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  1. Three of them within a 40 minute drive of my house.
  2. I can help , I’m in Nebraska, shouldn’t be much more then 2 or 3 thousand for shipping .
  3. I think there really are people so stupid these days that cause us to warrant labels like these .
  4. While sitting at the border after a three month excursion across four countries.
  5. I see what ya mean . This picture from E-Bay
  6. Thanks guys , I’m getting a new pump in the morning . Looks like an easy fix.
  7. No , those cost a whole lot more and taste terrible .
  8. So it has developed a small drip off this bolt on the water pump. it’s not coming from the shaft seal like you normally see, must be a gasket I guess. Kind of strange don’t ya think for that to happen ?
  9. They will remember that stuff Dad. Good job.!!!!
  10. Technically in my opinion a hobo is no better then the people painting Graffiti. I could care less really but I can’t understand glamorizing the lifestyle of a bum.
  11. I’m guilty of that, I have some Amo stores on some of those.
  12. Orval bed and rocker makes it.
  13. I can beat all those , I mailed a post card from the race track at the 24 hour of Le-mans in France . It had a special stamp on it from the track and dated from that race. It showed up a year and seven months later. Now where the heck was that post card for that long?
  14. For the record, “ Tagging” is what gang members do , usually just a simple gang indication . One can of paint( stolen no doubt) then they leave the can so their not caught with it.
  15. I know for a fact that some ( NOT ALL) but some of it is done by RR employees. SOME, I said SOME , SOME ,SOME ,SOME !!!!!!! BEFORE YOU JUMP ALL OVER THIS I SAID SOME, !!!!!!!!!!!! Kids did not do that one , IMO. If they did then where did they get enough money to buy seventy five cans of paint at five or six bucks a can and then how did they haul all of it out where a rail car was parked??
  16. I love those things and I know where to find em but every time I return with a batch i have to strip down naked out side and rid my self of ten to twenty dam ticks. And then do the same for the dog. I would almost rather buy them then deal with the ticks .
  17. I’m not going to carry anything up the steps .
  18. Last year at our local Farmers market ( Held every Saturday and Sunday) they were selling for $30 dollars a pound .
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