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  1. Upper Midwest/Great Plains. Things to see?

    You could drop down into the Black Hills of SD and take in Spearfish canyon and Mt. Rushmore. Custer State Park and the Southern hills are scenic too. Safe travels!
  2. Quick hitch ID ????

  3. C263 Gas Questions

    In the 60's my dad had his early 706 bored and m&w sleeves and pistons installed to make it a 291. It dyno'd 94 horsepower....same as the 806. Burned 6gph too. 263's, 291's and 301's are interchangeable as far as I know. All very reliable when maintained, and low ash oil used. I don't know if the m&w sleeves were interchangeable with the IH ones as the tractor got traded for a 1066 before it needed another overhaul.
  4. IH 756 Farmall Question

    Our 756 ser. 13xxx, a 1968 model has 38" clamp style wheels. I ruined a wheel once because of a broken clamp bolt. Were wedge lock wheels optional, or luck of the draw?
  5. 756 block heater

    About the only way to install a tank heater on this engine is to use the block drain on the left rear of the block and tee into the coolant temperature fitting on the right rear topside of the cylinder head. This arrangement is unsightly imo and makes valve cover removal a coolant draining event. If someone has a better solution I would sure like to hear about it!
  6. Mx135

    Only electrical problem I ever had on my mx120 was the power shift switch.
  7. Spit and quit on M

    I think it is possible you have carburetor ice. My 400 is notorious for this. When it is acting up, feel the intake manifold just above the carburetor to see if it feels cold. Sometimes there is even frost buildup on the outside if the intake. Shut it off for a few minutes for the ice to melt and then see how it runs. Good luck.
  8. 1688 automatic header

    On a 1688 do you have to manually increase header drop rate by turning a bolt on the valve? Drop rate can make auto header act funny especially if set too slow. Good luck.
  9. Need ideas

    I would check the operator proximity switch in the seat for sure. If it was jumpered to make Inop at some time in the past, the jumper may be making intermittent contact. Good luck. This type of problem can be frustrating when the crop is fit to go!
  10. Happy Birthday

  11. Baling rotary straw with an 8460

    If you could turn two windrows together it might help. New 1206's idea about 2/3 throttle and keeping the volume coming in works well with our Heston baler. Good luck.
  12. This is the first time I ever heard of an extension kit for the '86 series. I owned three different 86's over the years and heard some folks bemoan the "choppy" ride. I enjoyed the visibility of the cab forward design and never thought the ride was any worse than the '06 or '66 series I was used to. The visibility was sooo much better than the 30 and 40 series deeres of the era. Thanks for posting.
  13. 2366

    Before you take the rad off, I would snug up all the hose clamps and check the sending unit in the top tank for seepage. Good luck.
  14. 826--Cat 2 or 3 hitch?

    I know the pins are larger on cat.3. Think cat. 3 is longer too.
  15. Mx120 loader question

    Yep. Sharp unit. I had one with the 770 and now have a 2002 model with 760. Are you using the joystick in the cab? We have trouble with the plastic caps breaking off the cable ends in the joystick. Not a pleasant job to replace the cable. Spendy too.