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  1. axial_al

    Best Gasket sets for F14

    I was wrong....bad memory. Took some digging, but it was a victor reinz FS1396 gasket set that was supplied by my local caseih dealer. Closer to 15 years ago, I guess. Tractor is still running good. Good luck.
  2. axial_al

    Red lip stick on a pig!!

    Had a dysfunctional relationship with a 8440 at one time. Maybe that would have helped!
  3. axial_al

    IH fire extinguisher

    Carbon tet turns into phosgene gas when sprayed on a fire. Puts the fire out great, but can kill you if used in a confined space. My Dad had one of those on the wall in the shop. Glad we never had to use it.
  4. axial_al

    New toy followed me home

    Looks like your dog is checking out the “cat”.😆
  5. axial_al

    Best Gasket sets for F14

    Used a fel-pro on mine. Been 10 or more years ago. CaseIH dealer got it for me.
  6. axial_al

    66 vs 56 Series Fenders & Lift Arm Question

    The fenders are the same size, but the axle mounting brackets are different heights for tire clearance.
  7. axial_al

    Ladder says “ never use the top step”

    Super bowl! Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  8. Just wondering what folks have against a Honda. I really like my Foreman ATV.
  9. axial_al

    Custom harvest crew

    In the late 60’s and early 70’s I worked for two different crews and followed the wheat harvest from Oklahoma back to SD. We had new Massey 510’s which were loaded onto International loadstar trucks and pulled their headers on trailers. We had a small camper that was pulled by a pickup. As SD man said, our customers were repeat customers from year to year and if we had time we did an odd field here and there. I remember the custom rate at the time was $3.50 an acre and a nickel a bushel per acre for over 20 bushels per acre. Trucking was another nickel per acre. I think a new combine was around $12,000 and one year we had a new truck for around $5,000. A far cry from equipment prices now! We did work long hours sometimes and I remember going all night only once. We had a week of rain one year and we repaired an oil leak on the pickup and detailed the trucks. Also spent an afternoon in a bar in Kingfisher, OK where I learned about putting tomato juice in your beer. Lunches consisted of cold meat sandwiches and a half gallon of milk picked up by the trucker on an elevator run. We also ate in restaurants a lot. I have many fond memories of the folks I worked with and for and am glad for the experience.
  10. One of the 1086’s I owned was a early 79, one of the first with the B series engine. It had the red cloth seat and red vinyl armrests, but the rest of the interior was black. It was not branded red power either. Wish I still had it!
  11. axial_al

    Snow covered corn

    I have heard of folks removing the sieves entirely from their axial flow combines to harvest in snowy conditions. With careful adjusting of concave clearance and rotor speeds you can get a decent sample. If you are feeding the corn to cattle, a few cob pieces are fine. I froze a Massey 550 up one time in snowy conditions. I feel your pain! Good luck and stay safe.
  12. axial_al

    Magnums are excellent but for one thing

    Dale, which model boxcar is this? Are the 89 series a little higher? I have never noticed that as a problem on my 8920.
  13. axial_al

    Sheds full.....

    Only one thing to another shed!
  14. axial_al

    2388 cracking corn

    The number one cause of cracked kernels is rotor speed. I would try slowing it some more, but with corn that dry you will probably always crack some. Some varieties of corn are just harder to adjust for than others. My experience anyway. Good luck.
  15. axial_al

    Farmall M carb

    Check the center pipe of the oil bath air cleaner. I have seen them almost totally plugged up with crud and choking the engine. You can run a rag through it with a broom handle to clean it. Good luck.