have more rows of shanks and wider shank spacing. That is one sharp45 though. Good luck.
  11. axial_al

    Finished planting

    We finished planting the soybeans at 8:47 PM Wednesday evening. Lots of crop to plant in our area of SESD yet!
  12. axial_al


    You’re going to want to replace the clutch back plate and the ipto input shaft. Good luck.
  13. axial_al

    Massey 300 combine

    FIL had one. An ok little combine and actually better than the 550 he traded it in for. Had a Chrysler slant 6.
  14. axial_al

    Farmall 756

    There was a Roosa conversion offered for the German diesel many years ago. I have never seen one, though. The Bosch ep/va pump on my 50 year old 756 started seeping and making a mess last Fall. It was still starting and running as good as ever and only took a seal kit and the ramp and rollers which we found from a doner pump. Lucked out on the pump head. The pump had never been off the tractor before, but the tractor was purchased new by my wife’s dad and had always been on a diet of premium diesel fuel along with regular filter changes.
  15. axial_al

    A Better Solder Gun

    With my old weller 100/140 watt gun, I need to loosen and re-tighten the nuts that hold the heating tip on the tubes if the gun hasn’t been used in awhile. I think they get a little oxidized and that keeps it from heating. Good luck.