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  1. Like Johnny Carson used to say, ”I did not know that”
  2. I have had this one for probably 30 years now. No issues, yes they are a bit heavy but if this one ever fails and i need to replace it i will buy another one just like it
  3. Actually just a Coyote with mange . walked right beside the combine today.
  4. Easily done with a gin pole just like the old timers used to do with windmills
  5. Does five dead ones hit by cars in an 8 mile stretch just south of Lincoln count. Now that corn harvest has started they are laying on the road side on average of nearly one per mile. Happens every year here.
  6. No!!! Leave them longer and file them to a razor sharp point.
  7. I once owned a building in downtown Lincoln, occupants had a bar, Night after night the drunk derelict scumbag pot heads that frequented the place would somehow manage to tear the bathrooms up. Toilet tank lids, seats, stall doors, sink traps, toilet paper holders, you name it. I believe they would even break that one.
  8. Bought the whole kit and kabootal from him for my 1066. It turned out so nice i threw away the old ones.
  9. Wife has a Camry hybrid. She Get’s 50 MPG. I don't remember ever even looking at the engine.
  10. To answer your question , with grain that small he probably has the sieves top and bottom completely in their closed position. That keeps the stocks and chaff out of the tailings auger which would quickly plug up otherwise. Straw walkers are doing their job out the far back.
  11. Probably further west.
  12. The route my parents took to school.
  13. Husker Harvest Days would certainly be considered a “ major show” I go every year and get there first thing in the AM. I have yet to see it all in one day. If this isn't considered a “ major show” then i don’t know what is.
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