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  1. After losing my border collie Harvey back in February (13 yrs.) I wasn’t sure if I should get another dog that could probably outlive me. It was kind of a lonely Spring without a dog though and when I found a litter of red border collie/Australian shepherd puppies nearby on Craigslist, I decided to take the chance. Been a week now and seems to be going ok so far. Wish me luck with the whole “puppy” thing! This is Molly
  2. There is a convenience store at Maustin along that route that has a pretty good cheese selection as well as New Glarus beer we stop at. Not sure where Bloomer is though.
  3. Reminds me of the 71 galaxie that Burt Reynolds drove in White Lightning. 429 and 4 speed in a full size four door car!
  4. There is a stamp pad on the upper right corner of the block that will have the engine I D on it.
  5. axial_al

    RIP Bax

    Heard him live at the National FFA convention in the late 90’s. I have a number of his books also. One of my favorites of his poems was the legend of the cow attack. He will be missed.
  6. axial_al

    IH 756

    Gonna say 1968.
  7. We have the same problem with them on the edge of a field next to a pasture. I have started scattering handfuls of shelled corn on the edge hoping they will fill up on that and leave the planted corn alone. Mixed results so far. Your solution is more permanent!
  8. I have a ‘14 F150 club cab 4X4 with 4 doors. 5.0 and six speed. Love it.
  9. A friend had a duster back in the day….said it was aptly named when driven on gravel roads.
  10. So what was a duster then?
  11. It could have ended up at Basler Aviation in Wisconsin for a turbine conversion…that is where they found “That’s all brother”, the first c47 to carry paratroopers over the English Channel before D Day. The C47 was the military version of the DC3. Anyway, the N number could clear up what became of the International airplane.
  12. I have a late 750 that I pull with a mx120 using a closed center adapter I got from my case new holland dealer years ago. I did run it with a 1086 by using a Deere open center kit on the drill, but I think depth pressure in no till conditions was better with the adapter. Will try to get a picture of the adapter later…pretty simple.
  13. My wife uses a pair of check wire stakes and wire to space the rows in her garden. Good thing you didn’t find them with a tire!
  14. Groseth did become a gm dealership selling Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac for several years. The location of his dealership is now a strip mall. Marks machinery, the Case dealer that was awarded the caseih franchise just sent us a letter this past week announcing a merger with the Titan machinery group.
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