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  1. I helped my neighbor pull his 6388 home from the field after it quit running a few days ago. He changed fuel filters, bled them and still no go. It has two tanks. The front one is half full and the plastic rear one is empty. When you turn the switch on, an electric fuel pump starts chattering. Does anyone know how these tanks work together? Should the rear one run empty when the front has fuel. He said he had to shut off a valve to change the filters as plenty of fuel was running out at the filters. The tractor has a little over 4000 hours, so I wouldn’t think the injector pump would have gone bad. The tractor has always run and started good. Any advice appreciated and thanks in advance.
  2. Could it have anything to do with mother deer’s propensity to use their engine blocks as structural members on their tractors?
  3. I ran one for a neighbor one summer pulling a chisel plow in wheat stubble. Hot and noisy….but I was young. Later I owned a 1970 model with the original Cummins v470 (I think). Beautiful restoration. Thanks for posting!
  4. The Hermitage, Parthenon, and the old post office converted into an art museum are pretty neat too. Nashville is an interesting city.
  5. The country music hall of fame is a must see IMO. Safe travels!
  6. I watched a lot of Ken Burns documentaries on PBS streaming while recovering from heart issues a couple of years ago.
  7. Lightning struck an old unused barn on a vacant farm we own. Thanks to a vigilant neighbor and the prompt action of our local volunteer fire department it was soon out. I was tempted to let it go, but 40-50 mph winds threatened to spread the fire toward a couple of grain bins.
  8. My dad had a 48 F1 pickup. The v8 was 239 ci as I remember and was rated at 100 hp. I think that body style was basically the same through 1953. In 1954 Ford went to the Y block engine that had overhead valves. I really liked that old pickup!
  9. Both of my grandfathers were missing digits from their hands. I’ll bet I can name a dozen or more farmers over the years who survived farm accidents and a few who didn’t. We lost my wife’s dad under a tractor almost 30 years ago. Farming is still classified as one of the most dangerous occupations. Please be careful!!!
  10. Caution! My Master Gardener wife says these trees are not native to the US and can become invasive if not controlled.
  11. HydroTek: thanks for the link to surplus center. Looks like the right ends on that control cable. Mine measures 58 3/4” long though. This is encouraging though that there might be an alternative source for this horribly overpriced part.
  12. Great Bend 760 loader. The joystick and valves are caseIH though and look similar.
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