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  1. Is that what they called an Emeryville?
  2. If you can do it, then it ain’t bragging.
  3. Keep your mouth shut when prying up frozen manure with a pitch fork.
  4. axial_al

    The Dog Thread

    "We give dogs love we can spare, time we can spare and room we can spare. In return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made." Mary Focklam
  5. It probably depends on the spacing of your floor joists just how spongy it would be. Most barns used a two foot joist spacing as I remember. Do you have enough plywood to install two layers of flooring?
  6. One of my uncles bought a surplus county (yellow) 1964 Ford pickup with 292 and three on the tree back in the day. He was pretty handy with body work and painted it baby blue....inside and out. He did a really good job and that was one sharp, good running pickup. It really needed a four speed though. trying to pull a loaded trailer in soft ground with the tall gearing was almost impossible. It always seemed to me that running the exhaust from the left bank back through the right bank had to restrict the engine breathing as well as cause the right bank to run hot. I wonder if the steering gear would have been in the way for a below the engine crossover. Thanks for the memories!
  7. axial_al

    The Dog Thread

    Got any of that sandwich left?
  8. Maybe you could airbrush a hood on it.
  9. We pulled a 3200 with a 1086. No tanks though.
  10. That is neat. Is there a date anywhere on the plans? Thanks for sharing!
  11. Were there any theories about how the fire started?
  12. Yep, only tool required is a half inch drive breaker bar to relieve tension on the tightener. Good luck.
  13. axial_al

    Bolt 22LR

    Is this a version of “gunning the engine?”
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