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  1. Found this old JD planter a while back and plan to use it a little next year for beans. Thought i would do a test run today. Originally an 8 row 30 inch made into a 12 row 16 inch. Old brush style ( Kinze type) meters . Dont really have a book that has info on setting up the population so im doing the 17 and a half foot , count the plants and times it by 1000 method. Shooting for 160,000 which ends up being a seed just over an inch apart. This should probably be in the ( What ya working on ) thread. 😊
  2. Getting a little closer. Got the box in primer and set it back on today.
  3. Neat cab, never seen one like that. I would be tempted to put it back on.
  4. This came in the mail today.
  5. My sister on “H MONA MONDA”. Daughter of “H ROYAL RARE”. AKA. Roy.
  6. Too wet to do much else, back on wet sanding and finish sanding. Door dings fixed and nearly ready for sealer and PPG base coat/ clear coat.
  7. Mike, so did those cars actually have a full frame underneath or were they unibody like a falcon?
  8. Kawasaki Mule 4010. Made in Lincoln Nebraska.
  9. Half inch of rain last night, high today of 70,F. Might as well ride.
  10. Play, swim, rest. Is this what they mean by Dog Days of Summer?
  11. Drying the mop head under the french fry warmer. Good grief 😕
  12. Emma goes with me everywhere. She even knows how to drive. https://www.facebook.com/1731158815/posts/pfbid02oKvSnXTA5CTb8EvFiqFsmuU4KV9mM7G56MEsvbfHBE2fp5SwWhheWVW1ZWAP2pjul/?mibextid=w8EBqM
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